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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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eu leaders agree to triple funding for search and rescue operations as the migrants keep oncoming. coming up. >> on behalf of the united states government i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> the u.s. reveals two hostages held by al quaeda were killed in an operation on the afghan pack stand border former cia chief david petreus gets two years probation and a huge fine for giving
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classified material to his mistress. plus -- ♪♪ >> the home of the cat video, youtube, turns ten. hello there. it's been one of the deadliest weeks for migrants trying to cross the mediterranean. the capsize of one boat is thought to have killed as many as 900 people. now the european union has acted. eu leaders have approved a tripling of funding for search and rescue operations in the mediterranean. the border operation which patrols the sea will now have $9.7 million a month at its disposal. now, that's roughly the same as italy's program which was scrapped last year after eu countries withdraw funding because they thought it was encouraging migration. earlier, they established a
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military and civilian mission to capture and destroy the trafficker boats before migrants board them. >>reporter: these are the bodies of some of the few recovered in the mediterranean laid to rest in malta. the deaths have now prompted a complete rethink from europe about its commitment to humanitarian obligations on its southern border. outside the europen council meeting, the coffin was the motif for protesters. >> there should be refuge to all of them. families with children included. many of these people complained of a lack of basic rights in belgium where they've managed to resettle. the crisis in the mediterranean has brought all these grievances
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to a head. these campaigners see in the tragedies an opportunity to force europe's leaders to change their policies on immigration. but as they gathered in brussels the message was the priority was to stop people getting on the boats in the first place. the french president said he would seek approval to attack boats on the libyan ghostcoast. >> we have agreed to triple the resources available to triton our mission in the central mediterranean, and to enhance its operational capability. i am happy to announce that leaders have already pledged
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significantly greater support including many more vessels, aircraft, and experts and also money. >>reporter: lots of refugees -- >> it's really important to change the actual policies to make them more humane stop criminalizing these communities through chasing, racial profiling, fingerprinting, all these policies need to actually be addressed and the approach is just wrong altogether. >> many leaders with an eye on elections and public opinion have to say they want to stop the deaths yet they also want to keep people they describe as irregular migrants out. the eu has now committed to avoiding a repeat of this sort of thing but the walls of fortress europe are getting higher. u.s. president barack obama has apologized for the deaths of
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two hostages killed during a u.s. drone separation against al quaeda targets in january. an american and italian aid worker died during the operation near the afghan pack stand border along with two al quaeda leaders. here's more from washington. >>reporter: the u.s. government rarely even acknowledges drone strikes in pack stand and afghanistan. >> i want to express our grief and condolences. >>reporter: but now president is apologizing for two because two hostages were killed. an american and italian. both aid workers had been held workers by al quaeda for years. >> as president and as commander in chief, i take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations including the one that took the lives of warren and giovanni. i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government my offer our deepest
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apologies to the families. >>reporter: the family had been pushing the president to do more to secure his relief saying this as the u.s. traded taliban prisoners for a soldier. >> no soldier left behind. what about no citizen left behind? he deserves to come home. >>reporter: after hearing the news of his death the family released a statement saying al quaeda is ultimately responsible but went on to criticize the u.s. government saying quote, unfortunately the assistance we received from other elements of the u.s. government was inconsistent and disappointing over the course of three and a half years. in making the announcement the president didn't even mention the other two americans killed both al quaeda leaders who had been indicted in the u.s. for treason after posting videos like this online. >> we should look for targets which epitomize western deck dance, immorality and
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eighthism. >>reporter: the white house says the two al quaeda operatives were not targeted. they didn't know about them or the hostages. >> you have claims of high confidence that there were no civilians and then you have actual civilian casualties that have been acknowledged. so that calls into question the standards being used as well as the reliability of the intelligence that is being used to carry out this drone program. >>reporter: it's a program that independent experts say has killed thousands of people including hundreds of innocent civilians. now, the president is not promising a review of the overall drone program but says the american people will know in this case what went wrong and why these two civilians were killed. we have more now on how that admission will be viewed in pack stand itself >> for the past several years u.s. drones have been actively
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targeting compounds on the pakistani side of the border as well as the afghan side of the border along the mountainous regions which separates the two countries even though there have been hundreds of civilian casualties as stated by the bureau of investigative journalism, am necessity international, the united nations, and condemnation from pack stand that there is civilian casualties as well. americans have never apologized for the drone strikes. it is interesting to see that the u.s. is now apologizing, the american president taking responsibility for an operation that went terribly wrong back in january. and admitting that at least two of the hostages including an american and an italian were killed in that particular strike by the u.s. so indeed there will be question marks as to whether there should have been an apology for the hundreds of civilians also killed in pack stand's tribal
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area the saudi-led coalition has launched more air strikes against houthi targets in yemen. nearly two and a half thousand air missions have been carried out during the campaign. the saudis say 95% of air defense in the hands of the houthis have been destroyed and of course the death toll has now passed 1,000. 4,300 people have been injured. >>reporter: before the war, aden was a busy hub city. now tanks rumble through the streets. these men are loyal to president hadi in exile and they support the saudi-led campaign to restore him to power. >> we urge you to continue your operation because this is what kicked out the houthis and we in the south salute you.
