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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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giving her money, they need to be responsible. there has been too much deceptions and lies. >> live from london, i'm today foster. this is what we're looking at in detail the next 60 minutes. as saudi arabia pledges ground support for tribesmen fighting houthis, we look at the impact on families in sanna. >> a government air strike near a school in aleppo kills nine children and teachers. >> hillary clinton! >> the race is on, hillary
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clinton expected to form ally announce she's running for president again. >> we travel to the dadaab refugee champ where they are reconsidering moving hundreds of thousands of refugees to somalia. >> the final day of the match in golf and the a near miss at a race in france as cyclists ignore the barriers and the train that was approaching. >> saudi rain has carried out more than a thousand airstrikes in yemen since the start of its campaign there. eight civilians were killed in one of the most recent attacks in taiz. houthis she trying to take the port city of aden, but there's
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been resistance from local tribesman especially in ib province and shabwa province as well. more than 600 people have been killed and 2,000 hurt in recent weeks, although saudi arabia said it has killed alone more than 500 houthi fighters. saudi saying it has the support of yemen's tribes and will be providing them with ground support you to confront the houthi rebels. >> there's been considerable interaction with the yemeni strikes. they have declared they're loyalty to the sovereignty and president hadi and will defend yemeni citizens and prevent the houthis from achieving their heinous goals. we are working with them to provide ground support so they
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can have their outcomes. >> a new vice president is considered popular among yemen's feuding parties. it is hoped he will help lead to negotiations to end the crisis. he was receiptly held under house arrest by houthis. he is in riyadh. the french foreign minister also in riyadh in saudi arabia and said his country will continue to support saudi arabia's efforts in yemen. >> until a legitimacy is found on the ground, france has expressed its availability in helping to find the right solution. >> we are live in saudi arabia near the border with yemen. let's talk about the local tribesmen opinion the saudi promised ground support. in what way would it do that? >> those tribes have always been
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asked to help in saudi arabia even before the beginning of this air campaign. they have also been saying if they get the heavy weapons they need, they get rockets, they can mount resistance to prevent the houthis from taking more territory inside yemen particularly moving towards the south. the tribes historic ties with raid rain and they have a long border with the saudi kingdom and they are ready as they said in many statements, as i said even before the beginning of these airstrikes to help. however, let's always remember that the tribes are not coordinate. they are not united, and they actually exercise or they move separately and with a lot of chaos in that movement. i think if their efforts are not coordinated, if they don't have ground support and advisors and people who can unit their efforts, there will also be
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problems in their ability to confront the houthis. >> we have spoken in recent days about the fighting in the south of the country. let's not forget that this is also happening up in the north and there we are seeing a cross border exchange of or tilery fire the saudis saying they are doing everything to minimize casualties on the yemeni side of the border. what is the story you're hearing there? >> what we see is a houthi effort to imitate or to repeat the experience of 2009 when saudi arabia conducted airstrikes on the north under houthi bases in the north particularly in the area of sanna and the houthis. they were able to infiltrate and inflict damage on the saudi troops on the saudi side of the border and they put a lot of pressure at that time on the saudis and forced them to troy to negotiate a solution. now the houthis are trying to
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send a message by their attacks across the border, saying that behavingly the sawed airstrikes have not succeeded in destroying their defenses, in destroying their resolve to strike back and probably they want by that pressure to force the saudis to find an alternative approach to what is going on now. >> thank you muhammed in saudi rain in yemen itself. food and water supplies are dwindling, prices skyrocketing. august went to meet one family in sanna. >> the mountains are the backdrop, but it is home to a base of the republican guard who back the houthis and have been targeted by the saudi-led coalition repeatedly. those nearby no longer feel
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safe. >> we didn't nope the war would come. we can only lee things to god. the kids are petrified. my daughter thinks bombs will fall all the time now. we've got nowhere to go. we don't know if we'll live or die. we live in a state of fear and don't leave the house. >> she lives with her five daughters, her son daughter-in-law and grandchild. she takes us through their bare living quarters, pointing to one room where the force of a bomb blew out the widows. >> as soon as the bombings happened, the glass shattered. we were so scared that my girls and i ran to the corridor and lay on the ground. at least there are no windows there, but we were afraid the ceiling would collapse. >> she shows us how shrapnel injured one of her children. another fell ill and needed medical treatment but they faced difficulties getting her to hospital. this mother of six is worried
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about how she'll feed her family. the stove is cold and dusty and containers for provisions are empty. >> wheeze run out of supplies. we don't even have gas. we can't go out and buy anything, there is nothing in the kitchen. we have no food. >> schools have been closed since the shelling started. who can go out in this kind of situation? this is no way to live. >> one of her daughters is showing signs of trauma. the girl asks when she can return to school and when the bombings will end. her mother has no answers. al jazeera. >> humanitarian work and live in the yemeni capitol i hope you can hear me. i'm going to ask you about your work in a moment, your aid work, but what about for you
