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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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a mention cab president is in washington, with organized crime high on the agenda.
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we beagain in turkey where a suicide bomber has blown himself up in the historic district. one officer was killed and another is injured. the blasts happened is popular with tourists, and is home to the blue mosque and mow seem. bring you more on that information. the israeli court has given three life sentences over the kid map and murder of three israeli teenagers. the court found that was guilty of planning and finance thing the abduction in june. the bodies of i.l. were found in a field near the city. more details from jerusalem. >> upon reading the verdict, the judge stateses this one of the worst cases of kid happening and murder, in
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israel's history. it also said that it let to an influence a great influence on the security situation here now, of course, he was accused convicted of financing and planning the kidnapping of the three teenagers and murder, they were found buried in a plot of land that he owns in the occupied west bank and what prompted this in the end the massive incursion on the israeli army in the occupied west bank, all of hamas' leadership there also raiding many villages many homes it calls incredible tension during the period over the summer, hamas also increased it's robert fire, and of course we then saw the gaza war take place in july, so certainly, a whole chain of events one that can say escalated tensions on the ground here, so now a verdict, by the courts three life sentences. >> well, the 50 people who have died in battle between the iraqi army and fighters from the islamic state it sill launch add series of attacks. at least seven soldiers died after a suicide car bombing.
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two suicide bombers and gunman also attacked a mosque where 23 soldiers were killed. and attacks marking the iraq's army day. lay add wreath at the unknown soldiers monument five green zone this year's celebrations are more somber. as the fight continues. >> reports from baghdad. >> in the orchards outside, 100-kilometers west of the capitol of baghdad. they use to hunt for improvised explosive devices. captures by iraqi forces. such left behind by the u.s. forces is what is making the difference. but a work is challenging in many ways.
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as you know our advance is slow, we are making some gains and gradually retaking territory from them but our capacity is limited. as local policeman in terms of dismantling >> this is from the capitol. the region remains largely under their control, and now they are trying to take control two, the police and army are trying to avoided that their efforts to protect the city when a sunni tribal leader joined the fight against isil. militia men support police in patrolling the districts. they are the exception and not the norm, and the government in baghdad is still unwilling to answer sunni militias in only bar province who are
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willing to join the fight. the government has not helped us so far we have called for help, and asked for assistance for many ministers but our calls seem to be calling on deaf ears so we have stopped asking for help. >> sunni tribal leaders say they need weapons and air support for their militia. but their faith has almost diminished, they are now seeking help directly from the united states. authorities in baghdad have agreed to sunni leaders visit to washington. >> there are growing concerns here, that the country can be sent further, if it doesn't refuse the military to replace the numerous books operating here, and to do that the government would need all the help that it can get. al jazeera in iraq . >> kurdish fight errs have seized the security
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district from isil fighters that's according to the syrian observatory, the group says the kurdish fighters now control 80% of the town. kurdish gains following three days of fighting and at least three u.s. led coalition air strikes. >> fighters in syria have reportedly captures territory from government forces killing 20 soldiers, it was once the bet preserved ancient city in the middle east, and syria's economic path. it has been ravaged by fights over the last three years. and rickets control the east. young receive estimated that 670,000 children aren't able to attend school. until they review curriculums to teach approved religious content.
