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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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entertaining. talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america. >> we are now in a position to move on a path towards the future. >> u.s. president barack obama heads to a meeting with raul castro. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. i'm elizabeth peranem. also ahead houthis on the border of yemen. u.n. asks syria to close the are
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refugee camp. >> and in new york. >> u.s. president barack obama says his meeting with cuban president raul castro could be a turning point in u.s. relations with cuba and the region. they met at the summit of the americas on saturday. it's the first formal talk of the leaders of the two countries in five decades. our latin american editor lucia newman has more from panama city. >> it was a meeting of symbol symbolisms. >> we continue to make progress towards fulfilling our shared commitments, to formally
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reestablish diplomatic relations and i've called on congress to begin working to lift the embargo that's been in place for decades. >> immediately addressed all of his hems hemispheric peers. >> translator: foifergforgive me but passion flows from my pours when i think about a revolution. how many were there ten in my opinion, obama is an honest man. >> reporter: then another first, a one hour meeting between casey trow and obama. both agreeing to disagree on human rights and democracy. this is more about just cuba. it's an unprecedented attempt to
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reset relations between 33 latin american states and united states one of the most recent right here in panama. that's why president obama's statement that the days are over when the united states could meddle in the hemisphere with immunity resonated strongly but did not convince his left wing peers. >> translator: the illegal u.s. interventions continue. human rights in countries like venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. >> reporter: still the significance of what transpired here cannot be understated. a hemisphere that represents 40% of the world's gdp. clearly the differences between the united states and cuba have not disappeared only perhaps the method that they will use
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from now on to confront them. lucia newman, al jazeera panama city panama. >> believes the u.s. congress will allow president obama to remove cuba from its list of state sponsors of terror. >> the most met thing is the removal of cuba from the black list the list of terrorist-supporting countries. that was an item that the cubans really insisted on as a prerequisite for opening embassies, apparently the state department has made its recommendation. this is single most important step and the recommendation from all reports has been positive. obama says that he wants to review that recommendation, ai think almost certainly within
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weeks we're going to see that recommendation go off to congress for its 45-day waiting period and then we'll see. but my guess is that this is not going to be abig hurdle. there's really very little argument for keeping cuba on the terrorist list. it's basically particularly when it's hosting a peace process between colombia and guerilla rebels. >> happened in the saudi border province of nashram, saudi arabia is proclaiming houthi rebels for the attack. how the death of the army officers could impact the campaign in yemen. >> this confirms that the houthis have been able during
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the last few days to come close to the border, close enough to shoot at the border guards, we know the purpose or one of the major objectives of the saudi air strikes is not just to defend the saudi borders but to make sure the conflict in yemen doesn't spill over into saudi arabia. we see that the killing of the border guards will push the saudis to try to change their tactics in this ward in order to prevent concerns or growing concerns in saudi arabia, not only about the long time it's taken them to achieve the goals inside yemen but also escalating dangers on saudi territory itself and we understand that there has always been this commentary by the saudi spokesman about the fact that saudi arabia will make a grand invasion only whether they see it necessary. they have been hesitated in that
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respect because they don't want more casualties among their soldiers. now let's see in the next few days how they will change their strategy to prevent more death among their people or among their soldiers. >> yemen capital sanaa the u.n. has called for fighting to pause every day so u.n. can deliver the goods each day. there is a shortage of food and medicine. on the government held sulai moni district, trapping hundreds under the rubble. detailing cuban rights
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abuses in tikrit, recaptured from i.s.i.l. last month from iraqi forces and shia militias. shia militias have been blamed for the damage. complaints were made on facebook. he says that iraq's leaders need to be more supportive of press freedom. >> it obviously has very chilling implications for any journalists, especially iraqi journalists working with the media today in iraq. probably one of the most disturbing aspects of this is the extent to which prime minister bood abadi was saying very positive things about holding people accountable for atrocities reining them in and so forth recently he has been
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moving in a much different and negative direction. on the matter of press freedoms he was making himself some very unfortunate remarks about how certainly journalists he didn't name them, certain media outlets were besmirching the issue on iraq exactly the opposite of what he should have been saying. >> the kenyan government has given the u.n. three months to close the refugee camp and relocate half a million people mostly somali refugees. last week the somali group al shabaab killed hundreds in a kenyan university. paul brennan has more. >> the camps were first constructed in the 1990s and now cover an area of 55 square chronological terse. with over half a million living
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there, it was regarded as the largest refugee camp in the world. in 2013 a tripartite agreement between kenya somalia and u.n. hcr, tensions over dadab in the past kenyan forces have been taking military action for several years and kenya has previouslying alleged that the champ has been a hideout for al shabaab. al shabaab have killed over 400 people in kenya in the past two years. the tipping point was the killing by somali gunmen of 158 kenyan students in garrissa. a game changer like 9/11 changed u.s. foreign policy.
