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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america. i'm bisi onile-ere. in new york with a look at today's top stories. saudi arabia announcing its cutting diplomatic ties with iran, a day after the embassy was attacked in tehran. anti-government protesters take over a national wildlife building in a remote area of oregon. and a show of support for two ranchers sentenced to prison the 18-year-old american
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fugitive who fled to mexico is fighting to stay there. why the process of extraditing him to the u.s. may be complicated. >> and in the week ahead venezuela - the land slide win by the opposition, and accusations of corruption saudi arabia is cutting diplomatic ties with iran, and demanding iran superintendent all diplomatic work in the country. tension erupted following saudi arabia's execution of 47 men, including a prominent shi'ite cleric. the deputy foreign minister fired back after the announcement. accusing the kingdom of trying to cover up the executions. >> gerald tan reports - the situation escalated when the saudi embassy was attacked in
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tehran. >> the saudi embassy ablaze. protesters after the execution. saudis said they made repeated protests for their embassy to be restored. >> we are determined not to allow iran to undermine our security. we are determined not to let iran mobilize or create or establish a terrorist cell in our count ri or in countries of our allies the execution of nimr al-nimr prompted protests among shi'a communities across the middle east. nimr al-nimr, and the other man, including al qaeda preacher
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faris al-zahrani were charged with plotting and carrying out terrorism attacks. nimr al-nimr was sentenced to death. he denied political charges against him, but said he never carried weapons or called for violence. riyadh is adamant he had a fair trial based on facts, and followed a protest, a view followed by a lead, saying that the laws applied to sunni and shia. iran's supreme leader is warning of revenge. >> this blood will trouble them without a doubt. i have no doubt. policy makers executed them. the saudi's decision makers should not underestimate that this blood will trouble them, it will torment them. iran and saudi arabia have engaged in a war of words and
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some view this as a troubling track store. >> it's an escalation that will create havoc in the region. i'm not surprised, in the sense it's not the first time the two countries broke diplomatic relations. >> train and riyadh support opposing sites in the conflict in syria and iraq. the concern is that the widening rift between the two regional powers will have a broader impact across the middle east the u.n. is pushing for diplomatic engage. ment saying: we spoke with a professor about the rift between two of the middle east biggest powers, and how it could affect ongoing conflict in the region. >> to have war by proxies in
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syria, iraq, yemen, center of excellence of brain aging and lebanon, saudi arabia and iran are waging wars by proxies throughout the region, and the ruptured diplomatic relations, we are seeing now the relationship between the sunni dominated saudi arabia, and iran is at the lowest point. we could witness further escalation that has happened in the last 24 hours, pouring gasoline on the raging fire, in particular as the struggle between the two giants could easily basically aggravate and exacerbate regional tensions. >> adding to the essential, iran announced it will rename the street where the saudi embassy stands, in honour of the cleric killed. >> protesters and police clashed in the capital after hundreds gathered to condemn the
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executions. authorities used water canon and bird shot on the crowd. the demonstrators chanted anti-saudi slogans and held up pictures of executed shi'ite cleric nimr al-nimr. members of the turkish shi'ite community gathered outside the embassy in istanbul, calling the cleric a martyr, as riot police barricadeded the consulate dozens in the national wildlife office in eastern oregon are protesting against the government. taking up arms after a judge ordered two ranchesers to turn themselves in to spend time in prison. the group is pled by ayman bundy, his government led a standoff at a nevada cattle ranch in 2014. it's happening at the headquarters from the wildlife reference. they are prepared to stay there
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for years. if they have to. >> al jazeera's allen schauffler joins us live from burns oregon, and you have spoken to the protesters. why are you doing this? >> well, they say that the government has been on the backs of ranchers, loggers, minors, throughout the west in recent decades. the government has been chipping away at the ways they can use their land and they want to the call attention to that and put a stop to it. they say that this doesn't get much press, now it's going to. i spoke with ayman bundy. he was calm saying he wants is to be peaceful and wants the government to know until ranchers get back to ranching and minors to mining, they are not going anywhere. he's convinced they are here to stay. >> people have been abused long enough, really. their lands and resources have been taken from them, to the point where it's putting them
