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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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the presidential primaries return to south carolina. >> i promise you i will work as hard as i know how coming up a win in nevada. hillary clinton trying to keep her momentum going. but will bernie sanders supporters stop her in her tracks. >> we need a political revolution. are you ready to join in that
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revolutio revolution. >> hillary clinton is polarizing, hasn't shown herself to be honest. >> hillary clinton was the best choice to me the results about to roll in. our coverage 2016 starts right now good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may live in new york. >> i'm ali velshi is charleston, south carolina. these polls have closed finally across south carolina. results should be coming in fairly quickly. this is a democratic primary. republican already had their primary in south carolina. this has a little less suspense than many have had in the past. we're expecting a win by hillary clinton across the state. it remains interesting and
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remains competitive certainly does. we should get the first numbers any moment. i think it is interesting to note that while this may not be a suspenseful race tonight, eyes are already on super tuesday a couple of days away where almost 1500 delegates are up for grabs. that's between 25 and 30% that will be pledged, some big states, and we will get a sense after super tuesday which candidates will be survivors in this long drawn-out political season. >> yes. by about march 15 is when florida ohio, we should know, and i say should because on the republican side we have what's turning into a much more interesting and competitive race, but certainly this is - tonight is going to be one of the determinants about the strength of bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. there was no particular surprise in the fact that we are expecting hillary clinton to do well for lots of reasons in
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south carolina. in fact, bernie sanders will have watch parties across the state, but he is not actually in the state for has he been in the state in the last 24 hours or so. i want to point out something that won't be talked a lot about, but this is the church behind me. sadly, many people know this church. it is one of the most historic churches of the country, most of the most historic african-american churches, but in june nine parisheners died, including the chief pastor of this church in a racially-motivated attack. that plays into some of the story in south carolina. generally we're going to be speaking about that more. for now back to you thank you. we do have breaking news. we are calling the race, hillary clinton the projected winner there in south carolina with the
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polls just closing moments ago in south carolina. 59 delegates up for grabs in that state, 53 pledged delegates, plus on the democratic side they have these super delegates. so hillary clinton will walkway with a number of delegates in her back pocket as she leaves south carolina. i think it is interesting to point out how much better she fared here than she did in 2008 when she was running in the primary against obama. senator obama at the time. he came in with 55%. she came in at 26% but she had that machine there in south carolina. he really rode the coat-tails of president obama's legacy in office and she is the winner there. secretary hillary clinton the winner in south carolina. projected there from the associated press. >> does that mean i have to stay here? yes. i think we all have to stay and talk about it now. >> it's not over yet. there's lots and lots.
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the beauty of these things, even when the media and the counterers have to call a race, there is a lot to discuss. we should take these opportunities to do so. i am in charlston. we're covering all parts of this campaign. i will start with randall pimpingsto nfshgs >> reporter: i'm at the campaign head quarters for hillary clinton. there has been a tracking poll of being run here for the past three weeks. the question was never whether hillary clinton would win in south carolina, but by how much. all of those polls showed her with anywhere from 59% support up to 74%. the african-american vote
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important here because in the last presidential primary campaign more than half. the votes in the democratic primary came from african-americans. she pitched her vote through this number. she is continuing that as she moves across the south in anticipation for super tuesday. earlier today hillary clinton was in alabama talking about the importance of protecting social security. [ ♪ ] >> take a stand folks, there. they are trying to protect social security. for goodness sakes, why do they have to be here? because the republicans want to privatize and turn over the social security trust fund. can you think of a worse idea? i tell you that will never
