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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. welcome to the news hour. from al jazeera fuse center here, these are the top stories. isil release as video showing the killing of a jordanian pilot held captive by the group. and it's target the other strong holds. anti-terrorist alert after an attack on soldiers guarding a jewish center. twenty-first to give the go ahead for a controversial
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technique, now dropeed to the center creating a baby with three parents. welcome to the program isil has release add video propertiedly showing the video of a jordanian pilot held captive by the group. the video that al jazeera is not showing shows being burned to death. he was captured by fighters in september, after his jet crashed in syria. last week, an audio message said to be from isil said the pilot be killed for jordan didn't release an iraqi woman facing the death penalty. showing the murder of a japanese journalist. let's go straight she is live for news the jordanian capitol. a terrible and tragic development in the this story. what more have you been hearing there in the jordanian capitol? is. >> absolutely terrible, and horrific.
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but it's also the moment that many jordanians and members of the government have been dreading. now, some of the new information that has come out according to jordan state t.v. which is the government mouthpiece apparently he was executed on january 3rd. this is -- this video is now coming out a month after the date of his execution. so this appears to be intelligence information that the jordanian authorities have just received. because i wouldn't imagine that the jordanian government would negotiate a possible prisoner exchange deal with isil in return for freeing him had it known that he was already executed on january 1st. now, we understand that the chief of staff of the jordanian army personally informed the family of his execution. we haven't really heard much from his mother or father yet. although we have heard reports that he has told all
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supporters of the family as well as other people who have shown a lot of support for the. faly recently, in the recent weeks not to speak on behalf of the family, and he said that those authorized to speak are the army, and the father. that said, we are also hearing reports these are unconfirmed reports that some t.v. channels are quoting unnamed government sources as saying who is on death row and whom isil demanded to be freed in the exchange for the japanese journalist, as well as the other iraqi prisoner jordan also on death row he has been convicted for killing a jordanian truck driver in iraq and is also believed to be close with al quaida and iraq and it's former leader
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these two and four others may be executed in the coming hours. we heard earlier that a number of these prisoners and we confirmed this with the families of another prisoner called also on death row that they were moved from their prison cells to the prison. it is the only jordanian prison where these -- where execution is carried out. so this may materialize in the coming hours jordan pay retaliate by actually executing some of the prisoners that isil wanted released in an exchange deal. >> lited's do back a little bit. the man himself comes from an influential plan doesn't he? >> he does. he comes from an influential tribe, a powerful tribe that's the case with most
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jordanian tribes. the man is only 26. his wife hasn't been speaking to the media at all we also know from his parents from his friends, that he is actually a religious person, that he prays, believes in god. and that he is a very well liked person. so this is information we have about him he has experienced in the the royal air force in jordan for nine years and he was cared with carries out the air strikes alongside other air forces in the region. and other pilots, of course, in the jordanian air force. since jordan decided to join the coalition against isil which is led by the united states. that thought we were talking to you earlier about that isil never really wanted the release of that female suicide
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bomber. their objective was to sow division within the public opinion, and turn it against the government? well we know that that was their intention. the government will tell you that and the people feel that as this is why we have just been hearing voices from some members of parliament, especially the foreign affairs committee saying that the brutal killing is you nates the jordanians the way he was killed he was burnt alive which is prohibited in islam makes it us even more determined to continue to crush isil. we heard similar statements from barack obama in washington d.c. just now who said that if these images are confirmed to be authentic then this makes the coalition more determined to fight and get rid of isil.
