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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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highly charged particles to treat cancer. the first palestinian leaders have accused israel of triergs trying to starve their people. israel has objected to palestine attempting to join the international criminal court. charles stratford reports. israel says i.t. was targeting hamas tinls tunnels used to smug smulg are weapons into the palestinian tears tri. international criminal court
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accusing israel of war crimes, israel says it will withhold $127 million of tax revenue. >> this month the medical supplies the milk, the bread for the whole nation. it shows that israeli occupation is not only concerned with settlement and there when it comes to exercising punishment, they are stashing them, dislow kateing them because they want to act with impunity. >> israel says the palestinian bid for membership of icc hinders efforts to restart peace talks. >> we need some leeway to prevent the derailing of reaching a is negotiated settlement. not bimutual complaints to the international criminal court.
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if the palestinians make complaints the israelis will make complaints. this is not going to are advance us. >> using the international criminal court as a political tool. it is disturbing to hear the israeli government's attempt to punish palestine for effectively signing up for a process for international law. it is hypocritical to say this is not conducive to the peace process. we don't normally punish states for signing up for international treaties. >> the u.s. said the palestinian move too join the icc could have what it's described as implications of u.s. aid. israel also accused hamas of war crimes. it's investigate around 90 incidents of acts commitby its
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soldiers. flattened thousands of palestinian homes and further destroyed an economy that already suffered years under israeli's blockade. refusing to pay the palestinian government are millions of tax revenue will further that. >> 31 bodies have been recovered out of the java sea after the crash and search teams say they have found another large object on the sea bed. experts say bad weather likely sparked the disaster when the airline flew into the clouds. the plane shouldn't have been in the air at all. step vaessen explains. >> even before the cause of the crash is known the airlines has
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been found to have been operating the flight that went down without a proper pipelines. the minister of transport does not rule out other action he, he says he is investigating all airlines involved. >> air traffic control organizations, the airport management and the airasia and also the other airlines. have and also, the whole with play in this air transport. in the scheduled air transport. including our own people. if any airlines does the same thing, we will cancel the license of the route. the specific route. if everybody doing it we will cancel everything.
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>> aviation analysts say it is not only airasia which has been breaching regulations. indonesia's airline industry has a poor safety record. nearly all its planes are banned from flying to europe after being down graded in 2007. many say things have not been improved since then. >> there was some improvements but i have to say nothing specific or consistent. we wasted a lot of time. >> airports here are not equipped to deal with a rapidly growing airline industry. the country's main airline in jakarta has the capacity of dealing with only one-third of the current flow of passengers. leading to the current statistic because of heavy air traffic. many indonesians can now afford to apply. an average of 164,000 passengers
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board planes everyday. a booming industry struggling okeep up with demand. instead of banning airlines, a former transport minister say organizations should help. >> please help indonesia. european union union please come here. please help indonesia. are you happy that we have these accidents so you can punish us? you oar developed region, your airline industry is developed and we buy many airbuses from you. >> while the minister of transporttransport transporttransporttransport investigations are underway. increasing the chances of finding the black box flight recorder soon. step vaessen, al jazeera jakarta. >> 20 coptic be christians have
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been found in, kidnapped men were working in libya to support their families in egypt.the family of a libyan al qaeda suspect who died in the u.s. just days before going on trial is accusing washington of affecting his health. he was captured by u.s. troops in tripoli in 2013. rob reynolds has the details. abu anas al libi died just days before his trial was to begin in new york. he was accused of planning the attacks on ex bases in libya.
