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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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chasing bail only on al jazeera america >> welcome from doha. this is the news hour with ongoing coverage of the situation in gaza. an attack in the busy area where 15 people killed. [ crying ] earlier on wednesday, shelling hit an u.n. schoolhouse killing 19. also in the news hour, out of control, doctors without borde
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, ebola in west africa. an >> hello, everyone, first of all gaza and what hams is calling another massacre. 17 people were killed in market in. densely populated area. more than 100 people were killed in the same area just over a week ago you might remember. hamas said it will respond firmly. there has been fighting on this wednesday afternoon and evening in two of the areas of the gaza strip. the death toll in gaza up above 1300 and 7,200 people injured since the israeli hostilities began three weeks ago. an israeli tank shell hit a
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shelter. this report. >> reporter: doctors work frantically to treat the wounded. the hospital was overwhelmed after the israelis shelled an u.n. school just after dawn. this woman was asleep when the attack happened. >> all of a sudden tank shells started falling all around us. we were showered with shrapnel. men and women and children were running everywhere. it was terrifying. >> a chaotic scene at the hospital. while people here no doubt are mourning the loss of their loved ones they're also asking where they can stay that is safe. >> reporter: this classroom was supposed to be safe. all that is left are the remnants of the lives of people
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who took shelter here shortly after israel began bombarding the gaza strip three weeks ago. this is not the first time that a school has been hit by the israeli military. this likely won't be the last. >> there is no safe place in gaza. not in school, not at mosque. people came to this u.n. school for shelter. i have no idea what to tell them, where to go. >> reporter: this woman shows me where she and 20 of her family members sleep. it's only steps away from the vas roothe classrooms that were destroyed. >> where am i supposed to sleep, in the street? i have nowhere else to go. >> reporter: a military spokeswoman said the attack is being reviewed, but that is small comfort for those who have no choice but to stay here.
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al jazeera, at the refugee camp in gaza. >> now we join nicole johnston there. nicole, the report telling us what happened at the u.n. tell us what happened in shujaya this afternoon. >> reporter: well, we're getting more information through about that now. initially it seemed that it was an attack on a market but now it seems to have been a large area of warehouses, workshops, garages, that kind of thing. close to a market, 100 meters away. we're told it was struck by three different airstrikes and the whole area has really been just leveled to the ground. now the first airstrike happened, people running to the area. they tried to help people, and then there were two more airstrikes which increased the number of injuries to more than 200. so that's the situation there that happened about two hours ago. hamas and islamic jihad are calling this a massacre.
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it happened on the edge of the area, not deep inside. so this really was just on the entrance to that neighbor. >> we saw this as well. >> the last day has been just as hard as previous days with 100 people killed. in the last few hours we've had airstrikes. three people were killed as well as one here. we can hear the israeli jets flying above. it seems as though it will be another difficult night in gaza. we can hear airstrikes and shelling in the distance but it's also happening right in the middle of gaza city.
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we were driving around a little bit earlier and we saw a strike not far from where we were. it goes to show that no place is safe in gaza at the moment. >> nicole, thanks. just before we came on air, we began speaking to the deputy spokesperson with the israeli ministry of foreign affairs. started by asking him how israels international standing and image has been affected by the recent attacks on the u.n. shelter. >> well, thank you for having me. it's always good to be here. we're in conversation with our friends around the world. they're fully aware of what's going on. i think that more so than ever before there is an awareness and an outstanding of the dilemma which is israel is facing. we didn't want to be in this conflict. we don't want to be in this conflict. we've done everything we can to get out of it.
