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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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it. >> that is what they are struggling to push back on. i don't think they can cross the line again. >> that is the show for today. i'm mary snow in for ali velshi thank you for joining us. historic moments. >> we will bring it down with dignity and make sure it is put in its rightful place. >> south carolina the first state to secede from the union preparing to remove advice from the confederacy. no resolution. we will not rush and we will not be rushed. tension and frustration at the iran nuclear talks as both give in, and another deadline passes.
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>> new warning. the nation can pose a threat in the united states we'll have to point to russia. if you look at the behaviour, it's not short of alarming. a man, says the greatest threat to national security is russia. >> living in fear. >> i wanted to go home. he takes care of. unsolved death and disappearances. rocking a western town. many were asking it was the work of a serial killer. >> i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. we begin with the movement of a symbol. the government signed the bill ordering the taking down of a confederate flag that that flown at the state house for 50 years. family members of those were killed at the governor's side. tomorrow morning the flag will
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come down. with the stroke of a pen. nicky hayley south carolina governor made history, removing the flag from the state house ground, after half a century. >> when the emotions start to fade, the history of actions taking place by everyone in south carolina to get us to this moment is one we can all be proud of. >> reporter: the law removing the flag was passed after a 13-hour debate pitting opponents against supporters. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful, such as take a symbol that is hate off of the grounds on friday. >> if we try to hide our history, the unfortunate facts that show throughout history is
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you have is tendency to repeat it. >> the legislation was prompted by the murder of nine african-american said in charleston's emanuel a.m.e. church. the accused shooter, dylann roof was photographed holding the confederate flag. he is charged with murder, but not a hate crime. because one doesn't exist in south carolina. it could pave the way. it could depend on the federal government for everything. he needs in-house laws to send a strong message, where we can expedite things that happen. representatives say they think the timing may be right, but legislators should approach it cautiously. >> i don't want to read too much into this. i think it's important that the expectation not be set at a bar that's unobtainable. and people are dissen chanted the and defeated.
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it's back to business as usual. >> a jubilant flag protestor are happy that the flag is coming down. each she admits removing a symbol that many associate with racial hatred will not end it entirely. >> we have a long way to go. it's only the middle part. >> diane eastabrook al jazeera the confederate flag led to a heated debate. it was over the right to face symbols on grave sites at national park sem et rits. mike viqueira has more. >> reporter: a new front opened in the battle of the flag. the floor of the u.s. house. you lost the war. it's time for you to join the rest of the country. tuesday, the house passed a measure barring the confederate flag from national park service cemeteries most civil war
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sites. late wednesday night, republicans led an effort to reverse course and allowed displays of the flag. by thursday morning, the house was in an uproar. >> don't the republicans understand in the confederate flag is an insult to 40 million african-americans, and many others. >> the park service allows battle flags to be flown at grave sites on one day, confederate memorial day. a vote would have halted that practice. pushing leadership to stage a second vote, referring to the status quo. >> when i go i look at them and think we have a first amendment. that can't happen here. we have to tolerate the desecration of old glory. we have people on the floor offended by a symbol. >> it brought ridicule from the
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white house. when you here it say. >> it's a political front this they look to avoid. >> there are adults in the congress. asking about how to kill it. i do not want this to become a political football. it should not. under the capital dome, statutes hold a revered place, like the flag. symbols not of freedom, but horror. >> the red on this flag is a painful reminder of the blood that was shed by african-american slaves who were beaten raped. lynched and killed in america.
