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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> moving with urgency. a task force in syria to meet hours after a world powers agree on a pause in fighting within a week. welcome to al jazeera. also on the program hillary clinton takes on democratic rival bernie sanders in their first one-on-one debate since clinton lost the new hampshire primary. farmers in greece threaten to ride all the way to the parliament. we will tell you what they're angry about.
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plus. >> reporter: i'm in south africa where four white farmers are being accused of killing two black farm workers. find out why the trial is causing so much tension a u.n. task force on syria will meet in the next three hours after world powers agreed to end the fighting in late night talks in munich. russia is continuing with the air strikes. hostilities are expected to halt in a week but i.s.i.l. and al-nusra is in included in the deal. it is hoped that supplies will be sent by air to some besieged cities as early as next week. it will be monitored. >> reporter: 19 delegations, the span sores of international
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peace efforts in syria gathering in an effort to get things back on track. the most important meeting happened several hours earlier on 915th floor of the same munich hotel. is where russian foreign minister lavrov and john kerry came face-to-face. if you look at those faces, you can tell from the very start this was a difficult meeting. the russians proposed a ceasefire from march 1, but the u.s. said that would mean three weeks more aerial bombardment and called for it to begin as early as this weekend. when they finally addressed the media, it was in the early hours of the munich morning and it was clear that neither man in got exactly what he wanted, but instead they announced an ambitious target of just one week to stop the violence >> we have agreed to implement a nation-wide cessation of hostilities to begin in a target
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of one week's time. that's ambitious, but everybody is determined to move as rapidly as possible to try to achieve this. this will apply to any and all parties in syria with the exception of the terrorist organizations d.a.e.s.h. and al-nusra. >> translation: now when we have win down the need of an integrated approach towards all these problems, i hope the opposition and those who control various groups will have no more reens to somehow avoid their obligations. >> reporter: they said a joint task force will be set up to arrange the cessation of hostilities and another one of getting aid to those in most desperate need to meet for the first time in a matter of hours in geneva >> this is a list of the areas and the people who are in need and the numbers of them. the isfg has told the u.n. you
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are in charge launching this initiative with our support >> reporter: this was a very long and often difficult series of meetings. what they have achieved reads well on paper, but the big test now will be turning it into reality on the ground. james bays > to an associate professor in denver he says the agreement isn't a break through >> if russia was serious, they could announce an inform commitment that itself would stop the bombardment which has produced this recent crisis. they haven't done so. russia claimed that it was intervening if syria because it wanted to bomb i.s.i.s. positions. all evidence suggests it is not, but rather rebel-held positions in the western part of syria. why should we take russia's word, its commitment, when it has a clear track record just in the conflict of syria of
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contradicting its stated claims. so i don't think that there is anything positive. it is interesting to even note that they did not use the word ceasefire. it's acisation of hostilities which is basically means they can do whatever they want and the international community will have to simply live with it. i think we are heading toward a greater disaster beyond the tragedy that has characterised syria for the last five years our correspondent is near the turkey-syria border. what are you getting as far as reaction to this deal is concerned? >> reporter: we've managed to speak to members of the opposition both inside and outside syria and the sentiment is, yes, we welcome any agreement that will relieve the suffering of the people in syria and any agreement which would stop the bombardment and the civilian casualties on the ground, but they're suspicion.
