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china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. when is the best agaves how far china will go to control its citizens. or not is it. when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine is going to overdrive. but just who is going to win saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access to polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera. was.
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oh. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to welcome to the news great round two for the second friday in a row israeli troops used live fire against honest unions protesting along the gaza border at least school people have been killed and more than two hundred fifty injured wow the very latest on the gaza israel border. also on the grid from the presidential palace to prison former south korean leader prosecute he has been sentenced to twenty four years in jail after being found guilty of abuse of power of bribery and coercion will tell you about the reactions in south korea and russians are a step closer to losing telegram the government has started legal proceedings to block the messaging app say the service has been used to plan terrorist attacks but could it also be about having greater control over online communications and silencing critical voices and hundreds of thousands of people on social media been
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paying tribute to duffy's on i'm a director i said it's like a hot sauce i'm sort of afraid of looking back at what's inspired him and wife will be missed by many. with the news great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us despite threats of violence by israeli security forces palestinians have been holding new protests along the gaza strip eastern border this friday the protesters have been burning tires to create a smoke screen making it harder for israeli snipers to see the but this hasn't stopped israeli security forces from using live fire and gas against them four people have been killed and more than forty injured according to the palestinian health ministry at least twenty five people have not been killed over the past week and more than fourteen hundred injured half of them hid. by israeli gunfire
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palestinians are holding a six week protest billed as the great launch of return a daily gathering at these really border demanding that palestinians be allowed to return to lands they were forced out of in the one nine hundred forty war that led to israel's founding now let's take a look at where all this is happening the protests are concentrated in the northern parts of the coastal enclave in several areas along the border east of gaza city jabaliya and beit hanoun six smoke is billowing into israel clouding visibility for israeli snipers watching the demonstrations unfold from across the border and these are some of the tent camps set up along the border where around thirty five thousand palestinians participated in protests last week israeli fire trucks and sand have been seen near the karni crossing to destroy the smoke while the lead suspect to al-jazeera is holed up to me who has been monitoring the events over the last few hours she's near the israel gaza border along with the protestors there or to tell us about what's been happening what's the latest on the ground there.
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certainly the attention deserved to was much higher than this morning but it seems it's very very difficult for the protesters to actually reach the fence whenever they get close to dead well then you have a barrage of tear gas fired from across the border or actually dropped by by drones overhead specially when you have that big thick black smoke billows the palestinian burning tires to sort of use it to have a smoke screen we so protesters there were also holding mirrors in dance to try to blind the staplers their positions all along this border our own book but by and large day carrying slinks slingshots and their hurling stones now i asked one of these don't protest said why you know you're risking your lives going there you said that's he answered that's assuming you think i have a life i'm a sixteen year old boy i have nothing to do here and they have to acknowledge you
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we have rocks dancing they have snipers we have slingshots but this is the only way we can vent our anger and our frustration and precisely who are who are these protesters out there today last week i remember seeing men women and children taking part in the demonstrations is it the same crowd that's out there this friday . yes absolutely i mean you have the ones that are go all the way to the front and try to reach a fence these are by and large very young people majority young men and also women however in the in the rest of the huge crowd that you're seeing just here behind me these are families entire families who are here with the children the babies grandparents i was just talking to an old man he is he comes from he's a refugee from what is now known as the israeli town of as they wrote he said that he left there when he was a week old he has spent his whole life as
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a refugee living on handouts living on humanitarian aid and he would like actually to do see that change for the future generations of this trip so certainly you have that the young people do know day they have by a large support from everyone here in gaza their the ones at the forefront they're the ones risking their lives but they do have massive support the israeli officials have accused hamas of being behind these protests saying that hamas is deliberately exposing these young people these women and children to danger near the border fence is that the case i mean what has some os and these other palestinian groups been telling people who have been protesting this past week. well this whole idea of this six weeks long campaign started by the several engineer
