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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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worse by the threat of outside interference, setting the stage for a simmering conflict... which this could be just a shadow of what's to come in venezuela, now that hugo chavez is gone. this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm michael eaves with a look at today's stories. a violent confro confrontation n israelis and palestinians. pope francis meets with sex abuse survivors for the first time and promises that bishops will be held accountable. and washington state issues its first licenses to sell
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recreational marijuana. tensions and violence rose today along israel's border with the gaza strip. israeli army released this video of rockets after hamas vows revenge for their deaths. confessed to the crime. those confessions come as israeli military calls up reservists for the first time in almost two years. amuds the large escalation of the number and reach of rockets fired from gaza into israel. nick schifrin, what can you tell us about this escalation on both sides, israelis and palestinians? >> michael you laid it out well.
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these two sides are at their most tenuous point, in the past two years. there is a great fear of higher escalation. let's look at both sides from the numbers. from gaza we have some 40-plus rockets being fired just in the last couple hours into israel. about 12 of those have been intercepted by the iron dome, that's the missile defense system that israel has. dramatic are increase in the number and reach. the distance is about 50 miles frr israel, what israel has said unequivocally is no rockets from gaza will be allowed to be fired towards t tel aviv. we have reinforcement of its reserves, 1500 reserves called
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up to reinforce israeli military as this tension increases on the gaza border, again the ire dome missile system that israel thanks from preventing are rockets from landing in populated areas. >> if that continues war could be imminent and that's something no one wants. both sides or no one from outside the conflict if you will. do you get the sense there that things will get better or will they get worse more likely? >> reporter: look, it's hard to predict anything in the middle east. and i think it's not smart for me to predict necessarily what's going to happen. but what is happening right now is that both sides are prepared and poised to escalate. the israelis have tanks. they have troops along the border. they have not had that in the
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past. hamas in gaza is now taking responsibility itself for some of these missile strikes. it is not blaming them on other groups. goading israel into response. both sides are poised and prepared. are they ready and willing and able to actually take the next step? that is not clear. a lot of the people on both sides are very, very angry. especially israel. i spent the day in southern israel, a lot want israel to have a firm response, putting pressure on prime minister netanyahu to do so. fighters killed by israel are being paraded as martyrs. the fact that preparations are there, whether he it will happen no -- it will happen no one knows. >> nick schifrin.
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>> tougher approach against hamas over increasing number of rockets being fired into israel. al jazeera's stephanie decker has more from southern israel. >> the sound that all is not well here. this kibitz lies next to the gaza strip. this is outgoing artillery fire. there is an increase of the number of rockets landing here. and the governor says they need to do more to control it. >> governments, security ministers and prime ministers have come and gone. we need to know how to use both those arms. there's no choice. it seems in the face of terror you need to beat it on the head and the 12,000 missiles they have underneath the ground. >> israel's prime minister avador lieberman has cited, being pulling out of the joint
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meeting with benjamin netanyahu lehud party. >> the borders are burning inside israel. the division lines between jews and israeli palestinians are growing higher and higher. there is no vision, there is no leadership, he hits israel at its weakest point. >> there is a steady stream of rockets being fired across the border. gaza lice over there -- lies over there in the distance. fighters there say firing rockets is one of the only ways they have to riz israel's siege. he says in his opinion the israeli government isn't doing enough to move towards peace with their palestinian neighbors. >> i'm waiting for both sides especially from our side, to do
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something to understand the other side. to respect them. to respect their aspirations, to respect their narrative. you don't have to agree with it, accept it but you can respect it. >> seeing as both sides are here to stay, he argues that the only way to move forward is is to dialogue. stephanie decker al jazeera, israel. >> the arab state has claimed responsibility for two bombings. now government forces are pushing back. imran khan reports. >> reporter: this is what activists say is the aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in the western city of fallujah. a barrel bomb is that, a crude explosive placed in a barrel. bombed were dropped by
