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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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follows a group of u.s. army veteran. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes it caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk us to try to take the violence i lost my. go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards.
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china says north korea is prepared to get rid of its nuclear arsenal after the first ever meeting between the two leaders. hello i'm. also coming up in the program. this is a travesty. this should be a day of shame for every member of this council. the u.s. accuses russia and syria of bombing into submission during what's supposed to be a ceasefire. saudi arabia's crown prince renewed his attack on the iran nuclear deal during a trip to the u.s. also.
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but first north korean leader kim jong un has been treated to a lavish welcome by the chinese president xi jinping during a secretive visit to. aging and china says pyongyang is prepared to get rid of its nuclear weapons it's kim's first trip abroad since taking power in two at eleven and the first time he has met president xi face to face relations between china and north korea have cooled in recent times and this historic meeting comes at a time of intense diplomatic activity on the korean peninsula as preparations are made for summits between the north and the south as well as between pyongyang and washington let's go live now to our correspondent in beijing adrian brown so the chinese have delivered a very positive the verdict on this first meeting between the two leaders. yes indeed martin so he was here after all despite the attempts by foreign ministry
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officials to try and deny they had any knowledge of kim jong un in the country of course he was here in fact for three days state media finally confirming that on wednesday morning and ever since then we've had a torrent of images on state television highlighting the various aspects of kim jong un's visit to beijing the visit that he undertook also with his wife and of course it is she paying and not president trump who now becomes the first world leader to meet kim jong un so sheeting pink perhaps stealing some of the thunder of president trump so a lot of intense diplomacy will carry on from this meeting because of course in the few weeks ahead we have that summit between north korea and south korea and of course as expected that summit between president from and kim jong un why did kim jong un come here i think the president xi jinping wanted to know what his strategy was going to be during his meetings with the south korean president and also with
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president trump but did president xi have to offer any sort of in juice meant for a kid to come here we just don't know but what it does demonstrate quite clearly is that china still hold some sway over north korea and remember relations between these two countries who are supposed to be ideological allies have been chilled really for the past few years because of north korea's missile and nuclear program but now i think it's fair to say that normal service has resumed and these two countries have perhaps gone some way to repairing their relationship it was very interesting to see the chemistry between president xi and kim jong un president tree was dressed very much like a modern businessman wearing a western style business suit where is kim jong un was dressed very like an old style communist. leader bar the designer glasses that he tends to favor both men appeared to be quite relaxed in each other's company i don't think kim appeared to
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be particularly intimidated by xi jinping given this was his first visit outside of north korea now we don't know exactly what was said during the discussions all we have is what the shin more news agency the state controlled news agency has pumped out but both made it seems favored talking in metaphors xi jinping said that in the beautiful season of spring everything grows kim said that he believed his meeting would yield abundant fruit but what of course is more important is this commitment we've now had from kim that he remains resolved to the korean peninsula being free of nuclear weapons but of course we've got a long way to go before that's going to happen but that's quite a significant declaration if indeed it is substantiated by the north koreans the fact that they are prepared to give up on their new clear arsenal is something quite remarkable. yes they say that's their
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intention is to is to give up but of course there has to be an awful lot of verification and negotiation before we even started down that road a lot of analysts actually make the point that perhaps kim jong un is playing the united states off against china rather like the north koreans did between china and russia in years gone by you know what we don't know is what price kim exacted if indeed he did exact a price to come here we know from the various reports we've been getting here in china that the economic sanctions that are imposed on north korea have started to hurt so i think that in many ways china along with the united states of course will want to take credit for the north korean leader coming here the united states will say well you know this is proof that sanctions will work and talking about the united states we know now after that meeting between kim and president xi jinping
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the white house was briefed by chinese officials and we also believe that in fact the south korean government was briefed ahead of time about kim's visit here to china all right adrian thank you very much indeed and following on from what adrian was saying the trumpet ministration has issued a statement following the meetings and it claims some of the credit for that meeting actually taking place it said the u.s. sees this development as further evidence that our campaign of maximum pressure is creating the appropriate atmosphere for a dialogue with north korea but we've been speaking to christopher hill who is a former u.s. diplomat who in two thousand and five negotiated directly with north korea and china on pyongyang's nuclear program in the six party talks and he says president trump will sell this is a big foreign policy victory. clearly the top of this regime wants to say that this