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return now to our top story on thes is bomber in turkey. bernard smith joins us now, we are hearding that the woman entered the building to report a missing wallet. >> what happened is according to the police, who spoke after the attack this woman at about 5:00 o'clock this evening walked into the police station right in the heart of one of the touristy parts of istanbul. where the museum is, she went into the museum and said she had lost her wallet, and said this in apparently heavily accented english she then detonated explosives. and those explosives killed a policeman who was near, he was critically youred and then died about an hour later, day another police less serious injuries. what is interesting is that this attack seems to
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have been specifically targeted at the police. although it wasn't a touristy area, she could have targeted many other areas where there would have been lots of tourists. she seems to have specifically walks into the police station and in that police station then detonates her explosives. no indication yet of who she is or her nationality and so no claim of responsibility. >> you mentions the fact that she appeared to be targeting the police, does that give us clues about what might be behind it? or which group might be behind it. >> well, not particularly we know that five days ago, there was another incident in istanbul targeted at the prime minister office now, a man threw two green nates and armored
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police car the green dades didn't go off the man was arrested but a outlaws banned markist who claimed responsibility for the attack. no indication of who is connected to this attack, but it isn't the first time there has been an attack in this country hike the first time there has been suicide bombing. >> okay, thank you very much indeed for life update there. the white house says president barack obama veto the keystone pipeline. they plan to take the decision about the pipeline out of the president's hands. the project is designed to deliver up to hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil a day from canada to refineries on the texas gulf coast. >> al jazeera in washington d.c., so
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bring us up to date going on in this? >> well, lauren, the keystone pile line is a priority for the republican party which is just coming in this week to take control of both houses the congressional leaders have said they will make it a requirety to pass a bill that will authority the pipeline, and get it under construction as quickly as possible, but the president through his spokesman says now said that explicitly he are not sign any such leng sleighs. josh earnest siting several concerns moorly that the legislation if it is passed would derail the long establishes procedure by which the state department approves such pipelines and assesses them for presidential approval, and in addition to that there is a questions about the rout of the pipeline as it crosses through some extremely
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environmentally sensitive areas. in the state of nebraska. so now this sets up a big confrontation between obama and the new republican leadership, he said that he would wield his veto pen on any number of their priority items looks like he will do it. >> the main concern from the white house when you mention the environmental issue. >> there are a number of concerns but the environment the environmental issue not only in that particular spot in nebraska where it's a question of the water table that could be contaminated by any spills but also the overall question of whether bringing this huge amount of tar sands oil for eventual burning in cars and homes and so forth, would contribute so drastically to the global warming situation that it would really
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worsen that, so those are the concerns that president obama has sited. republicans say this would create a lot of jobs but many democrats say no, it would create on a few testimony prayer jobs democrats are saying they have the votes in congress to keep the republicans from trying to override the veto thank you very much indeed for the latest now. >> al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of our three journalist whose have been imprisoned in egypt for 374 days. more than a year. they were wrongly convicted of broadcasting false news and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, which they deny. thursday an appeals court ordered a retrial that can begin within a month. lawyers for peter and mohamed have requests for them to be deported. still ahead, 100 days in office but still there's
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no government. the afghan president managed to achieve, plus. >> i'm pope brennan in southern illly where the smugglers of the mediterranean are using big ships to make big profits. moms at?” [[vo]] one year legal. >>i'd try chem 4, alien dog, and girl scout cookies. [[vo]] and it's become big business. >>the state of colorado is profiting immensely off of this. [[vo]] now, we cut through the smoke and find out what's really going on. >>we can show marijuana is leaving colorado. [[vo]] the highs and lows of a year on pot.
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>> it's been a huge factor in driving down global oil prices. tom weak everman reports. the boom is leading to a bust, a traditional u.s. oil wells. outside the mcdonalds restaurant stands a century old relic of the oil industry dawn. in an area where the world's first industrial well was drilled in 1850 fine. this one is still muching. and so are hundreds more scatters around the town. these so called stripper wells can draw up to a couple of parral as day from the huge pool of crude that lied beneath the surface. >> it will probably do this for 1882, will go another 100 years. we don't get regulated with a lot of business. >> looking al them individually these wells don't seem very impressive but there are more than 400,000 of them operating in the u.s.
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and they account for 11% of u.s. total oil production. in 2012 by comparison these wells matched all of opec member state qatar's output, the latest invasion in drilling and hydraulic fracturing could extend the working life of these wells but as the price of crude is fallen by almost half in the past year. many operators are shutting down. theysy the profit is no longer there and burdenson rules threaten their long term survival. >> at least $100 oil you know there is some possibility of compliance with the regulations, but you know losing almost 50% of the price of your product over a three month period it just stifling. >> the steep price decline is also forced big companies with expensive costs to tour tail their expansion plans. permit applications for
