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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and warm welcome from david foster to this al jazeera news hour and this is what we have coming up, in the next 60 minutes. sliding closer to civil war, in communities are spared from the conflict in south sudan. a city in ruins, an exclusive report from alepo, after a week after bombardment on the syrian population. and accused of taking french
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soldiers in the african republic face growing resistance. and there is a hat trick and for once it's not messi. hundreds of thousands we are now told have been effected. the death toll is rising, and armed youths are taking the law into their own hands. united nations in south sudan say there is no one spared from escalating violence threatening to tear the largest nations aport and putting the president against the rebels by the former vice president. u.n. star for another injured civilians have been evacuates to the cap duba and flown from
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boar, and seeing clashes between the government troops and the rebels and claiming still to be in charge of the capitol of the oil-rich unity state. thousands have esskates to the u.n. compound there. harry is at a u.n. camp in duba and joins me now and it's only as we piece together the information coming in from different parts of the country that the scale is becoming clear. >> exactly, it is. new fighting erupted in an ail-rich air and details coming in but hearing soldiers from the army have defected and joined rebels loyal and civilians are trying to run for cover to the u.n. base and other places there and the u.n. is having a tough time dealing with thousands of people running to bases for shelter and earlier i spoke to toby lanza the humanitarian
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coordinator. >> the situation was tense over the last three days and come off the phone from my office there. the tension continues. and there are missions that are ongoing and i think that not only the parties who were having this political struggle for power here but it's also now armed youth who are increasingly taking matters in their own hands in different part of the state. so particularly worrying and we will do everything we can in the united nations to make sure that people who sought refuge in the base, over 15,000 will be safe. >> anything we can do to stop a civil war breaking out? >> everything must be done and i'm focusing first and foremost making sure people are safe and the best assistance and talking
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with the people engaged in the process to do everything they can to bring people back to the table, to talk to each other and not settle any differencess they have by the barrel of a gun. >> reporter: do we have any idea of the death toll since any of this started? >> well, i think it's difficult to say with any precision but i'm sure at this stage we will be over a thousand and in the low thousands. when we talk about displaced people who sought shelter in u.n. bases we are approaching 50,000 people but doesn't include the people who are looking for shelters in churches and in cathedrals, in the capitol and hiding and countless phone calls from members who told me actually leaving the city centers and going back to villages or hiding between villages out in the savanna is where they feel the safest and people have to be the judge where they feel their lives will be best secured and i,000 this
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will not fefkt tens of thousands of people but hundreds of thousands of people. in terms of peace keeping and how man tarn response the u.n. is here to stay and we will do effect we can and we are now calling on all of our donor partners and non-u.n. agencies such as the world program and unicef who and everyone needs to step up to the platen south sudan needs the u.n. more than ever. >> reporter: and in these u.n. camps things are tense. one camp in duba not too far away from here but we move because things are getting volume tile and a few people from a different tribe than majority or in the camp and people were angry this tribe ventured in the camp and said get them out of here or we will kill them and it started off as
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a political trial and we could see more violence and people are scrambling to contain things and if it's not contained things get much, much worse. >> reporter: that is harry there in duba reporting on what is already an extremely volatile situation in south sudan. they are transporting the chemical weapons which are destroyed under an international agreement and the forces intensified there attack on the city of alepo and more than 40 people are reported to have been killed on sunday, among them, again, children. al jazeera has a team there, they sent this exclusive report. >> reporter: for over a week now aleppo has come under heavy bombardment and this is what a