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>> the big take away is that terrorism is a crime, can be fought with crime fighting methods very successfully and civil courts can get convictions, people can be identified. >> the october 2013, u.s. army commandos snatched al libi off the streets of tripoli taken to the ship san antonio in the mediterranean and questioned for weeks, during this interrogation he was threatened and made incriminating statements under duress. he pled not guilty to conspiracy ofcharges. al libi said he had no connection to the al qaeda organization from 1994. he was taken to a narcos hospital on december 31st after which his condition
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deteriorated rapidly. >> one of libi's sons told al jazeera that u.s. officials neglected his father's health and therefore hastened his death. >> translator: we hold the u.s. government are responsible for the death of our father. ten are dead circumstances serving life terms in u.s. prisons and two are awaiting trial. three including al qaeda head ayman al zawahiri are still under indictment. >> italian investigators have been surveying the inside of the
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ship harry smith reports. >> heavily protected against anything you might find on board, the investigating team began their search of theship. its passengers now safely ashore they found gang ways still littered with possessions. suitcases stuffed with all they could bring on the voyage left abandoned. those in too great a hurry to escape from the vessel that prompted them freedom that had become their prison. this was a ship for transporting cattle. the blankets that were their beds among the debris left behind. hours earlier they had gathered on the decks wrapped against the cold night air as the izideen was finally brought into port. waiting to bring them into shore an italian medical team, one of their number giving voice to the
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mixture of compassion and frustration that so many feel towards that trade in human traffic. >> translator: we need to create humanitarian corridors to allow these people to arrive in europe in a way that is free from the greedy human traffickers desperate to profit off of people. >> in the helicopter in the dark and rough seas i.t. had become clear that the crew had abandoned the passengers to the rough seas. nearly a thousand on board had to be rescued close to the italian coast. the commander of the coast guard here told al jazeera he believed the crew had deliberately disabled the ship with the knowledge that the italian army would attempt a rescue. >> they have no respect for human life. >> do you think they might do more like this?
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>> we expect there can be other are -- there can be new cases. we worry this. we worry there will be new cases. >> the fear that voyages like that of the izideen represent a new strategy for the people smugglers is one that is increasingly concerning the authorities. the boat load of migrants are safe for now but not others may be so lucky. harry smith, al jazeera. >> still to come, strength in numbers. three opposition groups join forces in southern syria. and we look ahead to one of the world's most exciting and dangerous motor sports events.
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>> holm again these are the top stories at al jazeera. palestinian leaders are accusing israel of trying to starve their people by withholding $127 million of tax revenue. israel is refusing to pay after the palestinian leadership officially petition id to join the international criminal court. >> 31 bodies of the airasia crash have been recovered. and officials say they have found another large object in the java sea. the family of an al qaeda suspect who died just days before going on trial have dharnlgd u.s. with neglecting his health.
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abu anas al libi was charged with plotting to bomb the u.s. embassies. >> commander of syria's new formed first army announces the merger of three new rebel groups based in the south. by joining forces, the rebels hope they will have more success in fully regaining control of provinces like dara and al kenetra from rebel forces. opposition forces have emerged in the past with little success. in 2014, forces joined called the islamic front.
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fighters say the integration was limited and aleppo remains a city besieged by raging forces. infighting and disunity has weakened the group. syrian state tv says president bashar al-assad visited this area recently. rebels say this is untrue because they control the area. >> we dismiss the false reports perpetrated by the regime's lying media machine that bashar al-assad has been into this area. as you can see that is the parliament square and mawada hospital. >> another armed group syria's armed group has attacked. forces of the military wing of
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hezbollah, syria's war is not a simple one of opposition groups. whatever sides syrians are on the fighting and chaos show no sign of ending. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> the leader of the houthis last year's agreement would have divided the country into six states but the houthis have taken over part of yemen since then including the capital sanaa. his group is planning to move into the oil rich mareb province. it is he says to stop it from falling into the hands of al qaeda. >> there have been more fighting between demonstrators and police between bahrain's capital manama. increased since the arrest of opposition leader ali salman
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last week. much of its population is shia and they say their group of is discriminated against. >> unofficial border near indian carb mirp thekashmir. soldiers were killed, each side has accused the other of violating a ceasefire agreement. the dispute over kashmir dates back to 1947 and the countries have fought two wars over the issue. >> north korea has reacted angrily over sanctions by the united states.
