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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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eternity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. i know i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes rising tension the u.s. says it will stop handing out short term visas to visitors from turkey now turkey
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says it will do the same thing to the u.s. . another boat tragedy involving the hinge of refugees fleeing me and mine two people are dead several other missing. finding their voice catalonia silent majority speak out against a break from spain. and remembering memorials across latin america fifty years after the death of a revolutionary i call. a diplomatic dispute is escalating between the united states and turkey says it won't process any visitor visas for u.s. citizens that's after washington suspended nonimmigrant visa services at its missions in turkey diane estabrook reports from washington d.c. . the u.s.
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fired the first volley in the diplomatic dispute on sunday issuing a statement saying turks can't come to the us unless they are moving here by the end of the day the turkish embassy responded in kind to the u.s. the visa suspension war started just days after turkish authorities arrested a u.s. consulate employee met in tokyo claiming top news was fine for an exiled turkish cleric the u.s. says those accusations are baseless oh look i was a look are retired and basswood her and former principal representative to the european union says the u.s. is sending a clear and deliberate message. from the army to come say. or it needs it warning. at all with what's going. to go are talking to the american interests the exiled cleric fedele
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a good one has been a bone of contention between the u.s. and turkey for nearly two decades turkish president right to want claims masterminded last year's bloody military coup attempt from his compound in the u.s. state of pennsylvania he's been pressuring the u.s. to extradite the cleric goole and has repeatedly said the claims are baseless following the failed coup attempt former vice president joseph biden traveled to turkey to reaffirm friendly ties with the nation president donald trump did the same thing when air to one visited washington last spring turkey remains a valuable nato ally is home to the incirlik air base a strategic military tool in the us war against eisel besides the consulate employ a dozen other americans remain under arrest in turkey but so far efforts to negotiate their release have been unsuccessful dion estabrook al jazeera washington a long time here is chief editor of the turkish language a new side washington hati he says the tension is going to make things difficult
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for turkey. when we start talking about the problem between the two countries and we cannot stop anywhere there are so many issues this point are very much in uncharted territory as far as we can know there is there is we have not seen such suspension of visas between the countries and now the turkey all source has spent it against the us government there is kind of a chicken game between the capitals but the same time to a allies nutter allies and allies for about seventy years would call each other and strategic ally a verb in many areas across the world this kind of tension this kind of fight between the capitals i think going to escalate and going to make it
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turkey which is already there isolated in the neighborhood. will make things very much much more difficult for ankara and on coalition led by fighters once linked to al qaida is promising a fierce fight against those who enter its territory in syria's province hired. is responding to an offensive by the free syrian army or f.s.a. turkey is backing the operation from its side of the border and forces have opened fire from their hired is made up of several armed factions that includes opposition groups that were pushed into after syrian government forces really took a leopard last december the f.s.a. crossed the border from turkey into it live problems on saturday. reports. turkish artillery shelling a to hit a sham positions inside syria. the former al qaeda affiliate group controls
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most of province and this border area is the focal point of what turkish authorities refer to as a serious campaign. and the free syrian army is sending reinforcements to that i had. the starting point for the new cross border campaign. thank you but which has thousands of fighters is vowing to fight to the death news of the new campaign is raising concerns for civilians in there. if the turkish army enters back by russian planes that have committed a massacre a few days ago an army is that is for sure and acceptable to me and to any muslim who rejects the presence of occupiers in our country. the russians are the first and last enemy of the syrian people they are backing bashar al assad how can they be supporting the syrian people. the new push by turkey comes after an agreement
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with russia and iran last month to set up a deescalation zone in. the turkish army will be operating in the city while the russians will be deployed outside the province it is one of four deescalation zones the others are the asker's of the capital damascus all the border with jordan a lot of them parts of helmand. zones what established after iran russia and turkey decided to set aside their differences and find a permanent solution to the syrian conflict. the new operation could be part of a broader deal between russia turkey and iran but we don't know who would run one. victor from the province and what will become moderate opposition factions and the
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thousands of civilians living in the area. campaigning has officially ended in liberia where voters will soon choose a replacement for president ellen johnson sirleaf vice president joseph is in leading the race and he's got some colorful and controversial company there is legendary football george where his running mate is the ex-wife of liberia's former dictator charles taylor former warlord prince johnson is running for the second time he's accused of ordering the torture and murder of liberian president samuel doe. and for the country that had africa's first female head of state only one woman is aiming for the top job that's model turned humanitarian. work twenty contenders are standing in all has more now from the capital monrovia. liberia is presidential and parliamentary elections zine a last minute effort to win over voters there range from the flamboyant to the
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everyday person. one thing they have in common though is that they stand on issues look and sound the same. and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality we seen. the population not. candidates with developmental. programs or with. many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions which is really. a newborn democracy is. too corny is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the know this let's not use.