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helicopter. but an iraqi military spokesman dismissed the accusation. he went to say that military advisor died in an attack. >> while he was visiting the unarmed citizens, it happened when the terrorists used mortar rounds to shell the area from the west side and from fallujah. the heroic martyr was seriously injured. he died and joined the care van of the grai great iraqi martyrs. >> since then there have been frequent skirmishes and the iraqi air force launched moring. >> at that session they were supposed to elect a speaker of the house. had they done that it would have
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triggered a 45-day constitutional process which would have then elected the prime minister. that didn't happen. instead sunni and kurdish politician he walked out. it was then rescheduled for this wednesday but now it's been postponed until early august. few people in iraq are confident that the politicians will be able to agree on what comments next. internationally, the u.s. and the u.k. say they cannot offer any more help until new government is in place. slorntion the iraqi -- as long as the iraqis delay. >> a senioring american diplomat has been asked to leave bahrain immediately. assistant secretary of state tom mallinowsky was asked to leave after meeting a shia group. state department says malinowski
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and his team are still in the country. the u.s. is calling for a full and thorough investigation of a runoff election, ashraf ghawn has a large lead over abdalla abdalla. al jazeera's jennifer glasse has more from kabul. >> 4.4 million to abdalla's 3.4 million. ghawn t ghani had come in second in the preliminary round. gltion the election commission says these results are not final. now another commission takes over to investigate complaints. fraud allegations delayed this announcement by five days. perhaps the biggest objection will be that nearly 8 million
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blots were cast, a million more than in the first round. abdalla insists that nearly 2 millioninging votes were fraudulent. he didn't want any results announced until his allegations were investigated. >> ballot box stuffed in our side what is the solution for it? other side, we are saying that further auditing should take place. >> reporter: ghani says he did so well because he was able to mobilize his supporters, especially women. want 11,000 ballot boxes reexamined for irregularities before they will accept the results. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> got away from boko haram friday while fighters were queadged in a major attack. meanwhile the nigerian government said it was moving
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closer to finding nearly 200 girls abducted by boko haram in april. pope francis says the catholic church will have a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuses commuted by its middle easts. that's what he told six victims from ireland an gland an germany. >> in a private chapel neefer his potential residence the pope held mass and then met the victims of abuse one by one. it's taken 20 years for such a meeting to take place in the vatican. there were tears and high emotion. according to the official communique, the pope told the six, before god and his people i express my sorrow for the sins and grave crimes of clerical sexual abuse committed against you. and i humbly ask forgiveness. it will do nothing to placate
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victim support groups in europe and the united states who describe the encounter as a public relations stunt. that brought this response from the pope's official spokesman. >> if you see the person that come out of these meeting with the pope you understand it was not a public relation event. but these are very profound spiritual encounter. >> reporter: but there are many victims of abuse who are angry and frustrated by their subsequent treatment. as a teenager, diego, not his real name, was abused by the family priest. after breakdowns and panic attacks he finally told what happened to him. >> reporter: -- >> translator: i asked for hope but help did not arrive. >> reporter: the vatican said
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it dealt with throir 3420 sexual -- 3420 cases. 2572 have been ordered to live a life of prayer or penance for example in a monastery. the church has set up a special commission to improve the way it deals with abuse. but critics say what it really needs now is a strong enforcer. tim friend, al jazeera, the vatican. >> earlier i spoke with barbara blayne a sex abuse dispiefers and president -- survivor and the president of snap. what she believes the catholic church should do next. >> well, i think that this is really reparations is a bit premature at this point because we know that children remain at risk. and what we are looking for is action that will protect