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>>reporter: there have been street battles in aden between pro government forces and houthi rebels and air strikes haven't stopped either. two days ago it was indicated the aerial bombing was over but thursday morning taiz aden and other cities were hit again. after almost a month of bombing, most people in yemen want the war to end. >> we hope for things to calm down and for aden to become safe and for the houthi militants to leave aden and go back to their areas. >>reporter: the capital has been badly damaged. this is a city with a world heritage listed historic center. but outside, cars have been hit. people search for their things. some blame yemen's politicians
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if the. >> what's happening here is fighters. these homes have been destroyed and the victims are a result of what the politicians have done to yemen. >>reporter: in taiz long lines have formed for food the political situation to the conflict is a long way off. saudi arabia says it has ended the first phase of operation decisive storm and is replacing it with operation renewal of hope. but with more than 150,000 people forced out of their homes by the fighting every day is a struggle and there's no clear sign saudi arabia is about to end its war in yemen. nicole johnston al jazeera activists say government air strikes in syria have killed 32 people the syrian observatory for human rights said the biggest loss of life was when a hospital was hit in northern aleppo province.
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former cia director david petreus has been sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine for leaking highly classified military information to his mistress. the scandal led to his resignation and the end of a glittering career. let's get more from charlotte, north carolina where petreus was sentenced. hi there, kim. in the end, it was probation and that $100,000 fine? >>reporter: yes. significantly more than the federal prosecutors had recommended but the judge said that the higher fine the maximum penalty under this count that david petreus pled guilty to of removing and retaining secret government documents reflected the serious nature of the crime, the lapse of judgment that he said was exercised by david petreus. it was really astonishishing to
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see given his record of public service in the military as well as the former director of the cia. and it was for that lapse in judgment that he appeared in front of the courtroom to ask for forgiveness. >> today marks the end of a two and a half year ordeal that resulted from mistakes that i made. as i did in the past i apologize to those closest to me and to many others including those with whom i was privileged to serve in government and in the military over the years. i want to take this opportunity also to thank those who have expressed and demonstrated support for me as i have sought to move forward since november 2012. >> kim, he certainly came across as very much humbled in that clip there but there's still plenty of people saying he's simply getting off lightly.
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>>reporter: indeed that is what the criticism is in all of this. i should point out that the judge did note in fact that while he did retain and remove secret government documents, none of the details of the war strategy or even the identities of covet intelligence officers was ever made public and that was a key detail that resulted in the sentence of probation versus jail time according to the judge when he accepted the recommendation of the prosecutor. many say there seem to be two standards of justice when it comes to those in positions of authority and high profile versus many of the other cases we see. for example, we know that whistle blowers under the obama administration have been prosecuted more than any other previous u.s. administration. we have bradley manning now known as chelsea manning who
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also received jail time for leaking diplomatic cables. so many on the street as well as in the justice department even the fbi who conducted the investigation where they say david petreus lied to them and was not truthful when answering they're questions. in the end the judge says this was appropriate but it stood in stark contrast it was a serious lapse of judgment by petreus in stark contrast to his 37 years of public service. >> thank you, kimberly. still ahead on the program, we are in togo where 3.5 million people are preparing to vote in the presidential election and one man is planning to continue his family's rule and concern as a volcano in chili erupts a second time spreading ash across the region. ash across the region.
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a reminder of those top stories here on al jazeera. eu leaders have agreed to triple funding for the search and rescue of migrants in the mediterranean. the crisis has seen 1,500 people died this year barack obama has apologized -- killed during u.s. drone strikes on al quaeda targets near the afghan, pack stand border david petreus has been sentenced to two years probation and given $100,000 fine for leaking highly classified military information to his
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mistress and bio-biographer. following a number of xenophobic attacks. >> we need toe be united moving forward. this has to stop.
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>> we are all the same on the inside no matter where you come from or who you are. we're just trying to get through it together. >>reporter: some groups of foreigners have left the country in fear since attacks began last month. there is some resentment from some locals that foreigners are taking their jobs. the attacks have brought shame to this nation one that struggled against racism for so long to end apartheid. >> the message we want to put across is that not all south africans are xenophobic. it's not good for the image of south africa. let us come together. let us merge together. >>reporter: the government has set up a special committee focused on reaching out to communities and deploying the army to hot spot >> we must continue to work together even when the violence
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has stopped so that we never again have a situation like this. >>reporter: in 2008 more than 60 people were killed in another wave of xenophobic violence. the government said then as now the policy and unemployment were among the root causes. those problems still exist today. and voices calling for change are growing louder. police in guinea have fired tear gas at proopposition demonstrators in the capital. protesters were calling for fresh local elections. rival political factions have a long-standing deal that local elections would be held at this october's presidential call. >> elections are due to take place in togo this saturday. support was originally delayed by voter registration irregularities.
