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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. two a rights in the weekend mediterranean boating it's as terdisaster.hello and welcome to al jazerra. also ahead on odd show. street battles in aden as forces loyal to the yemeni president try to push back those houthi fighters. in the clear a court throws out a cover up case against argentine press christina
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kirschner. and blink and you'll miss it, japan's train breaks the world speed record. ♪ ♪ now, the captain and first mate of a ship that sank off the coast of libya with over 800 people on board have been arrested in italy. the victims were on their way to europe but most died when the ship went down. 27 people survived, though, including the captain and first mate. they have all been taken to italian island of sicily. let's go now to paul brennan who is live from the sicilian port of catania. what new information are the arrests turning up for paul? >> reporter: yeah, it seems that the captain who we understand to be a tunisian man, and the ships mate, who we understand to be syrian, have now actually been charged. and they have been charged with
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a couple of things, first of all, reckless -- multiple reckless homicide. this related to the sinking of that ship late on saturday night with the loss -- one estimate of around 800 people on board there. they have also been charged with it's calling favoring illegal immigration i think probably the most accurate english translation would be facilitating or propagating immigration. and they are being held here in catania, separate to the refugees. the migrants who have been taken to a reception center outside of the main town. there are among those migrants who were rescued over the weekend and brought here late last night just after midnight by a coast guard vessel, in fact the coast guard vessel you can see over my shoulder, there were four minors, four children, teenagers, and they have been taken to a separate reception center specifically for children where they are reaching counseling and various other specialist assistance. >> now paul, the e.u. leaders
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will have a few blank to fill in when they meet on thursday to try to put their signature to the plan which european union foreign ministers came up with. tell us more about the blank that need to be filled in. >> reporter: well, when the for earn ministers met in luxembourg on monday, there was clearly a ube him at this among them that action had to be taken but how to make effective action against a very complex problem that's the real question that the leaders are going to have to tackle when they meet thursday a 10-points plan was put forward and universally agreed by the foreign ministers on monday. there are gaps, it's far from being competence i ever. is to increase the resources. one figure is to double the amount of money and boats out there patrolling for migrant
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ships. i have to say the operations are running at barely a third of what it was last year even dibbling the level would not bring it to the level of last year and i don't think that will make humanitarian groups very happy. other plans include, for example, the fingerprinting of migrants that seems to be a measure design today alay the concerns of certain european member states who would be concerned about security and about migration of potential destabilizing influences in to europe without any proper identification. another idea is there should be some sort of effort to capture or destroy migrant boats. now, the boats that are being employed by the migrant smugglers, by the people traffickers, a vast array of all kinds of ramshackle craft. they certainly do not have smuggler written on the side. they are fishing boats inflatessable boats how you discern between what is a smuggling boat and what is a perfectly legitimate fishing
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boat will be a tall order indeed. the difference between fine talk and effective action. >> all paul brennan there thanks so much for that. as we mentioned leaders from the european union will meet on thursday. a 10-point plan was revealed on monday by the even u.'s foreign policy chief after meetings luxembourg come make kane has this report. >> reporter: a moment of silence to mark the deaths of so many migrants. after a day of high-level meetings in luxembourg the even u. foreign policy chief said it was immaterial pear to act. today we are developing a true sense of urgency and solidarity in fighting human trafficking and saving lives and let me add on a personal note. finally so. >> reporter: the even u.'s proposed new measures includes strengthening their mission in
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nine tore stop migrants from closing no to libya. destroying the boats which are often up seaworthy or illegal. to strengthen and give more money to the titan and poe side an rescue operations and get member states to share responsibility for the resettlement and relocation of refugees. because the country has that born the brunt of the migrant wave says they can no longer cope on their own. >> it's a european emergency. it's not a problem to help people it's a problem to help europe. you can't have a european emergency, and an italian answer. >> reporter: that's a reference to italy's operation which cost more than $100 million during the 12 months it ran for. and which was closed down last year. many of the migrants crossing the mediterranean want eventually to reach germany. it receives more assumely seekers than any other even u.
