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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> always a pleasure to see you, i look forward to having you on the show. richard is the director of the martin prosperity institute. that's our show. i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. >> tight security in france one day after nearly 4 million march across the country to honor the victims of those two shootings. a woman wanted in connection with the attacks. >> schools reopening. the new security children face as they return to class. >> search that crews discovery the plate data recorder from
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airasia flight 8501, now the voice recorder, as well. what they could tell investigators about the doomed flight. >> the former head of the c.i.a. could face charges. some in the just department want david petraeus on trial for leaking information to his mistress. that good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. >> i'm del walters. that france object high alert to protect against more attacks there. >> yesterday massive demonstrations around the world millions marching in paris and elsewhere to show solidarity with france and honor the dead. >> leaders in 40 nations taking part approximate this morning attorney general eric holder is in that city for security meetings. secretary of state john kerry is headed to paris thursday. >> a day after that massive
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march, what are authorities do to calm fears of another attack? >> the first thing they're doing is putting more boots on the ground and a special government security meeting this morning announces that 10,000 more troops army troops, will be deployed to the streets and that is in addition to 5,000 police who have been on the streets here to now protect jewish schools. there are about 700 of those. despite all this talk of security it did very little to put a damper on marchs of defiance and unity yesterday in which people turned out in historic record numbers. >> locked in step and linked arm-in-arm, more than 40 world leaders marched in solidarity in paris against extremism while honoring the victims of last week's violence. they were backed by people of all races and beliefs all
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united in what authorities call the largest mass rally in french history. >> to show our support to people who died during those attacks and to show he that we all love freedom of speech. >> we are proud to be muslim and want to fight for unity of all french people. >> far hours on place de la republique people were squeezed together shoulder to shoulder, at times uncomfortably and no one seemed to mind. the attack be oh charlie hebdo angered this group of lawyers offended by the challenge to french laws and to freedom of expression. >> our society, we can make fun of religion in france. >> it was called a military strike on civilians by individuals in war in a country of peace.
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the people want to send a mental that militants won't divide france, they will only serve to unite it. >> signs say we are charlie in the defense of free speech, symbolized with pro thats of giant pencils. attorney general eric holder in paris, but not participating in the march echoed the march and defiance saying america is united with france and its allies in preventing those bent object attacking their own country or beyond. >> only working together with sharing of information by pooling our resources will we ultimately defeat those in struggles with us about our fundamental values. >> in connection with all of this washington announcing it
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will host an international security conference next month. that back to you. >> that's right dana. there were dozens, some 40 leaders at that rally but the presence of at least some of them was not without controversy. >> the key controversy this morning is being reported in israeli press and also in israeli television channel claiming that president hollande urged prime minister benjamin netanyahu not to attend yesterday. netanyahu insisted that he would come and president hollande remind him palestinian leader abbas would be close to him. you can see they were close but not too close. they certainly didn't join arms and they were four or five people apart. >> on the other neat, you talk about security, about 5,000 you police will patrol seven hub jewish schools in france.
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how is the jewish community responding to these attacks? >> we talked to some of them yesterday in the march and french jews said we're part of the community we grew up here, our parents grew up here, but they are nervous. the jewish agency is report that go france jewish community was number one in terms of immigrants to israel last year, some 7,000 left, some at the urging and to some irritation of the french government, the urging by the israeli government to come and invitations even from prime minister netanyahu but there are still 500,000 jews here in france and determined to stay. they just want more security. >> thank you. del. >> millions standing strong along with france. in moscow, the cold not stopping dozens from taking part in a
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silent march with signs saying we are charlie. they placed candles and flowers in solidarity. in washington, d.c., the crowd raising their voices to the french national anthem as they marched to the french embassy. in berlin, people gathered by the thousands in front of the french embassy there, as well. next to the iconic gate, holding pencils high as a symbol of free speech. >> there is no video this morning from two police raised during the paris attacks france minute city showing several hostages being rescued from that kosher grocery store approximate separate video showed special forces storming the printing plant where the kouachi brothers were holed up with the hostages. >> the offices of a german newspaper were set on fire early sunday morning. last week, the hamburger post
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published cartoons. there is no word of a possible link to paris. >> we'll speak with two people who attended the paris march. why they said they had to be there to show power. >> there are reports that members of the pakistani taliban pledging allegiance to isil. that this is no video posted, the hikers seen in the mountains waving isil flags. they pledged allegiance to the isil leader. in the end they murder a pakistani soldier. >> schools in pakistan are reopening after a massacre. that 150 people were killed on that deadly day. >> we are joined live, students and teachers putting on a brave face. >> for one school in
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afghanistan, the attack was one of the bloodiest pakistan had seen in years. the national anthem began the school day with pakistan's army chief standing among the surviving students. schools across the country had remained closed for an extended winter break. at least 20 soldiers were seen at the maybe entrance point of the school where the massacre happened with an airport style security gate installed. the army chief greeted hundreds of children one by one. that some students say they are still not ready to be in the same place they watched their classmates murdered, while others say they are ready to go back to school. >> all these terrorists are cowards. they are enemies of education and want to kill our usually for it but we will never let them succeed. whatever may happen, we will be back in school. >> the government says it's building walls with steel wire
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februarying and added security, but the killing of so many school children has some calling for officials to take more steps to stop the taliban. actual classes will not be held at the school until later this week. there is a sign on the wall of the school that now says i shall rise and shine. >> nigerian officials say two more child suicide bombers have blown themselves up at a market in the northeast. at least six died. witnesses say the bombers were little girls about 10 years old. this attack comes just a day after another suicide bombing involving a little girl in born know state. >> china stopped an attack on a shopping district trying to set off bombs in the far western province. no one else was hurt. the area is home to about 9 million ethnic muslims the scene of deadly clashes with security forces in recent years. >> investigators are closer to figuring out what brought down
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air asia airasia flight 8501. both boxes are crucial to finding out what happened. >> it's remarkable, the moment they he recover these things, information starts to come out and they have actually got some information. however, at this hour, i can tell you there are conflicting reports object whether or not the airasia flight 8501 experienced an explosion before hitting the water. more information will come through, now that the data recorder is on the way to jakarta to be examined by transportation authorities there. it was found underthe tail of the plane located last week. this data recorder will help create a time line of what happened on the plane right up in my the moment in plunged into the java sea.
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some of the information the authorities will gather will include what was the condition of the engibb at the time it went into the water what were the pilots doing what was their status and whether or not the plane had a stall. hours after announcing that they found the data recorder, officials confirmed they located the voice recorder, as well. they have not yet been able to free it from the plane's debris. that when they do get their hands on it, it will add a crucial strand to this investigation, because the voice recorder will help make a transcript of the entire flight. unfortunately, because there have been so many air disasters in the region over the last decade indonesian teams have become good at dealing with the black boxes. >> still 100 bodies missing. >> i'm afraid so. >> coming up, we'll speak he with a former ntsb investigator
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alan deal. he'll tell us what happens next he with the black boxes and what they may tell us. >> david petraeus could face federal charges on claims he leaked classified information. it is up to attorney general eric holder whether to pursue charges. libby casey live in washington. all of this stemming from accusations that petraeus shared secret data with his former miss stretch, paula broadwell. >> she wrote the biography "all in the education of david petraeus," published in 2012. he was a four star general led american troops in iraq and afghanistan, went on to head the c.i.a. he left that post amid scandal. revelations about his affair with broadwell and the f.b.i. found documents classified documents on her computer. >> the story first appeared in the new york times.
