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legitimate outskirts we expect our friends to display an attitude to perfect them and this issue of survival that is so sensitive and so critical for our country generally a for an operation i hope these powers will not give rise to power by appearing on the same side as the terror organizations. hundreds of people have protested in each and every in capital to mark seven years since the revolution that stunned the arab spring anger has risen of a new austerity measures after a year of rising prices the government has now pledged seventy million dollars to help poor families but the protesters say it isn't enough a french dairy company accused of covering up contaminated baby milk says it will pay damages to families affected about twelve million tons of the powdered milk are being recalled across eighty three countries due to the risk of salmon and the poisoning. and zambia's government says it's made enough progress in tackling on a cholera outbreak to ease some emergency measures armed forces and commented
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a curfew in the capital lusaka after more than seventy people died from the disease the restrictions prompted riots early this week you're up to date with all the headlines stay with us on al-jazeera next up its inside story let me back in about twenty five minutes. the party of nelson mandela terms one hundred and six south africa's ruling a.n.c. is marking this anniversary with a pledge to rebuild itself from deep divisions and accusations of corruption but can the new leadership soul the many challenges the a.n.c. faces this is inside story. i.
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mean. hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura caro south africa's governing a.n.c. is one of the oldest political movements in africa it was founded in one thousand nine hundred twelve has been the dominant policy since the end of apostates in one thousand nine hundred four but the party that promised to bring prosperity to millions of south africans has been accused of corruption and mismanagement its new leaders are already opposers says he wants to change that he's promised to restore credibility to an organization that was once led by nelson mandela is he up to the task we'll put that to our guests in just a moment but first tanya page reports from the a.n.c. is one hundred sixth anniversary celebration in the eastern cape. you need. see they were present two different versions of the african national congress its
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past and future one is facing hundreds of corruption charges and was booed by the crowd. and. is riding high after winning the amcs top job loud cheers greeted him several of them oppose a used his first major public appearance as the n c s new president to inspire while making for me about references to his predecessor the movement has become deeply divided. version allas. third quarter of season. partner to foreign sources. if the booze made president jacob zuma uncomfortable he didn't show it they were not listening to the people what they believe. or they want to see the political cut and to say that
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the president it's well it's was a lot of fuss over the years. in the new president's vision is to rebuild and renew the party of nelson mandela to use new policies including changing the constitution to allow the government to take mostly white owned land without giving compensation and free education for poor students to realize the hopes and aspirations of millions of people all of the songs that a celebration had about change the welcoming so will run a pause right on him to take his place to build unity and in fact there is a whole overriding sense about but after the party speculation is rife that they could be a push within the a.n.c. as top structures to force president zuma out of office before his term is up next year that for there to be real change zuma has to go tawny
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a page al-jazeera east london south africa. well let's take a closer look at the african national congress it was founded in one nine hundred twelve are the primary mission of spearheading the struggle for equal rights in south africa instruction of apartheid laws in one thousand nine hundred sixty one was a turning point and see launched as armed struggle with nelson mandela as commander in chief of its military wing which led to the a.n.c. being classified as a terrorist group and banned it took thirty years for that ban to be lifted and mandela's release from prison in one thousand nine hundred set the stage for the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the a.n.c. won its first election in a new democratic south africa. amanda became the first black president jacob zuma was elected to head the a.n.c. in two thousand and seven before becoming president of south africa but the body's new leader serum opposer has promised to clean up the a.n.c. image and vigorously fight corruption let's bring in our guests now plenty to talk
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about in johannesburg william committee associate professor school of governance of the university of the voters rand in durban macmaharaj a former spokesman for president jacob zuma and also in johannesburg joining us via skype number a junk professor of public law at the university of cape town a very warm welcome to all of you well if i could start with year opposer has two big challenges here ahead of him one is uniting the a.n.c. another is fixing the south african economy can hear chief both of these goals. you know it's sort of a poser certainly has the skills escada experience he has the energy and. the hunger so he can do it but unfortunately you know the challenge is a very very steep chalons because the first thing in trying to unite a and see you know he's inheriting a insidious deeply divided between his supporters and his supporters object of zuma
