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tv   Japan In The Missiles Shadow  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2018 1:32am-2:02am +03

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and the air raids in the rebel held on klav of eastern huta the united nations has released this footage which shows new widespread damage in eastern huta more than six hundred people have now been killed and well over a thousand injured since an upsurge in violence in the area began nearly three weeks ago elsewhere in syria meanwhile a truck convoy carrying aid has arrived in the northern a free region the international committee of the red cross says it's the first time a humanitarian convoy has been allowed into the area since the turkish offensive against kurdish fighters began in january the turkish military says eight of its soldiers were killed in fighting on thursday. u.s. president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff for all steel imports and ten percent although many i'm trying says unfair trade practices are destroying american companies and jobs and he's vowing to rebuild the industries. well those are your top stories here on
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al-jazeera my colleagues in the how will have more news for you in half an hour coming up next one on one i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people so bad they see the importance of the our cars witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. for the first time in decades is a palpable fear of nuclear war in asia. with north korean missiles landing close to japan's shores relations between the two countries are colder than ever. and japan's green community is feeling the chill more than most i'm steve in this
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edition of one of one east we explore life in japan under north korea's nuclear shadow. when this song plays across japan people have just tended to see the limits on. how to go she's called it which has. he designed and built a nuclear bunker behind these doors. that. are good to sun hi hi you have a very fast about three minutes all it is that kind of how long it takes to get
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down here into the bunker and it's a last august and yes generally it takes three minutes to get here goodness that's going to go away and open six minutes is the limit so trees are ok. the retired grandfather believes seven people could survive in this bunker like this it's equipped with air purifiers supplies and a computer for contacting the outside world who did this on their own as long as the app sherry fireworks we can live here in the bunker for one week. there's a lot of food and water under the bed. put in a hole that's going over the toilet we put a plastic bag in the bucket and buckets and not by me. she says he's banking is needed now more than ever in twenty seven tate north korea tested twenty three rockets including two long range missiles that landed in the pacific ocean
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waters new japan one of happened recently that. drove you to stop building a bunker so again now you are still a. problem. when donald trump was elected american president i started to worry that the north korea and the usa would stop fighting and go to war and i cannot come back so i started researching the psychosis and found parts from switzerland and started building in january twenty seventh and cut the sometimes just. an avid outdoorsman he feels a missile strike could contaminate and destroy the environment he lots. of good she worries she's government is blindly following america's aggressive approach to north korea. well more than half of japanese people agree with
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america attacking north korea and the sauciest of us and i think this is very very dangerous. bait is going to exploit that and perches missiles for the military that they can also that reside in our course with up allies in on this kind of corner so i think we have facing a very dangerous situation. being tough on north korea help shinzo when he's both term as prime minister he claims it poses the biggest threat to japan since world war two. the past of his nation is investing in missile defense systems increasing sanctions and pushing a tough diplomatic line against the regime. sees clearly that knowledge is the kind for us to show a consolidated front against north korea. if there is any small spot for misunderstanding misinterpretation not going to be conned amount for
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you to showing. weakness and weakness in by its publication. professor thomas. is the prime minister's foreign affairs advisor to the shia in power and pace with which north korea has come very much a long way to build its nuclear arsenal and missile technology have been a surprise for every one of us including the japanese chinese and the americans unlike other nuclear powers they say that they are willing to use the weapon and i think that a lot of people. would
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put the country on high alert since last year been staging evacuation drills to prepare for a potential attack. in the past back you actually drove. a picture of the life of. the public buildings this is the first time such an event has happened in the capital. in this subway station every second this has been an exercise is choreographed. our enemy is a lack of knowledge you must be prepared. and you should control.
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people's minds so that they would not count not something that you must. and of course. as tensions rise members of japan's if the korean community a feeling the pressure yet she is the principal of a tokyo high school aligned to the north korean regime. i always have this fear that of people's freedom and movement will be restricted and. right now. many of these school children are descendants of koreans brought here as prisoners or slave labor during world war two. when korea's subleasing too many in japan's korean community pledged allegiance to the north. as a result their schools and businesses have always been viewed with suspicion.
