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tv   Mandela and de Klerk  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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wonderful migration and generations of. two minds altering the landscape is this. a stunning portrayal of life. one woman's determination to save. russia. at this time. hello again i'm martin dennison these are the top stories here it out is there the u.n. relief and works agency for palestinian refugees says reduced u.s. assistance will threaten regional security it follows an announcement by the trump administration that it would withhold half of the financial aid it had allocated to
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the u.n. agency at appomattox editor james bays has more from the u.n. in new york we don't have a great deal of detail from the us about exactly why it's doing this it doesn't like the way it's run it says there needs to be or the need to undertake a fundamental reexamination of andro both in the way it operates in the way it is funded they also say why should the u.s. be paying all this money being the key funder of on russia why are other nations not paying more they're calling for burden sharing clearly there is a political aspect to all of this i think from the trumpet ministration and there's likely to be a political effect of all of this because remember this comes hard on the heels of the u.s. saying that jerusalem is israel's capital in their view these are two measures taken together which are really going to anger the palestinians. u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says the world should step up pressure on north korea until it abandons its nuclear program he says the fact that pyongyang agreed to talk with south korea is proof that sanctions are working mr tennyson's when speaking at a meeting on north korea being held in canada well we're standing by for the end of that day long conference in a news conference is expected. in jordan is our correspondent who's there in vancouver covering this conference it's an interesting line up really isn't it twenty countries been invited by the americans in the canadians but not including the chinese nor the russians. that's right martine the u.s. said that the chinese were not invited because they took the side of north korea during the korean war between one nine hundred fifty and one nine hundred fifty three and the russians weren't invited for any number of reasons but it was felt that the countries that had supported south korea during that war needed to have an
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opportunity to come together and to try to hash out the facts around the security situation on the korean peninsula and perhaps come up with some ideas on how to enforce the sanctions regime which has been put into place both by individual countries including the united states but also by the u.n. security council as you noted we are awaiting a joint press conference with rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state and chrystia freeland the canadian foreign minister who is the host for this daylong meeting here in vancouver we may find out whether these twenty countries including norway sweden colombia and turkey among others have come up with any novel ways of trying to reduce tensions on the korean peninsula or whether this was simply an opportunity for other countries to basically have an opportunity to say we're very concerned about this global national security problem
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and so this is our opportunity to weigh in and then to step back into the shadows so that the u.n. security council can do its work of course we are here in vancouver and we will bring you details from that press conference when it gets underway all right thank you very much rose. the world health organization has warned that a deep ferry outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly almost seven hundred people have now been affected forty eight people have died from the disease in the past four months. bangladesh's agreed to repeat six hundred fifty thousand refugees to neighboring mimo within two years hundreds of thousands of muslims have fled a military crackdown that began in mia miles rakhine state in august. the french president is calling on the u.k. to do more about refugees and migrants who are trying to get into britain via kelly emmanuel mccraw who has met some of them in the port city says he would discuss the
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issue with the british prime minister to resign may stay all right you're up to date for now those are the latest headlines let's go now to face to face. at stern my heart for friends but they know we're joining nobel committee. for good or bad at all but the states are suffering not that this crisis we. are would also like to take this opportunity to. the congress the late michael burgess a third of a lot of. states president as governor to grow here at the crowded. nick. and that terrible row at them earned our country and.