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children, the grown adults deserve to be -- to receive justice. but we can heal ourselves. but the children cannot protect themselves. so what we are looking for is really concrete action from pope francis, sand it just seems as -- and it just seems as though this is one more gesture that's symbolic but we don't see how it protects children. so we want action that would make a difference for the children. >> in your opinion, what other steps does the catholic church need to take specifically? >> well, i think specifically that first of all, that the investigation of sex crimes should not be done in sea secren institutions, rather all those records should just be opened up and turned over to police in whatever country the allegations have taken place. i think that pope francis should publicly punish the bishops who
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enable and transfer predators. i think that pope francis should reward the whistle blowers who have risked so many and many have lost their jobs because they spoke out against the predator priests. i think that pope francis should -- you know he talked about all these priests who are supposedly living this life of prayer and penance. i think they should be put into institutions that are monitored by trained law enforcement officials to ensure that they're not out in the public, rather than being monitored by liquorics who have no expertise in this area. >> barbara also told us that she thinks priests who are guilty of sexual abuse should spend time in jail. several towns along the mississippi river are hoping that rains hold off as floodwaters are expected to rise over this week. the river crested in davenport iowa at nearly 21 feet over the
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weekend. kevin corriveau is here with a closer look. this looks pretty dangerous. >> we've been talking about this flooding for two weeks ago now. nebraska and parts of wisconsin. the water is making its way down the mississippi river, and it's taking a while for that surge of water to come down. we are seeing rain come into play. it's not going to be that heavy but this is what we're looking at in terms of warnings. iowa, illinois and parts of missouri that are affected right now. anywhere from davenport to st. louis now. this is what we're going to be seeing in terms of that very high water. anything north of quincy, illinois, the surge of the river is actually coming down. the level of the river is coming down. anywhere to the south, it is rising.
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anywhere from five to seven days to come below major need stage in that area. we do expect to see another two inches of rain across the region. this is what it looks like today, storm it goes a little bit below, we're talking about the typhoon in the pacific. the good news is it is very strong but weakening over the next couple of days. >> that is good news for residents of japan. kevin, thank you. still ocome on al jazeera america, the united states is experiencing an oil boom so why are energy prices still so high for most americans? david schuster from "real money" is here to explain. reno, nevada still has its hat in the ring, that's next.
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>> america's energy boom is real. according to new estimates oil production here in the united states is overtaking saudi arabia and russia.
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david schuster is in for ali velshi on "real money." david seriously we're leading the world in oil production here, what's going on here? >> michael, we are number 1, oil searntion taken ouessentially tl gas. 11 billion gallons a day, beating russia and saudi arabia. essentially confirms what a lot of folks were reporting from interagency folks reported lats week, all of that fraking and again, the united states is number 1 when it comes to oil production. how about it? >> how did they rise up the rankings, what caused this trend?
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>> the biggest changes involved horizontal drilling, combining that with hydraulic fracturing or fracking. the technology of oil and gas production, natural gas production prices in the united states have fallen by two-thirds since 2006. texas is now extracting more oil from the ground than it has since the great boom of the 1970s and the oil fields of south dakota are produce more than a million gallons a day, giving the united states a huge potential economic opportunity in terms of saving money. >> david i remember a couple of presidential elections ago when we were trying to get away from foreign dependency on oil. drill baby drill is what they were saying, but we aren't paying less at the gas pump.
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>> good question michael. oil remains a commodity, the laws of supply and demand as far as the world supply that's still essentially rules of the roost. and right now you have consumption, worldwide oil consumption is still very high and while we're using less in the united states and producing more, the rest of the world is pretty tight and as a result price around the world continue to go higher. as a result the price that we are paying here at the pump the united states also went up. >> i definitely want to hear more about this story coming up on "real money." what else do you have for us david? >> talking about investing in local, there are a growing number ever investors who want to buy, they also want to use their money to promote growth in the communities they live. we're showing you how they do it, coming up at 7:00 p.m. eastern on "real money."