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kenya's government has issued the eviction notice, giving u.n. only 90 days. if the deadline isn't met its soldiers will move in and start dismantling it. >> mohammad adow has the further report. >> locating the refugees itself into somalia if the u.n. fails. kenyan leaders both at the national level and here in the northeastern region which has been facing the brunt of the insecurity that is currently going on in kenya. and the deputy president himself coming out and saying the must
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be moved and if they are not going to be moved kenya will do it itself. offer to al jazeera saying it will be impossible to close the camps within that time frame. >> still to come on al jazeera: why people in sudan's capital are turning their back on the chance to vote. also ahead antihouthis can brazil's president turn the tide of anger against her. lp
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>> good to have you with us, i'm elisabeth peranem in doha. here are the top stories. president obama's meeting with raul castro can be aoturning point for region. the leaders meeting is the first in half a century. did saudi defense ministry said three border guards have been killed, saudis are blaming houthi rebels for the attack. >> and the kenyan government has given u.n. 90 days to relocate the refugee camp. granted mohamed bedea of the muslim brotherhood followed
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mohamed morsi in a military coup in 2013. >> i confirmed the execution for crimes they are accused of. >> the moment mohamed bedea the leader of the now outlawed muslim brotherhood was sentenced to court in a cairo court. 13 other members of the group were spared execution but given life in prison for insighting violence. after moasmed morsi the mohamed morsi the first democratically elected president was deposed. >> i'm defending mohamed sultan, not because he's an american. we'll take the legal procedure towards the verdict. in the trial we believe he will
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be found innocent. >> 25-year-old sultan was arrested in august 2013 when security forces came looking for his father, a proposal nent prominent member of the muslim brotherhood. same judge who also handed down life sentences to three egyptian journalists on sat saturday for quote, spreading chaos. calling it the latest in a significantly deteriorating system for press in egypt. kaitlin mcgee, al jazeera. >> the vote to elect new state governors in nigeria saw nine people killed. this is the scene in port heart fordhartford in river state.
