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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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hello, you are watching al jazeera live from london also coming up, flowers are layed in tribute to 36 people that died in the new year stampede in shane high. the floodwaters reseed in malaysia revealing the destruction beneath, the we find out what happened to all the weird and
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wonderful gifts given to european commission staff. oegypt's highest court has order add retrial for three journalist whose have been in jail for more than a year. it sited procedure flaws but the three remain in custody, and it is not clear when they will be back in court. mohamed fahmy peter greste and baher mohamed were falsely accused of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood, and damaging egypt's reputation abroad. they were convicted in june, peter and mohamed were sentenced to seven years in jail, baher got ten years because he had a spent bullet in his possession that he picked up at a protest. now their detention and convictions sparked protests around the world.
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they never saw a minute of freedom in 2014, and with the start of a new year they remain in prison. despite an appeals court in cairon't graying the retrial, baher mohamed peter greste, and fahmy are still behind bars. >> at the same time with demand that they are immediately released, they are unjustly imprisoned, everything is politicized, that you are arrest, and the verdict were also politicized. >> the arrests of the three staff on december 29th, 2013, were initially assumed to be a short term thing. a mitch up but as time passed it became more and more clear that the authorities under the new government have other intentions. >> peter greste who was an africa specialist, but
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by his own admission knew little about egypt was as amazed as he was shocked in the idea that he was linked to what the government described as terrorists. and of course, exactly the same can be said for his team fahmy and mohamed. by mid january much of the media was demanding the the release of the three. and in the u.s., the u.k., and elsewhere respected journalists all came out to say that the treatment of al jazeera employees was a threat to the entire journalistic community trying to report from egypt the trial failed to come up with anything against the three men which could even vaguely have been said to incriminate them. a video of sheep herding some of greste's work in kenya, footage from a different channel entirely were found on their laptops. >> today the session
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presented video evidence, and we found that the videos have no criminal indictment whatsoever to all detainees. they eventually adjourned adjourned. >> the families -- depurate here. desperate here. >> it still remains. it is just an awful awful nightmare. >> it was a farce no witnesses appear many the trial. in the first place, there isn't a single piece of evidence against them. >> while the recruiting president denounced support. >> the al jazeera journalists we have been clear both publicly and privately, that they should be released. >> for all the egyptian presidents it has not been a political decision, and it is now up to the appeal process
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to determine what should happen next. >> and now that a retrial has been ordered there is hope that this horrible ordeal will p over soon, until then, al jazeera and journalists everywhere will maintain the public campaign, pause journalism is not a crime. al jazeera. doha. >> well, this was mohamed fahmy's reaction, he said a retrial is a milestone towards victory in our free press battle, our spirits are bullet proof. mohamed fahmy's fiance and brother also gave their re, as. >> i can't even imagine that he will stay for a year in prison, he just applied to the egyptian prosecutor for mohamed to be deported to canada and be treated as a canadian citizen, and to be treated the trial there. i'm still waiting for
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miracle to happen. >> i am disappointed because i was expecting something better today, i was expecting a retrial be uh with that, a release. we were really hoping for that. >> al jazeera has issued a statement saying the egyptian authorities have a simple choice, free these men quickly or continue to string this out all the while continues this injustice and harming the image of their own country in the eyes of the world. they should choose the former a lawyer representing peter greste and bahar mohamed he said the order for a retrial is a good step forward. >> mohamed is a dual nationality. i am not sure whether the authorities would consider him a dual nationality or egyptian national. i would rather see that the chances is quite grim
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because he is still on the egyptian nationality. >> british based about vests from the syrian observatory for human rights say about 76,000 people were killed in syrian in 2014, and just under half of them were civilians. it comes as the government carries out more air strikes on several neighborhoods in the sought western city. destroying infrastructure, and schools. serbia's president has made a rare visit to troops on the front line. state media shows them having dinner with soldiers and progovernment gunman on new year's eve that area has witnessed intense fighting over the past months between troops and opposition fighters.
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u.s. led jets have carried out 29 air strikes on targets inside syria, and iraq, the coalition is battling to defeat the islamic state of iraq. iraq's prime menster has visited the town in the south, the town was previously held by the armed group buzz was regained after joint efforts by the iraqi security forces and the u.s. led coalition jets. >> let's go to china now with the president has ordered a an investigation into the stampede that killed four f people. there were reported that it was caused by people rushing to pick up fake money however, police are denying that. >> a night of revelry quickly turns kay t yoic. visit the scene of what started out as a new years celebration instead, the injuries lie on the ground, run down
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in a stampede on the t wayer front district. the team speed started just before midnight, police say they are still investigating the cause. all those tries to move up fell down on the stairs. >> local media sayens withs reporting sees coupons being thrown into the crowd. they look like dollar bills, pictures have appeared on social media. it is a popular spot in the city with restored old buildings and narrow streets. a new year's eve display had been planned here, the one in 2013 has attracted some 300,000 people but a week ago the local government canceled the show, so improv traffic flow. but it is hard to cancel tradition, it is a gathering place for major events so people went there anyway, apparently in the thousands.