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justice department officials weighing charges against retired general david petraeus for leaking classified documents to his mistress. the recommendations were made to eric holder in 2013. when asked how he would proceed on sunday, he only said this. >> i don't want to comment on an ongoing matter. >> while holder isn't talking publicly lawmakers like senator dianne feinstein are voicing their support for the exmilitary leader. >> this man has suffered enough. >> the senator said petraeus made a mistake when he had an affair with his biography and allowed her access to secret files, but not one that constitutes a felony. >> it's done, it's over, and he's retired. he's lost his job. i mean, how much does government want? >> i still reference back to the president's remarks when he
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announced general petraeus' resignation where he said this did not reach a level that put national security in jeopardy. i think theys it has to reach that for there to be a prosecution. i'll let the f.b.i. and the justice department work through this. >> petraeus denied giving broadwell classified information and reportedly isn't interested in a plea deal. if he were to be charged and convicted, the former army general could go to prison. >> the senators you just heard from richard burr and die abfine tine are the top members in the senate intelligence committee. they are not alone among influential voices calling for the justice debt to stand down. some said these leaks are detrimental and think the federal government should move on. there is a counter point to that. some say that john petraeus shouldn't be let off the hook
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just because of his high standing. >> what about paula broadwell the woman in this case? could she face charges, as well? >> well, she's a major in the army reserve and a former army intelligence officer. she has not been charged del but federal agents did find these classified documents on her computer in 2012, leading to the unraveling of general petraeus' career approximate eric holder said this weekend that news reports these leaks are often inaccurate and this is significant, because everyone's been watching and waiting to see just what he will do. some indication there some push back that leaks of what's to come may not be entirely clear. >> libby casey live in washington, thank you very much. >> it has been a messy day here in the northeast as far as weather. for more on the forecast, let's bring in kevin. >> good morning to you. >> it's messy on the map. >> it has been a mess all weekend long for parts of the
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mississippi river valley and now it is pushing into the northeast. what we're dealing with is a combination of many different things first, the rain to the south use that in green the pink that is icing very, very dangerous and here in parts of indianapolis your ice storm warning was just dropped. you can see we're still picking up just a little bit. that that should improve through the rest of the morning. we're watching across pennsylvania carefully. that is the big problem as you can see, we are looking at freezing rain advisories for parts of pennsylvania, across west virginia, virginia as well. traveling on the roads is dangerous approximate we are talking about black ice that in region approximate here in new york, we have seen mostly rain, the ice has been to the north and west. we don't expect to get anything here across the area. look up to the north. we are talking about major snow for many people. driving is just horrible. >> ok, we'll keep our eye on it, thank you. >> tight security this morning in france after those two
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attacks last week in paris. >> we are live on the ground and with what we're learning this morning about a woman wanted in connection with the shooting. >> also, demonstrators clashing with riot police in haiti political foes reaching a new deal there. >> just killed her. >> five years after they nearly lost their daughter in a devastating earthquake, how one family is recovering. al jazeera talks to them about the future they're building. >> two daring men about to make that final push in the hardest free climb in history. the latest attempts to scale one of the highest and steepest cliffs anywhere in the world. >> the big number of the day. >> it is big. that is the investment into the pharmaceutical industry by one company.
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>> today's big number,
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$1,030,000,000 that's how much one big drug company is paying in the largest and latest pharmaceutical deal. >> we've seen these before. roche is buying a stake in a company doing cancer tests base said on genetics. >> a manhunt is underway this morning for a woman suspected in the deadly attacks in paris. let's again go back to dana lewis, in the french capitol. dana officials are still looking for the wife of one of the suspects, a possible accomplice. what else can you tell us? we understand she's in syria. >> when these attacks occurred, hey yet buomddiene was the most wanted woman in france. she crossed into turkey on the
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second of this month. she stayed with someone else at a hotel in istanbul and an the eighth she has then crossed into syria. she has crossed the turkish border into syria. the eighth is the exact day that amedy coulibaly shot a woman on the streets and one day before the tack on the grocery store. intelligence officials said there is a record of about 500 phone calls between her and the kouachi brothers at some stage or their family members or circle. she's very important in all of this to understand the cell, the organization and whether she was directly involved likely in some of the planning of these attacks. >> now that she's in syria are french authorities talking about the prospect of her actually being apprehended there?
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>> there's probably very little to talk about. they have no arm and no reach to get her in syria and she probably knows that, and that's one of the safest areas for her to go into. her husband appeared in that jihadi video as it was called. he called it a jihad in his own video, which was released subsequently to the hostage takings and his death when he was killed by french police. he talked about being a number of the islamic state. they obviously feel they have allies there to protect them. >> dana lewis in paris, thank you. >> in haiti today lawmakers are voting on a last minute political deal to hold new elections, the president and opposition leader striking a deal but a hard line oh significance party was not part of the agreement. protests have been heating up over that standoff. ayotte police clashed with police in port-au-prince. the deadline co coinciding with the
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fifth anniversary of the earthquake approximate they will pause to give thanks for those saved. among the lucky a baby was found in rubble several days and then rushed to the u.s. for treatment. robert ray has the story of survival baby jenny. >> once a week on his day off junior alexis picks his daughter up jenny from the bus stop in north miami. alexis a 28-year-old haitian immigrant says a strong bond with his daughter was key in the devastating months after the earthquake that ravaged haiti on john 12, 2010. >> a lot of building to fall down. yeah. terrible. i think i lost my girlfriend, my kids. >> as the magnitude seven-point
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owe earthquake devastated the country, alexis feared the worst for his family, until a voice of hope came from the rubble. >> her words just with my friend to see to check jenny and nadine. i was calling i'm here, i'm here. yeah. >> with the help of a friend, they were able to get his girlfriend nadine out of the destruction, but there was no sign of their infant daughter, little jenny. >> i say ok, god if jenny still alive, just keep her safe for me. >> five days passed as hope
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began to dwindle but then miraculous news. >> jeb thaty still lived and find in the home. >> jenny had a broken skull ribs and shattered arms. she was severely malnourished and dehydrated. to keep her alive she first flown to a hospital in miami florida, before her parents could even see her. >> suddenly, with all this coverage, two people in haiti raised their hands anded by the way, this is my baby you guys. >> a former federal prosecutor was appointed by the court to represent jenny. it became a top priority to confirm the family ties and reunite the baby with her parents. >> of course, it was high drama because i didn't know what was going to be the result. >> d.n.a. tests proved positive, junior and nadine were reunited with their baby daughter.
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>> because it like we see her as a messenger of god. >> it was the first time in three months they held her in their arms. >> four, five, six, seven. >> jenny is now five. her parents say that she often asks when the scars on her arms are going to go away. she is very aware of what happened. in a country where 69% of the population lives below the poverty line, haiti's unemployment is at a sky high rate of 40%. that for junior and nadine, america is a better option for their family. >> it is especially hard for me when i watch them now going through sort of the american sort of life. >> they now live in the u.s., under a temporary protected status that has to be renewed every year. meanwhile, baby jenny at just five years old said she aspires to be a doctor one day.
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robert ray, al jazeera. >> five years later life is still difficult for may be survivors. the unemployment right there 40%, roughly 6 million haitians live on less than $2.50 a day. >> snow storms and bitter colder taking their toll in syria. human rights groups say three small girls and an elderly man died over the weekend. one victim was abinfant less than two days old. the deaths occurred in damascus and aleppo. heating and medical supplies are in short supply there. >> let's check in again with kevin. >> this is a situation we've watched for several years now because the syrian cries is only getting worse year after year. the eastern mediterranean whether we're talking syria or turkey is in an elevation that does get their winters and get them fairly hard in this particular area. i want to show you what we expect over the next days. syria off to the east and part
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of the mediterranean, we have another snowstorm coming across parts of turkey. here across the northern border, we are going to be getting some very heavy snow. very heavy rain is going to be a big problem for parts of turkey. most of the refugee camps are located along the border with turkey, as well as down here across parts of lebanon. we don't expect this to get better. this is where they don't have the water or heating fuel and are living in tents. >> even shoes incredible. >> kevin, thank you very much. >> 10,000 french true thats are protecting possible targets across the country. >> despite the security there nearly 4 million turned out to remember the victims of last weeks terror attacks. we'll talk with one who joined that march in paris. >> hundreds of migrant arrive in italy, floating in a boat and several dingies. >> the new york city police department blasted for how it handled chokehold cases. that failures in a review of the
7:30 am
that very department. >> trying to make an end run around high priced superbowl ads is one story caught in our global net.
