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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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al jazeera america live, with a look at today's top stories. israel's army called for 40,000 troops as it launches deadly new air strikes against gaza. president obama asked for nearly $4 billion to deal with miners ill healey crossing the southern border. the first legal sale of recreational marijuana began in washington state. and we with talk to the man who managed to raise more than $40,000 on a kick starter to make
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potato salad. that's on top of 1500 reservist already mobilized. this comes after israeli launched dozens of air strikes. at least 16 people were killed eight were civilians including four children. now the air strikes are the first part of what could be a long term offensive, fighting has increased in the past few hours as hamas has a new launch of rockets from gaza. the southern israel, with gaza in the background, nick, what's the very latest? >> michael, good evening, we with have seen a very large escalation of rockets into israel in the last few minutes and those rockets are now
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reaching all parts of israel, and for the first time, hamas has said that it has launched a missle at hifa, that is at least 150 miles from here. question have never seen that before. running for shelters at least four rockets were struck, for tel-aviv, at least two of them we believe were intercepted by anti-missle defense systems. there's a state of jerusalem, the city has opened up all bomb shelters so right now israel is is barraged by rockets. >> nick, are you seeing -- what about the activity right there in southern israel. so many rockets into southern israel, has there been more increased activity in that area as well? >> certainly rockets
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coming in here, but the main activity is behind me. >> and i think we saw 16 or 17 huge plumes of smoke, and these are missiles dropped by f 16 by drones at targets. targets according to the israeli army, hamas -- palestinians of course, a hot of them the civilians are wounded. if you listen to both sides you can really hear how far apart they are. >> after the kidnapping and killing of the three israeli sit hers, hamas -- and hamas is going to punish all the palestinian people. >> unfortunately, it is a reality, we voiced it
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hahs week, that we are trying to calm the situation. hamas decided to attack us, we have our back in the corner, it is the only thing we can do. that's far away, down here on the ground, i hate to say this, but this is war. you have to look at the images on both sides. in gaza, a few hours ago, you saw a drone strike on a house, a member of hamas was in there, you saw six people killed in this one house, and at least one child killed in the same house as well. i want to show you another image from this side of the worder that i spent time with a 13-year-old girl, named tammy right on the border, we were with having an interview, when a rocket land add few hundred feet away, the fire was burning, just a few hundred feet from our interview point, and that continued for the next half an hour or 45
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minutes. so while way listen to both sides very far apart, you have to remember that on the ground here, people are being deeply effected deeply hear fied and terrified on both sides. obviously there's growing concern from other parts of the world. between what is happening on the gaza strip and israel. is anyone trying to step up to remediate this? >> i think it is a good question. in the past we with have seen egypt, as a kind of broker between hamas and israel. that channel is apparently broken. unclear if it is being used and a hot of analyst seem to point out -- not so much turkey, and needuate, but a person who is not here. and that's the united states. the united states, of course, trying to make peace between the two sides. they have as you can hear a few booms in the
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background, add to that variation fell apart, the u.s. really has stepped up, and as one israeli official put it to me there is a strack uma they have created that vacuum, to get this. >> nick live in southern jerusalem near the gaza strip. israel steps up the offensive, gaza residents are bracing for another round of attacks. >> through the night, and into the day, by the dozens israeli air strikes rain down on the gaza industrial. they left a hand full dead, more than a dozen injuries and a general sense of chaos. from occupied gaza score been score of rockets scored towards israel. striking deep, up to 50-kilometers away. israel targeted people's homes. this is what is left
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after an israeli air strike, we are told the owner of this home is suspected of launching rocket attacks. got a call can saying evacuate the home. and then a fighter jet dropped a bomb here, and the result complete devastation. >> one of 20 forced to leave, 12 of them says were children. >> it's unbelievable. god should punish the israelis what can i say. we can replace the money, thank god. >> the plumes of smoke from israeli bombed dotted the skyline, the government warned the operation protective edge will last more than days. >> they want to make war, but if the israelis want war, the resistence is futile. >> hamas and the party controlled palestinian
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authorities not ready to fully back the onslaught. >> i can not say this, but what i can can say right now is the government deny accusations against the gaza strip, and they with stand seriously with the situation, and i'm not happy. i am not everybody happy with what is going on. >> as palestinian leaders struggle for agreement, and israel called up reservist, the palestinian rocket assault and a shower of israeli bombs from the skies goes on. john al jazeera, gaza.
