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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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12 hours. it's happening at the children's hospital. they are connected at the head, which will likely make the surgery more difficult. but through a bad experience, they have done 38 of these kinds of surgeries. [ ♪ ] i'm richard gizbert, and you're at "the listening post." >> we are breaking with our usual form at to dig into a
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media story in syria. >> the date line that is mon op liesing the coverage is aleppo. half the city is in government forms. government forces are advancing. and the united nations. 300,000 could be victims. siege, cut off by food supplies and humanitarian aid. after four years of fighting, failed diplomacy and a propaganda war, there's fatigue in the world on the part of journalist and news consumers. this is not getting old, it's getting worse. >> before getting to complexities, we want to start where we end. a video that has gone viral. drone footage. the city of palms. it was the capital of the resolution, it's been a battle ground and has the scars to prove it. in is affiliated with the russian broadcaster.
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after it was posted the footage reposted by channel four news saying the destruction was caused by pro-government trying to take back. russia focused on the extremist pictures of the opposition forces. that is a small example of how differently this story is told, depending on who is telling it. the degree of destruction is shocking. aleppo could be left to look lick homs, a city left in ruins.
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[ ♪ ] chronicling the way the story in syria is reported. when you spool through that coverage, you find yourself entangled in a spider's web of news narratives. still war and religious launch. a proxy war threatens to
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escalate and destabilize the middle east. a refugee crises the scale of which europe had not witnessed. the risk is too great. some paid with their lives. inside the fault lines between the bashar al-assad government and numerous opposition actions. >> the government propaganda machine has been reforcing military decisiveness. celebrating the losses, and making a larger point. syria is under attack by the outside forces. syria is fighting one of those wars on terror, so-called. on syria's state-controlled
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media. aleppo and other forces went to areas that are rebel held. carefully taking it. >> the aim is military decisiveness. raising the use over and over again. >> show footbinge by the syrian army. >> they really almost entirely ignored the refugees, it's obvious why. whether there's a battle over territories. that pump or aleppo, this is very much that. it is seen as a nationalist battle territory.
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they are going aleppo, raising the syria flag. aleppo will return to the home ground. it is what is at stake according to syrian media. this is called an outside power. some media outlets acted as proxies. state funded channels from russia, saudi arabia and qatar have been accused of reflecting patron government stances. and western news channels exposed some of their own dwelling on concern of casualties. beginning that same issue when the plane did the bombing. when the plane did the bombing.
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then channels like almanar next door in lebanon, beaming their signals and narratives into syria. >> i watched med een today, and we saw a lot of coverage of suicide attacks. i find the main story is refugee crisis and entering turkey. they are close to the regime, there's a lot of reporters on the ground. al jazeera is handicapped. and most western journalists for that matter - then the first that they have. hezbollah fighters are involved in the battlefield alongside the syrian army.
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another in touch with the pro government. recently, since september. we had a major ramp up of the presence. english and arabic versions. different channels broadcast from syria. on the side of the government, the opposition. to a certain extent. they forget the news, a prospigs outlet. so syria is a proxy battlefield, and it's reflected in the media. >> i think orient today is prominent. and news that worked. like 24/7, and have so main reporters on the ground.
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it's also the beginning. they lost a lot of trust and international media and general. they were always casting doubt from reporters, coming inside of syria. the people inside syria, have witnessed atrocities first hand. the world is not reflecting the truth. >> many prescribed the propaganda that goes outs on syrian state tv. >> the imagery are heavy-handed. it is not above using children to make its point. >> and the music provoked memories of a certain theft. between the audio visual.
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they have been schooled in moscow and washington. it goes back to historic relations between syria and russia, seen as countries that opposes the west and syrian directors and media professionals were educated. a lot of oinitial media, has been moderated. in this side of reporting. a lot of groups are lumped together. it is used a lot, and it's interesting as much as the obama administration used the interpret.
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a lot of the government have ambiguity. it describes everyone as a terrorist. the western narrative of battling terrorism has been adopted in syria, saudi arabia and egypt. each country, warrants terrorism. to shoot its own interests. which would not be the issue if the organization didn't simply adopt the government's terminology and make it their own, as so many others have. one cannot foresee journalism in syria without referralinging to it. some journalist have been targetted.
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including those heading for violently purposes. not many are ready to go. and who can blame them. >> this war killed hundreds of thousands and chased millions from their homes. they are the victims. the media and journalism bearing many of them. >> there's a big question mark about the dependence of news outlets over the world, about how much the world is responsible to protect a journalist. they can continue doing their job. i think that even the syrian war is over. it should be something the world talked about. all the profits are tainted with the issue of violence. it plied to both.
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both tainted by the necks. they were cheering on the side. it's not original. they say reliability is there's another victim on this. people emerge for this. they trust in their outlets. it's a relationship to anyone tham people will not trust any outlet, and honestly, i wouldn't either. >> people loved him. teachers loved him. >> we were walking the river looking for him.
