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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> the rescues have been working day and night. they are not waiting for families. more bodies are coming in. for those who survived life is not easy. they moved out into the streets. we had to move out of our home because it was damaged. there is no government help either. >> they say they've been left to fend for themselves and they don't know how long they'll be here. >> they've been living here sin saturday. running in rand out when it rains and running out with after
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shops. >> this patient said that he had to pay for his own medicine, which should be free, but he's thankful to be alive. >> i was walking home after work when a building collapsed and i got trapped. people came to help but then the aftershocks came and they ran away. finally i was rescued but both my legs are broken. >> limb and head injuries are common. doctors say they're tanging but they're under equipped. >> the problem is the buildings and the medicine. >> without enough supplies and equipment to treat the survivors, the concern is there will be many more funerals in days to come in kathmandu. >> well, the deadly earthquake
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in nepal one of the days that sustained damage, we have more from there in the mat kathmandu valley. >> this was a family home, but like so many others it's a place of loss. there were a number of family members rescued from this location many hours ago and they say there are still relatives beneath the rubble. there is an officer shouting hello hello and banging bricks with bear fist there is no sound. it's just a place of dust and the smell of the accident of people passing away. there is here bear hands shovels. treat after treat there are
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situations like this going on. but this is really now more of a recovery operation than it is one of a rescue. people like to be optimistic. but people we've spoken to in the past eight hours has been mournful rather than hopeful. there is also a contrasting mood of anger in many parts of thiscy. particularly around the local authority people where people are demanding tents where they can settle because their homes are so damaged that they can't have anything to live with, or they're concerned that there could be further quakes and there is danger everywhere. they continually warn to be careful where we step and walk, this whole direct is aged. it was rebuild after the 1934 quake, in which 8,400 people
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died and it was david. each day that goes by doesn't eat any easier. it just gets worse. >> nearly 44 people mostly women and children have died in pakistan after heavy rains and strong winds ripped through. winds are up rooting trees and flattening people and it has taken people by surprise. more rain is expected. now to yemen where houthi rebels have been fighting in the southern city of taiz. >> this was once a a quiet town.
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now these are forces fighting for abd rabbuh mansur hadi who has fled to saudi arabia. civilians are caught in the middle. tanks are being used by houthi fighters and that rebels fired at a public hospital. >> streets are mainly deserted. four years ago the protesting were part of the movement that removed president is a saleh. behind the lines there are people who are suffering from a lack of basic services. meanwhile the coalition air raids continue in other parts of the country.
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they say the conditions are difficult. >> thewe've been experience as health disaster and genocide. >> the situation has been made worse with lack of food and fuel. >> there has been mother chlorine attack. opposition fighters say they've gained control natasha reports. >> gasping for air. another suspected chlorine attack. witnesses say helicopters dropped chlorine over idleb on sunday. it comes after rebel groups gain
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mortar tear. the u.n. security council has blamed the syrian army for repeated chlorine attacks. the security council has threatened action for the violation of international law but even though number of the rebel groups has access to helicopters, the security council says it has no way to confirm the syrian army is responsible despite the attack in idleb opposition fighters say they had a major victory. using suicide car bombs and raiding a gas station, republic forces say they seized control of a vital camp. the troops fled before they can burn their weapons and ammunition. by seizing the army camp the rebels hope it will allow them to tut off a major supply line to government troops in the
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area. >> israel said its launch on airstrike after spotting fighters carrying a bomb. four people were killed. a crowd of people gathered in a nearby village to mourn its death. they are reported seeing what they call terrorists approach the border with explosives. >> now to south africa where victims families of victims of zenophobic attacks are calling for justice. we meet with one family. >> they came from south africa from mozambique. his nephew was murdered against.
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>> they left him with me to look after. why has got taken him away from us. >> the family is scared and trying to cope. the attack was caught on camera by south african journalists. >> i canhe is always in my mind. >> during a speech president zuma said that he was in the country illegally. >> the reports indicate he used a false name to avoid detection by authorities as he was an illegal immigrant. >> his family has repeatedly told al jazeera that he was in south africa with all the recollect paperwork. >> this is the spot where he was
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brutally killed. the four men are arrested and expected to stand trial for his murder. there are many who lost loved ones due to xenophobia who have given up. >> there were 132 convictions after those attacks. it has promised justice for those victims. >> they sake decisions without fear or prejudice. >> the government has offered financial support for emmanuel's three children in mozambique however the family wants more than just cash. they want justice. emmanuel's cousin has written a poem in his machinery. >> you are evil. you are. subtle here you killed a son. you killed a brother. you killed an uncle. you killed a father.
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you killed a hero. you killed a man. you killed our brother. >> charles stratford al jazeera johannesburg. >> there is plenty more ahead on al jazeera. they escape war poverty and oppression at home to make it to europe but tough times await these migrants in italy. and we have the funeral of the man who died while in the custody of baltimore police. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. a reminder of our top stories. in nepal rescuers are still going through the rubble looking for survivors. in pakistan high winds and rain lash this hour.rain lash through the area. >> i understand in kathmandu there has been another
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earthquake. this time in the east of the country. >> we're getting this news in from the u.s. geological survey. to the east of nepal there is the board of india. west bengal experience of 5-1 on the richter scale. 67 miles deep. we haven't heard of any injuries or damage at the moment. we're waiting for news for that. 5.1 earthquake has struck an eastern side of nepal. >> meanwhile, search and rescue operation continues after saturday's devastating quake. bring us up to speed with the efforts there. have they found any more survivors?