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is a possible either you bring it up. talking from the white house including the group of sanctions that the u.s. is considering so you know i'm not sure really matters too much you know how people are going to take credit but the best question is will all donald trump sit down your job hunt it will be on central park was a ship yours or hasn't been in some eight years to other news now and there's been another round of blame trading among u.n. security council members as they discuss the failure of this cease fire resolution in syria they agreed on friday the twenty fourth you may remember to call for a thirty day break in hostilities it's allowed some extra aid to go in to the people but the bombings haven't stopped in these and where syrian government forces and their russian allies have been fighting to recapture this rebel on klav on the outskirts of damascus russia will stop at nothing to use its permanent seat on this
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council to shield it south by the charlotte side from even the faintest criticism and we cannot take these actions because instead of calling out how assad russia and iran made a mockery of our calls for a cease fire too many members of this council wanted to wait this is a travesty. this should be a day of shame for every member of this council and it should be a lesson about what happens when we focus on fleeting displays of unity instead of on what's right. well in his response the russians russian u.n. ambassador accused the other members of the security council of wasting time instead of taking action against the armed groups in the center and. some members of the security council prefer to squander time on letters and
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rhetoric with us now the claims against our country probably this is to conceal their own willingness to do something constructive in implementing the cease fire resolution along with the groups they sponsor. the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will reportedly testify before u.s. congressional committee next month over the social networks role in harvesting millions of users data without their knowledge facebook and the data from cambridge analytic or are accused of using people's personal information to influence the outcome of the trial the sixteen us presidential election meanwhile the whistleblower at the heart of this scandal has also been giving evidence to british m.p.'s christopher wiley said data gathered unlawfully was used to manipulate people in the u.k. to vote to leave the european union currently ripple. christopher what his extraordinary relations are now casting a shadow over democratic elections on both sides of the atlantic here he was
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speaking to a u.k. government committee explaining how he knew that public opinion had been unlawfully manipulated before the referendum which is leading to the u.k. leaving the european union to irrevocably alter the constitutional settlement of this country on fraud is a mutilation of the constitutional settlement of this country and you cannot call yourself a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve that. while the central claim is that the campaign group to leave the european union hired an offshoot of cambridge analytical the data mining company accused of harvesting personal details of millions of people through facebook and manipulating opinions in an attempt to put on trump in the white house the company he said had subverted elections for its own aims in countries including nigeria and trinidad now it was doing the same in the
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u.k. the company will send out videos of people being murdered to intimidate voters this is the company that goes out and tries to illicitly acquire you know live internet browsing data of everyone in an entire country so i think a lot of questions should be asked about the role of patriotic here in this election and whether they were indeed actually complying with the law here to answer they said had already been claimed the leave campaign broke u.k. election law by using campaign funds on lawfully allegations the leave camp denies it but in an emergency debate in parliament m.p.'s hostile to brick sets have begun to demand the referendum results be declared null and void inherently untrustworthy if the allegations are true that a potentially six hundred two. and she five thousand pounds was spent illegally in a very focused targeted campaign which by definition would been focused on targeted
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on a very small number of people then i think it's very hard to predict in the fact that that would have passed the law is the law and nobody is above it at least one prominent m.p. who backs the leave campaign said he agreed with the need for a criminal inquiry so it ended up in a situation where you get newspaper headlines like this questioning not just the ethical value but the sheer legality of the vote to leave the european union of course supporters of brecht's states would say the entire thing is a made up plot to discredit a democratic decision but in this hall of mirrors it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and was fake. lawrence lee i'll just era westminster in london. we've got a lot more to come here it is there including the russian president promises action there's anger mounts over a deadly shopping mall. and why the white house is investigating don't trump son in