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>> a judge has given an okay to a preliminary deal, regarding concussion claims. $675 million cap on damages after the judge questioned if that was enough money to pay everyone. the settlement will cover at least 65 years and retirees who develop brain conditions such as dementia, alzheimer's and potentially lou gehrig's disease. short list, ever kazakhstan and azerbaijan. reno's hope for 2026. >> reporter: right here is where they are trying to bring the 2026 games, the 1960 winter
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games were held in squaw valley, one of the ski resorts. in some ways the olympics have always been part of the culture. >> 12th in the gold medal table of the olympic games. >> it was a home affair, when squaw valley only hosted athletes from 30 countries competing in 26 events. this year sochi's games cost $45 billion u.s u.s., businesses ard the lake say the games would bring the region valuable publicity as well as much needed upgrades to roads and other facilities. >> again i think you need to differentiate between state sponsored games like sochi like beijing, back to 36 ber lynn and
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games that are really more mitch if you will. >> lake tahoe doesn't have a budget yet but other games though cheaper than sochi still cost billions. salt lake city in twoop 2002, 2.2 billion torino, 4 billion. vancouver in 2010, 6.4 billion. the plan reno would serve as the base city for visitors. nevada's more modest town, doesn't have the name recognition as its counterpart las vegas. reno feels they have got a winner. john keller shows me where they would hold the opening ceremony. >> macay stadium. >> seating would expand to 50,000. the coalition has a serious and they believe viable game lan.
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the last ingredient is snow. a recent study says if global warming continues at its current rate, many viable host cities would no longer have enough snow in the future but tahoe remains optimistic. >> we understand that, in our business we hedge against that, with increase in snow making. >> efforts to bring the olympics back here is nothing new. the feeling here is that it is high time to capture the bid. melissa chan al jazeera, lake tahoe. >> thousands of immigrants are showing up at the border, so many, the administration is finding it hard to tell what to do with them. >> every pot product sold in the state of washington will have to be tested in a laboratory like
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this. i'm allen schauffler in seattle where there might not be enough weed to go around.
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>> a plane reportedly carrying undocumented immigrants landed this san diego today. this is the third time in a week a plane full of central american migrants arrived in the city. as part of the ongoing transfer of migrants from texas ocalifornia, in san ysidro for processing. al jazeera contacted the u.s. border protection agency who refused to comment at this time. preparing to ask congress for $2 billion in emergency
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relief dealing with the crisis on the border in the southwest. libby casey is at the white house. libby are we getting a better sense what the obama administration actually wants to do with this $2 billion? >> we will michael and when the request goes to congress, it will include money to process the children detained at the border, these unaccompanied minors, also funding to deal with the emergency situation and to take care of them while they wait for the situations going through the courts. we are talking about the more than 52,000 children who have come across the border this year alone, and tens of thousands more women and children mostly coming from central american countries. there is question whether these kids will be able to stay in the united states on humanitarian grounds. after all, president obama called this a humanitarian crisis.
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white house spokesman josh ernest. >> it is unlikely these kids will qualify for humanitarian relief, which is to say most of these will not be found to have a legal basis to remain in this country. >> reporter: in they don't qualify for humanitarian relief michael they will be deported back to their home country. >> how are members reacting to the plans from the white house? >> reporter: well, the white house is getting push back from both sides of the political spectrum. democrats concerned that this may put children in even more vulnerable situation. some of these have relatives in the united states and republicans are pushing back they are saying the white house is putting mixed messages, and president obama does plan a trip to texas this week, a fundraising trip on wed, that's getting push backs from republicans like texas senator
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john cornan. >> president obama evidencely needs a wakeup call learning firsthand about the severity and causes of this crisis will be that wakeup call. again i urge the president to visit the border this week during his fundraising trip to texas. >> reporter: no plans to visit the border but the white house points out that many top officials have been there in recent weeks. the white house is not just requesting money from congress it's also requesting more authority to deal with the situation and that's getting push back from republicans who are already complaining about the president's executive authority michael. >> libby casey live at the white house, thank you. joining us from los angeles al jazeera's political contributor michael shore. not only is president obama asking for $2 billion but asking for new authority from congress. what's going ohappen here? >> well, he probably won't get
