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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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>> after a lengthy social media campaign, she finally got her wish to meet america's first black president. keep moving she says is the secret to a long life. that's according to her. more on that woman on the day's top stories on with our website, when i ran them individual besides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> random rampage, the uber driver accused of a kill spree in kalamazoo goes before a judge today. campaign crunch, nevada prepares for republican caucus.
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bill cosby's wife prepares to testify today over sex abuse charges against her husband. this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. authorities this morning are piecing together clues, trying to find a motive behind a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton shot eight people saturday night, first at an apartment complex, then a car dearly ship and later eight restaurant parking lot. six people shot died. two others are in critical condition. al jazeera's andy has been following this story for us. police believe the suspect chose his shooting victims at random. that's the word they are using. where does the investigation stand right now? >> it's just a big question why, that everybody wants to find out. it looks like the only person who can answer that is the suspect. jason dalton sitting in jail now
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and probably with a court appearance this afternoon, the big question of why hung over a prayer vigil held last night in kalamazoo at a church. hundreds of people showed up. they played amazing grace and remembered the eight victims. they are trying to make sense of something seemingly so senseless. >> shots fired, we have one confirmed victim right now. >> police are still trying to figure out what was behind a mass shooting in kalamazoo, michigan. >> this was so random. if this was gang violence, there's ways and interventions and things to work on. when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. june at least six people were killed, two others seriously hurt. >> this is your worst nightmare where you have somebody just driving around randomly killing people. >> the suspect, 45-year-old jason dalton was arrested early sunday. >> he didn't struggle. there wasn't a fight.
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he seemed unaffected by what was going on and they found that pretty surprising based on what they knew or believe he had done at the time. >> police say he was opening fire from inside hills car at three different locations. dalton, an uber driver, reportedly kept picking up fares between each shooting, an allegation police are investigating. one man told a local television station that dalton picked him up you and drove erratically, through stop signs and across lawns. that terrified passenger got out and ran. uber said he passed a background check to become a driver and understands the company is horrified and heartbroken and will do whatever is needed to help investigators. the shooting spree spanned seven hours and encompassed 15 miles around kalamazoo. the first victim, a woman was shot and injured outside an apartment complex on the northeast side of the city. her terrified children watched, just stems away.
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neighbors ran to help her. >> i first struck out the back window and i saw a car speeding off. i came out and saw like a woman right in between her truck and she was calling for 911. >> that mother is expected to survive. a father and his 18-year-old son were gunned down while they were looking at cars at a kia car dearly ship on the south side of the city. the most victims at a cracker barrel parking lot. four women were killed sitting in their cars. a 14-year-old girl was shot and rushed to the hospital. the governor of michigan said she is now fighting just to stay alive. >> a lot of prayers last night at that prayer vigil for the 14-year-old girl. she was pronounced dead at the hospital saturday night. they were preparing her organs for donation when she suddenly squeezed her mother's hand indicating she was alive. she is still in very critical condition. >> but at least alive.
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andy, any other details emerging about the suspect said background? >> neighbors tell local media that jason dalton is also an insurance adjustor by day. he has a wife and two kids. they say the family is quiet but a friendly family. they didn't hear much from dalton. the mayor said he is a very sad, sad man. >> and no criminal background. andy, thanks. in less than half an hour, the supreme court will hear arguments for the first time since the death of justice scalia. only say justice will take the bench. scalia's chair will be draped in black wool and remain in its usually place until next month. this weekend, much of washington turned out for scalia's funeral. president obama could name his replacement as army as today. senate republicans vowed to block any nomination. mark sacks who writes about congress said the president runs
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a big risk with any nominee he puts forward. >> does the president want to risk an up or down vote to reject someone making that person painted good for the next president. obama faces many, many choices. that's the reason he had that combined binder walking through the rhodes garden friday. he has many robes to choose from now. the biggest scariest question is who will likely be the sacrificial lamb. >> is blocking the mom newspaper the equivalent of shutting down the government as the democrats have tried to paint snit. >> i don't believe so, no. the court has eight members. the court once had seven members, going back to five members. this is not the shutdown of another branch of government. it means cases that could end up 4-4 will result in a precedent nationwide. there will be another justice within the next year, most likely.
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>> sacks said even if the nominee put forward, that may be a sacrifice lamb. massachusetts, a new emerson college poll shows 50% of voters there favor donald trump. marco rubio is in second there. this weekend, both rubio and senator ted cruz argued they are better candidates than trump. >> there are a lot of republicans who think donald trump is not the right guy to go head-to-head with hillary clinton, that we'd probably lose that match. 70% of republicans believe that. we are seeing people come behind our campaign, because we are the only one that has and can beat donald trump. >> anyone can use tough words.
