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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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$568 billion, while apple currently has a value of $535 billion. >> a reminder that you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, nationals and features, the address, >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. cruise to go victory, ted cruz upsets donald trump in iowa. this morning it's deadlock for the democrats, hillary clinton has a narrow lead over bernie sanders. both say they were victorious. cosby in court, the comedian goes back before a judge as his lawyers push to have charges
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dropped. this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm richelle carey. this morning ted cruz looks to new hampshire with confidence following his victory in the first presidential contest. the texas senator defeated donald trump to win in iowa. picking up the most votes ever recorded by a republican in the caucuses, more than 51,000. marco rubio came in a very close third. on the democratic side be it is a tie. hillary clinton and bernie sanders mate history with a very tight margin, the difference a fraction of a percentage point. state department officials have not declared a winner just yet. al jazeera's michael shure is live in des moines. when are we expecting to
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actually know more about who won the democratic race? it's really close, the closest in state history, i believe. >> yeah, it's hard to get a whole lot closer than the two of them are right now, sometime today i expect they'll come out with final numbers. the delegate totals will favor hillary clinton while the raw number, the number of people that came out to vote will probably at least according to the sanders campaign favor bernie sanders, but this was about defining the narrative after this, hard to argue that anyone did better than ted cruz here in iowa last night. >> the battle for iowa put the campaigns on edge. the democratic caucus ended in a virtual tie. >> what a great campaign! >> hillary clinton came up ahead by less than half of away a percentage point. the campaign is bracing for a
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tough fight. >> it is rare, it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now, to have a real contest of ideas, to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like. >> bernie sanders is proofing to be a formidable opponent for the former first lady and secretary of state. young voters feeling the burn came out in droves. the vermont senator celebrated his campaign success. >> nine months ago, we came to this beautiful state. we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. >> on the republican side, senator ted cruz won iowa with
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the help of christian evangelicals and tea party voters. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> there also was some tactical voting. some democrats and independents say they registered as republicans just to vote against donald trump, but the loss didn't hurt trump's confidence. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> another surprise of the night was marco rubio. he came up neck and neck with trump. >> we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! >> now iowa is hardly representative of america. it is overwhelmingly white and rural, but in many ways, it's the first test of political viability. >> i cannot thank you enough. >> candidates like martin o'malley and governor mike huckabee couldn't even muster up
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2% of the vote. >> it didn't turn out like we wanted it tonight. >> for them, iowa is the end of the road. >> among the other losers were those pro progress fast indicated on turnout, thinking turnout would help donald trump alone. it was record turnout for the republicans and donald trump was not able to win. >> let's go back and talk for a second about ted cruz doing so well, extremely conservative gop candidate obviously but in the post conservative gop candidates have also done well in iowa and it didn't necessarily mean anything going forward. >> it's an interesting question. the way it works for ted cruz, though, is he was able to sort of take three different grassroots elements of the republicans here, the tea party patriots, the tea party element in the party, the evangelicals and libber tearens, get them together, win iowa, but that resonates in the south and other places this campaign will go. he's spent time in new
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hampshire. he will probably exceed expectations in new hampshire coming out of this win, probably won't win, but has cornered a market on those three. that will be his success versus the past in iowa. >> thank you, michael. some of the candidates already in new hampshire where the first in the nation primary takes place next tuesday. it's going to be a busy week as candidates try to sway the voters there. it will be a packed schedule, already 20 events on tap today. on the republican side, the question is will the air now go out of the balloon for donald trump since he did not win in iowa. some analysts are waiting to see if his supporter start defecting. we spoke with judd gregg, the
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former governor here, senator three times, he knows this state very well. he does not think trump's poll numbers, trump is at the top of the polls, he doesn't think those numbers will hold up. >> polls are really sort of -- well they don't reflect what people do when they vote. people when a person's polled, they have no vested interest with that they say what they are frustrated about. when they go and vote in new hampshire, they take the time to meet the candidate, 65% ever met the candidate. they are serious about it and aren't going to throw their vote away. >> what's really interesting is to watch those centrist candidates, they are all vying for the middle here in new hampshire, marco rubio obviously getting a big boost by winning in iowa. now on the democratic side, bernie sanders leading in the polls here in new hampshire, he has been the unexpected candidate.
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he really defied expectations. he says he's going to do the same here in new hampshire, win the state big. this is what he had to say when he arrived in the state overnight. >> now it is new hampshire that has found the word again. i think our vision for america, a vision in which people should not be working longer hours for lower wages, while seeing almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1%. that message is resonating iowa, it's resonating in new hampshire and in communities all over america. >> don't count hillary clinton out, she is very popular in this state. back to you.
