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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york, new york. new york city, i'm tony harris. >> stern words of warping from the israeli prime minister to the usa. and a typhoon slams into the philippines. it could be the largest storm ever to hit land. >> it could be a sign of progress. there will be another day of talks to end the stand offover
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iran's nuclear program. iran hopes that it will ease sanctions that has crippled iran's economy. there are five sites where iran is said to be enriching or converting uranium and doing work to its nuclear program and a facility where some believe iran is conducting nuclear research. we have several reports in our top stories today. >> reporter: smiles from the u.s. secretary of state but still no deal. a thumbs up but it's clear these talks have reached a crunch phrase. >> the p-5 is working hard, and
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i look forward to the meetings that i'll be having very shortly. >> no one is giving a running commentary on the progress of the talks, but the iranians have said even though a deal is close there are still difficult sticking points. >> we have now entered the very difficult and sensitive phase of editing the text to be published should talks reach an agreement soon. it is possible that the negotiation also take more time. however, given the sensitivity of these discussions we can see that the ministers are eagle for participate. and we have to see what the results will bring. >> clearly all these foreign ministers can't stay in geneva for days on end, but there was a real determination to get a deal done now and not adjourn these talks. they know if that happens there are many in israel, the arab world and in the u.s. who would try to kill an agreement before
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it was even signed. james bays, al jazeera america. >> netanyahu opposes any deal with iran saying it is a bad idea. secretary of state john kerry stopped in israel to meet with netanyahu. we have more now from jerusalem. >> well, it's been a rocky visit for the secretary of state john kerry, ending with a breakfast meeting with benjamin netanyahu with netanyahu he would not agree with any deal with the iranians. >> if the teal of the century for iran and it's a very dangerous deal for peace in the international community. >> reporter: this follows days in which there was a series of
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disputes between secretary of state and the israelis. this culminating in the u.s. secretary of state saying on local television that if israel does not reach a peace deal it faces a third, and resources saying this was the larg languaf violence and of threat. john kerry held a meeting with benjamin netanyahu at the airport about to get on his plane. once again iran was discussed and once again the israeli prime minister emerged from that meeting making it absolutely clear that israel would not under any circumstances accept the deal that may be made in geneva. >> sanctions to try to persuade iran to give up its nuclear program. the sanctions are designed to restrict export and financial transactions, but it is the
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iranian people who are feeling the effects of all this. their wages and savings are suffering. unemployment is widespread and the economy has weakened significantly over recent years. they hope easing the sanction also bring jobs and end international isolation. why does israel have a problem with a possible agreement with iran's nuclear program? here in studio we welcome back, a professor of international relations at nyu. great to see you again. twice this week. you'll be on the payroll. >> they do not trust the irani iranians under any circumstances. and as long as the iranians are allowed to enrich uranium, and would be an agreement for the israelis this is an absolute no, no. >> how about less than 20%.
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is that acceptable? >> nothing is acceptable. >> nothing? >> nothing is acceptable of any kind. the third problem is that iran already made a major stock pile to enrich uranium to 20% which is a frog leap to convert it to be used for nuclear-- >> don't you think a deal will require in some way, shape or form that that uranium be shipped out of the country? >> they haven't said to. >> they sure haven't. >> no, they haven't said so. and from prime minister netanyahu's perspective, this is the centerfuge, that is again a bad sign, and for the israelis that is not acceptable. >> let's talk about this in a vague way it would call for
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limiting the number and capacity of the centerfuge, which is what you're talking about here. >> yes, yes. >> that iran uses to enrich uranium and commissioning this heavy water nuclear reactor that is capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium. if those two elements are put in lace in what is viewed as a rock solid verifiable deal, iran is not going to give up it's ability to produce nuclear power for civilian purposes? >> probably not. from the israeli perspective being that iran ha has been cheating for more than a decade, having made such tremendous progress some estimated that iran already has within three months of being able to assemble a nuclear weapon. >> do you believe that? >> well, from the israeli intelligence i feel confident
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about that. they should know. yes, sometimes they may exaggerate the threat to israel's national security, but on this issue i think he's very concerned, and he has good reason to be concerned because iran consistently threatens israel's very existence in the past. so the israelis simply do not feel comfortable with nuclear program on iranian soil. >> does israel want a veto power over this deal? is it likely to get it? should it get it. >> it's not going to get it because the united states has its own strategic interests in the middle east, and president obama needs to do what he considers to be the best thing in order to resolve this particular conflict. but the problem comes on the heal of obama's credibility, and
