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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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♪ an agreement is reached in syria do deliver aid to the starving people of madia on monday. hello. i am mary ann nemazi. german police break up a far right protest over new year's eve attacks in cologne. opposition protesters broke over a deal with serbia. back behind bars, mexico's top drug lord is returned to the prison he escaped from six
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months ago. aid agencies are in a race against time to get vital food and medicine to besieged towns in syria where tens of thousands of people are starving. as winter sets in, families have been burning furniture for warmth and resorting to eating leaves and cats and dogs. the situation is bad in madiat sources say an agreement has been reached with the government for aid to be delivered there on monday. in return, aid will be allowed in to two opposition held villages in the north. the crisis has caused an outcry after pictures of hungry children emerged. >> what's your name? >> noah. >> noah, how long have you been without food?
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>> four days. >> what have you taken from the hospital to survive? >> this packet. >> this packet of salt? the international committee of the red cross was last allowed in last october and is hoping to be let in again next week. >> we are absolutely clear on what he with do need and what the people of madia and zeladoni and other parts of syria, what they need in regular uni am paided. >> that's not enough. they need to have -- we need to have the access to go in regularly. feet beginning of next week. we are trying to persuade the parties to let us go in on a regular basis. for the moment, we are looking for the next operation. we will be aiming to deliver medical supplies, urge notally needing medical supplies for individuals a& trying to replenish stocks in towns and food urgently needed food and
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blankets and things like that. we will send in, if we can, we will sinned in the equipment to see what we can find and how we can help. >> syrian state television says the government is ready to take part in peace talks but phone call it atains a list of which opposition figures will be involved. earliers, there was is a list was groups classed as terrorists. they say they are under international pressure for concessions adding to their doubts for peace. >> aid workers say at least 43 people have been killed in a russian airstrike. this individuals yes is said to have been filmed by volunteers by the opposition syrian aid group. pictures were taken using a camera mounted on an aid worker's helmet as volunteers dig to find bodies buried been either the rubble.
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al jazeera cannot scompleshing verify this video. harsh winter conditions and food supplies running desperately low, many are struggling to survive despite help from aid groups caroline reports from the valley. skikts month old akmed has a serious burn across his face and head. his family can't and to buy wood. so his mother put whatever she could find on the fire to keep it burning. sometimes, these materials give off toxic fumes and the embers burnout of control. >> i had put nylon overnight to keep us warm and woke up with the tent on fire. by the time, we started putting the fire out, my baby was burnt. >> reporter: part 50 problem is that thevisa restrictions can'tt them earn for themselves. they can't get jobs unless they are sponsored by a laban easy
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national. >> we are displaced and have no human rights. just look at and see. where are my human rights. look at these. i have 10 people to take care of hugh can i feed them and keep them alive? the united nations appeal for international donations to help syrian refugees every year. last year, it received half of what it had asked for, which means many refugees are having to go without. >> people in the newer refugee camps like this are most vulnerable. they don't even have the most basic things they need in the run-up to winter. >> reporter: they need things like wood and fuel for the fire and plastic sheeting to wat water-proof their tents. a syrian refugee family needs around four to $500 a month to survive. many are getting about a third of that. it's cold. plastic to cover it for the rain. yesterday, an ngo brought us one
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tarp. what can that do to stop the leaking? it gives us some aid but we get $150, but it's not enough. they. >> we are mostly concerned about people in exposed areas like north lebanon, especially those who live in insecure shelters and we know that 55% of refugees in lebanon live in what we call insecured dwellings such as garages, warehouses, not only tents, but also tents. and all of them need our help and support. >> but there are more than one million refugees here who may need help. most of them living below the poverty line. back at baby akmed's tent, his mother who has been in lebanon for three years can only hope things will get better, especially during these long winter days. caroline malone, in the bakr valley. >> aid agencies are making a me for help for the forgotten
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victims of isil's advance frin iraq. more than 3 million people are internally displaced and they say winter weather will only make the humanitarian situation worst. on the outs skirts from erbil mohammed jamjun reports. >> whether escaping war or bracing for winter t they have become accustomed to one catastrophe after another. >> in this camp, supplies are too few and aid distributions too far between. it's why some children walk around in slippers despite the freezing cold. >> our condition here is so difficult. the tents are soaking wet. the rain is always leaking in. >> as if on cue while we were talking, a deluge begins. the nightmare russia had just described becomes real once more. >> to give you an idea of how bad the weather conditions are right now, it was raining a few minutes ago.