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lot of the city looks like, not a single building intact, a city in ruins and people devastated. this is what appears to be the weapon of choice when it comes to bombing civilians, the base of a barrel filled with explosives from the sky from the forces. and as ambulances and firefighters arrive to rescue those targeted, a second barrel bomb was dropped killing more people, among them those who had come to help. within minutes the locals frantically tried to rescue the injured but assad was not finished, dropping a third barrel filled with explosives on the crowd. and one hit in the bombings was an apartment and they may have thought they were safe until what was left of the building collapsed, unmanageable suffering for people who believe their situation is being ignored
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by the world. >> translator: of these muslims aren't they your brothers or countries in the governments? >> reporter: a short distance from destruction a small clinic is transformed into a morgue and operating theatre and for now the only piece valuable to many syrians is in death. al jazeera. >> reporter: peace keepers have come under fire in central african republic while french soldiers force fierce resistant and try to disarm rival malitia and going easy on other armed groups and andrew simmons is in the capitol of southern african republic bongi. >> yes, david, mixed reports
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coming in from the out break of violence near the international airport and we are hearing that one peace keeper was dead. he was caught in a crowd, demonstrating, a very large crowd by the airport, the french trying to quite it things down had a very difficult task indeed and reports a civilian muslim, no way of verifying or confirming the report at this stage but we have one peace keeper dead from the new miska peace keeping force. also we have 40 civilians injured because the peace keepers opened fire into the air, it appears not all the bullets were in the air. we actually have a number of seriously rendered and this comes on top of a wave after three people were shot dead by
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the french. this is the scene after a french army patrolled confronted rebels and shot three men dead, the french had come under fire themselves after starting disarmament in an area where there had been sectarian killing. here they are trying to secure the area backed up by a helicopter and decided to withdraw a short while and return. minutes later former fighters started spreading hate messages towards anyone of french national naturalty and peace keepers backed up the french. there is error of hatest and tension and this is congoleze and peace keeping force deploying and unofficial roadblocks have been set up and we stopped at one of them and had to and threatened with a hand gernade and these men were
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trying to stop anyone who was french from passing through and most here are fighters from the predominately muslim celica and supposed to be disbanded after it overthrough the government in march but said the three dead were from the presidential guardian all the men here accused the army of being socked on the christian malitia and hard on celica. >> translator: up to now we have not heard of the french killing a bolica or disarm them and they are back in the barocks and only travel with the right papers. >> reporter: a relative of one of the dead gave this message. >> translator: i'm asking all offy french to go home, and independence you have done nothing for us and now you manipulate us, sometimes with us, sometimes against us, which
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side are you on? >> reporter: this has all caused more fear for the impoverished people and they are doing nothing to calm down the anti-french sediment, andrew simmons at bongi. ways of ending this conflict are be getting mixed messages from those in power? >> most certainly, david. it was only a few days ago that the interim president set out calls for reconciliation, into the community there will be justice for the killers of both sides and a few days later we have a special advisor from the interim government shrugging that within a week there could be partitioning of the country and muslims to the north,
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northeast and christians to the south, unless the international community brings peace to this country. now, whether that was some sort of shock tactic to try to get more sympathy for this administration is unclear. but there is certainly a situation right now whereby the people of the central african republic are absolutely confused and terrified by the unfolding events. >> reporter: andrew thank you very much indeed and correspondent andrew simmons in central african republic. coming up, in the news hour we had to a refugee camp in chad home of christians and muslim whose fled the war and andrew is reporting on that. and in force again and tens of thousands new crane demand resignation again of the president. and japan says happy birthday as the emperor turns 80.
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and we will report on one of the great stays in test history ended with the home crowd booing. ♪ a member of the russian punk band pussy-rat had been released from jail from putin and had two years in jail for hooliganism at the main cathedral and speaking soon after the 24-year-old wants to pursue a career in human rights. >> translator: the president had received an order and that is why i was brought here. now i would like to meet human rights activists and deal with the issue of prison. i would like to engage in human rights activity.