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and we find ourselves up against a school of thought which has elevated suicide in society which amounts to nothing less than death. one time they're located in a school, next they're located next to a school. the same is true of hospitals, mosques and private homes. almost as if they have a desire to generate civilian casualty deaths on both sides. on the israeli sides because they hate us and on the palestinian side because of a cynical couldn't care less attitude. they want to be able to generate a public relations war against us. >> well, let me go back-- >> we don't know either-- >> your friends and i allies have an understanding of your dilemma. john kerry, secretary of state was caught on cam ray saying
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hell of a pinpoint operation. he was being sarcastic. the white house has just condemned israel's shelling of the gaza strip. your israels are not--that's not something that they're not understanding. they're actually condemning you here. >> well, i don't know how much condemning or conversing. i'll point out that you yourself just said that the request was made that israel meet it's own high standards. that's exactly the point here. the israeli military has taken unprecedented steps. we've set a higher bar for all militaries around the world in this very, very difficult conflict. this modern manifestation of warfare between the nation-state, the functional liberal democrats who abides by the rules in incredibly
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difficult situations and on the other hand the non-state acting out of uniform, inside civilian locations, using child soldiers. >> you're calling it a difficult conflict. and you're talking about rockets and people being hidden within a civilian population. the united nations gave you the coordinates of that school and it was still hit. israel is a member of the united nations as well. it's showing contempt for the organization by still hitting a school where the u.n. has said we are here. don't hit us. >> well, to be fair first of all we do not target the united nations installations. everybody is fully aware of the fact that we have a very good working relationship with the united nations, but the example that you are give something one which is being investigated.
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nobody knows whether it was israeli fire or whether it was hamas fire that actually hit the school. there is a chance that it was israeli fire. i'm not saying there isn't. but there was a chance that it was hamas fire. we do know that our troops in the area who were out decommissioning the tunnels which we have taken control of came under fire from hamas terror organization located adjacent to the school in the vicinity, and our troops returned fire in defense of action. whose fire hit the school is something that we need to find out right now. but the responsibility for hitting directly was a strategy of hamas. >> you're worried about rockets coming from schools and yes, there have been rockets in schools which they have dismantled and taken apart and taken away. they specifically said there was not a rocket in this school. but are you saying that there might be a rocket in a school,
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that there might be weapons in a school, that it makes it a fair target? the united nations gave you the coordinations. they're not happy with you at the moment. i interviewed them earlier today. they're not happy with you. >> no, no, not at all. i did not say that there was firing from the school. i said to you specifically that there was firing from hamas located adjacent to the school in the vicinity of the school. and that our troops came under attack in defending themselves responded and returned fire. now we still do not know who it was that actually hit the school. that is being investigated, and we will find out and if it was, of course, we wil we are well-known for our transparency. but what happened in the school lies directly with a murderous killer strategy of hamas which deliberately is drawing fire towards civilians.
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>> okay, let's root the conversation. i want to ask you a couple of other things. i want to you explain to us, our viewers and to people in gaza watching this, how is this going to end? how is israel defining the end of this operation? >> well, there are two paths we're going down simultaneously with the same goal. the goal is to find a formula whereby these organizations, these worshipers of death will no longer subject the civilians of israel, the israeli public to random attacks. now, i myself--what's the formula. that's a particular word you used. you said you want to find a farm la . >> that's exactly--this is exactly the challenge. this is exactly the challenge
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that as soon as we've identified israel and the international community the formula by which there is a guarantee that these terror organizations will no longer target our civilians, that's what the conversation is about, then there will be calm. when it's calm in israel it will be calm there. until such time, unfortunately, we didn't want to be in this conflict, but until such time as we find that formula the government of israel has no choice but to activate the military and to instruct the military to put an end to it. >> until such time you're having--sorry to interrupt you. you're happy to go open ended. is that what you're saying? you're happy to go open ended in this conflict until you have identified this formula? >> until such time we are extremely unhappy to have to pursue the military option. there is nobody on the israeli
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side of this conflict who is happy about it. let's be clear, the palestinian people are not our enemy. we would like nothing more than to resolve our differences with the palestinian people and the arab world at large. the hamas and other terror organizations in gaza are the primary obstacle from our being able to do that. they will do everything that they can possibly can to generate misery and death on both sides of this conflict. what we need to do, and we've seen both the european union and the united states in the last couple of days standing shoulder to shoulder with israel on this issue. disarm the organization, and it's been clear that gaza needs to be demilitarized. >> we've just heard from paul hirsh the moment of foreign
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ministry. >> the israeli occupation is not interested in any truce. humanitarian or otherwise. it's lying regarding the truce. they say five times. hamas has accepted all the offers and today the occupation in order to conceive an one one-sided truce for four hours. four hours are worthless. >> well, israel has confirmed three of its soldiers have been killed today. we go to more about that. also, three more deaths, up now to 50 for israeli soldiers there. >> that's right. 59 israeli deaths, 56 soldiers,
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two israeli civilians and one thai national who was in israel at the time. these are from various events that have been happening. we know there have been major events as far as israeli soldier fatalities are concerned. a few days ago there was what was called an filtration where some palestinian fighters came up through a tunnel on the eastern side of israel on the border of gaza. and the soldiers repelled the fighters, but five soldiers were killed. the death toll in terms from the israeli side is growing, and people, the israelis are concerned about it. >> let's talk of other issues. there is a brief cease-fire that didn't amount to anything.
