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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> a retrial ordered for three al jazeera journalists jailed in egypt. >> we have the world news from al jazeera. coming up, a stampede at a news celebration in shanghai. 35 people are killed in china's commercial capital. >> whoever dreams of destroying afghanistan, they will be destroyed. >> president afghani tells troops afghanistan lies in their hands as they take over from nato forces. >> the recovery operation of the
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airasia flight 8501, only eight bodies found so far of the 162 people onboard. >> we begin in egypt where an appeals court order add retrial for three al jazeera journal you have thes jailed for more than a year. the three remain in custody and it's not clear when they'll be back in court. al jazeera says the original trial was flowed, and is demanding their immediate release. as a reminder of the case, the three were arrested in cairo december 29, 2013, after a trial they were sentenced in june, peter to seven years in jail, the third to 10 years. the sentencing was condemned around the world. cairo announce add judicial review with a hearing on the case january 1. judgevilles were held to mark
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one year since their arrest. we have more. >> they never saw a minute of freedom in 2014 and with with the start of a new year, they remain imprisoned. despite an appeals court granting a retrial the three journalists are still behind bars. the judge in thursday's session said it was not in his power to grant bail. >> we welcome the court's decision to accept the appeal of our journalists, but at the same time, we demand that they are immediately released. they are unjustly imprisoned. everything is politicized their arrest and the verdicts were also politicized. >> their arrests were thought to be a mix up foreaccredittations. over time, it became clear that the government under president assisi had other intention.
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peter, a correspondent who was an africa specialist but knew little about egypt was clearly as amazed as shocked by the idea that he was linked in some way to what the government in cairo described as terrorists. of course, exactly the same could be said for his team. by mid january much of the international media was demanding the release of the three, as well. the hash tag went viral and in the u.s., the u.k. and elsewhere, respected journalists all came out to say that their treatment was a threat to the entire journalistic community trying to report from egypt. the trial failed to come up with anything against the three men which could even vaguely have been said to incriminate them. a video of sheep herding foot on this from a different channel
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entirely were found on their lap tops. >> the investigation presented video evidence. the videos have no criminal indictment whatsoever toward the detainees. to the fury of the world the men were convicted and jailed. for the men's family, it was the lowest point of a desperate year. >> darkest day was the sentence. it still remains enamel rip as just an awful awful nightmare. >> it was a farce. no witnesses appeared in the trial. i wonder how they were indicted and sentenced in the first place. there isn't a single piece of evidence against them. >> world leaders including president obama denounced the court ruling. >> the issue of the al jazeera journalists in egypt we've been clear publicly and privately that they should be released. >> for all that, the egyptian government stood behind the court, arguing that it had not
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been a political decision and that it was now up to the appeals process to determine what should happen next. now that a retrial has been ordered, there is hope that this horrible ordeal will be over soon. until then, though, al jazeera and journalists everywhere will maintain the public campaign, because journalism i guess not a crime. al jazeera doha. >> al jazeera has given its response, the egyptian authorities have a simple choice, free these men quickly or continue to string this out all the while continuing this injustice and harming the image of their own country in the eyes of the world. they should choose the former. >> the british government hopes the retrial is conducted swiftly. a foreign office statement says the u.k. has had serious concerns about these arrests from the outset. the foreign secretary and prime minister ever raised them with the egyptian government.