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country. while ministers say the welfare of migrants is important they saw solutions need to be found in the countries the migrants are leaching. >> translator: our very first priority has to be improving sea rescue operations so fewer people die. that is obvious. secondly we know that the push factor of migration will not let up as long as conditions in north africa remain unstable. >> reporter: if anything long-term is to be achieved. they need to be solved it the e.u. leaders' summit on thursday. to yemen now where forces loyal to president hadi say they have pushed back houthi fighters and taken positions mere the aden airport and stopped the houthi advance and taken control of large parts of the neighborhood in aden. while this was the scene in the neighborhood the street battles between fighters loyal to
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president hadi who is now in exile in saudi arabia, and forces who support the former long-time president saleh. saudi forces have confirmed they targeted the missile base in sanaa a monday 46 people killed and 341 injured in the explosion. let's speak to mohamed voll who is live there. have the air trikes pushed the momentum in favor of the forces on the ground loyal to president hadi? >> reporter: yes, sam sammy we have seen what's happening in aden, it looks lake a more system attic effort there by the popular resistence committees thanks to the strikes. we have seen the military spokesman of the saudi-led coalition talking about better coordination with the troops on the ground. with the pop layer committees there. so mine, instead of the chaos of the first few weeks when
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there was total confusion and hit and run operations, now we see systematic gaining of ground by the popular committees in aden, they have taken the coastal line, they have taken the presidential palace and home of hadi. the fighting in crowded neighbors inside aden and it's a place that is no good host for the houthis the houthis coming from the extreme north of the country. the majority of people in aden are sunnis. and also they are pro hadi. interesting to say that, you know the reason why we see these persistent presence of the houthi is his because of the factor of the saleh loyal assists because they have been inning firm traded and also based in aden for decades because saleh was adopting this policy or sending north his army units and army soldiers to the south to make sure the south
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never becomes able to secede. aside from that, you know, the people in the area are against the houthis and saleh loyalists and perhaps in the next few days we can see more pushing back of the houthis and saleh soldiers. >> there is another line out that saying that u.s. ships are headed there. what sort of posture will they be taking. >> reporter: the u.s. has always had a presence in the red sea and waters not far from aden. a didn't is important because of the straight where a lot of big chunk of the transit of international oil passes there. the americans don't like to see that under the iranian influence, iran has sent a dozen ships, military ships there during the last few weeks and they talked about the fact this is not intended to yemen or the houthis but rather to confront high sea piracy, however the
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saudis are looking suspicion usually at. the united states wants to make sure that iran doesn't send weapons to the houthis at this particular stage. >> thanks so much. mohamed vall there. and talking about the u.s. navy and sending warships and aircraft carriers off the coast of generally rosalind jordan brings us more details on that from washington d.c. >> reporter: the u.s. aircraft carrier theodore roosevelt has been based in the middle east for the past two weeks part of the a dough moist that could take upwards of a year. on monday it moved closer to waters off the coast of yemen where that country seems to be verging on ale -out civil war. the u.s. military says it's done to help enhance security in the region but officials at the pentagon refuse today say whether the crew of the theodore roosevelt or other members of its carrier group are going to be involved in stopping any
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iranian vessels vessels that might being suspected of carrying woke to his the houthis, that's the group that has kicked out the sitting president hadi and trying to basically run the country themselves. the pentagon also says it's simply watching for any effort to his smuggle weapons from any source to the houthis houthis inside yemen. hundreds of australian and new zealand troops or their way to iraq to help train local forces battling isissing. they killed 24 tribes men southwest of kirkuk in the latest. and in i separate incidents 15 isil fighters and four kurdish per mugger apeshmerga soldiers were killed south of kirkuk. the you were says it needs $30 million in aid for palestinians stuck in a syrian refugees camp. the camp near duh damascus is mainly controlled by isil following
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intense fighting earlier this month. the humanitarian situation there has been described as desperate. yarmouk was set up in 1957 for palestinian refugees. syria's president bashar al-assad is denying allegations his forces used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon. assad made the comments in a rare interview with a french television channel he also says isil is an iraqi export and blames the u.s. invasion there for the rise of the group. >> isis was created in iraq in 2006 under the supervision of the americans. i am not in eye remark i wasn't in iraq, i wasn't controlling iraq the americans controlled iraq and isis came from iraq to syria because chaos is contagious when you have chaos at your neighborhood, you have to expect it in your area. a cairo court is expected to their its first verdict in the trial of deposed egyptian president mohamed morrisey. this relates to charges over the deaths of at least 10 protesters
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during demonstrations outside the presidential palace. in december 2012. well he faces three other cases including one linked to his escape from prison in 2011. he was being held in custody after a roundup of muslim brotherhood supporters and is charge the with murder of prison officers. morrisey is also facing charges of spying. he's accused of upon spiraling to commit terrorism acts in egypt with the palestinian movement hamas. he also is said to have en endangered national security by releasing state secrets to qatar and economic and social programs for egypt's recovery. and also accused of insulting the jew dish aaron i after allegingly accusing a judge of overseeing fraud in previous lexes. previous
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elections . >> the canadian government is prepared to issue a passport. he and fellow journalist face charges of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood and spreading false news, fahmy is a naturalized canadian sill citizen but gave up his citizenship as a condition of any future release from egypt. lots more coming up on al jazerra, including a president with promises, china's president gets ready to invest billions of dollars in pakistan and where good cars go to die. we'll tell you about the connection between shanghai's smog and this scrap yard.
