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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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city's. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme helping change the face of india. super authority at this time on al-jazeera. now. at least fifteen reported dead and four hundred arrested as iran's antigovernment protests grow increasingly violent. hello again i'm seated so this is al jazeera live from london also coming up north korea's kim jong il not warns the world he has
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a nuclear button on his desk pertussis formal words for south korea hundreds of refugees and why going to risk their lives crossing from the alps from a slave to france some of them baffert. and we'll look at why and new gold rush has perspectives hoping to strike it lucky in the u.s. state of california. iranian state media says fourteen people and a policeman have been killed and four hundred arrested after four days of anti-government protest it says security forces repelled what it called protesters who are trying to take over police stations on military bases the reports have not been independently verified as the latest. the fifth day of protest on the social media blackout imposed by the government has done little. to stop the demonstrators out on the street. posting these videos from
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cities across iran this was big john on monday night gunshots scattering the people on the streets. at shahin shazam buildings on fire the protests showing no sign of losing its momentum i don't take it we cannot predict the time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power who must give priority to people's demands and needs. the state of the economy and rising prices sparked the initial protests on thursday austerity measures after years of sanctions have seen the unemployment rate rise to twelve percent but anger has also shifted to foreign policy protests as a critical of the government's support for the syrian government of bashar al assad has been in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territories now call me
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run me. in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president hassan rouhani don't trump tweeted that people are getting wise to know how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. in terror state television quoted iranian president hassan rouhani in reply he said iran's regional accomplishments have infuriated our enemy you expect them not to take revenge you expect them not to provoke a group of people we should have prepared ourselves for this. these are the largest protests in almost a decade and threats by the republican guards to put down the demonstrations have been ignored monday night mccool's for the people to continue this protest pizza shop al jazeera. says they iran project director of the instructional crisis group and what with all sides during the negotiations for the twenty fifth dale he
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believes the protests are unlikely to bring regime change but could still have a serious long term effect in the region. i think it's pretty obvious that this movement similar to the arab uprisings in two thousand and eleven doesn't have a clear leadership or an organization it also doesn't have a specific mission the slogans range from economic grievances all the way to regime change and that's why it's hard to imagine that it would be able to preserve its momentum in the long run i think important to note at this stage is that president rouhani has recognized both the right the legitimate right of people to protest and the legitimate grievances of the protestors but i fear that if these protests will continue in the next few days it will become more and more violent and at some stage the system will have to bring down its iron fist out of fear that these could
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also be exploited by iran's regional rivals and. its enemies abroad. and at that stage you could see crackdowns that could be very violent and that in itself could provide justification for additional sanctions on iran and even i can imagine that president trump could use the same justification to go as far as withdrawing from the nuclear deal and therefore exacerbating all of these tensions . hoofy rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in asterix in a data province sounded odd coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying hoofy from excess which is stopped as a petrol station in el dorado a district of course sources told al jazeera a number of civilians were among the dead and syria's government has launched and these twelve asked strikes on rebel held areas just outside damascus to rescue
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troops trapped in a military installation this video is said to show the attacks on harasta and neighboring suburbs three days of violence in the damascus suburbs are reported to have killed thirty five civilians as well as government troops and rebel fighters. north korea's leader house warned that the entire united states is within range of his nuclear weapon the saying this is reality not a threat in his new year's address kim jong il also said he had a nuclear button on his desk but he struck a more conciliatory tone with south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics flown slower reports from seoul. ok. this is how north korea welcome to the new year with a fireworks display much like the rest of the world but it is leader kim jong un's
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new year's day address that is drawing all the attention if two thousand and seventeen was marked by fiery rhetoric and rising tensions because of north korea's nuclear ambitions two thousand and eighteen may bring more of the same. dollars from that the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly on their stand but this is never a trash what are reality kim has called for the mass production and deployment of more nuclear warheads and missiles but weapons experts agree that north korea may not yet have the technology to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and mounted a missile that could be entering the atmosphere while kim speech made no mention of the new kid atmospheric test he reiterated the claims that north korea is now a nuclear power in stark contrast to the hostile remarks to the united states is