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>> reporter: and peter sharp is live from moscow and i'm sure it wasn't easy for them, peter, any idea how they found their time in jail? >> i think maria had a particularly difficult time and the inmates were prejudice against her and she was suffering physical attacks from these people who had condemned this punk protest. it got to the extent where she personally requested basically solitary confinement so she could protect herself from the attacks from the other prisoners. as you say as a result and the sentence is two years and finishing for her after this punk protest in the cathedral in february 2012 really protesting about what pussy rights saw as the russian orthodox and the
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kremlin. >> an all girl punk band became an international part of protest to president putin, interrupting the church with the punk prayer, mother of god chased putin away and it was pussy-rights last gig for a while. and the church church is the largest and the beating heart of the orthodox faith and it drew outrage and criticism from state in equal measure and it was carried around the world and they were jailed and sentenced two years in a penal colony after guilty of the of hooliganism and released on probation later and the sentence triggered a signal for having
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them as prisoners of conference and said they would be free involving 25,000 prisoners. >> translator: i feel for sorry for pussy, riot but disgraceful behavior that degraded the image of women. >> reporter: they under minded the moral condags moral condemnation but on the streets it's different. >> translator: the maximum punishment they deserve is a fine. >> translator: the girl have an attitude against putin and society and would recommend another place to do it. >> reporter: political and marsha says it's part of the charm offensive ahead of the up coming winter olympics. >> the olympics are close and have a statement from the prison that he is not coming, the first lady of the university and a statement from the french president he is not coming
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either and a statement from the british prime minister said they are not coming. >> they were serving hundreds of miles away from the families and children in moscow and she was released electrically monday morning and expected to be freed later in the day. so at the end of today, peter no member of pussy-riot is in jail and another high-profile of group facing russian justice is the green peace activists. >> yes, they are still this a hotel in st. petersburg and unlikely they will make it home before christmas. i spoke to an organizer there and they are simply waiting for a document from the investigative committee, the committee that was actually laying these charges against them to show in writing that the charges have been dropped as per
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amnesty. when they get back the documentation they can go to the federal migration service and get the passport stamped and then they will be free to leave the country. you can imagine they are in prison or out on bail since september, a frustrating time if they want to get home to their families for christmas but as i say i think this is going to be unlikely. >> reporter: thank you, peter sharp in moscow and christmas is just around the corner and protesters say they have no intention of stopping the mass rally over the holiday period and showed solidarity with 100,000 of supports and jennifer glass caught up with one of them in the capitol. >> reporter: she joined the protest december 1st after seeing police crack down on demonstrators and he will stay here until the government agrees to their demands.
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>> translator: what next? i have not really thought of that. the next step has a complement and our cards are on the table. >> reporter: the demonstrations are entering their second month. the president called them revolutionary and criticized them for personal ambitions. they come in tens of thousands and organizers say this protest will continue and called on people to celebrate new years eve and demonstrate to 2014. and what martin took is impatient and here since november 24 and says something needs to change. >> translator: we can't just stand here and wait, we need to act and must be concrete actions. >> reporter: a peaceful outcome is impossible here and opposition leaders disagree. some people said to me they are willing to shed blood and willing to head towards violence. >> no chance of that, that is what the president wants to do,
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shed blood. no, we prevent it and we showed to the entire world we are pro-european opposition. >> reporter: there will soon be move to europe to appease protesters. >> translator: the government's mistakes make the opposition stronger and need to correct our mistakes in the next few days so the situation will calm down. >> reporter: the people on independent square will not be easily won, after a month here they want to see concrete changes before they will consider leaving. jennifer glass al jazeera. >> reporter: protests in the capitol trade back with russia and people accusing the government of signing away the state's gas utility company as part of a deal to join the russian-led custom's j unit and
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ties remaining on the soviet union and they are the largest trading partner and it grew 22% last year. antigovernment protesters in thailand are accused of trying to sabotage elections scheduled for february. hundreds of demonstrators in bangkok are preventing candidates from going in a stadium and politicians were whistled after before turning around and they promised to boycott elections until prime minister steps down. and lowie has the latest from the thai capitol. >> reporter: they are going to the stadium and gathered outside the stadium as well as outside a police station next to the stadium where the registration of would-be candidates and