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now his first real problem is is they can zoom or does not want to leave the state presidency and now if and the longer he is jacob zuma stays in the in the state presidency the more difficult it will be for obama pausa to you know to regain that the public trust in the public office and also of torture will be undermined so that is one challenge the second challenge is in terms of the economy itself he needs to store confidence in the economy now jacob zuma in the state presidency and you know the people around jacob zuma word responsible for the lack of confidence in you know in the government itself in the economy so we're not seeing the investment we're not seeing the jobs being created so jacob zuma is the obstacle so he needs to get out of the state presidency and unfortunately from a pause are the longer jacob zuma stays in a state presidency the less and less what people believe in the autonomous in of
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and i'm a poser they will start to think that i'm a poser is just a you know a puppet you know of. and he is in power in maybe the president but he is not in power ok maggie agree with that jacob zuma is the obstacle to south africa being able to move forward and is he going to step down any time soon. to a large degree i agree with professor who were there but i have a different perspective in answering your question ok we need to look at what is actually happening in the city two events have taken place the fifty fourth congress conference which elected the new leadership secondly which decided on policy provisions of the in see that mess decision has been reinforced by the january eighth statement delivered by president from a party and when we look at those two events i think we need to acknowledge that as
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we headed for the fifty fourth contras there was a mood of despair both within the a.n.c. and in the country at large since that conference there is a growing sense of hope and the january eighth statement is reinforcing that hope because it is signaled significant changes one in the direction that the a.n.c. is taking to in the tone three in the approach of the engineers articulated in the january eighth statement as well as the processes that are taking place the leadership of living the january eighth statement was delivering a statement that was more than a question a statement of from a post it was a statement adopted by the new national executive elected in december so it is a statement supported by that leadership mixed as it is the diversity that exists
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in the n.c. the frightening part is the factionalism but the other elements of diversity or the diverse communities the classes defeat sectional interests that are housed within the a.n.c. is very normal for the n.c. i so want to pick up on the point that the longer the us days in power as president the weaker is what you agree with that. i think that statement has ability but it should not be made the anchor of the way forward i think that president zuma has to go the issue is how he goes through and when he goes and the issue of how it goes is also dependent on whether he would be able to rise to the occasion and put the interest of the country first the second issue is when he goes yes i agree the longer it takes for him not to step down the more difficult it becomes but i am clear i think that the pressures that are taking place indicate quite clearly that
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president very much time is up and he will soon be out of power and it's only a question of how he goes and when you go ok let's bring in number any so that we jacob zuma was booed at these anniversary celebrations the people clearly fed up with his leadership how do you think he is going to exit this position as president . it's very important to the state of france but it's one of the president's my own status is no longer up to him he's going to go and he can choose whether he wants all you know manner that allows him. to have the status of have been in the presidents and of the sort of the pets that come with it or whether in fact he wants to be impeached so
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or whether you and i disagree with her and insanely but more. presidency. is not central to the way for action. and so it just has the unknown its presence and a whole lot of people. how will he goal i think that a number of people are trying to convince us that it is possible to get zuma to leave peacefully and allow him the dignity. that. is a different view to that it's important to also acknowledge that the currently the illegal cases that. that's. in and those are not going to war when so it's important to separate the decision of the city and the decision of the country so whatever the science
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the countries court and the country is a judicial system and the country's citizens have a say in votes and that is outside of the instance ok a number but he says right doesn't mean zuma is central to this simply because the a.n.c. is so divided i mean it's almost half and half in the support the zuma camp and support for the ram oppose the camp right up to the top leadership it appears to me that we are looking have a little bit because we need to look at a huge set of challenges facing for around a portal. let's be very clear picture the economy rests on a huge challenge. it is growth with transformation you cannot have growth without transformation each other because and you cannot have transformation without group so it's not a simple question as in other countries simply growth number two we have poverty we
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have inequality we have joblessness and we have joblessness in a world economy where the fourth industrial revolution is acceptable ating the joblessness and so and we have the corruption but as important for me in the decisions of the n.c. is the capacity that we have lost we have failed to create a professional civil service we have a split service at the moment with director general change almost overnight so the bid is no institutional memory there is a major fault line in the way the a.n.c. has got to learn its lessons from the pretty two years of governance and that is to ensure that we have a systematic process of implementation ok what is being signalled here from the president in the general statement is a determination to attend to those problems so president zuma is going for me is a given right ok because not know william we have seen you have seen the a.n.c.