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now that said, there have been other voices saying had jordan not participated this would have never happened he would have never been captured, and the incident with his f 16 facing a technical problem over syria would have never happened as welt. the feeling here is really mixed. there are divisions we have heard very emotional statements from his father then after he had a meeting last week, he sort of toned his rhetoric down but a feeling here, especially on the official level, got from the government but from parliament, we understand the members are saying this makes us more united and determined to be a part of this coalition, and many people here believe that isil is in the backyard of jordan because it share as boarder and the feeling here is that if isil
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didn't come to the boarder now it eventually would. >> how is this likely to play out when the newspapers hit the stands tomorrow morning? >> well, everyone had heard about this now we know a number of people that are gathering outside the gathering place for the tribes in an area called aman, some of them are now heading we have not heard reports of riots yet but we expect large gathering. maybe protests as well. but so far no word on riots or people getting angry usually in these cases we will hear about jordanian tribes in their areas trying to urn be tires, block roads. but we haven't heard these reports yet. and we have also as i said heard his father say please don't speak on our behalf. only the army and myself will give statements to the media
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about how befeel. >> in the jordanian capitol. for now, thank you should in fact this be authentic, it is just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. and it -- i think it will redouble the individual lense and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. and it is also just indicates the degree to which whatever it is bankrupt. patty control haines joins us live, patty i think most people including the president will be horrified at the nature of the killing.
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the president saying this will strengthen the resoldier? >> i think that's what he is hoping. of course, that is a huge concern, the way they have been able to sell this to the american public, is by saying that the u.s. is not necessarily -- is part of a coalition. now obviously if you look at the numbers when it comes to air strikes. the u.s. is doing the vast majority of the bombing but he has been able to tell the people not an arab countries but also western powers are taking part in these air strikes. that it is a global coalition and that is important because remember this is a country that has seen two wars and they are very weary of another and they can look at the polls and see the american people don't want to see the ground forces embroiled in the region. they give the thumbs up because they believe they need this coalition to stick
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together. this comes to the back drop of more money being pledged set aside to take on isil and train troops. >> well, exactly and the president has had asked congress for additional pun. they have given it to him with caveats. we do know, i want to point out, we believe that the king is in washington d.c. right now. he had a meeting with the secretary of state john kerry we have been trying to track down his schedule. he is not on the public schedule which seems unusual for visiting head of state when it comes to the budget, i think it is clear that the government will fund the budget but there is a broing debate as to whether or not the president's stated goal to degrade and ultimately defeat isil can happen with a plan he has put in place. if air strikes alone can basically blunt the momentum, until other forces are able to go on the ground, and take
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them out directly, obviously he has had -- there have been problems we have documented with the training program the ever the moderate opposition, to fight in syria, they are saying now that that can take years to complete. the president is going to face growing questions especially from members of congress to the opposition party now controls the house and the senate. asking if the strategy he has layed out is achievable. >> patty, thank you. >> what more to we know of the murdered pilot? >> the first coalition airman to be captured and killed by isil. his f 16 plane crashed in north eastern syria on december the twenty-fourth. he was 26 yeared old. married only three months before he lost his freedom. they have called on the government to secure his release.
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while also voicing opposition to jordan's involvement in the fight against isil. our softens are being sent to fight outside the border. this is got our business, and the war is outside the jordanian boarders. our son was sent on a military mission in order to be killed. >> public opinion is split on the membership of the coalition. but support for the government to negotiate with the pilots captors had been overwhelming. we definitely want the government to intervene because he is a soldier, she is a jordanian citizen and he is our son. >> whole jordan has a policy not to negotiate the government made an exception. the exception has been to secure the life, in return for his release jordan offered to meet in isil demand, for
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handing over this woman. would be suicide bomber. she is on death row after bombing attacks more than nine years ago in which 60 people died. then he was murdered. an edited video posted on the interfete. they say their family are from a big train in the south of jordan. they tone down their protests during what they described as politically sensitive times. but one of the brothers made it clear that they were still unhappy this war is not our war, and offer jordanian citizen said this, and this statement, and the dash of
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isis the war is power is not our war. >> and now i'm very sad about my brother but i believe god will press him. to his parents to his home. >> but once again no mercy was shown by isil. and another life lost, and in jordan now there will be more division more protests, over the country's role in the american led coalition. against isil the mideast analyst and joins us on skype from london. how surprised are you that isil decided to kill him there was a sense recently, anyway that he was worth more to him alive than dead. >> to be honest, i was shocked like many people in the middle
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east because we didn't expect first this kind of brutality in executing him and also i expected the state to use him to achieve a lot. two release of prisoner. and i expect them actually to try to black male the jordanian government to get money, so -- but to execute him this way could be interpreted differently they want to send a very strong message. to the coalition members to coalition governments that any hostage captive or pilot, or soldier is captured fighting them he will be treated differently. differently from the other normal hostages like the japanese or like the british workers or the american journalists.