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happen on my watch. >> reporter: i'm not sure if you can hear me, but that was her promise to the voters there, all voters, but particularly african-american voters who make up a substantial number of democrats there as well. we are expecting her to arrive her in colombia in the next hour or so where she will, obviously, give a victory speech and urge voters throughout the super tuesday states to vote for her in the next round we could hear you. we may not be able to hear you in the next hour or so as it gets louder and louder. it is an raukus crowd. this is an important victory for
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hillary clinton who had a bad time in new hampshire appeared needed to come back strong. not a surprise that she wins the south carolina democratic primary. the question is by how much. the polls were largely showing her with about 60% of vote in this state. going to minnesota. what are you doing there? >> that's a good question. i'm covering the bernie sanders campaign but he isn't in south carolina. an indication that despite bernie sanders at the beginning of the week saying he wasn't going to throw in the towel on south carolina, that he was going to compete there, really they did throw in the towel as early as late in the week of the last night was the last rally that bernie sanders had. today he went to texas. two rather large rallies. tonight he is in minnesota. what do they have in common? they think that they can win. certainly he has to be favored
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here. the demographics are set up for him here, but he's fighting the big fight in texas. two outdoor rally, a total of some 17,000 text ans came out-- texans cam out to speak to him. talking about many issues, but he added a new one, with all the controversy and all the intaengs and all the out-- attention and outrage on donald trump with the chris christie endorsement yesterday and the back and forth taunting and bullying between those two and marco rubio, bernie sanders took a moment to point all that out and said that he is the individual who can beat donald trump if it comes to it in the fall. >> i believe that donald trump's idea of defying us up is a horrific un-american idea.
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i believe that not only can we win this democratic nominating process, but we can defeat donald trump and deet him solidly-- defeat him solidly. >> reporter: it's always about the next fight. here tonight speaking to a crowd here there are some states that set up for him, bernie sanders, on tuesday, as potential victory, obviously vermont is one of those. oklahoma, a lot of people are looking at that as a chance for bernie sanders. the african-american vote in south carolina going heavily in favor as expected to hillary clinton. going into it the polls had favoring her by a factor of some 40% points. another wrinkle that we heard is he is on his way here, still in the air as the polls close in south carolina. he went after hillary clinton,
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challenged her on those gold man sachs speeches and asked her to release the transcripts that has come up time and time again over the last few weeks. >> reporter: we're going to be talking about - oi a couple of questions for you. you're not wearing a jacket. i am in charlesto, n south carolina and i have a hat on. i've got a three piece suit and insulated coat. why do i draw the short end of the weather stick with you? you're in minnesota. >> i don't know. i pity you. it's 55 adegrees. i really pity you. i'm glad you're wearing a hat. gentleman i will be back to you in a little bit. adam may for the moment back to
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you in new york in a really nice warm studio. we have some live pictures coming in right now. this is the hillary clinton campaign event. they're on stand by. we will be taking the secretary speech as soon as she makes it where she is the projected winner there in south carolina. another big victory for senator clinton coming on the heels of her victim in the south carolina caucus. we have a discussion on voters, so many analysts have been trying to get into their mind. why are so many of them supporting bernie sanders, who are the ones supporting hillary clinton. we have a panel to tell us more about who these younger people are supporting in the presidential race. >> adam good evening. so many people are talking about these people. we have 21 assembled here.
