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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging even to me but to be because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe that tell the real story. we don't feel in people. across the globe. this is al-jazeera. and we shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty
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minutes. military on the move into syria and a new operation across the border. the u.s. is pulling out of the united nations cultural body unesco claiming bias against israel which is following it out the door plus. who some easy gets for some talk to . a mother's relief as her son and his family are freed in pakistan kidnapped for five years by a group linked to afghanistan's taliban. over one hundred police officers are fired after the killing of farm workers in colombia where the drug trade still prevents peace. a convoy of turkish troops has entered northern syria and a new military operation turkey had announced it was planning to send in troops to enforce a deescalation zone it's part of an agreement between turkey which backs rebel forces and iran and russia which supports the syrian government turkish media is
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reporting the armored vehicles carrying troops crossed into syria is it led province late on thursday. has more from and hockey along turkey's border with syria. this is what we know so far dozens of calls have crossed into syria we know from different sources that the turkish military i was stationed in an area called all of the western outskirts of the province of idlib or however we know that their final destination is going to be of this is part of a deal that was signed between russia iran and turkey to implement the deescalation zone in italy it remains to be seen what will happen to hey attempt to have fighters the formal hide after you have the other ones hold control are they going to put up a resistance to this whole operation are they going to pull out are you going to hand over their weapons but we're getting. hearing from sources that he had to his
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shame is now he's courting the turkish military convoy as it was into syria there are many challenges here first of all turkey needs to implement the deescalation so they have to ensure that nobody engages any fighting in the near future of a second challenge is basically the kurdish factions operating that far from where the turkish military is the nation. in syria turkey said in the past that it considers all kurdish factions particularly s.d.f. and they wipe e.g. a terrorist organization and that it won't allow them expand further to words of the western part of. to words the mediterranean so these are going to be the most important challenges facing the turkish military as it moves now deeper into syria on a barky is a professor of international relations at lehigh university says turkey's latest move is as much about regional politics as it is about sending a warning shot to the united states. what the turks are trying to do is also send
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a message to washington saying look we can now hear the s.d.f. and their y.p. g.'s out to choose to syria not eyes of the united sates fighting isis. he says and sitting in the crowded front which is composed mostly of the of the kurdish fighters go to white b.g. so by going in they will be very close to the way p.g. positions in our friend and the turkish press and it's obvious government has been talking now for two weeks about how they plan to go in and then go after the us why p.g. why they to do that and to create a major problem with united states because the united states needs the white b.g. to fight isis and to finish the isis it's in syria i suspect that the turks won't do anything at the moment but this is now they have a car they can play against united states and have another kind that they confront the united states with a shipment united states and turkey is very tense at the moment twenty car bombings
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in northeast syria have killed at least thirty five people attacks reportedly happened at a checkpoint set up by the rebel syrian democratic forces south of atsic a city syria's government news agency says the bombings targeted civilians playing areas under eisel control indoors or dozens of others were injured eisel is being blamed for that attack elsewhere in syria ceasefire deals been reached that could end the siege of a rebel held area south of damascus the agreement brokered by egypt and russia includes three opposition factions but it doesn't specifically mention the syrian government are i saw which holds an area just outside the capital the deal allows for humanitarian access but not the relocation of civilians or fighters. baghdad has denied that it's planning an eminent attack on the autonomous kurdish region of iraq kurdish authorities closed roads overnight saying they received a warning from the iraqi military of a planned attack on kurdish controlled areas charles stratford has the latest for
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us from northern iraq. this is the last kurdish peshmerga checkpoint on the ill bill most of the road. the kurdish authorities closed it and another route into nineveh province for a few hours overnight saying they had received messages from the iraqi military that it was planning attacks in kurdish control. pressure is mounting from baghdad on the kurdish regional government ok elegy following the recent referendum on secession from iraq many people say they feel punished and afraid they rocky government is trying to fight the chaos economically wanted to close its land borders they have already closed the international airspace they have cut the federal budget to the k. are cheap it's all coming from about a government this is not right civilians should not be punished like this the federal government in baghdad denied any responsibility for these messages that the k r g said that it was seaver last night from the iraqi military and shia militia
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group saying that they were planning attacks around the oil rich city of kirkuk and north of mosul but the closure of this road last night as a result of those messages shows just how nervous the kurdish regional government is getting a federal court has issued arrest warrants for members of the kurdish regional government electoral commission like dad says it wants federal control over kayla g. banks until a phone networks. both turkey and iran have held a joint military operations with the iraqi army close to the k r g international borders and a spokesperson for the turkish president received bipolar to one says turkey will eventually take control of its k r g border in coordination with baghdad and tehran kurdish regional government says baghdad's action amounts to collective punishment this is a clear prove that that is not ready for democracy or for dialogue we from our side
