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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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egrahi did not act alone. the police investigation therefore remains open."
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when supporting it would be in her favor she lost that bid, mow the white house is being very clear. there are some that want to see it pass, the question is would republicans have enough to overcome a presidential veto. this will be the first fight of this new congress. >> oh yeah. so the news came just after lawmakers returned to capitol hill. where were the more interesting moments. >> it is a back to school vibe. and it is very sell bra story. and some freshman come as well and you do feel the collegiatety of it. he did face a challenge. they decided not to vote for him in a very public
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way, as he went to get the speakership again now, he was able to retain that power. but he got the most vote push back essentially of any speaker in nine decades. so that was a dramatic moment, otherwise, though, we are seeing a lot of collegiatety for this brief moment of capitol hill. >> for the moment, for the moment. all right. on can toll hill for us, thank you. notably absent was a senator domic leader his office tweeted this picture of reid meeting with his team at home this morning. reid was told to stay home after falling off a piece of exercise equipment, he suffered a concussion, three broken ribs and broken bones let's take a closer look at the makeup of the congress. there are 13 new senators and 58 new representatives the new congress has made up of 430 men and 104 women the highest number ever to serve.
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the majority are white but there are 46 african-americans. 12 asian americans and two native americans. let's bring in david schuster. david, let's talk about the keystone excel pipeline. the president is promising to veto any legislation passed by this congress, what does that mean? off the bat? >> well, all of those numbers of congress, they have now learned how you fight politics in washington because the white house was asked a very similar question at yesterday's briefing when the president vetoed it, and he himmed and haws today perfectly clear the president is going to veto this, this was by design. saying okay, congress this is your first day back, we will make this top story we will try to portrait as extreme. they are fighting the new cycle on these terms.
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they approved that they are going to score legislation, so many the past if republicans say or democrats passed $100 billion in tax cuts that's $100 billion less that goes into federal revenue, under dynamic scoring republicans would take into account maybe those tax cuts would create some trickle down impact, and maybe it would grow the economy so that it would bring in an extra $20 billion therefore the cost and set up $100 billion is actually $80 billion. democrats are outraged, you can't predict what an economy will do, this is hooking the books. it is also a major change in president in terms of thousand budget office evaluates legislation. >> sounds like enron to me. >> if they can't agree on the policy, and then they can't begin -- on how
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much it will cost, you are even further behind. >> david appreciate it. president obama is promising to help fight violence in mexico. the alleged kidnap and murder of 43 students was on the agenda today when mexican president visited the white house. the leaders have a lot to talk about but it seems the missing students were a major point of discussion. tony we don't know how much was discussed. his first visit we know that outside the oval office over my right shoulder it was a big topic of discussion, of protests and chanting these are many of the protests that have swept internationally, ever since those students were
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abducted from equal la mexico, suspicion was that drug cartels were involved. in collusion with local police enforcement, and accusations now that the federal mexican government was involve as well. he sat side by side the the oval office with the mexican president. >> our commitment is be a friend and supporter of mexico. in it's efforts to eliminate the scourge of violence and the drug cartels that are responsible for so much tragedy. recognizing that ultimately it will be up to mexico, and it's law
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enforcement to carry out the key decisions that need to be made. >> now the united states has sent some 2 billion-dollar as little under $2 billion over the course of six years to fight many of these drug cartels to improve security in those countries still critics say the united states isn't doing nearly enough also tony the fbi has been involved in that investigation. >> mike, the two leaders also discussed cuba, how does the president feel about the u.s. change in direction on cuba. >> he was very laudatory. he spoke about that, and the initiative very praiseful of what president is don't, of course for his part, the united states looking forward to a summit of the americas and panama in april, where the united states says they are going to bring up the subject of human rights in cuba, they want to elicit mexico's help, and tony, one other thing remember when the president made his shocking announcement that he is normalized relations there are 53 political prisoners that
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cuba promised to release as part of that deal. the state department says only a few of them have been released now. some are still awaiting release groups of mexicans living in the united states, are protesting. even many esis here with more. >> protestors are using the #not welcome. today, this group of protestors par in washington highlighting the 43 missing students case. 34 35, 36. >> the protestors are reading out the number that have disappeared. they say that police handed them over to a gang later to be killed and mexicans blame the president for not doing enough to investigate the incident when it happened. also a protests also took place in front of the consolate in chicago and more were planned for the