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lick by casey is is live, and what plan dozen the president have for these new funds. >> these are the emergency appropriations what the mt. has called a humanitarian crisis. we are looking at eight sun $79 million from detaining and removing adults and children. also money to prosecute those adults. and $364 million for border patrol. and then also the facilities cost for those children when they are in the custody of customs. also, nearly $2 billion to care for the unaccompanied children, ranging from their medical needs to housing.
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the department of security, more authority to remove children to the countries. >> we are seeking the congressional authorization for the secretary of homeland security. to exercise discretion as he implements that wall. what we are seeking is an end result, that allowed for the more efficient application and enforcement that essentially means those individuals have the basis for remaining in this country are returning to their homes. >> michael, the white house has warned without this extra funding these billions of dollars the federal agencies won't have the resources to deal with the inknicks of children, that have come across the border. it is do more child care, and customs and enforcement won't be able to detain and remove those adults also prosecute them, so the white house saying this really is an emergency.
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the president is traveling to texas tomorrow. there were no plans for him to meet with initials there, about the crisis. here is what we heard today from texas republican, senator john corn anyone. >> i hope the if the will reconsider. he needs to go there and see this for himself, and not just rely on his advisers. >> now the president does not plan to go to the border at this point. many of his top officials
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top folks in the add anyone vagues have gone there, but as you said, 24 new development to have him sit down and talk about what is happening in texas, among other western with states. >> libby casey life, thank you. >> al sha bob fighters attack the president's palace for the second time this year. then armed men stormed the complex. five fighters killed. it was not in the compound at the time, the government says the compound has now been secured. assignment iraq is parliament agrees to meet. schedule special meeting for this sunday after strong criticism from the united states. elected leaders under pressure to deal with the territory. but as reports we are not optimistic this session will end with a new government. >> the political stalematen't cos in iraq.
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the session scheduled for today didn't happen. think rescheduled it for the 13th. all they have to do very simple, the technical procedure is to choose a speaker of the house. that then triggers an automatic process, last 45 days and at the end of that is supposed to be the election of a new prime minister. it is a slur simple thing, it is politically charged. nobody can agree on who the prime minister should be, the president, or even indeed the speaker of the house. like i said, we with have postponed this until the 14th. a lot of negotiations and talking, but it seems the division is not just political, but almost sectarian. the shia parties say that he is the one with to lead iraq out of this crisis. the sunnies say the crisis partly his fault, he is the one that didn't reach out to the sunnies in the first place, and that's what has made them angry and led to the current impasse that we face here.
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pretty much the same thing, but now they are talking about independence, and they say that we with can't can be part of the state, that a doesn't respect our rights and b, has a strangle hold over us. so, it looks likely that when the parliamentary session meets oen the 13th, that they won't get another agreement, and lit be postponed yet again. nobody here in iraq is hopeful that they mr. come to any kind of agreement, much less choose a speaker of the house. >> reporting from baghdad. well, several children were among the victims of a suicide bombing in afghanistan today. the bomb went off near the clinic in a city about 40 miles north of kabul. 16 people were killed among the dead were two civilians. the taliban claims responsibility. political stability also remains illusive. the white house warning that political side seizes power, the country will lose support from
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the u.s. it comes as abdul abdullah says he will not accept the results from last month's election pass. came to kabul to protest against the preliminary election results. they tore down a photo of the outgoing president, and replaced wit one of abdullah, with the slogan the elected people's president. abdullah said removing his picture disrespected him, and is confident he will soon hold. >> we have is won the vote of the people of afghanistan. god willing, that will not be changed. there is no question of that. >> the crowd wanted him to declare a parallel government. abdullah asked them for a few days, he is expected the u.s. secretary of state on friday.