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anyone can go over the top and say things that sound strong. sounding strong is not enough. you have to know how you're going to do it. his policies would not make america stronger. >> randall pinkston has more on what's at stake in the next contest. >> it is certainly important for marco rubio. the florida senator has not won any of the contests so far, of course he needs some victory somewhere to prove that he still has a possibility of eventually winning the nomination. for ted cruz, it's important. he did win in new hampshire, but he would like to show that he's strong in the west. cruz of course a senator from the accident, expecting, hoping to do well to show that he is the person who can take on donald trump. of course the donald who has come to south carolina, up ended every conventional wisdom about a northern candidate who has a history of divers, who had not
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exactly been known for his close ties to christianity before he came to south carolina, somehow he wins here. he's going to move west trying to build on his momentum moving towards the convention. >> there are 590 delegates at stake from super delegates. no one candidate of either party has swept on super tuesday. you might get six states, you might get up to nine, but you don't get all of them. that's number one. you need 1,236 delegates to win the republican party nomination. only 595 are at stake. trump will not get them all, because there's a portion of the delegates. that means that those people who come in second and third will also get some of them. he will do well probably, but he will still have a lot of work to do ahead, as he himself said yesterday. >> randall pinkston for us in colombia, south carolina. republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john
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kasich is stepping into the debate over planned parenthood. he signed a bill defunding planned parenthood in his state. the law would stop more than $1 million in funding from going to any organization that promotes or does abortions. >> hillary clinton won the nevada caucus us, the low turnout in the nevada caucuses in convinces fag. many supporters point to african-american voters and while only 13% of the nevada electorate was african-american, here in south carolina, that number is much larger. more than half of democratic primary voters are expected to be black voters. hillary clinton is winning them by a wide margin. bernie sanders for his part said he is not writing off south carolina. he expects to compete here and in fact late sunday evening, he did have a very large rally
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where he hit some familiar themes in greenville, south carolina. hillary clinton for her part stopped in the accident. that's a super tuesday state, 11, some 11 states are going to be having priories or caucuses on that day, texas among them. we'll there and speaking in houston, hillary clinton talked racial issues. >> in state after state, they're doing everything they can to stop black people, latinos, poor people, young people people with disabilities from voting. it's a blast from the jim crow past and we're going to fight it. >> in his speech this evening in greenville, bernie sanders also talked about the issues confronting african-americans he. >> no american, black, latino or white should be fearful of walking down the street and
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getting shot by a police officer. >> these votes are going to come in rapid success now. saturday, it's the democratic primary after republican voters turned out for donald trump, giving him arounding victory saturday night. three days after the democratic primary here on saturday comes super tuesday, some 11 states and territories are going to be voting, having primaries or caucuses. among them, many southern states are calling it a southeast conference primary after arkansas, texas and georgia, all involved in voting all having high african-american voting populations within the democratic electorate, many favoring hillary clinton on paper. bernie sanders is going to be putting up a fight, but the vote could turn, it could revert to the mean where hillary clinton
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was leading all along. the fib fires back at apple. the director insisting safety should not be left in the happened of tech companies. under oath and on the record, big companies by's wife loses her bid to postpone a deposition over sexual allegations against her husband.
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bill cosby's wife is arriving as a hotel in
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massachusetts to sit down with lawyers for a deposition connected to the sexual assault allegations against her husband. al jazeera said hermela aregawi reports. >> camille cosby hoped to avoid answering questions about her husband altogether. her lawyers filed an emergency motion to postpone the hearing, citing marital privilege. a judge denied that request and ruled she has to show up to the deposition at a massachusetts hotel. the case relates to a defamation lawsuit filed by seven of cosby's alleged victims. they said mrs. cosby would have relevant information since she was her husbanded business manager for years. she said she has no facts in this case and that her testimony would create no purpose other than to harass or embarrass her. >> no wife wants to go into a public forum and have to testify about her personal relationship with her husband. definitely not testify about his relationships with other women.
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>> more than 50 women have come forward claiming that big companies by sexually assaulted, drugged or raped them. he has consistently denied those claims even as he faces trial in pennsylvania on sexual assault charges. his wife has stuck by his side. her last public comments were back in 2014, when she called the comedian a wonderful husband, father and friend. hermela aregawi, al jazeera issues there will be arguments in a connecticut court today over the gun used in the sandy hook has kerr. the families of the victims are suing, saying the gun is too dangerous to be sold to the public. lawyers representing the gun manufacturer and shop that sold it say the suit should be thrown out, arguing they are shielded under federal law. the war of words is stronger this morning between apple and the f.b.i. over access to an encrypted iphone. the agency said folks need to take a breath and stop saying the world is ending.
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apple's c.e.o. won't back down. >> the f.b.i. director is calling for calm and defending his agencies demand that apple help break into one of the san bernardino attacker's phones. he writes this isn't about trying to set a precedent or send a message. it is about the victims and justice if that 14 people were slaughtered and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we owe them a fair investigation. tim cook writes: apple says the request is an overreach and so far, it says it will not comply. former n.s.a. direct or michael hayden tells "u.s.a. today" he agrees but not on the broader
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issue of a so-called back door. >> jim would like a back door available to american law enforcement in all devices globally, and frankly, i think on balance, that actually harms american safety and security. even though it might make jim's job a bit easier in some specific circumstances. >> the f.b.i. needs apple help because the security settings on the phone locks the device if a password is entered wrong too many times. they want apple to enable them to take as many shots at necessary. with 24 million iphone 5c.'s in use around the world, privacy activists say millions more earlier models may also be affected. >> it's about democracy activists in china. it's about human rights workers in syria. it's about lgbt activists here in the middle east, you name it.