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law jared krishna's family real estate business. from the flowing all in the winds to an enchanting dance it brings move. and i there for some of us around the mediterranean the weather has been a little bit murky recently and cyprus is one of those places that seen some rather polluted air this is all dust brought up from the northern parts of africa and it looks like we're going to see more weather from the northern parts of africa over the next few days we've got another weather system is edging its way towards us for the time being it's staying clear but then you can just about make out some clouds and then some rain on our wednesday the beginnings of the system and it's running its way towards the northeast so on thursday we'll see lots of what weather not only for cyprus but also for parts of turkey and as that sweeps its way across as the temperatures will be dropping behind it ahead of it though is driving up
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a lot of air from the south so the temperatures are rising we're also likely to see a fair amount of dust around as well here in doha the temperatures are rising too so our maximum we are around thirty five degrees as we head through wednesday on thursday but towards the west is even hotter hit with mecca up around forty degrees that's the maximum for thursday before this was the south and for many of us in the southern parts of africa there's plenty of showers with us at the moment there stretching from angola all the way across into mozambique to the north of that line is just unsettled expect showers at times but to the south there's more in the way of drawing weather but we could see some showers in cape town on thursday. there with sponsored by qatar airways. there online. or if you join us on sat. between. eating
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this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone. close to the story join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. look at the top stories here at al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong un has pledged to get rid of his country's nuclear weapons and his first face to face talks with the chinese president confirmed the meeting had taken place after two days of fevered speculation u.n. security council members of a game traded accusations over the failure of the cease fire agreement to take
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effect in syria facebook boss mark zuckerberg will reportedly testify before a u.s. congressional committee next month over the social networks role in harvesting millions of users data without their knowledge. all right we're going to talk more now about our top story the price of a meeting between china and north korea's leaders we can speak to michael who's a senior adviser at the international crisis group and he's joining us live from hong kong thank you very much indeed what do you make then of the fact that china is definitely back in the game and has had this meeting for the first time kim jong un has left his country as we understand it and has gone to see president. thanks very much this is a huge development this is the first meeting that kim jong un is having with a foreign leader and it's very significantly with china i think it's a clear indication of that with the agreement by kim jong un to meet with both
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south korea's leader and then in theory with the president united states that has shifted the game entirely in the region and regional capitals are responding china and north korea have had terrible relations that have been going from bad to worse for the last two years for china to now shift invite kim jong un for what was described as an unofficial meeting to beijing and have one to one talks between the two leaders clearly shows that china wants to get in early in this process demonstrate that it is the regional power to be reckoned with and it is going to have a say in any negotiations that determine the future status of the korean peninsula and how encouraging therefore is this. version of events according to the chinese state media at least that the north koreans have at least expressed an intention to get rid of their nuclear arsenal. so this is
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from our perspective at crisis group this is a positive development we have been calling for a shift from provocations and testing and threats of war to a negotiating track it's still going to be a very difficult process and complicated process to actually come to some kind of solution or at least management of the situation that reduces tensions and sets us on a track towards a peaceful resolution of the dispute but this is a big step first of all it's kim jong un demonstrating that he's now consolidated enough power at home feel sufficiently secure with his current defensive posture and nuclear deterrent that he's ready to meet other foreign leaders so this increases the likelihood that he would really be willing to meet with so korea's moon jane and then with donald trump at the same time and the fact that he said that he's willing to denuclearize we should take that as a long term political expression of intent not necessarily as anything that he would actually implement in the forseeable future north korea has said before that
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it'll denuclearize the question is what conditions it has for denuclearization and they usually tend to involve a complete end to any what they describe as a hostile policy by the united states removal of us troops from the korean peninsula the removal of the american nuclear umbrella from south korea and a range of other conditions that the united states has not been willing to meet so it's a positive sign that he's ready for dialogue but we need to have a clear eyed real recognition that this is going to be a complicated process but at least the first steps are being taken toward a negotiation. thank you very much michael coverage of the international crisis group talking to us live from hong kong. that five people are facing charges related to a fire in a russian shopping center that killed sixty four people forty one of them children the tragedy spalt rare protests on the streets demanding justice for the victims president putin visited the siberian city where it happened and blamed the tragedy