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they have little faith in the russian government as well as the syrian government. they feel that what they're trying to do is just to buy time. they cite the number of ceasefire agreements that have been reached over the past few years. those ceasefires never held on the ground. they never lasted. people are suspicious, but what they're worried about is that they know that what russia wanted was a ceasefire in march 1 which will give it three weeks to change the situation on the ground. now it has one week. people are just expecting a stepped up military activity on the ground. like i mentioned, they would welcome any help for the people because we have to remember just the past week alone according to the u.n. more than 50,000 people are now homeless in the aleppo province. already half a million people according to the u.n. live in besieged areas and hard to reach areas and people are dying of starvation. 120,000 people are at risk of
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starvation and disease because the rebel supply lines to the northern countryside of homs have now been cut what do you think could happen within that week considering there's so many different players with so many different agendas? >> reporter: the world really has been focusing on what is taking place in aleppo, the offensive in aleppo. coinciding with that offensive there are two underway on other fronts in syria. one is in the sorth province of deraa. what the government is trying to do is take control of the highway that links damascus to the border crossing with jordan. they already captured two villages over recent weeks and now they're in what they call reconciliation talks with the rebels in two other towns on that road. they want to seal the border in jordan and weak enthe rebels there. in homs, we understand from activists on the ground is that the bombardment is continuing. what the government has been able to do is isolate the northern countryside of homs
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from other areas so the rebel supply lines are gone. what they're going to do is just exert more pressure so we surrender. they will continue with this policy of depopulating areas to have upper hand on the ground and in order to dictate a political settlement to this conflict russia's deputy prime minister met iraq's foreign minister in baghdad. he said russia is prepared to send help to the iraqi government to fight i.s.i.l. >> >> translation: in response to iraq's requests of more military aid, we will pond with the ex-- respond with the exchange of information. our forces and troops deployed in syria as required by the government are capable of providing adequate information for us hillary clinton and bernie sanders have faced off in their latest debate, both were trying to court the minority vote ahead
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of their second primary. >> reporter: hours before the democratic bait, bernie sanders released this lvgs ad. it features the daughter of eric garner killed in an arrest. she says she is endorsing bernie sanders for president. >> i'm behind anyone who will listen and speak us for us >> reporter: hours early, the black caucus endorsed bernie sanders rival hillary clinton. the support of african and american and latino was the focus in their latest debate. at issue who was more supportive of immigrants allowed to stay after entering the u.s. illegally. >> i voted for reform in 2007. bernie sanders voted against it at that time
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>> when we saw children coming from these horrendous, horrendously violent areas of honduras and neighboring countries, people who are fleeing drug violence and cartel violence, i thought it was a good idea to allow those children to stay in that country. that was not as what the secretary's position. >> reporter: they argued over the causes of systematic racism in the u.s. clinton argued the causes are institutional. when it comes to supporting america's first plaque president, clinton went on the attack >> today senator sanders says that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time he has criticized obama. he has called him weak and a disappointment. >> that is a low blow. i have worked for his re-election, his first election and his re-election.
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i think it is really unfair to suggest that i have not been supportive of the president. >> reporter: clinton is counting on the back offing minority voters who have in the past supported her. the next major contests are in nevada and south california -- corolina. >> reporter: young voters of color is making the so-called minority vote one that hillary clinton can no longer count on farmers in greece are planning a mass anti austerity demonstration in athens on friday. 20,000 people are expected plus their tractors. our correspondent caught up with some of the protesters. >> reporter: on the hill side above here this man tends his vines. when summer comes his grapes will be shipped as far away as
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germany, the changing seasons bring uncertain. the government wants to introduce tax hings and sharp increases in pension contributions. they that leave them destitute says the farmers >> about 70% of our income to go to taxes and pension. this is not affordable. this the death of the farmers. >> reporter: for the past 20 days local farmers have gathered at a makeshift blockade on the highway to athens. if their demands are not met, they will drive in convoy to the capital they say. the humble tractor has become a symbol of resistance. >> translation: our message is for the government to take back their proposed pension and tax measures and for us to sit down at the table to discuss our new set of terms. >> reporter: elsewhere in greece farmers have used their vehicles to block highways and border crossings. it has forced people to take
