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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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i'm richelle carey. the suspect is leae about the man and e to open fire. a new taliban chiee day after u.s. dros killed the leader. a day after a deadlying, the search for answers continues.
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this show the chaotic scene at the airport. the gunman walked in on friday morning, pulled out a rifle and started firing. several people were shot, one fatally. the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. it ended when the gunman was shot by police. he is now in custody at a hospital in los angeles. stephanie, what more have you learned about the suspect? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, richelle. the suspect remains in critical condition. he was shot in the face by airport police officers as she tried to subdue him yesterday. we're learning more about a motivate. he had texted his brother with potential thoughts of suicide. we understand that his father
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called new jersey police who in turn called the lapd. they then came to his apartment, the suspects apartment here in los angeles to do a well check, and everything appeared to be okay. but now we know that thin were not okay. now we want to turn our attention to what is happening at los angeles international airport. the airport is struggling to get back to normal after this incident. when this airport was shut down for hours it caused a ripple affect and chaos. terminal three had been rerouted. many passengers had to spend the night at the airport. they essentially had nowhere to go. we talked to some of those weary travelers. they talked to us not only about the shooting but the chaos that
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ensued. >> our flight was canceled twice, and then they got us on a flight this morning, and that's been canceled as well. >> reporter: now passengers again flying in and out of terminal three are urged to contact the airlines for information what to do. many passengers who came here today thinking they were going to go with business as usual, they found out that their flights from canceled as well. still we are a bit of a ways away from lax being back to normal, especially with those passengers affected. we want to talk about the tsa agent, juardo hernandez. father of two. his family said he is a dedicated family man who was loved by his coworkers and he was about to turn 40 years old next week.
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>> that is just awful, stephanie, awful. it will be a long lengthy process of evaluation to died what policies if any need to change. has there been any been any immediate thing? anything like that? >> reporter: i will tell that you we did notice many more officers here on parole just taking the walk through the terminal. the area in terminal three where the shooting lapped they blocked off all the windows. they put up a big tarp so no one can even look at what happened. they're still doing their investigation. that's going to take quite some time. whether or not major policies happen, that remains to be seen. >> stephanie. thank you so much. the gunman's parents live in journal new jersey. they told reporters that the suspect's family had received
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suicidal text messages from him. people who know him are shocked. >> i'm absolutely shocked. i'm trying to wrap my brain around it. it makes no sense. >> that sprains why the cops were here. >> i'm taken back. that's why i'm a little speechless to know that this guy is a guy who did what he did to these people, and my heart is broken. my heart is just broken. >> the shooting has raised a lot of questions about airport security. joining us al jazeera transportation dr. todd curtis. he has been working through this with us since yesterday. thank you for your time. the tsa has been established after 9/11 to beef up airport security, yet this was able to happen. what is your take on what may have gone wrong, if anything. >> my first take is that this
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was an unusual attack. this is not a passenger who tried to go through normally and sneak a gun through. this is someone who went past the security point as part of his strategy. tsa was set up for a variety of things, but they were not set up to be armed police force. they don't have law enforcement powers or options to carry weapons with them. however there is a layer of defense at the airport that includes local police and other enforcement support. that support was very much evident in los angeles. that part of the system having law enforcement protect the security checkpoint areas were "z" work. they were able to take down this person. >> when you say that, you're saying that this could have been a lot worse? >> certainly. from all appearances it looks like this was a lone person, not someone with a coordinated plan
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with several other people. certainly if aid group of people armed the way this person was they could overwhelm any check point in any airport in this country. but the fact is there is more than one way to protect the airport, the people in that airport, and the aircraft at that airport. and they don't have to go beyond the check point. there are thousands of people in the non-secure area of the lax who would have been easy targets. >> i don't want it to seem that we're michae minimizing the losf life. one loss of life is too much. i zin mean to imply that, but talk to us about what the rules are that are allowed in the airport. there are guns allowed at certain parts of the airport. >> you can split this into three different parts.