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personally how has life changed in sanna? >> first, thank you for having me. the situation is that they -- condition applicants, i'm not sure if we can describe it in words. airstrikes all day long with no announcements, with no mentioning of the areas where it's going to strike, you are worrying for your life in every minute of every day. the basic needs or the basic things that the people need are getting less and less from the shelter, the markets the basic things i mean by that, the flour, the sugar the fuel crisis is getting catastrophic at the moment, lines waiting in cues for the fuel are getting longer and longer every day. the prices of the fuel if my
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jumped more than 600%. you cannot describe the human situation taking operation in the country from a personal point of view or the community point of view. >> i want to ask you about your work as a humanitarian work since 2014. it's not like these people were in a good position before any of this start. are you finding it very difficult to give them the help they need? >> can up repeat that question, again, sorry? >> how hard is it now to help those people who desperately need your help? >> unfortunately due to the violence that is taking place at the moment, the humanitarian workers are not having safe access to the area where the people are most in need. definitely trying to work in this tough environment it's nearly impossible but we are trying to do our best. other than not being able many
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days to leave the house you due to the security situation taking place, being able to testimony commute and go to the office to be able to help the people and then the blackouts that come in and out all day long, definitely is a challenge for all humanitarians. i think also. the blockade is making the situation worse because the crisis is getting bigger and bigger every day where a country like yemen where 80% of its basic needs come in ported, 100% of the rice is imported and 80% of the flour so you can imagine by this blockade taking place at the borders at the moment whether by hour or by sea the amount which catastrophe that yemen i guess heading to. other than that,
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unfortunately -- >> let me ask you this. >> yes. >> these airstrikes have been brought about because the houthi rebels have taken over sanna the saudi coalition is trying to stop the houthi rebels from that position. which would you prefer to see the airstrikes stop and your life return to some sense of normalcy or for the houthis to be driven out. would you like to see the bombing end more than anything else? >> well, to be honest with you there is a lot of voices who are talking and speaking about the parties of conflict, who's in favor and who's against. for me for sure as a humanitarian worker, there are casualties from the civilians and every day they are getting more and more. today there of seven airstrikes and a new movement is taking place. two weeks ago there was three
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attacks, top idps, there were many casualties and deaths in there. it is creating for us a humanitarian -- an obstacle to be able to reach them and to be able to answer their needs. >> thank you. very difficult for you to talk to us, also very difficult for you to get out and get anything and get the help to those who needed. thanks for tell us your story. >> the syrian government airstrikes near a school has reportedly killed five children and four female teachers in aleppo. the immediate if that i can't observatory for human rights said many children were hurt when the opposition happened a day after rebel shelling and government airstrikes in alope
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poe killed more than 30 people only side of the divided city. the united nations say it will work to he be sure the safety of more than 18,000 palestinian and syrian civilians in the yarmouk ref jeez camp. sunday the head of the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees met those who threat the fighting in yarmouk. >> today we remain very worried for refugees and civilians inside yarmouk. we are determined to provide assistance to those who decided temporarily to leave the camp itself and to find shelter elsewhere, and we will take very seriously the needs also, we are very determined to be able to respond total needs of the people who have reached there. >> two attacks killed 13 egypt's sinai province. seven were killed when a suspect car bomb went off outside the
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main police station. that i also the province's capitol. earlier, a roadside bomber killed six soldiers. islamic state of iraq and the levant said it carried out the attacks. >> one person has been killed and others injured in a stampede. students panicked when an electricity generator exploded. they thought it was al shabab. >> also in the north, may be people living in kenya's dadaab refugee camp are calling on the government of kenya to reconsider orders to the united nations to move the camp and people across the border into somalia. there's half a mill somalia refugees many say more who have
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fled their country. three months he says to relocate the camp off the the garissa university attack he said or we will move it ourselves. >> we have this from dadaab. >> dadaab refugee camp home to half a million somalia refugees. some have been living here for the past 25 years the first batch of refugees came to dadaab and put in this camp in 1991. they say that they have not been involved in the insecurity in kenya and also saying that there is absolutely no assurance that with their relocation kenya will have peace. here saying that the ken yap
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population they say majority of the workers for the u.n. organizations and dadaab news agencies. >> turkey summons the vatican ambassador after pope francis distribution the mass killing ofarofarmenians as genocide. >> who's in, who's out later in this news hour. >> it is one of the worst kept secrets in washington d.c., but hillary clinton is finally expected to launch her campaign to be president of the united states.