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literally in poverty. if we do not do something. if we do not make a hard stand, then we will be in a position where we won't be able to as a people. >> an important point to make, the two ranchesers going to federal prison will turn themselves in voluntarily tomorrow. they are the hammonds, the local ranchers at the center of this. they had contact with the group that is occupying the refuge, but they are not in any way officially connected with them. they made it clear in statements through the attorney that ayman bundy and the people at the refu refuge do not speak for them. >> there doesn't seem to be much of a police presence. how is law enforcement handling
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the situation today? >> very carefully and hands off. i was at the refuge, there was no sign of anyone in uniform, no sign of anyone in law enforcement. the sheriff released a statement today. i want to read you a bit of that. he said, from a protest that happened on saturday, he said: that's from david ward, the sheriff. he tells me he wants to make sure the people of this county is safe. they'll have a big presence here and tonight. he'll let the county police handle it. we have no idea how many people are inside the park
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headquarters. amisunderstand bundy told me they may accommodate up to 500, and put at call out to anyone around the country who wants to come and be involved in this and says bring your guns, and let's stand together. >> 500 people. that's a bit of people. the protesters are trying to mobilize support across the country, as you said, asking people from other states to join them. what is the reaction been so far? >> you know, it's going to be very mixed in burns. there are people here that understand that some ranchesers have been hurt in recent decades by the creation and expansion of the wildlife refuge. several i spoke to said yes, we can understand where it may come from, but it may not be the right way to go about it. one thing to consider is more than 60% of the population here is government employees.
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bureau of land management. fish and wildlife, and the refuge itself. a little hard to get people to talk on this issue. we'll see what happens. the figure of 500 is something that ayman bundy threw out. we have no idea how many are in there at the headquarters. when you arriving they shrug their shoulder saying they are not going to talk about that? >> thank you so much for your report. >> president obama says he is fired up for the year ahead following a vacation in hawaii. the president returned to washington with his family, reportedly spending much of his vacation dining with family and friends. president obama used the time to work on his final state of the union address. president obama will meet with attorney-general loretta lynch on monday to explore ways to limit the numbers of guns on u.s. streets. executive action could follow, as kimberley halkett reports,
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gunenthusiasts are pushing back an restrictions to gun sales. >> reporter: with so many gun stores in the united states, at this gun range gun and ammunition sales are up as america rushes to buy firearms before regulations are put in place. >> not having, not able to get - it's making people want to get stuff before their abilities are taken away. >> reporter: many are concerned about president obama's announcement that he is meeting with his attorney-general on monday, to discuss using presidential power to impose new restrictions on u.s. gun scales. -- sales. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we stop one president obama said working with congress was necessary. following the sandy hook elementary school shootings, measures to tighten gun laws failed in congress.
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licensed gun stores like this are required to conduct a background check. some firearms sold privately at gun shows do not require the same scrutiny, it's called the gunshow loophole and seen as a gap in regulations, that the white house seeks though close. >> the national rifle association, the largest rights group says agreed background checks will do little to increase public safety. it's a view agreed by many. it's nothing more than a power grab from the people, violating the u.s. law. >> as a veteran it raise my hand to support the constitution. yes, i found it an affront that some people choose to circumvent that. >> there's a lot of people that feel passionate about it. it's as much the government telling them what they can and cannot do or can and cannot have. >> despite opposition, the white
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house says it's too easy for someone who wants to commit a crime to acquire a gun. that's why presidential actions to make it difficult are expected to come this week. >> tomorrow puerto rico is expected to default an payment towards a $73 billion debt. for a set time all sectors of the economy are feeling the effects. it's agriculture secretary warns there's a one month food supply on hand. robert ray explains how the u.s. territory is trying to avoid a food crisis. >> four years ago this man opened a small organic restaurant in san juan. >> i based our menu every day on vegetables we get from different farmers we know? >> today her kitchen is busy, creating food by her sister.