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it is not clear what kind of crowd control measures were in place whatever it was, it wasn't enough. >> north korea's leader is proposing high level talks with the south. he made the offer during his traditional new years speech daysed after a proposal from south korea to resume talks. the two nations are still technically at war. >> a funeral has been held in indonesia for one of the victims of the air asia crash. the plane was carrying 162 people when it went down, emergency crews are, whoing to recover the rest of the bodies from the sea but only nine have been retrieved so far. >> . >> reports now where relatives are having to endure a painful wait. >> more than 24 hours after bodies were found floating in the ocean, rescuers have failed to
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spot more victims of the crash, improved weather conditions have finally allowed helicopters to flight over the area where search teams expect the plane may be meanwhile relatives are starting to become frustrates. they are waiting for four days for news about their 23-year-old son. >> yeah, my son is going there, his friends, five of his friends, to celebrate the new years over there and then my other son is in singapore. but now they are stuck. >> joseph and his wife have come from their hometown in the east of indonesian to put up the pressure. >> of course, i will frustrated. because it's been five days already. taking too long, hoping they can do it much faster than this. >> it is a painful wait
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for the headquarters here while the airline company tries to support them as much as possible, they are growing impatient, they want to see news about their loves ones as soon as possible. >> despite earlier reports say as shadow of the plane was seen, they have not managed to locate also no signal has been detected. yes, it is useful, it is useful. we tried to keep the noise level low, so that's why it is very difficult. so you will have to proceed very very slowly otherwise if you -- like if you use the very fast ship the noise, of course will interfere with the signal that's the difficulty. >> two victims were finally taken to the mainland after a boatright facing high waves. they have been brought
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for identification. >> new year celebration were canceled, among them many were hoping to celebrate the new year in singapore al jazeera. >> a number of malaysians have been allowed to return to their homes as waters reseed from the worst flooding in decades. but tens of thousands remain displaced and many of their homes have been destroyed. reports from one of the hardest hit areas in the town scrubs the few possessions she has left. behind her is a pile of rubble, that used to be her home 17 members of her family lived here, including her six grandchildren. she says the floods came without warning they had to three seeking shelter
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in an empty house on higher ground. >> we have food, but no place to live i can't keep living in that house, we can't live like this for long, when it rains we will get wet. >> it is one of the worst effected areas in malaysia's state 70% of the town was submerged. and some places the water was almost 35 meters high, for days relief aid could not reach this community. waters are now slowly receding revealing a trail of destruction. >> the army estimated that at least fort thousand people in this area have been effected by the floods. their priority is to deliver food medicine, and emergency shelter to families who have nowhere to live. >> the army says it will need reeforcements to help rebuild the community. >> is to tell you frankly, it has been more
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than 30 years in the army i have been so many times in the flood field but this is the time that i have seen -- this is the biggest flood. it is more than a flood p i don't know whether it's right to use the inland tsunami. >> some people are trying to start over. >> but it will be more months before life can return to normal. >> stilt ahead afghanistan's president called on it's country to support the army in fighting the taliban. and. >> lithuania welcomes in the new year, and the new currency, becoming the 19th country to joan the euro.
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>> egypt's highest court has order add retrial for three al jazeera journalists who have been in jail now for more than a year. they remain in prison for now. activists say around 76,000 people were killed in syria in 2014 and just under half of them were civilians. and china's president has ordered an investigation into the stampede that killed 36 people at new year's eve celebrations in shanghai. army and police have officially assumed responsibility after nato's combat mission ended. in a televised address
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the president called on the afghan people to support the army in the fight against the taliban that call came after austria rocket fired by the army killed 26 women and children at a wedding party. jennifer glass reports. >> the president gathered senior government officials his predecessor, and members of the coalition in the presidential palace. he told security forces the honor now lies in their hands and instructed them to follow the rule of law. >> afghan security forces have to implement law should not do anything, yourability as should be the pride of the nation. >> he promised mo motions education, and accommodation for the forces and he has a warning for the country's neighbors, that if there's not peace in afghanistan, there won't be peace in the region. >> no one can drown
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afghanistan. whoever dreams of destroying afghanistan they will be destroyed. but afghanistan has considerable internal problems. and it's people are off caught in the middle. >> foreign forces have gone home. but afghanistan is still not safe. afghanistan is sacrificing it's children, heavy fighting killed 26 and wounded 35, all women and children. a rocket landed on the house while they were celebrating a wedding. a brutal beginning to the new year. >> if this kind of incident happened to the family of president ganny, then they would understand our pain. the people have gathered here are asking the government why should we be suffering. and why is the government not feeling our pane civilian casualties hit an all time high, with