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and so i'm going to keep policies one expects creation of land but that is what i was going to do and the divide out the policy of giving free education to poor students but how does that marry up with one opposes vision which is to attract foreign and bastards can you do that on the one hand while some dressing inequality on the other. it absolutely not i'm a poser has a deadline so you know he doesn't have time and this deadline is next year's the twenty nine thousand national election this is deadline now what he needs to do is canny in the space of his you know under a year now or kenny produce growth and kenny produce transformation at the same time as mr maher adds has said now in order to get groat one has to grows to do transformation you can't do transformation without growth and from a pause or two to do work to get growth going you have to get the confidence of investors you know internationally and locally and of ordinary citizens beyond the
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a.n.c. that's this is a real challenge now the problem is you know the zuma group who's in control of the states now and in control of half of the a.n.c. most of them really don't care about growth what they want to do is to safeguard themselves from possible prosecution and to hold on to their positions and that is the stumbling block for ram our ports are you know you need to get the growed bartz you know the stumbling block is actually inside the a.n.c. itself and must assume or so he needs to take in this firstly get mr zuma out of the governing space and then take control of government appoint his own people so we really can get a a confidence pounds so that the markets can response you know local business can.
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respond and so on so that that really is his challenge now that this zuma group has gone for populist policies you know lie for example you know taking land where are without compensation are what there does that undermines confidence ok and that really is the problem then so or me. where i am a course i will have to work against a big part of his party debts you know because some of the policies from the zoom are going to coming from this remarkable very popular spartacist absalom that my and rama poses over strategy you know to support for the i see your point there number any so how does rather pose a gain confidence is it by as he says he will confronting corruption on all forms and in order to do that does he then have to have a purge of the a.n.c. which is going to create a huge number of enemies well firstly. you will miss the magic to
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minimize the fact that our president. is critical in this because that's part of how he builds confidence as long as south africans and people in the ward see president zuma in the position that he is in that they're going to feel but nothing has changed of us that's the that's the that's the first the secondly the policy. you know and the incidents and says come up with a number of the solutions the one will is education which is the elite are not well thought out position because a lot of her moment. is in a state that is not legally able to make such that and so it was it was you know we kind of ran away from the fact that it was then a popular supposed to actually make that announcement and he meant it will cost
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a lot of a lot of money and a lot of questions as to where that money was some front lawn. the second that they don't want this and the one that is very important is one on lens. there is serial resumption on lent does not say that there will be then a supposition that the settlements out if the population compensation it serves that is faster can look at the pollution of the land within such into five of the constitution so it is very important to make them so what that was all she chose to do is to balance the populists as well as that as as as people are much more realistic because they know that the constitutional court is not in fact going to endorse that because the number up most of all right. so if we then go to ram oppose that tackling corruption is that something that he can and will do will this
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make a crucial difference for south africa what if he doesn't have a quote option in this a role concretes actions that have been taken in this temple corruption to get people to account for what they have and will have persecution where does necessary to ensure that the institutions of state which have been compromised in president zuma has time if you doesn't do that it's unfair to insist going to be in trouble to solve problems what there is one student is about what it has to survive sure and matt they don't want to leave over tomorrow never a moment because there is an interesting development with jacob zuma he has launched his own corruption inquiry hasn't he in two claims of states looting is that being seen as too little too late let's be very clear the commission that
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hears and on. is so far the announcement is in accord with the decision of the public protector thuli madonsela report which were endorsed by the court namely it said the deep judicial commission should be headed by a judge who should be selected by the chief justice that has been announced with the agreement of the chief justice what is at issue at the moment is the terms of reference and again the body of opinion is saying that the terms of reference have to conform with the recommendations of the my don't sell out report that is how the courts have seen it there is uncertainty about it at the moment but i think we have to acknowledge that the new administration under sort of from a portal has interacted with president zuma and ensured that the judicial commission is being established number two the president. on the genuine statement which is the any she statement said that he that alone is not enough