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on criminal negligence his moscow correspondent rory chalons. to difference memorial events in moscow one tuesday evening two different aspects of a nation's grief first the official one beneath the walls of the kremlin with flowers and toys supplied by the city authorities later a people's gathering on pushkin square here there was anger at the country's political system for allowing cameras appalling fine to happen. on the ground our citizens are deeply unhappy with your thought these actions including the president who should be responsible for everything happening in the country but who nevertheless doesn't do anything to minimize things like corruption. i think at the at the rallies hundred percent state i don't think that many people willingly when there are many of them receive salaries from the state and they were forced to attend here people came because they want to tune in camera itself which lost so
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many people in this disaster understandably the mood was even more roar that's a rally demanding truth and justice a man described his last words to his dying young daughter. i said where where is my daughter i was talking to her on the phone she cried i'm here dad here i told her lie down on the floor i'm brave breathe and don't die i cry i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing consciousness excuse me people here say they believe the death toll is much higher than officially admitted. vladimir putin often stays away from domestic disasters but earlier on tuesday he visited camera and it's been removed residents criminal negligence was to blame he said but it was too early to point fingers this is the investigation team of one hundred people is working here they will go along the
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whole chain starting with those who issued licenses and up to those who are responsible for safety and that security firm employee who was sitting there and did not press the button on time in the gutted remains of the windsor cherry shopping center those investigators are trying to piece together what happened and how blocks fire exits and nonfunctioning alarm system and the slow emergency response might have contributed to the deaths of so many children and families relaxing on a sunday afternoon five people have been charged the director and the technical director of the mall have already appeared in court they insist all safety inspections and training were done by the book rusher is no stranger to horrible tragedy so it's quite difficult to put one's finger exactly on what it is about all of this one that's made people so hurt and angry perhaps the high number of children dead is a factor but also too i think the belief amongst many russians that corruption and bureaucratic indifference on just nuisances they can be devastatingly fatal to
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a country systemic failings are often most exposed by disaster and it's the failings of eighteen years of putin's rules that are on display just as he begins his fourth and potentially last in office rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. now ethiopia is ruling coalition has chosen a new chairman and therefore the country's new leader. med will be the first prime minister in nearly three decades his appointment comes about a month after the former prime minister resigned in a surprise move the prompted the government to declare a state of emergency the overall most are the biggest ethnic group in ethiopia and they have recently been in volved in antigovernment protests since twenty fifteen. million miles parliament is voting to elect a new president in charge stood on a week ago citing health problems it's happening as me i'm our faces international
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condemnation over its handling of the ranger crisis hundreds of thousands of them have been forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh to escape a military crackdown saudi arabia's crown prince is criticizing the iran nuclear deal comparing it to waiting for a bullet to reach your head he said action was needed immediately to replace the agreement in an interview with the new york times mohammed bin sound man insisted the deal would only delay not prevent terror on from acquiring nuclear weapons the twenty fifteen agreements or international sanctions on iran eased in exchange for the curbing of its nuclear development program. the us president's son in law and senior adviser jared koshary is facing more investigations into his business practices white house officials are looking into the legality of to those tightly more than five hundred million dollars made to question his marriage to donald trump still a. petty kohei and has more from washington. jared kushner often seen
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but rarely heard always at the center of power but also controversy and now once again facing questions about meetings he had at the white house with business c.e.o.'s who soon after loaned his family company hundreds of millions of dollars his lawyer tells al-jazeera the white house counsel's office did look into the meetings but says they quote concluded there were no issues involved in jared there have been plenty of issues surrounding the president's son in law the f.b.i. recently said he wouldn't be given clearance to see the nation's top secrets they didn't say what their investigation uncovered but there have been constant questions about his family's business and his role in the government much of it goes back to this manhattan building six six six fifth avenue at the height of the housing bubble cushion are paid a staggering record setting amount for it one point eight billion dollars next february he has to come up with six hundred million dollars or risk losing the