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the conciliatory overture from kim jong un to south korea he's even suggested dialogue between the two sides something south korean president proposed several months ago and which north korea ignored. we should actively create an atmosphere to move forward with the national reconciliation and reunification improving ties between the north and the south is an urgent issue that not only the north and south want but everyone else wants he suggested north korea is prepared to send its athletes to participate in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics in next month. south korea has responded to these proposals positively saying it hopes communication which has been severed between the two sides for nearly two years can be restored so whether in south korea's presidential office the wall comes north korean leader kim jong il's new year's speech today which expressed willingness to send a delegation to the counter olympics and proposed talks as he entered knowledges
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don't need for improvement into korean pies but analysts say the olive branch may be a ploy to gain some political ground north korea was to drive a wedge between seoul in washington at the same time tried to dilute the impact of economic sanctions north korea is facing its toughest sanctions yet including a cap on petrol imports as punishment for its nuclear and missile tests last year kim jong un speech while it seems to lay open a path to dialogue with south korea is proof that north korea's nuclear ambitions are here to stay florence li al jazeera sole well a male doll is a research fellow in proliferation on nuclear policy at the london based think tank or c. he says north korea is trying to create divisions between the u.s. and south korea. well it's part of a larger effort to make sure that south korea and the united states are not coordinated we have to remember that for kim jong un the biggest threat is the
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united states being right on his borders and he wants to get rid of the united states and the only way to do that is to make sure that south korea and the united states have different priorities and different negotiation outcomes that they seek different negotiation outcomes it would be difficult for south korea to ignore something like this and they have been ignored in the past when north korea has approached them about family reunions or joint industrial projects those are things that have been going on in the past and they've negotiated that on a bilateral level so south korea will be very difficult i know they've they passed the deadline it will be very difficult for south korea to turn away north korea when it when it is a a friendly just at least on paper it's clear that north korea is has a strategy here because they also threaten the united states in the same new year's message and that's also part of bringing the threat to the u.s. homeland and that's another part of splitting the united states from south korea so by threatening seattle north korea's hoping that the u.s.
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will be more occupied with defending seattle and not focusing as much on its ally thus causing a split on the korean peninsula. the waters news agency says it seen documents showing pakistan is planning to seize control of charities and assets linked to half is signed and on designated a terrorist by many countries co-founded the group lashkar e tayyiba which the u.s. and india blamed for the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks that killed one hundred sixty six people he didn't raise any involvement on the pakistani court last year found there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. and pakistan's government is increasing fuel prices blaming the state of the international market it's a move that's expected to particularly affect the poor and the scum a high the report say could lead to bigger problems for the country's economy. the people at large are already calling it a new game from the government of pakistan to its people and it's making headlines
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across the country and eleven point seven five question dried and the. government is saying that the move is justified because of the rise of the international market and that the president. and many of the country for the people it isn't except. for the. gift of praise from the government it's in justice for the poor people who are suffering due to inflation in the country being a government employee i can still survive but i'm good about those who find anything to eat up the mood by this move are due to frequently are is enough petroleum prices it's becoming difficult for takes to dry words are so far the public because people can't afford to eat so the government should take notice due to the raising of petroleum prices prices the whole market prices become i mean
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stocks are good start or is educated higher prices of fuel will have a knock on effect on everything including daily come ordered transportation costs and their shares are falling the rally of the rupee against the dollar already shared there is inflation that people cannot cope with the opposition is calling it a government failure and while the country's finance minister and the proclaimed of friend are hiding always a country the economy. and then trouble. so it's a common. rally for the democratic rights and freedoms in hong kong plus. something new yeah on the high california's queue to buy recreational marijuana that legally the fast something.