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west coast. now, this video was posted just prior to enrique's arrival, watch. >> mass poverties mean they are destroying mexico. the inability to deal with the disappearance of the students. >> as mike mentioned the president's approval rating is at 39% the lowest for any president activists have used social pead yeah to post video highlighting the students impunity and corruption within the government, and tony, today the former mayor and his wife of the town where the students went missing were charged with organized crime and money launders. >> appreciate it, immigration and border security are on the agenda for the two presidents today, hide candy joe castro revisited a shelter for migrants in the border city. and she joins us live now, with more on this, heidi. >> hi, tony, behind me is
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a border fence, and behind that is mexico. a city where many migrants who have already travels hundreds of miles fuel up and rest before they take this final leg across the boarder and into the united states. the fewer are making that crossing today. total border patrol apprehension on the southwest boardser down 60% from it's peek this time during the summer. and we went back across to find out why. >> aaccompany him in photos the wife and daughter lived 160 miles away in corpus christi texas. where until five months ago, the three shared a life together. he had been a pastor at a church for member recovering from drug addiction, but a traffic stop led to his deportation. >> my heart is broken and half of it is there he says. >> 65 migrants are now staying at the shelter. just across the rio
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grand, one out of five are recently deported. the rest are central americans. the place is nowhere as full as it was this past summer when young adults and teenagers traveling alone flooded all corners. the pastor who runs the shelter says central americans now have a tougher time getting here mexico is turning away more migrants at the guatemalaen border, and police are stopping people from using the freight train known as to travel north. overall mexico has deported about 0,000 central americans this past year, but still they come it took 25-year-old three months to travel here from honduras. there were no jobs in his country, he says no opportunities, and so he looks to the united states for answers. behind the shelter is the rio grand america just a stones throw away they have come so far for
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most of them this place is the end of the road. >> he plans to return because he sees no hope of crossing fow that the u.s. has stepped up it's border security he says he is also biding his time hoping immigration reform will offer him a legal way to reunite his wife and daughter are both u.s. citizens. because he has been deported eight times his applications have been denied. >> he hopes president obama will be moved to reunite families torn pi the border. he says. >> now obama's recent executive action gave deportation protection to about 4 million immigrants currently in the country, twenty-third of them are mexicans at the white house they
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thanked a bam ma for the reaction. >> in just a couple of minutes we will talk about offer correspondent, and get a latin american view on today's meeting a break in the bad weather help divers get back underwater to search for wreckage teams found the bodies of two more victims bringing the number of confirmed deaths to 30 fine. investigators are still trying to discover what caused last week's crash. kurdish fighters have reportedly seized the key syrian border town from isil troops witnesses saw an explosion protestor the town earlier today the british based syrian on serve story says curds now control 80%. air strikes helped troops take back control of the town today is army day in iraq, celebrating the ninety-fourth anniversary of the fighting force a ceremony was held in baghdad to mark the occasion the army used to be the most feared in
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the middle east, but after being decimated twice by the united states and it's allies, it seems to be in a constant state of rebuilding. reports on the struggle to contain isil. in the orchards 100-kilometers west of the capitol a bomb is also deployed. they use them -- left behind by isil in one of the villages recaptured by forces. >> such achievement left behind is what is making the difference. but the work is challenging in many ways. as you know, our advance is slow because of many land mines put by isil fighters. we are making some gains and gradually retaking territory from them. but our capacity is limited as local policeman in terms of dismantling, this is ramadi the
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capitol of the province. the region remains under isil's control and now isil fighters are trying to take control of them too. the iraqi police and army are trying to avoided that their effort to protect the city got a poohs when a sunni tribal leader joined the fight against isil. militia have been loyal support police in patrolling the neighborhoods and districts. who are willing to join the fight against ice sit. >> the government is not helped up so far we have called for help many times before, and asked for assistant from many ministers in the government but our calls seem to be falling on deaf ears so we have stopped asking for help.or help. >> sunni tribal leaders say they feed weapons and air support for their
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militia. but they are getting help from baghdad has almost vanished, they are now seeking help directly from the united states. authorities in baghdad have agreed to a sunni leaders visit to washington. >> there shall growing concerns here, that the country could descend if it doesn't review it's military to replace the numerous groups operating here and to do that the government would need all the help it can get. mohamed al jazeera in northern iraq. >> a member of hamas will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing three israeli tea parties. three life sentences today the murders of the teens set off a cycle of violence that led to the 50 day war between israel and the palestinians last summer. the first real chance to cut the cord on cable the new service that gives you live muse and sports we will look at
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the wide ranging implications. and how experiment to reuse rockets headed to space could open up new frontiers. uh
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ah, got it. these wifi hotspots we get with our xfinity internet service are all over the place. hey you can stop looking. i found one. see? what do you think a wifi hotspot smells like? i'm thinking roast beef.