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>> al jazeera america brings you a first hand look at the environmental issues, and new understanding of our changing world. >> it's the very beginning >> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane...
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>> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet ♪ ♪ you are watching the al jazerra news show. here is a reminder of our top stories. captain of a ship that sanction off the coast of libya has been charged with multiple count of manslaughter in italy. more than 800 people were traveling on board the vessel the victims were on their way to europe but most died when the ship went down of the forces voice to president hay say they have pushed back houthi fighters and taken control of their positions near aden airport. there has also been fierce street battles. cairo court is expecting to deliver its first verdict in the trial of deposed egyptian president mohamed morrisey. he's charged with inciting the killing of protesters in
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connection with the deaths of 10 people outside the presidential palace in 2012. hundreds of sim zimbabweans that fled are returning home. despite calls for calls after the series of violent attacks on the immigrant community. let's take you back to the story we have been telling you about. the sentence is phase of the former egyptian president morsi. >> torture people and force show three. [ inaudible ] prison. for 10 years and be put under the observation of the police for five years. and to pay the criminal fees for the charges of the force show
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and violence arrest and detention and the torture. fourth the seven case to be transferred to the seven court without fees and the court is to decide when to see and consider the case. fifth. all the mentioned people are not not -- this is the end of the session. >> all right, we have been watching and listening there as the verdict was read out in the case against the deposed
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egyptian president mohamed morsi, he was given 20 years in jail along with another prominent figure in the muslim brotherhood. who we understand also received 20 years in jail. there were concerns, of course, that a death sentence was a possibility. and that are that could have been issued, but as i said egypt's first democratically elected president sentenced to 20 years in jail in connection with a case of the deaths of protesters outside the presidential palace back in december 2012. let's take you further south to africa. returning home despite south african leaders calling for calm off a series of violent attacks on the immigrant community. the president urged them to protect immigrants describing
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the attacks as vial. he's being blamed for stoking the unrest after he said foreigners were to blame for south africa's high crime rate. we spoke to some foreign workers who are heading home to zimbabwe. >> reporter: families have been on the road for about 24 hours and as you can imagine they are very hungry. they are now in zimbabwe and getting food the first meal in a long time, a zimbabwe staple food maze meal, vegetables and a bit of meat. they are saying they fled south africa, 407 people crossed the border from south africa in to zimbabwe the first batch the people have been brought in by the government. so for the evening they are going to finish are their meals and sleep for the night and in the morning they are going to see if this can head back to their families scattered all a on the ground cross zimbabwe. when you ask them why they decided to leave, they have terrible stories of what they went through how they are
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afraid as african migrants that would be targeted by south africans who feel some of them have been taking their jobs. [ inaudible ] petrol bomb. [ inaudible ] they go ahead we must go so we knew that they were coming,. [ inaudible ] >> translator: i left durban because of zulu people, they kill the foreigners, that's why i left. >> reporter: the reception center at the border post can accommodate up to 1,000 families. and here they are registered and verified. basically checked to make sure that they are zimbabwean citizens those that are sick take en to a en to a nearby medical facility. more are expected in a couple of days, it's important to mention that a lot of people in south africa left the country left zimbabwe because they felt they couldn't make end immediate economically here. some say they were fleeing
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political parisian cushion but an estimated 3 million are living in south africa. not all of them are going to come home. this is voluntary repat raise the government says those that don't feel safe at the moment because of the attacks happening there are free to come home. but many others are deciding to stay and wait it out hoping the vie legals over there dies down. china's president says he will support pakistan security. he also said the chinese people will stands by the people of pakistan. the president is on his final day kamal hyder has more from islambad. >> reporter: the chinese president has been given a warm welcome here in pakistan and a rare privilege to address a joint session of parliament. he's the 17th head of state to be addressing a joint session of parliament. he was conferred with the highest award in the country.