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will engender violence we reject confrontation we are not force collation and we do not want to provoke but but likewise we have to respect the will of the people of iraq you prime minister hyderabadi says military confrontation is not the solution . but he says there will be no dialogue with the kayleigh ji until the referendum results are made no and avoid all the ninety two percent of those who voted yes to eventual kurdish succession the k r g says the kurdish people of iraq have spoken strafford al jazeera in iraq palestinians in gaza and occupied west bank have been celebrating a reconciliation between fatah and hamas the rival factions decade long rift and places gaza and the west bank under one government for the first time since two thousand and seven al-jazeera harry fossett reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. in the grand hall of the egyptian intelligence headquarters and hamas
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officially signed on to egypt's grand plan for palestinian reconciliation after a decade of division both sides expressed hope that at this time it was very good. and there has been full agreement on the concept of empowering the government. the legitimate palestinian government will return to working normally in accordance with its prerogatives and the law. despite the fact that we have some different views different political points we have different disputes but this will never change the fact that we are brothers we are brothers in religion we are brothers in nationality we are brothers in the national interest we suffer the same we have the same future we need to find a way for a unity of our people to secure the ambitions of our people this isn't the first time they've been here repeated attempts to reconcile have failed a main stumbling block the future of hamas military wing appears for now to have been set aside palestinian authority security services are to resume running gaza's
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border crossings including the vital one with egypt other issues how to run internal security and merge two separate groups of government workers are being addressed step by step along the lines of a twenty eleven agreement also signed with great fanfare in cairo here in ramallah the palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomed the deal saying it accelerated palestinian reconciliation is fatah delegation head indicated it's timelines and targets would ensure that it stayed on track and of course it has egypt breathing hard down the necks of both parties in gaza so damaged by the split the economic blockade and three israeli wars people are talking cautiously in terms of hope. when we used to hear about any reconciliation efforts we would think immediately of the failure of it but we hope this time is different unity could at least solve the power crisis and bring happiness to the gazan people. we've had enough
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eleven years of suffering without electricity no medicine for old people no travelling we want to live like other nations. so far the israeli reaction has been muted saying hamas would need to recognize israel and give up its arms but without the full bore opposition of previous reconciliation attempts. by the us who is much more interested in the. eighty's and without. in gaza celebrations were underway not least of the prospect of an end to restrictions on salaries and electricity imposed by the palestinian authority earlier this year to put pressure on hamas but it's clear that this is the start of a process the coming weeks will feature plenty of opportunities to build mutual trust will weaken it very force it and the occupied west bank the united states and israel are pulling out of the united nations cultural agency washington said the
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move follows what it is scribe says the need for fundamental reform in the organization and continuing anti israel bias. says it's a shame the u.s. isn't strong because it's a founding member and they were. i express my deep regrets. remember what i said in two thousand when the united states alone states voting rights and suspended payment to the united states might be for you in a school and you know this whole united states in fact if you go back into history we will see not only that. united states is a founding member of the whole idea that you can build peace through education science a couch your communication. is basically an american idea so what exactly is the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization was founded at
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the end of the second world war with the aim of promoting peace and security through international collaboration projects so to achieve those aims promotes education programs scientific and historical research and cultural diversity and an effort to preserve important ideas and architecture it's probably the most recognized for its famous branding a world heritage sites there are one thousand and seventy three around the world and he is the co-founder of the online palestinian news organization electronic intifada he believes israel and united states are u.n. agencies but to push using the agencies to push their own agendas. israel and the united states have been impeding their work as you know just as they impede their work or other u.n. agency which they see soleus vehicles to push israel's of the u.s. agenda so it is of course symbolic. as israel's desire to
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push gender colonise ation occupation but i think a lot of people of the well will say good riddance to the united states a good riddance to israel and would like to see israel withdraw from more you and agencies rather than using them as vehicles to try to push it's illegal. it's occupation of colonization of palestinian land so i said i welcome israel's announcement that it will pull out i mean courage in israel to go further and pull out of the united nations altogether other parents have a canadian man frayed in pakistan have spoken of their joy of his release joshua boyle and his american wife for health for five years by the haqqani network a group linked to the taliban they were released but their three children after a tip off from the u.s. intelligence services whose amazing hits for so i talk to you in five years so that was it just it sounded like joe you know he was typical josh we saw it in his