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want to get lunch? get the fastest wifi hotspots and more coverage on the go than any other provider. xfinity, the future of awesome. . ♪ ♪. >> another day of losses as oil fell to below $40 per barrel. >> and the nasdaq lost 60 points. you can soon watch live news and stories without a cable subscription. it doesn't include a cable box and it will include networks like espn. the editor of, now we are excited about this. >> absolutely. >> tell me why this is a
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game changer. >> because it finally puts the tower of content consumption back into the hands of the consumer. no longer do you have to say i want cable, i want this package and this package. if you want h.g. tv you have to get this, the next thing you know, you are paying 100 went dollar as month granted you are getting 1,000 but the reality you only want 15. >> can i foresee the day when i can cut the cord -- and start to create out of cart menu based on what i want. >> what you absolutely want to watch. is that it is going to be on your t.v., it is going to be on your tablet and your phone. >> so it is t.v. everywhere. >> wherever you want. that's what is really the
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change you can get some channels you can get some channels when you are out, this changes all of that. >> so really, if you are a cable company, what are you think. >> you are thinking we don't have a lot of time left we have to think of a better way to appeal to consumer demand, as opposed to we are the only game in town, if you want t.v. it is from us. >> so you think this is a real game changer? and that's because can we foresee a day where we can get a digital -- and get everybody that is available free over the air. >> which is quite a bit that there is this other world out there where there is a lot of digital t.v. being offered right? an offer right now and then the content the producers like the e.s.p.n. >> yeah. >> a e can now take a look at this new world
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and maybe jump in. >> they can say you know we talked to about discovery, discovery can say we will create a discovery streaming channel you can watch them when you want to watch them, but it is wayyou want to see when you sit down to watch television. >> and there is this big auction set to happen in another year or so. >> from the sec where they are trying to reclaim some space some band withexplain how that can impact everything here, and give us more choice? >> that's going to be the paste that sticks this together. they are saying you can give up your spectrum. >> local cbs wherever you are. >> right. >> we will help you find a way to share spectrum, so you won't go off the air, you will still be on cable, but we will let you sell that, and the people who buy it will then have the ability to deliver very fast wireless networks that
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will go further. >> and verizons of the world. >> exactly. >> google could come in and say we will pay $1 billion for your speck infrastructure, and that is very valuable, it is low down, and it goes very far with the same amount of power. some networks don't go as far as this network. >> so we often say that's a game changer this is a game changer is it really. >> it is definitely a game changer. when you have somebody like espn onboard that's a lot of what your cable bill goes to now. >> this is the story. good to see you. >> a space ex-will try again to launch the dragon capsule on friday. at the last minute, because of a prop with the motor it will be an unprecedented test. and drive down costs
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tony, everything was going smoothly on schedule until just one minute and 21 seconds before lift off when engineers detected a problem and shut everything down, the problem is with the system that helps steer the stage, and a stage that was lift the dragon capsule into lower earth so it can rendezvous with the space station, of course the capsule is carrying about 5,000 pounds of supplies as well as an experiments, so space ex-now has to figure out what went wrong and try again on friday. at least that's what they are hoping. now, what is really generating excitement about this launch, was something that's never been done before. space ex-wanted to bring down the first stage of the falcon rocket, and land it, on a floating platform in the atlantic ocean, that would have been quite a feat, they only had a 50/50 chance of success on this first try, they have
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successfully trice before, mc, brought down the first stage of the rocket to a soft landing in the atlantic ocean but then the rocket tips over and it damaged. if they can brick it down on the platform, and then refurbish it they can use it again. that would be a huge cost savings because running out of the falcon nine rocket is about $54 million, it get as one time use and that is genesis that's pretty expensive. who runs space ex, wants to be able to reuse these rockets, he says it would change the equation, the financial equation, of flying into space. so the hope again is that they will get another chance to try on friday. lisa stark for us, could have a change in relations we will dig deeper into how enrique can help president obama reforms. on immigration at cuba, and they are awkward hug made headlines but new details are questions of misconduct between chris
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christie and the owner of the dallas cowboys that is next. in power politics.
