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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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so in the remotest. antarctic century on al-jazeera. i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world the u.s. calls off a summit with north korea pyongyang says it's willing to resolve the issues with the u.s. . but the u.s. announcement comes hours after north korea allowed a group of journalists to watch it demolish its nuclear test site. i'm about to send this is all to see a live from doha also coming up russia rejects claims that its missile down to malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen killing everyone on board four years ago.
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plus a group of family sues the european union over climate change. that's a military action followed by talk of peace and now a counseled summit it's been a roller coaster ride as the u.s. president and the north korean leader i don't loggerheads yet again north korea has called trump's decision to cancel the talks unexpected and has expressed willingness to sit down and talk at any time and in any format with donald trump called off the meeting planned for june the twelfth blaming tremendous government open hostility expressed by pyongyang the decision called the south korean president off guard in saying he's perplexed by tom's decision and called it a regrettable development we've got reporters covering the developments in beijing seoul and washington d.c. but first to see how baton scene reports on that statement by donald trump. a few
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hours after releasing a letter to counseling the plan summit with north korea president donald trump issued a warning spoken to south korea and japan and they are not only ready should fully sure reckless x.p. taken by north korea but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden and it is a cost associated by the united states in operations if such an unfortunate. situation is forced upon us however the president's address to the singapore summit could still happen it's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit. at. a later date doldrums letter to north korea was a curious mix of threats and polite regret sadly based on the tremendous anger and
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open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate of this time to have this long planned meeting the letter said you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful i pray to god they will never have to be used but the president added i thought a wonderful dialogue was building up which mean you and me and ultimately it is only the dialogue that matters if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit please do not hesitate to call me or write u.s. secretary of state also said the next move is for the north koreans to make chairman kim why that decision to make for himself as president said we welcome their call their outreach to head back down there did we consult with our allies about the decision before making a public i don't want at least advise them that it's was coming i don't want to get into who all we notify does the white house i think will speak to that in a statement the south korean government said it was attempting to make sense of
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what precisely president trump means the north koreans and it was spurred by repeated threats from administration officials that north korea could face the libyan model if no deal was reached that refers to the overthrow and killing of libyan leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven the fear now is a hardening of positions on both sides i'm a little bit concerned now that if the trump people give up on this completely that we might be headed back to where we were six months ago fire and fury and the rest of it right it's important that we keep talking to the north koreans and we not slide back to fire and fury still for the moment the president says he is ready for what he called constructive dialogue with north korea i really believe young people who want to do what's right so hopefully they can work out she have written see al-jazeera washington. well career's vice foreign minister kim kye gwan released a statement through its official news agency k c n a he said president tom's position on the north korea u.s. summit is a decision that does not coincide with mankind's wishes for peace and stability
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a sudden announcement of canceling the summit unilaterally was unexpected for us and we find it very regrettable we would like to say once again to the u.s. that we're ready to sit down with the u.s. at any time in any manner to solve this issue bright is joining us live from seoul wrote this again there seems to be a dual message that's coming out from north korea on one hand very disappointed that the summit is being canceled a certain amount of rhetoric coming out but also some willingness it seems to carry on talking. that's right the response from north korea friday morning seems to be extremely measured given what's happened this statement from vice foreign minister kim talking about the continued willingness of north korea to sit down that north korea would go into this with an open bold mind to take things step by step willing to give the u.s. whatever it time it needs to overcome whatever obstacles it believes it has in
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going ahead with these talks as you mentioned they're the only seeming criticism seem to be the line that says that trumps decision does not coincide with the wishes of mankind and that north korea at all points made its most efforts to keep this dialogue going and to keep the summit on track you know north korea has been accused of showing anger and hostility it seems as though they've gone out of their way this friday morning just to show the exact opposite that they are the injured party in all this another interesting part of that statement also made reference to the trump model for the denuclearization of north korea as you mentioned there in the report there has been a lot of controversy a lot of anger over the u.s. insistence all north korea following the so-called libya model well this statement seems to recognize the fact that there was another way the so-called trump model that there was a conciliatory