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now, now it is hailing and this hail and this rain is coming in to this tent. that's why so many are worried about what the worsening winter weather will bring in the weeks and months to come. >> concern for the welfare of her children, thshe took what precautions she could as early as possible. we paid for a makeshift room but sometimes these tents fly away. one time the wind carried the top away. we had to bring it back here. >> after three months of saving, sha and her month had enough money to buy the wood for this makeshift she wouldn'ter. tiny compared to the tent they had been in, but at least now they feel slightly more secure against the elements. in other parts of the camp, things are worse. the evidence is all around, like this tarp that collapsed under the weight of rainwater or the
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trash piling up in the mud. unicef tells us giving money to help the people here is becoming extremely difficult. >> what people are forgetting is the 42 million displaced people living in a miserable light, fighting with isil that makes the news. the plight of the people. >> molid describes the situation children are facing throughout the country. he says he is haunted by the memory of seeing one chooimdz child at another camp who was so-called he tried to warm himself under the engine of a car. life for many of the children here is as punishing as this weather and they are becoming acustommed to this suffering. is. >> mohammed jamjoum on the outskirts of erbil, iraq.
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there have been a defendant series of proceed and anti-immigration rallies in cologne. they were prompted by a series of alleged new year's eve attacks on women in the city reportedly carried on yut by art men. a report from the country's west. >> reporter: it was a day of protest. supporters of the far right us anti-islam iic group demonstrating against the policies of the government and those who carried out the sexual violence here on new year's eve but in the event some of their followers ended up throwing bottles, stones and other objects at police n their turn, the police responded with water canon to try to restore calm. a number of people were held. others injured. earlier, the city had seen a much larger rival demonstration by left-wing opponents. they had come to try to prevent
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or disrupt the far right rally and to call for greater tolerance in german society. >> society is divided into those holding on to to the welcoming culture and fascists. it's incredible. we must fight against the racism men many seem to have forgotn germany's past. >> whereas on the pagita side, the message was stark. >> that's about to happen. what happened on new year's eve is a no-go. it can't happen again and we'll stand up for it. and when the going gets tough, us germans will fight again for it. >> the fallout from the sexual attacks and robberies from new year's eve continues to resonate more than a week on. more than 300 complaints have now been made to the authorities. one young woman told me how a female friend of hers was groped and she, herself, was threatened. >> i was really afraid and
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insecure secure, which is not like me and didn't know how to react. i didn't know how to respond and started staring at the floor. >> the clamor has claimed the job of the police chief of cologne. angela merkel says the law needs to be strengthened so if refugees commit crimes, they can be deported. >> it's in the best interest of the vast majority of refugees who arrived here it is very important. >> the two demonstrations staged in this city center have now come to an end with the police moving in to restore law and order. the debate about what this country does with the society it has enencouraged to come here is far from over. dominic kane, al jazeera, cologne. >> fire broke out at kosovo's government headquarters after opposition protesters through petro bombs at the building.
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the fire, which has now bin put out, started as several thousand demonstrators gathered announce a deal. >> deal gives kosovo's serb minority greater local powers and the possibility of financing from belgrade. kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008. steffen garnovich says there has been escalating tension since last year. >>reporter: >> they're thinking the serbian stacks will be back at the back door telephone with the local authorities connected to serbia, it will be something like a joint community here in serbia connected to bellgrade. they are fearing that some past times will come back.
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but they are saying many of the brussels agreements are okay with them. but they are saying the association of the serbian majority here in kosovo will just cause more tension between the citizens of kosovo. it's not only that. they are saying that this government is not working well. they are saying that they will not give up until the prime minister of kosovo resinings. >> still ahead 4 on al jazeera: speaking out for the poor. south africa's president starts the year off with a positive message. his party could face major challenges in the coming months. lottery sales soar for the $900 million jackpot.
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welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. an agreement's been reached in syria to deliver aid to the starving people of madia on monday. it's in return for aid being held by the opposition. police have fired a water canon on an anti-immigration group in cologne. a number of refugees have been questioned. ongoing demonstrations over stronger ties with serbia. now, gulf arab leaders are accusing iran of escalating tensions with saudi arabia and interfering in its internal
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affairs. the gulf xorings counsel has been holding an emergency meeting over deteriorating relationships with its regional rivals, tehran. it cut off ties. they were angry at the execution of a prominent shia clerkic last week. >> the actions in iran do not serve peace and stability in the world. it is against all interests and interferes in the sovereignty of the state. it only leads to more hatred in the region. we stand hand-in-hand with saudi arabia in order to counter terrorism and will bring those who create chaos to justice. mexico is expected today ex trad i'd guzman to the u.s. after he was recaptured odd friday though it could take some time. security forces captured guzman after a shoot-out in the coastal city of los noches. he had been on the run for six months after escaping for
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prison. it is reported it comes for a major relief for mexico's president. >> for a third time, the world's mostly notorious drug lord was arrested by mention con security forces. his arrest ends a six-month embarrassment for the mexican government. >> intensive careful intelligence and criminal investigation work was to detain and pull apart the network of influence and protection that surround they had criminal. mexico confirmed its institutions have the necessary capabilities to overcome those who threaten the stability of mention candle families. its success demonstrates when we mexicans work together, there is no adversity we cannot overcome. the government says he was arrested on friday morning someone called to complain about armed men holed up inside a motel. during a shoot-out, the government says it will killed 5
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criminals and arrested six including the head of the sinaloa drug cartel. el chapo has taken on mythical status here in mexico. his multi-billion dollar drug cartel is believed to provide a significant amount of the drugs that end up in the u.s. twice he's. >> escaped from prison. >> may be why people we spoke with reacted to his recapture with a blase attitude saying: he will escape again. but for the mexican president, it was an opportunity to reclaim the upper hand after el chapo's evening ape from mexico's most secure prison last july. guzman's escape from his prison cell was global news. he escaped from the shower in his prisonse cell that connecte do a one-mile long tunnel t had air conditioning and a motorcycle. the president has bean reluctant to extra diet him to the u.s.
