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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> america tonight. tuesday through friday. 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. houthi gains in yemen and a suggestion they might talk peace as airstrikes stop. hello. i am marian mazi. you are watching live from london. clashes with isil drive more to refugee camps. prayers for the victims of the al shabaab university attack as it's revealed one of the gunfiremen was the son of a state government chief. boom times for the crime
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fighting safety experts in one of the world's most mushedrder rouse countriesous countries countries. >> hello. yemen's houthi rebels have made gains in the southern port city of aden despite efforts by soud saudi-led forces to stop their ad vance. they are said to have captured the government headquarters. witnesses say the fighters also bombarded residential areas sitting fire to buildings. meanwhile, a scenario houthi figure has indicated they would be willing to sit down for peace talks bi only if the saudi led coalition stops its airstrikes. the international red cross says the saudi-led coalition has given it the red light to send supplies to yemen. it plans to send two. more now on the days developments. >> most of the heavy fighting on sunday took place in the district's in the south of aden
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not far from the city's port. heavy fighting was reported in kalua as houthi rebels. managed to infiltrate the area. they were met with strong resistance from fighters loyal to president abdula mansura abdula mansura hadi. in the district fierce battles, aden has become the center of this war. parts of the city have now been without water or electricity for two days. there are fears of a growing humanitarian crisis. >> we had random shellings by houthis on homes, civilians, and i feel like the humanitarian crisis in aden is getting worse by the hour. we wish that there were compressions between the houthis so that we can pass by with medical supplies. the houthis along with their allies fighting back.
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the report is on their list of targets. >> the situation now is stable and the houthi rebel fighters and security and the popular committees are fighting off the extremist group in the district of aden and are currently completing the cleanse. god be praised, they were graduate vict odors. >> the spokesman for the sawedudi saudi-led coalition says they were retreating the houthi convoy of trucks heading to aden. the houthis concluded. the tactic is that they don't have -- it's more of a shore of force. they targeted water pumps and electricity. they are in parts of aden. they tried to move today. we prevented them. the popular forces have no heavy
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weapons and we are supporting them with information and logistical support. we hope the popular forces will control all of it in the coming days. tlven more than civilian deaths overnight trades hit this village, sanaa residents there say there were no militia camps in the region. there is another potential sign. tribunal fighters showing off military strength preparing to confront. they have reportedly gained control which was taken over by fighters allied to former president abdula al sada and known to go members of al-qaeda. yemen is on the verge of collapse. the fighting can only worsen the humanitarian conditions in an impoverished nation. jamal lives in aden. he joins us on the line to describe what he is experiencing on the ground. thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us.
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it's been 11 days of saudi-led airstrikes now. there are reports that humanitarian situation is worsening. could you give us a sense of what life is like in the southern city of aden right now? >> the darklight is out most. some cities the water has been off for over five days now. the houthi rebels to the main pipelines. what are you seeing? are you able to go outside during the day? have you witnessed anything of the clashes and malitians in
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aden? >> yeah. there is with hadi therefore, the movement are fighting. in aden. there are check points like i said all over the city for the security for the residents. >> the international red cross has said that it does now have permission to send in food and medical supplies as well as its staff to the country. how badly is aden in need of aid. >> well, badly actually right now, they are in crisis. medical supplies are very limited and also most of the foreign doctors have been evacuated by their countries.
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the society of the red cross. there is money. anding civilians in aden. it's a difficult situation. thanks very much. what's happening at the moment let's look at the southern port city. >> now police say there have been attacks in the northern sinai region. he script's isil branch said it was behind the attack that killed more than 15 people. a bomb has gone off on a bridge in the zamalak district.
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one policemen was killed. it's not clear who is behind the attack. president mohamed morsi. in syria, hundreds have escaped after the yarmouk refugee camp wasshelled. fighters have taken control of most of the camp. it fits right on the outskirts. only a few kilometers from assad's presidential palace. the u.n. recognizes the yarmouk neighborhood has two camps. yarmouk and falesteen. both have seenfieding since the start of syria's war. the palestinian refugees more than 150,000. many have fled since the conflict began. it's now home to just 18,000 or so sirryaz, and the u.n.
