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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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culinary, helen and linda lavigne, until next time, we will see you online. are following for you.s to stop all u.s. flights into israel. investigators are now trying to find new clues from the data recorders. we will tell you hailed could mean a set back for obama-care.
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the on going crisis now forcing several to ground flights into israel. they said they wouldn't fly into tel-aviv, now the f.a.a. says for at least the next 24 hours u.s. carriers are prohibited from flying two or from tel-aviv. meanwhile, on the ground, the shelling continues the death toll in gaza now topping 600, thousands more are been wound. our white house correspondent is at the white house, what can you tell us about the suspension of these flights in. >> well, as you on the air, suspending all-american nights for four hours just within the last couple of hours we have heard two from two american airlines delta and united say they were going to go ahead and take that step to ensure the safety of security of their passengers and employees, we have heard another airline unilateral or separately from what the f.a.a. has now done. u.s. air, at least
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canceled at least one flight two and from philadelphia, this comes in the wake of an israeli defense force tweet. of about nine hours ago, if you have a look, at the iron dome interintercepted iraq and above tel-aviv, another rocket hit the city of yahod. if you look at the map, you can see that city is about 12 minute drive so obviously concern there. >> in light of what happened in ukraine, concern is the name of the day. you are right, and you recall secretary kerry expressed some frustration, saying he needed to get over there, sitting underway q was crazy. about 14 hours air, secretary kerry arrived in cairo. president al see see.
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the intelligence chief, two times and after his meeting with the foreign minister, secretary kerry said something interesting, yes, we want as cease fire modeled on the cease fire that was brokered by egypt. obviously a lot of things have changed. but secretary kerry went so far as to say, at least hint very strongly, he doesn't want to stop there, he wants to reinveigh rate the peace process. >> it is imperative that there will be a serious engangment. discussion, negotiation, regarding the underlying issues and addressing all of the concerns that have broughttous where we are today. >> you can hear the wash of the chopper blades.
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president obama about to take off on a three day fund raising sweep trip to washington state and california. a lot of people feel as though he should be staying in washington, given these twin crisis in ukraine and the middle east. >> for us at the white house, yes, we can hear the helicopter, also on the diplomatic front. elsiesy. blaming hamas for the escalation, and again vowing to protect israeli citizens. for using civilians as human shields deliberately putting them in harms way. deliberately keeping them in harm's way. as a secretary, we have made every effort and will continue to avoided casualties. we are targeted hamas terrorist targets. >> now, as for his part, the secretary general
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condemns the rocket fire attacks, but went on to call for peace. >> my message is the same, stop fighting start talking and take on the root causes so that we are not at the same situation, in another six months or a year. >> meanwhile, the u.n. security council meeting in new york to discuss the on going crisis and on the israeli side, the death tom stands at 27, and that soldier believe today have been kidnapped instead has been killed. nick chef ron has more. during one of the most particularly bloody battled inside of gaza. israel now saying that that 7th soldier in the armored personnel carrier that was hit over the weekend by an antitank line, that person has died. it's confirmed that person is dead, they used
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the same name hamas used when they came that soldier was ahoy. meanwhile the fighting ables on. we are now near the sea just to our right. we have heard a lot of shelling as eastern gaza neighborhood, that has been focus of so much of the fighting that continues as well. this mourning there was two shelled fired, not explosive, they came in, landed in a kind of lounge area, no one was hurt, no one was injured. they have used these type of munitions before. a knock on the roof as it is called they have used these types. it is still extremely difficult, the u.n. now saying 40% of all the strip is compete hi no go area. all the people here ask
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as they ask homed. finally reaching the debris field, the wreckage litters that region, they joined the european monitors that have been there since sunday. the 298 people that died in the crash, the remains have now been moved with they will make their final journey home. >> the dutch aircraft,
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probably on wednesday. going to the netherlands they will start the identification process. they could take some time and then once the nationality is discovered then they will send them on to their countries. the flight data recorders the people's republic that's the self-proclaimed prime minister, that has been ruling that area, he handed over these flight data recorders so the pieces, that possibly put together, the mysterious part, we don't yet know are finally being put forward. the bodies will arrive most likely, and then in the nether-lands and then have to go through a long process. during a debate over the shooting down to the plane, taking over the proceedings one of the legislatures blamed the government for failing to adopt a cease fire.