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letters a lot. in his letters he was a player he articulated always and he always managed to talk to each of his siblings and personally so he kept a very personable but he did talk about some of the. the horrific. recovery and it was pretty bad so i. think they were definitely traumatized a little behind. u.s. president has praised the pakistani military for its role in the operation as alan fischer reports. caitlin coleman and her canadian husband joshua boil were seized by the taliban linked to canny network while hiking in afghanistan five years ago they have three children all born in captivity just last year they issued a video asking donald trump to negotiate their release donald trump and legacy of a millennium you know where ship country is that those who speak out and you know
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you're going to sit here and easily because because it is correct they want money in france you must give them these things before progress can be. pakistan says acting on u.s. intelligence it launched a military operation to free the captives in the border area between afghanistan and pakistan the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is america's wish that to do more to provide security in the region and i want to thank the pakistani government i want to thank pakistan. they work very hard on this and i believe they're starting to respect the united states again it's very important caitlin coleman's parents home in pennsylvania a message has been tacked to the front door welcoming the release of their daughter her husband and the three grandchildren and requesting time to process the news
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alan fischer i'll just. the united nations says the number of civilian casualties in afghanistan has soared this year after the u.s. ramped up its aerial campaign four hundred sixty six civilians have been killed or injured by airstrikes start of the war that is a fifty two percent from the same period in two thousand and sixteen the u.n. says women and children accounted for more than two thirds of the victims the u.s. which is the only foreign force in afghanistan carrying out airstrikes dropped more than three thousand bombs and missiles on the taliban and i saw fighters this year that's more than two previous years combined many more ahead and the news hour including a crackdown on opposition protests why the kenyan government says it's necessary plus. thirty thousand forty ricans have a right to escape hurricane maria will be looking at how recovery efforts are going reaction to president drugs like these tweets. and sport qatar based sports t.v.
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channel response to allegations of bribery linked to the world cup t.v. rights. and mars later on his call for national unity and an address to the nation. refugee crisis she's under increasing international pressure over her failure to condemn the army for alleged abuses against the run more than half a million rand to have escaped to bangladesh since the crackdown began in late august so she says holding talks with bangladesh about returning summer handed to me and more. we are now negotiating with the government on the matter of accepting those who are now in bangladesh since our independence we have twice successfully negotiated with bangladesh on the issue based on the success which editions we are now negotiating for the time. more from me and mark.
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well for the bulk of the speech and science it she announced that they want to start rehabilitating bringing humanitarian aid assistance and rebuilding and state where the conflicts that military operations against the road is taking place but also perhaps the strangest part of the speech is that she called on donations from the public to help with that in endeavor basically calling on people to donate to rebuild the homes that have just been destroyed by this military operation now as we know this these operations are ongoing just yesterday on wednesday the un's human rights chief called on the military to stop its operations in iraq and state a damning report about the campaign in iraq and say calling it a well organized coordinated and systematic campaign to expel the road and prevent them from ever coming back to me in march and includes testimony about
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indiscriminate killings mass rapes and the burning of homes very homes now that and some food she wants people to donate in order to see them rebuilt on this international criticism and sunk she didn't say all that much except that she said that we need to understand that there's international criticisms but that nobody knows me in my better than we do and that nobody wants development of mean maher more than we do so really address wednesday's report by the un's human rights chief let's bring in our head or researcher ronan li and brisbane he is with the institute for citizenship and globalisation at deakin university we appreciate it very much so who who was her audience who was she talking to who was she trying to reach. well it was a kid if we calibrated speech designed to speak to a domestic audience at this speech was delivered in previous speech was delivered
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in each so it was it was aimed at the international community this speech was signaling to residents and citizens in myanmar that her intention is not to change policy and not to change direction on activity in rakhine state and in terms of the civilian government's attitude towards the river i mean the reader would mentioned in the speech they were alluded to she described those people who have moved to bangladesh but she did not even providing a list of various ethnic groups and naming religions but she didn't mention the rich and she didn't mention was them and their overwhelming victims of the violence that that's been forced upon them by her country's military so they simply she's she's not acknowledging it and seems to be ignoring what the rest of the world is saying. on dad lee i mean this is the speech that that's making clear to the domestic audience that she is in lockstep with the military it's a it's
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a nationalist speech it's a speech that says that the policies that have been in place in me and mouth for decades are going to stay in place and she's saying don't expect a major shift in policy and i mean she talked about unity a lot mentioned i think unity four times in the first in the first minute of her speech but it's it's a particular type of unity it's a unity that i think is not intended to include the rethink of muslims as a meaningful part of me in man's political national fabric i mean this is a is a community of the me and my for a long time but they have for decades been subject to discriminate discrimination and rights abuses the latest military action is exactly that it's the latest the separation of a decades long genocidal policy by state authorities and me in my up towards the reading when she talks about. getting a topping and talks of bangladesh for their brand or he never be able to be able to