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>> you're taking a live look in new york where freezing rain and snow are expected anytime and may make for a messy monday morning commute. good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. ahead in this half hour, isil launches a surprise attack on kurdish forces. that we're on the ground with the latest. >> the charges filed against two new mexico police officers in a deadly shooting that was caught on camera. >> in our next hour, in venezuela, how a drop in oil prices is creating inflation and serious shortages. >> new information about what may have happened to airasia flight 8501. the preliminary tests indicate there may have been a change in air pressure before the plane plunged into the sea. divers have their hands on the
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data recorder approximate the voice recorder's been located still stuck under the debris. >> hundreds of children in pakistan going back to school today for the first time since a deadly attack on a school. security is tight across the country, including the school where pakistani gunman killed students last month. >> france deploying 10,000 troops and 5,000 police to protect against attacks. it comes one day after more than 3.5 million people took part in unity marchs. >> isil fighters have killed 24 members of kurdish forces in a surprise attack in northern iraq. this is the deadly effort single attack against the kurds since last summer. muhammed has been embedded with the turkish forces, reports from erbil this morning. >> this attack shows not only
7:34 am
how daring isil fighters are but also their capacity to strike deep in kurdish territory. according to the commander of the peshmerga forces in the area where the attack happened, the general says hundreds of isil fighters some of them came by boat attacked the town. it was a surprise attack, described as one of the deadliest that have occurred on peshmerga forces positions on this very long front line that they have between them and isil. we saw pictures from local t.v. that show the peshmerga chase league treating isil forces, gunning some of them down and as far as we know right now the city is deserted, most fled
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fearing that they would be caught in the crossfire. now the city is very important because it's only 45 kilometers away from erbil the capitol of iraq's kurdistan region, but right between erbil and mosul and could be crucial for a planned attack on mosul by the iraq government to retake it from isil. >> iraq's prime minister is criticizing the international effort to fight is i'll. speaking in egypt, al abadi said it is operating too slowly. >> we want to go back to the massive rallies in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. that sabrina was at yesterday's rally in paris asks that we use only her first name. thanks for being with us. that why was it important for you to be there? >> oh, it was very important to me to be there to say no, no to
7:36 am
the reason to be here for freedom. most of all to be there for these 17 victims of the attack. it is the most important. yesterday, we were there together for them, not for politics not for individuals not politics and just for them. so yesterday, i was here at 1:00 p.m. to be there to show to be there with all of the french people and i'm proud to be french today. afterwards i came back and 8:00 sorry 9:00 p.m. to be here when people go back home, and to think about them and to say just my sympathy for victims and never forget them, never forget
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them. >> the crowd was larger than expected. did it make you proud and how difficult was it even to get there? >> where i am, i'm proud to be french today. is that your question? >> yes and also, it's emotional. >> is that your question? >> yes. >> sorry. >> oui. >> today time proud to be french because all people of french get together to fight against terrorism to shout at the -- we can't accept that, never, we can't accept that. everybody in all countries all the people say no, and i find that incredible, incredible that
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it was -- there was very much emotion yesterday but we have to continue, never forget and to do everything not to attack to the everywhere in different countries in all the world. >> describe the emotions that you feel, describe your heart. >> emotion. first of all really sad. when my mother called me and she told me that there was an attack in charlie hebdo, 17 persons died, they were killed, first of all, i don't want to believe it, and i first think that it was a bomb attack, and when i understand that it was a murder,
7:39 am
and people had been killed with gun, it was -- i was very terrified, but first of all on thursday i went to paris to go to the mass and it was very important to me to pray and to be with all the people. after i go back, i went to the -- sorry to charlie hebdo to light a candle, and it was the fear was really different you know, people were over there on thursday. that they were quiet. that there was much, much emotion. it was really marvelous. yesterday, i was here to fight against them, to think about all
7:40 am
the 17 persons, 17 victims who died not for france, they were killed for nothing. they were killed because they just were there at the wrong place and we can't he that in 2015 we can't accept that. we cannot do that, so it was really really important to me to be there. i don't want to die but i think that we must be there and we just fed up, and we have to be here. we have to stand up and to say stop. to me, you know, it's simple. nobody is wrong nobody is right. everybody has an opinion and that's freedom. that's respect. i can't support that. i'm fed you.
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i can't believe today in 2015 we can be killed, you're killed because you wonder something different of your neighbor. we can't accept that, never. >> sabrina we thank you very much for being with us this morning. once again be she asked us not to use her last name. we will go back to paris for the very latest in the next hour. >> south korea is extending an olive branch to north korea saying she's willing to hold a summit with north korean leader kim jong-un without preconditions. she said the north's nuclear program should be a part of the discussion for peace on the peninsula. >> a group of migrants rescued off the coast of libya have now arrived in italy the italian coast guard picking them up in the mediterranean. thorpe found floating on a boat. the passengers were believed to be from syria ken gal and sow mail i can't. >> in ukraine fighting erupts
7:42 am
around donetsk. >> joining us from washington this morning i'm glad you got through the ice storm and you're with us this morning. not everyone agrees with going after petraeus. why do you think we're seeing a divide on this issue? >> i think the divide that we see is based on petraeus service and the fact that general
7:43 am
petraeus had some really good relations with both sides of the aisle when he was in iraq and afghanistan and when he was with the c.i.a. directors are going to be very protective of them, because he courted them effectively while in those positions and they are in essence returning the favor. >> it was a huge fall from grace, i recall, when this all came out. he was touted as a hero from afghanistan and iraq, as a possible presidential candidate one day. do you think he should be treated differently than any other charged with a classified leak given his service to this country? >> no, i think the service should be considered a possibly mitigating factor, but it does not mean that a person who is in a situation like this where there is a question about whether or not they leaked classified information, i don't believe he should be treated differently from any of the rank and file members of the military who may face similar charges.
7:44 am
as a result of that, i believe that general petraeus needs to have a thorough investigation. of course his rights need to be protected, but it has to be done in a way that is transparent not only for him but also for the rest of the nation. quite frankly the standards have to be in place so that classified information is not leaked in this manager in the future or people at least know the consequences are doing so if they choose to do that. >> we do not know what this classified information is, right? we don't know how serious it is. we don't know whether it would have presented for example a threat to national security approximate will we ever know he that? >> probably not. having said that, it depends on the exact information, if it was operational information that believed still have an effect on current operations of the c.i.a. then chances are it won't be released. if something more knock with us
7:45 am
than that, there's a chance we would get abindication what it was. >> besides the leaks that we have seen and we he can't confirm he will be charged but if he is, it's reported these may be felony charges. if he is charged what should we expect to happen? >> if he is charged and if it is a felony type situation which it obviously would be in a case like that, then there would probably be a trial. he has indicated that he won't seek any type of plea bargain or anything like that. he does face the possibility of jail time and it's very, very unfortunate, because he did do some amazing things for this country, but in this situation i think we could see a trial. it may not -- portions of that trial may not have all the data
7:46 am
released. there may be some no one public moments in that trial and it could very well get very ugly, very sense active very quickly. >> we'll see he what happens. colonel cedric layton, thank you for your time. >> two police officers facing murder charges for a highly publicized shooting last march the officers opened fire on james body following a four hour standoff. he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. this will be the first charges filed against an albuquerque police officer for a shooting while on duty. >> in 10 cases a civilian complaint review board suggested discipline. in most cases officers were simply instructed on departmental policy. >> president obama is expected to call for new laws to notify consumers if they've been hacked. he'll speak to the federal trade
7:47 am
commission today and the proposal would require companies to in form customers within a month if their information has been leaked. it comes in the wake of recent high profile breaches at target, home depot and niemann marcus. >> china air travel is booming but being plagued with airport delays and unruly passengers. 25 aboard a chain in a eastern airlines flight were detained by police because they opened the emergency door before takeoff. the flight was delayed because of snow. the passengers said they wanted to be let off because of health reasons. they were denied and then opened three doors. >> they opened the emergency doors, but apparently none were jailed. >> a lot of passengers now feeling the same way prisoners onboard these flights. >> i've felt that way myself. >> a beer company -- >> love it -- >> coming up with a solution to advertising during the superbowl. "the new york times" saying that
7:48 am
newcastle brown ale company is crowd sourcing, trying to recruit smaller companies to pitch in to buy an ad together. this is not the first time we've seen this kind of ambush marketing. anheuser-busch who usually has funny commercials basically monopolize all the air time. this is their way of getting their advertising edge. >> we are now talking about ad free too. >> that's true. >> the laugh times saying kevin lipton shelled out $2.5 million for a coin. it features ms. liberty. there are only about 10 of those coins. they were experimentally produced after the first u.s. mint. >> conflicting theories on what brought down airasia flight 8501.
