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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> hello everybody an welcome to al jazeera america i'm david schuster in new york. here are the stories we are following tonight. brute force and fears of a catastrophe. the biggest storm recorded in history slammed into the philippines. >> the u.s. senate vows have vop them, but the they have problems in the house. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> president obama apologizes to
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americans whose insurance policies thanks to the healthcare law have been canceled. >> and on super heros for a new generation of comic boo readers. >> one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded has value into the philippines. and experts say the dan cancells going to be catastrophic. the city has a population of 200,000 people. the u.s. navy's joint typhoon warning center says the maximum sustained wind when the storm made landfall was 195
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miles-per-hour and gusts of up to 200 miles-per-hour. here is what the rain and wind looked like in the streets. now from out in the streets where the roofs are being ripped offen to inside of the shelters where people have been could you woulwouldc.cowering in fear. this is b is how it felt they we the winds intensified. an estimated 2 million people live in the storm's daner zone hundreds us of thousands of people lost their homes a few weeks ago in an earth break. they dan have much protection to begin with. >> on the phone is gentlemen curry. he is in the philippines they
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have been feeling the effects of the ti tie ti typhoon for hours. what you arare youwhat are you e have stronger wind in the earthquake area be a some of the damaged houses that have been falling down because of the wind. u have you specced up anything from the city that took a direct hit? >> not yet not since this morning. the phones are off from the reports we have. we understand the tie fob should be passing are now or soon. >> fife us a sense and that infrastructure and the way that days so important as far as relief as far as hurricanes to have roads that need to be cleared so people can gloat? get in e.
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>> these are painly islands here. some with airports and some without. the coastal air wh areas are lo. >> it la has an airport, but its mainly connect canada by rural road. bridges could be affected by flooding we could see what helps. basen on a storm of the same intensity. we sew could have a brown out an tenten -- bridge out and 77s of house ises of homes desdried. . we have do see how people can stack up the government is
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encouraging mass evacuations. >> thanks for riding out the storm and talking to us tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> rebecca stevenson is here. rebecca where is the super typhoon and where is it headed? , we are still seeing the storm right over the philippine eye island. we are talking about cats trough is ecdang from the sturm. we rook back a the what we they of a mother storm. we have hurricane katrina and we have to go back to st 1980 and b weaver talking about a storm hitting the fil philippines we e looking at the winds developing at i 195 miles-per-hour and as t
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moved offshore the wind aided it and we have the poa temptsal for wind gustings up to 20 200 miles-per-hour:we expect to seee generally generalchgeneral. so was we look at this storm we know it will pack a punch. the track tonight as it tracks off to the west, it luck gradually had:00 a.m. eastern standard time to get on the west side 69 fill bean island 69 -- e philippine islands. >> they will not be done with it by tomorrow afternoon. by the time we get to tomorrow night it's going to be gearing
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up to hit vietnam worry talking about powerful winds. >> and we have video to look at these strong winds that peach are endear. arening. arenendear. thupour if you go up and hike, e of these buildings are quite high they are only getting the paul wind 50 of gust as and strong winds. >> we had hoped to speak to someone in the town where the storm first observed. the biggest danger from the storm is it from the wind knocking out power lines and there for it's no contact. the biggest tolls are caused by mud slide. when we go to cat forry five i think we'll soy a lot mosh damage for the wind taking down
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the power lines officially and that stretched much farther north than if the eye. we expect those to see that storm surge anywhere from 10 to 20 feet. so when he would see the final summary of what that storm surge was i think flooding is going to be a large part of the problem here. sometimes it's an opportunity o when the eye makes scone tact. how quickly is the storm novel j what would the window have been if someone tried to make a satellite call from the place they were hurst hit. >> i wouldn't suggest that. this storm is a fast movier. it's moving at about 30 miles-per-hour and that lift that will membership listen some of the flooding. >> rebecca stevenson thank you very much.
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we'll be watching the storm throughout the night. in lynn yeah' libya's libyan road into the capital. one person died and a dozen others were injured. two years after the over show tw of of the government. >> thegentlemanjohn kerry is men geneva. they are hoping with the differences in negotiation with iran.
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>> something has had a deal to recap cook activities. and iran may get some economic sanctions livedded. >> prize obama is apologizing to americans that are losing their tunnel health is insurance plans. mr. 3w58 says to one would have 25give up insurances that they have. but in the recent weeks they have received letters that say dibare bones policies do not meet the requirement. >> i'm sorry they are finding themselves in is this situation based on assurances from me. we have to work hard to make sure that they knee, we hear then an weir going to do everything we can too fbi folks that are zblrch two capitol little law makers i are here.
