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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america this monday i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> perfect storm and deadly storm. we'll have the latest from the disaster zone with new images of the deadly tornado outbreak. >> rob ford pushing a woman to the ground. facing more pressure to step down. we talk to the law maker leading the charge against him. >> the latest on the meningitis scare in princeton and the unconventional treatment to stop the spread. >> and martial mars awaits. nasa's trip to the red planet and the secrets it may reveal.
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♪ >> we begin with the day after in the mid west. and these images only begin to tell the story. in a few hours some 5 tornados swept across the heartland destroying entire neighborhoods. the outbreak the worst in recent memory crossed across 12 states. today the survivors surveyed the damage and returning to the rubble that was their homes. gathering what little they could find. some of the most devastation is in central illinois. that is where we find the highest number of deaths. six people were killed in illinois. including an elderly couple in the rubble of their new minden farm house and one was a teenager who picked up a downed power line.
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usher authorities are concerned about protecting property, right? that is right, john. just to give you an idea the curfew is in effect like it is in many areas in central illinois. it's in effect here and it's holding. i will pipe you t point you to e residents have come home to. take a look at this front yard. have you an uprooted tree. >> an the powerful forces of the wind that flew through this area. the residents got the first opportunity to come back today to survey the damage and at this point it's very much a salvage operation. three hundred nine sheridan road was once a home now it's just an address dave's elderly grandparents lived here for decade. >> i used to come herewhen i was favoufavour sixfive or six and e
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back bedroom. the framed family photos, glass intact. >> this was my grand father. the storms ripped through the different parts of the small down. in peakin 48 homes are uninhabitable. >> it cut a path through the city. it bounced a few times. this is neighborhood is the worse as far as most homes in one area. >> when the storm hit dave's 88-year-old grandfather and his wife mable stood pressed against the fringe. he turned around and walked in and the garage door came flying off as she walked into the house she put her arms average aroundn stood there and wade through the
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store. >> though yes o wrong strong eno tear dave's grandparents from each other's arms. and john in areas like this electricity has not been restored. in this neighborhood you can see that there are power lines and utility poles strewn across the street. there are crews working through the night. to give you an idea 23,000 customers are still without power at this time. that is down from 150,000 customers earlier in the day. >> usher thanks very much. >> the destruction is far reaching. >> aas this map shows the storm moved from west to east from missouri into illinois and that is where th people saw the most damage. the system moved through business wes awisconsin and hig. >> kevin has that part of the
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story. >> john, there were factors that came together almost perfectly that brought us the out break. first of all we stopped this map 24 hours ago. >> to the north we have cold air and to the south we have warm air. when you bring those two together it causes instablity. we have the jet stream above it and it pulls up the atmosphere and that pulled up the moisture an caused the thunderstorms. you bring many of these together at the right time and the right place that is what we saw. you put this into motion and we are looking at different conditions. take a look at the storm damage we saw across the area. the red dots are the preliminary reports of tornados there. the yellow indicates the wind damage reports that we saw across the area. this is washington, the town of
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washington and we are looking at the path of an unconfirmed eh h4 at this momentum. wind at 166 plus miles-per-hour you can see how it looks above the ground. >> we have more pictures to show you kevin thank you. >> communities in the neighboring towns are pitching in to help. and let's bring in domni artist she is the daughter of the mayor jim artist. her grandmother's house was destroyed in nearby washington, illinois yesterday. domenic thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, john. >> this story is about your grandmother, mini ane and she i2 years old, what happened to her? >> well when the tornado sirens went off she was standing in the front yard and she had the door open and looking out and her neighbor was across the street.