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what is next, are there any plans afoot of cease-fire or truce talks? >> reporter: the israeli military have not made a statement as a result of that. but as far as israel is concerned permanent cease-fire is no imminent. the military has been asked for continuous bombardment of gaza and continue to destroy the tunnels. the tunnels have been a big issue for the military. they'll tell you that even the israeli military was surprised by the network of tunnels that has been discovered. and they're continuing to target the tunnels. as i heard from the interview earlier the question is when is the end point? at which point will the israeli military pull out. that's something that everyone is asking. the israeli military is likely to continue these tunnels until it can pull out and claim
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victory to israeli, until it can say that we have destroyed x number of tunnels and we have significantly damaged hamas infrastructure to the point where we will have fired. that raises the bigger question, when will the bigger issues, namely the lifting of the siege, the opening of the crossing, and you know, improving the lives for palestinians who have been living this way for many years. >> thank you, live in west jerusalem with that update. the agency that run the united nations school that we've been talking about, the one that was hit on wednesday morning has strongly condemned violating international law. diplomatic editor james bays, spoke with the spokesman for the u.n. relief. >> shocked indignation.
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that's why we've condemned this in the strongest possible terms in international law. we've moved away from humanitarian action alone. we're now in the realm o. >> according to our assessments this is israeli artillery, and there are no doubts about that. >> is it possible that this could be an accident, they didn't know where the school was. >> reporter: we've seen the school hit directly. children sleeping next to their parents on the floor have been killed. it is an affront to humanity, and the world should hang its head in shame. >> have you told them. >> 17 times we gave the coordinates of the school and that many people have taken
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refuge there. >> how should the international community respond? >> we made it quite clear that it's time for accountability. we made it quite clear that those with the power to act should take political action. we've reached breaking point. our staff are being killed. our shelters are completely overrun. israelis are telling people to leave. leaving people with no shelter, no food, no blankets. we have to be concerned. >> you were a professional journalist, so you're used to seeing these sorts of things, but how does it effect you when you see what is happening on the ground of gaza today. >> misbeyond belief that in the 21st century that children and women, men, civilian men are subjected to this. the palestinians have every
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single one of their rights denied them including the right to life, and that includes children. it is an abomination. it needs to end. >> let's check out the international reaction. we go to patty our correspondent in washington, d.c. there is condemnation from washington, but i'll let you explain it because it seems that the devil is in the detail, the wording and semantics. >> reporter: well, that's true. they are using the word that they condemn the attack of the school, but they are not going as far as to say they condemn israel. the u.n. as you just heard is absolutely 100% convinced this is an israeli shell. the u.s. said it still needs to investigate but it's not explaining how it plans to investigate given what is happening on the ground in gaza. they're saying that the u.n. facilities should not be targeted but they won't go as a far to say that they will always be illegitimate target or these u.n. facilities are illegally targeted.
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they're being very careful in their language. >> can ahead up the road with with you patty from the white house to the capitol hill and the senate and it's funding for iron dome. what is happening there? >> reporter: stroncongress is the power base fo in this town. they've been expressing their support. and now they express their support with money. they havthey will give israel $6 million for iron dome missile defense. and we know they'll fork out $220 million for more missiles for iron dome. they plan to make than an emergency supplemental. the president president obama said there needs to be an immediate cease-fire, but congress, and this is important, vast majority of congress is not telling israel to stop. they're telling israel they need
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to do whatever they can can do defend themselves. if the president is trying to put up a yellow light on this, congress is not. >> thank you, patty. our white house correspondent live from washington. although it's unsafe for people in gaza to leave their homes, they have no choice. we go to charles stratford who met some who are going to great lengths to feed their families. >> reporter: they know there is risk of an israeli airstrike, but they need bread to feed their families. queues are getting stronger every day. many have left the area that has been destroyed by israeli bombing. >> even though we're afraid we can't go without bread. because there are so many people needing food. >> because there is no security in gaza, in where save for to go, people start queuing for bread and other produce they can get early in the morning.