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we will start with this woman who is 21 years old. you were a hillary clinton supporter but now you're a fan of bernie sanders. does clinton's win tonight changer perspective? >> it doesn't. the issues that he has been talking about are still the ones that really resonate with me. i think as people have said, clinton's win in south carolina tonight was expected. i think that super tuesday coming up soon, he can go up and improve from here. if we see what happened in nevada, he won the latino vote and in new hampshire on, that and droos the board he is doing really, really well especially nationally. >> you will be watching center tuesday to see how he does? >> yes. >> reporter: we have a republican also 21 years old and a college student. what do you think clinton's win tonight means for her ultimate lead in the republican
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competitors >> >> thank you for having us all here tonight. i don't think tonight changes the strategy for the republicans. she has been doing well and polling strategists know this. their campaign strategy has been around her winning tonight. we need to look at super tuesday and everything that happens after that to really know what republicans will be up against for selection. >> reporter: thank you for that. we will be visiting throughout the evening but we will take time to dig into what exactly young american voters are thinking about. >> reporter: i'm so glad we're doing this to get what issues are important for them. i'm just curious, how diverse is the panel that we have assembled there? >> reporter: they are from republicans, democrats, all students around the area, people who have passion, ranging from things that you might expect,
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like student debt, finding jobs, caring about black lives matter and some concerned about the tax code. it's not just what you think young people will have on their mind but we will hear more on what is motivating them to vote this fall. >> reporter: great to see them engaged. we will check back with you multiple times, but going back to charleston. ali velshi has a guest for us. >> yes. thank you. edward brian he is the head of the nccpa chapter. the distinction for people who don't know all that much. this is one of that's beautiful places. this area and north charleston, while related, the demographics are different, the economics are different in these places >> that's correct. >> reporter: this is a place that i've heard you say on air on al jazeera that there are some people for whom living in south carolina is living in the
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old deep south. >> yes. that is correct. in segments of this particular state, the old south exists here. some people still fly the confederate flag. that happens here. >> reporter: tell me about this democratic primary and this election. do you think matters pertaining to african americans and the various levels of inequality, whether it's income or societal inequality, are they playing a role that you're happy with in this campaign? >> i think it provides an excellent opportunity in this election, this year, okay, to express this of the things that we are looking for in economic sense, so far as minimum wage is concerned. they're on the top of the agenda by all means this plays a significant part in everything that goes on in this strait >> reporter: two nights aago i was in houston for a republican debate. their protesters said black lives matter and $15 minimum wage. now, in this state african-americans seem to be
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supporting hillary clinton more than bernie sanders and bernie sanders is on the $15 minimum wage track. so where do african-americans fall so far as you can tell, from people you've been talking to? >> the issue is clear on regards to where they're going to goechlt. there's a lot of support for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we go particularly - i heard a lot of people talking about what they've done in the past, what they put forth in the past. they focus on that. it's not something that happened yesterday, but going into the future. in this particular state there is a lot of people that are putting their interests in this particular election, in this campaign, and they should be because of the fact that went on in our state. it has got the longest - should i say the longest term is for americans, all americans, black and white. >> reporter: this beautiful church, what i was talking about earlier, what remarkable history in this country.
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the chief pastor here assassinated in june of 2015 along with eight others >> that's correct. >> reporter: you knew him and you knew people from this church. >> yes. >> reporter: what has happened since june in this state? you're republican governor did lead that fight to get the confederate flag removed from the state house and that has happened. are blacks and whites doing better than they were six months ago in this state? >> from the wholehearted point, yes, to a certain extent but to a certain extent no. they're trying to put the confederate flag up but we will make sure it doesn't happen. people have moved forward. we are still going to progress ourselves into the new future of what is good for the state. african-americans and white people in this state get along
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fine. in other segments, no, they don't get along fine. >> reporter: good to see you. thank you for being with us tonight. he is the head of the north charleston of the nccap thank you for that. bernie sanders put out a statement tonight regarding the projected results there in south carolina. first of all, he did congratulate secretary clinton and here is a portion of the statement. i understand it is five pages long, a very detailed statement, but what he had to say he was proud of the campaign that we ran: we will keep picking through
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that statement and talk about that with a panel. we have a panel of experts ready to go right here in the studio. also we do have some live pictures of the hillary clinton campaign event in south carolina. she is expected to speak any minute and we will take those remarks live. stay with us. we have a lot coming up here on al jazeera america. azeera america.