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describes it as complete deprivation. they are cut off by syrian government groups. stefanie dekker now reports. the yar mook camp has been besieged for more than two years. people starving no running water and no electricity. now, isil is taking control of most of themt the areas. some have managed to escape they are afraid of being attacked by isil. some villages have reconciled with the regime. aid is coming to these areas. thousand remain trapped by the fighting. there is the added fear of government attacks which also are trying to push isil out. the government is ted to be targeting isil positions with
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barely bombs. this is less than 10 kilometers from the sent of damascus. others have not gained much ground. there are allegations that the the al-nusra front is helping isil even though they issued a statement saying they are remaining neutral. there had been a defendant reckonsation deal. where the sfaksz would lay down arms and the government would end the siege. he says al-nusra doesn't want that. fighters allowed isil to enter the camp. whatever the politics what was a desperate situation for the estimated 18,000 civilians trapped there has got much worse. united nations have called for a human humanitarian corridor none has been delivered since the fighting began. hospitals and collinics are no longer functioning properly but
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with isil in control of most of the camp stefanie dekker beirut. >> pal stirnian leader mahmoud abbas is al tragedy and et cetera doing all he can to help. >> the palestinian liberation organization in forecastusc has formed a crisis cell to handle this tragedy trying to work it out with the least losses. we are in touch with our brothers there to find a way out, protect our people from this tragedy iraq's prime primary says it's ill can't be defeated as long as it continues to attract foreign fighters. in an interview with german magazine der speigel, abadi said more than 40 percent of the fighters come from abroad. he is urging governments around the world to do more than 20 injured in a suicide attack in
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misrata. he said members of the same family are among the dead. >> silicone on al jazeera. >> i am trying to kill a bad deal. >> israeli prime minister steps up his attack on the iran nuclear deal. and scientists turn the large haydron clyderback on after a
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two-year upgrade. welcome back with al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. yemen's houthi rebels have made
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gains in the southern port city of aden despite forces to halt their ad vance. in syria, hundreds of civilians have escaped to safety after the area wasshelled. isil fighters have taken control room of most of the camp. and in cairo, a bomb has gone off on a bridge in the zamalek district, home to many embassies as a police station was attacked. the isil branch says it was bheebd the bombing which reportedly killed 15 people. now, kenya's interior ministry has revealed one of the four gunmen in the attack prayers were said for the fwourn 8 people killed by al shabaab fighters. the victims had been singled out for being christian. worshippers in kenya's capital celebrated under scrutiny.
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the attack is the worst the country has seen since 1968. the government has come in for criticism over the attack. what have you been hearing? the government has come under status of chriscism it took about 12 hours killing the suspects h to travel to garissa many hours, about five hours it takes to get here. they had to travel from nairobi to here to help contain the situation, yet security forces and government and politicians were flown in. people saying that perhaps they would have been flown in as
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well. they would have helped save some lives. government is coming under criticism over how it ignored travel advisories by foreign governments including the uk the president, himself, rub issued these saying they are politically motivated a day before the attacks. it is also clear that there was an intell sequence report on an imminent attack in public instittushingsz including universities, some universities in nairobi or some universities in nairobi warned there of this and told the students and the staff to be vigilant here in garissa, at the university the only ones no such measures were taken. not the time for bickering. the president says kenyas have to be united. kingians have to support the
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government in this battle saying this is a very complicated situation. it's not time for trading accusations. we know one of the gunmen involved was the son of a government official what's been the reaction to that? what more do we know? >> we did speak to some sources of ours in mandera where this suspect comes from. they say that, yes, he comes from he studied law at the university. he had a stint as a lawyer in one of the banks in nairobi. we also spoke to a journalist who had talked to his father he is a government chief so his father said, yes that's his son. he said the last time he saw him,him
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was in may last year and when he had disappeared. when he had that the. >> catherine soi updating us on events in garrisa two journalists held by the nigerian military says the 24th of march has been released: embedded with the military when they were arrested from reporting. our clears were allowed to leave the hotel when they were detained and have completed the journey back to the bureau. the director of news says we are pleased for them, that they are their ordeal is over. they are looking forward to spending time with families and loved ones. i know both of them want to thank everyone who helped security their release including ngos politicians. itsis ill prime minister netanyahu has taken to the air
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waves in the u.s. to again argue a nuclear deal with iran will be bad for everyone. activities if the west doesn't hold up its side of the bargain. from washington gabriel reports. a few days after the announcement, the agreement of a framework to limit iran's capability did is where prime minister netanyahu went on political talk shows in america to again argue it's a bad deal foris for not only israel but the world. carry. >> it leaves the preeminent terrorist of our time with a vast nuclear infrastructure. thousands will be left spinning uranium, not a single facility including nuclear facility says being shut down. >> the obama administration's key nuclear scientist hit back at critics who have said that will be little way to verify compliance by iran. we will have eyes on principally
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through the international atomic injury national agency the entire supply change of uranium going back to the mines, the mils we would have continuous surveillance of centrifuge production, continue wuts surveillance of thecentrifuxe facilities. if they fail to meet any of these requirements, we are going to know through, again, our access and trans piece and that will immediate lead not only to us but to the international community the p5+ 1 taking the appropriate actions. >> a lot of work needs to be done to solidify the deal. issues like when and exactly how sanctions will be lifted and exactly how inspections of iran's nuclear facilities will work are just a couple. in the overall details of the agreement have yet to be made public or yet to be worked out. the obama administration now has to sell this deal to congress who's lawmakers wants to review the deal before any sanctions are lifted.
