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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. north korea strikes again firing a ballistic missile towards the east from its capital. i wrote about this and this is al jazeera live from doha with special coverage of
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north korea's latest missile launch the reaction around the world has been swift and shock japan has condemned south korea's military says it's increasing so valence. north korea has fired a ballistic missile over japan it was launched from sunan district in the capital city pyongyang the u.s. defense department says it was an intermediate range ballistic missile this week the u.n. security council voted to impose new sanctions on north korea over its nuclear program the lasers launch is the second time north korea has fired a missile over japan in less than a month we've got correspondents covering this from all points of the world let's first go to our correspondent in seoul thomas under what's the reaction there first of all. well south korea's national
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security council is meeting right now they have already told us the south korean military that this missile took off just over two hours ago now six fifty seven in the morning local time on the korean peninsula and they already know how far it flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers in a northwesterly direction now that is a long distance it would be far enough to reach guam where it fired in a slightly different direction that straightaway is significant significant of course as well is the fact that this missile launch this missile test has happened so swiftly after the u.n. resolution passed just on monday the toughest ever sanctions imposed on north korea north korea made it very clear that those sanctions that resolution would not deter them in their ambitions to develop nuclear missiles that they would carry on with their tests and this is evidence of that they saw a very similar test in many ways to the wall at the very end of august where the
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north korean regime flew what's believed to be a hoss on twelve missile over japan and that one flew for two thousand seven hundred kilometers this looks like a similar missile launch albeit it flew further so again further provocation by north korea they're trying to show that they will not be stopped from their ambitions andrew what do you think the immediate reaction is from south korea is going to be in terms of its defensive capability are we going to see it bringing in more of the units that it's been bringing in recently. well interestingly president moved in here when he was elected was opposed to the deployment of the third missile defense system in south korea and he campaigned on that in part to get elected he believed that that system was unnecessary and potentially made south korea more of a threat to the north provocation in a sense he's gone full circle on that there was only one thousand deployed in south korea that states there are now many well
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a few more than that and it may be that the south korean military decide that more acquired still it may be that they try and develop missile defense technology here it may be that they've beefed up their exercises with the united states which are already going on interesting lee we hear that almost instantaneously after they detected this missile launch the south koreans did a missile test of their own now they worked out exactly where this north korean missile had been fired from it was two hundred fifty kilometers away from where they were based of course in pure in pyongyang was where it was fired from it was tuna fifty kilometers away from where the military here was based and they fired a missile the two hundred fifty kilometers as if it were targeting at that missile launch site not i should say towards north korea they did it to somewhere in south korea the direction was different but the speed with which they did it and the distance with which that missile flew proved they say that they could strike the missile launch site almost right away so that significant as well that they've
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released that information. thanks very much indeed i want to talk to craig lisa in tokyo of course craig this missile flew over for the second time at the island of hokkaido and what's the reaction in japan to all of this. well it's been swift the national security council is meeting as we speak right now the kemah chief secretary. was swift and he's comments this morning he condemned it he called it an intolerable act and said that you're paying can ever do with these repeated acts of these repeated acts of provocation certainly japan will be looking i guess to talk to its allies in the united states about increasing its defense capabilities which was something at flag last week. the prime minister. that. take care of any vessels that may be threatened and also
