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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the u.n.'s envoy to yemen jamal ben omar resigns. the conflict shows no sign of ending. i'm nick clark live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up. colombia resumes strikes against farc rebels. and a year after the ferry tragedy in south korea.
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families demand answers. plus. >> showing off their creations what have we got here? find out later in the program. >> the u.n. envoy to yemen jamal ben omar has resigned. the u.n. has said ben omar has expressed his desire to move on to another assignment. the war is increasing to intensify. it has been three weeks since saudi arabia began air strikes against houthi rebels. ben omar has warned the council that yemen was slipping towards a civil war. he was appointed in april 2011. he has been with the u.n. in
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various positions and before he was in yemen he was a political prisoner in his home country of morocco. ben omar's resignation was on the cards yemen officials were unhappy with his handling of the conference. >> national dialogue conference the u.n. was supposed to support everything that is happening in that dialogue. he was supposed to be the main mediator with yemen's political allies all on the ground. but what he did instead he is chap roand a process that was chaperoned a process that was all, a bureaucratic exercise of good governance with nothing being implemented on the ground. analysts and others like myself, have said, the salaries went to all 565 members.
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they all met with each other since march 2013 and ended in january of 2014. the houthi rebels had representatives in that and part of that national dialogue conference and they seemed to agree on everything but the minute the dialogue concluded nothing was being implemented on the ground which angers the militia pushing them making them take advantage of the political vac accumulate, they pushed from sada to sanaa the negotiation clearly failed. after the national dialogue conference he even met with several political parties and tried to bring them into consensus but continuously failed to do so. lost faith in him and in the international community. >> meanwhile the former president of yemen many ali abdullah saleh has asked for safe are process out of yemen.
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severseverally crip crippled the houthis. hashem ahelbarra reports. >> houthi tanks destroyed in saudi led airings strarchtion. tanksair strikes. spotted on the runway near a military base near capital sanaa. the houthis were also hit. >> trying to redeploy in aden and other areas but their convoice were soon targeted by coalition forces. >> reporter: there is no indication that the military operation will come to an end any time soon. for saudi arabia the use of force was the only way to prevents the houthis from controlling yemen. >> i would not describe the
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military operations in yemen as a proxy war but a war of necessity. as i described earlier we had no choice but to respond to the request of the letting government in order to prevent the takeover of yemen by a radical group. the iranians last time i checked did not have a border with yemen. there is no reason for iran to be involved with yemen. >> houthi troops backed with troops still loyal with ali abdullah saleh send ground troops for the time being the saudis have no plans for a full scale ground invasion. forces loyal to yemen's president abd rabbu mansour hadi are gaining ground in aden and other areas in the south pfs. here in the westernsouth.
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traveling in the opposite direction ambulances head towards the fighting but can't get very far. >> translator: there are injured people over there but the houthis are targeting our vehicle. they shot at us. we can't reach the injured. >> reporter: hospitals have also been badly hit. some like this one have no electricity. air strikes continue to target houthi positions in sada their stronghold and the capital sanaa where some of the best trained army units loyal to saleh are based. ramping up its campaign to force houthis and their allies to disarm pull out and join political talks to solve yemen's crisis. the houthis say they will not hold talks if the air strikes
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continue. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> main round about in the town of zebdin, has been shelled. bombarded by government air strikes and artillery. some african asylum seekers being held in detention to israel, say they are being held against their will. deportation notices are being held to inmates held in polut detention center. >> reporter: when israel rounded up thousands of asylum seekers and put them here it was felt that access to jobs would force them home. but forge an alternative written notice to eritreans here
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given safe panch passage. he refused to be deported to rwanda because it is unsafe. >> i know rwanda, no one stays in rwanda. it is a transfer point for refugees who use brokers to go to safer places. >> reporter: israel's imperial ministry says the state will encourage asylum seekers to, restoring the fabric of the life to the residents of south tel aviv. anyone who has received this letter has 30 days to believe israel. if they refuse to leave they will face a hearing that will determine their indefinite imprisonment.