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through the imposition of the system of. december one thousand nine hundred ninety three the packed house and also city home owners nelson mandela the hero of the anti-apartheid struggle and frederick the cliff the last white president of south africa i've years ago. there would have seriously question the sanity of anyone who would have predicted that mr mandela and i would be joined in the severe of that by the one who will. get all of us. before you today behind the. the two leaders are at olds and the tension in the country is at its highest. will it make the opponents. we disagree strongly all key issues and we will soon fight the strenuous election that plane against one of them. standing in the event this
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progress which we have. all the three thousand people have died in political violence. since the beginning of this year mandela and declare partners as much as rivals two characters representing a cruising campus engaged in and when then to negotiations a political and personal doom that was poised to put an end to one of the most racist when the plants. seven kilometers west of cape town nelson mandela was
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a prisoner for eighteen years raised in a village in eastern south africa he founded the first black law from in the country appalled by the treatment of blacks and people of color he created the armed wing of the african national congress to fight against the apartheid regime and i many people feel that it is useless and for a future for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against the government was a block is only a savage attacks. and under defenseless people. in one thousand nine hundred sixty two mandela was arrested two years later he and his fellow accused were sentenced to life imprisonment for sabotage and conspiracy he was forty six years old. during his incarceration and social unrest spread and intensified among the black
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people who represented almost three quarters of the population in the state who responded with increasingly savage repression. in the one nine hundred eighty s. the country was subjected to the iron fist leadership of peter both or head of the national party regarded as a hard liner he was nonetheless aware that profound change was inevitable among his most influential ministers was frederick vellum declare an ambitious afrikaner who entered politics in one thousand nine hundred seventy one f. w. as everyone called him came from an influential conservative family. one must remember that his father had been a very senior national party politician it being president of the senate his uncle libyan prime minister so he was deeply. involved in the whole growth and development of the national party mr de klerk was perceived to be on the
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conservative side that he was predicting what group rights as it was call but i think to his credit one was always that he was never in favor of a security solution for the country never in seventy one i still embraced the concept of separateness which i believed idealistic could bring justice in the early eighty's. i came to the conclusion and not only me many of my colleagues around me that the concept of separateness is just institutionalizing in just as that it was our own and that we had to abandon the concept of a part they separate us. in the early eighty's nelson mandela returned to the mainland after two decades of brutal detention he was transferred to poles more
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prisons then in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to more comfortable housing within the victim first the prison about one hundred kilometers from cape town. for mandela was no ordinary prisoner convinced that negotiation could bring an end to apartheid he had begun secret meetings with government representatives notably we could see how the justice minister and neal barnard the head of the secret services. and so p.w. but identified a team of which i was the head at the time they start in total secrecy negotiations with one below which in fact started in my nine hundred eighty eight until usually they met some got fifty times or forty eight times every week for hours on end and nobody not is almost the archetype of an
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afrikaner nationalist mandela use that to get to know. the minds of the afrikaans the minds of the national party and by the time he came out he knew more or less what they were what they were thinking what was possible what wasn't possible he knew more or less how to treat that. both at home and abroad calls for mandela's release grew louder and gained more support for his party the a.n.c. represented him as the symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle. in early one nine hundred eighty nine bhutto was weakened by a stroke shortly after a secret meeting with mandela he was forced to resign as party leader and later as president. i relented in august his former minister frederick de clercq age fifty three took over as president of the country his priority to end the deadlock crippling south
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africa. on december thirteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty nine mandela left the victor vast the prison for a few hours he was secretly taken to the center of cape town to detain heise the president's office for the first time the black leader and white president found themselves face to face. i did not have high expectations of a first meeting with mr mandela and when i did have my first meeting i did not try to achieve much for both the him and me that first meeting was to get an understanding of each other to get a feel for the person sitting across the table to start with mandela was much taller than he expected. and he was also very impressed by president of this demand
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that is aristocratic bearing because we must remember that that mandela was actually raised to be the prime minister of the paramount chief of the ten booze so you have natural a natural sense of authority very dignified a very charming after that first meeting there was the feeling that yes we can do business with each other so i did expect that he would be positive about the concept of negotiations but we both of voided talking about the real challenges and the real issues at that time it was a sizing up proceedings and so that was the beginning of of a long and sometimes very very rocky relationship.