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the sirens went off and she naught thought i getter go inside. she sat down on a bench inside of her front door and she heard her front window break out and she closed her eyes. >> she hung onto a bench outside where the damage came down around her. correct. >> i believe there was a picture of a truck sitting up right on top of the rubble was that her truck or someone else's. >> it was not was on one of the neighbors. her car had been moved out of the garage and the whole garage was gone and it was flipped on to it's side hanging off the side of the driveway. >> how is she doing? >> um, right now she is okay. i think she is still in a little bit of shock. we have not been able to go back into washington yet. >> we have not been able to
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reassess the damage since the incident occurred. right now she is okay she is safe she doesn't have a scratch on her. she is all right. >> one of the pictures we saw was you and another friend or relative going back to the house and what did they find in the rubble? >> we found my grand pa's ashes. i mean basically the only things we could find were water damaged and destroyed. the couch is there and the tv is there and the bed and mattresses are there and they are damaged. i don't know if they are sale vannable. -- salvageable. >> we can' we can't find the pictures and the possessions that we would like to hold on to. >> cacan you describe the feeli. >> it's devastating. >> i don't know if devastating envelopes the situation right now.
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seeing the place you spent every sunday in gone and it' i think y emotions will come into effect tomorrow when we go back to the scene. >> i want to show a couple of pictures your father took when he flew above the dang. it's remarkably devastating. and this was from washington, illinois, correct? >> yes. >> i mean, what did he say about the pictures that he saw? >> he didn't really have much to say. it's so deaf statin devastatingu never think it would happen to your hometown. you can see the where the tornado took the path through. you can see some are okay and the ones that were in the path are gone. >> i'm so glad that your grandmother is okay and thank
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you for sharing your story with us tonight, we appreciate it. >> yeah, thank you. >> now to the philippines to the doadeath toll now stand at 4000. 11 days since the carolina it is catastropheand the un believes e without shelter. some residents are able to leave the disaster zone. food, water and medicine are arriving and it's still a struggle t to reach those in ne. 50 u.s. ships and airplanes are part of a global relief effort. >> in other news. toronto's mayor woul rob ford ay is continuing. this time he is apologizing for knocking down a woman in a meeting today it comes as his control in the city is slipping even further. >> chaotic scenes inside of a packed city hall meeting mostly thank to toronto mayor rob ford
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and his brother doug. as on point as mayor ford rusheo help his brother handle heck hes it lak almost turned violent ciy council was making their latest move to restrict mayor fired's ford's north. h authority. councillors are restricting his powers. to his brother it's nothing less than a coup de tat. it's a slippery slope to democracy not only now but for the future. >> they say they are a victim of conspiracy and still have the support of the voters i. voters. >> owe didn'he dan run on didn'e claims. the promises he claimed have been fulfilled. he has been fiscally responsible
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as much as he has been morally irresponsible. >> it's hard to say how popular rob ford still is. at this canadian football game he was mobbed by supporters. he is now a staple of comedy routines and has been all over u.s. and canadian media as a news story and a figure of fun. >> rob ford has become a bit of a celebrity. and there is a bit of a cull personality around the man. he has been a vessel for people's identities than he has been a governing mayor. >> people gathered at city hall to watch the council on a big screen. news of the vote made this crowd's political feeling obvious. so now after this series of votes city council has left rob ford as mayor but with very few of the powers of office. but there are legal challenges ahead an possibly more
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revelations about the mayor's private life and his own vow to stay on and fight no matter what. >> and shortly after the city council vote, mayor ford took to the airwaves hosting a new alty tv show with his brother. it's called ford nation. it airs on canada's sun network. he defended himself and offered to take a drug an alcohol test. >> the city council wants ford out. i will talk to a member of a law maker leading the push against the toronto mayor. >> in health news. second opinion, the new rules on cholesterol lowering drugs, why doctors are pushing back.
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determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is
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that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. >> al jazeera america brings you live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage. >> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to >> there is the shove you are about to see it. seen around the world. mayor rob ford knocking a woman a toronto councillor to the floor. he apologized.
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he is getting good at apologizing but he says he won't resign. toronttoronto councillor sues agriculture used tcouncil -- toa supporter of mayor ford. >> welcome councillor. good evening. tell me what happened today. we passed motions to restrict the mayor's powers today. we received a very strong mandate, a massive majority. we did what we needed to do of the ford the mayor and his brother tried to turn council into a circus and tr tried to ue their usual bullying tactics. >> you were a supporter and friend of tha this mayor, yes. >> i support the agenda and i believe in keeping taxes down and giving power to the people.
