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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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still coming another boat load of migrants reaches sicily a day after eu promises actions to tackle the traffickers. ♪ hello you are watching al jazeera live from london also coming up, yemen foreign minister insists there will be no peace until houthi rebels surrender. malaria breakthrough and close to finding a vaccine for the killer disease, the magnificent
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images from the far side of the solar system the hubble telescope celebrates its 25th birthday. ♪ hello, the eu says it will double the emergency aid it gives to italy, greece and malta to deal with influx of migrants crossing mediterranean from north africa and used to staff reception centers and provide medical aid to people like this dozens more who arrived in the sicily port on friday but eu divertingly resources to stop the people smugglers and appearing in a nearby court was this man, tunisia mohamed and prosecutors say he was at the helm of the boat which collided with a container ship and sank off the libyan coast and 700 people died. numbers contributed to an april record for migrant deaths at sea. more than 1300 migrants are
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thought to have died making the perilless crossing and we go to italian island of sicily and in the connection of the deaths with the 700 migrants. >> reporter: indeed they are still in court, it's 6:00 p.m. local here on sicily. and this was an incident sorry, which is supposedly just a preliminary hearing. we expected it to last probably now more than an hour or two hours but from 9:00 this morning and we are 6:00 p.m. local here tonight they are still there and that is because this is a very difficult and elongated process and the hearing not just from one witness but from a handful of witnesses, survivors from that disaster from last weekend where an estimated 7, 800 migrants were drowned as a result the prosecutors say of
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the negligent handling of the boat by these two people the captain and the ship's mate. the charges against them are well the charges the prosecutor wants against them are multiple homicide negligence people trafficking and indeed unlawful imprisonment with the captain and they are going for that one against him are because of migrants who were locked in the hold and but it's an elongated process and giving evidence to the judge and decide whether or not to confirm charges are from somalia or aratraia and having translated and their answers are translated the questions have to be translated it's taking a lot longer than everybody expected and could well go into more days we are now told. so the difficulty of this is that this is a high profile case which is really a test case for how the italian authorities are going to get to grips with the traffickers, not just bringing the survivors into shore.
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>> paul brennan live outside the court where the court case continues, thank you. italy says those rescued in the mediterranean are traveling from libya and outside a migrant detention city in misrata. >> reporter: it's difficult to see how the eu could carry out military intervention against smugglers and it operates over nearly 2000 kilometers of libyan coastline, and another issue which is the current political situation here in libya, there are two rival governments, the eu recognizes one in tubrook and departures lately are from the western side where the court-appointed government in tripoli eu has no dealings with the government and actually heard from senior officials of that government just yesterday that they will stand against any kind of eu military
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intervention. then there is the other issue, what to do with the migrants who have traveled for weeks and months thousands of kilometers and reached this point and are adamant they want to cross the mediterranean and risk their lives and want to reach europe and according to international law you cannot send a refugee back to his country if there is war or there is any kind of persecution going on there. most of the people who are for example inside of detention center come from war-stricken countries. also there is another logistical issue, on a practical level, there are no more embassys in tripoli and none in the eastern side of the country and people inside here do not have passports and don't have money, logistics of that all, how are you going to get them out of libya and send them back home. so it's certainly a very complicated issue to tackle and this summer according to what we hear on the ground and number of
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migrants who have been pouring into this country it will probably be very difficult to stem that flow trying to reach europe. ♪ saudi arabia interior ministry has arrested a man on suspicion of killing to police officers earlier this month in riyadh and 23-year-old confessed to the shootings after meeting a member affiliated with islamic state of iraq in syria and mohamed is live from saudi arabia and that is close to the border with yemen and what do we know about this case, mohamed? >> yes, the minister of interior made a statement on friday said mohamed mohamed and has been arrested in connection of the shooting of two policemen on 8 of april