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n.g.o.s representatives of the civil society yes they were giving the green light to political factions yes political factions specifically i must try to get leverage from this popular movement that people are coming here on their own some instances we saw also buses bringing them here because of the this tenses between the two sides but you don't have the you must remember that people are also here are quite does illusion by their own leadership to vent through three wars in the last ten years ten years it has in war anything all day so is more and more closure of this trip now certainly you will find that how most will there is their security around certainly on the road arriving here last week there were five of those of those that they were claimed by hamas but they're fairly what you see underground is a popular led movement an expression of anger
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a frustration and also an expression people can't take it anymore the airspace is controlled by israel the sea is controlled by israel and the land borders are controlled by egypt and israel and both and they're shut all the time so there is nothing for people to lose at this stage and now there's also talk about humanitarian aid diminishing france or italy things are getting worse and with the collapse of do this national reconciliation effort between fatah had hamas i think that was a tilting point for many of the people i spoke to thank you for that one hundred kilometer line for us at the gaza israel border with the latest on events said let's not check in with bennett smith who is in occupied east jerusalem precisely at the damascus gate which has been a flashpoint of tensions between israelis and palestinians. about you know the reaction to the tactics used by the israeli security forces they have been criticized internationally this past week for the tough tactics of use what are
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they saying. well vali first of all what we've seen in the last few days ahead of the second friday of protests in gaza is a very sort of intensive propaganda campaign launched by the israeli military in the array israeli government in arabic and aimed at the palestinians in gaza or it's been tweeting in arabic saying it been tweeting photographs of burning tires against photographs of green houses full of growing food asking the palestinians which would they prefer it's been saying that warning people everyone who approaches the border is sacra is risking is being sacrificed by god or by hamas and our response will not necessarily be restricted to the border and we know that the israelis have been phoning bus drivers in gaza in the last few days warning them telling them not to ferry people bus people to the protests that have been taking place in garza nevertheless the protests have continued we've seen today and
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we've had two sort of contrasting international reactions to it as well from the u.n. we've had the u.n. saying look those clearly evidence that individuals that were killed were on armed or running away and suggestions that the israeli military have been using excessive force and it should the israeli the list russell un high commissioner u.n. spokesman said that the minority of protesters should be a lot of protests to should be allowed to protest peacefully and that israel should only resort to arms is a very last resort and it hasn't seen any evidence that there have been sort of last resort needs for using a live fire the americans on the other hand of just sat there and all fire all the criticism towards a hamas the palestinians saying they should not approach the fence foley thank you for that bernie smith life for us in occupied east jerusalem and as you can imagine we've been getting quite a lot of comments on this story from our viewers here today
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a lot of you supportive of the palestinians who are protests. and on the gaza border with israel but others also a very critical one comment here from dean on facebook who says if you don't want to get hurt don't come close to the border when you leave your home and protest near the border you're looking for death and that is what israel will give you go back to your homes and half peace let's bring in our next guest here on the news great night praying for a hot with an associate professor in conflict management and humanitarian action program at the doha institute for graduate studies thank you very much for speaking to us what is the endgame here for these palestinian protesters what are they trying to achieve through these demonstrations well the most important thing for them actually is the message that they're going to they're trying to send not one it was a but to the rest of the world especially the we are approaching the next body the right of return you know when the day when the seven hundred fifty thousand palestinians were expelled from their houses back in one thousand fortieth so
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approaching this at this particular stage is that it's coming we're approaching this is the this is the message that we still have you know the right of return we're going back to our homes this is not going to be forgotten by us and let's keep in mind that this is coming at the stage when actually the disappointment of the trump administration happened over dropping the rights of that if you. cut the funding of the war that supports them there's been a lot of criticism of israel as we've just said this past week over the violent it's the tactics that these really security forces and of use against these unarmed protesters but israel doesn't seem to be hearing this criticism why do you think israel is using such force and you know not paying attention to what the outside world to say well that's exactly the point is that you just said that the outside world exists absolutely no pressure on israel when it comes to this extremely this
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of proportionate use of power again. peaceful protesters that are protesting from day one about the light of a thin and again that this is coming at a time when they're receiving the full support of the trumpet ministration and the rest of the world you know has said nothing about this we have something from human rights watch in new york saying something but but when it we're about the government's. is the united states still giving the message that israel has the right to defend itself and by the way this is that not by itself is very demeaning you know for the policy that's as if the policy in us do not have the right to protect themselves so you have the armed israeli army is shooting live a munitions and its defense minister in the clearing openly that we are not changing the rules of engagement without changing the open fire that's addict only against civil civilian and seeing those who are have the right to put the protect