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specifically for saudi arabia. what he has done with syria raises serious question in the minds of the israelis whether president obama continue to deliver. >> only someone who is less than five years of age believes that at one point here soon iran is going to be a nuclear power. do you believe that? >> not by all the indication. in the final analysis you should hear what the british intelligence are saying and that the united states is saying as well as the israelis. i don't think these three major communities would make the same mistake at the same time. >> hmm, really, pleasure to have you back on the program. we also want to discuss what
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iran would want out of any deal, and what they would ultimately get. let's glet's go to an iranian journalist, good to speak with you again and good to have you back on the program. this seems you've heard on the surface, this seems to be a pretty positive step in negotiations. do you expect an agreement to come this weekend or shortly thereafter? >> thanks for having me. i think it's very plausible. first, i think that israeli intelligence has been wrong over and over and over again. iran is not in three months getting this nuclear bomb. but iran has been very sincere in pursuing the negotiations. iran has been sincere to make a deal with the united states and address the concerns of the
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international community. why? because iran is in a very serious economy--having problems with the sanctions, and they have to. they have to make a deal to make sure that the sanctions are being lifted soon. >> ultimately, what kind of a deal do you believe president rouhani is set to sign off on? >> i think to a large extent one of the scenarios is that iran keep enriching the uranium activities. >> explain it to me in the sense of 20%. 20% seems to be the threshold. below 20%? >> yes, what do you believe? >> i think it's something that the united states is going to accept some how. and iran will accept that the
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international organizations like the iea and have access to iran's nuclear facilities. that's one of the things that the international community has been very concerned about. they'll have access to iran's nuclear facilities. >> and i'll stop you to say that that invitation has been accepted by iran to the iaea and there will be a visit as early as monday. continue. >> yes, that's true. and if they say so it's means that they have a plan. it means that they have a plan. based on that plan they're very confident they can make a deal with the united states, and the five plus one countries and i see it it's very plausible in the coming months. >> last question, what did you think about this, to what extent will this deal, let's assume
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that it happens, to what extent will this first step to a more comprehensive nuclear program, to what extent will it begin, this first step, to bridge the huge trust gap that exists between iran and the west? >> i think, as i said, the new government in tehran is very sincere. we have a new iran after the election in president rahmany. i think the government has lived that they cannot live by the sanctions. they cannot live marginalized from the rest of the world. that is very costly to the country. and it depends on the west how much they trust him, and how much they come to the negotiations table solving the problem. i think the presence of john kerry in geneva is an indicator that the u.s. is very serious,
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and they want to make a deal with iran, and they take iran's proposal very serious. if iran's parolees was not serious then somebody from one side would have leaked it to the media. but no one has leaked information to the media, which i think shows that seriousness after negotiations. >> good to talk with you. thanks for your time. so in just a few minutes we'll take you inside iran to find out what iranians think of their new president, hassan rouhani, and you can get much more information as much as you would desire right there on take a look at this. pretty dramatic. this is satellite image ofify toon haiyan. one of the largest and most intense storms that the world has ever seen. the storm killed four people when it slammed into the central
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philippines. it had wind estimated at 195 mph at landfall, and storm winds 150 mph in di diameter super storm sandy in 2012 only had winds of 90 mph. it's storm force winds extended 900 miles from end to end. the red cross is calling for humanitarian relief for the millions impacted by typhoon haiyan. nicole johnson with the latest. >> huge waves pounded the coast as the typhoon hit the central philippines. here the barge are rescued eventually making it to shore.
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this is a category 5 super storm. the red cross say 15 million people need help. this is what the typhoon is creating. terrifying winds which have knocked down trees and uprooted electricity and phone lines cutting communication to affected areas. flash floods have inundated townsending debris down the street. the president washed people to move to high ground. >> as always no storm can bring an united filipino people to its knees. it is my hope that we all stay safe in the coming days. >> reporter: emergency shelters have been set up. many more will be needed. almost three-quarters of a million people are on the move. >> we feel safe already. we are far were home. especially since it's a danger down.