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more than 10,000 killed or wounded. granny gave afghanistan's highest honor to members of the coalition and he praised women say nothing one has suffered more he u.p.s. proked politician he would name one within a week, it is not the first time he has promised that and failed to meet the deadline. >> the world health organization says the number of known ebola cases has now passed 20,000. the death toll from the outbreak now stands at 7,905. with 317 more fatalities recorded since the last figures were given just on december 24th. in the world hit countries liberia has lost the most people, 3,423 of the more than 8,000 infected there have
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died in guinea, where the first case was reported 1,007 and eight have died. sara lee i don't know is now the worst effected country. for more on this, we are joined by dr. oliver johnson. let's just start by looking at these signs signs that the virus is spreading. >> i think we have seen different outbreaks in the three countries guinea was the first infected country and then lie bore yeah was hit very hard. seeger rah leyon is the most effected region where i am bounced and it
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has taken a while ever the the response to kick in, so we have seen large numbers of what we are hoping is that early in 2015, we will start to see a significant reduction the real question is how do we end the outbreak spirally. it and may be we need a different response. going door to door to trace every contact, but also making sure every hospital is prepared. so they are instantly able to isolate those cases, because kit be a long period, and small outbreaks continue to crop up. obviously for a lot of people, finding a vaccine
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would be the close close to this, do you think it would be the miracle cure? it would be great news, the we have seen a major effort, looking at vaccines and i think we have some candidates that certainly seem to be passing early stage human trials. what we don't know is if they will really work. over the next year, we should get more data, i think they will help, but probably won't be a magic bullet, i think the secret probably to tackling are some of the more old fashion techniques in the past, particularly around effected hospitals. >> it's great to have you in the studio in london, but it is by chance, because you are here i am assuming by the holidays and you have been out there for more than a year, nearly two years you have seen this whole thing develop, what tongue we have learned?
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when the outbreak first started. and i think what we thought at the beginning and what the world health organization others were telling sufferings there's probably going to be conventional outbreaks, small, rural, what we have seen is something unprecedented. much larger in scale, one of which is we possibly don't have as much capacity as we thought as an international community, to intervene in these humanitarian crisises we probably these to strengthen our capacity, but the second thing is we need stronger health systems. so the work that kings was doing before, in investing and training hospitals, this sort of work will be critical. >> real pleasure talking to you from the kings college hospital sierra leyon partnership, thank you.
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a second term in office, she now has the challenge of getting brazil's struggling economy back on track. her priority would be to reign in public spending. lithuania has joined the euro zone, becoming the 19th country to do so. simon mcgregor woods reports. >> fireworks greet add new year, and a new currency. the 19th european union member to join the euro club. the last of the three former soviet baltic republics to do so where it's politician it was a moment to savor. >> the euro garned to political stability, it allow us to develop quicker, a lively economy that will create new workplaces. i strongly believe it will strength tenure row
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family. >> the symbolism of withdrawing the first note will not be lost on the increasingly aggressive neighbor russia. it is a sign that it is cementing the european. russia's muscle flexing has led to frequent russian incursions into baltic air space, most recently on christmas day an incident russia denies. for the 3 million people, there is understandable say row, the fears of economic uncertainty. >> since the borders are gone, the world became global, i think it is the best time to have the euro, if we close ourselves off, that might be patriotic but it is better to go global with the euro. >> we lithuaniaens are a bit afraid that we will
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wake up with higher prices. >> as others have discovered to their cost in recent years having the euro does not guarantee economic or political good times. al jazeera. staff from the european commission received many unusual gifts but strict rules means that many of them are gathering dust in a basement. he was known for his extensive central around the world, but like many colleagues, the former european commission president, collected a lot more than hand shakes on his travels. there are always gifts involved it is usually a question of give and take, and maybe a blessing or two but the rules state that commissioners can't keep any presents worth more than 150 euros, so they all end up in a deep dark vault, a place those who work here call alibaba's
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cave. >> of course we are always honored when we receive the gifts because we are part of the diplomatic exchange, so it is important we treat all those gifts with the biggest respect they require. and afterwards of course, they then come here to the alibaba cave how about these carved chairs bring your own accusation. a traditional knife algeria, think of the bureaucracy that could cut through and this from russia. >> while officials often receive some sort of accolade, he is getting an honorary doctorate there's usually a physical momentum too this instrument made it's way back to belgium alongside portraits of your favorite figures. >> this one for example is from turkey, featuring
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former commissioner. >> while many objects languish here for years some are sold at auction the sales are raised $12 million for charities and social projects still you have to wonder. >> a lot more on the website, the al today ray like back at 2014. >> i was not a ham. i am ham and cheese serve odds a platter. i was ridiculous. in the last year, you have heard from icons pool is a makers and people creating national debates. the war on drugs has done more than anything we can think of. those at the frontlines for the battle of marriage equality.