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themselves right and the civilian protect the peaceful protesters do not have in other words that are to protect that they don't leave him and did say that the israeli security forces would continue using these tactics to see the criticism you say israel doesn't care any more about what the international community says but what is it today that israel fear is the most they must fear something is it these unarmed protesters or is it the palestinian factions they must be some fear somewhere as well and that's that's very good point actually fall is that you know the point is here that the who israel feels most is those civilian protesters those peaceful protesters that israel knows very well that those exact ones that they were expelled from their homes back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and they never forgotten about their rights over it then because israel knows this very well that they have the right in their back to their law to their lands that's what
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for years israel was and that's why. israel is desponding so massively against these approaches. because living openly that we're not changing the open for policy as if we're going to do this more and more and more ok which is by the way. this receiving the silence of the financial community then that is not the most think that would deter israel of this a lot of our viewers have been actually very critical of the reaction of the international community thank you very much you braintree out of that as you can imagine a great deal of conversation online about the situation along the gaza israel border let's bring in our social media producer satire right now sara talk a so what people are saying online well of course i mean many people as much as the demonstrations it kicks off online along with gaza sorry israeli border side of the conversation online and you've seen venice miss i was referring to some of those tactics by the israeli government on social media and palestinians have been criticizing those social media accounts those accounts are writing and sharing
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content specifically in arabic so targeting arab speakers and palestinians and one of those people have been tweeting recently in arabic as every che adri a major in the israeli army last month he says how would you like to be remembered by people as respected in success for trouble making terrorists and in this tweet here he said a video of the protestors you can see quite a few of them there and he says in arabic that thirty thousand palestinian protests he caused in refers to them as troublemakers he says they were sent by hamas and it's the use of talkative language like that that has annoyed many palestinians now palestinian journalists and activists as well believe it's a case double standards when it comes to enforcement of social media policies and they say palestinian voices are being silenced online in comparison to the israeli social media now earlier we spoke to maha saini from the human rights group euro
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mediterranean. it is no wonder that israel as an occupying power you just call me vincent spends millions of dollars to tighten its grip on the civilian population and also burchett's image on the international level with social media becoming more and more important in documenting came on rights violations we have seen how israel built with this with the collaboration of facebook by shutting down hundreds of palestinian facebook accounts including media agency pages it is time for the international community to protect and its rights impunity and reality and also in the virtual world. but none of that has stopped palestinians from documenting events on the grounds that such a campaign has caught on camera was launched this week's document israeli forces targeting civilians near the gaza border and this video shows a palestinian city being sniped while covering the protests in eastern eunice last week eman is one of the people who's been tweeting she's using the hash tag caught
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on camera on the other hashtag great return march she says israel crimes of course on video is widely spread on social media they get away with every crime they commit and she asks for how long and there's also accounts on facebook for example one of them is called son assad a social just and there an initiative that fight censorship online launched by three palestinian journalists aims to document what they call violations against palestinian content answers still some of the pages they say that have been shut down by the israeli authorities and ferry is one of the co-founders of solder social he speaks with. actually nothing happens to zoe when hope was to a nice to us calling to killing palestinian or a people but when bullets to me and worst anything about what's happened on the ground or done by israeli soldiers of facebook blocking their
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accounts or closing the. listing in digits or deleting posts or gaza is trending in israel but we'd like to know what you think send us your comments and questions in it using any of the social media platforms that we're on thank you for that sorry don't forget we've got a special page up with all the latest developments on the israeli palestinian conflict on al-jazeera dot com and i also want to point you to this great interactive also on olive side twenty four hours in gaza it dates a bit but still very relevant today looks at what life is like for one palestinian family living in the gaza strip under the israeli blockade if you scroll down you can hear about their daily struggles as they live under siege by the israelis that's on al-jazeera dot com. let's move on to other world news now and the united states has slapped more sanctions on russia for what the trumpet ministration calls malign activity around the globe the u.s.