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as the typhoon starts to head towards central vietnam it should begin to weaken. it will still be dangerous but the gusts of wind will probably drop to under 200 kilometers an hour. the philippines have been hit hard by one of the strongest storms ever recorded. but it won't be until the phones are back on an until emergency crews reach high inplacing areas that we'll see how da bad it is. >> kevin is tracking the storm for us. >> meteorologist: we knew it was going to be strong. but we didn't know it was going to be this strong. this is what the storm looked like. it had already made landfall today. it's saturday morning in parts of the philippines. they're waking up to a new day. i any what we're going to be seeing lots of pictures and lots of video coming out of the area.
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they'll adjustment the rate while they're there. we're seeing a much better day that will be looking clear. there are going to be rain showers going in. and this storm is in the south trying to see. this is what we're trying to look at in terms of the wind that was there. you see the 106 o 106 mph winds. and we've seen gusting winds. manila on the other side of the mountains fared fairly well, they got rain. we'll bring you more on the cooldown that we'll have across the central part of the united states. >> an october price from the labor department, the economy added more jobs than expected last month. but another part of today's report paints a troubling picture. ali velshi will explain. that's coming up. plus 70 is the new 66, huh?
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a look at why more seniors are putting off retirement.
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this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour.
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>> only on al jazeera america. >> president obama went to the gulf coast today to push his plan to boost the economy during a stop in the port of new orleans. the president called for the government to put money into infrastructure projects. he said it is a good way to create much-needed jobs. >> obama: this port is representative of what ports all around the country, they help to keep our economy going, moving products, moving people, making sure that businesses are working, growing our economy, creating new jobs, helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and make sure their kids are able to do better than they did. >> then you fle he flew to the democratic national committee. it is it is not what we were
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expecting. more than 200,000 jobs created in october. despite fears the government shutdown would put a big dent in the economy. ali velshi will be talking about that--wait, what is that? and what does that have to do with the jobs report and the jobs number? >> reporter: you didn't know about this. i'm going to tell but this in a second. just remember to ask me. i thought you were going to like that, toniy. we're looking at 120,000 to 140,000 jobs. but the number comes out this morning, 204,000. every month they revise the two months prior and we saw an increase in august and an increase in september adding up to 60,000 more jobs. 80,000 more than we wanted for october. and an extra 60 over the prior two months makes the job situation look a lot better. that's the good news. the bad news, tony, unemployment ticked up to 7.3% up from 7.2.
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why? because a lot of people left the job force. we have labor force participation rate, the percentage of people who could be working dropped to th. dropped, but the mixed picture in the jobs force is that we're not keeping up the pace. >> every time we get new data, i have to ask you what do these numbers tell us about the health of the economy? >> well, you know, 200,000 is not a bad number. if you have 200,000 more jobs a month you're probably going to keep up with unemployment. it ticked up even though we had 2,000 people without jobs. the fact when we look at numbers like we're seeing here and like what we saw in september,
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consumers are worried. interest rate, the washington stuff, all of that is bugging them. but take this as half full. >> please let this be the moment when you explain to me why you it--it's a nice looking guitar. >> i have no visible skill. this guitar is 3d printed. these are gathers and everything, it's all printed on a machine. a story on 3d printing. someone 3d printed a gun. we'll talk about all the real life fun and serious applications to 3d on the show at 7:00 p.m. i'm going to do the first 3d live scan. >> you have fun with that program. it is real money, and you've got a terrific team.
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ali, can't wait. top of the hour right here. >> if you have music you're going out on. don't worry, i'll play you one. i really don't know how to play the guitar. >> thank you, ali. >> this would be a great time to kill my mic. >> yes, you called it. see you at 7:00. i got to tell you more workers are putting off retirement and staying on the job well into their 60s. seniors were a larger portion of the workforce than ever before. now we have the stories from washington december. >> in it pack of marathon bicyclists gail stands out. she just turned 65. but she's not slowing down. when she's not making a living as a full time real estate broker. >> i never actually thought about retirement because it just
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seemed like there wasn't anything in thigh consciousness. >> reporter: but the housing economy has made working longer a dollars and sense necessity for her. >> so pretty much everything i saved i lost. it wasn't a huge amount but it was fairly substantial. so i'm kind of a square won. >> the surge of seniors in the workforce. during this decade government projection see a 12% drop, barely increase between 25 to 54 while workers aged 55 and up will grow by 58%. one factor keeping them on the job an employees pulling retire from their employers.