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voters in sudan on monday head for presidential elections president staged omilitary coup in 1989. natasha guinane spoke from khartoum. >> it's the last weekend before the sudanese head to vote. politics doesn't seem to be on anyone's mind. we spoke to more than 30 people and it was hard to find someone planning to vote. >> translator: i want the elections to be fair. and we want our ruler to be somebody new. because frankly we are fed up with basheer. >> reporter: basheer seized power in a military coup in
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1989. critics say he has squashed civil liberties. but as we saw at this presidential rally he is a charismatic man backed by many especially women, who are said to be his best supporters. >> we don't want anyone to be hungry. >> there are ten men and one woman running against basheer. but you wouldn't know it by these. many here say the economy is the most pressing issue facing facing sudan. the official unemployment rate is 18% and inflation is 37%. >> translator: if the government is serious about dealing with the miserable
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economic reality, there are two things the government should do. one, cut government spending and two, combat rampant corruption. >> sudanese expect more of the same. natasha guinane khartoum. 1971 independence struggle against pakistan, handing at balka central jail, he was sentenced to death by a special tribunal. security around the jail has been stepped up in anticipation of a backlash of his supporters. >> dilma eu 7 youssef is just a few months into her second term but
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protests are planned against her, after a corruption scandal involved in the state run oil company. reporting from sao paulo. >> i never imagined i would be a symbol of protest a symbol of rebellion against this government. >> reporter: in sunday he will join millionss in protest against president eu 7. youssef. >> batman rejects violence and decides to fight for justice so this inspired me. >> just six months since youssef won a second term. now the president's popularity
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is falling almost as quickly as the country's economy inflation, all up, verge of recession. there will be pro-government protests on the streets but will be dwarfed by coming to places like this and telling the president it's time to go. >> there is growing anger at the multibillion dollar scandal at the state run oil company petrobras. there's no suggestion the president was involved. farid assad runs his own company. he will join the protest saying enough is enough. >> upset online in order to offer a bright future to my kid my grandchildren and my great
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grandchildren. >> president ruse ef has taken some steps to address the issues raised in the protest. it might help her in the long run but there will be demonstrations in 400 cities and towns np won't be a silent signal. there won't be disguising the message that they want her to go go. >> hillary clinton is set to launch her 2016 presidential campaign. the former secretary of state will make her announcement on sunday. she failed the nomination in 2008 against barack obama. if elected clinton will be the first united states female president. delegates to the national rifle association feel she is a
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threat. >> demonstrated the most potent national blocks. gun oarm ownership not just a constitutional right but a important right. media disorganization of their motives. >> they don't want to discharge that firearm they want it just in case something ahappens to their family. crazy people out there shooting up stuff that's not the case. >> white most were here to see the guns and the gear, the nine presidential hopefuls were there to insist that not only would they preserve their rights but
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enhance them. >> it's inexcusable in washington the seat of our people's power the constitutional right to bear arms is constantly in jeopardy and that's why i took action last month to roll back dc's restrictive gun laws. >> he and others broadened their message, a central republican theme, that barack obama was too lenient in power. >> why don't you keep the hands out of the islamic terrorists and less on keeping the weapons out of law abiding americans. >> candidates warned their audience that hillary clinton in the white house would even be worse for gun owners. tom ackerman, al jazeera nashville. >> a funeral was held in the u.s. state of north carolina of a man being shot to death by a
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white police officer. walter scott was shot by a white police officer video emerged of him being fired upon as he ran away. michael slager is charged with murder. a man shot himself on the entrance to the u.s. capitol building. the area is crowded with tourists this time of year for the annual cherry blossom festival. most congress people are out of town. 70 years after the nazi concentration camp was liberated, in 1945. survivors gathered in the roll call square, it was one of the first that u.s. forces entered in 1942 and for some one of
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their first times back since then. buickbuchenwald an estimated 5 million were killed. among those invited to attend was auckland art gallery in new zealand. >> itself a work of art it won the building of the year award at the world architecture festival in 2013. inside the innovation continues, why the auckland art gallery has been invited to new york. >> it was a complete surprise, i had to read the letter a couple of times to understand what the enormity of it was. >> invited to the metropolitan museum of art so-called global
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leaders colloquium. keeping track particularly in the digital age. one this museum prides itself on. >> all of our 99.98% of our collection is online, but we don't have a digital engagement when visitors come. and i know the met has fabulous programs in this way. >> one of the goals of the gallery is to offer the visitor alternate ways of experiencing the art. australian artist billy echol can, latest efforts is marrying
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different forms. it is easier for young artists to become connected with their art. >> when i started, if you are lucky you might get a show group show or something like that, it's very traditional i think we've gone way past that. >> auckland's gallery considers itself a pioneer to adapt to an ever changing society. a select group in new york. wayne hawaii, auckland. thousands have gathered at the holy sepulcher. to celebrate the holy fire. the sun beam is believed to shine through the hole in the
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roof lights candles and passes them to worshipers. where jesus christ was crucified, buried and resurrected. a reminder, you can always keep up to date on our website just bad for your health, it's a security risk, race raising the chances for conflict, instability. military is adding the concern about water insecurity and climate change for strategies in understanding conflict. the coming water wars "inside story". mousse