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>> i gave the mayor the benefit of a doubt when there was allegations of a video of him smoking crack cocaine of and i gave him the bennett o benefit e doubt he was a substance abuse other aer and alcoholic. there was more and more information that came out that. doubted my benefit of the doubt. >> when there were allegations of him smoking crack cocaine i never saw him before. the mayor is a bit of a loner an doesn't socialize with council. and i gave minimu him the beneff the double because i think that is what the mayor is entitled
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to. once we found out that he smoked crack and he admitted to buying i legal drugs and he admits that he gets behind the wheel of his car after he has a few drinks. it's all disappointing things and it's difficult for him to lead with a error lik record li. >> even if he didn't mean to push the councillor down, when you look at this video this whole thing has turned your council into. i mean, has it made toronto the laughing stock? >> let me be perfectly clear. council has performed really well. it's the mayor quite frankly. last week he was threatening and he tried to take a run at me on the council floor. it's his conduct that is under question and what we did today is we took powers away from him because we don't want the rest of the world to think that our crack smoking mayor is the city
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of toronto. we are a whole lot more than that. >> does he have any powers left? >> he does. he has statutory powers that are could be officereconferred on bl government that we don't havefullhaveany control over. we have cut back the budget and took away his powers to control the committee or cabinet. >> he has taken away his powers a lot of people quite frank i will have given up on him an don't respect him anymore. >> so will the council call for a special election to remove him or not? >> no unlike the united states we don't have recall provisions. we'll have to wait until next year for the general election. in the absence of the mayor put in jail, there is nothing we can do. we believe he has a substance abuse problem and he needs to
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take some real-time off and get the help he needs. and in the be absence of that e is a lot of us that believe he will be getting into more trouble. there is more information coming out because there has been a significant police investigation, and there are court documents that still remain to be released. wire cawire-tap information ande think there is for to learn about the unfortunate circumstances a an and conduct f mayor rob ford. >> i wonder if he is trying to get publicity for his new reality tv show, what do you think. >> he is a very curious man in terms of why he does things. there were some unfortunate private videos that came out last week where he seemed to be out of control. many have speculated that he was using a and under the influencef an illegal substance. and there was that unfortunate
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circumstances late last week in front of his office where he used foul language and admitted to drinking and driving. >> that video and those sound bytes have gone around the world. >> we are not ma happy about th. most people know toronto and like toronto. we would like them to think of a multicultural city and how open we are. the people's first thoughts of the city may have been the cn tower and now it's a crack smokinsmoking mayor. but we would like to turn that corner. >> council men thank you for coming on. thank you very much. >> now to the battle over obama's healthcare problem. 1:5 will not be able to access the website even after the website fixes in
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november. mike viqueira from the white whe house. >> the white house set a target date, november 30th. at that time the vast majority will have an experience that will run smoothly. you can register and buy insurance despite the problems in the last weeks. eight in ten americans will be able to log onto the website on november 30th that target date an buy insurance. who won't be able to? those that are still having technical difficulties with the site and those that get frustrated a and give up and the that have policy that's are complicated. jay carney the white house spokesman earlier explained. >> it's always been the case we need to make sure that there are other avenues for people with complex situations or people that would rather not perform this kind of purchase on-line. and that is why we have call in
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centers and that iswhy we have e beefed them up and we have people working with around the country. >> after november 30th enrollees will have two weeks to enroll and be covered on january is when the affordable care being actkicks into law. >> princeton university is taking extreme measures to stop a growing meningitis outbreak. officals have agreed to distribute a vaccine that is not approved in the united states. it's currently available in europe and australia. princeton says it's the only way to protect thousands from a men meningitis out break. there have been seven cases reported linked to the new jersey school in the past eight
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months. >> the government's new rules on fighting cholesterol is under attack. it comes from harvard doctors that say those guide lines are putting patients at risk. >> the fear that the country's leading heart socia associations encouraging people to take pills they don' don't need. it affects 70 million americans. is ou1 out of 3 have bad ldl. the american heart association and the american college of the cardiology released a new call calculator to figure out a person's heart problems. >> some are worrying that it's over predicting the risk. >> let's say you are a 60-year-old black man with northerly cholesterol level an overall healthy and you are not a smoker an no diabetes. the calculator show hs he has a
