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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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days face to face talks will focus initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the south but officials in souls they discussions are expected to move on to what they describe as other areas of common interest. bosher is cool for closed door talks out of a u.n. meeting to discuss the growing tensions on iran on friday u.n. security council is having a special session to discuss recent protests with the u.s. accusing tehran of stifling the voices of its people but iranian leaders say larger pro-government rallies suggest otherwise at least twenty one people have been killed in the on rest which began over the country's economic instability rising food prices. the u.n. humanitarian chief says yemen could see the worst humanitarian disaster in fifty years the global organization has released more funding to try to prevent hundreds of thousands of people dying through family and disease civil war in the country has resulted in more than ten thousand deaths. and up to date with all of our top stories now the news hour will be coming up in twenty five minutes time so do join
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me then that's after inside story which starts now stay with out there. the hotline linking north and south korea is in use again young wants to talk about next month's winter olympics but saul also wants to discuss its nuclear program when next week's meeting east and sions will make things well this is inside story .
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around welcome to the program. north korea's leader kim jong un started of two thousand and eighteen by extending an olive branch to the country's southern neighbor and now kim's new year's day address has led to a planned talks between the long time rivals delegations from the two nations will meet on tuesday for the first face to face talks in two years during the baton north korea has conducted three nuclear tests and fired more than forty messiahs including its most advanced yet but even as it calls for you do stand sions junk young insists it won't get rid of its nuclear program so how much can choose days talks really achieve we'll get to our guests in just a moment but first floor has this report from seoul. in a few days the truce village of panmunjom on the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea will be
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a hive of activity representatives from the two countries will hold high level talks here for the first time in more than two years earlier this week north korean leader kim jong il dialogue at his new year's day address four days later his government agreed to hold talks the announcement came just hours after the u.s. and south korea agreed to postpone and all military drills for the end of february these have long been regarded as provocative by pyongyang. leaders agreed not to conduct south korea yes joint drills. and to do their best to you sure the security of the olympics. next week's discussions will center on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics as well as generally improving into korea relations but officials here in south korea are also hoping the negotiations will eventually lead to north korea returning to international talks on its nuclear program even so
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president cautiously optimistic saying we should refrain from making premature judgement or expectation. the japanese defense minister also sounded a note of caution when. north korea goes through phases of apparent dialogue and provocations but either way north korea is continuing its nuclear and missile development we have no intention of weakening our warning and surveillance. it is new year's day speech said north korea would meditate its nuclear weapons program and even called for the mass production and deployment of nuclear warheads and this house. from the conservative perspective in north korea trying to buy time the majority seems to believe the north korea is trying to finalize its technical development to to achieve operational i.c.b.m. so you know us the cia has announced before they are talking about two or three month time in terms of finalizing the i.c.b.m.
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system and it looks like this is a perfect action on their side you know to buy time. last year north korea test fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles or i.c.b.m.'s including one that it's capable of reaching the u.s. mainland many hope the upcoming talks really the best option for now of deescalate the crisis on the korean it's. largely al-jazeera so. there have been some diplomatic breakthroughs on the korean peninsula in the past with the rising results the first enter korean summit was held in two thousand the two sides signed a declaration allowing separated families to have reunion meetings seven years later there were renewed calls for international mediation the second summit and with a declaration to continue working towards a permanent peace treaty but diplomacy has fizzled since then the last round of
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talks happened in december two thousand and fifteen and that in failure north korea stopped answering communication lines inside the demilitarized zone in february two thousand and sixteen let's bring in our guests install in bomb chum the retired lefton general with the south korean army and joining us on skype from tokyo michael pan president of the chains twenty years agency thank you for joining us let me start by asking mr chairman this is the mitten purely about winter olympics or there's more to the story. we're hoping that this will lead to further negotiations and talks that will set a stage or a foundation for a. easement of tensions on the korean peninsula and hopefully a resolution to the nuclear issue that has been rising in this region which is
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affecting the world mr pat is this purely an attempt by the north korean koreans to test waters or do you think that this could be a genuine attempt to move forward and solve the long disputes between all the parties well i think. it is genuine. of course it really depends on the patient. if. this is going to be. was asian or north koreans policy you know it's not going to happen but it is they are a genuine attempt i think to when he's working chains and trying to bring on some degree of normalcy mention mr chum the reason why i was asking the question about the real reasons behind the of virtue is because it brings back memories of from one nine hundred eighty eight during the winter olympics in salt north korean stepped in the said they would like to. join a unified team then they said they wanted to co-host the games with the south