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my children the sick. i mean the. literacy rate here is about thirty percent. some candidates have promised better life for librarians from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing that seemed to have what the one so far is a campaign. to record itself remarkable development program that emerged from. the election hopes. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as. one of the challenges we had of course were. so in
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part of our country a difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the graciously agreed to provide support to transport. a presidential aspirant more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a run of legislators though a simple majority. greece. north korea's leader kim jong un has described the nation's nuclear weapons program a powerful deterrent he's also said relations with the u.s. are complicated and earlier in a tweet us presidents donald trump said that quote only one thing would work in dealing with pyongyang didn't specify what that one thing was but he has previously threatened to totally destroy north korea also accused iran of funding north korea's regime under the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran has agreed to limit its
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nuclear program in return for relieving economic sanctions that all reports trump may decertify the deal i believe they're funding north korea i believe they're trading with north korea i believe they're doing things with korea that is totally inappropriate that doesn't pertain to the deal but in my opinion it does because it's called the spirit of it. and you will see what i will be doing in the. iran is a bad player. they will be taken care of as a bad player. on the news. comes together to mourn the victims of a shooting that killed fifty eight. hundred sports a busy day and. we're going to join. another
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boat packed with refugees escaping violence in. his capsized two people died when it sank in a river separating bangladesh it's unclear how many missing eleven refugees have been rescued the tragedy occurred. on the tip of bangladesh it's the third such incident. and that's when me and ma began a military crackdown in iraq five children died on september the six at the mouth of river nuff. on the twentieth of september sixty people drowned in a similar accident on the same river more than one hundred on board the vessel when . more than half a million people have taken shelter in camps in bangladesh to escape the violence which the un has called a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. well let's cross to mohammed.
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mohammed this latest tragedy with his boat capsizing just to the problems they are in bangladesh. you know that's right robin i think this really speaks to the magnitude of this crisis fact of the matter is it is extremely dangerous for these refugees who are fleeing violence me and mark to try to cross. these capsizing these boats sinkings they keep happening and yet still these refugees who are desperate to find some sort of safe haven who are fleeing for their lives they keep taking these boats and they keep coming in the u.n. has said that really there's no end in sight to this crisis that you now have well over half a million people that have come to bangladesh just in the last six weeks and they don't expect that that the flow. of this number of humans will stop they
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believe that only more people will be coming in the weeks and months ahead so that is a great concern we're trying to get more details from the border guards here about this specific incident according to some of the border guards as you mentioned there were eight people that were rescued two people at least two people have been killed but i can tell you at this hour it is expected that that death toll will rise rob mom and even if refugees are able to make it to bangladesh their problems don't stop there do they. know they certainly don't in fact for many of them conditions really have have worsened let me try to explain why first let's talk about the inclement weather it is brutally hot and brutally humid here you're talking about people that are coming into makeshift camps in this weather they are trying to shelter themselves against the heat the humidity and the
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rain as well utilizing most of the time only tarp and bamboo that is what most of them build their tents from that is hardly enough to try to survive such. such bad weather as they are experiencing right now then you have the unsanitary conditions in these camps they are already on a hygenic when it rains here which it often does it only becomes more and hygenic this is why so many of the aid workers that we've been speaking with are concerned about the spread of diseases about the rise of epidemics there's a great concern that there could be cases of cholera that could start here any day perhaps that's according to unicef and other aid organizations but also when you speak to so many of these refugees tales of atrocities begin to emerge we've spoken to many the last few days who say that they were brutalized by the military in me and more that is why they fled for their lives we talked to one young man an eighteen year old boy named mohammed to a hoss and who said that he was shot three times by me and mars army in the village
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of hmong not here's his story. despite the relief his family tries to provide eighteen year old or hindu a refugee mohammed to hussen is still haunted for a while his mother and siblings try to give him a brief respite from the extreme heat and humidity but no matter how much medicine is given or the number of bandages applied his scars both physical and psychological will remain. in live as if they took it out from a home and to hands behind our backs they pulled us along the roads and kicked as they pulled us through the village through the jungle and took us to join another group of people then they made as lie down on top of one another mohammed will says when soldiers from me and mars army began shooting at them he was hit twice in the back. at first he pretended to be dead but then again when i opened my eyes to see