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>> well, survivors no, the areas one of the most iconic tourist attraction and areas of kathmandu. it's very old ancient palaces, temples and archeological buildings have been built over the years. mainly after the brick style and wood. it's those very buildings that collapsed saturday after that huge earthquake. and rescue workers and volunteers have been digging through the rubble trying to find anybody who might be alive. people have arrived on the scene very quickly. today we saw french, swiss, and south korean, but i was also talking with senior military officials from austria. they have 40 people here in four
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teams across the country. they arrived early on monday morning. we know the u.s. is bringing in aid on that level of search and rescue while india and pakistan are supplying medical facilities and equipment. >> so a lot of help is coming from the outside but i understand that the air force in kathmandu is not able to cope. >> no, kathmandu's airport is one of the smallettes in the world. it has a restrictive runway. and also because of that the building itself and the terminal can only host a certain number of planes. with so much good will coming in from the international community, and so many planes of
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aid, cargo and it has to cherry pick which planes can land at specific times. there have been many delays and cancellation of planes globally trying to get into nepal. there are only eight bays for plays planes to off load their passengers. i was on a two-hour trip from delhi to nepal. we circled for at least two hours. we sat on the car tarmac for three in kathmandu. there are a lot of people come together country to help. it is a huge task for authorities here and more tremors have been reported across the day and of course the search and rescue operation will continue in that mode and
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search and rescue. >> we hear that another earthquake has struck the east of the country. we'll bring you more as we get it, of course. in rome more than 1700 people have died in boats trying to reach europe. while some will make it, they'll end up in the ports of sicily. barnaby phillips joins us live. tell us the purpose of ban ki-moon's visit. >> well, i think he wants to show solidarity. he wants to commiserate and show moral support of the families of the victims. he wants specific
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policy talks with the head of e.u. foreign policy and with matteo renzi the italian prime minister. before leaving new york, ban ki-moon left new york making interesting remarks. i would imagine there will be an interesting meeting of minds as to just how europe aims to solve this refugee crisis in a humane way. now i've been in sicily for eight days now and almost every single day i've watched desperate people coming ashore, brought onshore by italian navy ships having been picked up by sea. what i've learned just because they manage to reach italy that
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by no means means their problems much suffering is over. >> the first steps in europe. hundreds of african migrants disembark from the italian navy ship. all is efficient on the dock side. men and women are divide: first aid when needed and clothing for the cold. but first impressions are deceptive. within days most of these new arrivals will be left to fend for themselves. the government and aid organizations overwhelmed by shear numbers. the migrants who come to citizenly rely on support networks from friend and family, from people who might come from their hometown and village. it's knows who don't have those contact who is can find themselves in a vulnerable situation very quickly. like 18-year-old karama.
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he came by boat two weeks ago. he has no friends no money no phone, and no idea as to what he'll do next. he is sleeping in catania's mosque. he asked that his face be hidden. >> my dream is to stay in this country, study learn the italian language. go to school, speak with the italians. have the right documents. send money home to my parents. >> the imam said that some nights ten migrants turn up. some nights it's 200. >> the problem is enormous. italy has is on the right path but this is something that needs to be solved at an european level if not a world level. this is everyone's problem. >> as long as there is poverty war and oppression in these
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boat loads of people will keep coming. we've heard from the port in the northeast of sicily where i am, in the region of 270 migrants were brought ashore this morning by the italian navy. they included dozens of women and children, fortunately there were no fatalities. they were picked up at sea 64 kilometers off the libyan coast. >> barnaby phillips reporting live from catania in sicily. now to the funeral of an african-american man who died while in police custody is due to take place shortly. president obama sent white house officials to baltimore where freddie grey is being laid to rest. his death has inflamed tensions across the country. tell us about the mode in baltimore today.
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>> well, the mourners have been filing past freddie grey's casket behind me. hundreds are expect: they include three aides to president obama. but the main mood is still anger. but there is also that question mark. what happened to freddie grey, the 25-year-old who died just over a week ago? he was only in police custody for less than an hour. that was enough time for him to sustain three broken neck verdict bray a smashed voice book and to have his spine detacted from his neck. the police admit that mistakes were made. that he had been given medical attention and he should have been buckled in the police van. they say it's a mystery that their investigation is underway. they're supposed to give the results of their preliminary investigation to the state prosecutor next friday.
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however it's not clear yet whether that investigation--the result that have investigation will be released to the public. having said that there are many in the community who say we have to have faith in an internal investigation in baltimore. one protesters asked me, how can you expect the people who are committing genocide in a community to look into the reason why they're committing it. there are other probes under way, but there is very little faith in that investigation and a funeral will take place in a half hour's time. >> we've seen a number of protests as you've said. what precisely, what do they want to see happen. >> there are protests about the denigration within the police force. and there are specific demands.
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baltimore has a pretty terrible recorded of police brutality. the city has sheffield united out $6 million to prevent police officers from going to trial and having accused them. the aclu said if you're black and you have interaction with police in maryland you're five more times likely to die than if you're white. there are serious problems clearly here in baltimore and there is one overarching activist group we have to take a look at all the deaths in police custody and all of the injuries in police custody. when freddie gray was arrested the initial police report said that he was arrested because
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camera caught that he was arrested that we knew things were not right. >> in australia protest necessary sydney are pleading for the lives of two australia drug convicts on death row in indonesia. [ protesting ] >> new roundsaustralia wants allegations against indonesian judges before the pair are executed. they have exhausted all avenues for appeal. protests have taken place outside of the indonesia embassy for a filipino mother. the 30-year-old said that she was tricked into carrying the
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luggage. the japanese family of shinzo abe has arrived in the united states. he's expected to be the first japanese to leader to address the u.s. congress. for more go to our site of >> dozens of africa shocks in nepal after an earthquake levels multiple cities. tense of thousand of people struggling to find food and shelter. aid agencies say they can't reach those in need quickly enough. and mourners in baltimore pay their respects for freddie gray as protesters call for justice and questions remain over his death.