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7.5% risk of having a heart attack or stroke. that number seems high to doctors. at that level he should take statons. even though he is healthy. >> the number of people with high levels of bad cholesterol has remin remained about the sa. but the number being treated for it has jumped 70%. of ththe american heart associan defended those guidelines and says they should encourage more patients to talk to their doctors and for the moment it's sticking with that calculator. ♪ >> michael eaves is here with sports and a rough day for one member of the denver broncos. >> it didn't happen on the field. raheem moore under went emergency surgery for a
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condition known as lateral compartmental syndrome. moore left during the first half of the last night's game with the chiefs with what the team called a lower leg ar injury. >> after experiencing swelling aand pain lightning long after e they encouraged him to go to hospital. it's very rare in football players. >> in baseball the phillies and carlos ruiz have agreed to a contract. he will be the fourth highest catcher in baseball. ruiz missed the first 25 games of the past season following a suspension for testing positive of a banned. >> david beckham may be helping
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james bring soccer. when beckham played with the la galaxy he could purchase the franchise at a discounted rate. two of the most popular athletes in the world teaming up to bring their own sports team to south florida. >> a discount. >> a discount at 25 million. >> up next, picking up the pieces. >> an update on the deadly tornado out break in the west. >> and a radio show making the difference. we'll meet the men behind it.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. on monday november 18, 2013, i'm john siegenthaler in new york and here are the top stories. >> after the storms scenes of devastation after sunday's deadly tornado outbreak at least eight people are killed across 12 states. more than 70 tornados touched down and officals say one of them had winds of 200 miles-per-hour.
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>> getting embattled toronto mayor rob ford pushes a council woman to the floor. it happened at city council meeting too. they have strip him of more powers but he is refusing to step down as mayor. >> planning mars. plan mapping mars nasa has released may sven. maven. more on the mission later on in the program. >> and we want to go back to the tornado outbreak and the town of washington, illinois one of the hardest hit areas. it's where the eight people at that died were killed. more from al jazeera's diane estabrook.
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>> my granddaughter. >> insurance agent romme roger n was stunned at the sight of his office. his shock quickly turned to grief. sunday's tornado broke windows, hurling glass and debris everywhere. but hickman's shock quickly turned to grief. >> it's hard. it's very emotional. >> how many of your customers do you think are affected? >> over a thousand. it's devastation. it's unbelievable. people, my friends gone life you know wiped out. >> all around washington, illnois residents are picking through and picking up the pieces of their lives. >> a tornado-the national weather service is calling a preliminary e-f4 cut a wide path through the small central
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illinios town turning homes inside out, and businesses into piles of mangled trash. the town estimates up to 500 homes were damaged or destroyed and more than 200 people are homeless. >> cell phone cameras recorded the twister barreling toward washington as pastor tom goodell and his parishoners watched in horror. >> it turned a big sweeping turn and then took out a farmhouse. >> governor pat quinn declared seven illinois counties disaster areas and during a visit to washington said the state will likely seek federal disaster aid. >> it's important to begin the assessment of the damage for insurance company purposes, but definitely for any kind of application that we make to the federal government for federal disaster relief we must an initial assessment. >> hickman is confident he and his customers will rebuild their lives and homes. >> we're tough here in central illinois. >> but it could take a while to do it. >> that is diane estabrook reporting now for the challenge of young americans. many struggle to get through school and it's difficult for latinos in california who have
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the state's lowest graduation rate. there are measures underway to change that. as jennifer london reports. these seniors at fresno state university have great reasons to celebrate. oby this time next year they wil graduate. >> this trio is the exception in california. >> a new report published by the campaign for college opportunity find more and more latinos are graduating high school a and enr itinentering college but not completing their degrees. >> less than 11% have degrees. we find that lat dee latinos haf the lowest preparation rates to be eligible to attend a
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four-year university. the majority of graduates who want a higher education end up taking remedial classes at community chec college. >> once you are stuck in remedial education it's unlikely you will get through or. through. >> only eight percent of lat teelatinoshave degrees. >> that means they're on track to have a under educated work force. >> they are going to have higher rate of unemployment and higher costs on the social services you have to provide. fresno state university student body president says many latino students struggle with financial issues a and english as a second language. they come in behind because they
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haven't metairi met requiremente high school level. >> that is unaccepacceptable. she is implementing changes to better prepare her latino students. >> at the high school we have woven in a whole year of college preparation. critical thinking and being a democraacademicdiscorse and nonn righting. our students will meet the bar if you put it there. >> it is clear that something need to change. it starts with more latinos attending but more importantly graduating college. >> well tonight we are bringing you something new an important, it's the start of our series on veterans. it's called veterans stories. we are going to take a closer look at their lives and the struggles they face everyday. let's start on the radio with a show that offers these brave men and women a place to call home.