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as a result. institution of slavery. what exactly is the tradition, the confederate battle flag represents? >> strong words from the secretary of state john kerry about the state of the iran nuclear talks. kerry threatened to walk away if tough decisions were not made soon. james bays has more from vienna. >> reporter: the six countries meeting to discuss iran, but after intense talks the secretary of state came out to brief the reporters. there were points of disagreement and he'd stay for now. >> we are here, we believe we are making real progress towards a comprehensive deal. as i have said many times, and
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as i discussed with president obama last night, we are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognise that we shouldn't get up and leave simply because the clock strikes midnight. his iranian counterpart did not come down to meet the press, when he appeared on the hotel balcony, i tried to get his comment. >> do you think you'll get a deal in the end. >> why would i be here if i didn't think that. >> why would i be here if i didn't think that. earlier optimism about the prospect of a deal had come from russia, where iranian president hassan rouhani is a guest at a summit organised by vladimir putin. his foreign minister is there. one of the key players in the talks. not currently in vienna. >> based on the principle of taking consecutive and mutual decisions, we are now on the
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verge of meeting not an intermediate, but a final and comprehensive agreement. it is within reach. >> the reason the u.s. and some of its western partners were pushing hard for a deal was because of u.s. legislation. it says the u.s. congress gets 30 days to examine the deal. as long as it done by july the 9th. that won't happen. so the time congress has to scrutinise a deal doubles to 60 days, another deadline missed as the intense meetings continue in this luxury hotel. afghan intelligence officials say a top i.s.i.l. leader in afghanistan was killed in a u.s. drone strike. officials say he and five other i.s.i.l. fighters died in tuesday's strike in nangahar province. he was thought to be the group's chief spokesman in afghanistan greece came up with a new plan to save its economy and
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appears to include austerity, including tax hikes and pension cuts part of a bailout proposal submitted to eurozone visitors. we look at what comes next. >> the greek government needs a deadline for the finance minister in brussels where it's hoped they produce a third deal decided by leaders in brussels. three days lie ahead to determine greece's future determining whether greece get the aid it feeds to stave off the possibility of financial catastrophe and a banking collapse collapse. would questions, whether the proposals cut the hikes and are teamed adequate by an increasingly skeptical set of
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lenders. we'll have to wait and see. the second question is a question of trust, badly eroded in recent months under the government and since a referendum on saturday. can the greeks be taken at their word tond carry out promised reforms where they have not done so in the past. there'll be a vote in parliament on friday to dorm that whether to -- determine that whether to pass the proposals and give alexis tsipras a strong hand in the negotiations. >> thank you to jonah hull in athens. >> a data breach at the federal office of personal management is bigger than thought. hackers stole 21.5 million security numbers more than 19 million people applied for checks, and 2 million of their family members. the government said about 4 million were affected. many believed it is the work of chinese hackers.
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the fbi disrupted multiple plots. the director said agents detained more than 10 suspects with tied to oil are in the month of the holiday. some were planning to launch attacks. he would not discuss specific cases but believed that the bureau's effort save lives. still to come. a small town where heroin has taken hold, locked which a string of debts. president obama criticized mitt romney during a 2012 presidential debate for saying russia was the biggest threat. now the president's nominee is saying the same thing.
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o over the past year half-a-dozen women have disappeared. four bodies turned up. some residents suspect a serial killer. the fbi is involved. >> reporter: every week these
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women gather and grieve. >> i'm going to do what it takes to find my daughter. >> reporter: all bonded by loss. >> they are going through the same thing. they know my pain. i know their pain too. that's what helps. that's the biggest help. >> diana willetts daughter is among six women in ohio. who have mysteriously disappeared in the past 14 months. four turned up dead. >> that's six girls, that we need closure. short of answers, the mothers meet to mourn and mobilize. >> demanding answers to a mystery that's gripped a small midwestern town. >> i wanted to be home safe. i wanted a home. >> some of the victims were found in water. many knew each other. each died. all kale from troubled
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backgrounds. >> everyone asked the question is there a serial killer on the loose. the best information doesn't point to that, we can't tie any of these to one person. >> the police have not ruled out anything. but it has exposed a heroin diction problem hereful. >> reporter: how bad is the problem? >> pretty bad. >> more or coming for help turning to heroin after a clampdown on drugs. >> it's not something that hits one particular age group or side. it's everywhere. there's a lot of reasons. >> 19 died of heroin overdoses. five times more than before. >> it doesn't matter whether there's an addiction. there's a person they are still
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loved. diana worried the stick ner is slowing the investigation. she and others search for answers. >> they are not enough words that can say how much i miss her, how much i love her, how much i want her home president obama's picked to become america's senior milt officer believes russia poses the threat. marine germ made the statement during a confirmation hearing, saying the kremlin's actions are create problems for the u.s. and u.s. allies. >> in russia we have a nuclear power, one that not only has the capability of violating the sovereignty of allies into doing things that are inconsistent within a process, but in the process of doing so. if you want to talk about a snags that could pose a throat to the united states i would have to point to russia if you
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look at the behaviour, it's nothing short of alarming. >> reporter: he would replace general dempsey, stepping down in september. mike lyons is with the truman national project. good to see you. you watched the hearings what was your reaction when you heard that? >> a lot of candour from what will be the senior military advisor to the president. i wouldn't expect him to say anything else. through his ices from him to the ground forces inside of europe, they pose a threat to the united states and allies. first and foremost. it was upside down but purely from a military perspective, russia is the greatest threat. >> do you think the administration okayed him saying that or was he freelancing? >> he might have been a little bit. he made comments that that was the case. from a military capability