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they burn him brutally in order to scare the people of the coalition members. >> maybe also british and american canadian other members of the coalition so it is very clear message here and we have to take it seriously. >> yeah, some reports that there are some extremist group whose have come out and even they have said and asked the question why have they acted with such barbarity that it goes against all islamic principles. >> it is a question of principle, those people defend them fully in a tragedy to terrorize people. to actually to raise the flag of brutality the highest they can. because they want to frighten their enemies. they are adopting a very very severe type of execution which never -- doesn't apply to islamic religion the most
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important thing is to terrorize to run away from their roots. so you know, they don't apply the islamic law they iply their own laws. so this is the difference. they don't want money and exchange of prisoners what they want is to scare to terror his to frighten their enemies and that is what is happening. >> and the other dynamic to that specific point, is that perhaps isil never really wanted the release of the female suicide bomber anyway. no their objective was to sown division within the realm and turn people against the government. >> well, yes definitely. they would like to play the cards of division between the government itself who participated on this
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coalition, and between it's own people, because there are a sector of people who are not happy that their government participated on the coalition under the american flag, so maybe they are trying to incite against their government. whatever the strategy i have my doubted because the brutality of the execution will put more people off. so it could be counter productive like when they sent the suicide team to blow up certain hotels in jordan. the people were behind that, and a great deal of them were supporting him but after the bombing the support actually was lower add lot and offense then't as it used to be, so we
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don't yet, but if the reports say that the jordanian government executed and others i think this can be a signal that the government is going to fight isis to send troops to iraq and syria. >> let me get a final thought. we heard from president obama just a few moments ago. he said this killing will only strengthen the resolve of the coalition, but let me ask you how is this likely to play out among arab members? so definitely, those people there said why should we fight this war? why should we endanger the members of our people they hate isis, they don't like it, they don't want to it's ably case to be -- in our part of
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the world but there is a certain sector of the public opinion who are saying that look, we threed we supported the american in iraq, we support the american libya. the divisions and bloody anarchy, so and division in the public vies a vie the military interpretation in the reare john. >> all right. in london, thank you for that, for those viewer whose are joust joining us to give us this developing story here, that isil has release add video propertiedly showing the killing of that pilot. he was being held captive by the work, al jazeera won't show any of the video but will come back with any more developments on the story in this house.
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a powerful militia are declaring victory in an important province. the fightingers have held a victory rally and say they are ready to move north taking back the last remaining province under isil control. fighting with and many cases overshadowing the iraqi government forces. the most powerful is it's leader. the political wing has 20 members of parliament, the arm which has close tied to the force, says it has 25,000 fightingers. the celebration they would move on to fight isil in mosul
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and the province, and that no foreign troops would be allowed on the ground. he told al jazeera the fighters were already involved in the battle. and as for troops. >> we have two scenarios. if the iranians bring troops we will reject them. or american as visors we do not mind. asked about allegations he said any killings or kidnappings would be punished. photos around spiritual leader are a sign of how dramatically things have changed. for more than 30 years this was the base of a group trying to overthrow the government. and now it is full of iranian backs fighter whose played a lead role in the fight against isil.
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despite the celebration it's been a hard won victory, they are desserting villages and empty fields. the fighting damaged schools and destroyed government buildings. this bridge near the mountain range separating iraq can iran. it is one of the only places around free of explosive layed by isil also known as dash. >> it is 100% deflated. what we do now is the -- is to satisfy the situation is to clean the whole places and so many bombs here. this is a part of the strategy jana release add video, al jazeera. can remains of 30 people from
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the community have been in a mass grave. armors vehicles and soldiers in the town that's the border with cameroon, the armed fighters control the town, and gun battles have been reported. the army says the newest part of their coordinated plan says it killed dozens of boko haram fighters. more from the capitol. >> forbess are stepping up the, toes using helicopters and jet bombers that have been targeting towns and villages inside nigeria but are under the control of boko haram.