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this queue started at 7:30. people have been standing on the streets literally risking their lives until the bakery closes around 9:00. the bakery has been here for generations. it produces hundreds of thousands of breads and pace trees every day. it uses solar powered generators so over the years it has avoided problems of power outages. but many small businesses like this have been hit by israeli airstrikes. the bakery won't sell more than 100 breads per person. >> i waited two hours to buy 100 pieces of bread. with over 20 people in my house it's not enough. i'll come back early tomorrow to get more. >> many stores are closed since the conflict began. and many are buying for relatives who have been forced to escape the bombardment. >> we have so many people staying at my house. we have no drinkable water or
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electricity. i am old and weak but i come because we need bread. >> reporter: 100 breads cost 100 shekels, that's about $33. >> the more rockets fall, the more we need. >> reporter: more wait to come to the door. >> i waited four hours to buy 50 pieces of bread for my family. i have more than 200 people in my building. i'm not afraid because god will protect me. >> reporter: like food faith brings comfort for this confli conflict. he pay force his bread and steps outside. >> a short time ago we had this update from the united nations in new york on the unfolding humanitarian situation in gaza. >> everything that is required to provide life-saving support to the population both in terms
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of supplies and how to get those supplies to the people has become impossible for us to do what we're expected to do. the level of frustration among the population is very high at the moment. you know, they feel that the world has lost it's humanity, that it's lost its sense of realization of what they're going through. this is the most intensive round of conflict they've ever experienced, and this is a place that has gone through many rounds of conflict. it's four times more people displaced than last time around. >> so much happening with gaza and concerning the situation in the middle east you'll find it all at that's where we keep updating with the latest.
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you'll find it all at still ahead on this news hour why the so-called vulture funds are bringing anger from argentina over repaying it's debt. los angeles' famed sunset boulevard finds itself underwater. we have that story and the rest of the stories in this news hour. >> praying on the vulnerable >> i have nothing to hide, if i was a scam artist, i would have cut and run from here >> surrogacy inc.
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>> i know what i want, i know what i have to do to get it. >> revealing, intimate, unexpected >> you will not believe what just happened. >> this is life >> i'm just gonna prove my family wrong. >> "on the edge eighteen" coming september only on al jazeera america >> the headlines for you this news hour at least 17 people in gaza have been killed by an israeli airstrike. hamas is calling it a massacre and says it requires a strong response. it takes the total number killed to 1300. and there has been heavy fighting. israel confirmed three of its soldiers killed bringing the number of israeli soldiers killed to 56. nine people died in a strike on an u.n. school. the white house has condemned their shelling. let's talk to political
2:31 pm
analysts. on that point, about the u.s. condemnation, patty earlier said that the white house was sort of careful to condemn the actions not the country. what is your take on that? >> reporter: well, you know, washington has been treading carefully in recent days. it has been the subject of barrage. white house is not happy with the escalation in gaza. but at the same time i was just reading seconds ago that it is resupplying israel with 120-millimeter mortars and grenades as well as financing more of its so-called iron dome. so it's actually perplexing that on the one hand the united states speaks about the humanitarian problem of the escalation, but on the other
2:32 pm
hand its supplying israel with the very means that are leading to the disaster in gaza. >> i don't know if you heard the interview i did with paul hirsh when i put it to him that john kerry and the white house a had not been happy. he said i don't know if that's condemning or conversing. he said that the dialogue is going on because the underlying support is always there. >> reporter: as it was once said it is a family feud. it's just that the father is unhappy with the spoiled brat son of his that continues to embarrass the family and continues to go on like other neighbors and the likes and the son needs to be restrained but the father's love for the son does not go away. it is something that has to be dealt with in the family.