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>> first light in ann arbor, michigan an dal and dale be andb celebrate a decade of their ride yradio show. they go live from tiny studios in ana ann arbor. the first guest ten years ago is back on the air again. democratic house member john dingle on the line from washington, d.c. congressman dingle welcome to veterans radio. congratulations mcongratulationn years of great service. dale and bob were fed up with their employment. >> i am thinking about putting together a show about veterans and he reached across the table and said isl i'm with you it tas
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about key benefits but it's mainly about story telling war tales that vets tend to keep to themselves out of modesty. >> so often we hear he never says anything or dad doesn't. >> they open up because it's veterans talking to veterans. >> the web gives them a global reach beyond the radio stations that they are on. it's part of the catholic network. >> we see the providence of god in this whole thing. >> al jazeera is thal is the hoo program is heard on 200 stations nationwide. he is dale a and bob's boss. there are few people that can do it week after week after week. this is what they have done. >> they have plans for the next years' radio bigger web sites and taking the show on the road.
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>> until then, you are dismissed. >> yes, sir. >> aand let's bring in bob and dale they join us from ann arbor, michigan. gentlemen, welcome it's great to have you on the program and you are not dismissed yet. thanks, john. >> congratulations on your anniversary. tell me what do you really want to accomplish with your program? >> we have accomplished what we want to do. we are telling the stories of veterans around the world. we have done programs about canadians and people from south america aamerica and korea and e world. that is our goal to get the stories out. and we are proud of them and we want the country to know how
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proud we are of them. >> and bob, what do they say? >> i would like to add to that that one of our focuses is to empower the veterans and let them know that they are going to receive the benefits that they worked for and that they contracted out. if we have to hold people's feet to the fire we are going to do that. dale and i have been very instrumental many times in connecting various veterans with the benefits that they so richly deserve. empowering the vet. >> and what do the vets tell you about the program and what they hear on the ray yo? >> radio. >> well some of them, the e-mails we get from veterans are great. they love that we talk about the issues that are concerning them. we talk about ptsd and we talk about benefits as bob mentioned and we talk about the units and their accomplishments. i compaq t come back to the idee
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amazing men and women. they are the ones that are going out doing the job. i wanted to add to that too. something else that dale and i have always looked for. we want to let the veterans tell their story before the his historians get out and mess it up. so you can hear it first person we strive to bring that to you folks out there so you can share in that same experience. they are not always about war stories. they are about people who did their job. they may be standing guard on a motor pool in kansas at 2:0:00 n the morning they are doing their job. they did what they had to do. we bring that human spirit to our program. >> guys i'm sorry we have a little delay on the satellite. i didn't mean to interrupt you.
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i wanted to ask what do you think is the biggest miss misconception of veterans in the country. >> that they are all killers. that they are all mentally deranged. that they all do drugs. they can't accomplish anything without somebody telling them what to do. >> i would like to address each one of those issues my experience in the service i didn't see any drugs being used. i never saw anyone disobey an order. the veterans always get the job done. they may not always follow the directions exactly but they will them all the time. i teach at a local community college and they are wonderful and they are smart. >> dale and i have a saying an originally it's from dale.