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[ ♪ ] welcome back to our special coverage america votes 2016. live pictures here. another victory party for secretary of state hillary clinton in south carolina. the projected winner there. we're getting our first look at some of the numbers coming in. a slow trickle now, but i think it will be interesting to see how these number play out, how big will her lead be in south carolina. right now she is at 76% with bernie sanders 23%. if that goes through it will be better than the projected numbers. that's four precinct reporting. we will be keeping a close eye on that to see how wide that spread is there. let's bring in our panel of experts tonight. we have a professor of campaign management at nyu, conservative political commentator and
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professor at uc l.a. good to have all of you with us. let's start talking about the numbers this that we're seeing so far. do you think that hillary clinton could do better than the polls indicated because did bernie sanders almost seem to give up at the end and were his supporters in south carolina motivated to still get out? >> it seemed like after nevada when he made a statement and completely neglected to mention south carolina that we had an ink meddling that it made sense for him not to spend time there. he hasn't. he did before, he had a ground game there, but we're looking at the exit polls and she is winning crass the board almost every single demographic except important 17 to 29 year olds and first-time primary voters. besides that she is winning through huge numbers at least so far as we could see the exit polls right now. i think bernie sanders is going to experience a real loss here and it is a huge victory for hillary clinton because she
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struggled from iowa and 4 or 5% victory in nevada was not what they expected six months ago. this is the victory she needed and wanted tonight the republican attack on hillary clinton has been that she is not trust worthy. you're looking at the exit poll data coming out from abc news in south carolina. seven out of ten of the democratic voters view hillary clinton as honest. does that mean the g.o.p. may have tom re-adjust their strategy? >> no. because we're looking at - we're look at over 50% of those that came out with african-american. obama was the first black establishment. mostly it was lining up hillary clinton. they did that even in 2008 until obama won iowa. these are people that have been close to the clintons for 24 years now. that's six presidential cycles. this is not a surprise.
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just as much as new hampshire didn't necessarily reflect the diversity of america, neither do these exit polls in south carolina. super tuesday will be more of an indicator of where this race is than new hampshire was or in this case south carolina because we're talking about two states that are completely to each other. 61% of the voters in the south carolina democratic party are african-american and when asked about race relations bill out of ten thought that hillary clinton would do a good job in that. >> they don't know bernie sanders. they know hillary clinton very well and bill clinton very well. they're closely attached to the clintons. that familiarity has paid off. i just look to the abc exit poll release and 84% so far, so far 84% of african-american voters in that democratic primary are
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voting for hillary clinton. that's huge. it may not hold up as high as that, but that is a huge victory. one thing to worry her, white voters in south carolina, they're voting for bernie sanders. in south carolina white daem accurate are voting for bernie sanders. that has got to be a concern for hillary clinton what is the path forward for bernie sanders heading into super tuesday? does he need to re-adjust his strategy? >> i think he is talking about a lot of issues that people care about. the only way forward for him main to go negative against hillary clinton and talk about the risk democrats might be taking because she represents the status quo. voters who are happy with president obama are going to vote for hik. voters who want change are
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voting for bernie sanders. that's her biggest liability. if she becomes the nominee republicans will never stop saying a vote for hillary clinton is a vote for a third term for obama. bernie sanders has to embrace obama because these are democrats voting. he could warn democrats they would be taking a chance if they nominate hillary clinton do you think that bernie sanders has gone too soft on secretary clinton if he was serious about winning this? >> absolutely. he started saying he didn't want to hear about the emails and we continue to hear about emails. did bernie sanders mention the recent email droop? absolutely no. if you talk the school to prison pipeline, that was cemented during the clinton presidency, vee easily bernie sanders can says mrs clinton your husband has put together this pipeline. you're trying to get these votes, but everything that
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african-americans have been experiencing for the last 20 years started under your husband's watch and you were complicit in it. but he won't say that. as long as he goes after the voters that gave her this huge victory in south carolina and could give her other victories on super tuesday it is the economy also, 40% of the voters are voting on the basis of economy. does he have not on that? >> that is true on both sides where the economy is the big issue in voters minds. bernie sanders unfortunately time is running out for him. tuesday he has got to get new voters to the polls in key states like colorado and others. if he is up able to do that and pick up delegates to push this through to 915th, he will have a tough time coming back here.