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korea's then they pulled out in created an international crisis back then is there any political agenda here. i think it's hard to say right now but i think it's safe to assume that there is a political agenda we won't know until we actually come to a meeting table with the north koreans which will happen in a couple of days so i think it would be prudent to see and wait to see what happens during those meetings and those initial tasks let's move a little bit beyond the north of the korean peninsula pand what is the general sentiment among the japanese about what is happening now well i think general. japanese public in the whole. is there is a general welcoming of the. intentions have been reduced somewhat although i do think that there is also a lot of caution the japanese public probably isn't deeply aware of what's going on
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quite yet this is quite new information in many of their homes just. as from the japanese government's perspective we are becoming very different now are we are the government i think you say is not welcome the peace talks at this time is exactly what good want in terms of their own domestic political agenda which right now is moving forward towards possibly revive the media particularly abbie's perspective actually tensions would be more appropriate. mr chow might be served in the military in south korea i mean it is shaping contacts in the demilitarized zone between the two countries what does it mean from a military perspective from the just expose specter and is it going to be conducive to broader talks about a permanent settlement of the crisis in the peninsula well
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. first off. along the border as far as i know there is not been any kind of build up of forces so i don't think that there will be any immediate talks about reduction because there have there has not been any kind of build up along the demilitarized zone itself now and the future of course. this is a this is a critical item that needs to be taught but this is far far away future right now we are focuses somehow denuclearizing the korean peninsula and before that we were able to we will be able to ease tensions and this area to reach that goal but do you think that the first meeting is just going to be a confidence building measure or they would move forward and start tackling the
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nuclear issue knowing that the north korea's baby is quite clear that this is a red line yes so you brought up a very important point there confidence building measures we haven't had many of those in recent years so one of the first challenges that we face is how are we going to build some trust and maybe this is an area where the south korean government can broker some sort of. role between the north koreans and the united states and other neighbors within the region. describe the mounting tension as the most severe situation his country faces since the second world war i mean i thought is this me think the meeting is it likely to further stoke tension or is it good news from
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a government perspective in japan. right well i'm going to be honest i think humans are always going to get that same exact speech even or that nothing will happen during the holiday break that was what was planned for whatever. you know seems so obvious right now is just about to embark and since here on an effort to try and cure of a virus that you have this constitution and part of the argument why this needs to be done is the poster poor who were in imminent military threat most the most clearly from north korea and so a reduction of tensions he's part of this is not hello what he wanted. this is exactly what is so important you know he's going to be reacting we haven't seen it we welcome the parks we welcome a reduction of her conscience nothing about sort one so but the japanese dealt with all of that and not one of them listen let's further explore what's on the table
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here and what's the options for the parties mr charm a president moon jay in is a big fan of the sunshine policy who would like to pursue the same agenda try to show the northern koreas with more incentives to can vince them to set aside their nuclear and weapons ambitions are we likely to see him pursue the same policy. i think. we're stretching a little bit by saying that moon administration is a big fan of the sunshine policy i think the administration fully understands the restrictions and the difference between the initial sun sign policy period and what it is today mainly that the north koreans have nuclear weapons so if we if we want to ease tensions on the korean peninsula i think we will be doing this in
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coordination with not only the united states our closest ally but our neighbors around us so that we can ensure that the goal is very clear it's the new denuclearization of north korea and to ensure that. pull there for ration of these very dangerous weapons do not occur. although the sunshine policy is a means to open and have a more free north korea. i don't think that this administration is under the. misconception that. it's going to be the same as twenty years before genuine not a genuine of a cheer mr pan i mean the japanese would like to see an aggressive approach mr tom is saying that such a policy hasn't brought about any significant change in the past but then the
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question is what's the option if you cannot move forward with political talks north korea has made it clear no concessions whatsoever on their program take it or leave it. yeah well i mean i guess i would say it really depends a lot speculation are i think that any effort to convince the north korean regime to give up its nuclear weapons whether that be through sanctions on through talks is going to be horrible and the reason is quite simple i think. these weapons are absolutely necessary to its own human survival so of can you really expect them to give up something which is their lifeline i don't think you can but what i do think we can do and i think should be the goal of the policy is to try to at least of wanted a catastrophic war and there will be many people so i think that should be where
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our focus should be on these two who want the worst case scenario and we try to bring things down to talk the same reasonable level we're talking and these are the feel of it and the one is off the table some have been mentioning the idea of broadening the sphere of the power to nurse to come together and negotiate a permanent solution to the crisis do you believe that bring gave the japanese the chinese the russians the americans to come together south koreans north korean could be the best option to try to initiate an ambitious program that's good and the crisis. before i answer that question i just want to remind everyone that the moon and ministrations so far has been very firm in its responses towards the provocations that the north koreans been activating recently if you look at the responses