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there has to be invested criminal investigations and prosecutions of people who have benefited and participated in corruption ok said i'm not asking senator jacob zuma himself he has a marriage that corruption charges against all we're going to set in the president a body is in that position always an ex-president are we going to see him in court being prosecuted to the courts have empowered the deputy president of the country to appoint the next head of the national prosecuting authority the deputy president is president a deputy president from a post he has that task to do it's no longer in the hands of president zuma on that one so that is the next process ok now profile as the president number of even you were trying to get in they had some will fail not planning on going to foster like i have done by the government well i'm saying that. you are asking whether there will be
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a time when president president zuma not one book court and. the charges or allegations of the charges that and i'm so into that and yes they were and but is not longer in the hands of that even if they decide that the president does must step down there the charges not necessarily be formally now you must understand that a number of ways in which this adult of south africa. if this situation does not want to deal with this is that there is a provision for kind of a prostitution and other top. provision for credible was if you see a lot of citizens action that are fighting for defense of democracies up in the uk over there to looking at that option saw one way or the other that is. in a position to shield president zuma as well as. if they have missed that
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are also and anybody else does not want to charge well if the n.p.a. does not once that's up us and doesn't want to charge president zuma citizens are. actually looking at different options to make sure that president zuma and his opponents have the import that they take responsibility for what they have done to this country ok when many people might say that jacob zuma needs to be out of office before the state of the nation address which is in february a is that going to happen and b. is it going to be done in a dignified way what do you think rahm oppose that is trying to do. i mean you this is this is a challenge from a poser because ideally for him to so that he's in charge you know to start his reforms in the a.n.c. and started reforms in government he needs to be you know in chance of the you know of the government by february when we traditionally in south africa has the hope we
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have to open in our of you know a political year where the governments you know forecast what it's going to do and so on now right now it seems almost impossible that you know jacob zuma will leave the state presidency before that's because you know damn of course or not because it is because he is not in full control of the a.n.c. he's president ghazi hating word jacob zuma you know exit strategy for jacob zuma so we can i think safely say that this negotiation may take anything you know anything between between now and most probably even the end of you know twenty twenty eighteen and of course as i said earlier so long that jacob zuma stays in the state presidency unfortunately more it will erode your totally from a pause and it will make it very difficult for him to introduce his reforms in the party and in the country so my sense is that it is both probably likely that jacob
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zuma as the state president is is like you to deliver you know the state of the nation address and in february now if that happens i'm afraid to say from us that i'm a poor czar it would look as if he's not in charge of a very interesting to watch the leadership of south africa over the next few weeks many thanks today to all our guests for joining us here on inside story william command a mac and number. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by the website this al-jazeera dot com and for the discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here bye for now. i.
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as thousands of rogue engines seek refuge in bangladesh a new armed group is taking shape fighting the government in me and mock. them because they refuse to give us a basic rights as citizens in for the first time a member of the ira can run hengist salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time . this was our foundation. i tried to do some two different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with.
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made us all pay the price daisy and knox at this time on al-jazeera when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's ill to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or to tell wastes it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm c tests and this is a new south from london coming out.


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