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protecting and upholding the fundamental human rights contained within the egyptian constitution is essential to building a stable prosperous and democratic egypt. >> his fiancee is reacting to the retrial. >> i can't imagine he will stay for a year in prison. he just applied to the egyptian presidency and prosecutor for him to be deported and treated as a canadian citizen and to continue the trial there. i'm still waiting for a miracle to happen. >> we'll speak he to a freelance swedish journalist joining us by skype from stockholm. you had experience of being jailed while doing your job, i
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am prisoned in ethiopia and released on a pardon. that must have been frightening for you. >> about the worst thing being in jail is not knowing what will happen. once you are there all news is kind of good news, because then you have something to rely on. i think that when they received the message today it's as good as it gets without being set free. they will just have to wash their white prison guards and take a teaspoon of cement and get ready for the retrial. on the one hand, it is positive that the prosecutor discredits the trial and calls for a retrial, because as we heard evidence shown, these sheep these holiday pictures and so on were no evidence at all. on the other hand, i feel that we must never never forget that this is an ongoing international scandal. we have three innocent colleagues in jail for more than a year. a year has been taken from their lives just for doing their jobs,
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for speaking to all parts in a conflict and doing their jobs as journalists. this is the real scandal that this keeps going this theater this farce and we just have to play along a little while longer, but i think that now is the time, really, to boost the campaign to boost their morale and showing them, but i am worried about this development where journalists are treated as terrorists and thrown in jail for doing their job and that country after country is taking after them. we can see that it doesn't have any consequences, there hasn't been any political financial diplomatic consequences for egypt or turkey for throwing colleagues in jail. we learn that this is a form of censorship, throwing journalists in jail. it will force journalists into exile and make even foreign
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journalists scared from reporting. >> what has happened has been as you were mentioning there a worldwide campaign, putting the spotlight on egypt putting the spotlight on their practice of jail journalists. do you think outside pressure works in situations like this? >> i think it's crucial. it's more important than food and water for the particular journalist. the worst thing you fear is being forgotten and to see this support, amazing coalition coming together to protect free speech is the hopeful thing in this darkness, that you can jail journalists, but never jail journalism. it's necessary that you push egypt, and to push our own politicians for the case to buy flight tickets down to cairo now and put press freedom on top of their agenda. jail a journalist, it should be
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like frying to panda at the local zoo the world should go bonanza, but this is not the case. this needs to change. the way is by global campaigns. i think the al jazeera campaign for the a.j. staff has been tremendously important and kept journalists out of jail. i think states have thought twice before arresting more journalists during the last year, when they see that its comes with a price it comes with they will be named and they will be shamed internationally. it's tremendously important. >> let's hope that campaign helps free our staff. thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you. >> let's get other news now. it's ban tragic start to 2015 in china. more than 35 people died in a stampede in shanghai. we have a report. >> a nice of revelry quickly turned chaotic. this is the scene of what
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started as a news celebration. instead, the injured lie on the ground, run down in a stampede on the water front district. it started just before midnight. police are investigating the cause. >> we were down stairs, and wanted to move up. those upstairs wanted to move down. we were pushed down by the people coming from above. all those trying to move up fell down on the stairs. >> local media say witnesses reported coupons being thrown into the crowd that looked like dollar bills. pictures have appeared on social media. it is a popular spot in the in the city with restored buildings and streets. a week ago the local government canceled the news show to improve traffic flow, but it's
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hard to cancel tradition. it is a gathering place for major events, so people went there anyway, apparently in the thousands. it's not clear what crowd control measures were in place but it seems whatever it was it wasn't enough. al jazeera beijing. >> coming up, it's a new year, but will it be a new beginning? north carolina's leader is open to talks with the south. >> the evolution of a revolution in cuba, how communism is changing. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. an egyptian appeals court ordered a retrial for three al jazeera journalists who have been jailed for more than a year. an appeal was accepted from the lawyers, but it's unclear when they'll be back in court. >> it's ban tragic start to the new year in china where 35 people have been killed in a stampede during new year's celebrations along the city's waterfront. >> the afghan police and military have taken over security of the country from nato forces. a stray bomb apparently fired by the afghan army killed 26 women and children at a wedding party. from cob pull, everi have glass reports. >> the president gathered senior