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treasury department has designated seven business magnates twelve companies they control and seventeen senior government officials who allegedly benefit from russian actions abroad a tertiary secretary steve niche in says the russian government engages in a range of malign activity around the globe including continuing to occupy crimea and instigate violence in eastern ukraine supplying the assad regime with material and weaponry as they bomb their own civilians attempting to subvert western democracies and malicious cyber activities but we have two correspondents on this story will reach on insist on him by with reaction from moscow but first let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hockett kimberly tell us more for us about who is talking heads in these u.s. sanctions well as you point out they're very broad in terms of the thirty eight individuals and entities but i think what is really notable about this round of sanctions because we did see another round last month this time it's very personal
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for the russian president vladimir putin not only is one of his personal friends name but also his former son in law let's look at the friend first his name is oleg deripaska he is a billionaire founder of a group that operates siberian power plants but he was also making headlines last year folly when he was linked to trump's or donald trump's former campaign chair paul mann afford sabbat is very significant and also the fact that his former son in law has been named as you point out the u.s. treasury department saying this is for what the united states is calling malign activity not just actions in crimea but also instigating violence in ukraine and also the alleged actions for subverting western democracy. and you have these sanctions and at the same time the trumpet ministration company says the door to dialogue with russia is still open so what are we to make of these mixed messages
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it really is a mixed message you're right because not only that not only have we had donald trump just this week saying that it would be a good thing to have a positive relationship with russia and that is treasury department is targeting vladimir putin directly but we've also had a very recent phone call between the two leaders were donald trump was said to have extended an invitation to the russian president to come to the white house potentially time and date still being worked out but that is still on the radar so you're right mixed messages coming out of this white house and it's notable to the donald trump has had the ability to section russia since last summer when the u.s. congress handed it to him he signed that into law somewhat reluctantly and then waited months to take this action but now we have seen a very quick escalation this is the third action in as many weeks that the u.s. treasury department or the trumpet ministration has targeted russia for its activities not just in the united states but around the world thank you for that kimberly committee hockett live for us in washington let's not check in with moscow
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and our correspondent there so what's the reaction to these new u.s. sanctions against russia. well we have that in the thing from the kremlin as far as i've seen yet but there has been response from other parts of russian official demin the message seems to be a kind of twin response of well this isn't going to affect us too much we're going to carry on as usual mixed in with indignation that the u.s. should have taken these steps in the first place so the indignation is being voiced particularly with regards to the. sanctioning of roseau born exports which is the russian state and see that oversees all of russia's exports now it's been said here that this sanctioning of rights of or an export effectively amounts to unfair competition from the u.s.
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and that it's trying to squeeze russia out of international arms markets well then also secretary. that the secretary of the general secretary sorry of the security council nicholai patricia has said that these various business from an oligarch being sanctions well they'll just find other white other ways of making up those losses i suspect over the long run what we are likely to see particularly amongst all of these oligarchs is increased in fighting it's can be a very dog eat dog world that the russian oligarch wells and recent months and years as their pio has shrunk got smaller and smaller they have effectively been turning on each other go pulling up each other's assets thank you for that rowing a boeing challenge line for us in moscow. south korea's former president has been sentenced to twenty one twenty four years in jail and ordered to pay millions of
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dollars in fines pock was found guilty on sixteen of eighteen charges in the use of power bribery and coercion for her part in a massive corruption scandal kathy novak has more from seoul. this is a scandal that has gripped south korea since twenty sixteen and the nation watched the climax live on television but pock in haiti boycotted the trial and wasn't in court to learn her fate but the court sentences the defendant puck and head to twenty four years in prison and fines her sixteen point eight million u.s. dollars. park was found guilty of sixteen of the eighteen charges including abuse of power coercion and of bribery and said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's vegas conglomerates in exchange for favors the corruption scandal sparked months of protests in central seoul culminating in parks impeachment was also found guilty of leaking sensitive information to her long time friend to soon
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she'll as president park allowed to dictate policy even though she had no official government role the pair was found to have conspired to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison samsung's air and group leader jay wiley was tried separately and convicted of bribing pock through payments to foundations check controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal. some of these protesters pointed to that ruling asking if lee was released why was parked found guilty and been an angry reaction from outside the court from these supporters of park and hey there are conservatives who dislike the current liberal president moon j n and they're demanding parks release. they represent a generation a style just for the time when pox father park chung hee was president he was
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a military general who came to power in a coup and was eventually killed by an aide a traumatizing event for a young poc and hey. we will keep fighting until there is a new government in power mangy and will not let. the route we need to for justice but the number of park supporters paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who regularly turned out for the candlelight protests president came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption in a statement his spokesman said they see history not remembered repeats itself we will not forget today kathy novak al jazeera soul and park you know hey not the only former president to have had legal problems recently sour hierarchy is back to tell us about the reaction online to what's been happening in south korea and elsewhere so it's been an interesting last few days because in twenty four hours we've had brazil's former president lula de souza trending south africa's jacob zuma of course and as well all need is accused of corruption and people from other
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countries are watching a very pricey because in south korea there's been plenty of reaction online since is the first time the so who has lived will cost its ruling and not for just anyone but for the former president now she was her name was top trending in south korea. many people outside the country have been talking about it as well comparing this case to similar problems in their own countries as well and if we have a look a month since he's in africa he says the jailing of former south korea president for graphs of peace poshest the resolution in africa especially in kenya and nigeria and another comment as well he outs of india this time one day indian courts will have the courage to send high flying politicians to jail as well and when it comes to reaction now to south korea there are lots of people who are in favor of the former president actually in fact people have been sharing pictures of
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parks of ports as waving banners proclaiming her innocence from before the final verdict actually came out but we want to know what you will thought so if you're following this for any of the stories of the corruption cases that happening in any of the countries get in touch with us a hash psyche's aging news grid thank you for that fair and a very good profound of punkin hay on al-jazeera dot com if you want to find out more about her the sixty five year old politician's korea has been mocked by tragedy triumph and a scandal that led to her eventually downfall read about it on al-jazeera dot com. if you're watching us on facebook coming up next this story out of south korean pop stars in north korea for the first time in over a decade and still ahead on the news grade south africa's former president jacob zuma finds out been court to face corruption charges we have more on that in just a few minutes to stay with us.