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this was a big win for hillary clinton and time is really on her side and unfortunately for bernie sanders to go negative now is so out of touch with what he has been doing, i'm not sure it would res nature with voters on his side. one thing they like about bernie sanders is they think he is authentic, they think he speaks truth to power and him taking the republican line and using it against hillary clinton i don't think that will resonate in any real way especially before tuesday thank you for that. we have to talk about super tuesday and we will get to that. first we just got in new numbers here on the race. we've got 13 precincts now reporting and you can see here in the primary hillary clinton a strong lead with 79% of the vote compared to bernie sanders with 19%. any moment now we could be hearing from hillary clinton. she will be holding a live really. we will take you to that and
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bringing you her remarks. we have a team of reporters across the country. we will be checking in on all of them. stay with us. al jazeera's coverage continues right after this. after this.
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welcome back to our special coverage america votes 2016. live pictures here. campaign party being held for secretary of state hillary clinton. the projected winner there in south carolina. the state has nearly 60 delegates at stake. we are expecting her to address the crowd any moment. you can see her with a strong lead and numbers still trickling in. this was the race that no-one expected to be a surprise, but there's so much nuance in all of this to pick apart and look at the path forward. >> reporter: lots of nuance, but the biggest thing probably for hillary clinton was not being able to win new hampshire and trying to put on a brave face and trying to prove to her supporters that she is a viable candidate, that she is the one to beat.
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it was looking like bernie sanders was the one to beat. this is by no means decisive tonight but it is definitely something. i hope that hillary clinton doesn't come to speak too soon. they look like they're getting ready for her. she will speak then bernie sanders will speak. we've got people in both of those places by the way. as you mentioned randal l pinkston a pinkston. things are heating up there and what the anticipation as to when we're going to hear from hillary clinton? >> reporter: no indication yet. we're seeing and hearing each time a number goes up on one of the big monitors, there's a huge cheer here. hillary clinton supporters are, obviously, expecting her to win and very pleased that she is winning so far with the early returns showing a very wide
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margin. inrestiny, if it holds up, hillary clinton's victory here will be greater than obama's victory was back in 2008 when he beat her by a 29 point margin. so far she is showing something in the order of 68 points ahead of bernie sanders. this victory, obviously, puts her in a position to move forward to super tuesday where there is a huge chunk of delegates that are up for the taking and she wants to get as many as she can, telling her supporters not to be complacent. >> if you work as hard as you can to turn out as many voters as possible between now and the time the polls close on tuesday, i promise you i will work as hard as i know how, i will be by
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your side, i will be your partner as well as your president, and we will make progress together. thank you alabama. thank you so much. >> reporter: it is interesting of the last night in a rally in colombia and again today as i was watching her on tv, she isn't giving any indication that she is assuming she is going to be the nominee. she always puts the conditional, if i am the president, trying to make sure that everyone needs to know she needs their help, not taking anything for granted. she was leading in the polls right up until the primary election and then a young obama came in and beat her. we will expect to come back here when hillary clinton shows up and that should be at any moment. you will probably know as soon
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as i know. >> reporter: very good. thank you we will come back to you. looking at the screen by the way, 53 in the top, that's the number of delegates available in south carolina. there are another six delegates, so-called super delegates. these are people who have standing, congressional members. so it's 59 delegates altogether up for grabs. 53 are up for grabs in the voting tonight. then you can see of the people who have reported in, 78 are for hillary clinton, just 20% for bernie sanders but, again this, as we discussed earlier, is a very diverse state and it is heavily african-american precincts which may not have come in. that 78 to 20 could be a big spreading. most polls call a 60% vote for
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hillary clinton and somewhere under 40% or roughly 40% for bernie sanders. at the moment hillary clinton is over performing. that's because we're not getting precincts in from everywhere that we naed to see them from. as you mentioned bernie sanders was not there when we started talking. he is not in south carolina. he was in austin texas a smort time ago. he was talking there. the crowd was ten thousand. he continues to draw huge crowds across this country. >> he is. it's an occasion of how this campaign, the sanders campaign was look in south carolina. obviously, giving up on it despite what he said at the beginning of the week, that he would not toss in the towel. in the end that's exactly what he did. one thing i want to bring out that randall said about the demographic here. according to the exit poll in making up 62% of the voters here
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some south carolina. larger than what you expected. hillary clinton carrying that cohort, that demographic of african-american democratic voters in south carolina. 84% to 16% if the exit polls are correct. that is a margin larger than it was for obama. i was told there would be no issue. delegates are allocated proportionally it is not winner take all. bernie sanders still has a fighting chance, but soon or later he will have to have a show. do they think they're in good shape here. bernie sanders is flying back. he has not touched down yet.