7:49 am
>> divers have recovered the data recorder from the sea now they're going to try to pull up the voice recorder, as well. former ntsb investigators joins us to talk about what those black boxes might reveal. >> could it be a precursor to the loch ness monster? that is one of today's discoveries.
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>> this morning, there are conflicting reports about what brought down airasia flight 8501 and officials saying there is now everyday the jet exploded before it hit the water. another involved in the investigation saying that's not true. divers brought the data recorder to the surface. they have located the voice recorder but not recovered it yet. alan deal is a former ntsb
7:52 am
investigator and author approximate he joins us via skype. we're hearing now that there might have been abexplosion onboard the plane causing it to crash. what do you make of the speculation? >> at this point del it's just speculation. of course the data recorder will reveal a lot and they're probably disassembling it as we speak. >> if there was in fact speculation that the plane exploded would it not have been more prudent to simply wait, now that they have located these two black boxes to wait and see what they found what the data recorder and voice recorder said before putting out anything, i hate the use the word, explosive. >> >> i would think so. they may have meant that the plane came apart in abexplosive decompression, not a terrorist act. that's as the pressurization of the aircraft escaped. that i don't know what they said when they meant an explowing
7:53 am
in-flight. >> explain to exclosive decompression would mean. >> the aircraft is pressurized to 8,000 feet above sea level. if you lose a window, or the fuselage contraction perhaps through some kind of aerodynamic incident it decompresses rapidly. >> what information can we hope to learn from the data recorder? >> we'll learn a lot. one of the most important channels on that recorder is the outside air temperature. a lot of speculation about whether or not this airplane was iced up. we'll know the temperature once they read that particular channel. >> and the voice recorder. >> the voice recorder i understand has nat been found. that of course will tell us probably why things happened. i always say the data recorder tells us what happened. listening to the voice recorder will tell us why. of course they're going to start
7:54 am
doing psychological autopsies on the two crew members. they'll be reconstructing their entire lives especially what they did in the last 72 hours before the flight. the recorders are the key to find out what questions to ask. >> mr. deal, we spend to much talking about the who what, when where and why of the crash and sometimes we forget there were victims, 162 in this case. what does finding these two key pieces of information mean to them? >> del to be blunt the only good that can come out of this tragedy is that if these 162 lives lost teach us something to prevent the next accident. i know many relatives of the victims say i just want this not to happen to anyone else, so that is probably maybe the one good thing that will come out of this tragedy the prevention of other accidents. >> alan deal, thank you for being with us this morning.
7:55 am
>> two rock climbers in yosemite national park are ready to reach the summit of elcapitan using only their hands and feet approximate on pitch 20 today they try to become the first to free climb the vertical wall. that climb has been a difficult one for the team. for the past two weeks they've had a brace for harsh winter conditions. >> there's this crazy arctic wind storm happening today. >> it's getting pretty rowdy! >> right now caldwell is 1,000 feet just 1,000 feet from the top and waiting for jorgeson before making the trip to the summit. if they make that climb that will be one of the most extraordinary feats by free climbers ever. ever. >> pretty nasty on the
7:56 am
mountains, pretty nasty on the east coast. >> absolutely. also nasty toward the south. the very same storm with icing to the north is causing problems toward the south. you can see all of the rain. we're also dealing with very debs fog this morning along the coastal areas. from florida orlando to jack sobville we're talking about new orleans over towards parts of gulf port, mississippi. along the texas court. this is going to last through the morning until we heat the atmosphere and get the fog out of the region. right now, new orleans is 60 degrees approximate atlanta unfortunately it's the rain that's going to be a problem through the rest of the day. monday and tuesday flying to atlanta, heart field could be seeing delays especially towards the afternoon hours where they start building up approximate after that, we are looking at a fairly nice week. that is the trend for most of the south. from wednesday on within things get better. friday, we are talking about atlanta staying 54 degrees, a little above average.
7:57 am
once we get past today for much of the united states, things are going to be much better and temperatures coming up. >> time for one of today's discoveries. it could be a prehistoric predecessor to one of the world's most fabled creatures science itself have studied the fossil of a dolphin like reptile. >> it lived 170 million years ago. because it was found in scotland it's drawing instant comparisons to the mythical loch ness monster. it is the first uniquely scottish marine reptile of discovered. >> hollywood honored some of its own last night president golden globe awards. the film "boy hood" took top honors. george clooney receiving a lifetime achievement award for his acting and directing a and humanitarian work. >> the fear and trust citizens are feeling in the wake of
7:58 am
violence in paris. leaders work to help the country heal. >> will the supreme court take up gay marriage. that is the big question. we go live to lisa stark in washington. >> we'll be right back. ht back. it's crazy money that you can make here. [[vo]] behind america's oil boom. >>it's a ticking time bomb. [[vo]] uncovering shocking working conditions. >>do you know what chemicals have been in that tank? [[vo]] and the deadly human cost. >>my big brother didn't wake up the next day. [[vo]] faultlines. al jazeera america's hard-hitting & >>today, they will be arrested. [[vo]] ground-breaking & >>they're firing canisters and gas at us! [[vo]] emmy award winning investigative series.