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privacy is not just a human right, but it's a social good. >> the white house supports the f.b.i. and insists there's no privacy threat. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> apple's encryption scheme has no back door, meaning it would be impossible for the f.b.i. to crack new devices. the. record allows in washington state are some of the most open in the country. there are still barriers. >> just think of all the public information, all the data that's accumulating in a city like stealth, accumulating every second of every day. things like building permits, city council meeting transcripts, parking citations, court proceedings, video
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recorded by police dash cameras and body cameras and much more. in washington state, a lot of that information is a matter of public record and getting it to the public when they ask for it cab time consuming and expensive. there is a movement afoot here and at all government levels across the country to make public information more public, more accessible, to bring that whole process into the modern day. >> this is a global mainstream movement. we see the shift to digital government as something that's quite irreversible because it's dictated by reality. we can't solve problems the same way we tried to solve them 20 years ago. >> business is very good at a seattle company that pioneered the industry of creating open source data solutions for government, finding ways to put all that information out there for the public to access as easily as they access so many
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other kinds of information these days on line, hoping to make the government that much more transparent. al jazeera, seattle. >> president obama is meeting with the national governor's association tailed about the pain killer abuse epidemic in the u.s. over the weekend, opioid drug overdose deaths dominate a meeting between the nation's governors. republican and democratic governors are both in favor of limiting how people get pain killers. they want the white house support for new regulations. >> they help the homeless but could lose their own home. the nuns caught up in san francisco housing crisis. whose stepping up to help them out.
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pope francis is asking for a worldwide ban on the death penalty. speaking before the faithful in st. peters square sunday, the pope said the commandment do not kill holds absolute value and he said there is no justification for capital punishment. it was part of the holy year. he hopes all nations will eventually abolish the death penalty. a june of california nuns devoted their lives to helping the homeless but now can't afford the rising rent in san francisco. >> for years, the homeless and hung beery in san francisco's toughest neighborhood, the tender loin depended on a hat meal prepared with french expertise by the nuns.
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>> the jay we get back from what we do here. >> the women who serve the homeless may soon be without a home themselves. the landlord plans to raise their rent from $3,465 a month to $5,500. >> it shows how we are going to do isis not possible. we don't have that much money. all those poor people need to be fed. what's going to happen, you know? >> even in san francisco's most dill lap dated neighborhood, it's tough to rent. it extends to even beyond the middle class. housing has become the top issue for residents and a headache for city officials. one initiative is a small sites program. the city helps acquire property. they set them aside as affordable housing. the program means teresa can now
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stay home. she and her family had faced eviction. >> we actually got help from everybody. we are eternally grateful, and at first, it was we couldn't believe it. >> the city spent $13.9 million on the program so far. these are some of the homes bought and set aside for renters. san francisco accessed the lender with non-profit groups taking charge of the actual purchase. >> san francisco, probably because we are one of the highest cost cities in the nation has been innovative in creating this. there are other cities doing other things, but to actually take taxpayer dollars and say we are going to subsidize these buildings is something that san francisco has done. >> critics question whether the government should get involved in this way, but so far, city politicians support the plan. >> we are glad to do it.
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we're fortunately that we have a strong enough economy to spend money and have the different agencies come together to help us. >> achievements are incremental. the latest purchase purchased 19 units. >> if you're wealthy, you have a lot of options. if you're on a fixed in come or a person with disabilities, it's just a matter of time before your building may be bought and you'll be pushed further and further out. hopefully a small sites fund helps, but there's a lot more we should be doing as a city, as well. >> as for the sisters, their attorney is trying to cut a deal with the landlord, give them one year to find their next location. they now have the time but still might not have the money. al jazeera, san francisco. the nuns are getting help from tony robbins. he was so impressed with their charity work, he gave them
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$25,000 so they could afford their rent for a year and promised another $25,000 to help them find a new place to live. >> one lucky american got her dream come true, meeting the president and first lady. >> how are you? >> fine! >> president obama invited 106-year-old virginia mclauren to the white house for black history month. she talked, laughed, even danced with the president and first lady. michelle obama told mclauren she wants to be just like her when she grows up. you wonder if that energy is what has kept her going for 106 years. thanks for watching with that i'm stephanie sy. the news continues next live
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from doha. have a great day. >> hello and welcome to the news hour. here's what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. afghan forces pull out of another district in hellman province conceding control to the taliban. deal is done in violent protests in northern india which disrupts water supplies to the capital. uganda's opposition leader is taken away as supporters plan protests. fijians w


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