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the former florida governor and possible candidate for the republicans, jeb bush had this to say ahead of what mrs. clinton may have to say: >> we must do better than the obama-continue con foreign appeals that has damaged relationship witness hour allies and emboldened enemies. >> a second bid for the presidency a look at henry clinton's journey so far and what may lie ahead. >> first the wife of a with the then senator and secretary of state, she will try again for the presidency. she got close in 2008, but lost tobago although we weren't able to shatter that highest hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you it's got about 18 million cracks in it.
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in this campaign, she can't be seen as too close to president obama, but also can't distance herself too much. >> what she needs to do is she needs to communicate to a lot of constituencies this are very close to barack obama that he has done a lot for them and she's going to do as much or more. she can't distance herself he took much. she loses progressives, ethnic minor voters, but she also needs to appeal to independents. >> she could have another issue. her name. with jeb bush also expected to jump into the race, there are already complaints about family dynasties. >> the presidency of the united states is not some crown to be passed between two families. it is an awesome and sacred trust that to be earned. >> trust could be an issue. she heads into the campaign already facing a controversy.
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she used a private email account as secretary of state and admits she delayed tens of thousands of emails. government records are supposed to be preserved. republicans claim she's covering something up. >> she is by far the strongest democratic candidate and best positioned to recognize the millions of dollars of presidential campaign needs the other thing experience, not just in the white house but the race for it. she has done this twice with we are husband and once on her own. >> i found my own voice. >> al jazeera washington. >> let's go to gabe outside hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in new york. she has a campaign headquarters, that says something about her ambition. i'm going to put you on the spot again. we have heard nothing. are we certain it's going to happen soon? >> we're told that her
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announcement will happen soon, whether minutes or an hour from now i don't know. the political world in the united states is watching very closely. remember in the old days when maybe they used to make announcements on running for president by giving a press release or rally? she's going to do it the right way,en you tube and twitter. these are campaign headquarters behind me, a very quiet here today. we don't expect her staff until muhammed. hillary clinton is going to try to pitch herself at the candidates of the middle class. this is going to be a divisive campaign. you to look far somebody who is not a clip to know supporter posted these posters all around her campaign headquarters early this morning. there is an unflattering picture
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of ms. clinton with the caption entitled below it. it gives you an idea of some of the words that might be used by her critical opponents to describe her. she will make an appearance with a small number of voters. no big cam page rally scheduled for now. >> thank you we'll be back with you and you've got a little bit more to say, thank you very much indeed. let's bring i go bill schneider political analyst in washington d.c. let's talk about the personality of hillary clinton. she is going to add something to this campaign, isn't she? >> oh of course she'll add does
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something, a history she's a celebrity. this campaign that she is giving now is not a shack and awe com paper, like a huge empire to run the campaign and small country. she's meeting with small groups of voters. she happenment kings and queens and diplomatics forms. she starting oh a modest scale so she can get in such with people. we've had eight years of a democratic presidency. >> i think that's about right. she doesn't have a serious opponent in the primaries. she'll probably have some
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competitors. it's kiefs hard to run a hard primary campaign if you don't have serious challengers but she intends to do that. she is going to undertake a listening tour. that's the way she got elected senator in new york by going out and listening to the voters. as far as the general election is concerned you're rate. since the two term limit for penalties was established we have only one elected a party to the white house three times in a row, that was the first george bush following ronald reagan. obama, americas want change. she has to say that she would vin the obama record but be the next chapter of it, there's be change. she'd be able to do things he could not do. >> clinton-bush, bush-clinton, change the name change the air. don't people deserve something a bit fresher than something.
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>> a lot of americans have said clinton-bush can't we do better? democrats will say what about jeb bush, his father and brother were president. she has an advantage she's a woman. >> we'll be back later today or during the course of the next two years of the campaign, i don't know, but thank you for now. >> anti-government demonstration are taking place across brazil as public discontent for rousseff grows. protests have people on the streets in more than 50 cities across the country. there's growing anger at a multi-billion dollars corruption scandal at the state run agency.