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hello the weather looks a little disturbed once again across the middle east are going to an area of cloud and rain pushing out of iraq into iran kuwait also seeing some of that wet weather you see how the cloud extends its way up into turkmenistan into pakistan and it will continue to drift further east was putting the temperatures back in past to about twelve degrees celsius eighteen celsius there in the cloud and the rain for terror and brought up in baghdad thirty degrees is that system makes its way through lovely weather just around the east side of the med by rick getting up to around twenty five celsius on saturday but falling back a little as we go on into sunday twenty one degrees but it will stay five and dry brightening up to into a good part of iran wanted to shower was once iraq's i was still just left in place there but what's the weather will push across afghanistan and over towards the placer meanwhile it's also some showers to cross the red in place anywhere from around northern parts of the gulf the southern end of the red sea could see some
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say i was here in doha in qatar sas day maybe even into sunday as well temperatures getting up to thirty four celsius on sunday afternoon meanwhile because it's so dry weather pushing into that western side all south africa still a few showers across the eastern side we want to see showers mozambique. white supremacy is on the rise in the us and its adversaries too are beating their drums. faultlines investigates the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to fact on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of the maze now the jury's still out. if the nation has won.
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getting to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today says let's have talks would you accept given those ladies then get real and attendant facing realities are you willing to make that call are always ready for talk but then look to you for taking israel hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. and.
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the headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on august third dot com our web site at number one there not surprisingly the protests and on the gaza israel border with at least one honesty and killed in the last few hours and two hundred fifty injured number two still the tensions between israelis and palestinians and hundreds of jewish settlers storming the out ochs a mosque compound in recent days to celebrate passover which has added to the tensions between the two sides all will stories and much more on our web site at al-jazeera dot com. and more now on that top trending story on al-jazeera dot com and our top story here on the news
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great today four people have been killed and more than two hundred fifty injured after israeli security forces shot upon a senior testing near the border with the gaza strip this comes one week after twenty one palestinians died and fourteen hundred were injured by israeli bullets they were gathering fully on your land day an act of resistance against israeli occupation and land seizures betis has the latest developments. palestinian words meet israeli bullets in gaza. from behind the border fence israeli snipers have palestinians in the sights they shoot tear gas in life fire and rubber bullets. but still reeling from their bloodiest day in years this was the area where last friday israeli snipers shot seven hundred palestinians twenty one would die. a week later their bet with a smokescreen and stretches the casualty numbers quickly climb injuries turn to
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fate tell us what's going to be stars they are seeing we're not bringing them for war anything we brought them to protect ourselves from israeli snipers. the last friday's killings happened on what the palestinians call lend day it's an annual protest an act of resistance to israeli occupation and the seizure of land for illegal jewish settlements. this year israel warned that opened fire if anyone approached the border fence and then they followed through. fourteen hundred people were injured many shot by more than one hundred israeli snipers some in the back as they ran away another is he price given the large number of injuries and deaths the ominous statements made by israeli authorities in the days leading up to the protest as well as indications that the individuals killed or wounded were unarmed or did not pose a serious threat to well protected security forces and in some cases were actually
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running away from the green line fence there are strong indications that security forces used excessive force. israel has ruled out any investigation by the united nations or the european union and to disproportionate use of force it blames him us for inciting its people is a travesty for the palestinian people that. the hamas government is encouraging its people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible palestinians who can peer into the fifteenth of may the day israel was created seventy years ago others will continue to press on the border taunting israel others will continue to press on the border taunting israel security forces and remembering what the lost loved ones and land they hold mirrors
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to blind the snipers hoping the who can see as they reflects the violence ballasts zero all right i want to bring in moranbah sharon on to the news group he is our senior political analyst joins us live from london mar on so many things to talk about but i want to start off with the tactics here on both sides there's been a lot of criticism of israel's tough tactics on these unarmed palestinian protesters but they're not backing down the palestinians despite facing this threat are still protesting this friday what does this tell you about the strategy and the tactics on both sides and about where we're headed in this crisis well that's of course a very complicated probably the most important of all questions. let's start with these early side there's nothing new and israeli side this proportionate is israel's second name it's called the state disproportionate of israel its part of its strategic doctrine its part of its military handbook israel has always