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>> fighting drug violence was high on the aanyda today when president obama honested mexican president's at the white house. as well as the executive action to delay deportations. >> i described our efforts to fix our broken immigration system here in the united states. and to strengthing theirs as well. i very much appreciate mexico's efforts in addressing the children, who we saw spiking during this summer. >> well, the meeting comes at a challenging time for the president
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his popularity has been sliding in recent months let's bring inner rick farnsworth, he and vice president of the council -- good to see you. to 2014 was a rough year for the mexican president, who do they gain out of this trip to the white house beyond getting a break from the heavy dose of politics. >> it does get us outside of mexico, he had some violence issue which is came to the floor and the disappearance of students and implication of mexican security officials officials in the disappearance of ores. so it has truly been a trying here, coming to washington is a refocus on the agenda, certainly focus on a very robust and growing economic relationship between the united states it puts him back on the world stage as a global leader meets with president obama many the white house, so from that perspective, it is an opportunity early in
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the new year to try to reset the agenda, and refocus on what he wants to talk about. >> can i ask you what has been the accomplishments so far in his add min vagues. >> well, he has had quite a number on the reform agenda. they have been very positive about what he has accomplished in the first two years he has pushed through energy reform he has pushed through education tax reform reform of the telecommunications system. labor reform, these have been traditional sacred cows in the mexican context, that other presidents have tried to address, and haven't been able to, and by moving forward on this agenda, on not just one of these has been a historic first step the problem is you can get these to the legislature, but you have to implement them, and see the benefits of reforms come through to the common citizen, and the growing middle class and to this point the benefits have got accrued
4:33 pm
to the average citizen because it takes time to work through and in the meantime we have some of the violence issues work forward, so there is that disconnect, but in terms of what he has done politically, it has been very impressive, the question is can he continue that going through for the next four years. >> and here is the other thing, i'm wondering if any of these are ultimately overshadowed by the way he has responded to the case of the missing students? as you know there was pressure on this president, and the way he handled the case, he told the country it was time to move beyond the case just weeks after the abduction. and also took him what a month to meet with the families. you wonder if any good that he does is overshadows by the way he has handled this. >> well, i think some people would refer to tone deafness, that occurred certainly in delaying a response, or trying to minimize it hoping that perhaps it would blow over, these are long standing issues. we have to emphasize they didn't start with him, they aren't going to
4:34 pm
end when he leaves office. they are very difficult they go to the issue of rule of law both at the federal and state and local level at the same time they do have to be addressed and a way to cooperate to make sure that they are. whether or not they overshadow the reform agenda i think we can't know the benefits of the reform really is to accrue for some time yet and so we will have to wait against the progress in p the security as well. >> okay, appreciate it, from washington he is the vice president of the council of the members thank you. >> one of the three al jazeera journalists say the men -- they have been held for more than a year now, they were convicted of reporting false news and aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood an ad in the new york times he writes the three were
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caught in a dispute won egypt and qatar which owned al jazeera, he writes we have been pawns in a geopolitical game that have nothing to do with our work as impartial professionals the government of president aceci chose to use us, in reality we are closer to being hostages. dignitaries came together today to say goodbye to governor cuomo. a new york governor eulogized his father during a service in new york city, secretary of state hillary clinton attended the service. he died last thursday. in today's power politics republican presidential front runner has taken another step towards a campaign, and this step involves financing. back with more on this. >> jeb bush found
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paperwork creating a leadership packet, and it allowed him to raise and spend money, hire staff pay for his travel and support. bush made the announcement this morning on social media. >> today we are setting up the right to rise, which is a support of candidates that believe in conservative principles that allow all to rise up if you are interesting go to right to >> a statement that says we support candidates that will fight to expand economic freedom free our children from debt, the and make the government work again freeing children from on rouse debt is an unusual republican mission statement, but it hints that they tend to bring to this campaign. republican senators and rick perry have also established leadership packets to pay for their travel and issue analysis.