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parties for the february election will be taking place. the protesters don't want to see elections taking place because they don't trust the protest. they want a nonelected counsel to be in place and to overlook a bunch of reforms. the election commission has already been through a situation like this because the protesters have announced their intention over the weekend. the election commission says candidates or their representatives were unable to make it into the stadium and can lodge a police report next to the stadium and well as register over there. we have heard from the election commission that more than 30 parties have already registered so it would seem protesters have not been able to achieve their objectives. now the protesters have said over the weekend that they will not be resorting to violence. they don't intend to break into the premises but they did say
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that they do not want the election to take place and that whoever wants to take part in the election won't have to go past it and that is what they have been doing, camping overnight outside the venue, making their way in from various other protest sights around the city to try and intimidate people who want to take part in the election. the top protest leaders has already said because the prime minister is clinging on to power, protesters have to come out and chase her and they will continue to chase her until she is dead or until she leaves office. >> reporter: the storm knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands of canadians and the mayor says it's one of the worst storms in city's history and ice brought down trees and power lines and icy roads are blamed for three deaths, many travel plans for the christmas holiday have been wrecked in central and eastern canada which leads us to rather nicely to a look at some of the weather in the
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continental and united states. here is richard. >> yes, ice storms are some of the most dangerous types of weather you can experience. see the cloud fading out and this storm resulted from the contrast in temperatures between the very warm air feeding from the gulf regions and the air driving down from the arctic and here is what happens is you get snow in the atmosphere and falls down and down to a layer and melts and turns to super cool water and freezes on contact with any surface and takes five millimeters of ice on a tree to bring it down with a huge mass driving up on pylons and trees. that has gone through but there is talk it could take like 72 hours for toronto for the power to reestablish and that means with the cold nights in the
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coming days it really will be nasty indeed. the se sooner the power is restored the better but it's pushing away and heavy rain on the eastern sea board is clearing away and residents of toronto it will remain cold for some. >> at least it's a white christmas and thank you very much. you are with us on the al jazeera news hour, a growing wave of suicide in military turkey and covering up why young people are killing themselves. living with an ever-present dangers, the hazards of unsafe buildings in bangladesh and look up to this man who may get bowled over the indiana pacers continue to rolling this time over the boston celtics and andy is here with the sport. ♪
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time in the news hour to update you on the top stories, the united nations is calling for international help as the power struggle intensifies in south sudan and tens of thousands have taken refuge in bases across the country to escape fighting. ashad has attacks in the city of aleppo and children have been killed on sunday. french troops trying to restore the central african republic
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after a demonstrator in chad was killed after a demonstration with the government and at least 40 others were injured. the u.n. is describing the situation in the south town of boar extremely tense and over run by rebels. u.n. released these pictures showing a crowd of refugees outside its mission there. the u.n. has been evacuating staff and injured civilians. and about 15,000 people still inside the compound and trying as you may imagine to stay safe from the fighting. >> the thing we need most is we need the people who are causing all of this to get everything under control. as i left our base and went to boar, yeah, there was a lot of looting, a lot of gunshots, a lot of dead bodies, and very,
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very out of control youth. >> reporter: well the united states is being evacuating the people from boar and we have more from washington d.c. >> in coordination they air-lifted u.s. citizens who presented themselves to the u.n. camp in boar and lifted in helicopters to duba and specifics are not made available for deliberate reasons and this was on saturday. there was an effort to air lift that was abay doned when four service members were there and are recovering from injuries but the safety is of utmost concern to the united states and releasing few details. we can tell you the state department says more than 380 government officials as well as private citizens have been taken
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to the region to nairobi and 300 from partner nations have also been evacuated. we know president obama is continuing to be updated by government officials on the situation and they cau president and he is on vacation in hawaii and effort to seize power through force will result in an end to the long-standing support from the u.s. and the international community. of course we know too that the secretary of state john kerry has appointed donald booth and said it's the u.s. position that sudan and south sudan not slide back into violence as the u.s. believes this is something that would be detrimental to both sides and they encourage both sides to resolve differences through political means. >> reporter: that is kimberly