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earlier this month and after an investigation with him he admitted to the crime and said that he was recruited by i.s.i.s. earlier and that the man the middleman between him and i.s.i.s. and he believes this man is from north africa judging by his accent he said he was giving the weapon to use in the crime and given 10,000 and ammunition and also he said that i.s.i.s. wanted to use him in saudi arabia and asked him to stay there because of his expertise and explosives making also in a shooting and he said that burgess drove the car while he himself shot at the two policemen. also after further investigation the ministry in a statement said they were able to identify the man who is known by burgess and his name is shariff known as sammy and they put a
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bounty on his head $1 million to be given to anyone who can help find him. and that is basically the gist of the statement but also it indicates that saudi arabia now is being somehow punished by i.s.i.s. i.s.i.s. has warned earlier on that it is going to strike back against any country that participates in the campaign against them in iraq and syria. >> thanks mohamed. and more air strikes by the saudi-led coalition against houthi targets in yemen and forces loyal to the president abd rabbuh mansur hadi gained control over large pardons of aiden pushing them back and said houthis most surrender before the peace process can begin. >> translator: there will be no talks at the present time as long as the houthis and the malitias of ali abdullah saleh continue the crime against many people and until they put
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weapons aside and surrender. >> reporter: u.n. has invited the syrian government and opposition groups to separate peace talks in geneva next month and opposition fighters lawn frp frped launched attack west of the city and we have the latest. >> reporter: a great view from a plane in northwest hama, this vast area overlooks village to the north and south. once a peaceful countryside, it's now become a battlefield. government forces have been using it as an attack position against opposition fighters. >> translator: this area was one of the first to revolt against the regime and badly bombed and targeted now it's time to counter attack. >> reporter: opposition fighters launched the attacks by firing artillery, captured three main government checkpoints around the city aiming to isolate the city by cutting the large government supply road.
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>> translator: our main objective is to destroy checkpoints leading to the city if we succeed in that we will cut supply lines from forces. >> reporter: offensive led by coalition of opposition groups launched with the aim of controlling the districts riyadh and the latest push follows the capture of idlib city of march 28 rebel forces prepare to be boosted by gains and they have been won and lost multiple times in the endless conflict al jazeera. now the chile volcano reached argentina capitol buenos aires more than a thousand kilometers away several airlines suspended flights in and out of the airport as a safety precaution and the situation is expected to get worse as the density of the ash increases over the next 48 hours. the volcano is still spewing ash after erupted on wednesday and thursday. for the first time in more than
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40 years. southern chile is on alert as experts warn a third eruption is possible and we have a small village in the shadow of volcano and tell us what it's like there. >> reporter: well it's dusty. most people are wearing these masks i'm holding here and been distributed to authorities and everyone. there is a state of emergency in effect right now a red alert for the volcano that you see right behind me. it looked like it was dying down but it begun to spew more ash as you can see and, in fact they expect in five hours this will increase and everybody from the town has been forced to leave and get back in during the day to take a look to see how animals and homes are but not allowed back in because of the
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danger of breathing and because of an explosion. this is from the force of this volcano in the city. >> people and the authorities especially were rather caught off guard by this eruption. >> reporter: very very interesting point because this volcano had been asleep like a giant for more than 40 years but that is a small nap in the lifetime of a volcano and we asked authorities why they had not expected it and they say, look, we have 100 very active like 2000 in chile and how do you know it's active it's deemed to be active if it has a movement in the last 10,000 years, so that kind of helps to put this volcano and even though it is considered one of the three most dangerous in chile in the city. >> live there and appears the
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ash is effecting our communications online and apologies for the break up. now to come on the news arrests in italy over an alleged plot to attack the headquarters at the catholic faith. also armenian gather to mark a century since one of the darkest periods in the history. ♪ turn it into science fact. >> addressing nasa's critics. >> we are the best nation in the world when it comes to exploration. >> and mankind's next giant leap. >> we can become multi-planet species. >> every sunday night... >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. just because