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the - paw days it has been in the town -- far away from the border -- there have been targeting positions all the boko haram fighters and from the town the inside cameroon, the ground forces have also been cutting out against the positions of the boko haram fighters. there's been no independent verification however the forcing are claiming to have killed more than 100 boko haram fighters in the bombings that have been cutting out on the positions held by boko haram. the offensive by the forces is coming at a time when boko haram had been growing in strength and has been holding towns and villages from where they are been cutting out a lot more to come here. >> this lake resort would
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normally be full of visitors but years of violence led to a sharp drop in tourists. >> the lack of snow for many in indian cashmere. >> a very big honor, i am happy and proud. >> on stage in new york, the teenager war refugee from syria, that didn't have a piano lesson until 18 months ago. and in sport football team fly in in the african nations with he have the latest, more on that, stay with us.
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>> weeknights, on al jazeera america primetime.
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>> an america tonight investigation >> somebody could come in and take our home away from us
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>> it was a law that helped condo developments stay afloat >> we would have to sell and have to leave our unit >> now, this law is being used to take peoples homes >> there's nobody helping us... >> honest people, losing hope... >> i didn't fight vietnam so that someone could take my property away from me >> hard sell an america tonight investigation only on al jazeera america >> jordan's arm responses. it show as captured jordanian pilot being burn alive. he has been held hostage after his jet crashed in syria in december. led all the jordanians know
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that those that doubted the atrocities now have the proof. but those that doubted jordan's power will see the proof as well. the pilot was not the son of one tribe, or one city. he is the son of all of jordan. his blood will not be shed in vain. live us from in the capitol. so official confirmation there from the jordanian government spokesman. jordan has vowed punishment and revenge what more are officials saying? we can tell from the information ministers response that there will be sop kind of retaliation or response. we also saw a statement on jordan t.v., jordan state t.v. as well, from the spokesperson of the army saying that the response will be as grave as the anger of all jordanians
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right now. separately we are getting reports. these are attributed to an unnamed jordanian source. as saying that who is on deodara who are oven death row and convicted to crimes related to terrorism will be executed in the coming hours. we cannot confirm these reports but this is what we are hearing from some media outlets what we can confirm is there has been some movements from yesterday. with some of these prisoners being moved from their prison cells are they have always been. swaga prison is the only prison where executions are carried out. this information these movements were confirmed by the families of some of these
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prisoners including kabully who is an iraqi prisoner, also on death row. for killing ajordanian truck driver in iraq and also of having tied with the jordanian former leader and iraq as well as mohamed. we understand who is also convicted of carrying out attacks against the jordanian embassy 2003 so a number of prisoners around six may be executed in the coming hours and will give you more when we get the government confirmation on that. but that appears to be the response and the retaliation that jordan is talking about. and i also want to mention that jordan had a moratorium on executions until from -- for about eight years until december 2014, just a month and a half ago when it returned resumed the executions and killed about 11
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prisoners in the jordanian prison. >> just looking a the stories o. wires here, and in reaction to the death we understand that jordan's king king abdul la has cut short his visit to the united states. and he returns to a country where divided public preponderance, over the country's roll against isil. >> well, yes we understand that the king left early this morning for washington, d.c. we don't believe that this visit was prescheduled. and according to the schedule that we saw he was meeting with congressman senator and top u.s. administration firms but that schedule did not mention a meeting with president obama. we understand now and this has been confirmed be i the government sources that he has cut his trip short and is on his way back to jordan now there are some divisions but the more of the voices that we are hearing suggest that because of the barbaric way in
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which he was killed because he was burned alive which is against islam and contrary to all the other beheadings videos we have seen, for other hostages in the past, this may actually provoke a different kind of reaction. of course, i am not making a blanket statement but a lot of people are saying we are standing more united now after we saw this and after what happened it was got just the son of a jordanian tribe but the son of all jordanians that we are more determined to crack down and to crush the movement. but also you have other voices saying that we hold the government responsibility for his killing because had the government not entered and become an active member in the international coalition against isil, using it's military bases in the north and it's military hardware, along with other armies and in the region to shell isil targets in syria then this