6:38 pm
told its neighbors the world its enemies and friends that it will respond disproportionately because it is as it sees itself if roger ailes small narrow state in a sea of enemies and of hate and his it claims to itself the right to respond disproportionate to whatever it deems as a threat to its security unfortunately for israel this is not much of a security when you have a whole bunch of people especially starting last friday basically picnicking on its borders you know. erecting tents and hanging around some of them throwing stones yes but that certainly does not pose a threat on the palestinian side i think there's something new especially if hamas is playing a role there and israel is accusing hamas or a hamas ploy if you will be behind the what's going on there so if in fact
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a mouse that has advocated military resistance or armed resistance against israel and it in fact was beyond the number of terrorist attacks within israel and that has a spirit of the number of initiatives against israel if it's at this point in time . embracing or adopting the kind of tactics we're seeing in gaza which is generally globally speaking peaceful i think that's a great thing for both have mass the palestinian people and for the struggle and for the international opinion to know that there are repressed people there in gaza and the rest of the palestine fighting for freedom but fighting peacefully. there's been a lot of criticism marwan also of the international reaction or lack there of international reaction one comment here from one of our viewers on facebook oban who says there's a lot of political hypocrisy on the part of the international community when it comes to protecting interests and allies he says so accept the reality because
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nothing will ever change do you agree with that will nothing of a change well i think we had sort of ups and downs when it comes to the international community but certainly at this point in time we do have. an american administration and perhaps to a large degree a british administration as well as an israeli government who are totally hostile to the palestinians and their rights for freedom from occupation and so on so forth and they are basically on the side that is. but to be honest with you i think here what we have is an initiative on the part of the policy is that do not just speak to the international community although the international community is one important audience so let's start with them and they're very important i'll be very brief ali number one this is the but the economics of gaza you know forty percent of gazans are unemployed sixty percent of the guys a youth are unemployed gaza has never been more more deprived and more depressed
6:41 pm
and the more dire situation that it is today that hence this is a message that we cannot remain to be that way too it's a message to the palestinian authority and the hamas or in part on behalf of hamas for their failure to reach national unity they should have already arrived at the national unity between fatah and hamas between gaza and the west bank and that never happened i think this is a response to that three is that a sponsor to the absence of diplomacy and the total and utter failure and the peace of the peace process and in a way it's a message to those who are looking behind the scenes the so-called deal of the century that palestinians in gaza to see is the west bank will not accept no mention of the refugees or no just a resolution of the refugee question is all these people demonstrating they mostly come or hail from the other side of the border from the israel itself they are refugees in gaza fourth fifth of them and last but not least it is
6:42 pm
a message to the israeli government has been so elegant the words the palestinians so condescending towards the palestinians that basically doesn't want to give anything away in as much as it is a message to the arab leaders including the saudis and the iraqis and the egyptians who also have to earn their back on the palestinians and that also cooking behind the scene with the jetted push nerves and the prompts of the world a deal that will basically want them they want it to pass against the interests of the palestinian people known as always very good to get your insight on this story thank you very much for joining us here on news great at my want to share. is where you can find him on twitter for more insightful comments now moving on in the corruption case against south africa's former leader jacob zuma has been adjourned the money laundering fraud and racketeering charges relate to a multi-billion dollar arms deal from almost two decades ago zuma denies any wrongdoing and is challenging the decision to prosecute the case. and a former leader proclaimed his innocence as he addresses supporters following that
6:43 pm
court appearance press they can listen. with our knowledge when a person is being accused of a crime that doesn't mean that they've been found guilty that person still has their rights just like anybody else when translated as an english they say innocent until proven otherwise it's now clear to me that those in the judiciary in politics despite everyone having their own individual rights they somehow think that i don't have the same rights. as catherine so he has more now from durban the former president's stronghold in south africa. jacob zuma has addressed his supporters outside hype for this region is called quote. and it says you must wrong world so people have been bought from across the region to comment support team to come and hold his hand and he has told them that this is all about politics he says that at the time of the on steele he was not in a position of that kind of influence of all to say that this case has been around