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if they'd left a note when i opened my eyes they saw me and shot me here two of his brothers were killed in the army's attack on mungo a village in iraq and stayed on august twenty seventh mohammed all was convinced he also would not survive a mood in the clinton road and i thought i would die so i prayed i thought to myself i'm not going to see my relatives anymore mohamed tools brother sure if i was desperate to get him some help they're going to doctors but they're not doctors we couldn't find any doctor there was military everywhere so i couldn't go to the pharmacy and get him any medicine people were telling me i should go break down the door of the pharmacy and bring him medicine but i couldn't go there because of the military no choice tells us that in addition to his two brothers who were killed dozens more of his relatives were also executed during the attack a recent report by human rights watch included interviews with witnesses and survivors who told the organization that me and morris military didn't just carry out mass killings that day but that they also sexually assaulted stabbed and beat
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villagers who were gathering for safety in a residential compound and while the un has called the actions of man mars military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing mean wars government has categorically denied carrying out any atrocities against the rangers. or muhammad tools heartbroken mother there is no time to dwell on the past taking care of her family even in conditions as miserable as these is her priority as a living why didn't they when i see my sons williams i don't feel like going back to our village and also i set fire to a high and they said if i am everywhere we saw that and we had no choice but to leave they may have been able to leave the violence behind but for mohammed it's clear the horror of what he lived through will never really go away. you know rob when you go into these makeshift camps
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well i'm sorry what was the last i linked to cox is bizarre jim they were trying to get him back later on in the meantime let's carry on the simon business is executive director of the international campaign fall there again jay he says pressure has to be put on me and military to end the atrocities but as denials mean nothing the evidence is right clear what will cause the burmese army to listen is when you know we embargo any kind. to the burmese army and when we sanction individual members of the army make it clear to them that they can face prosecution . internet international criminal court and also if we go off their business interests including you know their involvement in the precious gem trade you know we can we can put effective pressure on the burmese army and its business interests and that's what they listen to you know just a couple of weeks ago shareholders with approximately thirty billion dollars of
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assets under management wrote to chevron. demanding that chevron not do business with governments engaged in genocide or crimes against humanity right now working with shareholders in other oil companies in burma and also shareholders in these jewelry retailers and these companies listen to their shareholders but they also listen to their customers as well and you know we expect that more and more people will be demanding the jury retail is not even stock in egypt is made in burma and we're also going to be researching how the business interests of the burmese army has and use that as a way of putting pressure on the army to end this abuse and then this ethnic cleansing. they're calling themselves the silent majority and they've been out in force in barcelona in spain as catalonia region hundreds of thousands of people traveled from all over the country to make their call for unity exactly one week
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after catalonia has secession vote the referendum has plunged spain into political crisis and as john holl reports both sides are only hardening their positions. barcelona has seen plenty of huge demonstrations but not like this one see red line yellow the. flying alongside the spanish national flag. gripped calls for independence this is a highly unusual show of national unity. some have come from other parts of spain but most are from catalonia itself tony rolled down his accountant and politician opposed to independence we have me the best he had the prosperity and peace. the last forty years since a new jersey boys finish was over and we have monies to build the framework that works for everyone i think the future belongs to you i just think that we need to
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do better from national language to govern ourselves. doesn't make sense when they call themselves the silent majority was. represented as the right choice and not being. silent no one surely. you know who for one moment described an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the push for independence. i was. right. and given. the opportunity to speak out many embraced really tired of being the majority and the people to say that we are not we are the majority because the