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would never have happened to the jordanian people would not be in the predicament and the sadness and sorrow that they are feeling right now you were telling us earlier there have been reports that he may have been executed as early as a month ago he may have been killed on the third of january, is there an detail ass to why they would have wait add month to reveal his death? well we don't know that, but -- we foe there are divisions within isil, but before i get into that, i will tell you that this is definitely confirms be i the jordanian government. they have intelligence information suggesting that he was killed on january 3rd exactly a month ago had they had this information before, i don't think they would have negotiated with isil on a prisoner exchange deal. but the information that we
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have suggested from talking to a lot of experts especially in the field had these groups they say that there is a division within isil, there is a camp inside of isil that buzz really pushing for a prisoner exchange deal, possibly a political gains by isil from achieves a prisoner exchange deal, freeing some prisoners in jordan that they might want to include in their group. in exchange for releasing him this could have been political gain at a time when it is losing territory. in the iraq and syria and there was this other camp that says in he was a muslim, and he was shelling other muslims and there's no prisoner exchange deal that would be acceptable to isil and he should be killed like all the others that were held hostage. even though there have been break throughs and the in the
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past as well. manage tock release 49 turkish nationals including diplomates and special forces who are captures by isil, in june, and through an exchange deal, they were releases so there was a preliminarier of hope, that if he was alive if that proof of life was provided which the jordanian government demanded over and over again. that there was the glimmer of hope that maybe he would return home. in exchange for isil saying that they have gained a political capitol out of such an exchange deal. >> just a final thought from you. we have seen pictures in our t.v. screens the man just talk us privately through who he was. and he came to a very influential clan. >> yes he is from a jordanian tribe, the jordanian tribes are traditionally the bedrock
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of support for the monarchy, they are very progovernment he comes from the southern governor. he was only 26 years old he recently got married at the end of july, his wife is refused to speak to the pead yeah since he was captured and waywe know is he was a religious man he used to pray he believes in god, and that he was very well liked and he is one of eight or nine siblings in his family, so quite a big family, which is known in more jordanian tribes thank you. let's talk now to joshua walker the former u.s. state joining us live from washington d.c., so official confirmation preserving the the government, the pilot being held has been killed, pruittly killed we understand, let me ask you how will this effect alliances and
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partnerships? the u.s. led coalition, this is the first tile we have seen something like this. >> you are right thises the first time we have seen anything this horrific. the idea of burning somebody alive takes it to a whole another level and i think as president obama indicated the strong hope from the u.s. side is that this really shows the barbaric nature of the threat, and will hold the coalition together of course, there's dangers here, that this could further weaken the coalition that maybe thear rain partners will become less willing to take on isil. i am hopeful and i think many will look at this as a sign that this is a sign of weakness this is nothing in terms of strength to burn an independent man in this way p it is just beyond the pale. >> as you are talking we are seeing elier pictures responding to the news. but a bomber even though he said that this killing would only strengthen the resolve just talk us through the criticism he has been facing at home over his strategy against isil.
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>> well, think i you are right. t strategy has been from the beginning are we the or out the u.s. is lead the ecoalition we are providing a lot of the air cover but when it comes to the on the ground fighting it is being done by kurdish forces and where are the major regional allies that the suns finds whether that's turkey or iraq, or mr. it's jordan, they are all in some ways a part of this, but they are all playing a different role and given the fact that the u.s. is not fully taken to next step, means are we going to put a no fly zone, are we going to put troops o. ground, i think that's what a lot of regional partners are waiting for. >> just a further sign that allying yourself with the u.s. comes with a cost, the question is what can we do to reassure our allies. what will the king of jordan say now what can secretary kerry do to reassure our allies that we are in. we will defeat isil, and this is just the death song of a group that is extreme and has nothing to do with islam.