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and helps address the allegations of vote rigging. kerry and the u.s. president spoke to him. >> president obama exchanged were mainly on the gains of the past 13 years and what can we do to consolidate these gains. and also what can can we do address the fraud. >> abdullah wants 11,000 ballot boxes reexamined. his opponent says the demand is unprecedented. >> we are asking to unilaterally accept our recommendation the most intensive audit in the history of any election. abdullah is trying to change the rules. his team has agree to a review of 7,000 ballot boxes. preliminary results have been ahead by about 1 million votes. attorney general eric
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holder today outline add strategy to work closer european country cans to stop the flow of foreign fighters into syria. it's estimated 7,000 have joined the opposition. foreign fighters especially from western nations should be prevented from joining the conflict. syrian ha has been torn apart by the war, the u.n. says there are now 2.9 million refugees. >> at the edge of the capitol is a small plot of land and a plot of misery. this is the palestinian refugee camp, or what is left of it. about 20,000 syrians are now crammed with about 8,000 palestinian refugees. another few now foreign workers and poor lebanese. the fasting monday is here, but it's spirit is struggling to survive the harsh reality. ramadan is a month to share waythose who have not. most don't have much.
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this refugee found a job selling vegetables, one kilogram of stew kinney sells here for about 50 cents but most people can't afford it. people ask me for half a kilo only. two onions and a few tomatoes he tells me, and people's fuses are short. >> the tradition a must have desert after a whole day of fasting. four pieces for a family of eight. and she won't be sitting at the table when it is time to eat, she has to be at work. it's difficult for everybody, not just me, this is the state of affairs. >> but this year especially the 64-year-old. >> a lebanese who has been living here for the past 25 years but this is one of the worst years he says. very few people can afford to buy any of the
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hot meals he and his wife prepare. you will only find tragedies here. as difficult as they were. >> nearby, a charity offers free meals for those who are desperate. and there are so many of them. families flock to this place, more than an hour before it is time to break the fast. they are hot. thirsty. hungry, and anxiously awaiting for someone to put food on their plates. the menu is basic. a salad, and rice topped with some chicken pieces. may not be enough to satisfy the hunger but enough to ease it. my husband is too proud to come, he stayed home. she swallowed her pride, and came, so her three children can eat something. to cope with all the needs families can come every other day here. so more people can benefit.
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a child throw as tan rum when his family is told it is not their day. as another child get as chance to have a meal. tomorrow, is another day. al jazeera, beirut. >> nato outgoing central paid a visit today. president obama discuss several issues including the crisis in ukraine, and the war in afghanistan. rasmussen says afghanistan must honor a security agreement as soon as possible or it could lead to major problems. >> we have to make one thing 100% clear, it is a precondition for our continues presence, that the by lateral security agreement between the united states and afghanistan is signed. followed on the nato status of forces. these security agreements muck signed if not we are not able to stay after
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2014. >> coming up on al jazeera america, super stores why wal-mart is down sizing. blatcher starting with the
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2016 election, voters will have to show photo i.d. at the polls and same day registration will no longer be allowed. lawyers and three voters restrictions can keep hundreds of thousands from people from voting particularly african-americans, the elderly, and the poor. embrace fur a second quarter earnings reports the dew lost about 118 points. the nasdaq also lost ground today. more than 100,000 vehicles.
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it will notify owners in the next few weeks. >> now wall smart is slinkingist down to size. smaller specialty stores throughout the u.s. there will be about one fifth of the size of their massive super stores. rick newman is a columnist with finance, and when it comes to the big stores wal-mart has been the big dog in town for some time, why the down size? >> well, not so many people are going to those big stores and that's showing up in their sales figures. they have been declining several quarters in a row. investors want to know what the problem is, and the problem is the model has changed. this idea of a destination shopping trip where you drive out to wal-mart,ier it happened to be, fill your car as full as you can get it with with stuff in huge packages, people aren't doing that so much any more. people are living in cities there's been a shift from outer suburbs to more toward urban areas that means people
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are moving away from where wal-mart stores are. and of course people are doing online shopping more too. and not even going to a store. they need to get some of their stores closer to where people are, and make it more convenient for people to get to their stores. >> as i said earlier, some of these new stores are about a fifth of the side of the super stores can average 200,000 square feet. so if there are so much smaller what are they looking like, and what are may offing. >> symptom of them might be even smaller than that, to the point they may look like a convenient store, or a neighborhood grocery store. they are testing out formulas. described as a mission of a 7-11 and a 1950's diner. so they are trying out -- seeing if they can't make give consumers something new that generate as little bit of excitement. wal-mart also wants to
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sell more gasoline, something you can't sell online, and sell more booze, because that's something that holds up pretty well. so people want or need, but they may not make a two hour trip to some huge store to get. you mentioned the people aren't going to the stores any more, let's take a look at the quarterly sales numbers. we do see a steep drop, with their last five-quarters showing negative sales. so if they aren't going to wal-mart, where are these customers going? >> it is interesting. we think of wal-mart as this discount store, with people shop when times are tough to save money, but the fact is, some wal-mart customers have been skipping wal-mart and going to dollar stores instead. they are even cheaper. and these are not super stores these are in strip malls, there are a lot of
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them, they tend to be close. so wal-mart has to figure how to compete with retailers that are even further down the chain, if you will. so wal-mart has been on line, it had lost ground to amazon and other online retailers like that. so wal-mart is now starting to ramp up it's online offerings and copy some of the things that amazon has been doing. like offing daily deals. generating some excitement. >> one thing we know about business, if you want to survive you have to adam. >> adapt or die. >> there you go. joining us here on al jazeera, thanks a lot, rick. >> sure thing. >> businesses started selling pot legally in washington today, way will go live and talk to one with store owner. plus, we will take a hook at why the research is so limited on the effects of marijuana on the human body, and remember this guy? caught sleeping at a game, well, he is suing over all the comments about his snoozing, we will tell you why.