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long detours and caused chaos on the roads. the government is calling for negotiations to end the standoff. they have agreed to give greece 96 billion dollars to avoid financial meltdown but only if the country shows it is capable of economic change. >> translation: what should be clear is that this reform is optional, it is absolutely necessary for the pension system itself to have a future >> reporter: it's not just the farmers that are angry. the threat of tax hikes have led to a strike and had the police out on the streets. a slim grip on power is being tested to the limit. >> reporter: as night draws in, the farmers gather to plan their convoy. they know the police will be out in force to stop them. they don't want violence but many are willing to fight if they have to. for these farmers the seeds of
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discontent have been sewn and it is time to act south korea has cut off power and water supplies to an industrial complex in north korea. the jointly run factory is bowing shut down. -- being shut down. >> translation: they expelled our people in a very short amount of time and did not allow them to bring products from factories while illegally freezing valuable assets. the conduct of the north is very regrettable and we make it clear that the north will be responsible for everything that happens our correspondent has more from seou l >> reporter: as of midnight south korea cut off electricity
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supply which caused the water supply to cease. that important joint venture between north and south korea has been turned into a military zone. also cutting off the military and civilian heart lines. it is possible that north korea might wish to turn the zone in a full fledged military base. that is something that they are watching out for. they have observed no abnormal military movements within the area. there is also some evidence of the economic fallout of all this, developing as well here in south korea at least. the business owners of the 124 south korean businesses that operated were inside the industrial complex. they say that the entire responsibility of the economic fallout of this lies with the south korean government. the government has talked about assisting with insurance payments, assisting with delaying loan repayments and
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making other representations to banks and other people that the companies may owe money to. the companies want full government financial assistance, they say that a special law may well need to be enacted to make sure that that happens the death toll from the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck southern taiwan has reached 74. a memorial service was held. most of the victims lived in tainan city. people are still missing. still to come, at least 49 inmates have been killed during the prison right in northern mexico. plus. >> we have detected gravitational waves. we did the. the landmark discovery that could change the way scientists observe the universe. serve th v
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welcome back to al jazeera. a recap of the top stories. u.n. task force is said to meet on how to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged areas in syria. this follows an agreement by world powers to end hostilities within a week. authorities say russian air strikes are continuing. south korea's cut of water and power supplies to a complex in north korea. the jointly run factory park is
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the latest flash point. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have taken part in their second one-on-one debate. the democrats clashed over election campaign contributions, immigration and health care. returning to the war in syria where tens of thousands fleeing the fighting in aleppo hope to reach turkey for safety. the border is closed for now. many managed to cross before syrian government forces stepped up their campaign. as part of a special series through a parents eyes. one mother of five tells al jazeera her story. >> translation: i am from the countryside north of aleppo. we lost absolutely everything. there's to work, no home left, nothing at all. we crawled over barbed wire to get over the border for the sake of the children. my husband couldn't find work. to feed the children and rent a
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home, i took on a cleaning job. these are my children. my son was born with holes in his heart. he has had surgery to fix it, but his growth is stunted. that has made things harder for me because i can't send him out to work. then there's this girl, she looks after her brothers. she changes nappies and feeds him. she needs to look after her brothers so sympathy can't go to school. -- sympathy can't go to school-- she can't go to school. there is a naughty one too. another one had a hernia. he needs an operation. i had another son. he had holes in his heart, but he was weaker and god took his soul. in syria they couldn't go to school because of the bombings and risk of being kidnapped. here i don't send them to school
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because it is so far and we can't afford the transport. i was really worried about my children. the air strikes, the bombings, everything. we lived in so much fear. i couldn't keep them in syria any more. i told my children that the crisis is only temporary and that it will all be over and we can go home soon. i hope they don't blame me for not giving me an education because i'm doing the best that i can. they will have a normal life when they go back to syria. i want them to grow up god willing four farmers are accused of killing two black workers. they were said to be collecting wages but the farmers said they were attacking them. >> reporter: the court proceedings have started. the magistrate is busy inside