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if that no republican candidate date emerges with a clear majority, there is the possibility of a brokered convention this summer. as al jazeera's libby casey reports, some in the party of worried about unity and what the next months might bring. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> the field could still be in flux come the july convention. >> if i were to sort of look into my crystal ball, i would say that we're already seeing an enormous possibility that the republican party is headed for a brokered convention. >> that's when a leading
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candidate doesn't have the backing of the majority of convention delegates. the last time republicans face add contested fight was back in 1976. it was president gerald ford versus ronald reagan. ford clinched the majority before the first floor vote but went on to lose the election. it's a scenario parties try to avoid. >> if the party looks bad to the public, it raises your chances of losing. >> last month, a group of gop leaders met in washington to talk about the chance of a brokered convention, signaling concern. they need to be careful not to snub voters. >> they wouldn't want to show bias toward candidates and have to show openness to the choice of the american people. >> even if an outsider candidate like donald trump or ted cruz wins a clear early lead, there could still be a bitter convention fight. that's because of a wildcard,
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so-called super delegates at the convention, delegates who can vote however they want. >> there is a chance that super delegates are not going to pledge support for donald trump and might pledge support for jeb bush or marco rubio, or even chris christie. >> it will be a couple more months into the primary season before it's clear what republican voters want and whether gop leadership will agree or not. al jazeera, washington. chicago police calm it unacceptable. spiraling violence has many worried, but not everyone agrees on the reasons behind it. >> i am baffled why our officials or agencies into not listen to what is happening to the people. >> in the wake of the flint crisis, erin brock kitchen with a warning about the water in stockton, california.
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the f.b.i. is joining the federal investigation into the water crisis in flint, michigan. state officials say high levels of lead remain in some areas. it's been more than a month since flint started adding a chemical to the water fly that is supposed to stop lead leeching out of old pipes. officials are warning pregnant women and children not to drink tap water that has not been tested. there are concerns about the water in california. activist erin brokovich said the
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city of stockton has been adding a chemical to the water supply that could have serious consequences. a town hall meeting in a small city in central california, but this time, with a high profile attendee, erin brokovich, who with one facebook post in january accused the city of stockton being on the fast track to creating the next flint, michigan. >> this is happening in a whole, whole lot of places and i am baffled why our officials, our agencies do not listen to what is happening to the people. >> her claims countered by some city officials. >> we have no history, ok, of having any of this lead leeching into our system. >> the packed place suggested that brokovich had galvanized the public. >> what do you recommend now, where do i get water that is safe for our family?
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>> dump the chloramine right now. i am willing to pay the 75 cents a month. i've got it in my pocket right now. >> according to the c.d.c., at least 68 million americans drink water disinfected with chloramine, including in major cities such as san francisco, philadelphia and washington, d.c.. the c.d.c. said chloramine can change the chemical properties of the water which can affect lead and copper pipes. >> when she takes a public stand, she brings with her credibility that everybody else lacks in the public's mind, and so when she says this is dangerous, this is problematic, people listen, because they know erin. they know her work.
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>> in recent years, the city has gone from one misfortune to the next, hit hard by the financial crisis, stockton filed for bankruptcy and now questions about its drinking water. >> brokovich, who also toured the city's water treatment plant argues that chloramine while common is not the safest option, it increases the likelihood of lead in water. >> you are saying it's not just stockton, it could be many other cities. >> i'm not saying it may be. i'm telling you it is. >> words of warning from one of america's most well known consumer advocates. melissa chan, al jazeera, stockton, california. we're findion more about the inmates that were on the run in california. the plea planned their escape for six months from the orange county jail. shortly after getting out, they kidnapped a taxi driver. days later they fought over whether to kill the driver.
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one inmate left the next day with the hostage and turned himself in, the other two were arrested on saturday. bill cosby in back in court this morning going before a judge to have sexual assault charges thrown out. it all hippings on an alleged deal between the previous prosecutor and the comedian's legal team. >> good morning. one of the most famous entertainers in the country, if not the world seen here arriving at court a few moments ago for the pretrial hearing, which is getting underway around about now inside. the defense team for bill cosby likely to argue that the case against him be dropped based on the fact that he signed a non-prosecution agreement over 10 years ago now as part of a civil case with the then district attorney, bruce caster. bill cosby appeared slightly
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unsteady on his feet to answer a charge of indecent sexual fault for which every pleaded not guilty. he and his attorneys hope to get the cases thrown out. the then prosecutor agreed not to prosecute. this press release was issued more than 10 years ago: cosby's attorney argue the prosecution is politically motivated brought about by an ambitious new d.a. who made cosby part of his campaign in a bid to win the job. >> first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough predators.