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how key joshua, walker, are those regional relationships with countries like turkey? i think it is key turkey in particular is the key in many ways to solving this problem you can't have regional solutions without the region involved in some way the u.s. cannot impose our will, because you get rid of isil today, there will be another one tomorrow. and a solution moving forward how can ewith work with our partners sometimes those partner thes we may not agree with in the short term, but this the long term we all have an interest in stability what isil is doing is bringing these people together further and further. i am hopeful this will be the key, but we there the u.s. and washington need to be followed our cues as well and we need to send the right signals. >> how is all of this playing out in p terms of american public opinion? which is so important politically in the america?
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>> you are right what brought the u.s. to the position we where we are now is not just iraq and the massacre that we saw about to happen there, it was also the beheading and the killings that we saw of our own citizens and having seen the japanese killed in the same way and now seeing a pilot burned alive i think this will heighten american resolve, and drive the opinion towards the conclusion that we have to do everything to defeat this group and the only way to win this is to bring allies together, but to have a political solution long term. >> thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> a knife attack on three soldiers. two of them were injuried the attacker was disarmed and handed over to police. tensions are high after the recent attacked jackie reports from paris. >> police in the southern city say a man armed with a knife
1:44 pm
attacks a patrol of soldiers. who were guarding a jewish community center, in the center they say the man wounded one soldier in the neck, and then wounded the other two in the face and in the arm as they try to intervene and disarm him. he was disarmed and caught, and police say they are also getting a second person who they believe may have been acting as his accomplish. all of this comes a month after a shooting attack against the newspaper. there which 12 people were killed and of course, after other attacks in which a policewoman was with killed while on traffic duty, and four people were also killed in a jewish super market. frabs is on it's highest alert, 12,000 troops are deployed throughout the country to back up police and really rigorous security procedures are in place. and particularly outside
1:45 pm
jewish and culture centers which is thought to be particularly vulnerable, so this knife attack ends to the sense of nervousness that exists at the moment. >>s sos that freed to pay more than $1 billions to settle legal action this were accused of knowingly inflating ratings of risky investments that spurred the crash of 2008. part of the u.s. government efforts to act against those responsible for the worst financial crisis since the great depression. british are the first to give the go ahead for a controversial technique now doctors are a step closer to creating a baby with three parents. the house of laws will have to get the approval before the bill comes law the procedure is to stop mothers from passing on a faulty gene that can cause a range of debilitating diseases. and sometimes death.
1:46 pm
a lot more still to come here. >> it is a very big honor to me. i am happy and i am so proud. >> on stage in new york. teenager war refugee from syria, who didn't have a piano lesson until 18 months ago. and in sport why manchester you fight willed have to mine the gap in their upcoming cup more on that, stay with us.
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>> pled to billions of dollars in damage in september. reports the capitol of indian administers cashmere. >> a mogul emperor that there is heaven on earth, this is it. many would free, but for those in the tourism industry, this season has been difficult. >> last year, people flocked to these hills to enjoy the snow but this year, there's less snow, and even fewer people. >> warmer weather hasn't helped but hotel managers here mostly blame september heavy flooding for keeping tourists away even though the waters never touched this area. >> last year we had this possibility, we had a booking of 50 people, now we only have 15 persons. >> it is the same story throughout the region. where tourism is one of the
1:49 pm
biggest economic sectors. a city that was hid heartest by the novembers much of the roads have been repaired but that hasn't helped. houseboat owners only have empty rooms to show. usually they are at least half to two-thirds occupies. with hardly any bookings many are worried they won't survive until next season a year round destination, this would normally be full of visitors but years of violence led to a sharp drop. which the recent years has been replaced by domestic tourism, now even that has dried up. >> those in the tourism industry say most of what was damaged in the flood has been fixed. blue while the flooding was heavily covered the fact that it is up and running hasn't been. >> .