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union has a force he's common sense independent schools in this region with its distinct culture and language a centuries old but the stakes have never been higher in madrid prime minister mariano rajoy warns he may use special powers to revoke catalonia. the regional government meanwhile is considering a unilateral declaration of independence in the weeks to come but who will follow them these people who seem to have found their voices jonah al-jazeera pass alone. people in las vegas are mourning the victims of last week's mass shooting fifty eight people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a music concert from a nearby hotel room hundreds more were injured i'll just see it as kristen salumi reports. all around las vegas sunday was a day to remember the victims and support the survivors of the largest mass shooting in recent history each cross representing one of the fifty eight people
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shot and killed in the shadow of the hotel that served as the gunman's perch it's really cool seeing everyone come together people that aren't even from las vegas i'm sure i used to live here. actually came from california to get. more people visit las vegas every month and live here year round and the victims of the shooting came from all over the country and as far away as canada that's made this memorial on the vegas strip a popular spot not only for locals but also tourists hoping to pay their respects. as planned and executed this act of what we can only describe as pure evil local residents took solace at church services and tried to make sense of it all those who experienced the chaos of that night now say they feel lucky to be alive were literally watching it on t.v. and not even ten minutes later you see people running through the casinos like
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a stampede of animals screaming trampling each other pushing it was surreal never been through anything like it. they came together to play as well as pray the university of nevada football game began with a tribute and special recognition for first responders. the. jones sang the national anthem at the game just as she did at the concert the night of the shooting its takeaway if anyone lost anyone is that they were having fun they were loving our country and they blessed us that night. and. the city scarred but determined to stay strong christian salumi al-jazeera las vegas nevada. still ahead an al-jazeera. reporting van be and many of the children fleeing violence in the democratic republic of congo are children i'll tell you how some of them are trying to survive in a new country. you are cheap seats the probably wouldn't offer the best view of the
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regular bloodbath down below but they do offer a sensational view of the city new parts of rome's coliseum are being opened up thanks to financing from well heeled residents. and there's another milestone for rafael nadal of the china open tennis details coming up in sports. by the sky. or off the coast of the italian riviera. start by look at the weather across china and taiwan and ready weather conditions here sent across east and there is a germany fine but you see the circulation of cloud and strong winds that's a system which is developing and it's pushing across northern parts of vietnam and
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it's going to trundle on into. so i think communications across northern vietnam could well be cut at times by this really intense rainfall cool some real problems are conditions generally quite as through much of choose day and northern areas may much area looking quite fine at the moment now as we head then southeastern parts of asia we've got a scattering of showers across the philippines another may see want to showers during the day few showers for borneo but nothing untoward. looking largely dry at the moment moving up through them and i think we have showers to singapore in kuala lumpur and looks fairly wet across southern parts of thailand that continues to head on through into tuesday bangkok there with a mix of thirty one degrees into south asia and the satellite imagery shows quite nicely the circulation towards the north and to the bay of bengal giving some really heavy showers for both the far north east of india and also bangladesh that's going to continue looking at some wet weather and also seeing wanted to shower down through the western ghats the weather sponsored by qatar.
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optimism has faded. conn's elected leaders are divided. grows as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer. part five of the six part series. on china's democracy experiment and this time on al-jazeera. discover. programming from around the globe. powerful documentary if they tell you. this is killing us and we need to stop it would you then listen to discussions and you tell me the one thing you'd like us to do. and not for more on the fire challenge perceptions.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey says it won't process any visitor visas for u.s. citizens that's up to washington suspended nonimmigrant visa services at its missions in ankara and istanbul all this comes after a u.s. consulate official in turkey was arrested for alleged links to a u.s. based turkish businessman. cues is of plotting a coup last year. i've these two people have drowned after a boat capsized as it was carrying ranger refugees from me and more to bangladesh
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it's the third time it's happened since people started escaping violence in mia most rock and states in oldest. and hundreds of thousands of people have joined a unity rally in spain's catalonia region one week after secession referendum the regional government is considering a unilateral declaration of independence. at least thirty people have been killed in violence in the north east of the democratic republic of congo rebels ambushed a group of civilians before fighting the army near the town of benny security forces blame the attack on the ugandan group called the democratic forces or a.t.f. human rights watch says at least one thousand people have been killed in violence there in the last three years malcolm webb is in oviedo in the east of the country . the fighting began saturday afternoon the army says attackers ambushed road users killing civilians and then attacked four army posts and in the fighting with the army many hours after that a local m.p.