7:59 am
>> al jazeera america presents the best documentaries >> i felt like i was just nothing >> for this young girl times were hard >> doris had a racist, impoverished setting had a major impact >> but with looks charm.... >> i just wanted to take care of my momma... >> and no remorse... >> she giggles everytime
8:00 am
she steps into the revolving door of justice >> she became legendary... >> the finer the store, the bigger the challenge >> al jazeera america presents the life and crimes of doris payne >> an international hunt underway for a woman wanted in connection with the attacks in france. a day after nearly 4 million people took to the streets to dehify terrorism. >> black boxes crews recover the data recorder from airasia flight 8501. the keys it could provide for what brought down the plane. >> a new political crisis in haiti as the country marks five years since a did he ever straight earthquake. >> could the third time be the charm for mitt romney, looking
8:01 am
at another run for the white house in a crowded field of republican presidential hopefuls. good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. >> i'm steph as i. the hunt is on for a woman wanted in connection with the attacks in paris. turkish officials say the common law wife of one shooting suspect crossed the border last week to syria. >> 3.7 million people taking part in marchs across france. that 40 world leaders front and center leading marchers in paris. >> france is deploying 10,000 troops to help protect potential targets. let's go live to paris. a lot of attention right now on the missing woman. what are turkish firms saying? >> >> she is the most wanted woman in europe, hayet buomddiene. the turkish foreign minister is telling it is official turkish
8:02 am
media there that she left here on -- before the second, she crossed through madrid and went into istanbul. she arrived in istanbul and stayed in a hotel until the eighth with someone else. on the eighth, she crossed into turkey. the significance of the eighth is that is when her common law husband shot and killed the police woman on the street here in the southern suburbs of paris and it is one day before the bloody hostage taking in the jewish grocery store before he killed four people and then gunned down by the anti terrorism police in france. >> besides being that suspect's wife what is her connection to the attacks in paris? do they believe this woman is dangerous? >> they originally described her as armed and dangerous and more than that, she is of immense value to the intelligence authorities in understanding out
8:03 am
of the links and the web of connections in this terror cell. she first with her husband amedy coulibaly for sometime. they were married under islamic law. it isn't recognized by french law. there were 500 phone calls between her and the kouachi brothers who carried out the other hostage taking and attack on the french newspaper. in fact, her husband has said in a video released by someone unknown, by the way and that is somebody the french authorities are also looking for. he said in that video that he supplied some funding to the kouachi brothers, so there are very firm links between the two groups and police want to understand who else may have been involved. they think there was at least one otherral behere in paris and of course all of these difference connections to the islamic state and al-qaeda in yemen that have been talked about. >> also as we mentioned today day in a, 10,000 troops are being deployed around france to
8:04 am
protect potential targets. are you seeing that increase in security there and what are people in paris saying about it? >> >> leading up to the march yesterday, you could see soldiers around train stations and squads in addition to the police the nines on rooftops, the plain clothed policeman. it is quite visible at this point approximate many more are being deployed to surround jewish schools, more than 700 of them. >> thank you for the update. >> the white house is announcing a summit about violence around the world. it will focus on international efforts to prevent radicalization. it is scheduled to begin next
8:05 am
month. >> police in germany are investigating the weekend fire bombing of a newspaper there. last week, the ham berger morning post published three cartoons to originally ran in charlie hebdo the attack dabblinged part of the newspaper's archive. no injuries were reported. two suspects are in custody. >> coming up, we talk with an american living in paris who took part in sunday's rally. we'll get her sense of how people in france truly feel in the wake of the attacks. >> there has been a major break through concerning the crash of airasia flight 8501. divers have recovered the data recorder and found the cockpit voice recorder. they are working to free it. >> both will provide crucial information to piece together what happened that the jetliner when it plunged in the sea killing all 162 aboard. >> what are authorities learning from the data? >> two weeks we've been waiting to find these things. it's shocking how quickly information starts to dribble
8:06 am
through once found. there is a ton of information packed on those recorders and already occasion of what may have happened. indonesian authorities say there was a change in air pressure. that there are conflicting reports if that in fact caused an explosion of some kind off another onboard the aircraft before the crash. >> this is what officials have been waiting for the recovery of the flight's data recorder. >> this plate data recorders depends on the memory inside. >> it was transported by he will he
8:07 am
helicopter. divers are trying to free the voice recorder. >> the cockpit voice recorder is not yet found but the ping signal was there. >> the black boxes of instrumental to understanding what brought night 8501 down. the flight data recorder will create a time line of what happened on the airasia flight 8501. >> of course we will have several experts looking at different aspects of the flight process. engineers will look at the engineering part. also human factors will be studied. >> it was brought to the surface using inflatable sea balloons. the words air asia clearly visible. it's been two weeks sings airasia flight 8501 disappeared from radar with 162 honored. the bodies of motor victims are still believed to be trapped inside the body of the plane. strong winds and rough waivers have hampered searchers efforts
8:08 am
to locate all the victims. >> indonesia's been under intense pressure to find out what happened has the flight. the government will analyze the data. it's likely international teams will be involved. when the indonesians talk about the explosions onboard there may be a translation issue here. i think they're referring to some kind of depressurization explosion. of course, it could be some kind of device on that only time will tell. >> explosive decompression could be involved, the language, but not a bomb. >> the plane was in bad weather doing a very steep climb and not separating quickly enough. all of those things starting to come together. >> they have the crucial keys. already, thank you. >> a somber day in pakistan as kids return to school. they have been on extended break after the deadly taliban attack last month. >> more than 150 killed, and the
8:09 am
attack left both physical and emotional scars. >> several weeks since the attack the mourning continues. the school gates are now open, a gathering place for the families of the victims. >> you know what? i've lost my family, and i'm proud of him. >> many parents lost children in the attack. their battle cry no giving up to intimidation. >> being the father of a martyred son -- we are not going to be -- we are not cowards. >> his son reflects the same resolve. >> all these terrorists are cowards, enemies of education and want to kill our urge for it but we will never let them succeed approximate whatever may happen, we will be back in school.
8:10 am
>> local authorities say they are carrying out new safety measures at the military school and others. electrified barbed wire has been installed and walls raised. that the psychological scars may take time to heal. >> this is one of the main hospitals and doctors here tell us that after the school attack, there have been a considerable increase in cases of trauma being brought to their attention. >> the doctor said medical doctors and t.v. viewers were among the sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder. >> some of them have school phobias, they are scared of schools, going to school, even the other people who have seen some of the images are very, very traumatized.
8:11 am
>> the schools of still under threat approximate the pakistan taliban has released a video saying it will launch more such attacks. al jazeera. >> a security gate with 20 soldiers in front of the main entry point. >> girls the age which adjusted 10 conducted a suicide bombing approximate witnesses say the girls were strapped with explosives. the attack comes a day after another suicide bombing involving a girl in born know state. >> south korea's president is willing to meet with her counter part in north korea. we follow the announcement from seoul. >> the president has always said she would be willing to speak to kim jong-un in a summit. she said she would not have talks for talk's sake. now she said she will talk with
8:12 am
him without preconditions. the change seems to have been brought about by the fact that kim jong-un himself made a statement on new year's day saying he was open to a summit if the conditions were right. also there is the fact that this year is the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war, the end of japanese occupation of the korean peninsula, the beginning of the division on this peninsula and therefore would be a symbolic time to meet. >> i am willing to meet with anyone necessary to solve the pain that has been caused by the division of korea and open a way of peaceful unionification. i can hold the summit if it helps, but we cannot discuss peaceful unification without solving issues like denuclearization. >> president park also in her news conference monday said that north korea has been passive over south korea's over at your say hi level talks made since
8:13 am
december and north korea is critical of leaflets attached to balloons going across the demilitarized zone. in principle theory, they are open to a summit. that there is plenty of territory that needs to be covered before that becomes a reality. >> the president defending south korea's anti north korea law. >> this morning former c.i.a. director david petraeus faces possible federal charges. he's accused of passing classified information to his former mistress. now someone from the justice department wants to see the top adjustment general in iraq and afghanistan prosecuted. for more, let's go to libby casey in washington. good morning. what do we know about this investigation at this point? >> "the new york times" initially report that had justice department prosecutors and the f.b.i. are recommending
8:14 am
felony charges against the former four star general the allegation that he leaked classified information to paula broadwell. she wrote his biography. the two were conducting an extra marital afar. the f.b.i. found classified documents on her computer. the attorney general now has to decide whether or not to bring charges and actually go after an indictment. yesterday, he basically wouldn't comment and said no determination has yet been made. >> we have heard comment from some other lawmakers including senator mccain and others. they have actually rushed to petraeus' defense. could that help his case at this point? >> they certainly have. you know, serve tore mccain basically saying that this uncertainty looming over petraeus future is preventing him from contributing to the national dialogue of what to be doing in foreign policy. petraeus, of course, led u.s.