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>>reporter: what's happening in togo is being closely followed by the rest of africa. just last month we had elections in nigeria where the incumbent president was not -- and then late last year in there was a situation where the then president was forced out of office because he tried to change the constitution so that he could run for a third term in office. now in togo there are no limits on how long a president can stay in office and that was changed in 1992 by the father of the current president. he took over in a military coup. they have ruled the country for nearly 50 years. the opposition says it's time for change and they're tired. they feel this will not be a
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free and fair election. observers have pointed out there are problems with the register but the representatives of all the parties have agreed to the register and agreed to go ahead with the vote as it is. the main opposition is led by combat for political change. this area is actually his strong hold but when you look around the city you see very few posters for the opposition. this campaign is dominated by the ruling party, the president's party, the union of the republic. thursday is the last day of campaigning so supporters of all candidates are out on the streets. now, observers are calling for calm and peaceful elections. they've had protests in the run up to these elections where the opposition has been calling for political reform and in 2005, hundreds of people died in elections-related violence. so friday is a day of rest and
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reflection and saturday is a day this country chooses a president. >> after four months after relative quiet, rockets have been fired from gaza into israel who have in turn responded with shelling. israeli military says the rocket was fired towards communities in southern israel by what it called rebellious elements on the gaza strip. in response tanks have shelled targets in the northern gaza strip. no injuries reported a teenage girl forcibly take on the the u.s. is now back in mexico after a u.s. woman claimed she was her daughter was disproven by dna. it caused outrage but authorities in mexico say they were simply following orders from interpol. >>reporter: this is the moment that she was taken from her school in mexico. federal agents who were carrying
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out a court order forced the teenager into a waiting car and took her across the border to the u.s. state of texas. the u.s. citizen claimed she was her missing daughter but dna tests carried out show the teenager isn't related to the woman. on wednesday, she was reunited with her parents. >> first i felt upset because i've never been so far away from my parents then i calmed down a bit. i felt weird and a bit scared. >>reporter: it's still not clear how the mix up happened and the authorities in mexico say their agents were simply enforcing the law but many are questioning why a dna test wasn't carried out in the first place. her mother is still feeling rage over the incident. she's now happy to be home while the search for the missing daughter goes on. one of chili's most dangerous volcanos has erupted for the second time in a day
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after lying dormant for more than 40 years. some 5,000 people have been evacuated and concern is now growing as ash spreads across the region. >>reporter: ash and smoke can be seen for miles as the volcano roars to life. the first of two eruptions began overnight. supercharged particles thrust into the atmosphere creating powerful lightening storms. the president of chili has issued a red alert closing local schools and airports and ordering anybody near to leave quickly. >> we've decided to enact a health warning. this is an addition that will continue to develop as we assess more closely on the ground the different situations. >>reporter: in a town close to the volcano, up to half a meter
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of ash and boulders covers the entire area. >> when the rocks began to fall we evacuated the area. we took a few things with us but now have to come back and collect other things. >>reporter: winds have always driven the cloud into neighboring argentina. residents here woke up to volcanic ash covering the streets. it's the first time the volcano has erupted in 40 years. this video capturing the full scale of the eruption. it's considered one of the most dangerous of chili's 90 active volcanos. and while there's been no lava yet, scientists are watching closely saying a more aggressive eruption could be on its way. youtube is ten years old. since launching from an office above a pizza place in california, it's revolutionize the way we consume video. within 18 months it was sold to
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google for $1.65 billion and it's now the third most popular site on the web. >>reporter: it began with a wimper. >> here we are on an elephant. >>reporter: the developer of youtube -- often derided as an online host to cute cats and preening pop stars, in its decade-long life youtube has also morphed into a realtime chronicler of revolt recording iran's protests in 2009 and the arab spring from egypt to syria. >> youtube allows -- it allows ordinary citizens to take video of significant events and put it up online for the world to see without any real interference or vetting. >>reporter: it's also an avenue
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of commerce giving rise to an industry where corporate communicators use youtube to target computing customers >> video is worth a thousand pictures. it's making sort of a new wave of advertising. they now have a direct line of communication with an audience and many of them have millions of subscribers getting video every day. >>reporter: it's also an online university. in the past year chicago's field museum has gone to post modern with an online program called the brain scoop. ♪♪ >>reporter: the online forum now draws virtual viewers into the museum. >> it brings science to people in a way that's easier for them to did i jest. we have 370,000 subscribers and 10.1 million views. >>reporter: it's so common youtubing is now a verb. it remains to be seen if it will
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continue as one of the world's most popular websites or whether it will fade like the crackle of a modem. you can find much more on our website .com.