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there to see what happens be allen fisher in saw paul low. it's only a few months since she was voted back into office. >> i think there's frustration at the economic situation in brazil, as well, and that's what's brought 10s of thousand us on the streets in a sunday afternoon. it is a carnal atmosphere here, it's almost like the start have a football match many people use the brazilian strip. this is blocked off and people if i am it from end to end. they're angry at the economic situation, angry to the country could soon be fogg r. falling into reception. this is likely, as basic food stuffs are more expensive.
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the taxes are going up. for everyone, it seems to be a little more difficult. not lease -- there is no suggesting that she aware of brakes allegedly being made, but that doesn't help the impression that she is not running a government free of corruption. people are defeated. there are moan groups here on this avenue, including one less than a kilometer calling for the reinstallation of a military government. remember since houthis there's been the presence here. >> somebody held up a banner saying sorry for the
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inconvenience, we will change this nation. >> this is an expression of frustration. when she whereon election in 2011 did so fairly comfortably. she was coming on the back of a very popular president and people thought that she would tin that legacy. since 2011, the economy has really struggled. it's been almost fishing up hill and so when she got elect it was a much tighter she not only won election, it got very close. i this this is an expression that thought they might win alone, saying to people things aren't that bad. it takes time to turn these things round.
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four things to dissuade people from coming on to the streets 10 to thousand since sao paulo. >> you've got more on the streets than today. although meme are angry, i don't think they realizes this is not what's going to click her out of office. >> coming up, no jab no pay. warrants in australia could risk losing mine if they don't i am nice their children. >> peaches from the streets as the north korean marathon takes
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police with foreigners allowed into the race.
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>> tomorrow - a climate emergency. >> those species could not be here in 10 years. >> nasa steps in to help protect the future of the planet. >> the tropics regulate our climate. >> techknow heads to costa rica to see how one rainforest is fighting back. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. tomorrow, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet
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>> updating you on this news hour with the global headlines. saudi arabia has carried out more than 1,000 airstrikes since march 26 in yemen destroying it claims houthi missile and air exhibits. >> five school children and four female teachers have been killed in aleppo. >> it could be soon hillary clinton will be launch be her campaign to run for president of the united states, the first democratic to do so. >> turkey summoned the vatican ambassador to the foreign ministry after pope francis used the word genocide to describe the mass murder of armenians 100
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years ago. he said one and a half million people were murdered by forces from 1915. turkey rejects that it was a genocide. the pope said those lost must never be forgotten. >> in the past century our human family has lived through three unprecedented tragedies the first considered the first genocide of the country struck your own armenian people. >> 2700 migrants arrived in italy after being rescued by the navy on friday. a stress signal was sent from several overcrowded boats near ininitaly.
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>> applications in germany the rights are enshrined in the constitution. in some places hostility to the policies has led to violence. dominic cain reports. >> sitting in a room in the asylum center, he's 29 years old and from damascus. his journey took him through many countries. germany was his ultimate goal. >> after all this hardship, it was like dream for me to arrive in yemeni. everything for me was like i ma'amed, people are welcoming us here. >> the father comes to the center from time to time, part of an initiative from his church
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aiming to bring these people toping with the local community. back at st. peter's he tells me why he feels this initiative is important. >> at first most are afraid of the people because they have a natural fear of the unknown. it's also true that there is alarm number of people that want to help these refugees, company combine both, take away the fears as well as help is one of the main tasks that we want to achieve here. >> just a few minutes down the road it's a different story. in the town, a building that was intended for asylum seekers was recently set on fire. last year, more than 160,000 people applied for asylum in germany, up more than 60% on the previous year. he received around 3% of the total. >> the state authorities say that acts liable will not stop
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their plans to continue housing asylum seekers but here, public opinion on the matter is divided. >> we would welcome anyone who chooses to come here. we are constantly losing residents in the city. if young people or families would come here, that would be very beneficial. >> i say it like this, there was someone brave enough, i don't want to sound right wing or racists, a lot of people don't want the asylum center here. that's just how it is. >> this man disdegrees. he said the welcome germany that given him has made him want to build a new life and then give something back. dominic cain, al jazeera. >> orthodox greeks are celebrating easter sunday. the government's been giving away food to the families so
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they can enjoy the festival. >> the blame cast from worshiper to worshiper symbolizes ever lasting life. at midnight, greeks celebrate the resurrection of christ. this church is in the heart of athens but the same scene is played out in every town and village on every island across greece. the following day easter sunday is a time for feasting. roast lamb, traditionally with family but this is a different kind of gathering. it's laid on by the greek military and hundreds have come lured by free food during hard times. this new greek government is struggling to fulfill preelection promises to roll back authority but today is showing concern for the poorest families in greece's economic
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crisis. >> vaso is a pensioner a group hit hard by falling living standards in recent years. >> we're here to en. >> i ourselves and to send a message to people abroad that here in greece, whether we have vellet or a lot we know how to live. people abroad should come here to learn to live. >> for greeks of all ages, easter celebrations are a chance to put aside daily worries. >> you know, it's for every family and especially for the victim of the crisis, the message that in the middle of the crisis, we remain with all the human. >> >> living in the moment, enjoying life, showing resilience no matter how difficult things are.