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government officials his predecessor and members of the coalition in the palace. he told security forces the honor of afghanistan now lies in their hands. he instructed them to follow the rule of law. >> afghan security forces have to implement law should not do anything against sharia. your acts should be the pride of the nation. >> he promised promotions education and accommodation for the forces and has a warning for the countries neighbors that if there's not peace in afghanistan, there won't be peace in the region. >> no one can drown afghanistan. whoever dreams of destroying afghanistan, they will be destroyed. >> but afghanistan has considerable internal problems, and its people are often caught in the middle. >> foreign forces have gone home but afghanistan is still
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not safe. afghanistan is sacrificing its children. >> heavy fighting between the alan and government forces killed 26 and wounded 45, all women and children. a rocket landed on the house while they were celebrate ago wedding, a brutal beginning to the new year. >> if this kind of incident happened to the families of the president and the chief executive, then they will understand our pain. the people gathered here are asking the government why should we be suffering and why is the government not feeling our pain. >> civilian casualties hit an all time high in 2014 with 10,000 killed or wounded. that the presidential medal were given to afghans and members of the coalition and praised women saying no one has suffered more. >> he said he is making progress on a peace process with the taliban, but he and his chief
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executive still do not have a cabinet. they promise to name one within a week. it's not the first time he's promise that had and failed to meet the deadline. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, cab bum. >> the united states says the palestinian authority bid to join the international criminal court is counter predictive. authority president abbas launched the bid to pursue israelis for war crimes if successful. his announcement follows the rejection of a resolution demanding an end to the israeli occupation of palestinian territories within the next two years. >> israel's prime minister has won the backing of his party to lead it into the general election in marsh. israeli media says benjamin netanyahu has an overwhelming lead over his challenger, former defense minister. >> this was the moment benjamin netanyahu knew he would be prime
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minister for a second time. although it wasn't until months later that he would form his coalition government, there was little doubt that he would lead israel. when elections were called for marsh 17 he, his political future now looks less certain. >> there are no clear achievements in terms of economic reforms structural reforms, government reforms achievements in the foreign policy on the palestinian front. >> the party which means consolidation was created in 1973, an alliance of right wing and liberal parties forged by a politician gagan. he was the leader of an armed pro designist group and elected added prime minister in 1977, marking the first time the left leaning labor party lost power. the beginning of the rule lasted near four decades. >> it's still a strong political
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brand, but this political institution is stagnant and needs to undergo major changes. >> a former general helped several ministerial posts after retiring from the military, but it was his time at minister of defense that is most controversial. he was excused of helping orchestrate the massacre of 3,500 people, mostly palestinians living in the refugee camps during the 1982 lebanon war. the allegation followed him for the rest of his career, but he was still elected as prime minister in 2001. four years later web shocked many by ordering israeli's did he say engagement from the gaza strip, although the move to dispel israeli settlers was popular among the wider electorate but sparked bitter differences within the party. >> the main cashing san
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francisco of the decision weren't the policy merits, whether it was the right or the wrong, but the main impressive side of it was the fact that it managed to follow it through in many ways against all odds. >> still under benjamin netanyahu's leadership, gaza remained under a crippling economic blockade and endured three separate wars. >> though the party has a complex legacy, but one thing is increasingly certain as the party drifts further to the righted, a final settlement with the palestinians is becoming that much harder to reach. >> al jazeera west jerusalem. >> the iraqi government says more than 15,000 people were killed in 2014, making it the deadliest year in the past seven years. the islamic state of iraq and the levant fighters attacked an army bar rack, killing soldiers.