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said at least thirty people have been killed the mayor benny said that people who to skate the violence saw the attackers killing people with machetes there was a spate of massacres around the town of any since twenty fourteen the army blamed the a.d.f. or ugandan rebel group for there to lay some rights groups or researches this is not the i.d.f. there are various different players involved including some factions of the army itself but that's something that the army denies this is one of several conflicts in congo that at the moment is seemingly getting worse conflicts are escalating in several parts of the country and that follows presidential elections that were meant to happen in december last year not happening the electoral commission says that because it couldn't afford them it didn't have the resources oppositions say it's because president joseph kabila is trying to stay on in power in the international community have expressed concern that the lack of a democratic process could lead to
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a worse and state of conflict across the country possibly bring it back to the kind of level of conflict that was seen here in the late ninety's and early two thousand and four fighting in the democratic republic of congo has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee over four hundred ninety thousand of escape to neighboring countries most are in uganda which also houses the world's largest refugee camp but the un is getting increasingly worried about zambia more than three thousand refugees have crossed the border in the last month the new arrivals are from the border provinces of odd katanga and ten going to camp two thirds of them are children how to mozart reports from comp wandering in zambia near the b.r.c. border. leon was tsonga and his brother are making a door for their new home it's a temporary structure at a refugee transit center in zambia the teenagers walk for weeks from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making
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a dangerous journey but they kept on moving and food and. my parents were both killed when the village was about the only thing i could do was run and leave the country i was told. but people won't follow the money i worked for a long time i missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe in the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got separated from their parents during the conflict to have children have fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story of. u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied
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children behind to die or get up ducted by the militia the border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes wait in neighboring villages hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they never hear from their families again the refugees transit center in chilling is filling up fast there are nearly four thousand registered refugees the minutes here in need are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take but now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. ghana's government has pledged to improve safety standards in the country's energy sector after an explosion killed
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seven people in the capital acra it happened after a gas tanker caught fire forty other people were injured while than one hundred thousand people are without power in the u.s. after how dick and nate hit the gulf coast the worst affected states mississippi alabama and louisiana made quickly weakened and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm there been no deaths or injuries reported in the u.s. as a result but up to thirty people were killed when the heart of can hit central america has more from new orleans so a huge sigh of relief certainly here in new orleans where it seems as though the flood defenses built in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane katrina of two thousand and five have held out the mississippi river here behind me and behaving itself. nate became a category one hurricane but we juiced to a tropical storm shortly after making landfall there has been substantial damage in some parts of the region severe flooding certainly in the city of biloxi
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mississippi and other places people have been out early this morning sunday morning here assessing the damage to property several tens of thousands of houses with the power out stories he's out trying to restore that as soon as they possibly can and it's a very different story in central america where the tropical storm as it then was hit several countries in the region killing at least twenty five people causing substantial damage the flooding still apparently as a people working to assess what damage was done in that region very different story here there has still been damage but very peaceful morning here here in new orleans people coming out assessing what damage might have been done to their properties and dealing with the little flooding that there has been. countries across latin america have been marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of save several thousand people have attended a ceremony in the cuban city of santa clara to remember the revolutionary fighter
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without a became known for his role in the cuban revolution of one nine hundred fifty nine fighting alongside fidel and raul castro is in yemen takes a look at his legacy. perhaps no revolutionary has been as romanticized as a new style divider or chair as he was known. the arjen time born dr who fought by fidel castro side played a key role in the cuban revolution then tried to launch marxist uprisings in the congo and then bolivia where he was captured and executed the images taken after his death in which many say he looked like christ only added to his legend as a left wing martyr. the oscar winning film motorcycle diaries was based on his early years. when he was fourteen harry yes joined chair in the fight for revolution in the cuban mountains for the next twelve years he never left his side
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until he miraculously managed to escape capture during chase final battle against the bolivian army. we had behind bushes and on a small radio we heard the news the cherry had been captured and killed the wings of our hearts found the yes' says the cheers reputation as a tough but just revolutionary who practiced what he preached was well earned. he felt because he had more education and thus you had a great obligations to set the example and always lead by example he never cut himself a break so that he could demand the best from us. today to give out his image has become immortalized especially in cuba some would probably say tour much to give out or has become the ultimate revolutionary i call and i must have all the tourists that come to this island his face is absolutely everywhere from these bags to. t. shirts as you can see to knapsacks everything you can possibly imagine the kind of image that you give out a himself would probably not have approved of. but he would surely have been proud
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to know that for the last fifty years cuban schoolchildren have been taught to follow his example every morning and every day they recite this chant. it means pioneers for communism we shall be like. the do the new generations of cubans really believe that we consulted a group we found trying to access a wife i signal next to an internet cafe for me it's like a poem that you memorized but you don't act on it very few people actually follow and chase footsteps we all think differently today chase marxist version of revolution is considered by most as an anachronism yet the consensus here seems to be the chair represents an ideal a selfless rebel unlike so many others did not live to betray his principles and it's that image of change that has never aged you see in human.