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>> the prime minister of australia said his country is going to stop handing out benefits to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. the parents stand to loose at much as $11.5000 in child benefits as a result of what is called the no jab no pay policy. there's been a big debate with some parents believing the vaccines are actually dangerous. >> this is essentially a no jab no pay policies from this government. it's a very important public health announcement. it's a very important measure to keep our children and our families as safe as possible. >> in nigeria we're starting to see results from the state elections coming in.
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it's a key battleground between that party and goodluck jonathan, he be's the current outgoing president the p.d.p. the politicians control massive budgets. >> there is south africa an ancient plant on the brink of extinction. one of the world's oldest sea plants is critically endangered. that hasn't stopped poachers selling it on the black market. >> in the days that dinosaurs roamed the earth this it what it might have looked like, filled with palm like plants. it has been around 300 million years, but several species have already disappears and others are about to follow suit because
2:42 pm
of the actions of humans in the last few decades. >> they've survived several mass extinctions in the world where 70% to 80% went he can strings. there's a really good chance they're going to go extinct because of our activities and mainly through collecting. >> woman thirds of species makes them the most endangered organisms on the planet, being approached to supply wealthy collectors. some of the rarest have been growing here for 100 years but they're no longer safe. the garden staff stalled alarm and motion sensors. august last year, thieves came during the night and dug out a total of 23 critically endangered plants. in the wild, there's only 60
2:43 pm
left. >> south africa's top investigation team was brought in but this plan was well execute. >> the plant is slow to reproduce, so the theft put back years of pain taking work to. he their numbers. >> we see their sizes and so on. it feels like one of your children is missing. >> well publicized and funded, the psych head is largely forgotten. the government doesn't have the resources to put a stop to the trade. >> the situation is bleak unless something drastic is done. >> after millions of years of surviving catastrophic sinking events nothing seems quite as instructive as the actions of humans. >> we're off into another forest in just a while in costa rica
2:44 pm
where women are taking the environment into their own hands. >> the cyclist held you the rather unexpectedly. i'm wane hey reporting from auckland. we will tell you why the city's art gallery is about to be thrust on to the knoll staple in new york.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> costa rica's mangrove swamps are amongst the most beautiful
2:46 pm
and delicate ecosystems on the planet. like so many natural has been tats they've been in decline for years. the difference, though, in one remote part of costa rica is that a small and determined group of women are doing something about it. andy gallagher went to meet them. they're called the keepers of the mangroves. >> these days, the fishermen on costa rica's largest island are making a good living from the sea, plentiful work is constant. it pref years over-fishing and mismanagement of mangroves spelled environmental and economic ruin. it was a future that 13 women refused to accept. the collective as they've become known began to take things into their own hands. >> we used to sell mussels clams and shrimp, so they were important to us. now we can't find any. we benefited from them, but we
2:47 pm
ran out. we decided to make this nursery to protect the mangroves. >> change didn't come easily and the vision these women had faced challenges from fishermen and even their own husbands. >> one of the biggest and most serious problems that we had when we began to otherwise was the prevailing macho culture. we couldn't get past that attitude from the men and it wasn't until we started to get results that the fisherman changed their mind, then they asked for our help. >> that involved the fisherman to give up their nets for hand lines, which has helped fish stocks replenish. gabrielle cruz tells us this is a responsible fishing area. fish are allowed to reproduce. it's here in the vast mangroves that the women have made the most progress. in past years, they were cut down for fire wood or replaced
2:48 pm
with shrimp pools. training and education that is no longer happening. >> what this woman's collective has done here is change an entire way of life but in the process they've begun to work on preserving this wonderful unique mangrove swamp and are now getting international attention for their work. >> that recognition is helping bringing grants and more training to ensure that, inc. island continues to flourish. al jazeera, costa rica. we are going to tell you what's happening in sport while i watch it in my secret telly year. >> teeing off now with a golden chance to win the masters the 21-year-old jordan speith has set an incredible pace and starts his time round four shoots clear of englishman justin rice.
