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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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>> very happy to have you here. he she would be happy to be anywhere, at my age. >> the breaking news this hour. u.s. officials say russia has agreed to a truce in syria. >> when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in kalamazoo goes before a judge. campaign crunch republicans prepare for tomorrow's nevada
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caucus. >> this is al jazeera america i'm richelle carey. earlier today the u.s. and russia said that they reached a provisional agreement on a cease-fire. the plan would begin as early as this saturday. today the u.n. officials reiterated the condition. >> one is the cessation of hostilities.
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the thirds one is the longer term process. these elements are not conditional. they should not be conditional and they should take place in terms of release of women, children and aged. >> 129 people were killed during several suicide attacks in damascus and homs. jamie mcintyre joins us now from the pentagon. what does this actually mean? >> the pentagon said that russia in that time has significantly stepped up its bombing of syria's and a lot of civilians are really feeling the brunt of this campaign. a lot of questions surrounding the implementation of this agreement.
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will russia stop bombing aleppo? the agreement calls for the cessation of hostilities among the warring parties, and that targeting by the air would only be allowed against isil and the al nusra front, an al-qaeda affiliate. russia has identified a much larger group of people as being part of the opposition. the main objective.
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the flo. >> jamie, are there any provisions in place, anything to prevent a flare-up in the fighting that could completely derail the goal of having the cease-fire by saturday? >> right now the big interest is in difficultying of the humanitarian aid. even russia has been at odds with the united states over many aspects in the fighting of syria has agreed. there is a great hope that this cessation of hostilities will hold long enough to provide real relief for the long-suffering syrian people. >> let's shift gears and talk about guantanamo.
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increasing the pressure in closing gitmo. >> they got hung up over what to do with the detainees that the united states believes cannot be prosecuted in criminal courts or september to other countries. as i said there is no surprise that this plan will call for the closures of guantanamo. what do you do with the small number of detainees that needing to some place. right now they're barred from being taken to the united states. the original plan cited a location, a super max prison in colorado. i'm told this plan will layout a series of options. the idea is that they're trying to get congress to work they're hoping that they'll buy into some plan, and change the law to
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allow that to happen. >> six people killed in a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. >> you've got families who are shattered today. >> jason dalton is due in court later today. he killed six people and injured two others during saturday night's shootings. he committed the crime while driving for uber and continued to pick up passengers between shootings. andy rosen is following the story for us. what di else did he say about the shooting and what else did
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he say about dalton. >> dalton will be in court in an hour. that's when the court starts in kalamazoo county. and we're told that dalton and his wife and two kids are a quiet family. he's an insurance adjustor by day. and he likes to shoot off guns. that's not uncommon as they living in a rural part of the county. the president said he's frustrated by all this. >> earlier i took steps to make it harder for individuals to buy guns. clearly we have to do more to keep americans safe. i assume you're just as tired as i am of seeing this happen. >> authorities recovered one gun from dalton's car over the weekend. >> the reports that he was
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picking up passengers in between shootings. >> he shot a random woman in a parking lot. she's expected to survive. he shot other people and then picked up fares again. then he shot four women. ages 60 to 74 all died. the girl is in critical condition. some of the fares who got rides from him are saying incredible things, who jokingly asked dalton during all this when word spread about these shootings, he said, hey, are you the killer? and he gave a flat-out no. >> it's crazy to think that this person came out and did all these horrible things. then said in a straight face tha--
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>> uber said they're heartbroken by all this. they said that dalton did pass the background check to be an uber driver. and they'll help any way they can. >> andy thank you. most of the republican candidates are in nevada today ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. except ohio governor john kasich. he's speaking to voters in virginia. the g.o.p. presidential hopeless are all hoping to gain supporters from jeb bush who dropped out of the race over the weekend. donald trump thinks he has the edge. >> a number of pundits said well if a couple of other candidates drop out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trumps. they don't understand that as those people drop out i'm going to get some of those votes, you don't just add them together.
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>> a new emerson college poll in massachusetts finds trump is the overwhelming favorite there. randall pinkston has more with what is at stake in the next republican contest. >> it is important for marco rubio. the florida senator has not won any of the primaries taken place. of course he needs some victory somewhere to prove that he has the possibility of winning the nomination. but ted cruz is important. he did win in new hampshire, but he would like to show that he's strong in the west. he wants to show he can take on donald trump. and then the donald, who has come in and up ended every prediction and conventional prediction of a northern candidate with a history of divorce. who has not been known for hi
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his--here is something to think about. in recent times no one candidate of either party has swept on super tuesday. you might get six states. you might get up to nine. but that's not all of them. you need 1236 delegates to win the rendell gas statio republican delegation. he will do well probably, but he'll still have a lot of work to do ahead as he himself said yesterday. >> randall pinkston in columbia, south carolina, there. he may be trailing in the polls, but wall street money is flooding the rubio campaign. a move that continues to push the florida senator as the
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establishment frontrunner against donald trump. he has gained money from wall street. jeb bush came in with $2.5 million in contributions. and democratic hopeful hillary clinton is third with $720,000. uncertainty about a possible british exit from the e.u. the so-called exit is sending the pound to its lowest level in seven years. it's been pushed down 4% against the dollar this year. credit ratings warned that leaving the e.u. could effect britain's credit. meanwhile, british prime minister david cameron made a case for staying in the european union before parliament today. a referendum on the issue will be held in june. up next a supreme court is back in session since the death of
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justin scali justice scalia. and squeezing apple to unlock a phone is going after justice not setting a precedence in privacy. the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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>> the supreme court has met for the first time since the death of antonin scalia.