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scott walker just held his inauguration, and previewed the rational for his presidential campaign. walker noted in wisconsin unemployment has dropped school scores have improved and the state's retirement system is fully funded. >> in contracts to the politician along the pa tomic we get things done. >> in the garden state chris christie who was planning a 2016 campaign is facing another day of awful news stories coming from his relationship with jerry jones the owner of the dallas cowboys, there's jones turning away from his double high five at sunday's game, a kristy spokesperson has confirmed that joan provided the ticket, and right plane for the governor to attend that game in dallas. it would be fine, except that government documents show two years ago christie pushed the port authority of regional agency over bridges and
4:38 pm
tunnels and one world trade center to approve a lucrative contract in the sky scraper for a firm owned by jones. further more ethic rules prohibit officials from accepting gifts gifts from people or groups that have deals contracts or businesses with agencies like the port authority. christie's offices insist that they are legal, that exempts gifts from personal friends of the governor tony what a personal friend reject you for a double high five. >> let's see. >> [laughter] >> okay. >> in virginia a federal judge today sentencing -- you give me free tickets. >> there you go. >> former republican bob mcdonald sentences to two years in prison, mcdonald was once a top republican prospect for national office, he was convicted last year, the supplements company defense attorneys asked the judge to order three years of community
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service, arguing it had destroyed the career, but the judge said a meaningful sentence must be imposed as he ordered him to serve two years in prison, starting next month. finally, british prime minister revealed on the weekend that president obama called him by a nickname. that's right. cameron and mr. obama are close. he told the british reports that he called him by the nickname bro. >> now this prompted an interesting exchange yesterday. >> david cameron said over the weekend that the president calls him bro. is that true? and is there any other pet names? >> well, to paraphrase a local baseball player here in washington d.c., that's a clown question, bro. >> no, i don't mostly because i just wanted to use bro in my own response. >> and clown. >> i am not able to give much more incite about
4:40 pm
the private communications between the president of the united states and the prime minister. >> for the record, the baseball player in question is price harper former senator for the washington nationals he doesn't drink, and when the reporter asked him to have a beer, he responded with that's a clown question, bro. now part of the lexicon from the official white house briefing transcripts. >> with our double high five as awkward as jones and kristy? was it. >> control room, was it. >> take us to a couple games we will get it right. >> done, that always works. the great legal marijuana experiment. colorado is now a year old. things have not gone as smoothly as expected america tonight takes closer look at the ups and downs of the past year. >> a year on pot brought colorado a new breed of millionaires. >> can you tell me what it feels like. >> i am still not used to it. >> a new breed of tourists.