8:15 am
troops in both afghanistan and iraq, as well as being the head of the c.i.a. before he had to resign amid scandal. mccain isn't the only one. that we're seeing bipartisan support for petraeus. democratic dianne feinstein at the top member of her party's on the intelligence committee he has weighed in. >> this man has suffered enough. it's done. it's over, and he's retired. he's lost his job. i mean, how much does government want? >> you certainly get a sense there of the coalition and relationship's petraeus built over his career on both sides of the aisle. it's not all support. some say just because of his prominence and high position, he shouldn't be let off the hook, especially in the justice department that has prided itself on going off the leaks and classified information. >> ok. libby casey for us, thanks, libby. >> it is deja vu all over again
8:16 am
in the great lakes where several feet of lake effect snow that fallen. over four feet south of water town, new york, after three straight days of white out cbs there. a lot of people there still recovering from the last storm and that six-foot pileup they got back in november. >> there are a lot of parts of the country dealing with the sloppy wintery mess to kick off the week. >> kevin give us some great news tell us how happy we're going to be. >> the rest of the week is going to be good. >> there you go. >> today is not so good. this is the radar the satellite summary over the northeast right now. watertown new york just off to the east of the lake have transitioned from lake effect snow to just a regular old snowstorm, and there is a big difference. as you can see here, another two to four inches of snow is expected across northern new york as well as over the rest of northern new england. down to the south, it is the ice. the rain is the big problem this morning. as you can see in the pink from
8:17 am
ohio here across d.c., we're talking about freezing rain advisories. that that's going to continue into later this morning. it's those temperatures that are very tricky to get the freezing rain. you need below freezing temperatures and just to the north of philadelphia and just down towards parts of west virginia we're getting 29, 30 degrees. that's very dangerous that black ice. that's going to be until later this morning. >> time to hibernate. thank you very much. >> the terror attacks in paris uniting the country. the growing mistrust and fear in the wake of the attacks. one american living in paris attended the massive rally. >> heavy shelling and fighting in ukraine but signs of hope according to nato attorney general. >> police in hock congress after suspects after a fire bomb attack on a local media tycoon. that that and other videos da
8:18 am
captured by our citizen journalists.
8:19 am
>> time now for the videos da that turd by citizen journalists around the world. police in hong kong
8:20 am
investigating an attack on a media mogul there. >> juneau beach florida a water spout. these weather events are common there, usually not harmful unless the funnel comes onshore. >> this scene over northern saudi arabia, a drone capturing the aftermath of winter storm yes, snow, that swept through the middle east bringing snow to the region. this is the first time with snow since 2013. >> the attacks in france are having an effect in the country. >> marseille has a large population of muslims and jews living peacefully. this latest incident has
8:21 am
residents of both religions concern. >> this large gathering was a show of defiance and condemnation of the recent killings in paris. behind the slogans was abunderlying fear and distrust of one another. marseille is france's second largest city. the most diverse with a large muslim population, along with a sizeable jewish community. some chose to make their identity clear. i am charlie, i am the police and i am a jew is written on some posters approximate france's jews have long felt like targets but the targets at the kosher grocery store was for them a sign of what was to come. >> this could have happened to any one of us, so one of our sons, one of our brothers. this is terrible, and that's why all the jews free france and go to israel. >> the authorities have been trying to calm fears after the worst attack on french soil in decades, but those promises of
8:22 am
the increased police presence have done little to convince many that more violence can be prevented. >> many here told us that they are afraid. they said last week's attacks were only the beginning. some of them have said that the enemy lives among them, and the authorities won't be able to win the fight. >> this feeling is being capitalized by france's far right, which of late has gained popularity in the south of france for its anti immigration views. >> it is true such events encourage people to join the far right. >> it is that feeling that worries muslims concerned about if communities can continue to live together. >> there are divisions in marseille like everybody else, but the problem is that nothing is being done to bring communities together. >> this city that long been considered as the melting possibility of france, but last week's attack is questions
8:23 am
whether that label will remaybe. al jazeera marseille. >> marseille that the largest muslim population france. >> six are dead in far western china, shot trying to stop an attack at a shopping district. it happened in far western province, no one else was hurt. the area is home to 9 million he is nick muslims the scene of deadly clashes between security forces that have been taking place over recent years. >> nato secretary general saying the situation is getting better in eastern ukraine after a violent weekend. witnesses in the city of donetsk saw rocket firing despite a formal truce in the region. >> people in the south waking up to heavy fog this morning and we are continue to go follow that weather event affecting many states in the northeast. coming up, we'll have a report from our meteorologist. we will be right back with more aljazeera america. stay with us.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
>> there are questions raised about chris christie and relationship with the dallas cowboys. could a multi-million dollars contract affect his presidential chances? >> if you took mass transit sunday you may have noticed fellow riders missing a major article of clothing. >> all right first a look at our latest headlines. divers finally have their hands on the data recorder from airasia flight 8501. that is on its way to jakarta now. the voice recorder is still stuck under debris. >> pakistani children return to school nationwide for the first time since a deadly attack where taliban gunmen killed teachers and students last month approximate security is tight especially at the location of the attack.
8:27 am
>> the french government says more than 3.5 million people took part in county marchs across the country sunday. france remains on high alert with 10,000 french troops now assigned to protect possible targets. 5,000 police officers will patrol 700 jewish schools around the country. for more, we are joined by an american living in paris. she attended sunday's rally. thank you so much for your time. what were your impressions of the march yesterday? >> hi, thank you. yesterday was an incredible day to be in paris approximate people from all nationalities were present. it felt like everyone was really united and proud to be there together. >> what was the security like managing that crowd and were you concerned about your safety at
8:28 am
the march? >> >> i was not personally concerned. i know i had friends who were worried, but we trusted that the security measures would be very large. many of the metro stops were closed and we took the subway as far as we could and then walked. the streets surrounding the area were completely packed. you could see helicopters overhead policemen around guards on the streets and snipers along the route on the roofs. >> you are feeling a change already. are you sensing a change in society, in divisions there? are feelings amped up there? >> i think that this week that the feelings were very intense
8:29 am
through the city. people's first reaction was grief. i was hearing in the place de la republique the evening after the attack and it was mourning and now people have risen up in defiance. yesterday was a strong expression of resistance against the attacks and the democratization to not be afraid. >> you yourself are a journalism student. how did it affect you and your thoughts. >> sorry, i didn't catch that. >> you are a journalism student. how did the attack on charlie hebdo affect you? >> yes. it was really meaningful to be part of a community of journalists during this attack. everyone came together. i think that in france, freedom of the press is something we take for granted.