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a majority made heated comments against those rebels and russia as well. to men deal with dealing with the data. a short while ago, the president made a visit to the embassy, live now with many, and what can you tell us about the visit? >> dell, the president went to the dutch embassy to pay his respects. he signed a condolence book there, while he was at the embassy, as you know the netherlands suffered the greatest tragedy of any nation, in this horrific accident. or downing of this plane. they lost some 200 citizens here is what the president had to say. condolencescondolences
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will be loss of the plane, to express our solidarity, the people of the netherlands with whom we have been friends. and president obama also said the u.s. is committed to a full investigation, and to bringing those responsibility to justice. to we have any updates on the investigation itself? is. >> well, as you mentioned we do finally have the first actual crash investigators on the site. they started taking pictures went to a number of different sites. they are accompanied by international monitors and some of those monitors today said that some of the debris had definitely been disstoushed. >> the other day when we were leaving we did see workers using a saw to
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get a closer look at the fuselage. we can't draw any conclusions but it is an observation that we made. >> well, some conclusions being drawn in australia, perhaps the prime minister there saying that this wreckage has clearly been compromised. after the crime comed the cover up. what we have seen is evidence tampers on an industrial scale. is obviously, that has to stop. now as we have said, they have made it back, they are starting to be identified according to the identification process has begun. the body has been taken in shifts. the final identification and also the return to the families. hopefully the bodies will arrive in the netherlands tomorrow.
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as for those victims 189 people onboard are from the netherlandss were killed when that plane went down. several of those coming from the same town. as america tonight reports the rest of them are now coming together to mourn. >> business as usual, even when tragedy strikes. but in the quaint community, a city of over just 85,000 people. the ache is especially raw.
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competely wiped out three families. and another boy. neighbors have already transform the victim's front porches into shrines. >> they bring flowers over there, because they know the families left the houses. and they were happy. and they will never come back again. >> attended high school, we asked her to guide us through town where grieving families live just miles apart. >> it seems hike this is a really tight nit communities. everybody you meet on the street will know somebody that is effected by this. >> everyone is in shock. it is incredible what happened. because whole families are died. they were studented there.
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over the weekend, groups of the boys friends more out of school returned to campus to grieve. >> and it's almost -- you can almost believe that this happened. >> for many year, comfort may never come. but father julius is doing his best to help guide people through their grief. >> say to one another, i am sorry. make peace, again, before going to sleep. he says will heal. >> there has been a major decision concerns the affordable care healthcare act today. an appeals court throwing out a federal regulation that implements key subsidies. the court agreed the states that opted out cannot receive subsidies. those subsidies are used to reduce the cost of the insurance, now if the obama administration appeals the case could end up before the u.s. supreme court. joining us now is troy
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slaten he is an attorney at the haw firm of floyd scaren and kelly, he joins us via skype. if i hold one of those policies what does it mean for me. >> right now, probably not much. not much will change, the administration maz to decide whether they are going to ask for an on bonk review, that means ask the full 11 judge panel of the d.c. circuit to decide the case. air ask forser, area, that means the united states supreme court would be asked to review it. >> now to compound matters, i understand it was a richmond court, upholding the sup siddys so what happens next. >> this is the exact type of situation that the united states supreme court likes to see. they want to see whether or not the separate circuits come to different decisions. and if they do, then this is the exact type of
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situation that the united states supreme court will want to review. now, when the differing circuits when the circuits that are around make a different decision. >> so if i am somebody holding my insurance, does this mean regardless of what the supreme court decides that i am going to pay more or the same? that the true text stands meaning the affordable care act says that only exchanging set up by the states can provide those. what the circuit is saying here, in states are they set up to get those exchanges, no subsidies are not available. if you are in one of those states that did not accept up their own exchange, and if this ruling stands that means you are out of luck. you won't get a subsidy
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and then you can see the entire affordable care act crumble. >> in his dissent, judge harry edwards called the case a not so vailed attempt to gut the patient protection. with relooking at politics as opposed to a court ruling in. >> well, everything is politics. from the political winds of the day, this is exactly what happens. two judges that voted or that ruled rather against the affordable care act here, were appointed by republican misdemeanors and the one that was against it was of coursely appoint bade democratic president. so yeah, it does come into play here. the proopponent, those that support it, and the obama will look at this as a major problem.
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and the outrage campaign will begin. >> kelly joining us via skype, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up on al jazeera america, the difficult journey of crossing the board entire the u.s., why some are forced to separate for years in order to find a better life in the united states.
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the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the growing controversy. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> real perspective, consider this on al jazeera america a update now on those missing girls. nigeria's president, abducted by boko haram, hundreds were taken to the boarding school in april. the kidnapping spoking outrage and fierce argument of the government. another town in nigeria, dozens are dead, 15,000 fleeing the fighting all of this while the search continues or does it? al jazeera sat down with a nigeria spokesperson to see where the search stands.
