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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> the army loses control of a safe capital in south sudan, as three days of fighting is tried to be stopped. >> you are watching al jazeera live from doha. coming up on the program - the start of a new mission in central african republic. the african union takes charge of peace keepers. >> the world according to vladimir putin. the russian president prepares for a marathon conference. >> and why tourists are flocking to the peruvian rainforest for
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medical treatment they can't get at home. >> welcome to the program. south sudan's army said it lost control of the capital. half of the people are seeking shelter with the united nations. it comes days after an alleged attempted coup. east african foreign ministers will travel to the country to end the fighting. it raises fears of a civil war and force thousands to seek shelter with the u.n. >> in the world's newest country many people are finding themselves without a home. the u.n. says up to 20,000 people are seeking shelter at its camps in the capital juba. >> we have been able to get medical assistance. we were able to provide that with emergency medical assistance. >> fighting broke out over the weekend after what the government says was an attempt
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coup. riek machar denies there was a coup. that disagreement is being fought out on the ground. soldiers of the south sudanese army loyal to president salva kiir are fighting forces of the vice president riek machar. >> dinka are salva kiir's forces and riek machar's nuer. those familiar with the area say this is about power. >> there are fears that the conflict could plunge the country into civil war. >> as soon as they were free from sudan, the unity of fighting in the north disappeared, and the issues surrounding their ethnic conflicts and disagreements became more central, and there are historic, serious historic differences between the dinka and tribes at issue here. the president offered to sit and
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talk with riek machar, whom he dismissed. riek machar has gone underground. a warrant is out for his arrest. none of the people here want to see a return to violence. there is little they can do to stop it. >> south sudan's foreign minister told al jazeera the fighting is not about problems between tribes. >> the tribal war is between the dinka and the nuer. the majority are from dinka and there are others. trying to narrow it down that it is an ethnic war is not correct. i think we should not do that. it creates a situation which is not there. i believe encouraging dialogue and the fact that it is a
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political power struggle in which they try to use military means, which is not permitted by the constitution, and not permitted as a member of the african union. there's no coup from any government that can be entertained. it's an old story. >> in the region the african union is taking over peacekeeping operations in the central african republic. the new unit will be twice the size of existing falls and will try to stop violence resulting in more than 1,000 people dies in the past few weeks. rival muslim and christian militias will attack each other. 1500 drops make up the force of central africa known as fomac, and the african union has 2,500 military personal in the central
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african republic. and that will increase to around 6,000. franze deployed around 1,600 solidsiers. two were killed. simmons joins us live. what difference do you think the force will make, if any at all. >> on the face of it it's going in the right direction, it's almost surreal here, the clean uniforms. the new force after the grime and tragedy of what has been happening for the past few weeks, with so many dead. a lot depends on the political position changing. if the political position doesn't change, and they don't come down hard and put out a
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clear message. the view fro the diplomats, from the african side, the west is that this situation could get worse. it's actually materialing on the brink all the time. there is not mass killing, but bit by bit the number rises. the number - we don't know, it's well in excess of 500. no one is sure of the total number of dead, and now we have two damning reports, one from human rights watch, one from amnesty international which say atrocities need investigating. people need to be brought to book and human rights watch says that is down to these people, and to the international community to put in more resource, even more resource into this country. >> we are seeing ar actived pictures of houses being burnt out, troops on the streets, people leaving their home looking for a safe haven.
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one has to see the question, do you think in the next few days there could be violence subsiding with present conditions as they are. >> i think they are at a test point really at this crisis. the new force deployed quickly, they have to extend its reach. not only that the political position will accelerate. i understand the u.s. is going to put more pressure on the interim government here. they are being pushed from all sides to be clear in a message to christians and muslims. he took power in the mainly muslim coalition. it disintegrated. the key point on top of everything else is disarming former seleka fighters.