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reporting from washington d.c. and let's go live to douglas johnson who is a south sudan expert and author. dr. johnson it seems to me pretty much by the day we are seeing different players coming into this conflict. initially it was characterized as a dispute between the president and his former deputy but are we see agree number of grievances all coming together at the same time? >> i think that is correct. what you -- what we have got is on the one hand discontent within the party, the splm which is what he has been part of and the other people like his widow and other people in duba. but you also have an unintegrated army, an army that has been bill up of veterans of the spl, former government malitia and other malitia
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brought in at different times since 2005. so as well as other armed groups that have developed during the last few years. so i think it's going to be very different to identify who -- what all the grievances are and who can be negotiated with to try to bring this fighting to an end. >> reporter: and dr. johnson when we hear toby lanza from the u.n. saying there are groups, big groups he says, of uncontrolled youth taking part in looting and violent activities as well, is he referring to members of the malitia that you just described or are we seeing people simply taking advantage of a break down in any kind of law an order? >> well, those are the possibility of the latter. my own feeling is that given the resent violence it is probably already those groups that are
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armed and were organized. i haven't heard any reports of general sort of break down of civilians attacking civilians, of neighbors, attacking neighbors. that certainly was not the case in duba. the people killing people in duba were men in uniform and if they were regular spa or some other unit i'm not quite sure but certainly i've heard in duba of neighbors protecting neighbors. we don't yet have an ruwan the da situation of a general sort offensive jan mayhem of neighbors and civilians fighting each other. >> reporter: it appears from what you say, dr. johnson, and you were party to drawing up the agreement that ended years of blood shed there and appears from what you say with so many different people involved in the problems in south sudan to reach any kind of consensus did you
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have any idea of a way forward here? >> well, you don't ask academics to solve the problems of the world. we are not very good at that. but i would say if there is a military assault on board, this is going to make things more difficult. if the spla is able to move into positions around boar and then try to begin to negotiate with the commanders in boar itself to be able to bring some sort of truce there, then i think perhaps the fighting might get contained. similarly i think it will have to be a truce in the bentoo area rather than out to seoul. the pity is the 1983 war began with the sudan army assaults people in boar and i hope the
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spla doesn't make the same the army did back then. >> douglas johnson thank you very much indeed, talking to us from oxford in the uk. ♪ the final member of the russian punk band pussy-riot has been released from putin and we have been talking to the media and she and maria were sentenced to two years in jail of hooliganism after protesting at the main cathedral and soon after her release the 24-year-old says she wants to pursue a career in human rights. okay, let us return to central african republic where an advisor to president jota-dia suggested dividing the country in area, one area for muslims and the other christians, the
5:37 am
former celica rebel leader says it's the only option in effect if the conflict fail. >> translator: what we are doing at the moment has no end. there is no way out. it is a useless war. but we know what to do. we will not be manipulated to someone else's political or business interest to save someone here and it would be better to split the country in half. in order to achieve peace we are going north and those who want to stay in the south can stay in the south. >> hundreds of civilians who fled fighting in the country crossed into chad and the refugee agency says they are joining 70,000 others who have been there for years and we report from doshay camp at the border. >> in the chad jungle hundreds of people from the central
5:38 am
african republic are here fleeing violence back home. and he was in the cross fire. >> translator: i was walking out of my home when a bullet hit my arm and couldn't find care or medical help and took my family and we stayed there a week and received warnings that rebels were coming and fled to chad. >> reporter: armed malitia talk to him and broke his bones. >> translator: people in the shops and armed men attacked the marketplace and began shooting every one and old people like me were tortured and shot off and cutoff their arms and legs and killed 100 people. >> reporter: they hold 200 refugees in charred since 2003 and 5,000 more joined. the influx is limited but steady and the camp has been around for seven years now and new arrivals are coming since the resent fla
5:39 am
ups of violence in the republic and 4010 people have been hosted here in the last couple weeks and hosted in the structure and many families sharing the same space so far but soon will be building their homes using this other type of material. >> reporter: there are tents for families who arrived earlier and the newcomers are also beginning to get help. and those much propagated muslim and christian call the conflict in the central african republic have no traces here and the christian have a service in a make-shift sufrp the neighbors stood aside and watched in silence. >> my sister is married to a muslim and they are looking for any muslim to kill and decided to go to the frontier. >> reporter: it's clear the living conditions here are way below acceptable standards but after the dangers they have seen
5:40 am
back home these refugees are happy to see a safe haven in chad. this is at the refugee camp southern chad. >> reporter: they fired tear gas at protesters in istambul and they were marching and calling for the prime minister to resign and they are talking about allegations of government corruption and they used tear gas on demonstrators as they approached the border with syria. a number of soldiers taking their own lives in the turkish military for years and family problems and drug addiction and said they have been victims of physical abuse and torture and al jazeera approached the ministry of defense for comment