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the rules were taking guns on to a secure part of the terminal, that's obviously not allowed. the security screeners, the tsa, is there to make sure that no one sneaks knives, contraband, guns, etc. past check points. dozens of times a week the tsa confiscate weapons from people who accidently forget they have them in their bag. a couple of weeks ago the basketball great bill russell forgot his weapon in his bag and was arrested. that part of the system works very well. also passengers when they fly, if they want to fly with weapons in their checked luggage you can legally do so. and in fact, there are a lot of rules set up where you can bring your gun into the airport to the check-in counter which is before the security screening, and check in checked luggage. not only can you bring weapons but some types of ammunition into the terminal. the third level of weapons in the airport is the local
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community. outside of the secure area of the airport on the roadways and the sidewalks, other parts of the airport, whatever the local laws are you're allowed to carry weapons. so a state like california you could have at any given time hundreds of people in the area in and around the airport who are legally carrying weapons. so the potential for this kind of tragedy exists in virtually every airport in this country. but thankfully in most cases most people who legally carry weapons do so responsebly. only on rare occasions do you see something like what happened yesterday happened. >> and it will be quite a process to work through on how this happened, and if are ways to prevent this from happening in the future. dr. todd curtis, al jazeera transportation contributor, thank you very much. i'm sure we'll call on you again. >> thanks for having me. >> there is a new leader of the
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pakistan taliban who replaces masood who was killedl killed be attack. >> security forces have been put on red alert. on an ordinary day this street would be brimming with people. but today you can see there are very few people out on the street. very few vehicles. that is because there are apprehensions that there may now be a wave of punitive reprisal attacks by the taliban in pakistan for their leader hakimul lah mehsud who was
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killed in a drone strike. so nervousness in major cities. we're also told that security forces have been beefed up in their positions, and in some areas the military has taken over the force from the police. and of course, the pakistani public in general is bracing for a fresh wave of attacks. >> battle at the board turkish police fire tear gas at a crowd of demonstrators. the wall is meant to stop people from crossing the border illegal. the residents accuse the government of discriminating against kurdish families who live on both sides of the border. now asking the u.n. to adopt a resolution to end mass electronic spies. the move comes on the sp the
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allegations of spying on both sides. the act is expected to be voted on later this month. meanwhile, edward snowdon is reaching out to berlin. >> edward snowdon shows every sign of going native. enjoying a river cruise in moscow. but on thursday he held a three-hour meeting with an mp from the german green party who said their discussions were very revealing. at a press conference friday the mp said snowdon would be willing to come to germany as a witness in any inquiry in the u.s. bugging the phone of chancellor angela merkel. >> he told me he could imagine come to go to germany if it
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means coming in safety. this means free passage and receiving asylum. the interior minister could help him. >> reporter: snowdon starts his new job in petersburg as a technical adviser with russia's version of facebook, but he may not be happy as they have been given new powers of intercepting of communication. >> it was a warm meeting he would at snowdon's initiative. >> reporter: it comes after a protest against one of the country's biggest companies. >> it's going to be very serious especially in next year's winter olympics in russia and talking not just telecommunications but
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wi-fi, laptops and smart phones. 90% of all your passwords will be broken. >> reporter: it's been alleged september's g20 summit the russians handed out free gifts, flash drives and mobile equipped with trojan software to spy on software and telecommunications. but they dismissed reports to divert attention away from the serious allegations of espionage leveled against washington. >> president obama is putting his support behind the marriage equality bill in hawai'i. the house was supposed to reach a vote on friday but as many as 4,000 people came out to testify, delaying the final vote. if passe passed, hawai'i will be
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15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> meteorologist: well, good saturday to you. we're clearing thing out across the northeast and the mid-atlantic as the cold front continues to push off the coast line. it's still draped across parts of florida. meanwhile, we're clearing out behind that front but we do have the secondary front that is going to continue to move into parts of northeast and create more in the way of wet weather. this is where we have the rain around today. around orlando you'll need to watch out and have the umbrella with you. skies from gray earlier on friday before the front moved through here in new york city. it started out damp and dreary, but we have cleared out and we'll continue to see clearing skies. philadelphia may be a spotty shower for you, but the bulk of the action will be aroun arounde
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great lakes as the next front tries to move in. temperatures around 5 to 20 degrees cooler, and we have colder air on the way for the end of our weekend. richelle? >> eboni, thank you. a real-life hero remembered. the second american to ever orbit the earth. plus anger boils over in france where farmers are saying no way to a new tax.
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>> i'm phil torezz, coming up next on techknow.