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has been of ice storm the start of the new year full of that in southeastern corner of queensland the few showers still still around the sunshine coast ad the gold coast you can see this little clutch of storms are pushing your and up into the gulf of carpentaria they should these as we go on through the next couple of days but to choose day they are still in place has been looking very just in with those high temperatures thirty two celsius but to see some valan thunderstorms possibly with some large hail mixed in as well we'll see temps getting up to twenty nine celsius in perth not too bad hey if it's unpleasant sunshine coming through type cool as we go on into wednesday but pleasant enough at twenty six celsius though while the weather will make its way across southern possible see bad in adelaide at around twenty three degrees but just twenty celsius there with melbourne winds coming in from a southerly direction now just by the states by wednesday we have got clear skies coming back into prison again temperatures at around thirty three degrees one way
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of sunshine fair amount of sunshine into new zealand over the next eleven all fall could see wanted to say i was a long spells of rain for a time temperatures at about twenty four celsius right across the country over the next day or two it wasn't decent spells of sunshine some sunshine soon into southern areas of japan but it does look rather wintry across northern areas of the country. they say walls have ears and out of stocks they also have odd. architecture is used by our as we work the trio advisement reveals a room of architecture in his radio queue page everything in this panel rama the tactical two with n.p.r. detector for the patient just need to know how to control the architecture of farthest part of the rebel architecture serious this time just zero.
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welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least fourteen people and a policeman are reported to have died as anti-government protests in iran time increasing the violence four hundred people have also been arrested. with the rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured inside of a coalition as strikes and died the province. and north korea's leader has warned the u.s. that his kind of nuclear capability is now a reality not a threat but came to our own also says he's open to dialogue with south korea. and the u.n. secretary general is edging president joseph kabila to step down from power in the
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democratic republic of congo in accordance with a dail signed a year ago it comes after his security forces killed at least seven protesters on sunday during rallies against his will challenge palace reports. in the democratic republic of congo catholic worshippers pray this sunday they pray with a political purpose they want president joseph kabila goal setting was asked was a very good thing these guys think it was time for. their prayers were heard by security forces in kinshasa twenty seventeen ended as it began kabila second term as president ended in december twenty sixth saying he refused to step down and the un says kong security forces killed forty people who protested the decision four hundred sixty were arrested. one year on they marched
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off to mass twelve a lot of boys and priests were among the dozens arrested tear gas was fired into churches. the hospitals filled with protesters once more so it goes on the mind that i always say if your term is over give opportunities to others to run your son of the country you belong in the senate give the others the opportunity to lead maybe they'll do it better than you did. catholic bishops brokered peace talks between the opposition and government with the agreement that could be low would leave office at the end of twenty seven tame but he's still in power and now the catholics and the opposition are united how you see me coming in shook england because it is not just simply because we have coming we have come here in order to the way to pray for all we mission. opposition voices can be heard
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by ending the fractured country from all corners even in the troubled east a thriving battleground between rebels security forces say they use of force is justified one police officer was killed and this police station was top. by protest is it going to stop there so we are in need of peace i assure all of our government authorities that our city government is in peace people should sleep calmly because we as professional police we are doing our job. the president kabila says he will stay in power until december twenty eighth saying because of delays in voter registration. meanwhile voices appeared to becoming increasingly impatient charlotte dallas al jazeera a huge fire has broken out as an alcohol factory in cameroon it happened out they from men can factory in the largest city of no one is reported to have been injured
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but a number of people have been left without homes and places also spread to nearby houses and the school. zambian soldiers are helping to fight the spread of color in the capital the outbreak has already killed forty one people in the soka and more than one thousand five hundred have full in six in september some markets and restaurants have been closed after it was found the disease was being spread through contaminated food and. rescuers in the alps say they're concerned about the number of refugees and migrants trying to cross the snow covered mountains of europe half of those making the journey are thought to be children or teenagers some even attempted barefoot sylvia lennon reports. over the last three months at least fifteen hundred migrants have embarked on this perilous track over the alps crossing from italy into france defying freezing temperatures and heavy snow rescue workers say they're totally ill equipped for the