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on february the second one thousand nine hundred ninety the eyes of thirty seven million south africans were turned towards cape town for the opening of parliament didn't declare was about to pronounce his first general policy speech many were hoping he would commit the country to a new direction. it is time for us to break out of the cycle of violence and to break through to peace and reconciliation the steps that have been decided on the following the prohibition of the african national congress the pan african as congress the south african communist party in a number of subsidiary organizations is being nice and people serving prison sentences merely because they were members of one of these organizations will be identified and released i think the clark when he took over as president in one thousand nine. i was faced with
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a choice he knew that the country's economy was in really deep trouble he knew we were almost facing a civil war inside the country and here suddenly the thing landed on his lap was he going to do more about it more oppression more police more military and destroy the economy get into a civil war or was he going to be the sturrock a figure that ended the war and i think the berlin wall helped him a lot because it was a strong argument to use to say we had to fight against the a.n.c. because they were communists but no communism is dead so now we can talk to them which made their message easier to accept by the white people however what is very crucial to make the point that this change when the clear speech was not simply the result of
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a free condom nationalism of his party and of the clerk suddenly becoming good guys and through the good heart deciding that must be a change it was the pressure from the struggle i wish to put it plainly that the government has taken a firm decision to release mr mandela unconditionally i'm serious i'm serious about doing this matter to finality without dealing the speech i made on the second of february ninety ninety contained a package of measures of which the release not only of nelson mandela but also of all political prisoners was just a part i listed the state of emergency. i tried in that speech to add that is each and every excuse in the sea could offer
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not to come to the negotiation table and during that period we were the only communicators in town and they had all of the t.v. cameras they needed to use. how and when to release the iconic mandela this was the subject of the second confrontation between the two men one week later at the president's office. i announced to him that he would be released on the eleventh of february and the first reaction was it's too soon and i said why is it too soon he said we need more time to prepare insisted that this process cannot work without me i am the key to this thing so when you want to release me you release me at a time that suits me and my family because i have to manage the a.n.c. and it was one of the things of you will your my prisoner you will do as i say and
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i said to him mr mandela you and i will negotiate about many things but you been in jail long enough you will be released on the eleventh of february let us discuss what time of the day and from where you will be released. on february eleventh one thousand nine hundred ninety at five o'clock in the oftener there was great excitement at the victor fest a prison everyone had been waiting for several hours to see nelson mandela released arm in arm with his wife when. after twenty seven years in jail a free seventy one year old man returned to his home in so wet oh determined to win freedom for his people.
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after four decades of conflict the adversaries met over three days and put ischia an official building in cape time in may nine hundred ninety the jailer and his former prisoner walked side by side presenting a court image there are bound to be difficulties. but these cautious optimism as well as faith and goal to cure the problems will be solved by negotiation. and i trust that these discussions will be another milestone on the road to a new and just self that i think it was. overwhelmingly for and. it was like people who came to gather for the first time we didn't know each other but who wanted to meet the challenge. that was a that was a wonderful experience and was about the fact that. we suddenly realized the above
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sides that we had to work jointly and collectively. a way forward and that to sponsor all of the rest of us nobody else could take that is false and you can imagine that. with the background of the participants. two sides of the being fighting each other. fear were. suddenly being. of course there's a measure of mistrust. we do know al qaida still three s. when. we didn't know. but the point is we had to agree there's only one way to discover. that is to me. striking feature. of the discussions. which will have head.
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during the last three days. has been the act cordiality. we have had. discussions on sensitive not. in a spirit of conciliation and understanding despite the signature of a peace agreement for months later the relationship between de klerk and monday l.-a was tainted by violence around the often lethal conflict had broken out in various regions of south africa particularly in causing confrontations erupted to between a.n.c. supporters from the closer ethnic group and supporters of the i f p the in qatar freedom party made up of zulus and led by monk to buthelezi. not just that is the places that. could not in the lead us the people who can only see that the beginning of a real discount. more
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people got killed in south africa between one thousand eight hundred nine and one thousand nine hundred four done were killed by a potted forces in the entire history of about it. there was a natural competition between the i of p n a n c u d f but it was aided and abetted by the former military and police people called it the force. the two big black grouping fighting and a third force egging them on and fomenting more violence leading police chiefs and intelligence chiefs including military intelligence we're working with elements of the britain lazy party and this of course was how mundane the came to use that label and to and to accuse the clerk of the statistics.