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go back go back to what i mean their homes have been burned go back to what. what if she's not but if the government's not prepared to change the discriminatory policies that have led to rethink it to be in the position that they're really not prepared to guarantee them the human rights and the political rights and and the social rights then she's inviting them back to leave in what would be an open prison and that should be an unacceptable situation for the united nations to participate in i understand bangladesh's view is that the u.n. should be involved in any repatriation and that's a very sensible approach but i also understand that me and most view is that the u.n. should not be involved and that i think should give us some indication of what the attitude is of the and the civilian government of myanmar bearing in mind the violence continues today me and most military today burning villages they're in
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control of territory in northern rakhine there are still civilians fleeing northern rakhine state in terror today and their own m.p.h. last night and there's there's nothing that is that she has said there's nothing that the international community has done unless i'm missing something that that indicates this is about to change any time soon. absolutely correct i mean that there's nothing in. each that would give any any indication that there will be a change of policy by the civilian authorities in myanmar we know that that won't be a change in direction by the military authorities the commander in chief just yesterday expressed the view that he thought he thought reports that of northern rakhine about atrocities and even about refugee numbers were inflated and were not accurate so there be no change to military but now we know that there will be no change in the civilian authorities view and their attitude in terms of providing human beings innocent people they're not criminals that they're civilians giving them access to
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their human rights and it's a sad day i think for me and my that that that that this civilian leader is of that opinion i mean she said in the speech that no one fully understands the situation in myanmar the way we do but i must say there are more than half a million muslim civilians who fled in terror to name a date and they most certainly understand the situation in myanmar and they have been telling their stories ronan lee thank you very much thank you the u.n. human rights has warned serious violations are endemic across libya's detention centers thousands of migrants are being held while authorities cordoning their return to their home countries the head of the gary and attention center says they're all l. equipped to cope with the influx of migrants many of whom have chronic diseases six hundred thousand people of cross from libya to italy since two thousand and fourteen. one of my various leading political parties is calling for the
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announcement of election results to be delayed claiming there have been irregularities liberty party says it's considering legal action if the election commission doesn't act on this demand but foreign observers say that they didn't notice any major problems from the poll former professional football player george weah has taken an early lead with twenty five percent of the votes counted. kenya's government as banning opposition protests in the lead up to the repeat presidential election the government says demonstrators and looted and attacked police stations but the opposition accuse them of clamping down on protests the opposition leader raila odinga an announced this week that he would be withdrawing from the race in the east african nation into political turmoil catherine soy has more from nairobi . the reason a given by the interior minister is because of violence increasingly we've seen people being robbed shops being vandalized particularly here in nairobi and into tomorrow as well. positioned says dr. segue who's been
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hired to have been hired to infiltrate their peaceful demonstrations of also accuse police of using excessive force a couple of years a couple of men a couple of weeks ago we so a video of police beating up university students inside their lecture hall yesterday in protest in kisumu several people were injured some have been hospitalized with bullet wounds they blame the police so the opposition like i said saying that the police are also using excessive force the kenyan national human rights commission as well to come out with a report saying that immediately after the president was declared we nine august there were some protests and dozens of people were killed including children most of them have blamed the police as well so that cabinet minister saying that this ban really is just to prevent an escalation of violence. spain
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a celebrated its national day with a huge military show of unity all the pressure remains on catalans leaders to say whether they're declaring independence or not lawrence reports from. if the last fortnight hadn't been dramatic enough the spectacle of national day provided the finishing touch madrid laid it on thick the whole military display the flags of the regions used as an opportunity to say to the cattle lands just look how united we are nobody wants your independence the crowd of course loyal supporters of king and country. today we celebrate the day of spain which is the day of all spanish people but there's a group of us spaniards who are bent on breaking up our shared country. they should understand you've got to learn you that we belong to one country which is spain and not just a republic which they are pushing for. for the first time in thirty years a national police were invited to rapturous applause. the government said the
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decisions on of them came after the barcelona attack you noticed this is of course the same national police which on a referendum day tear gassed and fired rubber bullets at spanish citizens in catalonia. credibly provocative it would read wanted to rub the capsule noses in the does this is how you do it the. in barcelona the pro independence faction held its own protest march it was tiny compared to madrid they're on the back foot now the splits in the movement being exploited by the national governments but how they hated the spanish national police being celebrated by madrid. i mean it's shocking as the national police are occupying forces it's as if they sent in the tanks you don't want them here they're not our police force from a government that does not represent us. and as if to demonstrate how divine.