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to look after the safety of the public primarily now they worried about fallout from the miss all that pasta over the north in terms of anything that might actually fall from the missile itself might have full and from what we do know that it passed very much to the north and is unlikely to resent any real danger on the ground to civilians and said it landed in the pacific some three thousand seven hundred kilometers from its. origination in pyongyang so in terms of the threats well it's very similar to the misawa as you mentioned that was launched. across the north of japan last month in terms of its trajectory and the scope of ability in terms of the altitude all that me saw and the direction that it went to create leeson for now until here thank you very much and. military seventeen's been a year of rapid progress for north korea's missile program pyongyang says it tested
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a hydrogen bomb two weeks ago it was north korea's six that nuclear test and its most powerful yet in response the un security council unanimously approved a u.s. drafted resolution imposing sanctions on the country they banned kim jong un's government from exporting textiles and restricts the shipment of oil products on august the twenty ninth north korea fired into media to range ballistic missile over northern japan as we were just talking about that countries fired twenty one missiles during fourteen tests in february including its first test on an intercontinental ballistic missile in july less than six years into his reign has tested more missiles than his grandfather and his father combined let's talk to our diplomatic editor james basie's live for us in the united nations in new york this response to the sanctions that the security council put in place a few days ago isn't really much of
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a surprise how do you think the security council and the u.n. are going to react to this james. we're learning how they're going to react rob my producer here at the united nations has been calling and texting diplomats for the last couple of hours and in the last couple of minutes we have constant confirmation that the u.n. security council will meet in an emergency session a closed session of the security council which will take place here on friday i understand that that meeting has been scheduled for three p.m. new york time that's nine hundred hours g.m.t. so the security council meeting again on this issue as has been the pattern now for very many months and i think the timing of all of this is very significant as you say the security council came up with its new sanctions new york time on monday so almost exactly seventy two hours to the point where this missile was fired that's looking backwards looking forward to the time is the timing is never going
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to as well because coming up next week starting officially on choose but events also including president trump being here from monday it's the high level week of the u.n. general assembly where leaders from all around the world gather in new york so the north koreans really couldn't have chosen a more provocative time to do what they have done and james those sanctions that we've been talking about the u.s. was very unhappy about particularly president donald trump because they felt that they had had to water down the demands that they wanted to make in order to encourage both china and russia to as they did eventually sign up to those sanctions do you think that this is going to mean that there's going to be more pressure on china and russia now to try and beef up those sanctions. i'm sure there will be pressure i'm sure they'll be pressure coming from the u.s. side because as you say they came up with an initial version of the resolution an
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initial draft that was much tougher included a complete oil embargo the problem is they've got to try and balance what they want to get in the sanctions and keeping the unity of the security council they couldn't get that tougher version through before china and russia were opposed to china and russia in the end went along with the sanctions the compromise sanctions they came up with but said that's not the only piece of the puzzle they'd actually like to see the u.s. backed down militarily stop its military exercises in south korea with south korea drop the third missile defense system and launch talks so that very difficult balancing act going on at the security council and i expect next week with all the world leaders are here in new york trying to keep that international unity of the same time as ramping up the pressure on north korea worth telling you two more things about next week which i think are important we've got this meeting as i've
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just said now scheduled taking place on friday of the security council there is talk behind the scenes of actually a higher level security council meeting taking place next week i understand the idea has come from one security council member sweden i'm also hearing from some diplomats that the u.s. is looking favorably on this idea of having a meeting possibly at foreign minister level to discuss all of this i can tell you though another high level security council official told me it's too late to organize and it's not going to be possible to schedule it so that's a possibility we need to look forward to another high level security council meeting not with ambassadors but with foreign ministers roundtable and the other thing worth pointing out is where you have all these delegations from all over the world coming to new york one of those delegations is of course north korea not. led by kim of course but being led by who is the foreign minister of north korea who'll be in new york from. next friday to the u.n.