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the court behind me. also behind me various supporters have showed up to show support. this is the economic freedom fighters. they're sporting the farm workers who were killed. the barbed wire was put here to separate people from each other. letter here to support the black workers who were killed and behind them is another mob for the white farmers. people are protesting in various quarters. they're not taking chances. the court is underway. we are expecting it to be adjourned some time today and it will be a long trial talk us through about the case, what we know about it, also what it says about the disparities in south africa and the real fears of some farmers. >> reporter: more details will come out during the trial, but we know that the white farmers say that two black individuals
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tried to rob an old elderly white farmer. he managed to get away, pressed a panic button and then the farmers mobilized and tracked down two who got killed. the families are saying that they went to the farmer who was their boss, asked him to pay their wages. he refused for whatever reason and there was an altercation. it has heightened racial divisions within this town in particular. africa has come a lot way of dealing with tensions, but there is still a long way to go. you feel it divide, blacks on one side, whites on the other. it could ease tensions or make things worse thank you. south africa president zuma was interrupted on thursday while making his annual state of the
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nation address. representatives from the economic freedom fighters party walked out after being asked to leave or remain quiet. z china has reported its first case of the zika virus. the victim had recently travelled to south america. the 34-year-old had been treated in venezuelan in january before returning home. the authorities say the virus is unlikely to spread in china due to low winter temperatures with fewer mosquitos. there have been demonstrations in haiti's capital as the country chooses an interim president. former president left office on sunday without an elected successor. a second round of voting was cancelled due to protests. the president is staying in parliament until an interim
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president is chosen. there has been a prison right in a prison in north mexico. it was started when two factions of a gang got into a fight >> reporter: witnesses say the fire and riot began just after midnight on thursday. dozens of prisoners were killed before authorities took back control of the prison. the fire lasted for several hours according to witnesses. it is the largest prison in the state and it is known for being over crowded. rescue workers evacuated victims some with burns. >> we have ruled out there have been any jail breaks or attempts. there was security around the prison. >> reporter: family members gathered outside the prison and tried to break their way in. several hours after the event
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family members didn't know what was happening. >> translation: we give us the names of the people, the names. that's it. >> reporter: in recent years deadly prison riots have become common in mexico where members of rival drug gangs are housed in the same facilities. the president planning to visit mexico pope francis has just left italy for a five-day visit to mexico where he is to meet victims of drug violence. he will also be stopping over in cuba for an historic meeting. the leader of the russian orthodox church will be the first meeting between the leaders of the two biggest churches for almost a thousand years. a standoff between armed men occupying a wildlife refuge as
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ended. they were warned about booby traps left at the refuge. they have been there for more than a month, angry about the government's owner ship of land. scientists have confirmed the existence of gravitational wave. it could provide us with a new way to look at our universe. >> reporter: albert einstein's general relative changed our perception of the universe. it was a perception explored by science fiction. one could travel through a black hole where time and space melded into a fourth dimension. scientists say they mentioned the emergencying of two black whole one billion years ago. the black hole that produce these waves created a violent
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storm in the fabric of space and time. the star in which time speeded up and slowed down. the shape of space was bent in this way and that way. >> reporter: last september two facilities located on opposite side of the u.s. detected the wave which lasted a fraction of a city. the instruments which picked it up could hear it as it chirped. >> that's the chirp we've been looking for. this is the signal we have measured >> reporter: in the next few years scientists from india,ity lee and dhap pan-- italy japan are hoping to investigate at their own facilities. an antenna could discovery more than black holes and new tran stars. >> we will also hear things that we never expected and as we open a new window we may see things
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that we never saw before. >> reporter: phenomenon that einstein envisioned a century ago now observed by his successors that is interesting. if you want to find out anything more about any of the stories that have tweaked your fancy, just go to our website at jazeera america [ ♪ ] >> thanks for joining us on "america tonight". i'm joie chen. a political leader determined to solve america's immigration problems with a simple solution. round up those that crossed into the county for work and a better


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