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they want to push back the gate of the individual pan date. that is part of the healthcare law that requires the are r un1450ured to sign up nor insurance or pace fax penaltiesing. the ban gate would push the bill together for the spring. they have a bill to protect the children from the work place. >> it was a major victory in congress for support percent of gay rights. the bill pas passed by come fore march kin. margin. the bill as amended is passed. nine sithe senate ed easily pase act.
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>> well let the bells of freedom ring. it was another in the courts and for politics for the gay rights movement. >> this is a three men dust milestone. a day i will nefer forget in my service in the senate. >> every democrat voted yes. >> they were joined by ten republicans. it's new political dynamic and reflection of changing attitudes. a mole taken in summer asks should homosexualitie homosexua. >> another fracture in the republican party where many believe that a hard line stance is turning off voters i. edna would transform the work place into and environment where
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special conduct should be given special. >> the bill does include a broad exception for religious organizations. >> caught in the middle is john boehner. he says he is begins h edna. >> until boehner changes course the choice an weapons were r we queeand they were wrongthen and. >> this is the right thing to do. >> and in a statement president obama praised the senate and blasted house republicans for standing in the way of what he calls historic legislation. >> and it was the most highly anticipated tech launch since facebook.
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twitter joined the stock market and got a lucrative welcome on wall street ?rorchlts the social media company is worth $31 billion. they brought in their most popular losers by ringing the empty bell tas the stock marketd people scrambling to buy. by the end of the day twitter stock surge 73%. that number can be deceiving. >> david i'm exhausted by the 37% gain in twitter stock. most people are not institutional investors and if you are not a high roller you bought in at the market price at $45.10. that men many of those institutional or high rolling
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investor dumped it on to i an scored a sweet gain at 3% if you bought in at 4 45.10s your loss since the stock closed lower. this is a commentary on how people make investment situations a lot of smart analysts thought twitter may be over pleased. they have it 22 million active users but it has losses this year pr an brian wiser getter ho have six billion dollars of annual revenue. now the question david is whether twitter is the exception to o'rule of envesting or a sign
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of a fech bubble. textech bubble.the. >> announcer: dakotnasdaq is upe are on fire ipo's. the hash fact foe mow the fears of fear of missing out. ali develop see on twitter. and there were mixed signals today about u.s. economic grot. the commerce department says the economy grew at 8.2% in the kocher. consumer and business spending lee clined. spending >> the end may be near for troops fat and processed food. that is coming up
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>> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next on al jazeera america
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>> they say they did it because they were trying to protect my children. they didn't protect my children, they traumatized them. >> fault lines examines why so many native american kids are caught in the child welfare system. >> any time they see a social worker its like seeing a police officer. the immediate response is, "they're here to take my kids". >> from the indian perspective who sees this in terms of history, this is as about as adversarial as it gets.
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foods and helps preserve them and makes them tastier. the fda says transfat are bad for people's moment and. >> americans prepare to say goodbye to all of this it may prove tasty, but the u.s. food and drug administration has declared transfat in artery clogging merrill. >> it it's unhealthy and i'm so glad they are doing it because it's in children's snacks like cookies. >> many americans can't say what a transfat is. >> i know they are not good for you. but i really don't know what they are. i don't know. >> no i do not. >> what is it. the agency says banning the
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substance found in cooking oil an processed foods could prevent 20,000 heart attacks in the u.s. >> they raise the bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol it acorns th acornsl of processed food and it can be found in this signature meal deep dish pizza. here in illinois a proposal to ban the substance failed two years ago. the americans are eating 80% less due in part to local bans. some u.s. fast food chains including popeye's chicken and mcdonalds have still serve transfat. personal liberty is health.
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>> i know it's bad, but i'm not for banning it. i want to have my own choice. >> it may require a change in american's hearty an appetites. but once the ban is phased in a bit of prevention will avert the need for cardiac cure. >> joining us from chicago is dr. s loaleme why is it importat for the fda to institute the ban now? >> well like you said a lot of companies have already taken the steps, but there are processed foods that have the transfats in them it's working their way into the mouths of citizens and the public at large. this has a huge health risk. 200,000 heart attacks can be prevented by taking this substance out of our food supply. and 7000 deaths a year can be
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prevented by taking it out of the food supply. this has been a big problem even though a lot of companies have moved it out of their food sources. >> is it a problem that people have transfat in only small doses. >> absolutely. >> the fda in 2006 came out with new regulations for food anything let's than 0.5% does not have to be labelled on foods you may be ingesting more transfats than you know about because it's in the food in small amounts. >> the fda will have a sixty day common period and then they will tell the companies how much
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transfat the they can have in tr product. this could take years. >> i don't think it will take years, but it will take several months they are playing the pr thing giving individuals and companies a chance to rebuke the policy. the data is stacked at trying to get this out of our food sours sources. >> is there a preserv preer pren food that will make them as tasty. you have to go back to your butter and olive oil an canola oil and gas. can la will canola oils. >> thanks for being on the program. we appreciate it. >> thanks.