5:41 am
and yet to receive a response. this is her report from istambul. >> reporter: all turkish men to military service and cause for celebration, a right of man hood. and so it fell for jiham and his family. >> translator: he was as happy as a man can be. if there was anyone who wanted to do a military service for the rest of his life you will say that was him. >> reporter: but 12 months later he was dead, a suicide the military said, but he had no history of mental illness and no reported problems in the army. his mother keeps his bread room as it was until they find out what really happened. >> translator: they are trying to cover this up but as long as there is blood in my body i will refuse to accept it. i just want justice. >> reporter: they set up the
5:42 am
watchdog soldier rights platform more than a thousand turkish having brought suicide and ill treatment of their sons to him. >> 70 people are dying and they are labeled as suicide anyway and this new life every five days a person is dying because of this or somebody is killing them. >> reporter: soldier rights plats form published its report on the suicide problem last year, that forced defense ministry to announce over the past decade there have been 965 deaths as suicide and 605 soldiers were killed in combat and the military said family and drug addiction are behind the suicides and he said that is a diversion. >> this is to explain what this is, it's a system where you learn how to be humiliate.
5:43 am
>> reporter: the death was classified by the military as a suicide but he was found to have two bullets in his head. his family too are fighting for an inquiry. it doesn't help the families but when the deaths of their young sons are investigated it has to be in the military civilian ones and they want it change but the turkish government moves so slow. the relatives are calling for transparency from the military and respect for their son's human rights and anita with al jazeera istambul. >> reporter: rescue workers in kenya and six people were taking to the hospital when a cargo train came off the rails in the slum, a quarter of a million people live there with many of them make-shift homes lining the train tracks.
5:44 am
italy's foreign minister is meeting the foreign minister and backs iran and participation in next months talks in syria and they are against iran participation and he was one of the first to visit iran since it agreed to cap the enrichment activities. battling the rebel group says the washington post newspaper. it claims that the covert intelligence program which was launched in 2000 helped columbia security forces hunt down and kill two dozen rebel leaders and in peace talks with manwel santos for more than a year and we will hear from a former top terrorism officer of the krchl ia and why they would want to help the colombian glove. >> important interest in columbia for quite sometime and the aspects of the program began
5:45 am
allegedly with the killing of the american and a kidnapping and the farq in 2003 and things took on a certain amount of momentum from there. and before that it was designated by the united states as an international terrorist organization so there was an issue there particularly after 9/11. and for quite sometime before that the heavy farq militants and drug trafficking went all the way back to the regan. >> reporter: and we go to the island of lampudasa and thousands drown on the coast there and a fisherman haunted by
5:46 am
the sinking boat and we will have that story in a couple minutes. ♪ >> start with one issue education...
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♪ now on this news hour the latest look back on our biggest stories of the year, and the island of lampadusa, a gate way for people starting a new life in europe and in one of the biggest tragedy and 350 people died when the boat sank in october. there was a man first at the scene and is still haunted by
5:48 am
what he saw. >> this is a year that he will never forget. he has been a fisherman for 40 years. the sea was his second home. but two months ago he witnessed a tragedy that made him scared of the open waters. >> translator: we were sailing back to the port when we spotted a stranded boat and saw a lot of heads in the water and rushed to help. >> he and his breather were the first rescueser to arrive at the scene of the worst shipwreck ever recorded off the coast of lampadusa and more than 350 migrants died when the ship capsized. that night he and his brother and 18 migrants from the sea and says he is happy he saved so many lives but he is still haunted by those he left behind. >> translator: they were
5:49 am
screaming, raising their arms and every one one saved one would drowned and i have had palpitations ever since and can't go to sea any more. leaving the port sends me to a panic attack but rather than himself his thoughts go to those he saved. >> translator: i hope they will be happy wherever they go, god help them. they have nothing. it's hard for us here but we have a home. they don't. >> reporter: for a seaman like that, home is at sea. until he let's go of his fears he will stay on dry land and watch his brother sail away without him, lampadusa. >> and time for the sport and andy is here. >> they are top of the table, barcelona and it's nine minute hat trick to overturn a 2 goal
5:50 am
deficit and lisa holdman reports. >> reporter: all right of the trailing athletico at the top they are chasing and scored twice in the first 15 minutes. [cheers] was a champion team knows how to respond in style. a chip by pedro to get on the board and call for the game just two minutes later. this spanyard was not done yet, his hat trick and turn around in the space of just nine minutes. and he showed that they were put out of their misery in the
5:51 am
second half and scored in the 68 and 77 minutes to complete the 5-2 minute. [cheers] and back on top. third place madrid will look to keep pace with the latest and they put them ahead with valencia. and valencia after 34 minutes and renaldo said they would have delayed at half time. he has goals and still valencia refused to lie down. [cheers] the result wasn't secured until the 82nd minute and clinching all three points.