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weren't the national party has got that dab agenda for the negotiations process on the one hand. aid talk about reform and change. that they still want to hold on to the economy and but it got power he said you see you don't care about the live lives of blacks that's why you have you have allowed that situation to develop and this is why these things have happened even of that we have given you our commitment even when we have been doing that had to discipline the people you behaved in this way because you don't care about black life i think the accusation that i didn't do enough was unfair and that was not based in fact
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from the moment that i started to have a suspicion and also in conjunction with all the allegations they were making i appointed judit to judicial commissions of inquiry. the one commission of inquiry came up and opened up a can of worms to show that yes they were elements in the security forces against my orders against the policy i've laid down who continued with politically this had talked of underground activities that resulted in the dismissal or early retirement of a big number of very senior officers the credit card the difficulty he had to walk a tightrope he couldn't just walk into the military comp and say well go give up your arms and see is taken over he had to take yet to move very carefully with the
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police and with the military. and he did it slowly and and nelson mandela has indicated that he understood that so there was a game that mandela would put pressure on him. to disband and to end this that for violence and that that would defend. as the two leaders exchanged accusations about the causes of the violence talks continues and a conference was soon organized could desa the convention for a democratic south africa to discuss the country's future institutions three hundred delegates took part the a.n.c. and their allies demanded a majority electoral system where blacks would be dominant in the government declared can his party wanted various measures to protect the white minority but on the very first day december twentieth one thousand nine hundred ninety one the
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talks almost collapsed when dick clark took the floor. the only one who thought he should leave this room with the. schedule. and with. all the others. do not have a jeweler's. because one cannot be. lifted. to be sure solution if your leaders peers loss' in the leadership. role certain the films with the schedule make and the force not to go to new and yes to the concept of. action. i spoke last and i made a strong attack on that and see what went on oh yes i sent a warning to president mandela that i would be making those statements the
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missions i believe did not get doing so nelson mandela set there and watched the clerk attack him in this way. and i have never before or since seen mandela so angry at the result was then that. to the stuff that you're going so i'm going back to the microphone and started to my going to duck on was that. i heard a concern. about the behavior. of mr decay here have been less unfriend. everybody has. an illegitimate. discredited. my good genes
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as he. has certain moral standards. very few. what do i have to give with such. this was our foundation. i tried to do something different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and back at this time on al-jazeera the controversial leader of islam. from his car he is one of the most one internists in history of israeli come to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli
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intelligence and mossad says and being called in the west coast the outcome is only that if someone tried to get. immediately syrian intelligence was shut down the borders don't kill him in damascus at this time on al-jazeera a world. where al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly doctors. hello again i'm dennis indo have these are the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.n. relief and works agency for palestinian refugees says reduced u.s. assistance will threaten regional security it follows an announcement by the trumpet ministration that it will withhold hall for the financial aid it had
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allocated to the un agency and diplomatic editor james phrase has more from the u.n. in new york. we don't have a great deal of detail from the us about exactly why it's doing this it doesn't like the way it's run it says there needs to be or the need to undertake a fundamental reexamination of andro both in the way it operates in the way it is funded they also say why should the us be paying all this money being the key funder of why are other nations not paying more they're calling for sharing clearly there is a political aspect to all of this i think from the trumpet ministration and there's likely to be a political effect of all of this because remember this comes hard on the heels of the u.s. saying that jerusalem is israel's capital in their view these are two measures taken together which are really going to anger the palestinians. the u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says the world should step up pressure on north korea until it abandons its nuclear program he said the fact that pyongyang had agreed to talk with south korea is proof that sanctions are working mr tell us and there's been speaking at a meeting on north korea in canada and we're waiting for a news conference to come from that meeting in vancouver and we'll bring it to you live as soon as it gets under way. the japanese public broadcaster has issued false t.v. and mobile phone alarms about a north korean missile nords the alert said north korea appeared to have launched a missile and that the government was urging people to take shelter inside buildings or underground it's still unknown how the force of that happened but it was corrected within minutes three days earlier a similar mistake called panic in hawaii the world health organization has warned that a deep ferry outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly almost seven hundred people have