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a different path that they could have followed towards denuclearization remains to be seen whether they will get a chance they won't happen next month in singapore but whether there will be at some point some kind of summit that will investigate that possibility and rob donald trump had accused pyongyang of breaking promises in the run up to this but of course young would say that they released three u.s. citizens ahead of this plus the fact as we mentioned that they also destroyed parts of their poem got a nuclear site. north korea must be feeling as though they're pretty much on the back foot to some extent in this. they do feel as though they have made all the running so far and that they have seen we don't know exactly what has been going on and all the back channel communications in the run up to this summit we can only guess that they felt that the americans weren't reciprocating with any kind of concessions in addition to the three prisoners that were released we had the north
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koreans saying that they would stop their missile testing and as you rightly point out they have now carried through on their promise to demolish the facility these underground tunnels that were used for uclear testing we are this friday morning getting pictures of those tunnels being demolished and north koreans being true to their would but for now thanks very much indeed but i want to bring in our china correspondent adrian brown he's in beijing adrian obviously all eyes are going to be on china now because they're in the position of being able to exert at least some influence on north korea do you think that there is any way that china will have a role in trying to bring these two sides together also given the fact of course china is just agreed to some some threads of a trade agreement with the u.s. . yeah i think it's possible rob that this impasse offers a chance for chinese to clone
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a seed to perhaps shine once more i think the chinese leaders will be disappointed but not surprised by president trump's decision to cancel the summit i think the chinese leaders will also see president trump decision as a slap in the face not just for peace but also for beijing because publicly china has been in favor of this summit saying that it really did offer the best possible prospects for peace on the korean peninsula and just a few days ago in fact china's foreign minister wang ye basically said in his many words that if the summit didn't happen then the full would lie with the united states so we have to remember that we are seeing friction between china and the united states now on a number of fronts just in the last hour rob the u.s. congress has passed a bill to encourage military cooperation between taiwan and the united states a few days ago. the united states government decided to withdraw an invitation for
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china to take part in a naval exercise of hawaii and we still have the united states so far refusing to lift sanctions that have been imposed on a giant chinese telecom company is a deal with eighty thousand chinese jobs at risk so this decision by president trump is certainly going to i think increase the friction between china and the united states and i think you know also rob chinese leaders find the timing of trump's announcement very curious because it because it came just a few hours after north korea began blowing up its nuclear test site and i think china felt that that was evidence that north korea is sincere about wanting to denuclearize the korean peninsula but in its own time. aaron brown in beijing thank you very much and. well having reactions within the u.s.
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over trump's decision to call off talks the top democratic politician in the u.s. house says kim jong un has emerged the big winner i think it's a good thing for kim own here you had a thought a person who killed all is own family members a person who has runs a police state being legitimized by the president of the united states they were on a par with each other he got global recognition and regard he's the big winner and we got this letter from the president saying ok never mind he must be having a giggle fit right there now and north korea and telling young it's unfortunate because as you say you want to be optimistic you want to be hopeful that something can come of something well nancy pelosi not exactly pulling a punches there rob but rob reynolds is joining us live now from washington d.c. what do you think the political fallout is for trump. well first i'd like to just make one point rob is that we've discussed several times now the destruction of
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that. nuclear testing site the white house says pointed out that only journalists were allowed to observe that destruction not scientific experts as north korea's had promised the secretary of state might pump aoe the white house so they're casting some doubt on whether that was just a show or really destruction but as far as political fallout i think that this does take off the table one of the really potentially dramatic and genuine foreign policy breakthroughs for president. he has spoken often and made no secret of the fact that he hopes to get the nobel peace prize for his diplomacy with north korea that seems to have gone by the wayside of course with the cancellation of the summit and with no a likelihood that it'll be rescheduled least in the near term and also kind of
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reinforces an impression that many people in the united states have the act impulsively and perhaps may reinforce the impression among some people that trump may not be the master negotiator that he sets himself out to be of course his base supporters will probably be happy and particularly cheer the more bellicose lines in his letter to. but the real political fallout would be of course if and this is a very unpleasant scenario to contemplate if some sort of hostilities did break out that would be potentially politically disastrous for the president as one american u.s. congressman said today the cancellation has just increased the chances of war rob. thanks very much indeed that's rob runnels live from washington d.c.