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>> there is controversy over whether or not there was a deal. bruce castor said there was a deal and is willing apparently to testify for the defense, for cosby at a hearing. the state, or the common law of pennsylvania is saying there was no deal. >> there's no response. >> the question could be key to whether the prosecutor's case goes forward. >> i offer this message to those brave women, your experience was just like mine and mine just like yours. >> more than 50 women have made allegations against cosby, accusing him of plying them with drugs before assaulting them. cosby by has denied any wrongdoing and the case in pennsylvania is the only one that has resulted in a criminal charge, filed after his statements in a federal civil lawsuit she brought against him in 2005 became public. >> why would bill cosby testify and incriminate himself, because that's what he did at the deposition, and not take the fifth amendment?
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either there was an agreement or it was his understanding that he had to do it, that he wouldn't be prosecuted or at least the testimony wouldn't be used against him or he had a really bad lawyer. >> the prosecution is saying the agreement is rubbish, there is no such thing in pennsylvania and the only pepper who can wave prosecution is a judge in the courthouse and there is no record of that having happened. florida's highest court today hears arguments in a case that could determine the death penalty there. the justices are considering whether an execution set for next month can go forward. last month, the u.s. supreme court ruled the state system for death violates the constitution, because it allows judge to say overly juries. three months after a major shakeup in the chicago police department, the city has seen a big spike in homicides and shootings. as al jazeera's hermela aregawi
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reports, police disagree what's behind it. >> the chicago police department's latest numbers reveal a bleak start to 2016. last month was the deadliest january the city has seen in more than 16 years. there were 51 murders, a 75% jump from the year before, and 292 shooting victims, almost double the amount last january. >> we can't put our finger on it. belief me, we talk about it every day. >> a 29-year-old veteran of the democratic has been interim responsibility superintendent for two months. he blames gang violence and said the shootings are a result of personal disputes. he disagrees with those who point to less aggressive policing. >> the ability to do your job underneath a fishbowl of what's happening right now is incredibly detrimental to policing. >> last month in chicago, street stops were down 80%.
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the police department says that's because officers have to use a new lengthier form to record what happened, not because of any slowdown. police in seattle arrested three teenagers in a fatal shooting at a homeless camp. police say the suspects are between the ages of 13 and 17. they believe the three opened fire at the camp known as the jungle, killing two and injuring three others. it is not clear if the suspects are also homeless, but police think the shooting may have been drug related. still ahead, meeting with the media, carolina and denver players sound off with just days to go until superbowl 50. peyton manning gets a tough question about h.g.h.
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there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast! >> looks a little sleepy, doesn't he? with that, winter is officially over at least according to punxsutawney phil. this is the 130th prediction from the groundhog, not that exact groundhog, but his forecast has been less than flawless since 1988, he has been right only 13 times. apple's reign as the most valuable company is over, now valid at $570 billion. right now, apple is valid at
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$535 billion. yahoo announced cost cutting plans, cutting 1600 jobs. a former yahoo employee filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging it's quarterly performance reviews are unfair, she said she was terminated even though she was praised in an earlier review. superbowl 50 kicks off in five days but the leadup to the big game has already started. media day is now called opening night. peyton manning found himself dealing with questions over h.g.h. first raised in an al jazeera report. >> it was part pep rally, part clown show and all glitz, the nfl's rebranding of superbowl
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media day as superbowl opening night put its prime stars in prime time. >> i'm going to take it with me. i might wear it to the pregame. what do you think? >> perhaps for the final time this week, the carolina panthers and denver broncos had to share the spotlight with everyone from miss universe and her puppet pal to this super guy, who may have just given cam newton the shirt off his back. >> what's the p. stand for? number 18, peyton manning. >> newton's counterpart in this game is 39-year-old peyton manning. he, too was asked about lighter subjects and about the game, but he also had to answer a question about the al jazeera report alleging that human growth hormone had been sent to his
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home. >> what this report alleges that i did is simply not true. it's fabricated. it's junk, it's garbage, i can give you a long list of other words for it. i can guarantee you this investigation, what it will find is absolutely a big fat nothing. >> manning hasn't decided if sunday's superbowl would be his final game. he said he is just going to concentrate on enjoying the moment. >> i'm going to enjoy it and soak it up, especially playing in superbowl 50 because of the significance. we are going to go join our colleagues in doha with live coverage of the talks in rome. we'll take you there.
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>> i'm very, very happy to be here. and i want to thank the italian government for hosting this very important meeting today. as we discuss the responsibilities of the leadership of the anti-daesh coalition, and our italian colleagues have really been among the most