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>> people are backing the takes, a sustainable form to table menu, and a boost for the local economy. >> what i have seen, one end we are a poster child. something that everyone wants on the island, which is to have good food and farming practices. >> now we are leaving cannes juan, heading to the mountains, where tara's sister farms on two acres. we pass a shuttered poultry farm, decaying, a symbol of the island's problems. at 2,000 feet above the sea, an owas sis. tara's sister is growing organic progress for the restaurant in san juan. >> time is running out. it's now or never. >> reporter: time is running out. is there an understood crisis? >> in terms of self sustainability, yes.
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studies show we have enough food to last two weeks if the ships were to stop coming. >> reporter: two weeks. >> two weeks, including canned foot, dog food. >> that's remarkable. that's frightening. >> it's absolutely frightening. >> seafood meets, and staples like rice, beans and coffee come from the mainland. neighbouring latin american countries and china. puerto rico's agricultural sector is stumbling along. >> you are trying to produce food on the island. but now 85% of food is imported into puerto rico. >> yes, yes. >> puerto rico's agriculture secretary is working towards more local foods being produced. >> we develop an ambitious plan where we understand that we can increase the local production from 50% of our consumption to
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25%. >> while the government has implemented a plan to redevelop the agricultural sector, including providing farmers with subsidies and equipment, farmers liar tara and others say it is promising, but they need collaboration from the government. >> at the statement we've been one of the only faces, places or initiatives that is tackling this issue, right from the bottom up. i have no government support whatsoever. >> the two sisters are trying to recitalize the agriculture of the island, farming and offering organic food, hoping that people will be less dependent on restaurants and more on the soil a new internet video appears to show i.s.i.l. executing five men whom they claim are british spies. they accuse the men of gathering
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intelligence against i.s.i.l. in syria. in the footage the group appears to converies filming at a strong hold in raqqa. they are shot to death by mass executioners, they mock british prime minister david cameron, and threaten to innovate the u.k. the u.s. geological survey girls a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck india, hitting before down at the border near myanmar and bangladesh, where it's monday morning. the epicentre is located 35 miles beneath the earth's surface, sending the tremors across north-east india. still ahead on al jazeera america, he's known as the affluenza teen, and he's hiding in new mexico. we talk about the complicated process of extraditing a fugitive to the u.s.
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and many cry foul on the supreme court decision preventing newly elected opposition party lawmakers from taking office. that is in "the week ahead" 8:30 eastern, 5:30 pacific. the wall... >> i have a problem... i don't speak english... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america
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ethan couch pleaded guilty to a fatal drink-driving accident, but got off easy, pleading that his privileged life made him act irspoky. he was in trouble and fled to mexico. u.s. authorities are waiting for a u.s. court to send him back. >> i have never seen a case sparking such outrage and emotion. >> reporter: a texas teen became the poster boy for unequal justice. 15-year-old ethan couch who killed four, driving down a texas road in 2013, with three times the legal alcohol level in his blood. a psychologist testified he suffers from affluenza. growing up pilot, high was never taught his actions had consequences, and doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. >> when is the last time you recall disciplining ethane for anything? >> i don't remember. >> couch received a 10 year
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sentence of probation, causing a public uproar. this past december the teen ran into trouble again. a twitter post tallinging the prosecutor, showed this video. apparently of couch playing a drinking game, possibly violating the conditions of his probation, that, say authorities, is when couch and his mother went on the lamb. what we expected happened is that they planned to disappear, to they had something that was almost akin to a going away party. >> reporter: the pair was tracked to mexico. a process for deportation. tania couch was brought to the united states and charged with a felony for helping her son. her bail is set at $1 million. ethan couch caught a break when a mexican judge temporarily
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halted his deportation, his attorney argued his client shouldn't have been arrested because he committed no crime against mexican law. law enforcement say it's anyone's guess how long the extradition process will take. >> the couches have legal counsel, and it seems to me if they wanted to, they could pay as much money as they want to, dragging this out as long as they want to. >> back in texas, authorities are debating whether to transfer couch's case from juvenile to adult court, if and when he returns to the u.s. >> ted symonds is an attorney and completed a term as president of the national association of criminal defense lawyers, and joins us live from philadelphia. thank you for joining us. first of all, ethan couch's mother. she has been deported, but a lawyer for the 18-year-old says it could be months before she's returned to the u.s. american authorities made it clear that couch and his mother entered immediately. what is the hold up.
