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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[ technical difficulties ] >> it would allow new people to sign on to those plans as well. the white house says that would go too
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[ technical difficulties ] >> none obamacare compliant policies, leaving only the old and sick to purchase coverage in the marketplace. this is something they have wanted to do and have been doing for decades. this is going to allow just the type of discrimination that obamacare absolutely ends. >> so, dell, you get a sense of the robust debate happening now. we'll watch for the vote in the upton bill in just a little while. >> libby, there seems to be a sense that the white house fix isn't fixing anything at all. >> it depends on who you ask. some democrats say they think this was a good start by the president, but they want to see
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it put into law. house democrats have their own plan. they are calling it landdrew-light. she is one of the democrats who said look, i may have supported the health care law, but i don't like this rollout at all. so don't expect that to go anywhere any time soon, dell. >> libby casey joining us live capitol hill. thank you very much. much of the philippines remaining in a state of emergency one week after the typhoon haiyan struck. the sheer number of victims is posing a challenge to the relief effort there as more and more bodies are being discovered. if as you can see are being buried in mass graves only
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a -- fraction of survivors have been identified. in another community the destruction was so widespread some of the residents there can't believe they survived. steph has the story. >> reporter: this used to be a picturesque tourist town with a 16th century church as one of its main attractions. it is all gone now. this is the eastern island which was one of the first to experience the fury of haiyan. >> only the toilet -- can wash in the toilet and then -- >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> i think this is my first -- my first -- my last day of my life during the typhoon.
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>> reporter: the old town is totally in ruins. the place where the supertyphoon landed first has to start again from scratch. the people here are surprised that they are alive. it took five days to arrive. the u.s. military is air lifting relief around the clock. also medical personnel from abroad assessing field hospitals and people are queueing for h r hours to be treated. >> we're worried about infection diseases. there's no electricity and lack of running water. people live in makeshift buildings in plastic sheeting or the schools. they want to open the schools, but families are cramped together. >> this flat was completely
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flattened, and he says he has not had any help except for two kilos of rice. >> i'm asking the help -- the whole world and it must be directly given to the people. >> reporter: one week after the disaster, the people say their main feeling is one of intense sadness for lives lost and an inane -- an ancient town gone forever. take a look at these long gas lines in the philippines. they are common in cities. some waiting as long as six hours just to get gas for power generators. some gas station owners reportedly giving the fuel away just to help with relief, and
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filipino americans are now joining forces. they are donating money and goods. they are collecting in places like this in chick. erika pitzi has more from jersey city. >> reporter: he works with a steady hand even as the crisis weighing heavily on marty's mind. his barbara shop is one of many giving to the victims in the philippines. >> during sandy out was hard enough, but we still had running water. but to have nothing, and then skavage for food and you have lost everything you owned? i can't even put myself in that
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position. >> my grandma and grandpa's house it is done. we have to either sell the property or -- or, you know, just to rebuild it is going to take a lot. >> that's why they are donating 100% of revenue generated from haircuts on sunday donated to the red cross. >> they said it is bad, especially for them where a lot of the people don't -- don't have anything to begin with, you know? you know, over there it's all about depending on each other? you know what i mean? one person helps another. >> reporter: many local donations end up down the street to a shipping company that is sending supplies free of charge. >> it's really good, because we're having like ten calls in a day, asking for donations. >> reporter: 15 donation boxes are shipping out this weekend filled with things that so many
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people need. baby bottles, water bottles, and of course plenty of clothes headed straight for devastated areas. >> it's really heart breaking even if they are not our family members, but still you can fill -- you can fill the loss and devastation. >> reporter: the cargo company sits on this stretch of jersey city, new jersey known and little manila. powerful images of the devastation are moving the whole community to action. in a single day, they donated more than 20 thousand dollars at a red cross fund raiser. filipino american and city council president. >> filipinos are very resilient and have a deep love for their homeland. >> you can see that in every restaurant and store on the main
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roads in little manila, and when talking to the customers inside. this woman has donated clothes and a week's worth of her salary as a nurse. >> filipinos always have a good heart. we always help each other every time when we have this type of crisis in our country. >> and sadly the weather is not done either. >> dell, we're seeing areas of heavy rain over vietnam right now, and continue with scattered showers along vietnam and the southern islands of the philippines. we're monitoring all of the conditions here, and they are using satellite data to tell them what the heaviest rain is. now imagine if we did not have satellites giving us this data.
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it would be almost impossible to send out warnings to let people know what their forecast is going to be and what to prepare for. noah is fully aware of a gap in coverage coming up in the year 2016. so we're watching very closely about the solutions being brought into this. because we're very concerned about the ability to see storms approach the coastlines. we'll have more on what you can expect however, coming up. dell? >> rebecca thing you very much. theodore wafer in michigan is accused of shooting a black woman. he says he was acting in self-defense. he was charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and possession of a firearm.
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bisi what is the later? >> reporter: high, there, dell. well this morning, they announced the charges against wafer. wafer is expected to turn himself in sometime today and then he will be arraigned. all of this unfolded about two weeks ago. 19-year-old was driving, and she crashed into a parked car. she aa aal -- allegedly left th scene on foot, and went looking for help. it was around 4:00 in the morning. she allegedly knocked on theodore -- theodore wafer's door. he opened the door and shot her in the face.
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mcbride's family initially said they felt this was a case of racial profiling. however, today. tim worthy said these charges -- it had nothing to do with race. she said the evidence simply did not support wafer's claims. they said basically self-defense was not warranted in this case. dell? >> the technology report said that the woman had high levels of alcohol and traces of marijuana in her system. what has been the reaction to that news? >> well, there are a lot of people who have been saying, she may have been drinking but that is no excuse for wafer to have killed her. it's a simple case of a young lady is who was disoriented, went looking for help, and knocked on the wrong door.