7:41 pm
we will wait for him about 9 p.m. eastern. in that speech in texas he said a couple of things. he criticized hillary clinton. he touched upon the transcripts of her speeches. also something hells he has done, amid the circus around donald trump, he criticized donald trump and that is interesting because it is becoming a situation now with donald trump, the presumptive nominee after a couple of polls. how are you going to stop him in some we've got to stop him. what are we going to do?
7:42 pm
>> we will defeat donald trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims, who insults women and african-americans and veterans and basically who is not like donald trump. >> they call it the south east primary, super tuesday, because many states that belong to that, many of those states the dechl graphics are-- demographics are similar to south carolina and georgia and alabama, perhaps in tennessee and perhaps in arkansaw. in monday society a-- minnesota, and neighbors states, they think they've got a chance in oak la home and-- oklahoma and also in
7:43 pm
texas have >> reporter: in that speech in austin texas he said if it is me and donald trump, i'm going to win this election. unlike what ran dal was saying, hillary clinton making sure she doesn't tell people that she's the presumptive nominee because she needs them to come out and vote for her. he is talking to an audience that he believes more about the fact that she is taking money from gold man sachs rather than the fact that she was using an email server that she shouldn't have been. stay there. we will come back where we are expecting hillary clinton to speak in a little while-- bernie sanders will be here in a little while, but we also know mike
7:44 pm
huckabeeing will be speaking soon thank you. we are getting word that hillary clinton is about to come on stage. we will keep an eye on that. another will be speaking to the crowd. she will be out there next. we will bring that to you. already coming up later, live pictures here from the museum in washington dc where we have assembled a panel of millenial voters to talk about what is most important to them. stay with us, america votes 2016:.
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hillary clinton declaring
7:47 pm
victory live in south carolina. >> in america when we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. [ applause ] >> we've now gone through four early states and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race and tomorrow this campaign goes national. [ applause ] >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. plaus plaus >> i want to thank all the local
7:48 pm
leaders, legislatolegislators, pastors, organisers who have worked their heart out for this campaign. i thank all of our great south carolina friends going back so many years. i especially want to think two of your former great democratic governors dick reil, y and jim hodges. i want to congratulakon g to co mayor. i am so looking forward to working with the congress man to make the changes and continue
7:49 pm
the progress that have been built by president obama. and to the almost 850,000 people who have contributed what they could, most giving less than $100. i thank each and every one of you. now, every day since iowa, more and more of you have at theed up. today grass roots donors are powering this campaign. to the millions of people watching across our country. please join us by making a donation to hillary here is why. balls together we can breakdown all the barriers holding our families and our country back. we can build ladders of
7:50 pm
opportunity and empowerment so every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential, and then and only then can america live up to its full potential t too. this campaign and this victory tonight, for the parent and teachers in royal south carol a carolina, they showed me crumbling classrooms and communities too long neglected. we're going to work together to give our children the education they need and deserve here in south carolina and across ameri america. this campaign and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me
7:51 pm
more dreams die in the parking lots of banks than anywhere else, and that's especially true for women and people of color. so we're going to work together to give people, particularly young people, the tools you need to start that small business you've been dreaming. this campaign and our victory is for the rever end, the presiding elder of a me chaumpb who looked at all the violence and division in our country and asked me the other night how are we ever going to strengthen the bonds of family and community again. well, we're going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other even
7:52 pm
when we disagree. [ applause ] >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barri s barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together. today too many people at the top, too many corporations have forgotten this basic truth about what makes america great. prescription drug companies that increase the price of drugs for
7:53 pm