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arduous journey around a dozen migrants reach france every day but some won't make it mountain guide say they will perish in the attempt to reach france rescue workers expect to discover the bodies of african migrants when the snow melts in the spring is small and now is seventeen years old from guinea shoot their body through for a few more it wasn't easy at all for me because the trip was long and also because the first time i saw the snow i was very tired i didn't feel my feet anymore but we arrived in the shelter where we made a fire and we took arrest and then we restarted to walk and it wasn't easy i didn't believe that we would arrive here. alberto ribena is deputy commander of alpine rescue coordinating efforts to bring the stranded people off the mountain she's already wanted a kmart. wanted or not we get phone calls almost all of them during the night we find groups of people for five or six people who are really badly equipped have nothing to protect themselves from the cold no gloves no scarves no hats we even
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find people with no shoes. the shelter is a start by local volunteers they're offering what help they can to a constant flow of migrants cooking a hot meal and giving them a chance to sleep for a night in a warm place or a new religion we found people in the snow who had no shoes or just with a t. shirt the reason is that the african people have no idea how dangerous the mountain is they have no idea at all and there is no let up to the number of migrants prepared to take this risk going to will last another three months taking its inevitable toll on those trying to start a new life on the other side of the alps sylvia lennon al jazeera israeli authorities are seeking twelve charges against a palestinian teenager film slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank this video of sixteen year old me and her cousin no which was filmed on december the fifteenth went viral she was arrested by the israelis four
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days later found guilty on all counts she could face up to two years in jail thousands of people have marched in hong kong to express their frustration at china's tightening grip on the territory they kiss beijing of eroding freedoms which were guaranteed when british colonial rule ended twenty years ago and as difficult helen reports many fear twenty eight will be another disappointing year for the democracy movement. defend hong kong the theme for this year's rally those taking part say the protest has particular resonance after year when people's rights were violated repeatedly israel because of about history just because. we see the dettori asia use in the rule of law in hong kong so we believe we should stand here to protest the future of the various posters depict their grievances or
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they are protesting against the jailing of three young pro-democracy student leaders and also condemning a change in legislative council procedures that would enable the government to push through unpopular loss without opposition and they are angry at a plan that could for the first time allow mainland chinese law enforcement officials to operate on hong kong soil i'm afraid that a pop up becoming and other parts at china. where you purchase as a direct link up on top of the government that there isn't and if we don't know not many we know so i want all cost freedom prints to. come out in march like this would be unthinkable elsewhere in china where the government cracks down harshly on any kind of dissent but with new security last proposed unlikely to be implemented next year many fear that they will not be able to express their anger or criticize the government so openly in the future but there are those who feel beijing has hong kong's best interests at heart dozens of people held their own
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rally holding up hong kong and china flags they say they represent many in the city who would rather stay out of politics. people like susan kwan who has been running this two food shop for forty five years business is brisk on the first day of twenty eighteen for the sixty four year old she says hong kong people have a lot of freedom and democracy shouldn't be a priority i don't know if you've got that you've got china is a very strong country we shouldn't upset them if you haven't done anything wrong there's no need to be scared of the chinese government. the rally entered civic square with protesters surrounded by police they are defiant almost euphoric to be here in front of the government offices which had been closed to the public for nearly three years this is where the landmark twenty four thousand pro-democracy occupy movement began and this is where in the past activists have held rallies and one against the government they hope it's a sign the twenty eighteen will be
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a year when the government will listen to their concerns if you go pollen allergies or hong kong. then a hundred and seventy in the fast american dollar plus a new wave of prospect trying bad luck in the california hells recent heavy rains having car as the minus front brunell's explains why. deep in these rugged hills and plunging valleys a new age of gold has dawned and modern day prospectors are on the march in search of the glint of glittering gold and there are still gold in them there are hills there's a lot of gold out here members of the delta gold diggers club are panning and pounding cameroonian digging sluicing and sloshing in ice cold california streams in years past the gold was hidden beneath tons of gravel built up in the stream beds but furious rain storms and floods earlier this year change that virtually overnight the rains scoured the canyons and made gold easier to find you had to