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still ahead an al-jazeera and they use the park loose to continue their dialogue the u.n. secretary general expresses deep concern over the cancellation of the u.s. north korea summit we're going to have more global reaction. and why this american boxing champion has been given a posthumous pardon by the president. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. welcome back across central and southern parts of china we've got an area of rain affecting up towards the yangtze river valleys stunning towards shanghai cism heavy downpours are likely here further surfers all working fine for food for hong kong and across in taiwan also looking at conditions further south once you get into vietnam and more particularly into words less then you start to see some pretty
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heavy showers in those respects as it continues through saturday about staging see the rain extends a bit further towards the south across china affecting chain do and hand as well for southeastern parts of asia we've got germany fine conditions across more northern parts of the philippines so for luzon it should be fine temperature in the mid thirty's there for manila further towards the south so for southern parts of the philippines some heavy showers a possible so he wet across more western parts of the island of borneo java bali the odd shower but i think gerry not too bad and then notice through the malay peninsula we've got a scattering of showers began not too bad for the most part some showers are likely across thailand some heavy ones expected here at times bangkok looking at temperatures in the low thirty's for south asia we still have the possibility some heavy showers affect in sri lanka and southern parts of india further north dry and very hot in night for highs of forty five. the women sponsored by cats own and raise. once a rising star of the a.n.c. now it's b.s.
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describe this. boy. proof a master of control the same on your invitation to nominate. for a new voice for the marginalize the winds of change we shape big style african politics who is seen in the commitment to witness documentaries journalist best as the a.n.c. and i'll just say. you're watching all this era reminder of our top stories this hour north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the u.s. president is against the wishes of the world donald trump has called off the
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meeting blaming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north. it's still open to resolving the issues. south korea's president says he's proposed by trump's decision after an emergency meeting of his national security council j.n. said the cancellation of the summit was very regrettable his views were echoed by the u.n. secretary general who said he is deeply concerned by the developments. and the last one came just hours after north korea said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a goodwill gesture to reduce regional tensions reporters were given rare access to witness the event but international nuclear inspectors were not invited. for the vice president has expressed his willingness to help bring the u.s. and north korea back to the negotiating table emanuel is in russia for talks with president putin to do that in the france is prepared to help in this work but i
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think it is also for the international community and it's entirety in a multilateral context and perhaps for the united nations to play a special role and so i hope that this is just an incident within the process which must continue and of which we know the ultimate aim which is coherent with our international aims and is vital for the region so i hope we do not stop there but that we continue to do this vital work together for here with particular to russia perceive this decision with regret we all seriously hope that a significant step would be taken towards reduction of tensions on the korean peninsula and that it would be the start of denuclearization of the whole of the korean peninsula. the un chief antonio says he's deeply concerned by the cancellation of the summit all parties to the north korea talks should continue their diplomatic efforts with nerves of steel diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations in new york ambassadors were arriving for
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a meeting of the u.n. security council when news of president trumps letter cancelling the summit broke the road ahead is a bumpy road and nothing is a given i think i just saw the news like you did and and so we will look into what that means i just i just heard that on the way now i hope this opportunity this opportunity will not be will not be missed in geneva the u.n. secretary general was attending a conference on disarmament i am deeply concerned by the cancellation of that planned meeting in singapore between the president united states and that we that of the democratic people's republic of korea and their euros the partners to continue their dialogue to find the best to the peaceful and very fireball didn't realize ation if the korean peninsula the high level diplomacy of recent months involving