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1500 asylum seekers have agreed to be deported. but many have requested asylum here. many believe their asylum papers weren't even reviewed. >> while i have been waiting for have interview for the request last month they call me and just told me to leave the country. without seeing my request. southbound this the way? is it fair at all? >> israeli human rights activists say they may be keeping deals with the african country intentionally secret. >> israel for example may be giving weapons to the states in exchange for unwanted refugees. outraged if they had learned that israel is giving millions
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and hundreds of millions of dollars of their money to get a few hundred of people out of israel. >> reporter: these men say they would rather be jailed in israel than to be deported to an unnoap knownunknown destiny. al jazeera israel. decision follows the killing of 11 soldiers in western colombia. hampers pa peace talks held in cuba. ali mustafa reports. >> 11 soldiers died in the dawn attack by farc rebels in western colombia and the aftershocks are being felt across the country. president juan manuel santos could barely hide his
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frustration. >> translator: this is a reprehensible attack that will not go without punishment. there will be consequences. we are going to pursue those responsible for this despicable camp. i've ordered the suspension of the ceasefire on farc camps without notice. >> little to show for it in return. >> president santos has invested a lot of political capital in this and actually many people in colombia are actually worried that he is more interested in this as a part of his legacy rather than delivering a good deal for the clomn colombian people. >> formal peace talks began in 2012 with both sides meeting in cuba.
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farc peace seekers suggested a ceasefire beginning last year and government members agreed. >> call on clom yas to reflect on this as we pursue the peace talks. it is necessary to end this war. >> president santos says the talks will continue, that's giving hope for negotiations to move forward but more attacks may corner the government and further test the president's resolve. ali mustafa al jazeera. >> still ahead on al jazeera. thousands struggling to make a living in the united states and not taking things lying down. and we bring you this sorry tale of illegal migrants trying to cross the seas into europe.
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>> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet
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you. >> hello again you're watching al jazeera. top stories. u.n. envoy ali ben omar has resigned. it's been two weeks since the saudi led coalition has produced air strikes over yemen. colombia has once again conflict as ceasefire is ended
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against the farc rebels. thursday marks the first anniversary of south korea's sewall ferry disaster in which 304 people mostly schoolchildren died. let's go straight to harry fawcett. who is in the capital. harry it's a somber anniversary marking a terrible event. >> it is a poignant day and anger ridden and controversial day. here where we should have been witnessing the main commemorative event what we are seeing instead is the chairman of the families committee telling the building assembled members here that there will be no commemoration because the families will need to stop hindering in their words an
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independent special investigation into exactly how the ferry sank and two to commit to raising the ferry from the sea bed in part in large part to try and recover the bodies of the nine people who are still missing. president park en hei visited the close as he could get to the area where the ferry did go down and she did say she wanted the ferry razed at the soonest possible time but that was not enough for the families. >> what chance of the lingering anger and frustration have been satisfied if you like? >> well, certainly it hasn't happened yesterday. it's a year. time has not healed very much in termination of these families' campaigns nor in terms of their grief. we saw many of them go to the
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site of a sinking on the boat yesterday when many of them broke down in tears in recrimination of themselves. they accused the got of having done too little to rescue their loved ones as the ferry was sinking and it's a situation that really did hit the whole country very hard and continues to even one year on. >> reporter: on april the 16th last year south korea was confronted with these painful images. a passenger ferry filled with schoolchildren sinking off the southern coast. a mobile phone picture hurts even more. those children between laughter and fear, obeying instructions to stay put as the sewall sank. she believes her daughter is still there. >> how can we go back to a
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normal life? we know where they are. how can we live without finding our kids and husbands? the government has to help us. >> this has been a daily commute for park and her husband demanding president park gun hei maintain her promises to raze the wreck. some recovering the remains of their loved ones. others finding answers. there has been criminal proses accusesprosecutorsprosecutions of the boat's captain. failures in the emergency response after it. >> translator: once our