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general assembly our diplomatic editor james bay is live for us in the united nations in new york james thank you very much indeed japanese chief cabinet secretary. made these comments in the news briefing shortly after the missile test . we cannot accept this excessive provocation repeated by north korea and resolutely denounce it in the strongest possible words and also convey our people strong resentment the japanese government will respond to the situation with the u.s. south korea and other related countries including the u.n. security council and will monitor the situation in order to protect and ensure people safety. ok our china correspondent adrian brown is in beijing as james was just talking about there the u.n. security council planning more meetings to discuss this one would guess that china is going to be under a lot of pressure at those meetings. yes and i think you could
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possibly see some of that pressure actually in washington because a senior chinese minister a state councilor wang teacher is currently in washington he's china's top diplomat and he's been meeting the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and of course north korea will almost certainly be on the agenda now one is there ostensibly talking about the planned visit president donald trump is due to make to china in november he's trying to finalize those details but of course north korea will be very much the focus of their discussions i would imagine on friday china of course will see what north korea has done as once more another provocation and also it will seem to outsiders once again a reminder the china really is impotent in trying to rein in its old i did logical ally and neighbor people have always said that china in many ways is the only country that can exert any influence over north korea or that clearly is no longer the case when i last spoke to you rob i was in the chinese city of dandong which is
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right on the china north korea border that was a few days ago and it was interesting talking to ordinary people there about what they felt about north korea and in the past i think these people would have felt a sort of measure of pity for the people living across the border but now there is real anger and a lot of them felt that their government should have the fact gone much further than the sanctions it voted to support at the u.n. they feel that really is time for north korea to be punished in a much more tangible way they worry about you know radiation when the north carried out a nuclear test just a few weeks ago that detonation was felt across the border in china and people really in those areas in those border areas really do worry about the possible spread of radiation now you know in terms of what can china do well in the past china was always able to deal with the uncle of kim jong un but he was killed on the on the orders of the dear leader three years ago so china. longer has as you
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might say any adults to talk to around kim jong un if there is a hotline china simply doesn't know who would pick up the phone in the event of them making a cool so at the moment you know no senior chinese leader has been to pyongyang for the past two years not some measure of just how strained relations are between young and beijing adrian thanks very much indeed let's talk now to general who is a retired lieutenant general with the south korean army he's now a visiting fellow with the brookings institution in washington d.c. thank you very much for giving us your time sir. as we were mentioning earlier two thousand and seventeen has been the you when pyongyang has really ramped up the development of its missiles and there is a going to be a lot of speculation that at some point possibly fairly soon they're going to try and prove that not only can they launch these missiles but they can hit things with them as well. that's very true.
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we're now worried about these launches but i think we're at a stage where we need to get used to these launches the real problem is probably going to be when they stop launching these missiles which would mean that they perfected to a degree that their missiles were working and they'll go into full production which means it'll be operational that's when the real threat will become materialized as we know south korea has brought in the missile system but there is a lot of speculation about whether or not systems like sad can actually be effective when they're trying to bring down a missile in your experience is that a reasonable assumption to make that one of these systems could i'm slowly bring down a missile as it's flying towards its target. no no weapons system is going to be one hundred percent that's why you would be prudent to least
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fire two missiles poorer incoming target the challenge of course is that the north koreans would have more missiles than we would have defensive missiles that is why the south korean government is looking towards other means which is improving its patriot missile quantity as well as developing its own medium and lower level and defense missile systems so is it fair to say that the only way to respond is respond to an incoming missile like this is to basically if i understand what you're saying correctly fire everything you can at it and the hope that you're going to hit it or am i misinterpreting what you're saying. so we should you can't say it's going to be one hundred percent but it would be safe to say that it's going to be more than fifty percent and. the estimate is that we would be able to shoot it down with one missile but just in
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case the normal procedure would be two missiles if you fired two missiles you'd have a great chance of shooting down an incoming missile so the defense would work so we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for giving us your expert opinion on this thank you for your time. still ahead on al-jazeera several iranians among the dead as suicide bombers launch attacks in southern iraq killing at least sixty people. the u.s. and u.k. apply more international pressure on me and marta stop the violence against orange of muslims. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise the top of metropolis. there let's look at the weather across eastern parts of asia we have two major storm systems typhoon talum which is going to be