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a showpiece summit between the two koreas and the highest level meeting between the u.s. and north korea for decades was always a high stakes undertaking the question now is whether it's broken down completely or whether it can be revived one expert is pessimistic. the way that sent this letter with the threat of america's massive nuclear arsenal i don't think the north koreans are going to take that well i think this is going to cause them to feel like they've got to display their massive nuclear arsenal also it happened immediately after north korea took the step of collapsing its test tunnels they're going to feel betrayed diplomatic channels are still believed to be open between the u.s. and north korea urgent contacts will now need to be made to stop a slight away from diplomacy and towards conflicts james bays out zero at the united nations dutch investigators have concluded that the missile used to shoot
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down a civilian passenger plane in twenty fourteen came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board the malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen were killed president vladimir putin has said russia doesn't trust the investigation well the challenge reports. progress has seems painfully slow at times but piece by piece the joint investigation team led by the netherlands is building its case into the deaths of two hundred ninety eight innocent passengers and crew over eastern ukraine four years ago and the j.i.t. case points increasingly that russia. it's. today the joint task force has concluded that the missile used to shoot down m.h. seventeen originated from the fifty third. brigade of the russian armed forces the international j i t back to the latest allegations with plenty of information they showed photos and video alleging the particular missile launcher was driven
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into ukraine from the fifty third brigade a base near course in southwestern russia they displayed parts of the missile with a production code indicating it was made in moscow in one thousand nine hundred six and they suggested they had other data presumably classified intelligence as yet there are no named suspects and no accusation that it was russian military personnel who shot down m.h. seventeen rather than the separatists russia has always denied supporting and supplying during the war in eastern ukraine but the j.i.t. feels it's narrowing in on those responsible and a prosecution in a dutch court but the chances of russians facing justice in a foreign courtroom are vanishingly small russia doesn't extradite its civilians let alone military personnel involved in a clandestine war in a neighboring country and russia has put forward an often contradictory collection
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of counter narratives for why it couldn't possibly have had any role in the needless deaths of nearly three hundred people bloody near putin meeting french president macron incent petersburg responded to the new accusations. ukraine is involved in the investigation russia is no more so we don't know what is the mission is writing those reports and what it's based on in order for us to recognize the report we have to be fully involved in the investigation that we deal looks although new for the j.i.t. is case the substance of their allegations was actually already in the public domain and has been for some time. i it was a reports two years ago by open source investigators belling katz that first pointed to russia's fifty third anti-aircraft missile brigade as the origin of the big missile system and belling can't say they have another big m.h. seventeen development to reveal on friday rory chalons al-jazeera sin petersburg
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russia u.s. president donald trump has posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson johnson was convicted in one thousand nine hundred thirteen and charges of taking his white girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes trunk granted him full pardon the saying his decision corrected a historic wrong move clears johnson's name more than a hundred years after what many called a racially motivated conviction my family now can go forward knowing that the shame and the pain has been raised and history will be written and i sincerely think you and you and everybody there brought me here i am just. indonesia's parliament is expected to pass antiterrorism legislation which will give more power to the army the change in law follows a series of recent suicide bomb attacks as scott high level ports in the capital
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jakarta. it's been more than two years in coming but indonesia's latest anti-terrorism bill is expected to become law on friday a series of recent suicide bomb attacks renewed focus. just last week more than twenty people were killed at churches and a main police station in surabaya indonesia's second largest city two families including children carried out the attacks claimed by ice all supporters of the new law say it gives more tools to the government and law enforcement to prevent attacks you know when. our old low is only about the response to terror act and we know if we are only responding it won't solve the problem there are always new terrorists and that's why we are revising so we can prevent it. more than one thousand indonesians travel to syria and iraq to join eyesores fight it's estimated at five hundred have returned the new law will allow police to