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catalonia remains there was a simple ten use approach spanish rally the police had to make sure they were at some distance from each other on one occasion they failed and the prospect of them pro-capital and demonstrates is made it's entirely clear what they thought of one another. so much it knows it has the catalan president in a trap now whichever way he decides on the independence question he risks losing part of his base on this day it felt like madrid was in a triumphant mood. low recently al-jazeera in madrid. on friday u.s. president donald trump is expected to finally announce whether he will uphold the iran nuclear deal under the landmark agreement sanctions against iran were east in exchange for the islamic republic curbing its nuclear program mike hanna reports from the united nations. repudiation of the iran deal was a central promise of the trump electoral campaign and i'm disgusted i've never seen anything like it in my life and by the way be careful because we made a rare and
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a real power we gave one hundred and fifty dollars now think of it think of the crowd booed almost certainly unaware that wasn't the case the sum of money released in terms of the deal was in fact iran's own funds that had been frozen by previous sanctions we didn't get anything we got nothing during his first months in office president trump had to acknowledge the fact that iran was complying with its side of the deal formally certifying so on two occasions but the us ambassador to the united nations has apparently been at the forefront of finding a way in which the president could fulfill his campaign promise coming up with the argument that iranian compliance was not the only thing that need to be certified we owe it to ourselves to look at every aspect of this deal and understand that this was a flawed deal and i understand that this flawed deal has negative consequences as
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well this argument that other factors such as u.s. national interest should be taken into account rejected by other signatories to the deal. the new agreement is about nuclear nuclear is fulfilled the agreement is the living. made clear to the fact that the u.s. cannot take unilateral action without security council consensus the deal being signed by the five permanent members along with germany known as the p five plus one how many you cannot join with me you don't have. all members of the p five plus one stand in line with iran except that one russia china three european countries the holy you and hundreds of countries they are all standing with iran. perhaps the real interest of president trump is not the deal itself but the perceived political and personal need to meet one of his campaign promises if so president trump could
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pay a long term cost for the short term satisfaction of his rightwing support base not least the dilution of trust in us but meant to international agreements the fracturing of relationships with traditional allies and the possible if not probable repudiation of a security council whose authority would be disdainfully floated by a founding member mike hanna out his era at the united nations. still ahead on al-jazeera canada's later mates his next of kin counterpart with an uncertain future for their free trade agreement with us. through triangula raveena. tandon on. and if the nation going to live. hello and welcome back look at the weather
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across parts of china in the philippines you can see this circulation this is developing tropical cyclone which is going to some really heavy rain across the philippines and then eventually it's going to push its way towards vietnam where you've had deadly flooding in recent days from a tropical storm system and this one could cause similar sort of problems. weather conditions are going to be fine little bit of rain for shanghai for this and hong kong expected to be largely dry and there you can see the system moving further towards the west during the course of. about states in terms of thirty scattered showers across and meum are some heavy ones are likely here. and parts of asia well for more southern parts of the philippines we've got better weather conditions here so look at the forecast. across malaysia looking a bit drier for both highs of thirty three that carter and then moving up through
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the. singapore southern parts of thailand looking to see some heavy showers at times. with a chance of showers in one thirty three. there with. all faiths fell victim to suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the place this is nothing to do with us this is about. people in power manchester united this time want to. discover. programming from around the. powerful documentary. this is hurting us. and we needed to stop would you then listen to
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discussions with us to do. not. challenge. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour a convoy of turkish troops is an urgent northern syria and in a military operation troop pull and force a deescalation zone in rebel held the province palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank have been on the streets celebrating a reconciliation deal between fatah hamas and the rival factions decade long
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written places on the west bank under one government for the first time since two thousand and seven the u.s. and israel are pulling out of unesco the united nations cultural agency have accused the organization of having an anti israel financial reform. u.s. president has taken his most concrete step yet to undo obamacare his predecessor signature health care law he signed an executive order that lets small businesses ban together to buy cheaper health plans with fewer benefits for employees says the obligations under barack obama's plan are too expensive for governments and businesses for more on this let's speak to university of chicago professor harold pollack a professor thank you for joining us also politico has been reporting in the last couple of hours that president is also going to be ending subsidies to insurance which effectively makes the premiums go up for for the average person is this as a roundabout way of kind of killing obamacare without actually what the repeal that