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that authority from congress and as he has indicated already michael on numerous occasions if he doesn't get the authority to deal with this problem, a somewhat new problem, an old problem with a new look now, he is probably going to use executive action as is his power to implement whatever decisions he makes on this issue. >> well, obviously a political situation here for the president. as lobby also reported, facing criticism for republicans and democrats, not to mention corporate rights groups. from your standpoint has the president been too passive on this issue? >> it's a good question, michael. john if it's a question of passivity. as i said earlier, and as libby intimatebefore, this is new ground. you haven't seen womed - women d children exclusive. what the president needs to do though is not get distracted by
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some of these political issues he's heard senator corn talking about how he should go to the border but in fact he should deal with as a new immigration issue and it's all part of and speaks to why he is so adamant about getting immigration reform. >> let's talk politics for a second and allow me to put on a political strategist hat on for the moment. >> you got it. >> what have you to do to address immigration in the last months, you will have many things to campaign against if president on with the mid term elections. would it be in the favor of the republicans to not do anything until they get to the elections in november? >> with no disrespect to your campaign strategist hat, they have enough things with which to run against the president. so on immigration you would think they would take the sort of stand that would say hey we
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need to do something, we need to work with the president so they could get those bona fides in their district. , there are 435 local elections and 33 senate elections. so you do have that sort of where immigration is important, they want to be on the right side of the issue for their district. but you know in terms of playing the politics here i think the politics speak for themselves. the republicans need to play a belong game on immigration. if they are just thinking about 2014 they are not doing their party or the future of their party in a national way any favors. >> john boehner is bringing a lawsuit against president obama for his use or misuse of executive action by the president. but the president said because congress won't do anything i have to use this power to get something done. so if that's the case wouldn't it be expected for president obama to even to use that tool if you will even more?
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>> yeah, you know i think he will michael that's sort of the point. i think boehner is giving his party action, the moocialght party in the house is -- the majority party in the house is going to be opposed to that. the president is going to use it in some regard and that gives boehner a little bit -- i think this is boehner's plan to rerun for speaker should the republicans as we assume they will hold on to the house in the next election. >> relates to the latino voting block. how will that help them gain latino voters in the mid term elections? >> again i think it's short-sighted on this. the republicans are excellent on message in short campaign season, generally they are very good on message. where they will get lost is if
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they alienate this growing and huge block. it's obvious any campaign strategist knows this, you are just asking for trouble. ask some of the southern democratic senators who were against integration in the south in the '60s. they never got the black vote back there. it is going to be very difficult for them to keep or to get the latin vote. >> so many issues. michael shore from los angeles, thank you. if you are heading to the u.s. from overseas make sure your cell phone and laptop are both charged. the transportation security administration now requires travelers to turn on devices on planes bound for the u.s. you may have to undergo more security screening, comes when intelligence officers feels al
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qaeda is planning a bomb that can go through security screening. three roads leading to the city of donetske were blown up. the focus is now on donetske that governmental troops have taken over slovyansk. scott heidler is there with the story. >> clear evidence the final battle for slovyansk was heart fawd. also no doubt that the ukrainian army is wasting no time. ah a convoy mooch on after gaining control of the city. this is after months of shelling and attacks, try to get back to normal advice. the minister of internal affairs paid them a visit. >> it is clear that if russia stops supplying tanks supporting the separatists, stop sending foreign infighters, the situation will be sofd in two
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weeks. >> reporter: maria stayed in her apartment block. it was shelled several times. >> we hope as they promised the government will help rebuild our homes. we are left without hope. we have lived here for 41 years, we have nowhere else to go. >> many of the soldiers who fought here over the last three months are headed south for other battles. now officials here are telling us those battles are going to be much different than what happened here. the tactics for separatists and the ukrainian army has to change. the city is larger so the concern over civilian casualties is greater. different battle plan than slovyansk. on monday three bridges into donetske were blown up. this one only 30 meters long.