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>> you know it was very stark, if you will, to walk into that courtroom and see the black draping justice scalia's chair. and over to the bench why he sits, a very somber mood as the eight remaining justices file in. he said he was known for his intellect, he's wit and prose. he said we cannot forget his irpre irrerepresidiary repressible spirit. justice scalia at one point
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before he was on the court did argue a case before the court. the only case he argued before the court. he prevailed as justice chief justice roberts said. he had a perfect record before the court. he note thad scalia had authored 292 majority cases for the court during his long tenure, and he said he was known occasionally to dissent, which you can imagine also brought a laugh from those in the caught room because scalia was well-known. he'll really be missed on the court. there will be a memorial service in the chambers at a future date. and then in mid-march, late in march the justices will shift seats. someone, the next--they sit by seniority, they will move seats, and they will fill in the chair that was filled by justice antonin scalia. >> where do things stand to
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replace scalia? >> the white house said that president obama has begun looking at possible candidates to nominate for that post on the supreme court going through resumés looking at backgrounds. they claim there is no short list. he did make calls to both those republicans last week to indicate i'm going to nominate someone. the democrats are put be pressure on the colleagues to say it is irresponsible and unprecedented to leave that chair vacant as long as it would be if we waited for the next president to be sworn in, but right now there doesn't seem to be any indications that the republicans are going to move forward or at least confirm any nominee to the supreme court who would be nominated by president obama. >> lisa stark in washington. thank you very much. today russia will formerly ask for permission to fly high-tech
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surveillance planes over the u.s. the planes are equipped with powerful digital cameras which officials fear could be used to help moscow gather sensesive intelligence. they're already allowed to fly jets under the open skies treaty. the 2002 accord was created to create transparency about military activity. japanese airbag maker tikata may face another recall in the u.s. 70 to 90 inflaters should be recalled. regulators say they still pose a risk to drivers. 19million vehicles have been recalled since 2004. tikata say that the airbag can rupture and explode with excessive force. the war of words between apple and the fbi over access to an encrypted iphone are growing stronger. the agency' agency director is
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calling for calm and defending his agency's demand that apple help break into one of the san bernardino attacker's phones. in a statement he writes this is not about trying to create a precedence. it's about victims' injustice. 14 people were slaughte slaughtered, and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we owe it to them to investigate them under law. apple wrote: amendment said that the request is an overreach and so tar says it will not comply. michael hayden tells "usa today" that he agrees with the
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government on this specific case but not on the broader issue of a so-called back door. >> jim would like a back door available to american law enforcement to all devices globally. on balance that harms american safety and security. although it might make jim's job easier in a few circumstances. >> the fbi needs apple's help because the security settings lock the device if i the password is entered incorrectly too many times. it may erase all the information on the phone. they want to be able to enter as many passwords on the phone as necessary. >> it's about democracy activists in china. human rights workers in syria. it's about lgbt activists here
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in the middle east, you name it. privacy is not just a human right, but it's a social good. >> the white house supports the fbi and insists there is no privacy threats. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> apple's encryption scheme on newer iphones has no back door meaning it would be impossible for the fbi to crack newer devices. >> president obama is meeting with the national governor's association today about painkiller abuse in the u.s. over the weekend opioid drug overuse has dominated the nation's governors. most governors favor new guidelines of how people get opioids painkillers like oxycontin. the president said that it points to a larger problem with our healthcare system.
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>> what we have to do, i think, is to make a big push for additional treatment and mental health services in ruler communities generally. make a big push for public health in communities generally, and then have a very specific approach to working with the docs, the hospitals, the providers so that they are not overprescribing. >> the president is also fielding questions on gun control, trade, energy, and other topics. researchers say the hpv vaccine has made real progress in slowing the disease. rates of hpv are down 64% since the vaccine was introduced in yo 2006.
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the immunization rates are still low. only 40% of girls have received the vaccine. up next, under oath and on the record, bill cosby's wife loses her bid to answer questions about the sexual allegations against her husband. the dream fulfilled, the energic 106 woman who got the president and first lady to cut a rug.
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>> bill cosby's wife is sitting down for a deposition today in the latest development in the sexual assault allegations against her husband. >> camille cosby was hoping to skip today's hearing and avoid answering questions about her husband all together. late saturday her attorneys filed a motion to postpone the hearing citing marital privilege. the judge said she had to show up to the deposition at a massachusetts hotel. the attorney said that mrs. cosby would have relevant information since she was her husband's business manager for years. she said she has had no involvement with the facts or allegations unlying this case and that her public testament would create an unnecessary media circus that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her. >> no wife wants to go into a deposition or public forum and have to testify about her person relationship with her husband.
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definitely not testify about his relationships with other women. >> more than 50 women have come forward claiming that bill cosby sexually assaulted, drugged or raped them. he has consistently denied those claims as he faces trials in pennsylvania on sexual assault charges. his wife has stuck by his side. her last public comments about the allegations back in 2014 when she called the comedian a wonderful husband, father and friend. >> we could find out who the biggest names in international soccer will remained suspended. sepp blatter and michel platini entered appeals last week. special suspended because allegations sepp blatter made payments to michel platini. many want jobs in space.
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there are 14 slots. that gives applicants a .08 chance, making it easier to get into harvard. nasa will announce their selection in 2017. it was a dream come true for a woman who lived through both world wars. >> that will put a smile on your face for the next few days. president obama invited 106 virginia to the white house for black history month. she talks, laughs, dances, she launched the campaign on youtube for the invitation. she sai is just a doll.
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stay tune for news next from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> and it is good to have your company, for the al jazeera newshour. i'm david foster in london. an agreement between the u.s. and russia, calling for hostilities to stop in russia, the warring sides agree. uganda needs help. promising to protest after disputed elections. 21 die as a cyclone with winds


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