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perspective. he said something that was easy to explain. we have to agree in the last four years things have changed within russia. actions had a bigger knab. and russia has been on the move. factor in the capability and behaviour, and you get the threat. >> the president got criticism with i.s.i.l. calling the jv team. i want to look back at something. >> i'm glad you realise i.s.i.l. is a threat. a few months ago you said russia, not al qaeda. in the 1980s, or now, calling and asking for the foreign policy to be back the cold war was over. >> in retrospect was that a mistake. >> that looks like a mistake. you can't dismiss any enemies. you go back and look at the
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potential enemies, and president barack obama was talking, but it didn't translate with the public as a threat. based on how much osvaldo alonso i.s.i.s. was going to be in everyone's face. there was for called for ukraine, that was at said odds for the administration. >> it gets back to an arms race that could take place. we have to give them capability to defend themselves, from this russian aggression. that's what the administration is concerned about. there's no question of the it does not see the military as a lead when it comes to foreign policy. it looks into dip leem assy first. >> do you agree with what doesn't ford said about the
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other threats america faces. he had north korea second, china, and i.s.i.l. >> i'm concerned about china, they are building the bases and putting in anti-ballistic byses. military intended. i think i.s.i.s. will have to be taken care of on a going forward basis. upside down on what the senate had. >> seems the people on capitol hill are more focused on i.s.i.l. than the others. if you lining to the presidential candidates that's the question they are asked. a lot has to do with educating the public of an existential threat, and what can hurt the united states in the short and long term. >> he seemed to echo a policy that it should be focused on having local troops in syria and iraq. >> he said that u.s. - more
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forces doing missions would make a difference and we feel the ground facts would make a difference. if we don't see different results on the ground it could force us to change strategy. >> anything else? >> here is a guy and what keeps him up at night is modernizing the force and preparedness of the force, making sure that the military is ready to go and looking over the horizon, and is prepared for a battle that he can't foresee that to take place, it's a tough job, and you heard him say he's concerned about the unknown. every officer is worried about being unprepared. and it will be the challenge. >> it was interesting to see what he had to stay. thanks. >> the world's longest serve foreign minister saud al-faisal has died. he retired at the end of april after 40 years of service. the white house offered con dollance secretary of state
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john kerry called him one of the wisest foreign ministers. he was 75 and was credited with negotiating the end of several middle east conflict pope francis called the persecution against christians in the middle east genocide. he apologised for offenses committed by the commump for indigenous population he asked for their forgiveness the pope will tour a prison. an unusual gift from bolivian president morales to the pope is causing controversy. it's a golden sculpture depicting a crux fix mounted on a hammer and cycle. it is known to represent aith yix. the pope received it saying that's not right coming up a bank heist with a twist in tennessee. the robbers never set foot in the bank. how police say they pulled it off.
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he was diagnosed with colon cancer, he played with the oakland raiders for the most of his career leading the team to a super bowl win. he is spine and brain has been donated to researchers studying conyugs. "the washington post" reported that a call to trump about comments on western immigrants. trump said the call was to congratulate him. he's shown as leading the go. op field. he's getting a run for his money from jed bush. his superpact raised $103 million in six months. the bush campaign says $98 million has not been spent, together with campaign funds. supporters donated $114 million.
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the federal bureau of investigation is investigating a brazen kidnapping. the two gunmen responsible for the crime never set foot in the bank. they forced the president to do the dirty work. as erica pitzi reports, it may not be the first time they have done it. >> the day began at 8am tuesday, when two men broke into tanner and abby's home. they told investigators they were blindfolded and forced into the family car with their infant sun. the robbers drove the couple to a bank branch where tanner is vice president. and the men ordered him to rob the bank while his family was held in the car. >> the bank executive has access to a greater amount of funds in the bank not just what is in the teller draws. it prevent them being on camera. >> after giving an undisclosed
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amount of money, the suspect left harr. >> and drove off with his wife abby and his son. dropping them off on a county road and fleeing. she told police with her baby in her lap, she drove around looking for help. cable utility worker was in shot when abby behind the wheel drove to him and told him of their ordeal. >> she hugged me started crying saying someone held a gun to her head. it's similar to the abduction of another bank executive and his family. two males and one female failing to rob a credit union during the abduction. that case and tuesday's robbery may be kebd. >> it's possible it's related. there are strong similarities between the two robberies. we expect they may be linked. we haven't determined that positively. honda is recalling another
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4.5 million cars around the world to replace potentially dangerous air backs. made by takata. they can explode with too much force, spraying fragments inside vehicles. of 4.5 million cars, more than 1.5 million are in japan. no others are part of the recall. >> a commuter nightmare in london. a labour strike shutting down the tube. months of negotiations between the unions and the london underground led to the strike. the result was mayhem with people forced to walk bike or take crowded buses to get around. the strike is over and service is expected to be slow on friday. one more story for you. final preparations in new york for friday's ticker tape parade honouring the u.s. women said national soccer team. workers are preparing dozens of floats. the first female team to get a new york parade and the first
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time in 31 years that a team not based in the new york area will get the hon or. i'm antonio mora thank you for joining us. ray suarez is up next with "inside story". have an agreed night. [ ♪ music ♪ ] when the supreme court announced a ruling on same-sex marriage there were the kind of celebrations you may have imagined. happy couples, long-postponed wedding parties, joyful news conference, and a frank expression of unease from the no side that says it fears what will happen to religious freedom to oppose same-sex unions and the fears