2:33 pm
unfortunately this are two states. one is looking more and more like a rogue state and the superpower is protecting it in that vote in the united nations human rights council. so it seems to me that despite the tension between the white house and the government, washington remains complicit in what goes on in gaza, and it needs to answer for that. >> thank you. good to talk to you. our senior political analysts. we'll go back to gaza and talk to nicole johnston. i just want to bring you back. to update us and remind us of what has happened, particularly what happened in shajeya. >> reporter: what happened in shejuya is becoming clearer. first it seemed that there was a tank shelling on a market area. that was the information coming out. but we're now told that it was three separate airstrikes on one very large area that has a
2:34 pm
warehouses, workshops, and industrial area with garages that mechanics operate there. a number of people were injured. some were killed. we're told that more people came to that area to try to help them, and in that time two more air strikes were carried out. media arrived on the scene very quickly. you can see the terrible pictures of people lying injured. there is a lot of blood. medics rushing, really, an awful scene that on the edge of shujayea, an area that has suffered so much already. on the edge of shujayea. not right inside it. because the neighborhood of shujayea has been pretty much emptied out. this was on the outskirts of it. aside from shujayea there have
2:35 pm
been a number of people killed in various parts of gaza. the shelling has continued around that border area. around 100 people have been killed, so it's been just as hard today as it has been over the last couple of days. >> nicole johnston reporting live from gaza. thank you. >> we'll look at other news in nigeria four people have been killed in another attack. seven others have been injured. the police brief the attack was carried out by a female suicide-bomber. we'll check in to abuja. there was a ten-year-old girl involved as well. tell us more. >> indeed, just in the past few hours the government spokesman here had confirmed to us that
2:36 pm
during a regular checkpoint on highway in the northern part of the state, the police stopped the car and they were searching the car and found a ten-year-old girl with explosives strapped to her body. there were two other people in the car. a man and 18-year-old girl. both apparently tried to run with the car but were stopped by the police. all three are currently in custody. they're being interrogated, and the police managed to detonate the bomb on site. this of course comes after four dramatic days in the northern city of kano, the largest city in the capitol in the north. as of sunday there have been four suicide attacks carried out by female bombers. they witness the aftermath of these attacks firsthand, a sense of shock and disbelief across the city, and of course a renewed heightened security alert there. here's the story.
2:37 pm
>> this is just another workday when a wild explosion happened across the street. when he looked out there was a cloud of dust. people were running. a boy missing a leg screaming. the police said it was the work of a female suicide-bomber. >> i have never heard of a woman doing something like this before. it's scary. you well have to be on the lookout. >> this was one of four locations hit in recent days in kano by suicide-bombers said to be under 20. the female bomber came to this back gate of the shopping complex. security guards said she looked suspicious. he asked her to lift her veil. that's when she detonated the bomb she was carrying, injuring six people. at this gas station three people were killed when the attacker blue herself up among women lining up to buy kerosene. there have been no claim of responsibility, boko haram is
2:38 pm
being widely blamed. the new trend officials say appears to be tactical. >> president johnson said that the use of women for suicide-bombers is a new low in the campaign by these terrorists. boko haram's kidnapping of 270 squirrel girls brought global attention to the abuses, but the group had been abducting women since 2012. they saids in response for the government targeting suspects' family members. the first reported use of a suicide family bomber was this year. shortly after that the military issued a statement saying these three women were arrested nor allegedly spying for boko haram
2:39 pm
as well as recruiting females to join the so-called women wing of the group. >> it may not be their choice. there may be some elements of force. what i believe is that there is some sort of brainwashing involved. >> reporter: with a notoriously propaganda and savvy leadership boko haram's use of women is a trend that is expected to continue. now of course the shock has not been confined only to the northern state of kano. many people across the country are wondering, asking, there has been speculation about the identity of these girls. who are they? are they widows and orphans as some officials are suggesting, or something more sinister is going on here. so far the group has not made- made--boko haram has not made any announcement or released anything about the female suicide-bombers. the question remains what the
2:40 pm
motive is exactly. the impact, the attraction, it's drawing very strong. >> thank you for that. live in abuja for us in this news hour. now at least one airline has suspended up a it's fights from liberia and sierr sierra leone because of the ebola disease. it is now out of control. >> reporter: another life lost to ebola in west africa. it is already the worst ever outbreak of the virus, even the man at the forefront of earths to stop it in sierra leone has succumbed. he was hailed a hero for his work fighting ebola on tuesday it killed him. experts at the facility where he worked fear they're losing the battle. >> this is the first time i've treated an epidemic of this size. there are hundreds of deaths.