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not only them, but the christian militia spread all over the bush. it's a colossal task, and france is in a position that's difficult. it has a lot of troops here. it wants to see more european boots on the ground. it's not there yet. it's having a problem, lijistical support, but there's no diane ammism in support of france. they are in an offensive position. there's more activity, more of a robust push to bring people to book and disarm them. all but destroyed now because of what has gone on here. >> i think we know you'll follow event throughout the day. for the moment we'll thank you. >> russian president vladimir putin is holding an annual question and answer question
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with the media in moscow. he's expected to address his amnesty bill passed by parliament on wednesday. it could pave the way for the release of thousands of activists, including pussy riot and greenpeace members. these are live pictures with assembled diplomatic and press corp waiting to hear what the president had to say. it seems that he's taking to the stage. we won't listen yet. we'll speak to our correspondent in a short while, because he'll be addressing political crisis in ukraine and the bailout reached with his neighbour. let's cross to moscow and peter sharp who will listen in to the speech that vladimir putin will
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be delivering. peter, a range of issues we expect vladimir putin to address. what do you think he'll talk about? >> you're right, it will be a marathon question. i can't remember another leader exposing himself to these questions. up to 4.5 hours. foreign issues. they'll be making remarks about the peace conference in january. there'll be an element from putin of i told you say. always said that any attempt to remove assad from power will create a dangerous vacuum. it has been filled by jihadist fighters. they pose a threat to russia in the northern caucuses. vladimir putin will take credit for persuading bashar al-assad
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to dismantle the records. the future under debate. of course, we have the amnest which, that was announced yesterday, involving 26,000 minor criminals. most of the groups but already we in this morning criticism that the amnesty doesn't reach tens and tens of thousands. and really this is a whitewash job at a time when russia's human right's groups comes under attack. this is a chance to divert attention away from that. also, we'll hear vladimir putin's comments on edward snowden. as we deliver the speech, the assembled press core are keen to listen to what he has to say. he has been shaking hands with the president next door to him. i am sure a great many questions can be asked about that
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relationship, but the deal that has been shot and how that can effect everyone as well. >> you're so right. this is the morning news papers in russia how they put it, that vladimir putin does not come across as a politician that would give another sovereign state something for nothing. did the ukraine promise russia something. he'll be asked about that. at the same time it's interesting that the ukrainian president will make his own new cast broadcast press statement at the same time. ukraine is going to play heavily in this news conference. i don't think there's any doubt about it that the $15 billion promised and the cut price in natural gas tightened moscow's grip on kiev and the ukraine.
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we'll be dipping in and out of it throughout the day with you from moscow. thank you. >> plenty more to come here from al jazeera. >> the as are 64, the nays are 36. >> the u.s. budget deal that means the government won't have to face a shutdown for another two years. and no health care for many nigerians as doctors walk off the job. all the details coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back, you are watching al jazeera. south sudan's army has lost control. it follows days of fighting in which 500 people have died. the african foreign ministers will travel to the country to try to end the fighting. >> the african union will take after peace-keeping operations. more than 1,000 people have been killed. russian president vladimir putin has been holding his annual press conference with the media. he is expected to address the ukrainian bail-out deal. >> a huge corruption investigation has begun in turkey going to the heart of government. it involves ministers and families, as well as the head of the state bank. the government threat to suspend
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police involved in the investigation. we have this report from istanbul. >> it's been a parade of powerful and wealthy people all on their way to interrogation and detention. no charges, but allegations of bribes from urban construction projects, document forgery and multi- million cash. suspects include the general manager of the state. the mayor of the ist's district, prominent business people and the sons of three cabinet ministers. >> this will be a blow to the government because their image has been that they've been the cleanest party. >> the president responded angry calling it a dirty operation by gangs within the state. >> the first reaction from the government has been to suspend the five senior police officers
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most closely involved in the corruption investigation. some work from this headquarters behind me. according to the official statement they are accused of malpractice. since then media reports government suspended a total of at least 40 police for, it says, abusing their power. something else is going on in turkey. alongside allegations and counterallegations of corruption. that is something else, is the movement led by this man, muslim leader, a man who lived in exile in the united states since 1999. education foundation has helped turkish influence around the world. building him a power base at home. the movement backed the ruling party. columnist explains many former students joined the police and
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judiciary extending his influence. that relationship with the government has broken down. >> this was an alliance, a power alliance of some sort. it's a struggle. whether or not this is a fight for reform or democracy. >> only a careful analysis of the evidence will prove if the prosecution are politically motivated or not. it looks like there's more evidence and scandal to emerge. >> delegates from the g20 world richest nation is visiting the kay song industrial park. the visit after strained relations between the neighbouring countries were put aside. the last talks took place in september after the industrial zone was reopened. prosecutors in south korea are charging 11 officials from the
