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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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nest warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. to another devastating attacks in afghanistan as mosques are targeted in sixty
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people and you know. how i mean this is live from london also coming up on the program. the iraqi army battles to take back the lost districts in cote cook because they could send reinforcements. calls for cash withdrawals in catalonia separatists increase the pressure on spain's banks and the government. don't feel good right now about what they say. and if any bail rebuke for trump's era from two former presidents. so then suicide bombers have targeted two mosques in afghanistan killing at least sixty people police say one bomber detonated explosives inside a shia mosque in trouble killing thirty three people separate bombing at a mosque in the. province killed at least thirty the latest in
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a series of attacks across afghanistan in the last week forty three soldiers were killed on thursday after the taliban stormed a military camp in my one district setting off two suicide car bomb four gun battle fighters also attacked a police headquarters in the southeastern province of ghazi that was on thursday the second attack on it this week and the great was responsible for an ambush in the northern province which killed six police officers on wednesday this after it unleashed a wave of attacks on choose day targeting police compounds and government facilities with suicide bombers and killing at least seventy four people. jennifer gloss has more now from the afghan capital of kabul. the attacker made his way into the in mom's amman mosque in the middle of friday prayers he placed himself in the middle of those prayer growers now that of course is a shia mosque in western kabul and then he detonated his bomb killing scores of people injuring scores others this is one of
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a number of attacks that have happened against the shia population no one has claimed responsibility the vast number of these attacks though against shia have been claimed by the islamic states in an increase as the kind of increase their offensive here in afghanistan at the same time as that was happening here in kabul in central afghanistan a group province another attack or another bomber detonated a bomb in another mosque this is a sunni mosque now his attack his target quite different a local militia commander and his men but these two attacks kept off a very very bloody deadly week across afghanistan where we've seen not only these attacks on friday but across afghanistan the taliban have killed at least one hundred fifty people in the north in the south in the east in the southwest of afghanistan give you an idea of the challenges the afghan security forces face the afghan government determined to bring the taliban to the peace table but not only
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is the afghan government facing a resurgent taliban you also have other anti-government forces as well creating unrest in afghanistan. sending reinforcements to forty iraqi government forces and allies on the front line north of coke this comes as iraq's prime minister has ordered his troops not to enter the city of erbil one hundred kilometers north saying that they must protect civilians kurdish leaders estimate one hundred thousand people have fled since the operation begun stephanie jacka reports now from the main battle. a new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together with hash all shabbier shia militias move towards peshmerga positions now to peter in kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to kirkuk. yes they were talking it
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out and copely another talking from dbase also and there's nothing we can do about it only slight on merging the coalition forces to come in and help as it hit the peshmerga no doubt we have martyrs there. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in with the soldiers ready to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders in baghdad some fellow kurds and the international community. in reality when we used to fight i saw everyone used to plays the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar shells machine guns were fired throughout the day all it's going to everyone here is tense. and there's
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a heavy presence of ambulances here waiting to take any of the injured. back to our be. prime minister had their badges ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories longstanding on resolved issues between baghdad inner beal about who controls what the benchmark against more territory since two thousand and fourteen is pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month's referendum on secession seems to been the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose kurdish independence the irony there were very. other scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in to ward a common enemy i saw but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk. kurdish fighters who helped dr rice a lot of rockers say the people of the city will determine its future u.s.
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backed forces are fully recapture the syrian city which had been eisel self-proclaimed capital since two thousand and fourteen they formally handed over control of rackets the accounts of local officials and tribal leaders most of it has been reduced to rubble in less than one percent of the pre-war population of three hundred thousand still live there. the future of rocco will be decided by the people of raka this is quite important and family if the government will administer their affairs by themselves we urge every peace loving country and people to come and take part in the reconstruction the rebuilding of the city and its countryside u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has congratulated the syrian democratic forces for retaking rocker from control but turkey's president is angry at the kurds presence in the city type or no one has condemned the group for displaying a giant poster of the leader of the kurdistan workers' party which considers turkey which he was turkey considers