2:41 pm
we can't control the epidemic. it's growing in all directions and we have few resources. >> reporter: highly infectious and more often than not fatal, ebola has no vaccine. it travels easily. since march there have been more than 1200 cases in guinea, liberia, sierra leone and now nigeria resulting in nearly 700 deaths. with extensive travel links between west africa and the world there are concerns as far afield as the united kingdom. a person incubating the ebola virus may look well enough to get on a plane, so in london ministers gathered for an emergency meeting. >> the message i want to send out is by meeting to look at the issues to evaluate the eched we are acting early to make sure that we put in place any necessary precautionary measures to keep the u.k. safe.
2:42 pm
>> as a precaution one of the biggest airlines in the region has stopped flights to sierra leone and liberia. but this historic outbreak will be extremely hard to control. al jazeera. >> i want to bring in the head of the humanitarian response at the charity action aid. we thank you for your time. doctors without borders say it's out of control. it could be used to cover a lot. do you think this is genuine, this is not controllable now? >> it's looking very much that way. i think what we've seen with ebola cases in the past in the past two months or so when a disease fades out, this one has been lasting five months and still growing growing from district to district. >> you hear about flights being canceled in and out of liberia
2:43 pm
and sierra leone, i wonder is that too big of a picture at moment? it has to be hit on the ground a lot harder first? >> well, i think that's very much the case. i can understand why airlines might want to take precautions and why the u.k. government does, but i think the concern is that the real issue is between the communities of sierra leone, ginea and liberia and working on the front line to stop the spread of the disease. it's a disease that spreads through contact. you need to be close to where the contact is happening to get in its way and break the transition cycle. >> the doctor leading the charge contracted it himself and died himself which shows you how fast this can move. it was only a week. i guess how is the question. how do do you stop this sort of thing? how do you limit how much it spreads? >> i think if we all knew the answer we would have managed to do something more about it than
2:44 pm
we have done already. what we know is that it's a disease that spreads by contact by bodily fluids and with infected people and their beddings and things like that. so in many respects it's the best we can do is education. talk to people, how you prevent it and the steps you need to take when people do have the disease. one of the challenges, of course, actually it's quite an inhumane disease in the way it's manifested. if someone is ill, a friend or a loved one is ill, you want to draw towards them and be with them. you have to tell people that you can't. >> just a quick thought. >> it's quite difficult for people to hear. >> can you get ahead of it. can you say that everything is reactionary. is there any possible way to get ahead of it? >> well, the way you try to get ahead of it is working not just in the areas that are infected by working in the areas next to that where the spread is most
2:45 pm
likely to happen next. that's why we've been working action aid in the districts not the most infected but the ones on the front line where trade happens where marketplaces, people come and go and are working with communities there to make sure that they understand the risks. so far what we've seen we have a 45-day plan where we're halfway through, and thankfully spread has not grown as much as we feared it might when we started the process. >> we thank you for your time today to talk about ebola. two people in india have been killed in a land slide. heavy rain caused a landslide. more than 150 people are thought to be trapped. argentina's president said that the government will ignore an u.s. court order to repay it's debts. it has until wednesday midnight in new york to resolve it's long
2:46 pm
running dispute. many argentinians are hoping that they might be paid as well. >> the dispute, the cases, the waiting all stemmed from 2001 when orgeat defaulted on debts of $100 billion. many lost everything on a country who has been through years of economic and social turmoil. governments reached an agreement with most of their creditors to pay some of what they were owed, those creditors feeling something was better than nothing. but few held out. this man is one of them. >> my country takes 13 years, 14 years to give me what is mine. i didn't send my kids to the college they wanted. i couldn't give my parents the healthcare they deserve. who is to blame, me or the
2:47 pm
country. >> argentina supporters call him the little vulture. the big vulture are u.s. hedge funds who bought up debt. >> we have to make our plan with the united states. we were lucky to go to the u.s. because here we couldn't do anything. >> the argentine president said her government is honoring its debt to those it has done deals with but it cannot forward to pay those holding out for the full amount. the judge warned argentina not to risk default saying people, not vultures will be heard. all sides continue to negotiate through conflicting ideologies. what is legal or illegal, moral or immoral.