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psychological wall pair funt. they accused of posting comments online. the unit were set up in 2010. the opposition has claimed the military meddled in the presidential election by carrying out an online smear campaign. the u.s. senate passed a 2-year budget deal ending months of political wrangling. all but removing the threat of a government shutdown. not everyone has called for it. >> the as are 64, the nays are 36. >> with that vote the u.s. senate makes sure the federal government will not shut down for the next few years as the congress adopts a budget. they could threaten to default next spring. in washington, this is heralded
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as a break through. it's what the american people called for. a compromise. laura has another name for the deal. this is what she's done for nine months, looked for work. on-december 28th the money she counts on to pay her rent goes away because congress couldn't agree on how to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. some argue payments are keeping people from trying to find work. >> it's brutal and so debilitating to send out application after application, to spend hours and hours trawling online, calling people, going networking events, trying to put the glad face on all the time when you met with rejection so much of the time. >> in weeks 1.3 million americans will no longer get government help. >> but the budget restores half
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of the budget cuts made to domestic programs and food aid for a year. to pay for it future workers and some medical retirees will get less. many call that an outrage. >> they leave behind families and the homes, and jobs and a wonderful life to go out and protect the freedoms that we all enjoy. singling them out is not just unfair, it's wrong. >> there are promises to fix the cut and restore the checks of the long-term unemployed when the congress returns from the holiday recess. lauren is counting on that being more than a promise. she's counting the days until she will be at risk of losing their homes. >> the u.s. government announced a slowdown in effort to support economy. the federal reserve cited strong
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economic growth. the federal bank expects unemployment to drop this year. the predictions will help the government reduce bond buy-back programs by $10 million. the stimulus plan is designed to lower interest rates and boost economic activity. the federal chairman ben bern angie talked about optimism. >> there is further to travel before conditions can be judged normal. despite fiscal head winds the economy has been expand ing at a moderate pace. >> two men are hold at the guantanamo bay naval base in the u.s. have been sent home to saddan. they are the last two sudanese prisoners there. they were september to
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guantanamo bay in 2002 because the u.s. military believed he this links to al qaeda. the number of transfers increased since president barack obama made a promise to close of prison. >> in somalia three doctors have been shot dead another kagisso, mogale. they were on their way to a local hospital when they were kill. rebels linking to al-shabab are being blamed. >> workers in nigeria are on strike, expect to last for nine days. the medical union wants better conditions for its members. we have this report. >> isaac is an anxious man. he brought his severely burnt son to the university of abuja teaching hospital. a nation-wide strike cut services in public hospitals. >> many patients coming in to receive medical attention are
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not going to meet a doctor. this is someone that needs urgent attention. >> this man was referred here after visiting five other hospitals. many here are leaving. this is the picture in government hospitals across nigeria, as doctors begin a nationwide strike. >> the striking doctors want better pay and conditions. >> doctors want better work place conditions and appropriate health care. >> most government hospitals like proper vass ilties. funding is far below world health organization standards. the doctors say the government has shown little concern.
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for the majority of nigerians, this strike is worse things a bad situation. all the critical cases are being attended to here. for those who can't. medical workers here are struggling to cope with existing emergencies, they don't have the capt afty to deal with new ones. the emergency care and points that we are trying to see if arrangements can be made so patients get the necessary care at emergency points. >> this is a second major strike by doctors in nigeria. the doctors say it will last five days and it is a prelued to a strike in january. that manes more weight.
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with few proper facilities and few doctors at work, many people like david and his family make no other choice. >> traditional medicine in peru has been practised for centuries, it's developing a reputation among tourists looking for alternative methods for natural cures. we learn about plans used for spiritual healing. >> in search of a cure. they were about to start a night-long journey in the heart of the amazon jungle. this is a revered planned turned into a potent drink. thousands of years the mass ownians considered it sacred. from they are here to heal the soul. when the night is over he will
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become a better person. >> it also cleanses the negative energy. >> the bark from the jungle vine will purge the body and the spirit. they shame and guide the spirit. >> translation: people that are ill are coming to get cured. my husband and i cure them. they go back well. for thousands of years they have used the plants to cure the mel oddies. >> poor people use medicinal plants in markets like this, and they are offered to cure anything from arthritis to the
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flu. he can't afford a doctor. he doesn't need one. >> i have learnt this from my parents and grandparents. we all use plants. >> scientists stay plants can cure illnesses. increasing numbers of tourists take the plants. many traditional plants can be deadly if not taken properly. the problem with traditional medicine comes when people take the practice out of the context. >> many tourists take it through the internet. >> it is not the first time they have taken the plant. the ritual requires the experienced shamant to achieve a successful experience.
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this time they trusted each other. >> they feel clean, bright and peaceful. >> and you can follow all the stories and issues by logging on to the website.


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