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doors today after votersr opted to legalize the drug more than a year and a half ago. but supplies will be tight, only 24 stores have licenses to sell pot, and most of them won't be open for a few days. allen joins us from seattle, and al, we knew there would be a lot of anticipation for these stores opening today. where are you and what's the scene lightening there? well, the scene is a street party, we are out in front of a place called can bass city, this is the only licensed operating and open for business pot store in the city of seattle. by our count, there are
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seven stores statewide that are actually open have made their way through inspection, and licensing, who are open for business, that could vary. one store for every million or so people in the state of washington, clearly, there's going to be a supply problem in these early days. very festive scene here though. they open add little after their high noon target hour, they opened about 12:15, i figure 300 people here waiting in mine at that time, the line stays about the same, processing through just little by little a i have historic day here in the state of washington. >> we with talked about this expected shortage of product there in washington, any timetable or expectation when lit be alleviated in. >> right. >> interesting question. and i haven't had anybody involved with selling or
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regulating this industry come up with a solid estimate for me. some say months some say up to a year, just because the industry is so new, built from the ground up, and there are some pinch points in the supply line, just having a little problem getting the pot out to people. show us what you've got. >> i have ten-grams. four different strains. i have copper cash, o.g. pearl, o.g., sweet lafayette. >> i got two-grams of each one, and i'm the highest thc i got an additional two-grams that's the onely be smoking today, everything else i will keep as a souvenir. >> you are going to seal it in plastic and keep it a a reference. >> . sure. >> now you have been
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following this for quite some time, you are a medical marijuana grower yourself, so you have been an activist, did you ever expect this to happen. >> you know, to tell you the truth, i voted on it, i hoped it would not happen, because i i didn't know what it would do to the medical community. >> i am here today. my mother tall told me if you can't beat them, lead them. >> you joined them. show us that. >> this is the copper cush. >> thank you, appreciate it. i will give this back to you, i promise. that is the copper, this is can cannabis, we expect them to be here today and tomorrow, the owner tells me he expects to sell out tomorrow, then he will go looking for another supply. >> short supply indeed. as states debate legalizing marijuana, the science backing up the laws are incompete.
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the number pails to comparison to other commonly available drugs. jacob ward is live now. let's start out with this one. i have heard about this since i was a kid, and says marijuana is bad for you, all right, what do we with know specifically about marijuana's harmful effects? the early studies see a smattering of ill effects. supposedly there are indications that it can have -- induce cognitive problems in children, if you smoke it too young. there's some concern that it can impair driving, or that in combination with alcohol it makes drunk driving even more dangerous. so there's very early indications of a hand full of things but also the indications there's almost nothing to compare it to, the dangerous effects of alcohol and tobacco, two other legal drugs. so the understanding is so very limited. >> why is it so limited.