4:41 pm
>> at least half of the people here all the time are tourists, so the tourism has totally exploded here. >> and a new breed of jobs. >> jake brown got a job writing pot reviews. >> is there a way without breathing it in you have perfected to taste the flavors in. >> it is pretty much just inhaling. >> it is a pot gold rush, and demand for new products is outstripping the supply. >> these products half a million backlog on any given day. >> put the year on pot as colorado has also seen some lows. >> here is inside the palm so inside the palm that's his skin peeling away. >> people cooking up home brews of concentrated pot. are ending up in burn units. kids and adults are on marijuana food. >> i was starting to convulse and stuff like that really freak out.
4:42 pm
>> and you tout you were going to do. >> i said it probably 20 times, i am going to die i am going to have a heart attack. >> how prepare was colorado. >> we were not prepared. >> as the first year came to an end all eyes are on colorado's experiment, while the movement for legal marijuana gains momentum. joining us live from washington, and lori, look was there anything else unexpected or unusual you learned during your reporting? yeah tony, we were there for an entire week, and there was a lot of surprising and unusual things. one of the biggest surprises is how big edibles have become. it isn't just smoking a joint any more there's cookies, candies ways to drink your marijuana i think this whole concept of dabble canning is very concentrating form, and people are starting to try and make this by
4:43 pm
themselves and they are using butane, and it can become dangerous and some of these people are causing fires and exploding and going to the burn units we talked to a burn unit doctor, who has on served very interesting things that they weren't responding well to painkillers so many the series that we launched tonight we will be exploring these issues and why that is and also these other issues with edibles and other things that have p proked up. >> all right can't wait. america tonight, you can see the entire report in colorado on america tonight that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. consumer electronic show is debuting a lot of new gadgets that make life easier but are they collecting to much personal information? we dive into that after the break.
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construction on california's $68 billion high speed rail line started today crews broke ground in fresno to
4:46 pm
build the fist 29 miles. two years later the bullet train will connect san francisco to los angeles at 200 miles per hour it will take less than three hours round trip. a major hurdle they have not lined up all of the funds to complete the system. and following a string of high profile hacks cyber security as you might imagine is a big topic this year. jacob ward is just back from the show, what everybody wants to know is this what are the big trends this year. >> well, that is obviously the classic question tony, and you are right there's a lot going on, there's an incredible number of auto makers there's 3 d printing the big theme seems to be the internet of themes. the networking of all sorts of clients and devices, to one another and that's because of the
4:47 pm
tiny centers the low price and sort of amazing ability to build sensors into it. here is a consumer electronic spokesman describing what it is that makes all of that possible. >> the security enabled by wireless technology getting better and better sensor technology getting smaller and smaller so we began to see things like basketball, this year we have baseballs crock pots and onesies for babies all kinds of things with sensors built in this year we are seeing companies you might not think of, you mentioned a few adidas, loréal carrier the air conditioning company been in business for 100 years this year for the first time, is coming to ces, because they now have a smart therm state. you know, tony, it is a sign that all of these objects are going to have sensors built into them they are going to collect
4:48 pm
data about you and me. >> where are we when it comes to making smart use of all this. >> all the lines and really. and the wake or asleep, or all those things i spoke to a founder of a system called life cues. some hardware platform, and he describes it this way. >> it is very much like forecasting. this year you have to go outside or lock outside the window to know whether it is raining or not, and subsequently, the senses appear, the prompter appears and that barometer could give you a sense of a prediction
4:49 pm
of whether it will rain tomorrow or not. subsequent think there were these models that can do long term forecast and we have that same inflection point. but the trade off there is the more data you share, but the more data you show, the more there is an opportunity for exploiting. and we take that very serious. >> we have seen already this kind of exploitation. just a couple of weeks ago, we saw a group of german hackers of taking photograph of someone at a podium, the german defense minister and stole his thumbprint that's all you would need to control a lot of these so there's a new privacy world. >> that's crazy. >> jeff ward for us, from san francisco. scientists are calling a pill they call the imagine fay me to help combat obesity. i think that's how it is pronounced. and the your honor fall
4:50 pm
nature medicine, they say tests on mice show that it stopped weight gain, and low ericales tor researchers go to launch the trials on hue pans in the next few years. major league baseball made history today. and what the vote means for the future of the sport, that's next. >> pageant tri comradery and warm ovations blanketed the capitol on this snow pi day in washington. behind the scenes it isn't nearly, as the 114th congress is sworn and gets down to business, the white house fire as veto over the keystone pipeline, join us live, at the top of the hour.