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building his father admits meeting with qatari officials about a possible investment there are reports cutter said no something cushion or denies but its belief special counsel robert muller is looking into the meeting to find out if his business deals are affecting foreign policy not long after the meeting president donald trump came out strongly on the side of countries blockading cutter and their reports other countries have been caught talking about being able to exploit kushner's inexperience and financial issues for their advantage. is also central to the ongoing investigation into potential collusion between the truck campaign and russia during. transition he met with then russian ambassador to the u.s. and asked to set up a secret back channel to moscow one the rest of the u.s. government couldn't hear he said it was to talk syria and there is a new focus on his role in the campaign he ran the digital operation and now congressional investigators want to know how they used cambridge analytical and
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facebook to target voters there are many questions about businesses role in the campaign and time in the white house all things that muller will likely try to answer peggy calling al-jazeera washington. something gyptian say they're facing a campaign of intimidation and bribes to push them into voting in the presidential election local officials and security forces are threatening voters with confiscation of goods and other disciplinary measures unless they cast their ballots others have been offered food in cash if they go to the polls as part of an effort to boost turned out on the third and final day of the vote which president up to see is certain to win. the three australian cricketers who tried to change during a match in south africa have been ordered to fly home one of them steve smith has
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been removed as captain he's also been suspended along with vice captain david warner and fellow team member cameron bancroft they tried to tamper with the board to give the side an unfair advantage in regard to the front three players on report i want to stress that we are contemplating significant sanctions in each case the sanctions will reflect the gravity with which we view what has occurred and the damage it is done to the standing of the struggling cricket more now from our correspondent in sydney. well it was quite a measured response from cricket australia as chief executive he was very careful not to use the word cheating despite being prompted by journalists a press conference several times there's also been quite a strong reaction here in a stranger to this is disbelief really that only three people were involved in this
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incident and disbelief also that the coach darren lehmann didn't know anything about and that's a sentiment that we've been seeing on twitter especially from former test greats like michael clarke a former straining captain and michael bourne a formula for my english captain and this is a story that really goes beyond just cricket cricket is intertwined in a straining identity its players are idolized it really represents ideas of fair play and we've even had the foreign minister julie bishop come out and say that this has become a diplomatic incident she's hot to explain this to ambassadors who questioned you know how could this have happened so she says that this has damaged a strange reputation and so it seems that cricket australia has quite a lot of work to do in order to repair its image and the image of the sport.
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you know with al-jazeera and time versus take a look at the top stories north korean leader kim jong un has pledged to get rid of his country's nuclear weapons in his first face to face talks with president of china beijing confirmed the meeting in taken place after two days of fevered speculation pyongyang state media says she jingping also accepted an invitation from kim to visit north korea china correspondent adrian brown has more. it does demonstrate the china does have sway over north korea because in the past of course during recent years when north korea has carried out missile tests china has always given the impression look we only have so much control over north korea will now we know that china has in many ways absolute control over north korea in some matters the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says all fifteen members of the security council
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should be ashamed that the bombing of the sindh you said continues despite a cease fire agreement the halley blamed russia and syria for what she called slaughter that has syrian counterpart struck back saying the area has been liberated from rebels facebook boss mark zuckerberg will reportedly testify before a u.s. congressional committee next month over the social network's role in harvesting millions of users data without their knowledge facebook and the data from cambridge analytic are at the center of a vile the how personal information was used to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election five people are facing charges related to a fire in a russian shopping center that killed sixty four people forty one of them children the tragedy sparked rare protests demanding justice for the victims president putin visited the siberian city where it happened blaming criminal negligence some
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egyptians say they are facing a campaign of intimidation and bribes to push them into voting in the presidential election local officials and security forces are threatening voters with confiscation of goods and other disciplinary measures unless they cast their ballots is part of an effort to boost turnout on the third and final day of the vote which president abdul fattah el-sisi is certain to win right those are the headlines next up on al-jazeera it's a string. i mean this is different not to say whether someone's going for someone's favorite that that's not a weenie tree i think it's how you approach an individual enough that it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy a story in fly out. high on the hood seventeen.


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