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social security, allows you to draw a paycheck and still collect your full retirement benefits. younger workers may think they're getting the shorter end of the stick but long term they should be encouraged by this. >> as people work long. >> she has just gun to plan for life outside of the workplace but not until after she turns 70:00 p.m. >> you know, michael eaves, the more you learn about this miami drodolphins hazing scan doll the seems to be more to learn.
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>> reporter: participant left the dolphins last week fouling a taunting incident in the team's launch room which led to the revelation that participant had been subjected to several months of harassment from richie incognito. in the nba, vince carter has been handeed a one week suspension for an elbow to the head to stephen andrews. cart already serve the first suspension of his 16--year career tonight when they go up against the timberwolves. the team got off to a 3-9 start, the panthers finished with the worst record in the nh last seen. two seasons going they were led to the onlial way only--
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>> a dry woman's family wants to know if race played a roll in her death. the police say she was gunned down when asking for help.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm tony harris. here's a look at your top stories. at least four people are dead after super typhoon haiyan struck the philippines. since the storm knocked out power, communications in the affected area more than 470,000 people have been evacuated. analysts stale hai still hale tr jobs report. it's far more than economists had hoped for and it pushed the dow to an all-time high.
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five other world leaders trying to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program. earlier i spoke with joe the president of the global security foundation that focuses on nuclear weapons, political and conflict resolution and also a member of secretary of state john kerry's advisory board. he explained the significance of reaching a deal in geneva. >> it the deal in itself is important. the one that get more attention than all nuclear issues together. but it could build with u.s. and iran the kind of relationship it had before the revolution, with the shah. no longer as a client state, no longer as an adversary, and now, now one where we manage our
6:33 pm
differences. here the strategic be checkties overlab. we both have an interest in iraq, with a stable afghanistan. we both have an interest in ending the slaughter inside syria. we come at this from different points of view but those overlapping objectives could lead to a gee joe political transformation. >> when iran's president, hassan rouhani, was elected in june many were hopeful that it would mean a shift in relation with the west. while there have been positive steps, we find out what rouhan rouhani's fellow clerics think about the president. >> it's iran's most conservative city, home to more than a million people. small but powerful, and it is also here that the president
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studied to be a cleric. since he came to office, hassan rouhani has used the world stage to represent the islamic theocracy that he helped build. >> iran's foreign policy is much more complicated in countries where their presidents have the authority to change foreign policy. the power makeup in our country is set up in a way that the president is the executer of the principle strategies. you asked me about his performance over the past few months, then i'm satisfied. >> and in that few months rouhani already had done what many thought impossible. ending official silence between iran. >> the u.s. wants to be part of
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the world, but we don't expect it. i don't think the political atmosphere of society has reached a point where people or the government will accept a condescending or unequal relationship. >> iran's foreign policy has not changed. the u.s. and its allies accuse iran of using it's civilian program as a cover for a military one. and because of that international sanctions have had an impact on iran's economy. the president's main foreign policy goal is to end, but the sanctions have not eased. in the presidential election rouhani won the city. he won more votes than any other candidates. he made his foreign policy
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intention clear. many iranians do not support rouhani, and many changed their minds thinking that he is the right man for the job. but there are many who remain unconvinced. >> and rouhani will have many opportunities to try to win over his opponents. al jazeera. >> at a funeral today in detroit the family gathered to say good bye. the 19-year-old was shot and killed by a homeowner. she approached the house looking for help after a car accident. bisi, what do we know so far about what happened here? >> reporter: tony, right now police are giving up very little information. this is what we know. we know that the 19-year-old
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last saturday around 1:30 in the morning. she got into an one-car accident. is something was wrong with her cell phone so she decided to look for help. she went to a nearby neighborhood, and she began knocking on doors looking for help. that is when a man allegedly had a gun, he shot mcbride in the face, killing her on his front boston there are some members of mcbride's family who feel this is a case of racial profiling. however, the alleged shooter who is said to be a white man in his 50s he thought that mcbride was trying to break into his house and that his gun accidently discharged. this is a case that has ruffled a lot of feathers as well as around the world. many say that this shooter was never arrested. there have been rallies over the past couple of days. today families and friends came
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to the funeral where they was laid at rest. and family and friends are calling for justice. >> that's what i need. i don't want this guy walking around. he needs to lock up. he took a life, which was my knee's life. she's 19 years old. she's not here with us. we couldn't even look at her. but he can look. he just need to pay for what he done. >> bisi, let me follow up-- >> the wayne county prosecutor's office, but-- >> sorry, bisi. >> as i was saying, investigators, they summited this case to the wayne county prosecutor's office and they asked them to do more digging. they want more information before filing criminal charges. >> my apologize. what more do we know about
6:39 pm
renisha mcbride, the victim here. >> well, family say it was just last year that she graduated from high school, and she most recently accepted a position with ford motor company. sounds like this is a girl who had a bright future ahead, and her life was tut short. >> good to see you, thank you. now police in italy are holding a sow manly man in connection with the browning deaths drowni. more than 365 of them died on its way to italy. among the charges he faces kidnapping, sexual assault and human trafficking. now to an al jazeera exclusive. we told you this week that scientists can confirm that former palestinian leader yasser
6:40 pm
arafat was poisoned with polonium. scientisthere is a portion of op coming documentary, killing arafat. >> reporter: a new development brings me to the armenian capitol. we are expecting results from switzerland months ago but the news from lausanne is that there will be testing for more verification. in the meantime a man from the soviet team contacts me about arafat's remains. the palestinian authority brought russia in for a third. team to test the remains.