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new drilling in the u.s. dropped by almost 40% in just the month of november. bill klein spent 70 years in the oil drilling business says he doesn't know how much longer his town can stay active in the industry the first put it on the map. >> that's never going to be like it was but we are keeping the refinery. the refinery was overrun because there won't be anything left. >> if the price of crude doesn't start recovering soon no amount of oil that's still left to much here will be enough. tom ackerman, al jazeera bradford pennsylvania. >> the stock markets have failed to recover from monday's slump which is on lower oil prices concerned about linger of possibility exiting the euro after their january 25th elections. contributing to the currency trading it to a nine year low the urn certainty of the acts
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they make take to prop up the currency. losses were felt on wall street with down nearly 1%. the shares ended the day down. having opened down for the third consecutive day that against the back drop of the big picture back drop of the continuing slide in the oil price and crude trading just about 51-dollar as day on tuesday. remember that just six months ago it was trading at 150 teen dollars. belief among investors that the central bank is about to stop the easing to combat the threat of deflation, and worries about a possible greek exit from the euro zone. a snap election due in that country at the end of the month could see a win for the far less
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competition those two factors weighing on the euro, the common currency sense 2006. >> drastic rescue of two migrant ghost ships the past week, have a new tactic by people trackers they also shed new light on the extraordinary profits that the criminal gains can achieve. reports in southern italy. >> what the coast guard has discovered last week, was a maritime disaster in the making. aboard the dilapidated cargo ship, were around 970 desperate people threing from syria. huddled together many the glare of the rescues spot. the crew had aimed the vessel at the italian coast, and then abandoned thele cos. >> three days late ear strikingly similar story. board of tourists livestock transporter another 470 syrians rescued in perilous conditions and brought to safety on the italian
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mainland. 65 of the people from blue sky were brought to this hotel in the town. the past three years about 1,000 such have passed through this place. as they showed me around, the hotel owner says the most recent group charlie had money. >> when they arrived we saw that most of them were carrying cash, they had sold everything they owned to try to take their chances in a different world. >> where there is money and desperation, they smell opportunity. they use facebook pages to advertise contact numbers, syrian migrants negotiate the price of a space aboard ship. the arithmetic is vikingly similar the bigger the ship the bigger the profit. the blue sky was stripped of it's certification last year, without certification, it was worth only it's scrap volume of $300,000. but instead those who did buy it took it to syria, and packed it with
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nearly 1,000 people each paying an average of $6,000. that's around $6 million of clear profits on just one ship. if you are. cooing from libya, and you are from africa, you can get across the mid trainian for $1,000. the more the better off the slightly better off the syrians for example tend to get in upper decks or in the top deck, and they may pay two or $4,000 in certain cases. standing up show, it is clearly a rust bucket and sea worthy by modern standards. it will stay here impounded by the authorities for the foreseeable future. >> the loss of the ship is an iraqi relate to those that use it, the profits have been made, and where there are big profits still to be made, there will be more ships just like this one. al jazeera. afghanistan's president has been in office for
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100 days. he hasn't had much to celebrate. he was inaugurated after agreeing to share power they still have no government despite a security deal to stay in the country. this is just one of four u.p.s. pros fulfilled. from kabul, jennifer glass reports. outside most of the ministries afghans are forced to stand in long lines. the paperwork seems endless with got many results. they hope afghans fill out forms from nearby offices. >> there is some work going on in government offices but not like it used to be. it is so slow the ministers have not been appointed, so other government officials can't do their jobs. when papers are signed it is by acting ministers and often no one will
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enforce them. he can't solve a family dispute, he blames the president. >> i voted for gahni as president. the corruption, and now he himself covers up corruption, and made a big mistake voting for such a traitor. >> gahni is ruling in a coalition government with abdullah abdullah, the unprecedented alliance for the delay in the government. >> we did identify all of our problems in the last 100, days but now it is time for us to about upon those probables. since the inauguration this afghan t.v. station has been following the government's progress with a nightly program called 100 days. with each show focusing on a different subject. >> the afghan people expect more, i think the afghan people are disturbed that there was a change and they wish a
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change for the better. which will undermine the whole of the government initiative. >> the government has made some progress, signing a security deal with the u.s. and nato, and reopening the investigation into the country's largest bank scandal. >> to make the government comfortable, and to enforce dehocksy. >> the report card shows the administration has achieved four of the 110 promises and made progress on 23. on day 99, some afghans couldn't wait any longer, they name their own symbolic cabinet and say
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if there isn't a new government they plan to take to the streets. al jazeera, kabul. key opposition figure has been arrested during an antigovernment demonstration in the capitol, thousands were deployed to contain the protests. is a leading member of the bangladesh national party. christians believe the three kings the event has the end of the christian season in property term survival santa edition but for orthodox christians this is the day when they mark the baptism in the river jordan the remaining village is a time honored tradition. her showered in holy water has a blessing against evil. and at the vatican pope
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francis passed on those about to start their christmas. affectionate wishes to them. >> meanwhile, in jerusalem the christian orthodox patriot arrived in the occupied west bank on christmas eve. the christmas season is ending. a feast of the epiphany is marked with a plunge. symbolized the opposition leader was in attendance ahead of national elections later this month.
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plenty more on our website, the address of that is you can also watch us by clicking on the watch live icon, details of the suicide attack. >> no other sport can kick off mass emotion in indonesia like football, even if the national team languishes near the bottom of world rankings. >> indonesians, they're really crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn smaller stadiums into cauldrons