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well john is on skype from new york is michael casey he's the author of chase off to life the legacy of an image thank you very much for being with us do you think that cheney's image has overshadowed the human being behind it. by the states yes i think that i would also suggest a lot of people don't even really know that that image is true i mean even if you came and i can quite separate it from the human being so i think when we talk about his legacy we can actually talk about two separate legacies one is of the man who was a very distinct human being with certain views and certain positions that were radical and dramatic and had a certain impact on the world and then the image that was created after. that there's an entirely different result from so we have really a dichotomy in that what show his legacy is how did the image that picture of che
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move into the global consciousness how did it make its way there. yes so in my book that was pretty much what i focused on to start with i don't other issues as well but the book really was an attempt to try to come to terms with how this what it means and i would argue is the most reproduced image in history and i'm actually talking there about all the derivative works that the con is. not so much like just a massive replication of an image like marilyn monroes images and when you took that shaded everywhere in a multiple forms and in representing different forms are all stems from a photo taken by others of color in one nine hundred sixty and that image. basically things that cubans are targets but it really didn't get much play it was played in a local newspaper once or twice but then sort of disappeared out of you and then was resurrected and that's a kind of telling would in some respects around the time of change.
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you know basically now fifty years ago and. castro in my view was instrumental in that was there was a lot of lorelei's in china at that time and the image was placed in the public consciousness and sort of cash to this idealized version of revolution that castro himself next that we needed to create this time because it the reality was that the cuban revolution was losing its idealism castro was signing on to the soviet union's demands that he didn't buy into their you're a critic take on communism and that he would support their invasion of the czech czechoslovakia for example and he needed to revise at least in the image to the sort of grand. and truly revolutionary and lasting self. and it just happened to be perfect timing because you had. the not should not long after that you had the op rising in paris you had the summer of love. in the. u.s.