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>> college football's bcs standings face a shake up tonight. sha shakthat shake up is defini. a height light of the no. 5 stanford. it's not been much of a gauge ge because of stanford's stiffling defense. right now o the cardinal lead. >> in the n.f.l. chicago bears quarterback jay cutler is expected to start against the lions. it was the first time he was back on the field since tearing a groin muscle on october 20t october 20th. and one of the four gold medals that jesse owens won for the united states in the 1936
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berlin olympics is said to be up for auction later this month it could pull in one million dollars since the family doesn't know the where abouts of the our three medals. >> michael, thank you. there is a report that the cia is paying at & it millions of dollars for their phone records. the record include calls that americans have made overseas the spy agency is trying to use the information to track suspect around the globe. >> if and at&t says it's a meatr of national security and not business the government is paying at-andt & it says it's l. the internal revenue service
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issued 4 billion in ta dollars x refund. some of those refund were central out of the you had. in this country the mostefraudfd fraudulent were in miami. >> u.s. secretary of state johnn kerry is getting ready to join the iran nuclear negotiations. this is the most promising sign yet that a deal with iran could be close. >> a florida supreme court awards parental rights to an egg donor. and the implications it may have for parents across the facial.
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going to iran.
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>> the agreement within the nuclear program is within reach. of we have the former advisor of the iran no nuclear negotiation team. the fact that john kerry is getting involved. does that mean the principles feel they are close to a deal. >> mr. kerry and the foreign minister hit it off at the meeting in new york. and kerry's attendance at the talks tonight showing progress that may culminate in the final deal that may put to rest the anxiety over the nuclear standoff. >> iran has been in compliance with the nuclear onl obligation. have you seen any indication that iran is willing to change
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their tune? other than these diplomatic actions? >> absolutely the thabsoulteabsn minister has put together a package of blow pro friday props been accepted by the parties today and this has a time line and concrete steps along with an end game strategy that will qualify the concerns of both sides. iran is concerned about the nuclear rights and they are on the other hand addressing the concern of the proliferation risk that some western governments led by the united states have expressed. >> i think we are on the cusp of a break through that reflect a dial. deal.
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deal. the american are agreeing to a six month deal. and they are willing to put constraints on the enrichment deal. >> what has brought the united states and iran to this point? the economic sanctions that they have put on iran. >> i these ai think it's a combf factors. mr. kerry himself a couple of years ago being a knowledged iran's right for the nuclear fuel cycle and iran has reached a nuclear milestone speaks volumes about the disfunctional previous approach of the u.s. administration that insisted on no enrichment at all.
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it's the concession of the u.s. to acknowledge iran's right within certain restrictions and strict international supervision and inspections. we appreciate you joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> the u.s. senate approved legislation that would ban discrimination of workers based on their sexual orientation. >> the measure is facing strong resistance from the republican led house. john bay no boehner has no plano bring it to a vote. after six years of coaching college soccer lisa house says see found herself without -- she found herself without a job
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afteiremember feel almost like u would if there was a death in the family being sad or angry orbiter. >> howe had a winning record at belmont university in nashville an loved by the players. she suddenly left the university after telling the leaders about her sexual orient takes. takes -- orientation. >> i was fearful. that was my career. i grew up in college coaching. >> her story gained national attention and led to a series of protests. with students and high-profile donors saying they would deprooideprivethe school of i d. howe sees the senate non-desclip
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discrimination act. >> you have wives and husbands and you they have familiarly tha--family that depen depend oo support them. >> howe now works for nashville's claim w claim chamb. some critics say a new policy is not necessary or would lead to frivolous lawsuits new laws are needed more than every says howe. >> they said it's good for business or good for their bottom line. you have states that have these protections in place. and they have not seen any type of rise in lawsuits. >> i think we have people paving the which and the rest o way ane congress and country are
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catching up. >> passioning the bill in the house of represen representativa major hurdle they will see it as a victory. >> jason huff is from john brown university a private christian college. he said he was forced to quit after the university discovered he was gay. the issue i have with it is on one hand they want a policy. that says a certain type of person can not have employment there. but at the same time they receive fed ghoul lar dollars. >> the employment discrimination bill head to the house where speaker john boehner is about at the measure president obama is eager to sign the bill and he has called on the house to act. there has been a ruling in a complicated child custody case in florida. the court arced today that a