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>> fall of saigon, forty years later. >> we have no idea how many were killed. >> unanswered questions, a botched withdrawal lives lost. examining the impact that still resonates today. a special report starts tuesday, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. ♪ again reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, the eu is to double emergency aid to countries on the front line of
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the migrant crisis. more people have been killed trying to cross the mediterranean sea this month than ever before more air strikes in yemen as the saudi-led coalition targets houthi fighters. and the u.n. security council is being urged to call for pause in fighting in syria. the u.n. want an arms embargo and tax on schools and hospitals. police in italy have arrested nine people who have alleged links with al-qaeda and involved in a plot to attack the vatican five years ago the attack was never carried out and live and joining us from the italian capitol rome and what more do we know about these arrests? >> reporter: this was a major nationwide antiterrorism operation, it was targeted to some afghan 18 afterghan and pakistan and 18 arrest warrants
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and 9 arrests as you said where an maid and two of the people were suspected of being at large here in italy and another seven are believes to be in pakistan right now. now, they are suspected of belonging to a widespread terrorism and that works with links, close links to al-qaeda investigators believe that they raised fans here in italy to finance some terrorist operations at the border between afghanistan and pakistan and took part in some of them including the bombing of a market in peswar in october 2009 that killed 100 people and two of the men are believes to have close ties to the network of people that knew where bin laden was hiding in there and asking about his health over the phone to these people. and the most shocking revelation for italians is that the investigators believe they were planning some kind of attack to vatican in 2010 when pope
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benedict 16 was still in office and the vatican issued a statement saying that they kind of down played that threat saying it was five years ago but nevertheless the italy and the vatican are still a target of some organizations such as i.s.i.l. so the state is still very high for alert. >> the latest there from rome and thanks. armenians marking 100 years since the massacre of ancestors in the territory during the first world war, the country president and the first lady laid a wreath in the capitol and joined by world leaders and french and russia psha president and 1 million were killed in the first genocide of the 20th century. turkey disputes the figures and rejects allegations of a planned ethnic cleansing campaign and we have more from armenia's capitol. >> reporter: 104-year-old
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watches his great, great grandchildren play. he was six when he and his parents left their farm in western armenia his father was warned, their village would be targeted by ottomen soldiers. >> my mother covered her face with soot and dressed as a kurd and a photo of my father and a man with a mustache and asked what naturalionality are you and if he said an armenian he would be killed. >> reporter: walked 300 kilometers to safety and says he will never forget seeing mothers abandon their clirnhildren along the way. >> translator: when they got tired they through the children in the river and better than leaving them on the ground where wild animals without eat them. >> reporter: survivors like this are on display at the armenian genocide institute and museum, these halls have photographic evidence and
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footage and writ own testimonies of the atrocities that armenians say were committed against them between 1915-1923 and beyond. this new exhibition time to open with a centennial commemoration is the first time the mass killings of armenians is killing in the wider context of european and world history. >> genocide is not only part of armenian history and memory at the same time it's a part of the turkish history and memory. >> reporter: the president was one of the first visitors to the exhibition and says in addition to remembering the past armenian is looking ahead and that is why it's not putting preconditions for establishing relations with turkey. >> translator: should recognize the genocide to establish normal ties and our position is fair and constructive. >> reporter: in the open air market many are demanding acknowledgment from turkey. >> translator: they have to admit it and absolutely have to
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admit it, i'm a witness. >> to go as a nation the wounds need to be healed. >> reporter: the armenian church has cannonized the victims as saints and the ceremony has not been seen for more than 400 years. [technical issues]
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tom acreman green belt mar maryland. >> click on al, al ♪ the u.n. security council discusses the syrian refugee crisis but neighboring countries say they are simply too stressed to help and a dozen people under arrest in italy for a planned attack on the vatican. ♪ look at high school students fall through a stage as it collapses on tape. ♪