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>> do you know where the girls are, is the location known to you? definitely have the idea, of it i don't have to disclose the details. in this kind of form. >> now the president good luck jonathan today will also meet with a few girls who escape from boko haram. >> the u.s. mexican border that is where more than 57,000 children crossed illegally without their. as rob reynolds reports their future together is uncertain. >> left her two daughters behind when she left honduras to find work in los angeles back in 2007. but recently, conditions in honduras became so bad she was forced to make a terrifying decision. >> i had all the fears of
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the world, while they traveled i couldn't sheep, i couldn't eat, i thought about what could happen, but this' just as much dangerous if they were to stay in honduras, with the gang violence. >> kathryn age 13 says murderous gangs turned her neighborhood into a killing zone. >> one time, when we were playing soccer with my uncle, some gang members showed up. they kill add girl that was there, right where we were playing. >> you saw that. >> yes. >> carlin no a human smuggler $16,000 to bring them to the u.s. they crossed the border illegally in texas and turned themselves in to u.s. authorities and were released into their mother's custody. it was the first time she had seen them in seven years.
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nine-year-old summed up how she feels to be back with her mother. i am happy. >> the troubles are not over, both girls have orders to appear in immigration court. carolina herself is an undocumented immigrant. >> what would you do if your daughters were sent back. >> i will go with them, now that we are together i can't bear to be separated. >> for now the family is safe, and they are adjusting to life in the u.s. as they wait for others to decide their fate. rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles. >> and coming up, firefighters trying to get the upper hand on a massive wild fire that is burning in washington state, it is that state's largest wild fire ever. ♪
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appeals court thousanding out a federal regulation that implements key subsidies. the court agrees that those state candidates not receive those subsidies. the subsidies are used to reaccuse the cost of insurance. the federal aviation administration forcing u.s. carriers to stop flying into israel for at least 24 hours. the list was issued after a rocket strike, earlier israeli prime minister meeting with the u.n. secretary general, he called on the international musician to hold hamas accountability for the connect. the death toll this on the palestinian side now p toes 600. the u.s. will send an ntsb flight record tore the u.k. to help weed out black boxes. pro russian rebels handed over those black boxes this morning, the dutch asked to retrieve the data from those recorders. a series of fast moving firefighters is plaguing the u.s. so far the flames are
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spreading. john henry smith reports. it is the largest fire in washington state history, the carlton complex fire. it is more than four times the size of seattle. these fires are producing thick smoke that is dropping ash as far away as new england. grappling with the washington monster only had 2% of it contained at last estimate. >> between mother nature, and the resource, with everything going on in the region, very challenging. >> about 200 homes have been lost, including the dream house warn smithers just bought three weeks ago. >> living room, dining room, kitchen, 90% of everything moved in,le. >> another 1200 homes have been evacuated. authorities say nows of homes not burned to the ground are without father, and will be for weeks.
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>> when we had power everything was fine, would pat we are at a vale disadvantage. there are calmer winds for today, maybe even some rain. but if the rein is accompanied by lightening, it may not be that much help. al jazeera. >> here is is some light rain pushing up from the south. so the red flag warnings remain in effect, just a little rain, certainly not a lot, and here is the forecast throughout today and tomorrow. mainly tomorrow, there's some heavier rain coming into the northwest, might contain thunderstorms with some lightening. so you have to watch that closely. now, we with are watching
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the radar here in taiwan. this is typhoon and they are certainly taking precautions here. as the fishing industry is getting ready for this storm to approach, this is what it was like earlier. the winds are starting to pick up, but these are all boats in the harbor, they are pretty much cool. all the boats in and they have tied them down. this full harbor over the next few days we will see the increase, making land fall right about now, doing all they can to prepare for wind and rain. and then over eastern china as it begins to turn to the north. the wind now sustained over 100 miles an hour, equivalent to a category 2 hurricane. severe weather and a big problem again over the midwest, maybe over iowa, portions of nebraska, strong thunderstorms could be p twoing here later today, along with the heat, heat advisory remains in effect as the
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temperatures and humidity climbs up to near 100 degrees. it will certainly feel hotter than that. >> dave warren, thank you very much. and thank you for watching al jazeera america, one with 01 east, is next. china's one child policy has quoted controversy, from accusations of the state confiscating children, to forced abortions. today it is being blamed for a declining fertility rate and a major gender imbalance, with more than 30 million men, to women by 2020. i'm steve chow on this edition of 101 east, we ask if the days