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woman that donated the egg to her lesbian partner has legal rights to the child. >> a florida lesbian couple had a daughter in 2004. one woman i d donated the egg ad one carried the baby of the in 2006 they split. and the one fled the country and they hired a investigator and tracked her down be in australia. on thursday the biological mother does have parental rights and she should be able to see and raise this girl who is now about brian nears ol nine years. this is a couple that produced a child and were going to parent didding to. that is what lots of couples do. that is consistent with other area of family law in florida
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and with national law. >> the legal sticking point was this. when the biological mom donated her egg the lower court ruled three she signed away her parental rights. the the judge signed a 1993 law preventing egg donors from hunting down families. because in thi in this case bece couple intended to race the child together that law didn't apply. the birth mother'scation was fwhrimtiony to begin with. >> for the gestational parent, the birth parent to claim that her rights have been violated in some way because another parent was granted a relationship when it the child doesn't doesn' the long custody fight will likely end here she doesn't see the fed
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court taking up this case because she doesn't 15 see a constitutional basis for doing so. >> it's a company that has. >> earned earnehasn'tearned a profit yet. twitter grew by $13.1 billion. >> if there is one thing twitter specializes is in it's creating a bu buzz. the stock that goes by twtr began the day trade being at more than $45 a shair. well above the 26% set by the company as it's offering price. >> the observation kni social ns marred by technical glitches.
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it took a year for facebook shares to row cover their initial value. >> it's the size of the number of stairs and the expectation of the develop ross tie of the earningscearnings. if you remember face goo facebod and went lower because they didn't think they would make it. the investorvestors don't ga chance even if they earn nun off thei --money off their advertis. >> they have a resuspected management team. guys that recognize you can't stay still. you have to hold on to one product. you have to change and inknow i. and all the investorvestors comd makes did an interesting
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investment because they have it going fort. at the end of the trading day the shares were just over $45. and not bad for a company that has never posted a profit. >> just ahead, a big change at marvel comics. we'll show you how a pakistani heditor is shaking up the world of super heros. you won't believe what the dolphins told johnathan martin how to deal with the alleged bullying. marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country.
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>> only on al jazeera america.
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back in the motor city. >> located new just north of downtown detroit is an area in the past five years has become known as midtown. it's detroit's cultural center. a culmination of art, music, higher education and new business an. in a city on the verge of bankruptcy. midtown is a hip urban neighborhood on the rebound. but it hasment hasn't always bes way. >> there are always people like me that have seen potential here. susan mosey has run a planning an development agency solely
11:45 pm
focused on revitalizing this community. >> she and the team have sealed the deal on dozens of housing and business projects including this whole foods that opened in midtown this past june. >> every wok week he we get fa n calls from serious retailers or restaurant owners or housing investors. mosey heard from scott five years ago. the clientele in midtown is artistic and professional. mosey helped him open this coffee shop which is thriving today. it was important to open this coffee shop.
11:46 pm
>> scott saw the potential in midtown years ago and turned to mosey. >> she is tireless and a power house and absolutely someone you want to have on your side of the table when you are putting a real estate deal together. he owns three restaurants and in the process of openin renovatins apartment building. >> midtown is pushing ahead and mosey has been the catalyst. >> twenty-six is the number of businesses that mosey says will open here within the year. commercial taxe taxes are not oy good for business, but today for detroit.
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>> michael eaves is here with sports. an plaann landers would never le what is being subjected here tonight. >> jeff ireland told johnathan martin's agent that he should punch incoo incognito in the fa. dolphin coaches had asked incognito to if you hav toughenp both former and current players believe that incould go knee dougincognito is beingpore portrayed unfairly. even though players like ritchie incognito make the head loinlsz. loinlsz -- hea headlines, the me of the players are people you
11:48 pm
could call friends he is the do everything for the chicago bears. >> there are still a few things that matt forte doesn't do he doesn't do flashy. >> some people are flashy and they get more recognized bo by e world. i stick by what the bible says, be of in the worl of the world e world. particularly with drinking and driving why have you been able to keep your nose clean and other players have not. >> firstly i don't drink like that. >> matt's father was a captain in the mid 70s. but matt forte long dreamed doing his father win best ir. -- better.