6:44 pm
for such a long time and it hasn't moved forward he says in a sense and he's going to approve that now the quote high schools the beginning of the try all to. june eighth and it was very much expected that this would happen this was a very preliminary seating and zuma was not even expected to take a piece of these physicians to postpone the case is so that to give a lawyer is time to prepare and seumas lawyers have already said that they are going to challenge the decision of the state to reopen the case so already they're reviewing that position and a lot of legal experts have been talking to us saying that this is the one case this is one. that is going to take very long to resolve it's very complicated going to be very many witnesses i'm sure a lot of to ing and fro ing from some of the best lawyers in the country but many south africans including those who are here jacob zuma supported let's say they
6:45 pm
have waited so long for answers and they hope that is not going to take another many years to get this on says a to get a body to get justice which ever way to goes catherine so in durban there russia's communications watchdog is moving to block the messaging service telegram after defied a court order to provide backdoor access for russian spy services last month russia supreme court ordered the company to hand over encryption keys to access a set is used by millions of russians from opposition figures to top kremlin stuff but russia's government says the service has also been used to plan attacks and wants to the. company to comply with anti terrorism laws telegram says a request by the f.s.b. is unconstitutional and technically impossible it's found a dr is known to many as russia's mog zuckerberg and his platform has more than two hundred million users including nearly ten million in russia one of its largest markets russia security services and the supreme court have told the company to
6:46 pm
provide access to the secret messages of its uses but the company has refused let's speak to sophia called who's a research senior research associate at george washington university's school of international affairs he's in washington d.c. thank you very much for speaking to us and critics use telegram to organize anti-government demonstrations and publicized corruption allegations against president putin do you think this move to block telegram is meant to silence those critics not that putin has won another six year term yes this is part of the kremlin's of kremlin's efforts to control of the internet. and today. the authorities made the next move against telegram in the court however. the. previous events showed that the kremlin not as much wants
6:47 pm
to close the telegram as to take over it so the telegram has two hundred million subscribers most of whom are in russia but also in iran and indonesia and the same way as authorities and secret service to call over the previous project of the same old nurse called contactee right which had subscribers in russia china india crane the and now china and ukraine use the kremlin. accuse the kremlin use in the right contacts. against their countries so the same way russian authorities try to take over a telegram they i don't think they want to close it they just wanted to what do tell us about the state of internet freedom in russia right now how how is it all be curtailed and also we talked about the f.s.b.
6:48 pm
which is the successor to the k.g.b. what activities are they targeting online right now. this they doesn't want to block the internet so so far they try to use it as a tool to control and to monitor a civil society and the main. methods and also they control most of the media except several independent media as they have the position or is targeted often. the internet freedom is. not under. like threat the same way is it is like in bahrain or in china so but looks
6:49 pm
like it's moving in that direction in russia as well ok thank you so much for speaking to us a few hands him a call of george washington university joining us there from washington thank you for your time and we're also on telegram asat we said earlier you can look up your our number one seven four five zero one triple one four nine we haven't used that channel there where we send our videos articles and other content from al-jazeera every day of the way past nine seven four five a one chip a one four nine. now the oscar nominated japanese anime director. has died of ill health at a hospital in tokyo and it's a hot topic on social media as people have been paying their tribute star is here to tell us how people have been remembering him very fondly in fact so people from all around the world it's ok but i'm including filmmakers and animates is never been posting clips from his films in different languages from english to arabic to spanish and with a career spanning decades eighty two year old was also known as the meister he
6:50 pm
co-founded the famed studio ghibli which produced proposed blood blockbusters like castle in the sky in valley of the wind and his latest film that's hell of a princess. earns him an academy award nomination his animations were inspired by his childhood and stories of kids people's imagination of all ages and backgrounds but also urged people to live life to its fullest making. the film that really inspired me to become an animation director is in one nine hundred fifty three french film the shepherdess and the chimney sweep until then i and many people thought feature length animation was for children but that film really inspired me to realize that it can speak to adults as well. and this is from his film the one nine hundred eighty eight film grave of the fireflies which most people consider to be his best work.