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failed. well it's not even really very roundabout it's a very direct way to try to undermine one of the main pillars of the law by making health insurance on these. private market exchanges much more expensive and by making it easier for younger and healthy people to find other ways to buy insurance so that they don't have to subsidize the coverage of older and sicker people the way that obamacare was designed to do so it's pretty straightforward way to try to undermine the signature achievement of his predecessor so does that mean that any efforts at a by bipartisan group of people actually and proving obamacare is that effectively gone is this what the approach is going to be well i don't know that anyone knows that president trump is not interested in that but many many republicans in particular in the senate are interested in some sort of
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a bipartisan way to deal with this insurers hospitals patients really most of the interest groups that are affected by health care do not like what president trump is doing so there's a lot of interest group momentum to try to find some way to reach a bipartisan compromise but the but president trump seems to be really hell bent on an undermining obamacare and hoping that the public will blame president obama for their resulting increases in health insurance premiums do you think that he that president trump will get pushback from his voters who are going to be personally affected by this. i think that's the great unknown his real base are older not particularly affluent white people in rural areas and those are precisely the people who who in many cases rely most heavily on the affordable care act obamacare. america is so polarized that many
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a president from supporters you know really you know will go with him on this even though most of the experts including experts hired by republicans in congress you know are saying that this is going to increase people's health insurance premiums we're just in a moment in america where we're so polarized that democrats and republicans are getting their information from totally different places and you know there's certainly a hard core of the president from supporters who will go who will support him on her pollack thank you so much for joining us from chicago appreciate it a state of emergency has been declared in the u.s. state of florida thousands of people have arrived from puerto rico where islanders are struggling to get basic necessities this is three weeks after hurricane maria but as the exodus continues president trump has threatened to withdraw long term aid from puerto rico and the gallagher reports from orlando. the storm hit two thousand kilometers from here but it's at orlando's international airport where one of three disaster relief centers is providing care and aid for newly arrived puerto
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ricans the island and homeland they left is still largely without electricity fresh water supplies a dwindling and heading to the u.s. mainland is the only option for many i feel so sad and i feel so lonely because i don't know why my my mom and how my dad and my feet it's a day by day so for us over here it's our hearts are with them because we. mean which we can do more but we can't because you know we can i get power to them or anything the economic crisis in puerto rico is already prompted hundreds of thousands of residents to leave to find jobs the aftermath of hurricane maria is likely to force many more to follow in the last few days alone thirty thousand puerto ricans of arrived here in orlando statewide that number could exceed one hundred thousand but florida is home to a million puerto ricans and this is a community more than willing to lend a helping hand but president trump's latest tweets effectively threatening to abandon long term aid haven't gone down well we have
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a lot of different items from diaper emily bonnie is orange county is first puerto rican commissioner she's helping organize aid and says the president's comments are offensive i think it's right we've seen him make threats now for them and it seems to be the way he tries to get things done his way and he's being a lot of criticism from puerto rico and that's his way of saying stop criticizing someone's mayor speaks for many when she made a statement asking all americans to stand together to support the people of puerto rico. politics aside here in orlando volunteers from across the state are helping any way they can as you see you know we don't have any electricity or water here. when people get tired someone someone daylight with this is the happening but don't really go solar is that big the gasoline. the b. boy think about this situation. anybody puerto rico will need help for months to
5:43 am
come and even if the president isn't committed people here and a guy like rodgers era orlando florida the leaders of canada and mexico have vowed to work on a trade deal that benefits both countries as well as the u.s. they've met in mexico city with the future of the existing three country north american free trade agreement or nafta still unclear on wednesday justin trudeau held talks with u.s. president donald trump and washington has warned the u.s. could drop out of nafta john homan reports from mexico city. canadian prime minister just in through the door is visiting mexico at a very delicate moment in terms of the north american free trade agreement that binds canada mexico and the united states together in a free trading block he's come straight from washington where president trump as he has been for some time was musing about whether it might not be best to scrap all together enough to and have bilateral trading agreements he's negotiators in the
5:44 am