8:30 am
we don't think that we have to fight for our right to write and publish what we want, but these attacks show that apparently that's not the case. it has already brought us together and i think it will force us to reaffirm our values to make us stronger in the long run. >> i know that paris in particular is known for vigorous intellectual debate. take me inside your dorm room where you live with other journalism students and tell us what issues are being discussed. are the broader issues among alienation of immigrants part of the discussion between students like yourself? yes, yes. i think the conversation, it's just as of now has been about our immediate shock our immediate response, how do we react to this as journalists how do we cover the events happening. i think in the coming days and weeks to come as we go back to school this will obviously be on all of our minds and the
8:31 am
discussion become broader to how can we protect our freedom how can we protect our journalists and do we need to be doing more, maybe to come together and show a solid face against this threat. >> feelings still raw nellie payton, american student. we that you can for your time. >> marking five years since the earthquake in haiti the country pausing tomorrow the event. that there will be a ceremony near port-au-prince approximate more than 200,000 people died, more than a million were displaced after that quake. >> today in haiti the focus is not only on the natural disaster but a political crisis brewing. lawmakers are set to vote on a last minute deal to hold new elections. that the pot and oh that significance leaders agreed to the plan, but one hard line oh that significance party was not part of that agreement. >> another day and more anti
8:32 am
government protests in the streets of port-au-prince. now they're growing in intensity and like prefers ones, at times violent. trying to stem the unrest, the president played what might have been one of his last cards and announced that a deal with some opposition parties have been reached. it was a deal per has in name only. >> with the man dates of lawmakers expected to expire at midnight monday. it could mean parliament shuts down leaving him to rule by decree throwing the country into the worst political crisis in decades with a leader who's legitimacy has been challenged, something i asked him directly about. >> what is your message to the international community that you might still have doubts that you can lead the country through
8:33 am
this continuing rebuilding process and political crisis? >> well, i suggest that you tell the country and try to identify projects that we have been having in haiti the efforts that we have done, how many kids ever come to school freely since i became president, how many people have gotten out of under a tent since i became president how many kilometers of roads have been paved homes built how the image of haiti is changing around the world. >> even besting his accomplishments, he is fighting for his political life. more trough pro-tests are planned, all coming at a sensitive moment. >> a looming deadline to dissolve particlement, the political situation here in
8:34 am
haiti is what it was yesterday chaos. set to cast a dark cloud over the five year anniversary of the devastating earthquake. >> if lawmakers pass the deal today, new elections will be held for most of the senate and the president before the end of this year. >> croatia has its first female president, she won a tougher run your election, scored a narrow victory with 50% of the vote. she pledges to kickstart the economy. >> it appears isil is gaining support from the afghan and afghani taliban. a new video posted to isil's twister accounts, hiking through the mountains, they are waving isil flags and vow to support al baghdadi. the fighters then execute a pakistani soldier. >> public criticism this morning in the fight against isil. iraq's prime minister said u.s. backed coalition fores are
8:35 am
working too slowly. al abadi said the occurred issue forces are not equipped to take on isil. >> he has openly criticized the reaction of the international community and also the support they're getting. so far the international coalition that is led by the united states has been mainly doing aerial bombardment against isil positions and fighters. so far, they have carried out 1,400 airstrikes, most of them here in iraq. what is -- what he is saying is not different from what the kurdish forces are saying, authorities saying that they are not getting enough, they remain outgunned by their opponents who have gotten so much arms
8:36 am
from the positions left by iraqi armed forces. >> sunday, the u.s. military said coalition forces carried out 10 airstrikes in isil in syria, and another nine in iraq. >> murder charges this morning against two police officers in albuquerque new mexico. that they shot a man after a four hour standoff, all recorded on a body camera. he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. these are the first criminal charges filed against a albuquerque police officer in a shooting in the line of duty. the internal watchdog saying the democratic waived off discipline in new york city in chokehold cases, most officers receiving only departmental training and review. >> consumers could get new protection against hacking. president obama will speak he to the federal trade commission calling for new legislation requiring companies to in form
8:37 am
customers within a month if their information has been leaked. it comes in the wake of recent high profile breaches at target, home depot and niemann marcus. >> the supreme court could decide whether to take up cases involving same-sex marriage. fewer cases from ohio, tennessee, michigan, kentucky and louisiana all states banning gay weddings. we go to lisa stark live in washington this morning. are the justices likely to take up the cases? >> the court decided not to take up some cases earlier this session. in the fall, they he passed on some cases where courts struck down gay marriage bans. now there's a split at the appeals court level because in november the sixth circuit in cincinnati ruled there is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage. a number of other appeals courts have ruled just the opposite, so this really sets up the showdown in the supreme court and that's why many feel the court is likely to take up this issue. >> last year, we saw a tiled
8:38 am
wave of states allowing gay marriages, 28 joined the list, bringing the total to 36. how will that affect the justices' decision? >> in some way it does look like the horse has left the barn. the court has to decide whether under the equal protection clause of the constitution, this is a constitutional right to gay marriage. that's different than whether states can approve gay marriage if they want. in 2013, the court ruled in two cases. they struck down on a flit decision part of the defense of marriage act which essentially understands to the federal government you ever to recognize these gay marriages approved by the stated and also threw out on a procedural matter, they threw out whether a challenge to california's law allowing gay right marriages so that allowed gay marriages to proceed in california. there is a split on the court. it's hard to know how the justices will come down on this one. >> if they take up the cases
8:39 am
when might oral arguments begin? >> they have to hear the arguments, they have to hear them sometime soon, because they would have to decide this case by the end of the year. the session would be in june. we would expect oral arguments even this month if the court movers forward. >> lisa stark live for us in washington, thank you very much. >> the obama administration is taking aim at collection tactics by hospitals. new federal regulations mean hospitals that have or want tax exempt status must offer discounts or other forms of financial assistance to low income patients. hospitals will have to determine whether a hospital is eligible for financial assistance before beginning the collection process. >> investigators in ohio are looking into what caused a huge explosion in an oil refinery, blasting near homes. crude oil is heated and processed. company officials are looking into whether oil production was
8:40 am
impacted. >> that explosion not enough to slow the slide in crude oil praises, trading this morning below $48 a barrel. oil is predicted to trade around $41 a barrel, that means fill up now. >> the decline in crude is helping drivers save a bit more at the gas pump. the nationwide average is $2.13 a gallon, down more than a color from a year ago. at least 41 states, you can find gas for less than $2 a gallon. >> i saw $2.03 he. falling oil prices hitting venezuela hard, that country now in a recession. >> inflation is 60% and there's a shortage of basic necessities like milk and eggs. we report from caracas. >> a fight in the middle of the supermarket. the store just received a shipment of soap and everybody wanted to get a bag. january has seen short ones of many products in venezuela like milk beef, chicken and shampoo.
8:41 am
people here cued for more than eight hours to be given a number to go into the supermarket. >> if you don't have a number, you can't go in. that we are tried like cattle now. this must stop. it's humiliating. >> here outside every supermarket, we are hearing reports that there's looting going on in some places of the capitol, so the guard has been called in. >> many people are frustrated and angry that venezuela has joined countries like cuba and north korea in rationing food. >> the government wants to sell whatever it can find to put there, so we buy what they want us to buy basically. >> socialist president chavez and now his successor maduro implemented price controls and basic goods and subsidized them.
8:42 am
the president is on a foreign tour asking china for loans and saudi arabia for help controlling dropping oil prices. that the food minister is trying to calm angry citizens. >> we had some problems from the supply side, no doubt but the opposition is lying when they say there's no food in venezuela. >> a twitter account was set up to notify parents when children products hit the shelves. >> i've been affected personal will you. i have a 1-year-old and i'm always searching in pharmacies trying to find shampoo soap and medicine. >> she said people are fed up with the endless lines and scarcity and the situation has hit rock bottom. al jazeera caracas venezuela. >> officials blame the shortages of smugglers taking items over
8:43 am
the border. as much as 40% of venezuela goods wind up in in columbia. >> the next round of the envelope playoffs are set the packers one win away from the goal. green bay beat the cowboys and the rest definitely played a role in this game. dez bryant hazard his last minute catch overturned. rodgers through for 316 yards and three touchdowns. >> andrew luck beating former colts q.b. peyton manning. luck's team holding the broncos to oh 200 yards passing. the colts now face the pats next week for the a.f.c. title. >> people in the south waking up to heavy fog this morning. kevin is here with more. >> that is just one of the problems that we're seeing in the nation this morning. that we've seen a lot of things going on. the fog is one of them. that's going on through the revert of the morning. the problem is we have a lot of wet ground as these thunderstorms are pushing through.
8:44 am
it's fairly warm in this particular area, so right ahead of the front, we are seeing the fog down to probably about a quarter of a mile in some of these areas. that's where we ever the areas of gray, dense fog advisories. that because it's been range hard, we are looking at flood warnings across the region, as well. things will improve today into to really, as well. here are temperatures, new orleans at 60. that this is a major difference between what we saw last week. down towards the south, we were looking at freezing and freeze warnings in effect, because it was so cold. things have warmed considerably for the area. atlanta, rain today tomorrow, probably seeing problems, as well. >> former governor mitt romney adding a new twist for the race, announcing he's considering another run for the white house. >> republican strategist brian murray will join us to talk about what a romney run could mean for a crowded field of gop
8:45 am
contenders. >> one surfer proving just how smooth he is on not just one but two boards. >> leaders from around the world gathering in france showing support for millions there as they marsh to honor the victims of last week's attacks. >> one leader giving this defiant message no single act of terror, no two people with a.c.47s, no hostage taking at a grocery store is ever going to present those committed to the march for freedom to continue to march. >> we'll tell you who said that, up next. >>do you know what chemicals have been in that tank? [[vo]] and the deadly human cost. >>my big brother didn't wake up the next day. [[vo]] faultlines. al jazeera america's hard-hitting & >>today, they will be arrested. [[vo]] ground-breaking & >>they're firing canisters and gas at us! [[vo]] emmy award winning investigative series.