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a terrorist organization. is currently in jail in turkey. in syria they're collaborating with a terrorist organization like the white b.g. to defeat another terrorist organization this kind of logic is unacceptable there waving the poster of the terrorist leader in rocca how is the united states going to explain this. to spain now where the government has secured backing from the opposition to dissolve catalonians parliament and hold new elections there the prime minister mariano rajoy says he'll unveil specific measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia after its leader refused to drop his bid for independence under simmons has more now from buffalo. what you really sense here in barcelona right now is a fear of the unknown and that's shared by both sides in this crisis politicians and public alike people on friday were going out to protest in a very different way going to banks and withdrawing one hundred five fifty five
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euro as a protest of protest against two of five banks which have actually moved their main administrative registrations out of catalonia because of the fear of independence and what that might mean as far as article one five five goes it's never been used before it's from the constitution of one nine hundred seventy eight and it will mean direct rule from madrid this is what the spanish prime minister had to say. they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union they have deprived the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control in government if you imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me it would be a scandalous situation that russia article one five five will go before the senate after the cabinet meeting on saturday and then it will be considered and possibly by thursday or friday it will actually be agreed upon after that it's unclear what
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will happen will catalonia declare independence is completely unclear and no one is really quite sure but the risks for both sides are very high indeed french president tomorrow macross says talks on the u.k. so-called divorce bill for leaving the european union aren't even halfway through the e.u. summit in brussels britain's prime minister to resume a call for more cooperation from e.u. leaders in the slowly moving breaks it talks gentle as this report. to resume a new in advance there'd be no major breakthrough of fellow e.u. leaders made clear that insufficient progress had been made to move talk beyond the current deadlocked difficulties over money and to begin talking about future trade she instead issued what sounded like an appeal for help by a politically weakened prime minister who's come as far as she can and desperately needs something in return if we are going to take
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a step forward together it must be on the basis of joint effort and endeavor we must work together to get to an outcome that we can stand behind that works for all people what she got in return wasn't much there were encouraging words from some e.u. leaders including the all important angle of merkel for to go on this is an honor to it as we have made progress and it is perhaps the nature of the thing that we look at it step by step i have absolutely no doubt that if we are all focused and the speech in florence was a contribution that we can get a good result. and there was an end of summit commitment by the other twenty seven members of the e.u. to begin preparatory talks among themselves about what sort of future trade deal they'd like to see. that means that at least some work will have been done on trade as the clock ticks down to breaks it so that if the green light is given of the
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next council meeting on december the fourteenth for talks to move on well they'll be just a little bit ahead of the game it is the very smallest of concessions by the e.u. where the bar for such minor victories has been set x. three millo but in order for talks to move on the e.u. wants britain to go much further than its offer of over twenty billion dollars to meet outstanding commitments and liabilities that something the prime minister may not have the political capital to deliver jonah how al-jazeera brussels all right still to come here on al-jazeera. i'm alan fischer in puerto rico it's a month since the hurricane struck and many communities are still struggling with the aftermath and they're asking where is the government help that they were promised. for china's president use this is a political ideology that a power. we've
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got the storm clouds returning to western parts of europe big massive cloud streaming in from the atlantic and this this is storm brian it will bring some very wet some very windy weather and nothing like ophelia but it is set to cause some problems as we go on through the next couple of days and there are a cloud of rain that's making its way away from the low countries that allows bryant to come in with that very wet and that very windy weather adding to the problems of course that we have already seen across and as i said it's not going anywhere near as bad but it's coming at a time when the country is trying to recover so that can only cause further problems there are a cloud of grain level stretches way down across the low countries down into france and gradually sink its way further southward and east was fresher air coming in behind a little bit of snow there over the output you'll see temperatures in london and paris and woman around thirteen degrees celsius so you'll notice that as things
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really start to freshen up a really or tom no feel coming through meanwhile we still got some sharp showers coming into the central parts of the mediterranean northern areas of libya could see some wet weather a little bit of wet weather just around the coast also affecting parts of malta but elsewhere behind that it should brighten up warm sunshine coming back in behind your back with a high of twenty five. a journey both dark if you know there's a very for everything there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and loads of so the sea has ascended you can see how i was introduced to it when my father and my most on our king fahad the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on
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al jazeera. how to get him out of the top stories here on al-jazeera and suicide bombers of target two mosques in afghanistan killing at least sixty people the latest in a string of attacks in the house with. kurdish peshmerga sending reinforcements to fight iraqi government forces and their allies on the front line north of kut cook . and spain's government to secure backing from the opposition to dissolve catalonia as parliament hold new elections that prime minister mariano rajoy says he will unveil specific measures on saturday. former u.s.