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there is a lot at stake intavrm has threatened veto any legislation that threatens the deal. they know a future president could have other plans which will make the final stages of these negotiations more complicated. gaberiel elozondo. al jazeera. >> thousands braved the rain as pope francis led easter mass. he urged them to go beyond their comfort zone and boldly live their faith. worshippers were asked to remember those under attack. >> we asked jesus to lighten the sufferings of our many brothers and sisters who were persecuted for his name and of all of those who suffer injustice as a result of ongoing conflicts and violence and there are many.
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throws topping lists for murder and kidnapping both of which were on the rise. and that means personal protection has become big business. virginia lopez reports now from carak caracu caracus. kidnapping in venzuela is a booming business. this has force many to armor cars higher bodyguards and install tracking devices so someone always knows where they are. this is one of the few shops where business is booming. >> the four arm -- before armored cards used to be a lus re. we have seen them used grenades during armed attacks. >> as the fire power of criminals in venzuela increases, so does the level of protection people seek. level 4 cars with an extra interior door made out of steel and a double plated glass window will protect you from a hand grenade attack but with a price tag of $65,000, very few can
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afford it electivefied wire fences to bodyguards, depending upon your budget. vagos, his elderly parents were kidnapped. an event that led him traumatized but led him to take every precaution in the market. >> this car has level 3 armoring and the windows are all bullet proof plus steel and 12-ply kevlar borders. here, you live with a constant fear of being killed or kidnapped. >> others install tracking devices on their cars in the hopes they can be found if they are kidnapped. a detector a company specializing in these devices says more and more people are beginning to demand devices that can be implanted under your skin. >> our target has widened to include people you wouldn't have
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expected. like owners of public transport or taxi drivers who have been victims of crime and worry about losing that which allows them to put food on their tables. >> an increase in crime, a police force that is often out gunned by criminals has led people to look for private solutions to a public problem. village lopez, al jazeera, caracus. >> restarted after a two-year upgrade, scientists in schwitzer land have spent almost $150 on the refit. nay nadine barber has more. >> back in action and more powerful than ever over the last two years, then busy upgrading the world's biggest particle accelerator deep under the swiss french border. on sunday scientists fired two particle beams around the 27 kilometer long circuit known as the large hadron clyder, the lhc. these are baby steps for researchers here at cern, the european organization for
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nuclear research. >> establishing the first stable collisions. we have to commission all of the instruments, all of the systems one by one. >> in 2012, cern announced an unexpected break through. scientificits finally, skofrnd the higgs bosson an elementary particle that gives mass to other particles earning it the next name, the god particle. the following years two of the scientists peter rigs and engleier got the nobleel prize in physics. >> the addams, there would be no molecules. building blocks for metal. there were, themselves also be no styles no galaxies no planetary system. there would be no earth and eventually there would be no
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life on earth. the lhc contains a ring of super conducting mag nats with accelerating structures which boost particles as they hurdle down the actually. school they will travel at almost the speed of light and analyzing their collisions could reveal new scientific secrets. dark matter. that's the invisible matter which makes up 84% of the known universities. but can only be detected by its influence on visible matters like galaxies and planets. there could be more discoveries over the lifetime of this underground science city. nadine barber al jazeera. >> the major league baseball season opens on sunday and they hope it will bring back lost fans. as john hendren reports from chicago, they are trying to make the famous game faster. >> modern life seems to have sped up everything. including the american national
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pastime. >> i coached baseball for 14 years. when you wait 10 minutes back to back after swing at bat. >> with baseball games lasting more than three hours fewer fans are prepared to sit it out. baseball is on the clock. >> has set off a national debate. you have been watching baseball your entire life. you tell me it has got so far out of hand they need to change. >> professional baseball is big business. 70 million fans follow the season every year. >> that business has slowed down in the stands. >> every generation there are dooms die stories about how the public is losing interest in baseball. they have the right idea of trying to pick things up. >> a tradition as much about
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tailgate barbecues and sunshine as it is about a 9-inning face-off traditionalists like their tradition. i don't -- don't change it. the younger generation wants things faster? >> a little less conversation. a little more. >> the new requires require the bitch pitcher to deliver the ball within 12 seconds. batters will have to keep one foot in the batter's box unless there is a wild pitch or a foul ball. under the old rules, they could step out and stop play at any time. >> they are going a little too far maybe with not being able to step out of the box at all. it was getting a little bit too much every pitch. >> breaks between innings are now just two and a half minutes and new pitchers have the same amount of time to warm up. >> you have to appeal to the people who want instant gratification and want things
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bank? >> no. they don't need to speed it up. >> whether it puts more fans in the stands, it's a debate that won't end when the new rules come in to effect. john hendren, al jazeera, chicago. >> remember you can get the latest on everything we are covering valley. i'll talk to the authors of a startling new account that separates the man from the myth like never before. the titans of wall street, i'll talk to a politician, who says the bankers really run america. and a student debt strike against an institution that the