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investigative team starts to work properly, we'll report to the public what happened before and after. the government is a rather negative view on our investigative team reviewing the acts. >> the twin sister ship ohemana acknowledge found that the operator had routinely overloaded its vessels. and not proper reply tied down the vehicles. a year on from this tragedy so much remains unresolved. not least the family's grief and regret and questions how 304 of their loved ones were allowed to die. harry fawcett, al jazeera seoul. u.s. democratic presidential
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presidentialingpresidentialingpresidentialing manypresidentialcontender hillary clinton. >> kristin saloomey reports. >> four hours just getting to and from work where she makes just $10 an hour. she says she hasn't had a raise in nearly a decade. >> we really struggling. i mean struggling real bad in the city. so we need the $15 an hour because the cost of living gone up. the transportation gone up. food went up, rent went up so we need the $15 about. >> the fight for 15 started with
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fast food workers but expanded to include other frustrated low wage workers like agnes. her union the service workers international is behind her. >> that would allow us to take care of our families, so a lot of groups began to coalesce around $15 an hour. >> company mcdonald's says it's increasing its pay to just under $10. that is not nearly enough workers say and will impact only afew employees. rallying outside the business, saying they can't afford increase and will either have to cut jobs or raise prices. >> $15 an hour sounds like a reasonable thing to do until you
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realize that somebody has to pay for it.. >> the country needs bring-level entry-level jobs like these. but agnes whose husband lives on a fixed in which has been doing her job for 17 years. >> they are family, their notes their fathers not just teenagers. >> reporter: and like agnes they'll willing to take to the streets to demand equal pay for equal work. kristin saloomey, al jazeera.
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india president narendra modi is the first indian prime minister to visit canada in over three decades. three tons of urm uranium over the next five years for its nuclear reactors. >> more than 10,000 refugees have been rescued sis friday but the number of people dying on route is estimated to be ten times higher than that. paulson brennan reports from catania. >> the reception center on the island of lampedusa it's to be another long difficult side on
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italy's mediterranean. more than 10,000 have been plucked from the water since last friday alone. but the risks are high. some 140 are believed to have drown before being rescued. >> we spoke to them a group of people who mentioned they departed from lynn yaz on the same group. 540 people approximately only 145 were rescued. the remainder died apparently in the mediterranean. >> reporter: boats are not just being abandoned. they are too valuable used.
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>> last week, they witnessed warning shots pattern taking the migrant back to libya. splug lers are running out of boats and determined to do anything including shooting their guns in order to do that. >> it's estimated already this year more than 500 migrants is died trying to make the crossing fromafrom africa.
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>> there needs to be legal alternatives to be able to come to europe. >> the police now tell us, they are not going to tell us where these people are going. the many nows more will try ofollow in their footsteps. paul brennan,age sisly. >> could make a difference, others are bizarre. latest gadgets and gizmos are now on display and phil raffle reportsphil lavellehas the story. >> everyone loves a duck on wheels right?
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or fish. >> you are can take it if it's sick if you want to take a stag on it, it's here. if it plietsz it's here, several eaz lover out there that prints threed of your self toive pats them around? is there a ploorp motel of people having models of themselves. >> it's increasing. >> people actually want motels of themselves,. >> yes many judge there are 750 exhibitors from all over the world. some of these you can really see having a positive impact on people's lives.
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>> from using plan owe technology which is to help patients with glaucoma. >> we play see how the disease works because every is different. >> like the inconvenienters of the wheel chait wul while. >> from a mechanical poiive it's really reallys unique. you seen the tank will asking that can go upstairs, from cleaning hands to cleaning the house, the goal here to make life's anchors and life's problems a thing of the past.
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phil lavelle, al jazeera. >> lincoln was five days after inauguration by america the country envied by the world. we're looking at why so many americans are slowly rolling down the break down lane of the information superhighway and why nearly everyone you know have