fourth round of negotiations now over enough to are apparently playing hardball they're trying to get things that the canadian makes contains don't really want to give now until now meets can come into have had quite a united front they both said that they want to modernize this agreement but they want to keep this agreement but they both seem very different positions as well while the united states and canada both developed countries have quite a healthy trade balance makes coke and the u.s. u.s. has more than sixty billion trade deficit with mexico last year and that's precisely what president donald trump is worried about about eighty percent of mexico's exports also head to the united states so there's a lot at stake here more from mexico perhaps than those other two countries more than one hundred place officers in colombia have been fired in connection with the killing of at least six protesting foreign workers the men were demonstrating over
5:45 am
the removal of coca crops by police they died during a confrontation in the rural southwest earlier this month. the any reports. a week was passed by the remains unclear what prompts colombian police to open fire on these farmers protesting against the removal of coca crops in the southwest of the country. outdoor it is in students held a commemoration for the victims in the center of the town of. the state governor says he warned the central government of the growing tensions in the region. we cautioned that the forced eradication would have brought this tragedy we deeply mourn the death of these six farmers but also a policeman who died in a previous protest these are children of the same groups of people confronting each other people the war our country wants to overcall me persists in our territory to marco is a sprawling municipality in colombia specific coast with the highest concentration
5:46 am
of coca crops in the country drug traffickers in one thousand far have rapidly filled the void left by the good of the group which signed a peace deal a year ago. as part of the deal the government started. programs many farmers have signed up but implementation so far has been extremely slow and at the same time increasing pressure by the united states to wipe away as many coca plants as possible to force eradication which just triggered the conflict . members of the african community council of. who signed up for substitution are now in hiding in a safe house and. they say they are under threat by drug traffickers for resisting pressure to participate in the protests. one person spoke to us but asked not to be named. believe me the government chose
5:47 am
a firm commitment to avoid violence against the farmers and brings the real solution to all these issues this is the way she will keep going out of control we believe it's already exploded and it's showing that at least here the peace deal is feeling the government suspended four officers for firing into the crowd and reassigned one hundred others an official report on what happened in two marcos expected next week whatever the findings the incident underlines at least one fact the drug trade here remains one of the most significant challenges to peace. and i'm sure conference is underway in berlin to discuss the overuse of antibiotics widespread availability of these drugs reduces their effectiveness it's a global problem and as to reports it's one that's even more prevalent in china. china is the world's largest consumer of.
5:48 am
prescribe. over the counter without a prescription in fact. at a local pharmacy with no questions they're used to treat. sections amongst other things and you can also get stronger ones online like. the last resort drug. when bacteria will not respond to any other antibiotics and this is why the city is known as a breeding ground for super bugs. the government recorded superbug infection every eighteen minutes in public hospitals we must curb the use of these over the country. because that was one of the most common cause falls causing these drug resistant bacteria these need to be controlled the to be. because
5:49 am
otherwise of all the patients and secondly it will be equally important to control to others restrict the use of antibiotics in the agricultural use and also in the farming industry china. and. come from across the border most people here are getting there. and that is going to prove to be a much tougher issue just as currently there are no regulations in mainland china. in life culture. i don't preparations underway in thailand for ceremonies marking one year since the passing of king day a day hundreds of thousands of mourners are camping near bangkok's grand palace where the late king is lying in state comes ahead of his cremation ceremony later this month which will mark the end of the at this mourning period he rolled from most seventy years wayne has more from bangkok. for the past year since the
5:50 am
king died people have been able to come here to the grand palace in bangkok to go inside the hole where the late king pointed to new day's body lies to pay their respects in front of the urn all the coffin and over the course of the past twelve months or so the palace says that around twelve million people have come to do that people are still coming to pay their respects but the opportunity to go inside that hole has now come to an end and really now it is about the final preparations for the funeral itself the ceremony will last for five days but of course the main day will be october the twenty sixth that is when the king's body will be cremated and it's all happening here just outside the gates of the grand palace and the marriott called some of the wiring in a year ago was an open public space a green space and now it is really unrecognizable a huge amount of work has gone into creating ornate structures on some of the one
5:51 am
for that funeral ceremony the palace expects that at least two hundred fifty thousand people will fill the streets around some of the watching for an opportunity to say a final farewell to king adieu new day. an asteroid the size of a house right past earth a space rock was first spotted in two thousand and twelve and scientists have been waiting to see it again so they can rehearse a real strike the right to travel pretty close to earth not close enough to cause any real concern just about forty two thousand kilometers away. still ahead. competition is decided and australia that's coming up in sport. thanks.