6:51 pm
the heartbreaking amazing tale of two in the second world war struggling to survive was inspired by its own experience of being in one thousand nine hundred five u.s. air raids which killed one thousand seven hundred people he was once tripled he wants report how a nine as nine year old boy since the bombing besta in his pajamas and witnessed falls of dead bodies a memory reflected in this film and graves is the file size is the most talked about film online right now and has been trending with people posting their thoughts and videos his grave of the fireflies is one of the best anime films ever made it's very dark extremely realistic it doesn't shy away from the horrors of war please do give it a watch and his honor and please you rest in peace mr takahata you've been spared me for many years. people have been sharing just from his animations to europe's largest performing arts center the bob can in london called him a pioneer and people have also been describing his work as a one of
6:52 pm
a kind but also other people have been sharing their own artwork celebrating his anime this one is by graham in the philippines then there's just showing her drawing it but an award winning director as well has been tweeting about it shows a great sorrow as he says no animated movie has made me cry more than this tender gorgeous profound soulful and landmark film a giant of all it's form rest in peace my story and i want to show you this picture because this was tweeted by an animator herself disney animated on a terrace and she simply put the words there goodbye mr so if you've been sharing in this saw have feel that it's something that you have identified with through his animations get in touch with us so it's a hand of the sort of fight i'm sorry thank you very much as she if you're watching us on facebook live coming up our colleagues at e.g. with the british judges will criticize in malaysian born contestant for making the
6:53 pm
nation sound chicken in the malaysian way and still ahead on the great how and why mixed martial arts stop on a mcgregor ended up in east coast city you'll be looking at the top stories online in sports in just a few minutes to states at you with. the by. the by the by the by by the.
6:54 pm
i before we go to peter in the sports a quick update on the situation at the israel gaza border and the death toll is rising among the palestinian protesters there we understand that five people have now died according to the israeli health ministry will update you on this story in our next news bulletin here on al-jazeera is peter now with the sports for the
6:55 pm
color mcgregor is the big talking point on social media today after the mixed martial arts star was charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief by the new york police department why well that's what happens when you attack a bus a bus that was carrying u.f.c. fighters no less a short time ago he was leaving a police station in new york after being taken into custody now on thursday lost his cool as the bus turned up at brooklyn's barclays center carrying fines of sunni events he wasn't attending the irishman threw a missile shortly smashing one of the windows of the bus and injured two fighters fellow fighter autumn mobile of was it with mcgregor. lobel of was set to fight at saturday's u.f.c. event in the top tweet on this topic actually came from a toronto councilor called norm kelly he said i'm not condoning khana mcgregor's actions but find yourself a friend that will literally fly in from another continent to defend you he said
6:56 pm
hundreds of comments and thirty five thousand likes but what are the u.f.c. president think of all this but what happened today. is criminal. disgusting despicable makes me sick and. we as an organization need to make sure that this never happens again ok let's go to something a little less combative now you might think so it's the place time of year if you're of a golf fan the year's first major the masters got underway on thursday and if you play golf you would have a ton of sympathy for sergio garcia equalled the worst ever hold score at all guss the we've condensed fifteen minutes of pain into sixty seconds for you. but you heard of. the east.
6:57 pm
wing. the group. was. it. was . was was. was you. amateur golfers might have taken some courage from that one now finally years a story that's created a bit of an online stir involving iranian t.v.
6:58 pm
senses and italian football club roma this is the club's logo. it depicts a female wolf with infant brothers romulus and remus reflecting the myth of the founding of rome by the rainy and state television since a blow by blurring the walls teats during the champions league quarter final with a boss of them that you can talk him into it's a direct the pita underscores the middle of most all three in the eight hundred g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to funny thank you very much for that peter that said for today's show a quick update on our top story and at least try to use killed along the border with the gaza strip mall coming up at carney in london in just a few minutes to stay with us on a interfere. arts
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. april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. has role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s.
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today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridge that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far the minor will go to control its citizens. on and is there a. new yorkers are very receptive to. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera lives.


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