2:48 pm
many watch and wait while the situation out of their hands continues to unfold. al jazeera, buenos aires. >> still ahead this news hour sports news. the tennis world record has been broken in california. we'll find out where th the reports in just a moment.
2:49 pm
>> just before we head to sport a reminder of what is happening in gaza this wednesday. there was an israeli air strike that killed 17 people. hamas is calling it a massacre
2:50 pm
and said it requires a strong response leaving the number killed in gaza more than 1800. the u.n. school hill in sh shujalea. thethe u.n. does operate shelters in the gaza strip with 240,000 people living in those facilities. we've also heard on the humanitarian side of things, the u.n. humanitarian chief said gaza requires much needed aid which can only be delivered with a pause in the fighting. >> we are very keen to have a sustainable locked in cease-fire. this will make the biggest difference on the ground. in the meantime any humanitarian
2:51 pm
stall in the fighting that allows supplies and that allows us to come in with much needed aid, of course we would value that, but ultimately we need a long-term cease-fire. >> well, we now go to sports. >> reporter: thank you so much. the head of argentina's football agency has died. the 82-year-old was admitted to the hospital earlier on wednesday after suffering a heart attack. also known as the godfather became head of the afa in 1979. he also served a as a senior vice president of fifa. argentina has won the world cup in 1986 and lost the final in 1990 and 2014. real madrid was anything but friendly. midfielders say that they
2:52 pm
refused to shake real's pepe's hand and later threw a water bottle at him. now this game in texas was also interrupted by a small pitch invasion. english premiere league said it will use banning spray for the first time. this spray is to stop players from encroaching a free kick. and it then disappears a minute later. announcing international retirement. the 38-year-old quit test cricket last year and changed his mind on playing one-day cricket. kallis is the only cricketer who has scored more than 2,000 runs
2:53 pm
. >> you know, when kids are really inspired, to be able to bowl and catch, it requires really special human being. but i think it gives enough time to find before the world cup, and i think knowing that they really wanted to go to the cup. obviously now they realize it's a bridge too far. >> setting the target of 145 to win the third test. they're 112-4 at the end of day four. england had declared their second innings on 205-4. alastair cooke was out on 70. women's tour history, 211 per hour in california.
2:54 pm
lisicki did end up losing in straight sets at bank of the west classic. rafael nadal's defense after a month and has pulled out of his next two tournaments. he'll miss the toronto and cincinnati masters. we have much more sport on our website. for the latest check out there is also detail there is of how to get in touch with our team at twitter and facebook. back to you. >> thank you for that, farrah. now a petition against a coastal development that threatens to destroy the country's pristine coast line. the country is forced t to down
2:55 pm
the bill. >> these homethe man responsible said the reason political. >> there someone an order from the head of our service to postpone these demolitions indefinitely. we had information that a new bill would legalize certain developments. >> the new bill fast traffics construction near the sea. it has been frozen after causing an outcry but it's opponents say its likely to return. under existing law construction is strictly prohibited for 20 meters from this high tide line behind me, and in many cases 50 meters. the new bill would reduce that to 10 meters. legalizing thousands of terraces
2:56 pm
built like this terrace behind me. business is big business in greece. tourism is responsible for a fifth of greece's economy and the government wants to create jobs. but greece's strict environmental laws only allow umbrellas on beaches. businessmen want the bill back. he lost 60% of his business after the demolition of an unlicensed wooden deck on this beach where he served food and coffee. but he believes that the bill favors big business. >> legalizing developments that took decades to build swimming pools has nothing to do with what we're talking about. we're ask for a deck. >> environmental groups see the coastal development bill as one of several promoting special interests. >> this bill draws a certain
2:57 pm
type of development which evolves around big investment with have to go through quickly. the development which takes more of localized needs, more sustainable. >> reporter: many people are afraid that the law where enforcement is already weak will spill disaster. al jazeera, on the island of crete. >> this is from los angeles. the a burst watermain which sent thousands liters of water shooting into the area. students are having to wade through that. all because of a burst pipe. that's the end of the news hour here on al jazeera america. back to regular programming for everyone else. we'll go to international news
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in just a moment.
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