2:49 pm
reaching 18 under he did drop top at the penultimate hole giving those chasing him a chance. mickelson with a fourth chance at a title. the big names mcilroy and woods need something miraculous, but it's been an encouraging return to form for woods hasn't it? >> city lost their last four away games but took the lead after eight minutes. ashley young was involved again making it 2-1 before half time. 3-1 in the second half and united added another. united four, city two was the time score.
2:50 pm
>> in chelsea in the london sunshine playing in a protective mask after recently breaking his nose. wagers are left in the delegation zone. >> chelsea on a decisive looking seven points clear or seven points arse with a game in hand. >> the mercedes drivers don't seem to get on with each other accusing his teammate of driving too slowly in front of him.
2:51 pm
>> hamilton start on pole position. he was taking nothing for granted, but surged to the front and looked comfortable early. it was no shortage of drivers stumbling behind him in hot form but not in the way he hoped. >> down, fire. >> it involved the teenager, the driver suffered engine failure on the main strait with three laps remaining meaning the race came to an anti climatic conclusions. hamilton on top of the stadium again. >> it was great a smooth weekend. today was that effect of really putting the car in the place i wanted it, and it well was kind of controlling the group and saving the fires for when i
2:52 pm
needed them. >> the second, though he later accused his teammate of controlling that gab a little too much, saying he deliberately slowed down to give the third place driver a better chance of catching him. regardless hamilton is 13 points clear eight championship standings. >> hamilton, 13 points they're. the next race is in bahrain in a week's time. >> on saturday, areplacement bike with just three minutes left of qualifying time. he was looking to improve on a disappointing 15th place in the season opening race in
2:53 pm
qatar. >> there was a near miss for competitors in the classic cycle race. they raced over a barrel, the train was approaching. one cyclist was clipped by the barrier. the other riders were held back in my the >> the ottawa senators beat the philadelphia flyers 3-1. the senators and penguins
2:54 pm
victories mean boston misses out on the postseason place. >> round one of the playoffs starts wednesday in the east, the penguins start against the metropolitan division winners. the islanders lost to columbus. home ice advantage stadiums to the washington captain also. montreal won the atlantic division so will start at home. first time opponents will be winners versus winnipeg. join minnesota on the vote. it's the national predators versus the chicago blackhawks. >> hundreds of runners have been allowed to compete in the northern korean marathon. many runners registered with travel companies at the last minute after the country lifted
2:55 pm
a travel ban due to bowl lo fears. i'll be back with more sport more golf later. >> we are hearing that a germanwings plane on the way to milan has been evacuated after a bomb threat. a320 was tax i go toward the runway when the pilots were alerted, taken to a safe position then searched using sniffer dogs. the metro poll tan art meme of new york is holding an event to embrace new technology. we went to the art gallery. this i also what he saw: >> even the building that houses the most extensive killer collection of new zealand art is itself a work of art. it won't the building of the year award at the world
2:56 pm
architecture festival. the innovation continues inside which is why the art gallery has been invited to narc. >> it was a complete surprise. it was wonderful. i had to read it through a few times. >> representatives from just 15 facilities have been invited to the metropolitan museum of art golden leaders colloquial. >> 99.98% of our selection is on line which is very unusual for a museum but we have no offerings in terms of a digit allen engagement when the kids come. >> one of the gallery goals is to offer new ways to think about art. that's something it's current exhibitor has always tried to do.
2:57 pm
>> on display at the gallery at the moment are the works of new zealand artist billy he got he will who collaborated with the likes of andy war hole to pioneer movements. despite being 80, about himly is will up with the digital wail. he believes it's becoming easier for artists to connect with their tares. >> once if that you're lucky you might get a shot. it's very traditional. >> auckland's gallery considers itself a pioneer in the word especially changing its gallery. >> you will see me in a few days
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>> fierce fighting continues in yemen as the saudi-led coalition promises to help tribal fighters defeat the houthis. >> hello you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: >> hillary clinton! >> the race is on! hillary clinton set to run for president again. a syria government air strike near an aleppo school is said to have killed nine children and teachers. plus: >> i'm on