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president barack obama and george w. bush have taken finley veiled swipes at president donald trump although neither directly referred to trump by name both commented on the growing divide within american society folks don't feel good right now about what they say. that they don't feel as if our public life reflects our best. instead of our politics reflecting our values. we've got politics infecting our communities cattle. instead of. looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way. we got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks saying. to demonize people who have different ideas. are energy as a nation and like many other nations it is not determined by geography or net or
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ethnicity. by so our blood. being american policy braces high ideals and sitting with sponsibility this means that people of every race religion ethnicity can be fully and equally american. he said but your freedom or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the american creed. well let's speak now to our white house when it can really help it he joins us live. any reaction yet from the trouble too. well we haven't heard from the president directly but we have heard from his press secretary sarah huckabee sanders she's speaking to reporters in the last hour saying that it's the view of the white house that president obama and bush were not attacking president trump in fact she said that when they have done that in the past they've done so by name and as a result will have to take them at their word meaning that that wasn't
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a direct attack on the president either of those speeches i think most people tend to agree the opposite in terms of the assessment of those speeches but in terms of donald trump he really hasn't flinched in terms of perhaps speaking out on social media in fact don't trump really sort of relishes in this kind of back and forth that's really what he made the base of his campaigning galvanized his supporters on the campaign trail and really became part of his brand so to sort of attack the political stablish mint now see to people that a body that political establishment sort of firing back is not surprising in fact in many ways it's personal for the because donald trump of course attacked both of them on the campaign trail calling barack obama the worst president in modern history and also blaming george w. bush for the september eleventh attacks and certainly very unusual to have former president criticizing an incumbent president it we've really not seen in modern history this kind of an unwritten rule or code that former presidents don't in any
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way criticize a sitting president so certainly this is unprecedented in modern history but again it was donald trump that kind of fired the opening salvo and really this is what is kind of a reflection of where american society is right now this is how donald trump got elected by pushing back against the political establishment and we now see these men responding in turn or committee thanks very much indeed that's a picture from the white house can we hope that reporting. a government minister in somalia says three hundred fifty eight people have now died in last week's bomb attacks in mogadishu attention is focused on the group while its fighters have not officially claimed responsibility for the bombing they are being blamed for it prompting fears about the group's future tactics how today has this report. some of the seriously wounded in saturday's bombing in mogadishu lifted a broad for treatment somalia hospitals have received much needed medical supplies
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patients turned away by all but one place patrols in the hours and days after the talk finally getting attention. become more lethal medical workers say they are forced to improvise their treatment plans for the main. event. there were many. is the time when you can see that. how extended. the energy was was having the blast yet to be published u.n. reports introduced new ways of constructing improvised bombs and increase their destructive force it says the wait till the explosives has also increased and along with military good devices the group uses for. but also fuel and gas canisters to ensure maximum damage i'll. get issue in two thousand and eleven
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yet they continue with considerable influence and capital but a pretty complex system in which many businesses give them monthly contributions and with the. help becoming. collecting millions of dollars for their campaign of violence. the united nations says illegal taxation schemes in wall extortion and other so-called fees. and let's say it's not the strength of al shabaab but rather the witness of the somali government that's helped the fighters succeed so mali's most of the us angry and i stress that it is . it seems there's a huge amount of you know you know the band and the you and the e.u. and i'm so on and i that is if you want to show up some. long time ago somalia as president say it's time to act i believe it's time for us
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to come together and. to unite against this. foreign ideology which we have which has nothing to do with islam which has nothing to do with our culture. doesn't remain missing in many families and. for them is a massive blow in the war against al shabaab mohamed atta well just look at issues somalia. one month since hurricane maria hit puerto rico eighty percent of the island remains without power crews are working around the clock to try and fix hundreds of kilometers of power lines the governor of puerto rico says could be another two months before full power is restored due to a lack of money and a lack of workers u.s. government has been criticized for its slow response to the crisis alan fisher has this update now from someone. well here we're taking a snapshot here this is
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a fairly affluent area in the sound one in the capital and that's really the only sign that there was a hurricane here a month ago but if you go in to the rural areas places that are poorer than people that are having real difficulty you know they knew that things weren't going to get back to normal immediately but after a month they're beginning to complain and complain loudly the difficulty is they don't have water that they can drink they don't have electricity in many of these places getting medicines to some of these people is incredibly difficult and bridges that were swept away cutting off communities there's no sign of even temporary replacements there so people are getting incredibly frustrated they point to the hurricane in one thousand years ago and say look at that point we knew within a couple of weeks things were starting to get back to normal but if you go into rural areas they see we're not seeing anyone from the federal emergency management agency we're not seeing troops we're seeing the ordination or guard handing out water but we're not seeing much more than that there is no one making an effort to clear roads to protect people from the potential of mudslides because they're
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expecting heavy rains next month all of these things build up people's frustration and they say after a month the situation here should be substantially better. one hundred forty people have been arrested in malawi accused of hunting down people they say. at least five people have been killed by alleged vigilante groups after a supernatural scare triggered more violent attacks happen in districts where many believe in witchcraft. an outbreak of playing in madagascar has killed ninety four people and could spread further according to the world health organization there are cases of people who play on the island nearly every year however already say this epidemic is more dangerous and arrived earlier than expected one point three million doses of antibiotics have been sent to madagascar that's enough to treat five thousand patients and protect another hundred thousand people. what is distinctive this year in madagascar is that the season of transmission
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started much earlier and we have zones that are not usually endemic that worth acted but we also have significant repercussions in the big cities like. and the capital and talent. in kenya the chance for people to remember those who fought for the country's independence from the british but it's being overshadowed by the controversy surrounding next week's presidential election the second this year catherine sawyer reports now from nairobi. it's supposed to be a day when kenyans celebrate men and women or not the country in different ways but this. has been overshadowed by whether or not the presidential reelection will take place next week it's being organized by a commission that has admitted to being divided and vulnerable to political interference hardline positions by politicians how far the polymerized the country along ethnic lines president. and once the opposition
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against disruption. yes but this is. a man on. the. kenyans are. many people in kenya are concerned about what's going to happen next. great for their lives some of those who don't want to run which. they cannot guarantee. they can.