11:49 pm
i told my dad i'm going to play professional football and i have had the drive and determination to pack it and i can't believe i am in the sixth year playing. hhe pass neil anderson for the bears all time rushing list. >> it will be a big athey have t to get those yards. >> walter payton chbl. >> he made a lot of yards and it's hard to compare yourself among a guy like walter payton. it's a cool thing to be out here and playing for the city he played for and the team he played for. and the same position as well. you have a lot to live up to. >> matt forte lived with a bit of untern o uncertainty beo'whet
11:50 pm
he should be paid as the best. forte gam gambled he could holdp as he democrat on straighte deme lieu. iitdid happen a few timings. ti. i was out there playing good football. thoughe they agreed on a deal. and with the rushing record 10,000-yard away catching sweetness will be a tougher
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task. >> i say the sky is the limit. especially with the coach. iisthere is a lot of room for mo do big things like that. johnathan smith lake forest illinois. >> on the college grid iron tonight. baylor are trying to make the case as the meet oklahoma. the bears scored 28 unanswered points to turn a 5-3 deficit into a 31-5 plead. 31-5 lead. bryce petty with two rushing and one passing. and he would later add another passing touchdown. baylor are on their way to a 41-is victory. 41-112 victory. >> in the nba two teams that many believe will meet for the
11:52 pm
finals. >> the heat hosting the clippers. >> the clippers health a 4 point half time lead. the heat come back by out scoring the clippers by 9 in the second half. lebron james pumped in 18 and the heat improved to a 4-and-2 on the season with a 102- 97 win. >> medulla oblongatta amichael a question for you. >> yes. >> were you a huge comic book fan. >> you are going to love this story. the comic book publisher is bringing back another super hoye oheromiss marvel. >> comic book heros are typically white men ma march
11:53 pm
volcanmarvel comicbook writer i. part of it is because i grew up muslim. she often felt disconnected growing up muslim in america. >> the reality is he would don't have as many strong female lead as we should we don't have as many diverse characters in the media. >> the new character will live here in one. country's most diverse cities jersey city, new jersey at the city's compic bookstore the new super hero sound cool.
11:54 pm
being muslim is a huge step and there are no miss limb teenage girl super heros out there reasonably take wonder woman she has become an icon. >> comic book companies have created gay and lesbian heros. like grown lantern. miss marvel is the first title character in comic book history. >> over one wants to be a super hero and it's great to be included someone like you. >> isn't it about people that go to the races and their relick ons finally get a new spotlight. >> that is the message that they hope it will bring. the world is not one face one label one identity it's different versions of that.
11:55 pm
it's diverse comic book characters have not always done we'll, but she hopes that the buzz of a teenage hero will turn that around. reberk da stevenson is up next with the super typhoon haiyan is bearing down on the fill europeans and plus the u.s. weather forecast. >> audiences are intelligent
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and they know that their
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al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected. >> on average the philippines get 20 tropical storms a year. and several do turn into typhoons. >> this year we have had 30 tropical storms and 8 have been typhoons. an four of these have been typhoons that hit the philippines. we have seen a lot of problems with this particular storm. not just the speed, but the wind and the rain. we are concerned about the rain
11:58 pm
dumping in the mountains bringing in 12-inches of rainfall. that will lead to catastrophes in the philippines. it's moving through the center of the philippine island and is slowly during the day tomorrow it will track into the south china seac sea. when we look at the philippine islands this year alone most of the storms have been hitting the southern philippines. that is not a normal trent trend usually they go to the north. last year it was a southern philippine island that was hit by the super storm. this storm is much more powerful. going to the west side of the united states. we have a storm system that moved through here early today an broughand brought you gusty .
11:59 pm
the winds are easing off they are starting to pick up more in wyoming and monda montana. across i 90 you have the snow and the wind. we are going to have difficulty seeing through the roadways. we'll have a winter weather advisory for that. fresh snow is alway always a god thing. because we know there is snow around the great lakes we know that there is colder air moving in too. in the northeast you are doning 30°. new york will cool off to the low to the mid 40s. cooler tonight certainly a and high temperatures feeling brisk to the north and we'll see a little drying too for the northeast.
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♪ >> hilhello everybody will comeo al jazeera america i'm david shoe a shoe atthanschuster in n. the tropical storm haiyan is hitting the pil fill europeans.. it m wind gusts of 195 miles-per-hour and after passing over philippines it will hit is the righvietnam and laos. >> the fda as is making transfat illegal in


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