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now head into a new one that could very likely have completely different rules. scott heidler, al jazeera, slovyansk, ukraine. >> food an agriculture organization blames lack of rainfall rising cost and shrinking humanitarian aid. the people who have been internally displaced will be hardest hit. the u.n. believes some 800,000 people need urgent aid. somalia is still struggling to recover from a famine that hit two years ago. intercepted and rejected by australia. the migrants are being questioned why they fled sri lanka. australia's high court temporarily blocked the return of the second boat to sri lanka, officials returned some of the
6:42 pm
returned migrants could face persecution. in germany, the government is investigating a possible double agent. german citizen has been spying for united states is putting the relationship on shaky ground yet again. nick spicer reports from berlin. >> often -- on monday the different government spokespersons said they had nothing to add. >> i can't comment. >> i can't tell you exactly how that's going to happen. >> but the german media report that a 31-year-old plan with a german spy agency sold over 200 intelligence documents to the americans for some $35,000. even chancellor angela merkel whose cell phone was tapped until late last year by the u.s. was restrained in her comments. >> if the allegations were true it would be for me a clear contradiction what i considered to be a trustful cooperation
6:43 pm
between agencies and partners. >> that cooperation goes back decades. this is a former listening post of the american national security agency or nsa. a cold war relic when most west germans accepted the need of knowing what's going on, on their soil. now germans take a much different view, like edward snowden living in moscow. >> snowden has offered to come to the area but the engineer man government has made it clear he will not be given asylum in this country. the intelligence sharing and diplomatic relationship with the u.s. is clearly too important. one of snowden's representatives said,. >> respond taken use reaction from the german government.
6:44 pm
they could have said enough is enough. we already said last year we don't like the american spying on top officials. there could be a number of consequences now including reconsidering the snowden case but the government won't do it. >> some politicians from chancellor merkel's own party are demanding that intelligence agents be expelled from germany. there is a chance the political pressure may drop off unless there are more surprises in a city of rich history of spying. interin california, truckers say they are going on strike indefinitely. maria innes ferre has the story. inez. >> they stopped servicing the los angeles and long beach ports. the strike could impact trade through the twin ports. they are the gateway for going
6:45 pm
coming in and out of asia. the lawyer for a friend of the boston marathon suspect claims i is not a are terrorist. he claims his roommate disposed of the knapsack. more challenges for the battle against wiestle wiestles in wil. officials claim the conditions could threaten home in the state today. just when you thought you had seen every type of kick starter project out there, a man desired to ask for $10 to make a potato salad. the kind like your mom makes.
6:46 pm
the project raised more than $24,000 in donations, 10,000 of those in the last couple of hours and now brown plans to make a step by step video and says he is donatin is inviting o donated to the potatoes salad project into a party tasting potato salad. >> how about mac macaroni and cheese? thank you ines. washington state officials hand out the first pot licenses
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america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> in washington state, retailers are getting ready to
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sell recreational marijuana. licenses went out overnight to two dozen stores. retailers expect to open their stores by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. allen schauffler, you want to have enough supply to meet the demand. will that be enough for retailers tomorrow? >> you failed it. having what you wants to sell on hand that is not the case with a lot of these store owners. i talked to a handful of them today. they expect it to sell out very quickly but a lot of them just aren't going to be ready. high demand, low supply is going to be the order of the day tomorrow, when washington begins legal recreational pot sales. >> the empty cases you see are ready for product. >> james can't wait to open the doors of cannabis city and start selling but there might not be
6:50 pm
enough weed to go around. he'll start with ten pounds sold by the gram. >> that gives you 2200 packages. so the first 2200 people. >> done by wednesday? >> yeah, that's the prediction. >> throughout washington's marijuana industry there's concern demand will far outstrip demand this week pushing prices up. >> in the range of 15 to $20 a gram. >> over 300 will be licensed eventually but only 20 will be licensed this week, a handful including cannabis city are expected to open. >> there is a lot of red tape and a lot of hoops for producers and producers to go through. the hoops they have had to jump through are a lot. >> another place we get the indication that the big pot rollout is going to be a big pot dribble out. these are just one of two
6:51 pm
companies approved by the state to test marijuana before it goes out. ed, shouldn't you be swamped now testing recreational samples? >> yes, we should be. >> what happened? is. >> we had a delay at the end of last year and producers are not ready. >> you don't have enough pot? >> we don't have enough pot. >> by contrast colorado's was a huge sblg. that state already had a booming and well regulated medical marijuana industry. the transition to recreational is smooth. the business of legal pot for fun has been built from the ground up. growers and processors got licenses in march and in many cases the first legal crop hasn't been harvested. >> so it has been hard for them to get up and running.