11:42 pm
these are ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the service of their country. >> well we have two extraordinary people on our program tonight. we wish you the best of luck. we hope that many more stations across america pick up your radio program and we hope to have you on the program soon. >> i just need to get in there to say we are on all social media facebook an twitter and veterans and thank you very much you are dismissed. >> thank you very much, great to talk with you. >> next moment of impact. chilling new video on sunday's russian plane crash. >> plus the word of year. it's out tonight. can you guess what it is?
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>> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america.
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>> video of sunday's plane crash in russia was released today. a security camera captured the boeing 737 crashing nose first and then exploding all 50 on board were killed. it happened in cas kazakhstan in russia. >> explosions prompted officals to prepare for large volum vol c explosions. >> michael eaves is back with sports. this one is a bizarre story from virginia. >> it's disturbing an sad.
11:46 pm
the ciaa the two of the best football teams in all of division two this season with winston-salem state and virginia state carrying 9-and-1 records. only one of the teams is heading to the playoffs. during last friday's team banquet players from virginia state allegedly jumped winston-salem quarterback in a restroom. as a result not only was the conference game cancelled the ciaa banned virginia state from participating in any post games this year. lebron brit has been charged with misdemeanor assault for inflicting serious injury on johnson who spoke for the first time today. >> i went to wash my hands and somebody tapped me on my back and my smolder. smelled -- shoulder. i scale squared him up and then
11:47 pm
someone hit me on my min blind . and i belfou i fell fell four o. and they started kicking me. >> i have a black eye and sore ribs. that is about it. >> that does not define who we are and that does not define the student body. as we move forward we will continue to work sr sri sr. >> rutgers could be facing foreiforanother bullying incide. rutgers' defensive coordinator used vulgar female insults toward him and threatened to head butt him.
11:48 pm
they are seeking disciplinary action. they have yet to grant the parents a meeting. the former teammates don't believe there is a problem at all in the program. >> he handles it the way he feld was necessary. and he left. after he left i met with him and i talked to him. i wished him the best and he is a great kid. he has a great heart. and when there are people like that you have to wish the the b. >> do you believe he was bullied is this. not at all. we understand that as a program this doesn't happen. we don't have bullying in our program. this is not a football program we don't do that. this is basketball. >> there is talking to and yelling but there is no bullying aspect tofully of what is going on here. >> now to the n.f.l. where the investigation into the hazing an bullying in the miami dolphin's
11:49 pm
organization continued today. ted wells met with a couple of dolphins players. wells spoke to johnathan martin on friday in new york and his interviews with the dolphins staff and coaches could last for several days. they would not release a list of who he would speak to. turner will meet with wells. opinions have varied on what should and should not be acceptable behavior in the locker room. two of the best all time quarterbacks have a hard time believing that bullying could somebody leveled. you got to be kid h kidding me. it's the toughest sport and men, it's not like a little 12-year-old on the pla playgrou. i'm not defending or condoning.
11:50 pm
all i'm saying is a grown man that is 320-pound is getting bullied? >> a locker room is a funny place. not that this isn't -- that that might not be, i don't like to talk about those things. i don't know all of the details in most cases nobody does other than those guys or the guys in the locker room. but, you know, you can't go into the locker room without being made fun of. >> well tonight on the field cam newton and the 63 carolina panthers hosting the new england patriots. the home team got on the board first. late in the first quarter. carolina would lead 10-3 at the half. tom brady hits rob gronkowski. that ties the game at 10. >> brady one department td ande interception. patriots down serv seven and bry
11:51 pm
hand off to rigly. and a minute to play an panthers were down three and they would come back to score. and brady with a chance to win it. he was interceptedded and there was a controversial call at the end. brady walked off the field talking to the official. the pa panthers win it 24-20. >> he did not stop. >> all the way into the building. >> all the way into the tunnel. that went on for a while. >> thanks. kevin corriveau has the weather after this. >> mainiinanything'simainmain i.