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a threat for southern parts of japan over the weekend and typhoon docks story which is going to head towards parts of vietnam eliason cause some real flooding probably in there so let's zoom in a little bit storm systems at the moment through friday it's likely that will just be some rain effect on the coast of china there towards shanghai i would just say probably some impact on shipping in the region but as we had on through into suffer they were going to find that system they're beginning to turn to the right and head up towards japan and at the same time. moving across indochina some really heavy rain i think think there could be some real disruption as a result of this and that whole area will work its way across me m r two so that you will see some really heavy rain here across more southeastern parts of asia the weather pretty much as you would expect a few showers on borneo java looking dry and fine and then up through the malay plain show we got a few heavy showers and some heavy showers coming back into wards central and southern parts of thailand with bangkok seeing some rain at times across into south
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asia was still some showers across central and southern areas wet in mumbai but it should be fine with thirty six the high in delhi. the weather sponsored by. his palm just as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for ron says reveals there are often two sides to even the dock historians witness the color of the chameleon at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the u.n. security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on friday after north korea fired another ballistic missile over japan it was launched from soon on districts in the capital city pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers its flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers that's the second time north korea has fired a missile over japan in less than a month of paint japanese chief cabinet secretary. confirmed the missile cost over the northern island of hokkaido sugar condemned the launch and said all measures would be taken to ensure the safety of the japanese people. robert kelly from south korea's pusan national university believes this launch will trigger south korea and
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japan to further boost their civil defense systems. regular south koreans are like my friends my family my students really have no idea what to do at all and i think you're probably going to start to get that you may recall that the government of guam handed out flyers about what to do if there was a nuclear blast i think that's coming here japan has already started with civil defense and putting people in shelters i also think missile defense is the future of the north koreans are going to build missiles then i think japan and south here are going to build missile defense and something of a measure for countermeasure kind of arms race but you know missile defense is expensive it doesn't really work very well so the north koreans don't stop building missiles missile defense all won't be enough and then there will be pressure for air turning out to some of the day's other news eisel says it was behind coordinated attacks in southern iraq at least sixty people died and dozens more were injured when the attackers targeted a restaurant at a police checkpoint near the city of nasiriyah some of the victims were shia muslims visiting from iran. as more. so than the rock has been spared
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much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to in the west and in the north and now this attack took place just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the fun the checkpoint which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside a restaurant iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and i saw have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim responsibility for a number of attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us in telephone in mosul you may have surrounded us in the last remaining stronghold but we all still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in hawaii. meanwhile the future of a united iraq is looking ever more uncertain as tensions continue over
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a referendum on kurdish independence iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of cocoa from office after the province decided to take part in the september the twenty fifth vote of parliament rejected the poll on tuesday it also gave prime as high that all a body authority to take all measures to preserve national unity but caracas governor dean cutting him told al jazeera that vote was unlawful they can make whatever decision they want to staying in my prime minister does not have the power to pardon. because cook is one of the berman this is according to the law that was passed in the iraqi parliament in two thousand. he has power with other governments but not with. this is. there's absolutely nothing for people from expressing your opinion with regard to
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the future it's not. an independent republic of kurdistan will be formed right on after that on the twenty sixth of september. if the will of the people to express their opinion and their will about what they want and then of course it all depends how. you and i have just like birds so i don't see why. these people are so much against. like as if the whole middle east is going to blow up which is not true a senior russian negotiator says his country together with turkey and iran is close to finalizing an agreement in deescalation zones in syria they're discussing details at a meeting in kazakhstan capital estonia it's the sixth round of talks aimed at ending more than six years of civil war. so that was the two of them the thrill if you want to say that the main task of this international meeting on syria is to