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why hasn't couch been extradited yet? >> first, let me thank you for having me. i wish you and your audience a happy and healthy new year. there's a significant and decidedly different legal position on deportation and extradition. apparently they sought to depart the young man, and before he could be deported a lawyer fired a habeas corpus condition saying it is unjust to deport him. because he had done nothing illegal. in mexico. if he's correct, the deportation proceedings will fail. if that's the case, the u.s. and texas can proceed by way of extradition. perhaps if we discuss extradition, and the treaty, that may inform us why the government sought to deport him
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or seek deportation rather than go by the longer process. >> couch's attorney argues that the 18-year-old, kicking him out of mexico would violate his rights, but he violated his probation likely more than once, are you surprised that there's a growing perception that couch is somehow above the law? >> i can understand why people generally are troubled, but i think if which look to the law, that is the best thing to guide us. in extradition cases, an extradition agreement, and the one that exists between the u.s. and mexico is an agreement setting out terms and conditions. when you look at the treaty, you must comply with the terms. first, the terms are controlling. second, it identifies those offenses that must be willful and appear within the appendix
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as extraditable offenses. and, further, if it doesn't fall within that appendix, if it's a crime that is - can carry more than a year in both countries, it's extraditable. a key factor is the issue of duel criminality. that means an offense in the country that is the offense that is being sought to be returned for, is an offense in the country where the person is found. that's where you get into issues in this case. he was convicted of intoxication manslaughter. very unique offense, and may, in fact, only exist in texas, i doubt it exists in mexico. so the first question is going to be - is this the type of offense for which a person can be extradited, and, more importantly, there's only three areas in which a person can be extradited with a treaty, if you are charged and not convicted,
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which is not the case, if you are convicted and not sentences, which is another aspect, and the third option, to be precise, which may come into play, or have found guilty - excuse me, or is wanted by said authorities to complete a judicially pronounced penalty of depravation of liberty. that is a situation where someone is convicted and sentenced, and they have been in custody in gaol and escape. that is not the case. he has no incomplete judiciary announced sentence regarding liberty. there are a number of issues in this case, including one wlool the deportation were properly invoked. two, whether or not the offense that they are seeking in his return for is one identified in the treaty, because the treaty speaks of manslaughter, it doesn't speak of intoxication manslaughter, and there is a
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difference and all of these terms will be decided by the domestic law of mexico. the same thing happens here. extradition is international. the application of the terms within each treaty is decided by the domestic law. there remains to be a number of questions as to whether or not he will be returned. i'm not predicting whether he will or won't. there's a number of thorny issues. >> thank you, this is a case that we'll be following in the days, weeks and months to come. >> coming up venezuela's new legislative session is set to begin. newly elected lawmakers are being blocked from their inauguration. we are live in caracas, and we'll have a panel of experts to discuss the week ahead. later investigators releasing new video of a cargo ship that went down during the hurricane last year. a deeper look.