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now been affected forty eight people have died from the disease in the past four months. bangladesh is agreed to repatriate six hundred fifty thousand range of refugees to neighboring me and now within two years hundreds of thousands of range of muslims have fled a military crackdown that began a mere miles state in august. the french president has called only u.k. to do more about refugees and migrants trying to make it to britain. emmanuel mccraw who has met some of them in the port city says he'll discuss the issue with the british prime minister to resign may say. the president of the philippines rodriguez eternity has denied being behind a move that could shut down a popular news website as the dean barber reports journalists at rappler say they're being targeted you look at the only one. element to the
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website that's been a fierce critic of his and he's now said to be shot down the president of the philippines robredo to turkey to deny is influencing the regulators decision to revoke the license of the rapper. and this is a scene live in vancouver there you see the canadian foreign minister chrissie of friedland and rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state they're about to address the media following their one day conference on the tensions on the korean peninsula let's listen to them seeded territory of the coasts english peoples including the territory of scream the squamish and nations. look they know awfully nice but these are today's meeting with the very own foreign ministers shows to one example various countries of the world want to collaborate on strengthening our diplomatic efforts is strong indeed aiming to make the korean peninsula a strong and seize undermine on a larger police force security threat is essential in north korea which of us for
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security is a challenge for each of us. a diplomatic solution is both essential and possible especially if we continue to work together. as allies and partners. to meet our common goal. which is to say ensuring the safety and stability of the korean peninsula. i appreciate that my colleagues came to her for this meeting which. is to show our solidarity against the dangerous and illegal actions of north korea has also enabled us to discuss ways of increasing the effectiveness of the international sanctions regime. to support a rules based international approach to the united states and specifically my
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colleague counterpart secretary rex tillerson for co-hosting this foreign ministerial on security and stability in the korean peninsula. for more than two decades the international community has advanced a range of initiatives to limit or dismantle north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs and related activities in response and in direct contravention of its international obligations north korea has engaged in a deliberate and systematic effort to develop and it has its capabilities nowhere else in the world do we see the proliferation of weapons and materials of mass destruction on the scale of north korea's program we cannot stand by as this threat persists and worsens the un security council has adopted ten resolutions in response to north korea's destabilizing actions in addition to convening successive emergency meetings following the mystic missile test just last month japan convened an extraordinary session of the un security council at the foreign ministerial
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level to take stock of north korea's continued proliferation activities the twenty nations represented here in vancouver have agreed that we must work together to ensure that sanctions imposed on north korea are strictly enforced we all. so agree that we must take significant steps to keep north korea from invading sanctions and to sever financial the lifelines for the country's weapons of mass destruction i do want to say clearly that we as a group harbor no hostility whatsoever towards north korea or its people we seek neither a regime change nor a collapse what we do want is to resolve this crisis peacefully to achieve what is in our collective best interests and that is security and stability on the korean peninsula and north korea that complain that commits to the complete verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its nuclear program will have
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a secure place in the international community until and unless that goal is reached the international community will continue to take the necessary steps to stop north korea's nuclear isolation and aggression thank you very much dr tiller's. well thank you also foreign minister freeland and they're getting and all home have the united states i do want to thank foreign minister for iran the and the government and people of canada for co-hosting this important meeting of nations who are committed to peacefully resolving the north korean issue the united states is grateful as always that we can rely on our friend and neighbor canada as a partner on north korea along with a host of many other security issues where we have shared interest i also want to thank the other participating nations representatives of the u.n. command sending states along with our trilateral partners the republic of korea and japan the took part in this ministerial as well. this group of sending states