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i knew something was really really wrong. >> all hell broke lose. >> people were saying that we were terrorists. >> how are you providing a cover for your brother to do this? >> we saw the evil side of the social media take off.
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in a moment we'll look at syrian agencies operating in exile. given the amount of journalistic bias, new media and mainstream outlets, it's a case of buyer beware. starting with the main syrian owned channel. sanaa, the state-owned newsagency turned out pro-government. news from lebanon factors in. pro-bashar al-assad. iran and a syrian businessman and cousin of bashar al-assad. others are sympathetic to iran. out of south beirut and into syria. bashar al-assad does few television interviews. he did one with al-manar last
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year on the olympics side. a group was made up of activists. it's in the u.s., and relies on konts. it had more than 2 million followers on facebook. and was founded by chir u. a political access turn war report. now operating out of southern turkey. syrian news broadcast into the rebel held areas of the north. two months ago it made headlines when it was reported from areas of aleppo. they disputed claims their bombs were only hit areas in i.s.i.l. >> reporter: then on the outskirts of damascus. before it was shut down by government forces, it moved to subturkey and claims to have a
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print run of papers. it is distributed inside syria. in aleppo, latakia and idlib. >> it's five years to go since the first demonstrations would took place in damascus. syrian journalists documented what any call the revolution. the effect of the fighting on the price of gasoline, what goods and necessities are in short supply, and death notices. sons and daughters were killed. some of the most useful outlets were based in southern turkey. beyond the line of fire that can be a border crossing away. that border - who guarantees protection and movement. journalists that are willing to kill to get the message across.
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the "the listening post" will young on some journalists that got out and sending the news back in. >> reporter: a weekday morning in syria. those that need to make a journey might be advised to tune into this radio programme. >> translation: we broadcast a simple programme called how's the road. to alert people to the most dangerous roads in the area. we tell people where a squirmish occurs and not to use the route. we give people simple information that is not relevant to their lives. >> reporter: in between, syrians get the latest on the war,
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reports on public services. or the recall of the dead. >> we are not friday in international news. we care about what is happening in syria, those that can't find food are hinting, those that have no food or suffering under air strikes. we are the number one scours documenting the dead and the martyrs. they call us to complain. >> almost all its in the media work on services, giving information about things that improve their daily lives. >> information about where are
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the hospitals, the doctors. many of the outlets are baste in southern turkey, where a quarter of the refugees found a temporary home. it has become a hub of n.g.o.s. and they maintain links. it has good facilities. we have daily communication with more than 100 supporters. we have employees that came in to syria. >> we left for security
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concerns. we were punted hunted. government forces. sting, we teen it off. no signs or anything to reveal the location. and it's a 4 our drive from raqqa, the city i.s.i.l. declared the capital of the islamic state. it was a birthplace of a group of citizen journalists. rehabilitation e being slaughtered silently. rbs is a campaign to document atrocities by i.s.i.l. >> we start and within weeks they would kill anyone that worked for us. i.s.i.l. turned areas into helle. there was a parody of a
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magazine. with tools with a positive influence. everything is slaughtered. they are good people. they are only wassing to work on the violations of i.s.i.s. >> they are in a difficult situation. >> there were two journalists from the group beheaded by i.s.i.s. since then, everything has occurred. people are trying to watch their step. people feel targeted. others are a hub for syrian media organizations. security is poor. working in the area is impossible. there were daily threats. they can get to us from anywhere.
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we have left the area, no one knows where we are. they work in secret safe locations. i've been in berlin for more than a year and a half. danger is everyone, even in germany.
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>> singer / songwriter natalie merchant. >> i became fully human when i became a mother. >> devoted community activist. >> people become victimized by their circumstances. >> revelations about her new solo album. >> i was just trying to make music that transferred what was in my heart to other people. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change.
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>> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change. when syrians rose up against bashar al-assad in 2011, journalists began to contest the government narrative. now, with a multitude of other militant groups, the involvement of foreign powers, the syrian story is ever more complex
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i worked in state tv for around 14 years, i felt like a real journalist. we couldn't speak unless we had permission from the services. we couldn't say all those years. we have journalistic standards. you can't count the regime's information. aleppo today is an independent channel. the united states is a creator of revolutionary propaganda. with it is established media under the regime.
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approximately ticks never berd my mind. it was very normal. the situation forced us to become citizen. i don't like to call myself an activist, a citizen of raqqah, i'm serious. syrian journalists come with their own personal nar difficults. reporters find themselves confronting militants who use the media to achieve their goals, they are having a different story, if there is a common thread, there's a hope
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they'll return and report the story from syria. >> so many syrians. the journalists are away from home. you've been watching a special edition of our programme. we'll see you then at the "listening post". >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning investigative series. >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go
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into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life. tonight candidates continue to drop out of the presidential race but i will is a former democratic governor if he plans to jump in. in our panel, should americans be publicly shamed into voting. our final thought. hey, airlines thank you for the pretzels. i'm adam may.


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