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welcome back to al jazeera america here is a look at the top stories. >> the u.s. is seeking diplomacy amid rising tensions. the kingdom is cutting ties with iran after a joint protest. hundreds demonstrated against the execution of 47 men, including a top shi'ite cleric. >> in eastern oregon, dozens occupy the national wildlife reserve headquarters. they say they are standing up to government tyranny after two ranchers were sentenced to serve prison sentences for arson. the leader says they don't plan violence unless the government tries to get in their way
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for the second time puerto rico is expected to default towards payment of its $70 billion debt. the government warned that bond holder payments would fall short by $37 million. all sectors of the government is faltering. the island only has a one month supply of food on hand it's sunday night and time for a regular look at the week ahead. a new and uncertain political era begins in venezuela. the unity opposition party swept last month's parliamentary elections, securing victory with a super majority of two-thirds of the seats, paving the way for leadership. following a decade of rule by the united socialists. but the supreme court has ruled that four of the newly elected lawmakers will not be inaugurated, undermining the
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opposition's super majority. limiting the ability to challenge the current administration. a al jazeera's virginia lopez is in caracas. what reason has the supreme court given for its decision? >> the supreme court said it's following up a complaint by a pro-government candidate who claimed that sight of these elections were fraudulent. and they claim that there was a lot of vote buying. >> the eight elections have been reduced to four. three oppositions and one for a government candidate. >> like you said. if one of the elections prosecutor challenged, the opposition stands to losing the super majority that it won in the election. we spoke to a legislator whose
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candidacy could be threatened. he said that he was confused by the whole thing, and he hasn't been notified. and the little he knew was from social networks. >> vote buying is not something that venezuela politicians are unfamiliar where. has a con strategy ahead of elections, giving supporters homes and taxis to win loyalty ahead of elections. unclear at the moment. and set to be defined on the inusing ration? >> how is the opposition
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responding? >> they are defiant. the legislator said he'd attend the inauguration, seven though the supreme court looked set to block his candidacy or seat in parliament. it's a call echoed by the opposition. all 112 politicians will be there on tuesday, and they called for supporters to join them. also, one of the leading fight ours of the opposition has called on the armed forces to defend the popular will and defend the electoral results that gave them the super majority. this is relevant because the government is asking for supporters to join them on a march. venezuela has been known to
8:37 pm
happen in the past, the twin marches clash, and it could lead to violent protests in the streets. >> thank you, stay was for further discussion. i want to bring in our guest, in the studio, a venezuela diplomat and a former governor of caracas. and erin farnsworth, vice president of the council of americas. dye ago, thank you for joining us. opposition are accusing the party of a violation of manipulating the government is that the case. >> we must define the government, a regime controlling 100% the attorney-general's office. the electoral soft. they claim they have a perfect system. now they have the votes, they
8:38 pm
claim something absurd. >> you suspect na there is corruption at play. >> no. i was listening to the caracas supporter. it's the opposite situation. they've been surprised by the amount of voters, 8 million votes, the largest majority ever. >> and, eric, that brings me to you. venezuela is in the midst of a crisis. the need for changes driving millions of venezuelans to the polls. for those that support the party, does the court's decision undermine their vote? >> it does. venezuela is in economic crisis, the economy contracted 10% last year. 2016 doesn't look to be better.
8:39 pm
it could be worse. lots of consumer products are unavailable on the shelves. those that are available are scarce. people have to wait in line for hours. >> the whole society is facing difficult times. the people, as diego said, overwhelmingly voted for change. they gave a victory to the opposition. two-thirds majority in the legislature, not predicted by many servers. what happened is the government of madura has been taken by shock, and they were not sure how to respond. now they tried to manoeuvre so the full impact of the vote doesn't take place or doesn't have the same impact. that is worrisome. this is a country that claims to be democratic. it claims a seat in democracies
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in latin america, and you have a government na is it actively trying to undermine the will of people. it's a serious issue. >> it sure is. after the election it was said that this would not be an easy transition, we are seeing that that is the case. how long could this power struggle last? >> it could go on for quite a couple of years. and in the best case scenario, months. hopefully the government and the opposition could cohabitate. you know, like everyone in the panel says, it looks highly unlikely. the government has not only questioned the four legislators, that we spoke about, but rushed through swearing in three judges of the supreme court. the new supreme court. it's been giving clear signs that it is not necessarily going to allow parliament to rule or to legislate freely or with a
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two third majority that the people granted it. there has been talk that the new parliament could move to call for a recall referendum on president madura's presidency. that could see an abrupt ending to the presidency, but again in is unclear exactly how it would proceed. >> and the results of the election, there's a huge shift of power. the opposition party really is in a position, at least was in a position to impose major changes within government. are those powers limited. >> let me expand a little now. there are two groups today, one group, the opposition, trying to rescue freedom and rights. there's a regime trying to observe. they don't want to take it or find out the corruption that has
8:42 pm
prevailed in this country. the amount of crimes, for example, the president of the national assembly has been investigated for trafficking. and the president of venezuela. it's a various fight. he tried to observe, or not to go to gaol. and we took chavez to the international criminal court at the hague for the crimes against humanity. this has the same crime. there's a fight here. they do not want it to find out the magnitude of the disaster. and they want to regain rights and freedom. this is what is at stake today. >> i read several reports today that it's been reported, as i mentioned. that all 112 opposition leaders, they plan to show up at the inauguration. >> they have been elected.