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>> that's really the thing, it is extraordinary to see a scene in seattle today, because there's really no scientific underpinning to this massive sort of national move towards legalizing marijuana. under federal law, it remain as schedule 1 drug. potentially dangerous and has no therapeutic benefit. researchers have been trying to challenge that idea by moving away from the sort of drug war reputation of marijuana, and trying to actually just study it as a research subject. the difficulty is the federal government makes that almost impossible. it is hard to get the exemptions you need, in order to study marijuana. it is far more difficult, michael, to study marijuana than it is to study cocaine, heroine, ecstasies, or the other schedule one drugs. >> that seems for a lot of people who are not
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users it would seem -- it is secure prizing to me, i have never used an illegal drug in my life, but i noah more people that have used marijuana than those other drugs so that's a bit more pref common sense there would be more studies about the most relevant illegal drug. >> now that the states are beginning to legalize, you would think oh, well then these will become centers for research, but the truth is that's not true. still under federal law, any federal researcher that tries to brynn marijuana into a lab will be subject to federal law and will have any federal funding that he or she relying on yanks away. so even though we are seeing on a state level legalization change the sort of reputation, and certainly the availability, it's not changing the federal picture when it comes to research. it still remains one of the most difficult things you can study. maybe as we get more
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availability, we will get more research down the road as well. live in san francisco. >> now, for more news from around the world, federal investigators in india plan to exhume the bodies of two teenager whose were raped and hanged six weeks ago. which is india's fbi wants to perform a second autopsy. one was performed after the girls were found, but it left several unanswered questions. five men have been arrested in connection. in japan, one of the strongest typhoons oif season knocked out power to thousands of residents. at least 17 people were injured when the storm made land fall. nearly 600,000 people were told to evacuate. the typhoon is weakening but rain can pose a problem. more than half of the american troops stationed in japan are based in oak no way. and in italy, the mafia is making life difficult for farmers working on
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prize farmland. highway call farmers have seized their own cooperative to claim the area. workers tend the land. here they grow olives, oranges and other crops. it is a typical summer's day. but the farm itself, is not typical. for until a few years ago, this was owned by the mafia. know it is run legal hi by a cooperative overseen. >> initially people were suspicious of working with us on this confiscated land. and they were afraid of what could happen to them and their families. then finally they realized reality and the community has been mobilized. >> the law that allows this farm to operate was passed nearly 20 years ago. since then, thousands of properties have been seized and reallocated for lawful use.
4:39 pm
cooperatives are about reclaiming individual farms from the mafia, but there are other people on this island who want to reclaim the whole of sicily from it's influence. >> young people like emanuel, he owns a farm in the valley in june of last year, the local mafia asked him for protection money, he refused. their response was violent. i found my sheep shot dead, and one had been decapitated and his head put in front of my house, that is a clear sign of mafia intimidation. >> but he was not intimidated. instead, he and his friends form add network of young farmers determined to resist the mafia. from this very bad thing happened to me, there has been a very good outcome. there has been many arrests and where i was once alone, now we are a network of 20 farmers
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whose name is strong land. emanuel hopes the rest of the island will follow his defiant example. dominic cane, al jazeera, sicily. >> chicago's death toll over the weekend, the holiday weekend, has gone up. that and more from news around america, and this is a terrible story, now it's even gotten worse. >> much worse. another person was pronounced dead following last weekend's violence in chicago. 25-year-old william allen was one of more than 50 people shot over the 4th of july holiday weekend. 15 of those people died. amusement parks are keeping an eye out on safety after a roller coaster derailed last night. a branch fell on a frac, that caused the ninja ride roller coast tore derail. it tangled for hours as passengers were rescued. four people were injured two of them were taken to a nearby hospital. a mother accused of
4:41 pm
leaving her baby at a new york city subway station is in police custody today. the 20-year-old was tracked down after someone recognized her from photos. they show add woman pushing the child through a subway turnstile, she later got into a train, but left the baby stroller on the platform. someone stayed with the unattended infant for 20 minutes before calling police. in new york, the cameras caught him sleeping and now he is suing. a baseball fan has filed a fen million dollars lawsuit against the yankees, espn and the mlb. the camera caught him sleeping during a game, the lawsuit says commentators went on to mock him. >> that's not the place you come to sleep. tell you what, how comfort salt lake that. probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> i mean is that guy to his left his buddy who is just letting him sleep? is he here aroan. >> maybe he -- maybe that's his buddy and he likes him better when he is asleep. >> the footage was also seen on the internet the
4:42 pm
next day. michael, and this man is suing for defamation. >> he isn't the first guy if they find him sleeping we all make fun of every time. >> that's right. >> imagine spending millions of dollars only to find out it is a fake. it has happened enough recently that the state of new york is considering passing laws to tackle forgeries. we have the story. >> colette lou's home is filled with beautiful art, most people would never suspect that many are forgeries. but revealing art fraud is lull's business. >> the x-ray fluorescent, actually can attack the composition of the painting just by holding it up against the painting. >> she says technology like this is just one tool she uses to help authenticate paintings. what we question see here is the presence of titanium.