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80ing omay or city hall, etc., and another person writing situations like new york city don't fix anything and only prop gate division and anger people who are tired of
4:54 pm
this race war now one former nypd officer tweeted this picture. >> what is this. >> it is a selfie with a gun, and this has parked it's own set. >> a former nypd officer and he says here i am really enjoying these so move along now. so this is received it's own responses he has doubled down on this photo. saying that the protestors are picking on soft targets. >> that's not helpful. >> everything get that is ire. , i guess. >> it is considered the world's toughest off road race. you don't need game changers to win. >> fans have no idea that one of the two cars they are watching is battery powers. >> they get a clue from what they hear, not what they see.
4:55 pm
>> more than three deck kates of tradition in the rally has never seen anything like it, the first all electric. preparing before the start, a nervous service. and a driver who says it is a crazy but brave venture, there's 9,000-kilometers of dessert or mountain terrain ahead, not a city test run like this. >> it's hardly what you would expect of a rally car, whirring sound no smell of racing oil but zero emissions. >> it's been designed and built by a spanish civil jeering company that have to be replaced every 350-kilometers. >> we feel that we are -- because the most difficult race in the
4:56 pm
world, but all the people who will be crazy until they try it. the driver's biggest challenge isn't gossans gas, and getting some recharge from deceleration and driving down. for me it is a dream. just the knowledge. >> on average each car burns 2,200 litters of fuel. this one consumes nothing. it's already layed down a new challenge this rally cleaner and greener. asked drew simmons, al jazeera. >> so in all of major league baseball history professional baseball we are talking about not the stuff we used to play. >> not that stuff there have been almost 20,000 players of that number
4:57 pm
just 300 have been deemed worthy of the sports highest honor induction into the hall of fame today, four more players were voted in, al jazeera joins us, oh, tell us about this. >> this was actually record breaking because for the first time four players and for the first time ever, three pitchers are going to the hall of fame from the same ballot. >> each earned the necessary vote from the baseball writers of america, and based on the career numbers and the history of all star voting all four are definitely worthy hall of fame inductees. strike outs his 97.3 percentage is the 8th highest many the history of the voting. martinez won the cy young award three times post add career 219 he led the major leagues five
4:58 pm
times and he helped the boston red sox in the first world series title. now he won the 1996 national league cy young award, and the only pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves and the post season -- posted 15-4 career record. he banged up 3,060 hits in 20 major league seasons all playing three different positions in the process he missed out on last year by just two. and while all four of these dies felt there was a very good chance it would make it in this year none of them took the achievement for granted. >> i was really positive and excited. and thinking positive, just like i was going to pitch a big game, i was thinking i would win. i kept it in, but at the same time i wanted to stay positive, and have a good time. >> they were all
4:59 pm
officially inducted into the hall of fame. >> and last year, three players made it in, so i guess the question of do you think the writers association is doing it's job properly. >> every year there's criticism of the it radioers and the voting process itself. i personally still have a problem with how people try to designate who was a cheater and who wasn't. you don't have tangible evidence on every single player let's take a look at the guys that are alleged and see how the voting was changed you can see roger clemens barrynd bos sammy scioscia, those numbers are almost exactly the same number they got last year. >> so you aren't seeing voters give them a chance to move ahead and maybe get into the hall of fame but it looks like the third went in, and a guy like mike, those guys have rumors but they have no tangible evidence. >> michael, thank you. that is all of our time
5:00 pm
for this news hour, if you would like the latest on any stories with ehave covered just head over to our website inside story with ray swarez is next, on al jazeera america. >> they're back. 534 members of the house and senate will get back to work in congress. it's a new day in washington, and it's inside story. >> hello i'm ray suarez. the new congress starts work this week.