1:50 pm
>> the government officials say they are working on ways to increase tourism. >> . >> and tourism operators hope that the worst of the season is coming to an end. as word gets out that they are back in business, visitors will return to the region, and people will once again enjoy this paradise on earth fit for an emperor. al jazeera indian administered cashmere. >> top of the sport. >> ivory coast footballer say they are ready to put years of disappoint them behind them. the country won the title but since then successive teams have failed to fulfill the undoubted potential. in the semifinals robin
1:51 pm
reports in guinea. >> it has become an all too familiar season marry owe. ivory coast reaching the knock out stages of the biggest sports competition but leaving empty hanked. >> the ivory coast -- back in 1992 the closest they have come to winning the title was 2012 when they lost in a penalty shoot out the man inflicted that pain was one herbe and he is now the coach. >> i won't with satisfied. >> ivory coast and the team of big men stars more immediate threat is the republic of congo who beat the semis. >> we know that we are strong, because it's -- i think there's the last time for some players of the ivory coast to win these african cup. and so they are a great motivation.
1:52 pm
but we want to be there. >> hosts celebrating yeah tore i will have been a revelation in this tomorrow, they are appearing in the semis for the first time and former champions are sure to pose a prospect. but if their fans are to be believed the players are well on their way to a first cup of nations title. >> as you know, ghana is a very strong team. it is also stronger. we can win. >> do you think that you can beat ghana? do you think you can win the cup. >> why not. the power of god everything is possible. >> the competition that's being known to produce prize it is host nation, may just like another chapter in the scene. robin adams al jazeera. >> well, what should have been one of the biggest mismatch oz if english football season is set for a repeat run in, and now manchester united taking on cambridge united in a replay p unite redirect examination the highest place left in the competition after the exit of the top 2 premier
1:53 pm
league clubs. that's chelsea and manchester. a goal less draw by the side when the teams met last month. now fifa presidential candidate says the sports world governing body needs to end it's culture of intimidation. the official support the united states and his home federation. the vice president along with former portuguese internationalist will challenge set for the top role those elections taking place on may the 29th. >> there is a bit of a culture of intimidation, let me put it that way. within fifa, but having said that, this is a for the whole world, i do know also that there are contest races coming up in the next couple of months but i do believe that
1:54 pm
hopefully we will get as many votes as possible from around the world. >> in an on going match fixing investigation. the japanese f. a. says they fear any court case will harm their world cup qualifying campaign. any wrongdoing, after being named in the a spanish anticorruption investigation. golf's world number one is in the unfamiliar territory. this due to a dispute with his former management company he is suing them following a multimillion dispute over fees. alleging breeches of contract, in 2013. mcilroy sign add huge deal with the sports brand nike, the case could run for up to two months. and fan oz if new england patriots have held the final installment of their victory party delayed by 24 hours.
1:55 pm
heavy know means the victory parade will now take place. the final in arizona that the four time they have won the super bowl title. >> plenty more sport later on, but that is it for now. >> andy, thank you very much. the winners of international music competition have been in stage in new york, among them, a 16-year-old who fled the war in syria. his unique story. >> carnegie hall. before getting a chance to play at this storied concert venn you. it's been just 18 months since the first piano lesson. >> to now being one of about 50 children chosen from thousands to perform here. still it wasn't easy. >> there is a lot of kids like me in my age.
1:56 pm
maybe dying because of cold, or because of bombs i don't know. and i am not very happy for that. and i'm sad for that, i hope this will end soon. >> he knows he is lucky not to have so much talent, and the traditional music of hyster taj. he is lucky that because of his talent, turkey's president gave him and his family what so many syrian refugees want. citizenship. and with it the ability to work and travel. in this case to new york, where judges spotted his talent. >> some musicians that play that perform their pieces. >> perhapses in one appreciated his accomplishments more than others. >> his love for music carries through all the difficulties here. and this is hopefully an opportunity for other young kids in syria that under these circumstances to aspire to and
1:57 pm
to just find hope. >> he knows he needs more than just luck. >> it is coming here, and perform in this it is a very big honor to me. i am happy. and i am so proud. >> he says he has a lot of hard work ahead to achieve his goal of being a professional musician. but already he has come so far. kristen, al jazeera, new york. >> well that's it for me, stay with us here on al jazeera more news at the top of the hour, stay tuned.
1:58 pm
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also coming up. government troops and shia militias declare victory. two french soldiers are wounded in the a knife attack. plus. >> the ehs