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finalize and create always ends of the escalation to draw a line under all the work which has been done in the last fourteen months since the memorandum creating deescalation zones was signed on the fourth of may us president donald trump is again accused iran of breaking the spirit of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal trump also said the agreement was unfair to the u.s. and was one of the worst deals he's ever seen trump is said to make a decision next month and whether he believes iran is keeping up its end of the bargain to morrow hinge of muslims have drowned making the crossing from myanmar to bangladesh eighty eight people have died attempting the journey since the start of the crisis three weeks ago this baby was one of those killed when the wooden boat he was on turned over almost four hundred thousand rangers have fled me in march since the military launched a crackdown in the amar army and says is targeting armed groups in the region aid
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agencies say they're overwhelmed by the crisis u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's spoken to me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and she's assured him she is working to get aid to the areas she said human rights violations in the country would also need to be addressed meanwhile in london u.k. foreign secretary bodman strong son is urging me and my as leader to do more to help their agenda nobody wants to see a return to military rule in burma nobody wants to see a return of the generals but it's also vital the civilian government and that is. as i say i have a great deal. but it is vital. to make clear this is an abomination and the. people will be allowed back. there's been confusion over
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reports u.s. president donald trump has struck a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers white house correspondent kelly holcomb has more from washington d.c. . confusion at the white house again what started out as president trump's attempt to make a bipartisan deal with congressional democrats has devolved into finger pointing about who said what to whom hoping to bridge the ideological gap with a compromise they arrived at the white house of wednesday evening democratic house leaders nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer a short time later they heralded a landmark deal they've made with the republican president to create a law allowing more than eight hundred thousand children of illegal immigrants to stay in the united states or did they the next morning on twitter donald trump said from his point of view there was no deal on the program known as dhaka. then
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a few hours later before leaving washington to inspect hurricane damage in florida donald trump changed his mind he claimed he agreed to dhaka but only if there is funding for border security and a wall with mexico in the future you have eight hundred thousand young people brought here don't fall for the wrong the wall will come later hours later after that trip to florida as trump reentered the white house he put that deal into further doubt issuing an ultimatum to the democrats with whom he had one day earlier attempted to negotiate. with you would say. we don't want them. hard right conservatives are furious accusing tromp of granting amnesty establishment republicans seem equally irritated reminding the president any deal he makes on legislation must involve republicans currently holding a majority in the u.s. congress i think the president. he's going to work with the congressional majority
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to get any kind of legislative solution the president shifting positions and erratic approach to policy has only complicated matters in his heart of hearts may not know exactly what he is and he's sort of ideologically flexible and i think he just sort of goes for the thing that he thinks can basically get him the best headlines and the most credit that's why any deal and remains in doubt but this time it may not be the president's democratic political adversaries holding up any agreement but instead members of the president's own republican party kimberly help get al-jazeera washington. and this is all just here's a quick recap of the top story the u.n. security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on friday after north korea fired another ballistic missile over japan it was launched from sunan district in
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the capital city of pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers its flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers it's the second time north korea has fired a missile over japan in less than a month japan's chief cabinet secretary. confirmed the missile pasta over the northern island of hokkaido well. we cannot accept this excessive provocation repeated by north korea and resolutely denounce it in the strongest possible words and also convey our people strong resentment the japanese government will respond to the situation with the u.s. south korea and other related countries including the u.n. security council and will monitor the situation in order to protect and ensure people safety here's our diplomatic editor james bays. this will be seen as an act of defiance by the u.n.
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security council and already they've called a close session on friday to discuss the situation and particularly the very provocative timing because this missile launch came just seventy two hours after the last security council meeting in which they imposed further sanctions on north korea and it comes just days before world leaders meet here in new york for the high level session of the u.n. general assembly president trump for example will be speaking here on chews day it means that there is a high level north korean delegation coming to new york including the north korean foreign minister will be speaking to the general assembly next friday and i don't think he's likely to have meetings with the u.s. or any of its western partners or with japan or south korea but in the past the north korean foreign minister has met with the un secretary-general so it's possible there could be a very important meeting with the new secretary general antonio good terrorists and
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that's our top story the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story join me in about a half an hour's time see you then bye bye. catastrophic and completely unacceptable the words of u.n. secretary general antonio protests describing the tax against the muslim or hindu indian. as more people flee to bangladesh what imma take to stop this violence this is inside story.


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