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at least 17 were injured. >> north korea's leader is proposing talks with the south. reaction is being gauged. >> for the second year running kim jong-un used his new year's speech raising a possible summit with his south korean neighbor. >> there is no reason not to hold the highest level summit. we'll make every effort to advance dialogue and cooperation. >> he also said such talks couldn't take place while south korea he i can't carried out military drills with the u.s., a twice yearly event and reaffirmed his country's nuclear weapons policy. >> we he proved clearly how right it is we support our leaders, strengthen our nuclear
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defense. >> kim's offer follows a briefing suggesting initial talks this month. the south korean president own news message he promised to lead pyongyang toward trust and change and eventual reunification. >> she has said she would be willing to meet kim jong-un but only fit would offer the prospect for real progress. it's the seventh anniversary of the end of the second world war which here also means the end of japanese colonial rule and the beginning of the north-south divide. >> if 2000 phinisees a summit, it would be the third after the earlier meetings in 2000 and 2007 between kim jong-il and two different south korean presidents. getting to that stage would be fraught with difficulty. south korea wants to see the north take steps towards nuclear
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disarmament, pyongyang will continue the development of nuclear weapons as policy. >> two more poised from the airasia flight 8501 have been recovered from the sea he, but only eight of the 162 passengers and crew have been found so far. the airbus took off from indonesia and from there we have the latest. >> more than 24 hours after bodies were found floating in the ocean, they ever failed to find more victims. improved weather conditions ever allowed investigators to fly over the area with they suspect the plane may be. relatives are becoming frustrated. joseph and his wife are waiting for four days for news about their 23-year-old son. >> my son is going there with his friends, five of his friends, i think to celebrate
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the new year over there. my other son is in singapore, so they're going to meet over there. >> he and his wife have from you from their home down in indonesia to put up the pressure. >> of course i'm feeling frustrated. >> taking too long. >> that's right. we are hoping they can do it much faster than that. >> it's a painful wait for the relatives here while the airline company tries to support them as much as possible, they are going i am patient. they want to see news about their loved once as soon as possible. >> despite earlier reports of a shadow of the plane underwater, rescuers have not located it. no signal from the black box has been detected. a ship with an underwater locator beacon is in the area. >> we tried to keep the noise
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level low so that's why so you will have to proceed very, very slowly. otherwise, if you -- like if you use the very fast ship, the noise of course will interfere with the signal. that's a handicap. >> two victims found wednesday were finally taken to the mainland on borneo island after a boat ride facing high waves. they have been brought for identification. out of respect for the air disaster, new year's cell braces were canceled. it did not stop thousands of people, some lighting candles to pray for the victims among them many were hoping to celebrate the new year in singapore. al jazeera, indonesia. >> the start of a new year is also the 56th anniversary of the communist revolution in cuba. the final days of 2014 saw a major announcement from the
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united states on restoring diplomatic relations, but the crippling embargo remains. we have more from havana on cuba's hopes and fears for 2015. >> january 1 cell braided in cuba's socialist revolution, when a then rebel with a disorderly beard rode in with his band of revolutionaries after the united states backed dictator fell in defeat. castro's politics brought free health care and education but also an embargo and isolation from the u.s. that left both governments stuck in a cold war stare down. >> in the end, more than 50 years passed and nobody has won with the blockade. >> today there's been a revolution of the evolution.
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under brother raul, people can track and be more interconnected. if the form of socialism is to continuity 50 years it might need help. cubans are exhausted from years of shortages of basic goods. if the embargo is lifted, tourists could booster the economy. >> after the deal with the u.s., people started saying cuba could become a playground of capitalism. some people ever said the streets of havana could be overrun with mcdonald's and starbucks. is that really cuba's future. raul castro answered that with a resounding no. >> the economic system that will prevail will continue to be based on the people's
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essentialist ownership over the fundamental means of production. >> for a country living in a world where the speed of change is faster than ever, it's perhaps easier said than done. >> i think that the biggest pending issue with socialism has been providing an efficient economy within the framework of the state and that is just what cuba's socialist model hasn't been able to provide. >> for cuba, maintaining the ideals of an anti capitalist revolution remain paramounted but sorting out how to do that while cozying up to uncle sam. >> finally, there have been traditional celebrations world wild to welcome in the new year. australians along sydney harbor, an estimated 1 billion t.v. viewers tuned in to watch the spectacular start to 2015. >> in dubai, record breaking displace lit up a tower into a
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giant beacon. >> new york city proved its reputation as a city that never speaks, hundreds watching the famous ball drop in times square. . >> 2014 was not the year when americans had an honest heart to heart. we yelled at each other plenty though. that's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. when the team that puts inside story together for you day after