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pyongyang has denied involvement in the cyber attack over the movie "the interview." myanmar is celebrating the conservative anniversary of its independence from britain. the military is holding a grand parade with fighter jets, tanks long range artillery and helicopters. it is the first such event since the military coup of 1962. we have been speaking to southeastern asian specialists larry dagan. he speaks about the progress that has been made. >> there's been tremendous amount of progress. we have a reasonable amount of freedom of the press the opposition for national democracy in the police department afn sang ann ansand su
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su chi the need for peace there has been fighting with the ethnic rebel groups along the border now since -- in fact before 1962 and this government has initiated peace talks relatively serious peace talks but they are bogged down and i think in terms of any future political progress in this country there has to be a resolution of that political crisis with the ethnic groups. >> cooler weather conditions in south australia are helping firefighters contain a massive blaze. at least 12 homes in the adelaide hills have been destroyed by fire with another 20 feared lost. hot and windy conditions which fanned the flames since friday have finally eased. in neighboring victoria rain has helped firefighters bring another huge bush fire under
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control. a mayor in france has been accused of racism by refusing to allow the burial of a roma baby. there is a shortage of burial plots he says in his paris suburb of champlaign. former greek prime minister george papandreiou, prime minister when the eurism breakout. the polls are expected to be close for syriza.
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died his hair blond and grown a beard to try to disguise his appearance. he escaped while serving six life terms for attacks carried out by the november 17th group the left wing armed group has targeted several politicians and diplomats. a new improved cancer treatment is being studied in germany showing promising signs. the technique of using precise beam of high energy particles to destroy cancer cells has been around for more than 20 years but it has been limited to tumors that can be kept perfectly still. as tarek now explains, moving tumors like those in the heart and lungs. >> these are the slices of a real tumor in a patient.
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>> gerhard klaus has spent his life developing a strategy explored how these beams can be energized to precisely target tumor cells while sparing the surrounding tissue. the technique has proven so effective that 90% of the patients recover. >> with the material around in general is at the end. though you can go somewhere in and do something at the end. it's like a knife which is at the end very sharp and in between you don't see it at all. >> particle beams work exceptionally well when they are treating tumors in parts of the body like the brain which can be held absolutely still. but many tumors appear in the body in areas like the lungs and the liver and they're continuously moving inside the patient. the machine tracks the movement of the tumor during therapy.
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they used a robot to emulate the movement of a lung tumor inside the patient's chest. the particle beam tracks the cancer and continues to produce a dose of radiation where it's needed. >> like in the setup here for example you could really see from the outside you could just follow the row boat movement -- robot movement and you could see the movement. you can't see what is going on . >> using motion technology, the researchers are matching the movement of the internal organs like the lungs while continuously checking that the beam is on target. researchers say the technique once it's perfected will cost less than a third the price of chemotherapy have little or no side effects and be much more effective. >> if this technology would be much more common in the rich
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countries it would be cheaper and then it can spread to the less rich countries. >> the machine costs around $120 million but it has the capacity to treat 10,000 people over five years and could be used to treat other conditions and in some cases even replace traditional surgery. the team says the technique demonstrates how advances in particle physics and computer technology can play a part in the ongoing fight against cancer. tarek bazely, al jazeera germany. rush driving is the most difficult driving most of us will do, but drivers are gearing up for the annual dakar rally. >> mar reilly looking for his 5th win in ktm.
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a company that has dominated the field. >> let's see if we are the winners, let's see if we're lucky. >> there is a lot more that's needed in this event than luck. team could be under pressure with the returns of rivals peugeot. and winners stefan hanzo. but the private entrants, motorcyclist like this italian used to race yachts. >> i used to make a lot of regatta with the boats. >> that may be but the deserts and mountain ranges present extraordinary risk whether you're on a motorcycle, a quad-bike, driving a car or a truck. the dakar rally's natural hoax
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is on the african continent but it moved in 2009 because of the security situation in the sahara sahara. south americans love their motor sport particularly here in argentina and since this rally came from the sahara, they have well and truly adopted this race race. >> translator: we want the race to stay here to berry more tourism. it should always stay here. so it can strengthen the unity between latin americans. >> the rally director says even if they could return to africa, south maker could still be a venue. >> one year in africa one year in south america. there could be a balance it's a
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dream and if we can do it we will do it. >> used to the extreme motor sport fever here, andrew simmons, al jazeera buenos ayers. aires. >> you can get the most recent updates on the al jazeera website.