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nations who fought to ensure freedom and democracy will not just survive but ultimately thrive on the korean peninsula have maintained that same commitment in confronting the serious threat not just to freedom on the peninsula but a threat to the global community of nations the steps they and indeed the broader international community have taken and will take to implement the maximum pressure campaign are essential to resolving the situation through diplomatic means as the united states hopes to do our nation's repeated a unified message that we have sent the regime before we will not accept a nuclear armed north korea all of us share one policy and one goal and that is the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula our community and our common cause with others in the region early
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china and russia will remain intact despite north korea's frequent attempts to divide us and so dissention today we discussed ways to further increase pressure on north korea through more effective sanctions implementation and compliance and countries came forward with proposals on how they intend to do that we agree that the need for u.n. member states especially china and russia to fully implemented greed upon sanctions is essential to their success we discussed the importance of working together to counter sanctions evasion and smuggling and we also issued a call to action to strengthen global maritime interdiction operations do for oil illicit ship to ship transfers in doing so let me be clear we do not see to interfere with legitimate maritime activities. our diplomats in new york will
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continue to press for tighter sanctions on the d.p. r. k. should there be subsequent provocations the goal of the maximum pressure campaign is and always has been to move north korea towards credible negotiations on denuclearization and our diplomatic talks have always been backed by strong and resolute military option today however we had constructive discussions about how to push our diplomatic efforts forward and prepare for the prospects of talks but productive negotiations require a credible negotiating partner north korea has not yet shown themselves to be that credible partner the united states has always been open to clear messages that north korea and we have sent clear messages to north korea that we are ready for serious negotiations north koreans know our channels are open and they know where to find us but
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a sustained cessation of north korea's threatening behavior is necessary is a necessary indicator of whether the regime is truly ready to pursue a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the security threat that it has created our nations must remain united on sustaining pressure until north korea takes concrete steps toward and ultimately reaches did nuclearize ation again i think foreign minister freeman for canada's resolve and determination in finding a diplomatic solution for denuclearizing the north korean situation the same goes for all of the nations that were here with us today as well and i thank our allies japan and the republic of korea and finally the united states extends our best wishes for a very successful winter olympic games in punching south korea thank you. will do question starting with comedian glen mcgregor from c.t.v.
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one question no follow up with. a minister freeland is there a role for canada in enforcing those sanctions specifically in maritime interdiction and secretary thompson could have you asked canada and canada's military to play a role in this important part of enforcing the sanctions. well nice to see you here glenn thanks for coming. as secretary tillerson said we had an extensive discussion of counter smuggling sanctions evasion and maritime interdiction and one of the points that we discussed at length and i think it would be fair to say the group of twenty nations agreed on is not only our sanctions starting to bite are they starting to have a positive effect but the best next step for us to take is to be sure that those sanctions already in place with you when approval actually are fully implemented so that was an issue we discussed at some length and certainly canada
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has a strong role to play we are working together on a number of different fronts we've joined together with our american partners in capacity building for countries there are a lot of countries we have found in the world who have the political will to implement sanctions but lack the technical capacity and can it is contributing three point two five million dollars to a joint effort with the united states to work on that capacity building all of us collectively also agree that in our bilateral interactions with countries around the world and in their interactions with regional groups that we are part of for example canada as you know is a member of the lima group and i'll be in santiago de lima group meeting next week we're going to continue to raise the issue of smuggling of sanctions evasion and continue to do everything we can at a diplomatic at a technical level to make sure that the sanctions that we have all agreed on that the international community has agreed on really are in force. with respect to any
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request for canadian military assistance or joint activities there has been none and you asked a relative to the sanctions because i think as you heard foreign min mr freelon describe the sanctions by and large began with voluntary compliance and then we check to see if people are complying or not in there are subsequent actions that can be taken to ensure their compliance and in moving to the issue of maritime interdiction this is subject to standard laws international laws for maritime interdiction and most of the actions that have been taken thus far have been taken actually in ports of call when vessels have been believed to have violated sanctions and they have been detained in a port of call where the country is complying with the sanctions so at this point it's required very little military activity to enforce the sanctions other than we do share we have information sharing so that we all understand what are the proper