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charge indonesians proven to have joined a terrorist group while abroad they'll also be able to detain suspects for up to six months this is where a suicide bombing and shooting took place two years ago in front of right here in central jakarta eight people died claimed responsibility that attack prompted strong calls to revise existing outside terrorism laws the bill outlines a role for the indonesian army the t.n.i. in combating terrorism to ease fears about the expanded role of the army the government uses that bombing in jakarta neighborhood as an example for when the t.n.i. would be brought in. if it's a large merge and see then based on the recommendation of the national agency for combating terrorism a presidential regulation will be issued but if it's a small terrorist attack we don't need the military. following army led massacres in the one nine hundred sixty s. and a history of human rights abuses since there is concern about the military's anti-terrorism
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role of course we agree that we need to. maybe to. all. you need. not inform. them after the church bombings and served by a president proposed a rule in lieu of law if parliament fails to pass the new legislation but it seems suicide attacks have pushed members of parliament to act scott al-jazeera jakarta. families from eight countries are suing the european union for failing to adequately protect them from climate change the claim nicknamed the people's climate case is the first of its kind to be brought against the e.u. the family say climate change is infringing on their fundamental human rights so
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they go eagle reports the warning signs have been alarming forest fires drought sun rising sea levels have all pointed to dramatic climate change and the urgency needed to tackle it but one group of people action just isn't happening fast enough families whose livelihoods have been seriously affected by climate change. lack of rain and when it does rain it's to rent and there are hail storms which destroyed the crowed. we have to do something concrete before it becomes totally irreversible. they say that the e.u. is not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and current targets will not protect them or their future. families are concerned about the same thing they don't want any compensation of damages all they want is for the e.u.
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to adjust its climate targets so that the families a protected as much as possible twenty seventeen was among the three hottest years ever recorded the world economic forum says all environmental dangers have become more prominent over the past decade pushing the planet to the brink not only is it costing it is also wreaking havoc on the global economy natural disasters from last year alone cost hundreds of billions of dollars then. if it's recognized by the european court that climate protection is a human rights issue then climate protection can be activated in the court of all of a jurisdictions in the world and that's really important for the plaintiffs. as the e.u. general caught in luxembourg he is the case law is scientists and non-governmental organizations are pushing for the e.u. to become more ambitious to prevent dangerous climate change before it is too late
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to do anything about it's sunny diagonal al-jazeera. zanjeer these are the top stories north korea says the cancellation of a plan the summit with the us president is against the wishes of the world donald trump called off the meeting claiming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues here's the moment president tom called off the summit based on the recent statement of north korea have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth well many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed
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a setback for the world south korea's president says he's perplexed by trump's decision after the emergency meeting of his national security council said the cancellation of the summit was very regrettable his views were echoed by the u.n. secretary general who said he's deeply concerned by the development. and the announcement came just hours after north korea said it had blown operates only nuclear test site in a goodwill gesture to reduce regional tensions reporters were given rare access to witness the event but international nuclear inspectors were not invited. dutch investigators seven hundred that the missile used to shoot down a civilian passenger plane in twenty fourteen came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board the malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen were killed the plane was traveling over eastern ukraine president vladimir putin said russia doesn't trust the investigation but will still take
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a look at its findings i think it's nineteen people are missing after a cycle is hit the yemeni island to support the rains and strong winds lashed municipal world heritage site in the arabian sea a state of emergency has been declared after the storm flooded villages and capsized boat so it's expected to make landfall in nearby old man on saturday heavy flooding across much of lanka has killed at least thirteen people and displaced more than forty thousand others the army and the police have been deployed to rescue those trapped after days of heavy monsoon rains and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story i'll see in about half an hour by fire.
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takes control of a region that some describe as. a federally administered tribal areas. including. this story. welcome to the program the parana the other bombing yes. assembly merging with. what eventually ended semi autonomous status feels the move will help in what it calls its fight against terror.


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