5:52 am
[cheers] and athletic maintained the position of top four with 2-1 defeat. and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: this is how it will look over the break, around madrid five points back at the moment. top of the english this monday when they play london rivals chelsea and lost 6-3 to the second place city last time out and they went in the top four on sunday and 2-1 and chelsea can move with liver pool if they beat the arsenal dismissing criticism after his loss against stuck. >> and forget and not be influenced by what the critics
5:53 am
are saying. so i learned that. i learned that over there, over the years. and that the dog barks and you keep walking. we have a good squad and i don't see any sign of back dropping and i think even more the place will respond to it monday night and sometimes in the season it's how you respond. >> reporter: and catholic right goes from the league and heads into the winter break and a third after hayward is the equalizer and almost as good and they come out from venezuela and back 2-0 and the game is not finished.
5:54 am
2-2. some nfl history for denver broncos payton manning broke the record and four to pass the m k marker from brady. >> you can have markers and not have points and win games and it helps because it helped the team win games in a competitive afc west is a good thing. >> reporter: oklahoma city thunder suffered the first defeat of the season and raptors rivals and the celtics against the indiana pacers and it was 15 points and 5 rebounds for the pacers as they control from the start and leading the way indiana was paul george and scored 24 points to lead the point, pacers win 106-79. two games on sunday in the nhl
5:55 am
for the first time since 1996 the winnipeg jets and canucks and they had a first period lead hit and brad richardson deflecting and the goal and the canucks loss in the game with the starting goalie and left due to injury. and winnipeg and canucks get the 2-1 win. the new york rangers and they broke it to store the game winner and new york goes to 4-1 win! now south african cricket captain defended the plays after the run ended against india fell
5:56 am
short and eight runs of breaking the world record for the highest ever winning in history. and chasing 458 countries and they are in sight of a famous victory. but as wickets fall and 19 for a draw rather than risking a defeat. >> i think we saw to of the innings that have been played over the last resent history and i think we need to appreciate the effort and i hope people through the emotion of, you know, wanting more always can see and respect the efforts that the team is certainly putting in. >> reporter: tough call for those guys and a great day for cricket. >> absolutely, andy thank you.
5:57 am
apple has a a breakthrough and china mobile has 760 million customers and apple iphone struggled to break into the enormous chinese market. pope francis welcomed austerity protesters to talk. the roman catholic leader also appealed to everyone to do everything possible so everyone can have a home at christmastime. celebrations are being held across japan for heto's 80th birthday and he wants to continue his official duties for as long as possible and some concerns about his health since heart surgery but he surprised the japanese people for announcing plans for the funeral and a modest one he said. that is it for me in the news hour team and see you a little bit later and thanks for
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watching. ♪
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♪ it's deadline day to sign up for health plans under the affordable healthcare but with problems persisting on the doesn't mean everyone who wants a plan will be able to do so and in sudan they are forcing a civil war and evacuated hundreds of u.s. citizens from across the country. holiday travelers having a hard time getting home for the holidays and a weekend storm impacted 35 states everything from snow and ice to tornados and flooding. >> i could have been dead. it


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