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procedures to implement the sanctions and stifle to comply with international laws norms and standards and that's question john hutson the hi mr secretary what's your message to african nations that are outraged and angry about the president's alleged remarks about their countries and more importantly what are you doing to try to ensure that u.s. relations with an entire continent aren't jeopardized and mr freeland many people are genuinely worried about the escalating rhetoric between kim jong moon and donald trump and worried that it could turn into a nuclear catastrophe do you share this fear. with respect to u.s. relations with the african continent african nations the u.s. continues to be one of the most generous nations ome on the entire planet in terms of aid assistance mutual defense assistance and economic development and we had a very successful hosting of
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a conference of african nations and the african union at the state department here just late last year where we explored both economic issues but we explored national explored shared security issues as you know and african nations one of their greatest concerns is counterterrorism and they are exposed to the to the effects of terrorist activities as well so we have a very positive relationship with african nations we share a number security issues we share a number of economic development issues and i think those leaders know that the united states wants their relationship to continue to be strong we know they want that relationship to be strong as well so at this stage nothing has changed with respect our relationship with african nations and we continued to see them wanting to strengthen our our relationship in that regard as well. so as i said in my opening remarks and i think it's important for us to all be very clear on this this
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source of the threat to the international community the source of the illegal actions the source of the nuclearize ation is north korea it is north korea's actions which are making us all less safe and to which we all need to respond as allies and as an international community. we have been really delighted to co-host this important meeting with the united states this is something that rex and i have been talking about for a few months and i think we all agreed together with our partners here that the timing has turned out to be really for to attack us because we are seeing we we want to be clear headed we don't want to be in any way pollyannas about this but i think we collectively believe that the peaceful pressure is beginning to
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have an impact all of us did well in the talks between the two koreas and we see north korea's participation in the olympics are to show the solidarity of the international community and to show our belief that a diplomatic solution is both possible and essential that's what today has been about this question so if you just mean if you don't use. i could evening the secretary to us and japan and south korea currently at odds over the comfort women to carry the twenty fifteen bilateral agreement in which the united states played a lot to all how do you think this issue will impact the unified response to north korea and as an ally of both countries how will the united states try to help improve japan south korean relations and for mr freeland given the existing tensions in the east and south china seas how do you make sure that the maritime interdiction doesn't contribute to the heightening tensions thank you. well first
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let me address the us a trilateral asian ship with japan and the republic of korea and that is a relationship this grounded in shared security interest and the commitments among all three of us to that to that trilateral arrangement is aren't plaid it's it is in no way change for what it historically has been the issue of the comfort women is one that is it's it's a very emotional issue for both sides and it's one that only they can resolve and our role has been simply to encourage them to deal with the issue do not let that issue stand in the way of the greater security threats that are common to all of us and we know that there's more than needs to be done i think there have been helpful statements actually made by both sides who are recognizing that it is a difficult issue for both countries to deal with and we hope all tamale they can move beyond that it we know it's not easy for them in terms of how it impacts our
4:51 am
ability to strengthen the trilateral relationship it's not been an obstacle in that relationship around our shared security interests. and as to the counter smuggling and the sanctions evasion as we've already discussed that issue was a subject of quite important focus and conversation today and the. as we've already discussed this evening a big part of the issue is being sure that we are all doing our own jobs at home and a lot of the countries around the table talked about efforts that they are making at home to be sure that sanctions are not being invaded by their own nationals so we devoted a lot of time to that and i think the point about capacity building around the world is a really important one what we are finding in all of our bilateral and regional interactions is this is a threat that has united the world the world really appreciates that all of us are
4:52 am
made less safe by north korea's actions and part of what we need to do now is build on that political consensus to be sure that the enforcement actually follows and that's something that we talked at quite a technical level about doing and i think we all left the room committed to doing our part. that m.g.m.'s has a can have their man friends at that movie miss feeling when you arrived here you said that only negotiated diplomatic solution was necessary and possible. what will kind of us and role be when it comes up and strengthening. the section specifically about this maritime in bargo thank you for the question. you are right canada does believe that a diplomatic solution is possible and also essential. and to my mind