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8:47 am
>> who said no singling and got of terror, no two people with a.k. fort sevens, no hostage taking at a grocery store will continue the people marching for
8:48 am
freedom to continue the march? >> secretary of state john kerry talking about the march in in paris in the honor of those killed. >> one man very dismayed by the outcome is new jersey governor chris christie he. >> he was a big time cowboys fan, there for the game. a deal his state involving owner jerry jones could impact christie's presidential hopes. john henry smith here with more. >> if you watched any of the coverage of this game, you could not miss governor chris christie rooting on his cowboys. his presence in owner jerry jones and see box raised ethical questions for a man many consider to be a potential presidential nominee he. >> for many, it was strange to see chris christie in texas hugging it out with dallas cowboys owner jerry jones two sundays ago after the cowboys beat the lions. >> he's been a cowboy fan all of his adult life.
8:49 am
>> before sunday's game with green bay jones fully intended to have christie with him again. that four other christie trips the cowboys won all four. >> if he's got enough mojo to pull this thing off for this cowboy team this year, i'm for him being president of the united states. >> the smiles were gone from christie and his texas friends in the press box as the cowboys season ended with a loss to the packers. cock man paul ryan couldn't resist poking a little fun at his fellow republican lawmaker, asking him if he needed a hug. closer to home, the newspapers let it be known how it feels about his travels. >> in new jersey, conflict of some has been claimed after finding jerry jones paid for christies tickets and transportation two weeks ago. jones' hospital at company has won a contract for the observatory and restaurant at
8:50 am
one world trade center approximate christie said he paid for his own tickets and airfare this time around. this culls on the heels of the in famous bridge gate scandal in which credit tees operatives snarled traffic on the george washington bridge in an alleged political retribution. this culls after a 2014 collier in which christie spent by most estimates at least 150 days traveling out of state mostly campaigning for gop candidates. >> governor christie's busy social calendar continues. he will only be in new jersey one day this week, tuesday. he delivers his annual state of the state address. the rest of the week finds him in ohio, illinois, south carolina and iowa. >> if he he decide to say run for president next year, he could facing the 2012 republican nominee. mitt romney is now telling donors that he is considering entering the race. he ran in 2008 when arizona
8:51 am
senator john kerry beat him for the nomination. romney he has repeated by said he would not run again. republican strategist and congressional campaign manager two years now romney saying i'm not running now saying i'm considering running. which do we believe? >> right now, i don't think mitt knows himself. he had an event on thursday with supporters from the past. he's been doing that since the election. i was back with him in november -- >> why not say i'm not running? if you're not running? >> he was talking to his donors. he was caught up in the moment, maybe. if he wanted to run, he would not leak it out of the a cocktail party. it would have been a radio show to get a lot more messaging out of it. >> just for the second, let's say that he is going to run. that he ran against barack obama, calling his tenure disastrous. the economy back on track gas
8:52 am
at the low effort in years. that what do you run against. >> our debt is up 75% since obama came into office. >> that is going down. >> it's going up under this president, 75% gas prices up 25%. >> gas price are up 25%? >> since the president came into office the gas prices -- >> the gas prices were $1.85 gas prices are better now than they were. >> under this president since he's in office, it's gob up 25%. he's against the x.l. pipeline, which is lower prices for gas home fueling oil for everybody as well as more jobs. on top of that, what this president has is a fiasco when it comes to international policy which mitt romney brought up repeated my in these debates. >> an article in the washington post and new york times saying now republicans are trying to wrap their arms around an improving economy after years of saying the economy was heading in the wrong direction.
8:53 am
which is it? >> one thing you look at now people say this congress, which has a visible rating at this point didn't do enough last time. >> people were saying they didn't do anything. >> had they done what the president wanted, imagine how bad this economy could be. that's one of the major things to think about. >> the president's major infrastructure program to put people back to work fixing bridges and roads and highways crumbling in every major city is a bad idea? >> where are we going to pay for that? the president wanted to continue to increase spending and raise taxes. without the check in the house who knows where that would be. >> who is taking credit for the economy now. >> i'll say the republicans. >> you're an honest american speaking to the public? >> i'm an honest american. this president has to work with a republican senate and house. as i said yesterday on air here, i don't think he can do that at this point. he's not reaching across the
8:54 am
aisle to work with everybody else. >> if mitt romney decide to say run, how do you win in a republican party where you're talking about a divided party where you run to the right during the primaries and try to mad rate in the general. how does he win that primary and go on to win the general. >> hillary had that problem in 2008. she ran to the center and barack ran to the right on her. you have jeb coming into the race earlier than expected. you've got christie, who's name was out there forever party establishment and romney saying i might come in. the three of going to duke it out. the far right is going to duke itself out. getting as many votes as you can in the primaries you don't have to go that far right as long as the far right with ted cruz, rand paular splitting the vote. >> romney, chris christie, who do you see ahead.
8:55 am
>> i don't think you'll see any in the long term. i think you'll see jeb before romney. romney is going to sit on the sidelines to see what jeb does. he is telling his money people, don't give your money to jeb yet, let's see where he goes and then i'll make up my mind. >> one daredevil taking surfing to the next level in this incredible video. he switches boards while riding on the crest of a it. >> wave in hawaii. he jumps from one board on to another smaller board. that he spent a year perfecting that stunt. something was missing on subways around the world yesterday pants. sunday was the annual no pants day. the tradition was started more than a decade ago by the new york comedy improve everywhere. in full winter gear, they strip down when other riders least expect it. the event is now cell braided
8:56 am
worldwide. >> a check of our forecast with kevin. it is going to be a mess today. >> water pants is the message today. >> wear your pants absolutely. it's going to be wet foggy ice ewe. it's going to be a mess across the east. that i did say going toward the rest of the week, things are going to get better. temperatures tomorrow, remember last week, we're in this major chill, major freeze across much of the united states. the good thing is things are going to come back to normal for many places. that's going to feel warm for many of you. tuesday, we are still seeing the snow in the upper part of new england, an inch to aburge and a half here. across the mountains snow is supposed to be here. in the morning back up to 31. by the time we goat thursday, many areas are going to be normal back to normal. minuteminneapolis, 29.
8:57 am
billings 36. even chicago it's going to feel balmy at 34 degrees, but that is normal but it is a nice break. >> it's balmy in chicago. ok kevin, thank you. >> coming up in two minutes from our newsroom in doha, more on the return for school today for children across pakistan a month after a deadly attack on a school. >> we're keeping a close watch on the hunt for this woman tied to paris attacks said to be in syria. tomorrow we'll have more on the efforts to find her. >> that's it for us here in new york. >> here a look at our images of the day american bald eagle fishing for food along the mississippi river. >> it is the only eagle unique to north america. of course the symbol of this country and one interesting fact you may not know, the bald eagle does not sweat. >> does not have to. have a great morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> have a great day.
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9:00 am
>> afghanistan's president names his unity cabinet three months after being sworn in. >> you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead on the program we're getting reports of an attack by boko haram against a military base in cameroon. we'll bring you the latest on that. [ gunfire ] >> more peshmerga fighters killed by isil as iraq's prime minister criticizes what he calls the slow response by the international coalition.