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immediate show of force demonstrations combined operations all of the. shown the north koreans that they're dealing with not only a liberal and progressive government in south korea but a firm south korean government and a strong us korean. alliance here but that stuff by the way i also believe i could see what you're hinting at was that some other same time that's not that does not seem to be the case we've seen moon j in distancing himself from the rhetoric of president trump and saying basically i would like to give diplomacy a chance this is exactly why he stepped in a he said give the go ahead to the bilateral talks of the two delegations to meet as soon as possible and before which was not absolutely in any way the case for the americans it's too early to tell what the intent full intentions of the north koreans are but i think the south koreans and the united states are willing to
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give them the benefit of the doubt for that for the moment and see were all of this leads to for. with the foundations of making sure that we are in a firm position and not of weakness ok mr pound i mean what does what do you think the u.s. will stand in this particular idea of resume into talks we've seen the tweets by president trump the statements made by nikki haley and they were very critical of the of the of the north korean government do you think that this time they will try to pull out to give diplomacy better chances. our i think that we should be very wary about what u.s. policy is going to be a year and i mean frankly. you know if you're going to seriously and analyze what was the trump foreign policy. it's many things of the same power over course in
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policy in the whole in policy i will donald trump policy where are you. are and so i think you're probably the greatest source of instability and unpredictability is where the u.s. government. i certainly think the point of view of the establishment. it's going to be basically very skeptical of any moves made by north korea and will not look too warm we have these talks between the king party mr chum where you have the south korea's has said that they would like to give a chance to the talks or the same time you have your biggest ally the united states of america its president has been using terms like fire and fury and that's here is with totally destroy north korea this battering do you believe that is going to lead the area anywhere towards
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a peaceful settlement or just fire and conflict. i think a couple of hours ago president trump took credit upon himself saying that because he did. make those statements that made the. north koreans. aware of the firm resolve of that only the united states the believe that ryan says you believe what he says. yes. i think that it was a firm stance of the us president did form the circumstances for where we are today and hopefully this will lead to a better solution than more mr penn japan is more closely monitoring the situation there are two options here a breakthrough that would lead to a genuine dialogue many people are skeptical about it all more tension chances are
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he said that he's going to give a deadline for twenty twenty if nothing happens he will revise the constitution and then to pave the way for japan to have his own armed forces is this a likely scenario well i think one of the most suitable players in all of the hole in. the heart of our and that's that he's going to keep the an advocate of pressure on our sanctions are doing everything. in terms of putting more and more pressure on the one who can give up the nuclear weapons which is when you don't know when or. what you can expect the open heart mind coming from tokyo which produces worker souls mr charm like to ask you this this is a nation and both countries have been together for more than a thousand years separated for almost seventy years other the chances that they can
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come together one day set aside their differences and negotiate a permanent solution where we might ultimately see one nation or do you think this is wishful thinking for the time being. yes as a korean i have this enduring hope that once again we will be unified and it's not just a hope it's an eventuality the only question is how it will look so i have a firm belief that we will one day be unified and a unified korea will contribute not only to this region but to world peace is that a concern among the koreans right now that if the talks fail that could have some impact on the winter games. for now i think a lot of koreans are relieved that the north koreans especially their leader kim
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jong un himself as announced that he's willing to. use dialogue and negotiations where this will lead to be honest with you i think we we just have to do our best and see where it will lead. but i'm hoping for the best. i hope that after the winter olympics. we will use that opportunity for a resolution where both sides will be able to. negotiate and and work for peace ok mr pan i mean we've been trying to touch upon some different aspects of the story particularly the possibility for a breakthrough that could be conducive to political talks and that's could also help the whole region i would like to go back to the same question as initially i
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mean from a japan east perspective is this something that's consolingly be negotiated between north south or they believe that key players countries with huge leverage china russia japan the united states of america are the saul guarantors or permanent solution to the crisis in the korean peninsula. frankly i don't really see. a huge goal where we are playing a. visible or if you're talking about japanese government policy. you know what's the end game what was. the only the process. so far that hasn't really believe been put out there by the japanese government and. and the idea basically that through pressure of the going to get everything they
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want doesn't seem to be realistic and nobody will expect to happen so it's not clear that there is really a strategy sort of per se going on in or around the japanese government but more broadly while the japanese public there's always a strong desire for peace it's a country that has a strong are possible since world war two and they were by how possible thank you have friendly relations with all the neighbors it will be interesting to see how things move forward in the coming days and weeks mr thomas the penn thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and it time by visiting our web site c.n.n. dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our hand there is a j inside saudi from the house and the whole team here by phone now.
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al jazeera. where every year. on counting the cost we'll look at the economic reasons behind the rest in the middle east's second largest economy plus new year new rules for european finance but that's not all lost the chief global economist at u.b.s. what's his dangerous idea counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not
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just about the government it's about real people. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news ally from london coming up. they say he's . a moron.


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