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thanks very much sports broadcaster b. in sports this is denying accusations made by swiss prosecutors who have opened a bribery case against the president of paris sundra man over the awarding of media rights for the fee for world cup history president nasser al hell a fee who's also the c.e.o.'s been media group is being investigated alongside faeces former secretary general drone valka and an unnamed businessman so it's ellen's attorney general on thursday announced criminal proceedings and billions peristalsis was searched on the day be in sports is a major broadcast rights holder in the middle east and north africa region it's alleged their media rights in question pertain to the world cups in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two the statement reads a b.
5:54 am
in the media group refutes all accusations made by the attorney general of switzerland the company will slowly cooperate with the authorities and is confident as to the future developments of this investigation russia says it's made significant step towards its anti doping reforms but those efforts are being recognized by the international community russia's us let it federation paralympic committee and anti-doping agency remain suspended from international athletics after russia was allegedly found to be running its own state sponsored doping program in august the world anti-doping agency found evidence of widespread doping by russian athletes and officials but the head of the russian anti-doping commission and the president of the russian olympic committee have expressed their anger that their efforts to reform aren't being noticed. you know she was there so this is for most of them while talking with a foreign colleagues we found out that they are very poorly informed about the efforts undertaken by our country in anti doping over the last while our
5:55 am
accompaniments are silenced this is very bad the governor of the south korean province said to host next year's winter olympics as tensions on the korean peninsula will not to dampen the spirits of the games he was speaking at a games launch party in new york as officials from pyongyang went on the charm offensive to convince spectators to come only thirty percent of tickets have been sold so far with the games just one hundred twenty days away. we are one. zero zero zero you know what we don't think. and where we do want to give the whole world is possible we move on from we told you you will and the only thing tennis now and nineteen time grand slam champion roger federer has swept into the shanghai moscow quarterfinals with a straight sets win on thursday federal was facing ukraine's alexander adult gospel of the swiss who has enjoyed a resurgence in twenty seventeen is currently ranked second in the world although
5:56 am
he did reclaim the number one ranking in twenty seventeen he also won the australian open and wimbledon federer won this much six four six two and plays richard next. while number one rafa nadal defeated italy's fabio fognini in straight sets these two have history after fifteen knots in the doll out of the u.s. open in twenty fifty an adult criticized this year's u.s. open organizers for taking three days to suspend the italian from the event off to virtually abusing a chair umpire the spaniard one six three six one much. alexander of was up against one martin del potro in shanghai but despite starting to aggressively as things on ravel his aggression turned into his racket he went on to lose in straight sets with del potro reaching the quarter finals. the new york yankees have completed a remarkable comeback to stay alive in the race for baseball's world series they won three games in
5:57 am
a row to eliminate the cleveland indians there are only five teams left in major league baseball who can still dream of a world series title in twenty seventeen as i mentioned the yankees are on their way to the american league championship series game where they'll face the houston astros the astros won their division during the regular season and defeated the boston red sox in their first playoff series from the national league the l.a. dodgers the still waiting to hear the identity of their opponents they'll face either the chicago cubs or washington nationals who play a very division series deciding game later on thursday and the winners of these two upcoming league championship series will contest the world series starting on oct twenty fourth last year the cubs were the champions now the netherlands might not be going into next year's free for a world cup in russia but they do have one reason to celebrate this week dutch team nero's solar has claimed the twenty seventeen world so large challenge involve the cars from the northern australian city of darwin to the southern city of adelaide the vehicles raced at speeds of ninety to one hundred kilometers per hour powered
5:58 am
by the sun alone you and possible finish line first after a journey lasting around a week. and both are now more later. that's all for me for this news hour i'm richelle carey much more news on the other side of the break and when you get a moments go to our web site al jazeera dot com news from all around the world there up to the minute keep it here there in jordan is up next. in the heart of the amazon believe me in families but then miles in peril to harvest brazil nuts. it's getting the congo to the capital in an even more dangerous china and. risking it to believe. at this time on al-jazeera.
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thanks. techies military on the move into syria in a new operation across the border.


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