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>> bisi onile-ere thank you very much. big changes in china. the communist party relaxing its one-child law.
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the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy. >> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it
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from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. we are following breaking news coming out [ technical difficulties ] >> another record-breaking week on wall street. the dow right now up 46 points. it's on pace to close at another all-time high. the blue chips have set a record every day, but tuesday, today's
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gain coming on increasing confidence the fed won't move to pull back on the stimulus program. a new gallup poll finding americans saying they will spend on average 704 dollars this year. that's lower than the 770 dollars they said they would be spending this time last year. norstrom is becoming more pessimistic of the holidays. it's bad news since luxury relaters have usually fared better than others during an economic slowdown. men's warehouse apparently doesn't like how it would look being bought. men's warehouse shares are rising on the news.
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it repeatedly said joseph a bank's offer was just too low. prices on u.s. exports dropped last month. analysts had expected an increase. the drop suggests that consumers are struggling to afford products made in america. the toronto security council has stripped the mayor of his ability to run the city in an emergency. daniel what is the latest? >> reporter: it has been a really wild week here in toronto. it ended with some procedural moves against the mayor, rob ford. he was accused by the media about five months ago of being seen in a cell phone video smoking crack cocaine. he denied it, and recently the
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police chief came out and said it does show him smoking crack. details of his private life are talking about it here in toronto and around the world. the mayor has to be removed from a senior level of government, and no one is doing that. to the city council voted to limit his powers. >> thank you very much. andrew thomas has a report now from beijing. >> reporter: this official abolition of the one-child policy, but in future in either member of a couple was a single child themselves then that couple will be allowed to have more than one child themselves. and there aren't that many
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couples left in child bearing age that this doesn't apply to. china now has an ageing population. the abolition of labor camps is also in response to protest. it was inishlally set up in the 150s to make people do labor if they didn't agree with the communist ideology. both of these reforms are a way the ruling communist party can show people that things can change without the need for political change too. >> that is andrew thomas in bay shinning. edward snowden has leaked
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damaging information about the nsa. but we're just now finding out about how many documents he may have walked off with.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. these are our headlines today. the philippine government saying the death toll from typhoon haiyan is up more than 1300 from this time yesterday. congress voting on a bill that the white house says sabotage the accordable care act. but we want to go back to our top story, that being a developing story coming out of michigan. a home owner now facing charges with connection with a controversial shooting death of a young black women. joining us now is jamie floyd,
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and jamie this case is being compared to the trayvon martin case. the homeowner is white, the victim is black. is it fuelling the same type of anger? >> our criminal justice system so often raises race as a reason for tension in america. but this homeowner was in his home. and in the trayvon martin case, those two gentlemen were not. they were out and about although in a gated community. that was a stand your ground case, which meant that you could stand your ground anywhere in your home. although he was not at close range in this case, and that's a key fact. >> but don't you have to feel threatened? >> yes. and the jury will have to determine whether he was
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reasonable in his actions. even if you are in your home, was it reasonable to fire in this case? and he wasn't even at close range according to the evidence. so that will be a key question. >> we are also hearing she may have had alcohol and drugs in her system. does that complicate matters? >> the defense will want to talk about that issue. but the toxicology of the victim is only relevant insofar as the defendant may have known about it, insofar it affected his or her reasonable behavior. so we get back to the reasonable nature of the actions of the defendant. >> people live in fear these days because of violence, and there is also a rich shall element simmers beneath the surface. >> first of all we have a perceived fear of increased
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violence, but in fact violence is down, crime is down. the fbi will tell you that crime stats reflect less violence, not more violence, but you are absolutely right. whenever we have a different race between victim and defendant, there will always be a conversation around race and tensions of race until we have first and foremost that conversation we never seem to want to have in this country, about race in this country. >> perhaps now. >> you can only hope. we are now getting a better idea how many documents edward snowden may have taken from the nsa. keith alexander telling an audience last month that snowden may have leaked as many as 200,000
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[ technical difficulties ] warmup here recently. in fact it feels much better being outside in places like washington, d.c. who hit 50 degrees now, and 57 for denver. but we're about to have a storm system move into the midwest. we have winter weather advisories from the cascades to the rockies, nevada, and utah as well. so temperatures will be somewhat come forable. but then we'll be bracing over the weekend as colder air meets up with the warm air, and we have potential severe weather developing into the central midwest. today our weather is focused around places like florida, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, all of you getting rain showers.
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we have been seeing most of our rain on the lighter side, but it looks like the bulk will be focused on the coast of florida. so a showery day for the southeast, and a cooler showery day in the northwest. we'll have a high of 48 under cloudy skies for seattle. 75 for houston, and chicago, you'll be bracing yourself for strong thunderstorms as we get saturday into sunday as the colder air starts to work it's a way in. in the meantime, we're monitoring satellite and radar combined to show you the snow is starting to come down. dell? >> rebecca thank you very much. and thank each and every one of you for watching al jazeera america.
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i'm del walters in new york. "the stream" is next. and always check us out 24 hours a day at precipitation overdoses are alarmingly high in the u.s. military. is indies cell natural dispensing of painkillers and psychiatric drugs to blame? ♪ ♪ could the military have a drug problem? the he is department of defense spends billions of drugs to treat mental illness and reduce pain, in fact a recent report by the department of veterans affairs found that v.a. doctors prescribe specifically more


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