6:52 pm
that's where dprk -- the only ps can i get product from are them and they are still struggling. >> expect a bumpy beginning but expect supply issues to ease in the months ahead. by our count seven will open tomorrow, eventually the state will license 334. some of the folks who have the licenses and not selling are doing it as a business decision. they're going to wait until friday and serve the weekend crowd. michael. >> a very interesting day tomorrow in washington. allen schauffler in seattle. governor andrew quoam signed a bill into law, authorizing people with ten different des including aide, alice many
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hiermalzheimer's andep helpcy. . ep helpcy. epilepsy.
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>> al jazeera america presents >> yeah, i'm different. i wanna do what god asks of me...
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15 stories, 1 incredible journey >> edge of eighteen coming september only on al jazeera america >> 3d technology is often the stuff hollywood movies are made of but some university are using 3d to teach future doctors and nurses human anatomy. tanya moseley takes us to michigan state university. >> this is how most students learn human anatomy. through the touch and feel of human bones and cadavers. but recently, university of michigan professor called in a team of tech experts to help
6:56 pm
develop a new way to study the human body. by using 3d technology. here's what they came up with, a virtual human body that floats in the middle of the room like a holhologram. >> as a researcher and as a teacher, this is very important. >> so when irput on the glasses -- i put on the glass he what should i see? >> when you step in here it should track you and you should see a 3d life size body that you ask walk arounds, stoop down look underneath and look higher and all the perspectives are updated from a 3d point of view. >> the bodies of a plan and woman were frozen in gelatin and then thinl thinly sliced. those slices were photographed to make up the 3d scan that you see here.
6:57 pm
with the joy stick the student can cut slice and examine. unlike a traditional cadaver the student can start over. >> there are hundreds of students that need to use this. i think this is one of the biggest advantages of technology that you can make a mistake and restart and use the same piece. >> some other universities have also developed virtual cadavers but there are some disadvantages. the 3d pictures are not crystal clear. and for medical students, da silva says nothing beats being able to touch skin bones and muscles. >> the technology develops so fast and maybe what is just impossible for us now can actually become something easy in five, ten years. >> for now this 3d cadaver is as high tech as it gets. enhancing the age old practice of dissecting the dead to
6:58 pm
ultimately save the living. tanya moseley, al jazeera, an an ann arbor, michigan. the tour de france, selfies in front of the contestants. maria innes ferre is here. >> dangerous, especially when you are talking about crowds like these on narrow winding roads. we're talking about these kinds of selfies, very up close to the riders. tour de france first let me take a selfie. american sieks lis cyclist wrots
6:59 pm
a dangerous combination of vanity and stupidity. alberto contadore is giving a thumbs up in front of katie who is taking a selfie. tour de france officials are saying they're getting too close to these cyclists. this zoomed in some cyclists over here. a woman taking the picture, the aftermath is a cyclist on the ground. they say this is what happens when you risk everything for a photo, respect the riders. michael. >> that situation is dangerous enough. all they need is someone out in the street with their back to the race. >> we appreciate the spectators, the enthusiasm please give them some room, every inch counts.
7:00 pm
>> inne srvetion, thannes, than. two airplanes nearly collided. thankfully though no one was hurt but that was a little bit scary. i'm michael eaves. "real money" is next. >> we'll help you to protect it and save it with hundreds of jobs hanging in the balance. i'm david shuster. this i