8:43 pm
one of the issues there. that the regime is planning to install a criminal power parallel congress, elected by themselves, or communal leaders for the same day, that would be an issue. and the president of venezuela said they would not give up. itself a difficult and dangerous course. i believe they were starting to lead dangerous hours because of the before. ahead of the opposition coalition is pushing for international intervention, hoping that someone can stop president madura's parliament from reversing the results. is that a possibility. >> that's a possibility, whether it's a likelihood is something
8:44 pm
else. venezuela has a seat on the security council of united nations. you would think that the united nations would have standing to create a contact group, perhaps, to engage with venezuela, to push president maduro in that direction. the oaf has the diplomatic charter that it could bring out and invoke against venezuela. venezuela is a member, a common market of the south, which has a democracy clause invested in it. invested against paraguay, and so there are vehicles that can be used by the international community, to say nothing of the issue that the united states has been involved in, in terms of drug trafficking and money laundering, currently directed to individuals in venezuela. the broader issue is this. individual countries and leaders of the country, not just former leaders, some have taken strong
8:45 pm
and positive stands in terms of democracy in venezuela. current leaders, particularly in latin america need to stand up and say wait a minute, there's principles here, issues bigger than any one country, and one of those is the ability for the people to express their will through the ballot box and to have separation of powers, and when the legislature or the vote is taken, and the legislature is named. that those candidates have the ability to take power, and not be subject to the whims of the executive branch. even to the point where up until the end of last year, the court was further packed by 13 additional new supreme court justices that were rushed through and seated in the supreme court in anticipation of this issue. that was going to occur. i don't think there are any surprises here.
8:46 pm
what has to happen is the international community has to stand up and take a stand. we have seen this already. >> it can't go on. it's important to point out, as you mentioned to the united states, how do you think the situation will impact venezuela relations? >> it's a good question. at the current moment. venezuela and the united states have a strong commercial relationship. it has been the top purchaser of petroleum, has been for a long time. in fact, the united states pays market rates for petroleum, which is ironic, it gives it away to other countries at reduced costs, the united states in some ways has been fund ghts the maduro government. having said that it's clear that washington does not want a bad relationship with venezuela, there has been efforts to improve the relationship, since maduro has been elected. the ball is in venezuela's court to say look, this is something we want to improve. and i think there is an
8:47 pm
opportunity here because president maduro has been looking for international goodwill. the heavy-handed tactics they engaged in lost a lot of goodwill, and we may see in 2016 an opportunity to improve the relationship between the united states. it's an open question, and something the matura government has to decide that it wants to do. >> what is your response to eric's safety? >> i agree with my friend except that i don't believe venezuela will originate an open dialogue. they couldn't care less what is happening internationally. they've been a victim of the international community. the only president incumbent today that expressed actually a rejection of what is happening is the new president of argentina, and the rest - we are thankful for that. none of them ever, when in the
8:48 pm
presidency complained. the high price of oil was responsible largely for this attitude. now, going to the beginning of your programme, the confrontation started before the national assembly was in place, it had already started. how will it end? >> i hope the international community keeps it on. it's what the nation should do. we have now a new secretary-general that for the first time looks to me to be the only one to assume responsibility, the importance before we go, what is the mood like there as we are days away from the inauguration? >> well, there's a great sense of indignation that what seemed like a hopeful - hopefully a peaceful resolution to an embattled society was set to continue. it was hoped the government
8:49 pm
would read the electoral result as what it came as, a call for change. instead, the government seemed intent on becoming more radical than it has in the past, and also, like we have been discussing. there's a sense that they are not recognising the popular will. there's a sense of indignation and great concern that there could be that there could be a reviv revival. protest that rocked the country for a month. there's the continuing crisis, a clsh between the opposition meaning there'll be a gridlock. >> al jazeera's virginia loip ez, former diplomat and m mmr
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mr farnsworth with the council of americas bill clinton will be in new hampshire attending events for his wife. wednesday - angela merkel response go criticism over the open-door refugee policy, she'll peak at a meeting held by the bavaria president, who wants a cap of 200,000 refugees in europe per year and thursday - a town hall meeting focussing on guns. part of a push to possible executive action on gun control. we'll be right back.