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or. whenever there's an excuse the police use all sorts of nonsensical reasons to come in search of schools in raids welfare for. voting for him and if we go to all our community may face a soviet crisis i. am. not. under the watchful eyes of north korea's latest students here learn in both korean and japanese every year the regime gives two million dollars to a network of kinda got schools and universities across japan and it's. mother the most important thing we teach the students is that they can contribute to reunite korea for one more grandmother or so but you're not the. program or here in our school all gold is not to teach communism. totenberg agoa is to teach
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the students how to live as koreans within japanese society if you are. willing and often. parents do not want a north korean education for their children and their wish is for their children to speak the language and learn the culture and live as proud korean people in japan and europe in a way that's why if they send their children here. it's. not south of them they identified. in this saying yes they school students go on a two week excursion to pyongyang. for most of them it's the first and only time i don't visit north korea. myself and other people here beyond cars we go for holidays. it's unrealistic for us to have these sorts of
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lifestyles to go back to north korea not. bent over the day we go back to the motherland will be when really it's unified we're going to have a prosperous new day and free. i go on into a job. i'm making up with fifteen year old beyond song to hear what the students think. it's lunch time and they can take is a hive of activity when you know you're tired of. feeling like the new kid at school i try to get to nor beyond some crazy jeff garcia voice the way she did good taste good. i was expecting was going to be very great very regimented i'm surprised at how i do things that go along with oh my i don't know about yes many strict rules you know how to cut back on much but
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among my friends we chat with discuss something and we're having a great time. songs grandparents migrated here during the korean war his parents are divorced and he lives with his mother and brother when you grow up what do you want to be. i want. company carpenter yeah right. history is one of these favorite subjects so i ask him how his understanding of the past shapes you and because you are not all saying the korean peninsula used to be one country unless he was divided into their countries but we still think about it the same way and not that that we're all koreans there but that's what we're learning. and i think it is very important to keep this phenomena that that we are
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one so it's human and it is one of the teachers educate us about history. and the kind of problems. and the teachers to ask us to keep watching what's happening so you. because it is our motherland for hitting us. why. now there's a lot of talk about me so yes. but for myself but i i really want them to solve the situation. i'm hoping that japan and korea will have a good relationship in future. mary i ask him what he knows about america's criticism of the regime so. well we haven't covered these things in detail. because not in detail. the principal says the school teaches history from both the japanese and north korean perspective. when we teach north korea's political system.
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we explain pyongyang's point of view. but for social studies we don't teach beyond yang's point of view we reflect how japanese school is teaching. otherwise us students would pass the college entrance exam. he admits that the north korean hero's in their textbooks the same as terrorists in japan none more so than the two men that shaped north korea. but someone's missing why. portrait of kim jong on the current laying up on the classroom mole's. regarding kim jong un so far we don't have any direct guidance or support from him. so i don't think about hanging up his picture . kim il sung in kim jong il are the leaders who
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shows continuous support in our school seventy year history can do this so we hang up their portraits to show appreciation of. this loyalty comes at a cost japan's government recently slashed funding to any school with ties to north korea. what makes it legitimate or not fair to say their money on institutions that are constantly telling people that the japanese are your enemy it does it just doesn't make sense that the school that you talk about is legit my saying everything that north korea dollars doing you want to send your children to that school that's the question that those parents must ask themselves very seriously. song can
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understand the criticisms of the school. bus on the internet the more we use the internet freely. there are no restrictions. this is not the time what you think only about korea. we are taught we shouldn't just criticize japan out of a. lot. he certainly seems like any other fifteen year old school boy. shaky and full of surprise and. they do know what you all are. on the whole him what about you what do you. think i might be magic yes magic then you can you show through your reading oh what a quaint truth. whoa
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you dared to do that. that's not the only trick real nice song has obviously seen. this year he made it onto the school's prestigious boxing taking. to that they tried for. teaching. them. but. his father wanted him to play soccer songs passion is to be in the ring. tones saying if i become professional i want to be a representative of my home country career. that's another thing he's bob knight i don't want to hear. a then i go out to eat with my father going to get all the heights that he's a real thing the people say i don't like it because in my heart i always want to be
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korean. always think about that last. but he understands his father is just trying to protect him. so long i remember when i was in kindergarten you know i say this is my name and i'm korean within that in that. my friends saying ah so my mother and father told me that it is the country where people live. since then i've realized that many people here think this way. in this tense political climate a number of far right groups are stalking these divisions.