4:53 am
a very important result of this conference is that our allies agree with us. there was real international solidarity here in vancouver today. now as rex search for. it we are working towards a diplomatic solution. we spoke about the approaches we can use in words a diplomatic solution to this. and i know that this is necessary for the world. and that's why with all of our allies here we are only in gauged to work towards a diplomatic solution now with regard to canada specifically. as you saw today canada is very involved. and we are working very hard. to resolve this problem now we understand the importance of this problem for the
4:54 am
entire world and we're kind of. and we will continue to do our work with our allies who are here today. as you know. canada will host the g seven this year. and the issue of north korea will be on the table. we as i said we are members of many international fora such as the lima group. and we told our allies today that we will discuss this issue. with these other allies next week. but i assure b.b.c. . mr citizen you've made quite clear that you want this issue solved through diplomacy backed up by strong resolute options as you just said there are many reports of talk in the white house about the option of a limited military strike a so-called bloody nose that would send
4:55 am
a message to north korea rather than start a war do you think that's a bad idea and in a related question if i may sir the question that's in the minds of many americans especially after the false missile alert at the weekend do americans need to be worried about a possible war with korea and sorry one more could you just clarify briefly the confusion over the past week or the question i should say of whether the president has communicated through a direct channel to the north korean leader thank you. well i'm not going to comment on issues that have yet to be decided among the national security council or the president so i have no comment on the quote bloody nose as you as you named it. with respect to whether americans should be concerned about a war with north korea i think it's we all need to be very sober and clear eyed
4:56 am
about the current situation as north korea has continued to make significant advances in both its nuclear weapons and the lethality of those weapons as demonstrated by their last. thermo nuclear test as well as their continued progress they've made in their continental ballistic missile systems we have to recognize that that threat is growing and if north korea is not does not choose the pathway of engagement discussion the goetia asian then they themselves will trigger an option. i think our approach is in terms of having north korea choose the correct. step is to present them with. that is the best option that talks are the best option that when they look at the military situation that's not a good outcome for them when they look at at the economic impact of ever growing
4:57 am
sanctions and the pressure campaign there is no there is no into that and i think for north korea and the regime what we hope they're able to realize is the situation only gets worse it gets worse with each step they take it gets worse with time and that is not working to their objectives of wanting to be secure they are not more secure they are becoming less secure they certainly are not more economically prosperous they're becoming less prosperous and we do think that that message is beginning to i don't want to say resonate with them but there is a realization with them that the rest of the world is quite resolute in this stand we're taking that we will never accept them as a nuclear power and so it's time to talk but they have to take the step that says
4:58 am
they want to talk. and your last question was around. well again there's there's just certain elements of the situation that i'm not going to comment on i don't think it's it's useful to comment because we're at the role of a relative to your product western world a very tenuous stage in terms of how far north korea has taken their program and what we can do to convince them to take an alternative path and sob when we get into who's talking to who and what was said if we want that to be made known and made public we will we will announce it thank you. my name is the which i come from the church i avoided the republic of korea and i want to ask to the secretary of the preston about the straightest on the north
4:59 am
korea in the process of the first train that did you create the did you create and the piece on the korea many shura the teacher of the south the public of korea and the united states seems to be quite different over the korea government the push you to track strategy both talking with others korea. but the united states state government state the maximizing pressure and that thanks so i want to know why is. it that the princes all published it in korea and the united state of those korea have and what direction do you think we should go to the whole world to the peace and stability of the korean peninsula and i also have a question to the minister of the parent i also want to know what to me what we need to develop into a dire robe about big into the debate on peace and did you korea
5:00 am
did you career in the picture. well with respect to any differences or any daylight between the approach of the united states and the republic of korea there is none i think foreign minister kang on multiple occasions in our discussions today reiterated the strong alignment with the international communities approach of the maximum pressure campaign and indeed the republic of korea has gone beyond the un security council resolutions and has as in imposed unilateral sanctions of their own in support of this maximum pressure campaign and in fact the republic of korea is the country that has detained.


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