4:43 pm
titanium wasn't used in faints until 1924. >> she says this analysis is is helping her business boom. >> throughout history, we have seen that connoisseurs can be wrong. and often times spectacularly so. so they not only have a sacramentoive art, but it's also incredibly difficult to remain unbiased. are we all done? at $17 million. and selling for $17 million. sold. >> and as the price of art has risen in recent years so too has the number of lawsuits against art experts. leading many to keep quiet about suspected forgeries. this building used to be home to rah revered art institution, until it was brought down by a forgery scandal that has shaken the art world. it has also prompted the state of new york to consider new laws that will protect art experts.
4:44 pm
>> some critics argue the scandal could be a messing in disguise. >> i am happy to have the market on the mind, because the market is an insane bubble. if we can bring those down, then that's a good thing. >> but most in the art world are taking a second look at the process of authentication. to make sure buyers are getting. al jazeera new york. >> coming up the man who asked for $10. and wound up with more than $40,000. >> and we will go live to brazil where there's been a stunning and i mean stunning turn of events look at the faces of those fans.
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the coverage gap only on al jazeera america
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scientists have been raising the alarm on climate change from coast to coast. that's put the spotlight on flood prevention, and melting snow. but as the globing warmed up, everybody the hottest parts oif planet are surfing. a look at california's joshua tree national park, in california. drive through joshua tree national park, some 140 miles sought east of los angeles and you can see how the park got it's name. >> they almost like they are reaching towards heaven. >> and so the story goes, the trees with their outstretched limbs were named for the bib lickle figure joshua, guiding followers to the promised land. the park is very unique. it is very beautiful. >> but the very nature of what makes the park unique and beautiful, is fighting for survival.
4:48 pm
these wonderfully weird tries is why 1 million people visit each year, but there is growing concern, that more and more frees will go from looking like this, to looking like this. and then where would that leave the park? if it's name sake dies and disappears. if there are no nor joshua trees we would have to change the name. >> is taking me to meet a team of researchers coming the dessert. examining plants, rocks and animals. as part of a study on how climate change including severe drought, is threatening the park's ecosystem. this' already plenty of evidence that the dessert can get too hot and too dry. >> bad news is we could lose as much as 90% of them. >> cameron a researcher ecologies with the university of california riverside is leading the
4:49 pm
study. >> the baby joshua tries the little ones about this big, they don't have a reserve of water, because they are too small, so when a drought hits them they are the first to go. and those little guys that we are concerned about. if the joshua trees disappear, the park will lose more than just it's name. >> we lose the lizards, the yucca moss, we lose orioles, we lose a lot of different species. >> there is some hope for survival, a it is higher elevations where a little more watt kerr be found, the team finds young healthy trees. that's the direction visitors may have to go to see these symbols of the dessert. joshua tree national park, california.