6:41 pm
i decided to meet the source. i asked, and we agreed to hide his identity. we spend hours checking that neither of us are being followed. unsure of the risks of releasing this unclassified material. he shows us 15 pages said to be the summary findings from the russian lab. after we convince him to speak to us on camera. >> they were not restricted in how they presented the report, they were also given an incomplete selection of samples.
6:42 pm
they show four out of 20. >> it's not clear what happened to the other 16 samples. in the four that were tested the readings of polonium 210 in arafat's bones are low, even less than what scientists would expect from background levels. nonetheless, they write that their test results are inconclusive.
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>> once again that was al jazeera america's clayton swisher with his up coming documentary "killing arafat." rainers in kenya's riff valley are going high tech to combat rhino poaching. they will track the movement of the animal in the park. four devices are inserted in the horns, tail and next of the rhino. it will idea where the poachers got the contra-ban if caught and they're thinking of changing prison terms to life sentences for convicted poachers. marijuana products out in
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the open at this convention in washington state. we go inside. and the dolphin's hazing saga never seems to end. we'll have the latest from michael eaves in sports. conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories.
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i'm phill torez. coming up this week on techknow. they may look like smokers. >> oh my gosh, it actually smells like pizza. i would eat this. >> they're not. >> wow. >> welcome to the world of vapor. >> there's like hundreds of variations that you can make. >> we tend to regulate that in
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this country. >> we don't like people making their own moonshine. >> the science behind e-cigaretts. >> wow, ya, now we're actually spiking. >> the marijuana industry is growing in the united states. business leaders, from listen to this, around the world are gathering just outside of seattle, and it could be the biggest showcase of pot products anywhere. we're joined now from auburn, washington. so allen, we ran this story for you. i couldn't believe i was watching it on television, and who knew you could make so many different products out of pot?
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>> reporter: absolutely amazing. this is a booming, growing business. this is the second annual national marijuana business presence and exhibition and it's a sal sell-out. it's been an irof giddiness, expectations for the business of marijuana is sky high. >> reporter: throw on a marijuana expose and they will come. at $600 a head. there is no smoking, this is serious. >> people are comin coming froml walks of life and all different injuries and harnessing the cannabis industry. >> you didn't have any trouble selling out thisness. >> none. >> reporter: colorful packaging,
6:48 pm
cannabis-based air products liquid gold extract and the pipe of the future. >> this is battery operated. it warms up the seal to oil enough to inhale and take a mice hit. >> this is the $64,000 unit. it sound like a lot of money but we've seen them pay for themselves in five days. >> reporter: that is a fluid extractor for pulling the essential oils out of cannabis. he said he can't keep up demand. >> so the fluid extraction business is good? >> it's very good. >> you can talk to insurers, certified public accoun accountd bangers who are willing to bet on legalized marijuana. >> we serve a market of discrete adult who like to medicate for whatever reason, whether it be physical pain. >> with sparkling pomegranate
6:49 pm
soda? >> absolutely. it's one of our best selling product. >> reporter: the crush proof e ecofriendly herbal blend jars in seven size. they're trying to blend the ultimate stash. >> seeds, liquid, powder, turn the key, turn the cap, you're into it. child resistant for the child under 21. >> reporter: the buzz here is all about business, or mostly. >> they get you wonderfully hi high. >> reporter: now this is one of those extract machines from a company who never saw pot coming. along comes legalized marijuana. their staff has gone from one to
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seven people full time. steals have quadrupled to a very nice surprise for them. we've heard similar stories up and down these isles. >> let me zo me see if i undersd what is happening. it happened there in washington. there are no testing rules. can't. >> there is no actual, no. you can sniff it, look at it, you can see mocks up to the packaging, but there is no pot here. >> thank you in arres auburn, washington, allen, appreciate it. >> michael eaves is here with a day in sports, and what is the latest on the hazing scandal there in jaime?--in miami.