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residents of the mexican town of cuernaraca are in mourning after their new mayor was givened done. gisela mota was murdered a day after being sworn into office. we have this report gisela mota was sworn in as mayor of cuernaraca on friday, and dead on saturday - shot and killed in her home. detectives suspect nine were involved in her murder. two were killed at the scene. police officers and soldiers chased and detained four others. >> translation: we demand a full, complete investigation by the state government to its
8:54 pm
final consequences. there were four arrested who must confess to be the mastermind. >> reporter: the state government suggests drug cartels or organized crime gangs were to claim. in a daily speech, mayor gisela mota promised to tackle crime head on. >> >> translation: we firmly believe interests were unsettled by her opening speech. we don't have information about the death threat or discard a line of investigations. violent crime in the region is widespread. 10km from where the mayor is murdered. it's the most violent city in mexico based on murder, rape, kidnap and armed robbery. the mayor took office on the statement day, launched by hundreds of states and agents to provide security. politics is becoming increasingly dangerous in mexico. four politicians, and two mayoral candidates were killed in elections last year.
8:55 pm
the murder 24 hours into her new roll is seen as a new blow for politicians trying to tackle violent crime in mexico n.t.s.b. investigators released video of a sunken cargo ship el faro, captured using a remote controlled vehicle showing it resting on the ocean floor, 15,000 feet beneath the surface. it sank in october while sailing through category 4 hurricane joachim. none survived. the black box recorder has not been located. the n.t.s.b. is considering launching a new search effort. kevin corriveau is here with a look at the weather. >> we are following the flooding that is a threat. some areas are getting better. those to the north. for st. louis, even though the water is coming down, you are in
8:56 pm
a moderate flood threat where the river gauges are located. the dots on the map are the river gauges and indicates if you are having major or moderate flooding levels. the big problem is to the south. where the crest and the wave of the river is going down towards. it will take several weeks for the water to come down. we are talking parts of the mississippi, arkansas and indiana. >> these are the areas that are cresting. arkansas tuesday, mississippi to the end of the week and down to arkansas city. in terms of warnings, to the north they'll be dropping in the next couple of days as things improve. towards the south, we are talking about the warnings are in place indefinitely. probably we are talking about the middle of the month. temperatures are coming down for the north-east. now it's 39 degrees in parts of new york, and as we go to the next couple of days, the
8:57 pm
temperatures will be the coldest since what we have seen since spring time. look at what is happening in new york. close to the lakes. this one is what happens when it crosses over the warmer lakes, picking up the moisture and dumping it on the southern and south-eastern sides. we are looking at warnings in that area. tomorrow temperatures in new york. 28 degrees, bisi onile-ere. not the coldest by tuesday morning. >> back to reality. >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us. i'm bisi onile-ere in new york. i'll be back with another hour of news at 11:00p.m. eastern, 8:00p.m. pacific. stay tuned. faultlines is next. i >> still living in these tent cities. >> we're back to square minus one. >> the city is a powder keg at the moment. >> you see transactional sex and no one is held to account for that.
8:58 pm
>> the united nations has never accepted responsibility for this. >> an ali velshi on target special: bangladeshi
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
> [ ♪ ] >> this is where i will be buried. >> right next to her. >> mm-hmm six years ago his wife died after overdosing on prescription pain-killers.


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