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>> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
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>> nasa's newest explorer is on the way to mars. main ignition start and lift off. >> the unmanned spacecraft known as maven blastedded off on an unmanned atlas rocket this afternoon.
11:54 pm
tess missioit's mission is to dw mars went from a wet living planet to a dry babarren planet. it's a long and historic trip. maven will make a ten month journey to the red planet. the best way to understand it's mission. inimagine that earth is dead and you and your loved ones have basketball dead for millionbeens and another civilization has come along to find out why this happened. >> how long does the trip take? >> the trip itself will be ten months and maven will slow down and join the orbit of mars going into an elliptical orbit and go
11:55 pm
very close to mars as close as 77 miles to the surface. it will go around the planet for a better part of a year system g the atmosphere of mars. >> why do we care about mars. >> the truth is mars has an incredible amount in common with earth. once upon a time we know that mars had water on it. vast oceans and rivers. as a result it really seems likely that some sort of change took place overtime that sucked that living atmosphere either out into space or into the crust of the planet. by figuring that out we get a glimpse of what our planet may do four billion years from now. >> talk about how this mission compares to other mars missions. >> there have been several missions to mars. but this is the very first that will sample the atmosphere.
11:56 pm
by scooping up the atmosphere and having a look at them we'll learn about space weather and why it is that the atmosphere there is so thin and so cold. >> what is ironic about this particular mission is that just a little while ago india sent it's first mission off to mars and has it's 73 million-dollar unmanned satellite orbiting the earth building velocity to go to mars and it will be in a race with this maven mission and they are going to arrive two days apart with the american mission arriving just before the indian one hits. >> and the spacecraft itself, what it looks like, how big it is, and what it actually does in addition to scooping up the atmosphere. >> sure. it's massive. as our correspondent mentioned in an earlier broadcast. it's about the size of an suv. imagine a suv up there floating averaged. i around. it has a 37-foot wing span and
11:57 pm
it's loaded with an incredible number of sensors. what is really cool about it it's not only going to be doing the atmosphere sampling. it's going to be acting as a relay station. it will be sending things back to us as a radio tower. it's pretty amazing. >> we'll be waiting t wait for e before we can see any of that. jake thank you so much. >> thank you. oxford dictionary is out with the word of year. considering the word of year. the word of the year is selfy. it's a photograph taken by a cell phone or web camp. president obama's daughter has taken selfies and so has the pope. you can add my name to the list to selfy in the newsroom.
11:58 pm
♪ >> well good evening again we are looking at a much different situation across parts of the midwest and now the northeast. the storm system has moved out and quite quickly. you can see the frontal boundary is out here in the atlantic. what are we dealing with right now? some lake effect snow up here in the north the temperatures that are replacing the outbreak are quite cool. we'll see lake-effect snow i will show you how cold things have gotten since 24 hours chicago has gotten town t down . and we are going to see temperatures below freezing we are talking about the mid 20s for parts of northern indiana and as well as illinois. that is going to be an issue.
11:59 pm
>> tomorrow we expect to see those temperatures to rise back up. and anywhere the high in the mid 40s. it's going to be cloud free and rain free. >> up toward the northeast you see the still t system pushing . we had windy conditions and those are starting to minimize. we are looking at winds at the coastal region and the single digits the great lakes are looking windy and buffalo is at 36°. look at the temperature we expect to city over the next day here in washington it's not until wednesday that the temperatures drop do you know dt is seeing the colder air move in. >> thursday and friday we are down to 3 31° in that particulr area. atlanta is expecting cloudy skies and cooler weather. >> that is a look at your national weather. have a great evening. ♪
12:00 am
>> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm john siegenthaler in new york. here are the top stories. >> lawmakers in canada today voted to strip away more power from toronto mayor rob ford. the meeting had some bizarre moments with ford knocking over a council woman. he later apologized of the ford mocked another councilor that mocked his brother during the meeting. >> the mayor is refusing to step down and he says he will go to court to get back his official powers. >> survivors of sunday's out break of tornados got a chance to survey the damage on monday returning to what is left of their homes. they gathered anything


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