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where he is facing charges. one analyst told al jazeera, he thinks this time, he will be sent to the state where an escape is considered less likely. kashthsz. guadalajara, mexico. >> adam rather than is in the west coast city where el chapo was finally, captured and said the police operation was months in the making. >>s. >> reporter: mexican marines are still positioned outside of a house where major gun battle took place on friday. authorities have been watching this property. early on friday, around .4 a.m., authorities moved in, a three-hour again battle and five people killed, six others arrested but their main prey got away going down into the sewers as he has in the past. he surfed a few hundred meeters with a top lieutenant. they allegedly stole a car, took
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off. they were pursued by masheens who caught up with them and waited for back-up. this location is where he was recaught a little less than two years ago, in february of 2014. he was hold up in sinaloa state, the base for the sinalo sachla cartel. when he was found, he was found in the state where felt safest. >> the country barred 3 lawmakers from taking his seat. the party now controls the national assembly and says they will no longer bow to the president's. stop playing game of thrones with the supreme court. understand the decision of the 6th of december senior a political change in venzuela has started and includes at that change of attitude that the
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government has to have in these new times. >> south africa's say next page changes are needed across the country the local currency continues to lose value. poor are struggling. the president is promising to act quickly. >> at a time challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment have their roots in the vast land. that's where. stolen from indigenous people of south africa. sleflz of support for emerging
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sporadically accelerating the government says it will not raise feeds for university students. this may appease people frustrated but his decision to fire two finance ministers in less than a week is part that's correct blame for the under performing ranks. >> a fall of around 10 percent. something like it, $28,000,000,000 worth of finance official efforts wiped out in two days as people withdrew, investors withdrew money. >> this could be a challenging year for africa's oldest liberation movement. >> the test will be the
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looeksdz. officials the part to confront a crisis in the generation. i don't think it's something the president wants to see happening. they want him to resign with allegations of corruption and the weak economy. if things don't improve, those calls are likely to get loud ir. a doctor in a russian hospital has been charged with manslaughter after a video emerged after a video showing him punching a patient. this purports to show the incidents which took place on december 29th. the doctor punched the patient who later hit his head on the floor and died of his injuries he also beat the man's friend. investigators say the victim had previously kicked a nurse during a procedure that took place at
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the hospital. >> at least two people have been killed in western australia after a bush fire destroyed a small town. nearly 130 homes in the town of yarlu have been destroyed and local residents have set up refuge shelters. the blade is the latest in the series of fires that have razed australia during the summer. metropolitan has begun work on a new constitution. it was a key pillar of his election pledge to bring change to the country. is a report from colomba. giving thanks for his first year in office, 12 months after defeating his boss to the presidency, he has reason to celebrate. these have captured imagination. one of the points of hope.
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>> that is come from an organization which echoed many international voices that criticized the previous government. the new president has not had it easy. he says there is important work to be done. >> we must build the environments for all people to live with mutual trust. >> the government has begun work on a new constitution. >> in building a country, do not forget this august assembly is the only institution that can be responsible for this country's future.
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the president said the biggest challenge sri lanka faces is bringing together the minds of the people of the north and south. he has taken many steps to do so. some feel more can be done. she her husband was not charged until this week. did they must be released. >> they don't need to be furnished further if they are released, they won't do anything because they have suffered enough. >> he is looking forward to doing that. he was serving 10 years in prison for trying to kill sirisina in 2006. families of a number of journalists are waiting for justice. the outspoken editor was killed in broad daylight seven years ago. >> i hope by next january we
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will see some form of justice meted out and establishment of media freedom so we can think no longer, black as we used to think it was. some say he has made a solid beginning. now it's whether he can maintain the trust and confidence it won and deliver on expectations at host and abroad. colombo. the power bul has reached a record $900 million rising from 800 million a few hours before the draw for those who need a little cpa cash quickly they can opt for an immediate payout of more than 400 million. it's not just americans who are taking part but also canadiens join some of the long queues. ? >> it's proved a force to be reckoned with. it's setting records in china. "the force ache awakenses" has taken $33 million on its first
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day of release there. that's disney's biggest opening day ever in china. the film is on track is on track to beat the record set by avatar. here is our website: >> three locations, three different stories about the environment. one message. >> this year is blowing our minds. >> storms generated by a powerful weather system. >> these urchins are in trouble right now, why is that? >> our oceans getting warmer and more toxic. land frozen for years now melting. what is happening around the planet and what can science do about it? the latest technology from above


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