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. pop pop art which was a critical factor in the extraction of that image. into this iconic. suddenly taking lives and. all of this came together in the other key fact that i would point to is that castro had deliberately removed cuba from the convention which was the international treaty on copyright rules clearing copyright to be a capitalist tool so that there was really no way to call it himself or anybody to claim rock so that it just spread around the world people build it with their own ideas and you know we talked at the end of the floor about che became this deal basically i sort of the people could feel whatever ideas they wanted into it because there was no control and so it was a brand but a brand that evolved in its own light and rode the kind of waves of history that
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just happened to coincide with that little these sort of momentous parts of his life and that is true. in the cold war michael casey thank you very much indeed for your time thank you our desire is demanding the release of a journalist mark miller hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than ten months is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny authorities have refused to allow him to be transferred for specialist treatment on a broken arm and injuring his received during detention or same was arrested in december visiting his family hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has been fired from the studio he co-founded weinstein mind telling to leave of absence after the new york times published a report on thursday containing allegations of sexual harassment the weinstein company his board of directors says it has new information about his conduct but
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hasn't gone into detail. some of the biggest names in italian fashion are helping restore ancient roman monuments to their former glory the government is turning to private businesses to help pay for the huge cost of renovating the site such as the coliseum and you've barker went to find out why. it's a steep climb to the top of the coliseum commissioned by the emperor of a speccy and in the years seventy two for the past forty years the fourth and fifth levels have been locked away from view until now welcome to the ancient cheap seats that probably wouldn't offer the best view of the regular bloodbath down below but they do offer a sensational view of the city. the opening of the upper levels is the result of a four year epic restoration project the outside's also been strengthened and spray clean to remove generations of grime the cost
5:47 am
a colossal thirty million dollars and there's still more work to do the sheer scale of rome's archaeological heritage poses a huge financial burden for the city and for the country the vast costs involved frequently exceed state budgets. ticket sales help but revenues don't go far enough that's where high end italian fashion comes to the rescue the coliseums renovation was largely paid for by the billionaire owner of luxury footwear company. in follows a three million dollars renovation of one of rome's main tourist attractions the trevi fountain paid for by clothes company fendi. and the spanish steps restored last year with more than a million dollars from jewelry designer ball gary when we had to celebrate there were one hundred thirty three we wanted to create something really special for these anywhere three and that's why we thought to pay tribute to the sea to. where
5:48 am
our founder and also created so much richness in our creativity the financial helps launch the welcome it's of these cash strapped government but there are some concerns about bigger tally and companies using the renovations as a branding exercise. there's a real risk of commercializing ancient monuments but the brands we chose last year with chosen carefully we haven't seen any signs of companies abusing their patronage. italians are intensely proud of their rich cultural heritage but preserving it comes at a huge cost that for now only the businesses are able to cover. these barca al-jazeera rome now it is time for sport here is far. thanks very much paul and are the latest european team to a qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup in russia they meet montenegro for
5:49 am
two on funding european qualifying pole and finish top of group with twenty five points down mark also made the playoffs after drawing one one with romania. a late goal cost scotland a place in the playoffs despite losing one nil to norway northern ireland still go through from group c. germany of course already one group egypt qualified for the world cup for the first time since one thousand and ninety they beat republic of congo two one at home egypt finish top of group and african qualifying with a game to spare of formula one where lewis hamilton has taken a giant step towards his fourth world title by winning the japanese grand prix it was a race that saw this his main rival ferrari sebastian vettel take a major head in his title hopes so hell malik reports. lewis hamilton is closing in on the formula one world title after starting in pole of the japanese grand prix he got off to a smooth start. the same couldn't be said for his main title rival sebastian vettel
5:50 am
he lost places quickly reporting an engine failure looking forward to the german had to retire and that five leaving his once promising title challenge in touches. with vettel out of the picture the red bull driver is down your cardio and next stop and became hamilton's main threat the four time world champion vettel who is leading the championship as recently as august left to wonder what could have been worn in the end hamilton held of the competition beating the stockton into second and ricardo into the it's a fourth win in japan for the briton to behind michael schumacher who has six. the mistake he's driving now has a fifty nine point lead over vettel with only four races left and he can secure the title by winning the next race the us concrete vettel finishes lower than fourth and today the rebels just seem to be rapid in the race tram. quick in the
5:51 am
qualifying trim but still i was able to just hold him behind but it demi got very close a couple times. britain's most successful olympic track and field athlete most far was fifteen on hand to support his countryman. has a fourth world title would also put hamilton in the history books as his country's most successful f one driver of all time so help al-jazeera. tennis now in reference al has won the china open for a second time twelve years after his first picture in beijing he beat australia's big cereal six two six one in the final it's indel sixth title in twenty seventeen and the seventy fifth of his career this matter now looks all but set to end the year on top of the men's rankings things change very quickly in a sport that i specially when you are in a good dynamic of like i am doing this year so well after serving god too much going on the far as much as i play the great wave now that we've got them as they have a flow for this title takes