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her. we're outside the south korean embassy where the authorities works not to stop a number of trucks driven by protesters. not the police at. least one of the. people in the know because the leak. to be. japan's new hate speech was banned such groups from demonstrations in public places so to get around the walls they use trucks. it's actually all up to follow the starts because the protests to stop the five minutes spats and expats and then just travel. when they
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struggle to get closer to the embassy there and it seems to us that. i do. not. want. to let it. they're. going to deal with the not the na-na na-na na-na na-na caps. and right wing activists a taking things even further. in late february tokyo's early morning quietly shattered when two men were arrested for allegedly firing multiple gunshots at north korea's defacto embassy. more and more we mix with one of the prime movers behind these right wing groups and. here you key says or is the leader of a new political possible cold war on japan first he supports prime minister
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a strong stance against north korea. you muscling in a sense your husband we should start war and immediately there that's my view says they want to go back up when war starts north korea will be destroyed and just because you cannot is one of them when there is no nation when the north korean schools here will be shut down. admits that he has organized a number of demonstrations against koreans he defends these aggressive methods saying many migrants are pummeling millions of dollars to the north korean regime through their businesses to the chosen soren it's not actually i think some of them who claim to be south korean national stores in seoul and are actually close to north korea so when you look up side are there is a hidden ideology behind them so i was all the one who knows. now that he can no
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longer hold demonstrations so takes his right wing message online you will do our business my actions that aren't. very normal activity. hate speech laws doesn't restrict any of our activity because i but when pressed seto has had enough. there is no question about north korea there are many questions about her. i don't want to answer a lot here would have gotten i don't have her let me just explain only those people who support us laws are left wing the hate speech laws are made by those who are trying to suppress our voices are killing the world we fight against a dangerous people and. we don't fight it with those who pose no threat to us coming don't worry i'll shoot by what you mustn't so we'll ok we're the worst and
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that's it i. don't want to have the. hate speech laws are a positive step for a country the tory asli called on immigration. did you feel the high spirits laws have to be stronger well in theory there is room for those laws to be strengthened this challenge is going to be something that is not going our way we have to live with it. while others may target. young song i guessing wrong but their lives. today he's boxing team is competing against a prestigious japanese high school and. there is so much equipment and
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pictures. i feel deschooling must be very well established. right now i'm nervous but even if you win here i would still try to give one hundred percent of my best. song would be tossing a japanese boy he's met before at other events do you think you have the skills to be. a i'm not confident. but. when the competition begins with. he's on the back. of this is really going to say it's a player. i see. soon
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it's a song to contest three rounds. he's just done and the poor man's more honest. about. his inner. philosophy. i think. that. is the bad continues writes back attacking ensure good. but it's not enough i. mean they want their next day i'm ok i didn't know i was so nervous my feet couldn't move and i got punched but not on and. this is something i need to work on
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constantly. when the contest is there is no animosity the to take stock trains again. my philosophy is in the arena it doesn't matter who the opponent is you pull countries out of the ring i'm building friendship to you this. song. is about more than chasing the blow the victory. as a result through sport i like to tell them we are not bad people so we are not hostile . and everyone should get along. that's all. i would like to raise them back north korea.
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and if i win i can show everyone. that i did it as a career. and. that's how i feel. cut in. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdullah fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of short passing stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene
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his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take. with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being counted. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address a critical issue in march on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. a battery of new weapons which president putin
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says will make russia invincible but the u.s. wants moscow is crossing the line. no aid no evacuations and a bloodbath continues in syria's eastern quota seventy two hours after russia introduced a partial cease fire. a presidential vote in venezuela has pushed back as nicolas maduro six reelection in the middle. of a deepening crisis. that might not have been to school themselves but stand in teachers of fighting to overcome an education crisis and war torn central african republic. united states has responded swiftly to the russian president's unveiling of its nuclear and weapons arsenal the trumpet ministration has approved plans to sell more than two hundred anti-tank missiles to ukraine and i mean a putin claims the new.


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