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by the president of pakistan. the chinese president speaking strongly in support of pakistan offering help with the reconstruction and the tribal areas and also for a peaceful solution to the afghan conflict. what the chinese were saying was also that the cooperation between pakistan and china should be a benefit for the regional countries and south asia as well saying that it would be a win hart win situation and that this country should normalize their relation relations and use the wisdom of the east according to the chinese president. the move is seen as a significant development at the time when pakistan was standing isolated in the region and there was a lack of interest with the american help to pakistan. american analysts are saying that the strategic impact of the american help has not been felt and what the chinese are trying to do is to win over pakistan and, of course, this is being dubbed as a major game changer
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in this region. at least one person is dead after an explosion in afghanistan's second largest city. a car bomb went off outside a police checkpoints in kandahar, as least 14 others were wounded including seven police officers and seven civilians. china's biggest city shanghai is preparing to introduce a new law to force polluting vehicles off the road. exhaust fumes have been blamed for the country's worsening air quality. the new law comes in to effect on may 1st. our change a correspondent adrian brown reports. >> reporter: business is slow at this second secondhand car market. so traders while away the day playing cards or board games that really are for the bored. he has had a dealer ship for eight years but he fears he may soon have to close as others have done.
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>> translator: actually a lot of people in this business have disappeared because it is now so hard to do business. >> reporter: demand for secondhand as well as new cars took a hit from an earlier government decision to restrict car sales to tackle worsening air pollution problems. now the authorities are going a establish further cars that fail to meet new ex-sought emissionexhaustemission standards will be taken off the road even if they are only a few years old. >> we hope the government will be more relaxed one payingses and issue more license plates. >> reporter: both owners and dealers wants the government to raise compensation rates for did hedecommissioned cars. and this is where they end up. the officials here have a problem because of the sheer volume of vehicles being dumped here they are running out of
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space. the problem is piling up. between 40 and 50 vehicles arrive here every day. 90% having failed the test. but thousands of other condemned cars are still on the road having been sold onto owners in mere by towns and cities where the new restrictions don't apply apply. so for now avoiding this fate. adrian brown, al jazerra shanghai. let's take back to a story we have been following on they jim -- ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi has been sentenced to 20 years in jail by an egyptian court. let's bring in an egyptian journalist joining me now on the phone. how do you think this sentence will reverberate across egypt? >> let me start by saying that the verdict was expect. i expected such a verdict.
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and i actually expected a worse verdict. i expected the death penalty verdict. so if you are asking about the expected reaction throughout egypt, i believe it's premature it will be premature to expect a kind of reaction against that verdict. i little it will take a bit of a time for the public either supporters especially the supporters of the former president to grasp the meaning the impact of such verdict before they start reacting. >> many had expected, as you had, perhaps that there might be a death sentence. what does the verdict say to your mind about any chances of reconciliation not only with the muslim brother they are hood and freed company justice party but also with liberal forces some of whose leaders have also been jailed in the crack down?
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>> well, i guess we still have a long -- relatively long way to reach that reconciliation points. i guess every party is trying to press as hard as he can to gain -- to achieve more gain, when they all get to that point recognize sill indication points if wereconciliation points if we are going to get there at any time i believe that it's a matter of gaining things gained amongst all the parties concerned. >> how do these sentences compare with the level of accountability that there has been for the killings of protesters under the former military-backed dictatorship of hosni mubarak and the currents sisi era? >> you cannot reason up with such verdict as much as you can -- you cannot reason up with