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at least give hope to the nation. i want us to meet of the ballot we only have a few days to go what dialogue can be held strong a person in a vote. which is the main opposition led by right ses that eve the election is held next week it will hold power street protests but he the election doesn't happen before the end of the month the stipulated by the constitution. a constitutional crisis either way there's likely to be more battles in the streets and the courts catherine. china's president will have his own political fairy incorporated into the guidelines for the ruling communist party state media is reporting that the so-called xi jinping fought will have fourteen principles but it's not yet known what they are she's thoughts are expected to further consolidate his power putting him on
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a par with the founder of the communist party mao zedong china correspondent jim brown has more now from beijing. when it's the beginning of a new era in chinese politics the era of xi jinping thought. the language a throwback to the period when chairman mao tse-tung ruled in the one nine hundred fifty s. sixty's and seventy's it took decades for his name to be written into the party's constitution it's taken she just five years. analysts say this communist party congress represents his coronation when you talk about coronation is he an emperor or no i think he's reluctant amberg emperor in fact i think he embraces a lot of the stuff as part of necessity as opposed to something that is an extension of his ego so what exactly is she doing ping thought a detailed explanation will likely come after the congress sends on choose day some
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people we spoke to on friday seemed more in the dark than others. i don't really know i don't know what to say oh watch the news tonight get on with the war and the scenes and i think president xi gave us new faith was his anticorruption campaign he saved the communist party the news of she's elevation was announced by china's official shinhwa news agency on friday there's now little doubt it'll be approved at the party congress before it's incorporated into the party's constitution all across beijing you see motivational banners like this one often with clunking dialogue this one says unite under the central government and communist party led by comrade xi jinping and continued victory of socialism with chinese characteristics you will see a lot more of this sort of thing in the coming days weeks months and years she jinping already holds more titles than any of his predecessors including party
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chief and head of the military now that is thoughts are set to become the party's guiding ideology his place at the very top of chinese politics seems assured not. just for the next five years but perhaps for the next twenty years and you dream brown al-jazeera. now astronauts on the international space station to be now to the no space walk they were trying to repair a blurry camera on the station's robotic camera is needed to spot supplying shipments when she due to arrive in just a few weeks' time it is likely to be the last space walk in two thousand and seventeen. plenty more of course on a website al-jazeera dot com is the address all the stories that we're covering right there and lots of comments and analysis and much more besides.
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so it's very cover the main stories here on al-jazeera and suicide bombers have targeted two mosques in afghanistan killing at least sixty people the latest in a string of attacks in the past week police say one bomber detonated explosives inside a shia mosque in the capital kabul killing thirty three people a separate attack in a mosque in a diner in goal province has killed at least thirty people jennifer cross has more now from. the attacker made his way into the in mom's arm on mosque in the middle of friday prayers he placed himself in the middle of those prayer growers' now that of course is a mosque in western kabul and then he detonated his bomb killing scores of people injuring scores others this is one of a number of attacks that have happened against the shia population no one has claimed responsibility the vast number of these attacks though against shia have been claimed by the islamic states kurdish peshmerga as sending reinforcements to fight iraqi government forces in the allies on the front line north of kirkuk iraqi
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forces are thought to have shelled kurdish military positions with kurdish fighters responding with rocket fire the peshmerga reportedly fighting shia militia in the same area. well kurdish fighters who helped drive dr eisel out of raca say the people of the city will determine its future u.s. backed forces have fully recaptured the syrian city which had been eisel self-proclaimed capital since two thousand and fourteen. spain's government has secured backing from the opposition to dissolve catalonia as parliament and hold new elections by mr mariano rajoy says he will unveil specific measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia after its leader refused to drop his bid for independence. one hundred forty people have been arrested in malawi accused of hunting down people they say are vampires at least five people have been killed by alleged visuality groups after a supernatural scare triggered mob violence and outbreak of bubonic plague in
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madagascar has killed ninety four people and could spread further according to the world health organization there are cases on the island nearly every year however already say this epidemic is more dangerous and has arrived earlier than expected that's it for now i'll be back in half an hour coming up next up front. how much is nobel peace prize winner aung sang suu kyi to blame for the ongoing violence against the rohingya muslims in myanmar also one of her fellow nobel laureates the renowned bangladeshi economist muhammad yunus.


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