no reason than agreed and then-- greed and then double and triple bills of people overnight, corporations that you show games to shift their headquarters overseas for no other reason than to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. companies like johnson colonels and auto pars company that we taxpayers helped to say. let there be no doubt in any boardroom or executive suite across this country, if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, policy utility our environment or rip-off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. [ applause ] >> if you turn your back on america, you will pay a price, but if you do the right thing,
7:54 pm
if you invest in your workers and in your country's future, then we will stand with you. together we have to breakdown all the barriers. not just some. it is important that wall street never threaten main street again. no bank too big and no executive too powerful to jail, but america isn't a single issue country, my friends. we need more than a plan for the biggest banks. the middle class needs a raise. [ applause ] >> and we need more good jobs, jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced, jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future and we can create those good jobs by building on the
7:55 pm
progress we've made under president obama, so let's make new investments and manufacturing and small business, in scientific research, in clean energy, enough clean energy to power every home in america. [ applause ] >> and don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america because i know we can and i know we will. [ applause ] >> lit's breakdown the bar-- let's breakdown the barriers that keep people on the line, especially women. don't you think we've waited along enough for equality, affordable child care and paid family leave? don't you think it's time for equal pay, for equal work?
7:56 pm
let's breakdown the barriers that stop our children from getting the best possible start in life. we need to support teachers and schools in every zip code. [ applause ] >> let's breakdown the barriers holding back our young people especially the student hard debt that make it hard to imagine living the life that they want. we are going to give special support to on our historically black schools and universities that play a vital role in our country. breaking down the barriers mean we also have to face the reality of systemic racism that more than a half a sen true tree still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in
7:57 pm
america and who gets left behind. we have to invest in communities of color, reform our broken criminal justice and immigration system. [ applause ] >> we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity and justice for every american and tonight i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who chris-crossed this state with me and for me, five mothers brought together by tragedy, aabrina fulton, mother of one child for walking down the street. another mother of one shot and killed by someone who thought he was playing his music too loud in his car marie ahamilton, mother of dontrey shot and killed by police, another mother of eric grarner, choked to death
7:58 pm
after selling loose cigarettes on the street and a mother of sandra bland who died in police custody in texas. they all lost children, which is almost unimagine abable yet the have not been broken or embittered. instead they have channelled their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement and they are reminding us of something deep and powerful in the american spirit. by now we all know the story of flint michigan. how a city's children were poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save a little money. but there's another side to the story in flint. it's a story of a community that has been knocked down by refused
7:59 pm
to be knocked out. it's hundreds of union plumbers coming from across the country to help install new water fixtures. it's students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up in flint to distribute supplies. it's the united auto workers and general motors donating millions of dollars. we know there are many other flints out there, communities that have been left out and left behind, but for every problem we face anywhere in america, someone somewhere is working to solve it. our country was built by people who had each other's backs, who understood we all have to do our part and that at our best we all rise together. imagine what we can all build together when each and every american has the chance to live
8:00 pm
up to his or her potential, imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the spectre of deportation. imagine tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, family are spouted and communities are strong. when we tuft and protect each other despite all that divides us. so please join us in this campaign for our country's future. go to hillary clinton.come or text "join", to 47246 right now. i stopped by a bakery here in colombia saying hello to everybody. i went over to say hello to a man r


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