5:52 am
a long time do we need the game to have the those of five years but that yeah my goodness so does they have what i would think that this one of the light that they've got a great week let's see what's going on not. just a day after securing the women's number one ranking small how a loss to carolina garcia garcia who was also a champion and one last week defeated the romanian six four seven six in the beijing final a frenchwoman will now move into the top ten for the first time in her career while how it will officially take over half the top when the new rankings are released on . to major league baseball now where the washington nationals have come back to beat defending world series champions the chicago cubs their series is now tied at one game apiece tatiana sanchez reports. things were looking bleak for washington in their home stadium on saturday somewhat similar to game one where they failed to score the most of the games the hosts child they were down three run
5:53 am
up until the eighth inning. really. good sounds whether fortunes changed. twenty four year old bryce harper head to the impressive and crucial to run homer to tie the game to ryan zimmerman looks to have bounced back from an injury plagued ten to sixteen goals but. he added a three run home run moments later to lift the nationals to a six three comeback victory against the series champions the series is now tied had one one. we lost a game they beat us we go home at one and one and we have king tanya and then jay coming up not bad really interesting series well played on both sides and i cannot be happier than i am with our guys right now. over in los angeles the dodgers hosted the arizona diamondbacks but not standard it's got off to
5:54 am
a sluggish start to extract we took the data. that they had was a result and took the lead up until the fourth inning when the dodgers begun to make that comeback. they overturned the deficits leap the game seven to the fifth inning and the going to win it by the sanctioning is now holding to nothing lead in the back to five national league division series everyone on our team contributed tonight. austin barnes a couple big hits and just the quality of it that you look at the fifth inning that we put on those guys and stressed and logan big and bad you know ya see us continue to shine these first two games and all up and down the line up but tonight it was a bottom part of your that really picked us up big time tonight and they are now on the brink of advancing to the national league championship series the second straight season tatyana contract i did there. us vice president of mike pence
5:55 am
walked out of and a fellow game after some players now during the national anthem prince was in his home state of indiana to watch the court play the forty nine years he later tweeted i left today's game because president trump and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers our flag or our national anthem and that's all you support for now more later. home kong's are next exhibition emerging artists are getting a platform to showcase their work the faire presents creations by seventy artists from around the world but as reports it's also an unusual event for hong kong a city which mostly caters to the well heeled and well established in the art world it's being called the art fair for everyone you'll see established art experts those experiencing their first exhibit are technophiles curious about the app that makes a drawing come alive and the south african artist says it's not just the visitors
5:56 am
who gain a unique perspective it actually just opens our eyes to different cultures two different ways of working to different materials to different kind of tasers into. the fair features work from nineteen different countries but it's these watercolors from a local painter that have captured the imagination of many. a few people in hong kong. sketches mycenae paint a landscape but can't make up just people in that daily lives she. has a good way of expressing your heart because you can draw whatever you like on a blank piece of paper and. what's unusual about kenny is not just his age he's twelve or his talent but that is thriving in a society where academics and material wealth are valued above creativity his father an architect turned art teacher encouraged him to showcase his work. he will
5:57 am
most up to the escrow fund the way he doing the work have a good effect i think it will better just learning from which to choose which style but these learning opportunities are few and far between despite hong kong being a destination for international art collectors and buyers many are say the focus is on high end high profile events and there's very little attention given to nurturing young talent and creativity that's the theme of this artist's charcoal and ink piece depicting hong kong students eating pineapple buns a local snack as a metaphor for force feeding education system so the hope is about on transition from the hong kong where richard society and now we are able to have more creativity as you know in their leisure life organizers say the event not
5:58 am
only gives artists exposure but will also allow the art world to see the city in a new light. hong kong. elizabeth proms going to be here in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news i'm rob madison thanks for being with me live from.
5:59 am
we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this just like people today was to. give them a financial incentive to do the pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. they're a group of kids from tanzania halfway around the globe in new york where these children come from those who have the genetic skin condition known as albinism often live in fear of being attacked for the color of their skin al-jazeera first met up with iraq in two thousand and fifteen after attackers chopped off his arm believing it would bring them luck the leases charity works with the shriners hospital for children in philadelphia to provide for start a glimpse this is a children's second visit to the united states to replace their original devices
6:00 am
which they've outgrown seven year old baracoa is quick to put his new arm to. helping these children is a long term commitment every year they have to return to the united states for fittings and adjustments and every year their connection to their american friends gets deeper i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. rising tensions the u.s. and stop handing out to these as to visitors from turkey he says will do the same thing to the u.s. . and welcome to al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha with dance with iran i'm so
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