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work for ourselves before to just get down to the bedrock that start moving that bedrock around breaking apart and getting the grout the dirt that has sunk in over thousands of years and get the gold that's in those cracks hours of work shifting boulders earned mike steel a golden reward worth about twenty dollars this is the heart of the historic california gold rush country the discovery of gold here in eight hundred forty eight set off an unprecedented global bass movement of people sailboats steamships and horse drawn wagons brought three hundred thousand gold crazy migrants from the eastern u.s. europe and from as far away as china and she lay the surge of gold stimulated economic growth around the world but the influx of miners devastated native american tribes in the region gary taylor understands what brought the hordes to california nearly one hundred seventy years ago at their go fever of you find some
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then. then it keeps going the final. backing for some more j. randall struck gold not much it's true a little prying spectrograph out the back of what we're looking for but he's perfectly happy anyway i just like to get out. see if you can find something kathleen borg he hasn't found any gold but she's having fun getting out in the forest. and big and around in the. town like macon my. gold fever still alive and well in the california hills robert oulds al-jazeera near columbia california. meanwhile californians are taking advantage of new noise making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use customers queuing up when the
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shop in oakland opened at six am one thousand five fs chance to buy the drug legally without some of the prescription about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on new year's day now licenses have been issued yes in los angeles or san francisco but they are expected to follow later in the year it is an exciting day it's going to send a beacon of hope out to all be other states and to all of the other countries across the world where cannabis is still illegal but people are still suffering under prohibition it's a step in the right direction i think you know one of the things that we have to start thinking about is all the people who were you know using before for the same reasons you know they were using now and i have to find themselves you know on the arm of the law you know with prison for doing something that was completely harmless. much of the u.s. remains in the grip of a severe cold spell but that hasn't stopped
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a group of holiday swimmers celebrating a century old tradition. these new yorkers kicked off the new year was a swim in the icy atlantico sion at coney island the air temperature was around minus eight degrees for the polar plunge which was first held in one thousand and three a similar event in chicago was cancelled the cold weather calls three sharks to wash up on a beach in nearby massachusetts last week having apparently frozen to their. escape from mind of the top stories on al-jazeera at least fourteen people and a policeman how reported to have died as anti-government protests in iran ten increasingly violent four hundred people who are also been arrested iranian state media is reporting that security forces we piled on which protest is trying to take
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over police stations and military bases the reports haven't been independently verified iran's government has imposed a social media blackout it says people have the right to protest but not in a violent way. hoofy rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in astronauts in her date of province saudi led coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying who see fighters which is stopped as a petrol station in el dorado district sources saw a number of civilians were among the dead. syria's government has launched at least twelve air strikes on rebel held areas just outside damascus to rescue troops trapped in a military installation this video is said to show the attacks on harassed and neighboring suburbs three days of violence in the damascus suburbs are reported to have killed thirty five civilians as well as government troops and rebel fighters
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north korea's leader has warned the u.s. that his nuclear forces are now a reality not a threat and his new year's address. was more conciliatory toward south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics but he warned the u.s. he has a nuclear button on his desk and will defend the country if he feels threatened last month the u.n. approved harsh new sanctions on pyongyang backed by the u.s. image sponsors to repeated missile tests. the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear both ms put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash but a reality pakistan's government has increased fuel prices by us twelve percent it's blaming the rise on international prices and says pakistan still has cheaper fuel the many neighboring countries critics of the move say patch is becoming unaffordable at the pole. as the top stories rebel architecture is up next up
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