6:51 pm
>> reporter: jonathan martin will meet with an investigate about allegations of hazing and bully from miami teammate incognito. martin is looking forward to sharing the details of this harassment. parent left the team last week. this last sunday the dolphins suspended incognito indefinitely. it's a question that talks about martin's toughness. >> there has been a lot of talk about jonathan martin, god bless him. he'll be back. does the stanford team face
6:52 pm
trouble. and did they have a problem in the nfl? i think we have one of the best quarterback in the league from stanford, and they're playing well, and you see who we are, a big physical team that plays extremely hard and plays well together. >> martin's attorney also issued the following statement today. quote, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing for the season and a half that he was with the dolphins. he attempted to befriend thos te same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. this is a text book reaction of victims of bullying.
6:53 pm
despite these efforts the taunting continued. beyond the well-publicized voice mail with its racialet racial e. >> they want to ensure that he remains in victim in all this until all the facts come out. he wants to make this more about bullying, about hazing, to begin to clarify that these facts go as he said in the statement beyond what we think of as traditional hazing or bullying. that this was far more pernicious, cul gar, things we can't even say here on national tv, threats to kill, threats to commit felonious sexual assault against martin's sister and others over the course of a year
6:54 pm
and a half to the point where martin felt cono longer be on the team. >> what other legal alternatives could martin and his attorneys be looking with the. >> making death threats is a criminal act, claiming that you're going to commit felonious sexual assault on someone's sister, on a woman, is a criminal act. these are very, very serious allegations, and martin claims he has the facts, the actual text messages and voice mail messages to back it up. >> i think for some people can you really make the comparison of what happens in a locker room of determining how athletes react in a work mace. workplace. but in the locker room you don't bring them on what is going on with this.
6:55 pm
>> you may call it bullying, and you're not supposed to go to your coach, to goodell, you're not supposed to go to the press or the cops because it is not a law firm, it's not a law school. it's not even a sorority or fraternity. but the fact is mr. martin came back and, in fact, is now seeking counseling. the status of the victim is what matters. not the workplace as well. >> we could discuss this subject-- >> which we will. >> in much longer length in the future. we'll get deeper into this. a lot of people may not like what they find out. >> i'm going to steal this and put it in the newscast. >> you heard it right here. >> michael, thank you. the philippines just took a
6:56 pm
direct hit from one of the largest storms in history. kevin is up next with wher weat.
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>> meteorologist: the philippines is now waking up to a much different day than they had yesterday morning. the storm haiyan has moved past the philippines into the south china sea. where is it going next? it is going to vietnam, and that is the big problem. it's not going to be as strong, but it's still going to be a formidable storm as it makes its way over here. we think by sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. we're going to see landfall. but the amount of rain coming out of the storm by the time it gets to the northern part of vietnam it's going to be 10 to 12 inches. heavy flooding, flash flooding, landslides, we'll keep you informed over the weekend of how that will be looking. in the united states, the temperatures come down from where they were yesterday.
6:59 pm
take a look at what we're seeing up towards the upper part of new york the temperatures are coming down as well. albany is picking up 37 degrees. that's about nine degrees lower than what we saw 4 hours ago. if you include the windshield it feels more like 28. and in it feels like 40 degrees. we will cooler rains coming in next week. in the central part of the united states we have see rains coming down here. and this thanksgiving is a look at your national headline. tony has your headlines coming up right now.
7:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america. >> the job report came in much stronger than expected. iran's deputy foreign minister is describing talks in geneva as productive but there is work to do. russia's foreign minister is expected to join the delegation. iran considers russia to be receptive to its arguments. super typhoon


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