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he asked for $10 to fund his idea of making potato salad. but as of this hour, a ohio man has raised more than $63,000. he must find a way to spend all that cash, that's right, on potato salad. john tarot is here, you talked to him today, that's a lot of money. >> everything you have said is true. it is amazing. >> all absolutely 100% pack call. this is the story of a man with a plan, and a website that's changed its world and may be regretting that somewhat. the scoop, scoop, of potato salad. here is the story. >> zack danger brown was no hesitator when he needed $10 for a july the 4th potato salad. >> i think it turned the crowd for a lot of people do. >> zack used the crowd funding site kick for his hot
4:51 pm
potato idea, the columbus dispatched newspaper was on hand when zack counter hit $20,000. what? >> what. >> yes, zack's potato plan was a smash. now he is in the eye of publicity, everyone wants to hear his story. we invited him into our studios. >> i like potatoes. it was can i make a potato salad, i have never made one before, and i figured i would mean on the internet to just get some early funding to be able to make my own potato salad. >> kick start is a u.s. based website set up to help creative types. it claims the total dollars pledge sod far is $1.2 billion to have successfully funded 65,000 projects. the top three fund raisers are $10 million for the pebble e paper watch for i-phone and android, $8 million for the oya video game, and 6 million-dollars the ever the music download
4:52 pm
service and music player pono. how is it that kick starter which has funded so many serious business projects is now funding potato salads? ex-perths say the site has recently changed it's eligible requirements. >> the most respected site eases it's restriction, you will see a flood of humorous projects. i don't think he was frying to embarrass the site, but in effect that's what it has done, and kick starter has now been heavily criticized. >> so now with tens of thousands of dollars the rules state must be spent on potato salad, what is zack going to do? is. >> our goal here is to do the most good with this opportunity and with this money. i think ideally, what we would do is thousand a huge benefit party or concert, and in columbus, ohio, and invite the entire internet. >> that includes you. >> he has to organize -- you can't give the money directly to charity, you can't keep it to
4:53 pm
yourself, you have to do something, he is planning on this event and they may well raise money off the back of that. but they have to spend it on potato salad. one little footnote, this is a rival to this, now on kick starter. >> of course it is. >> a man that says that people have taste don't eat potato salad they prefer coleslaw. >> i am sit waiting for the mac and cheese kick starter. thank you so much. >> welcoming up, video of a two-year-old walking with a prosthetic that's become an online sensation. but first, states are enacting stricter voting laws. ray swarez is in washington with more about tonight's inside story. the latest battle took place this week in a north carolina courtroom. where new state laws are being charged by activists who say they will disenfranchise thousands of voters, the debate is raging across the country too, we'll engage it in live at the
4:54 pm
top of the hour. see you then. . >>
4:55 pm
real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the growing controversy. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> real perspective, consider this
4:56 pm
on al jazeera america >> a shocker, a complete shocker in brazil. 14 remaining but the home country's world cup title dreams are beyond looking bleak at this moment. brazil gave up five goals in the first 29 minutes of the game. at the half, the score is 5-nil. where the game is happening hue see yeah, obviously fans cannot be happen by about what is going on right now. >> that is the understatement of the year, if not the century. ky not overstate how shocked and upset they are. just 45 minutes ago, they
4:57 pm
had all their hopes they really thought they team could make it, or at least really put off fight against germany. but then one goal after another, before the first half was over, many people here were just walking away in disgust, booing whenever the screen focused on the technical corrector, the coach of their national team, they are absolutely devastated, and humiliated michael. to quote receive federal of the people here behind me. >> obviously brazil did not have go of the best players available. both out with injuries so that was somewhat of an excuse, but nonetheless, sometimes we see these big events and it does don't a certain way, the crowds can get out of control, is there any added security? is there concern for any violence? >> mrs. a lot of security, i've passed
4:58 pm
riot police, they are somewhere to the left and right of me. police with dogs, just in cassina's pretty much standard procedure when you have huge crowds like where am right now. about 20,000 people gatener this part. to watch the games people drinking beer and so forth, but they are angry. they are upset now that may raise temperatures. and making the security a built more difficult. >> let's hope thing do not get out of control. live in brazil, they are getting blown out right now by germany, and speaking of those five goals by germany, one of them in the twenty-third minute, is now the world cup's all time record with 16 goals scored. more on world cup coming up in our six o'clock news hour, a two-year-old with a prosthetic leg is inspiring people all over the world today, maria is back with a video which
4:59 pm
anecessary has gone viral. >> yes, the last few years has been very tough for the family from new jersey. two-year-old caden was born with a rare condition his left leg and right foot were amputated in january. now, listen the three similar words he said when he took his first steps with a walker. >> i got it. >> you got it. >> i got it. >> i got it, i got it. the video has been shared thousands of times over the last few days but it real he went viral when jeff's quarterback michael vick shared it on his facebook page quoting the bible. and since then it's been shared over 100,000 times. there's also a fund site over the last couple of hours the number of donations have doubled. they are more than $14,000 for medical expenses. caden's mother say they are thrilled that he is
5:00 pm
encouraging inspiring so many people. >> such a great story, and hopefully he gets even more funding for his healthcare, instead of potato salad let's get him everything. >> he needs $50,000. >> inside story, is up next. >> if you're legally qualified to vote, that doesn't necessarily mean you can do it. you have to register and show up on the appointed day, and now in more places, show a government i.d. of some sort. a pursuant guarantee or impediments. that's the "inside story."