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>> hike! >> america's favorite sport is under fire. >> now, that impact simulated 100 g's of acceleration in your brain. >> it's the opponent no player can see. >> so the system is showing real-time impact. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. >> the final farewell for an american space hero. family, friends and dignitaries will pay their respect to scott carpenter in colorado today. carpenter died on october 10th at the age of 88. the public service will follow a private family funeral. john glenn is scheduled to speak at the memorial service. thousands of people in france are protesting against new taxes. the government has promised
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increases of $4 billion to reduce the national deficit. >> reporter: several thousand people here in northwest france, they are furious about their so-called ecotax that the president, president hollande, wants to introduce. he's already backtracked slightly. he's going to suspend it for more talks, but the people here want it scrapped all together. they say it will jeopardize their livelihoods. the area has been hit hard recently by factory closures mainly in the food processing business. they say they're being under cut by cheap labor elsewhere in the european union. they're particularly angry about germany, who they say is under cutting them. but they have taken a knock recently, and the focus of the
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protesters has been on this ecotax. just a week ago there were violent clashes with the police, rubber bullets were fired, tear gas was fired. the protesters hurled missiles at the police. there were several injuries. president hollande and backtracked and suspended the tax for further talks. protesters feel they have the initiative. they want him to go further. they want it jabbed all together. they've been promised more state aid but they're still not happy. the speeches being made here just before a big march are voicing that anger. >> now russia is moving a group of detained activists, the environmental group greenpeace say 30 of its members will be moved from a jail to st. petersburg. they found out about the move from diplomatic forces, but
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they're not sure why the drop is being moved. russia detained 30 protesters after a demonstration at an offshore oil rig. they were first charged with piracy but russia has replaced that with hooliganism charges. green peace is now demanding their release. egypt's jon stewart, his show was yanked just moments before it was scheduled to air and it had only been back on for a week. he became hugely popular in egypt for his jabs at mohamed morsi, the egyptian president who had been ousted in july. up from the ashes after the wildfires. coming up, sowing the seeds of a new generation of resilient plants.
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>> terminal three at l.a.x. remains a crime scene as police continue to investigate the deadly shooting that has left a tsa agent dead. the suspect allegedly walked into the terminal, removed an assault rifle from a bag and started shooting. he was shot many times by police. the leader of the pakistan taliban was killed in a drone strike. officials in pakistan condemn the drone strike and this morning some of the u.s. ambassadors protested the military move. edward snowden wants the u.s. to stop treating him like a traitor. that's a letter he sent to german chancellor angela merkel. the former nsa contractor being recruited by germany as a
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witness into merkel's cell phone tap. rebuilding after massive wildfires is a daunting task, but scientists are working on plants after wildfires. this is a report on seeds of success. >> reporter: when a wildfires ignites containment is the first priority. record high temperatures coupled with dry weather whipped up more than a dozen wildfires in colorado this summer. but what happens once the fire is extinguished could be the difference between it fueling more wildfires or preventing them. this is a site of the june 2012 pine ridge wildfire. >> it burned about 14,000 acres in the course of a few days. one day in particular. 10,000 acres burned. >> reporter: andrea is a conservation scientist with the
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chicago bow tannic garden. >> one problem is invasive species, but its run of the things that helped cause or carry this wildfire further than it otherwise. >> reporter: before the presence of cheat grass, the average fire cycle was 40 to 100 years. but now areas burn every three to five years. this is a critical step in reducing the severity and frequency of wildfires. it's one reason why receding with laddery native plants is a top priority. >> we're going to pull the seeds out to see if they're ready for collection. >> reporter: working with the seeds of success program, carol dawson and her horticulture squad of interns take to these colorado fields together and insure the next generation of plant life. >> the idea is to put this seed
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into seed storage so it's viable for a couple of hundred years. >> reporter: ideally the team's goal is to collect 10 to 20,000 seeds when they go out. they'll caught goriz you categoe plants found here for future use. >> people aren't aware of the scale, the millions of acres that burn every year. the millions of pounds of seeds that have to go out. a lot of times that's zoned by helicopter because these areas are inaccessible, dropping fast quantities of seed on the scorched earth with the hopes that it will come back and an driving native plant community in the future. >> reporter: 130 collections are banked. in total more than 1 million different seeds are preserved here. it's a deposit made by plant scientists and environmental agencies that could protect human and wildlife in the absence of a rainy day.
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al jazeera, chicago. >> i'm meteorologist ebon eboni. we're seeing rain and thunderstorm activity here in central areas of florida. it's wet in tampa along i-4. as we go through the day the rain will continue as the front makes its way slowly south and east and we could be dealing with strong gusting winds. in the northeast the front moved through swiftly on friday through new york city. we're now clearing out. we do have scattered clouds left behind as we remain offshore. we have another front that is moving in. with this front we're dealing with scattered rain activity and also cooler temperatures. so interior sections of the northeast we're only going to
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see our highs in the 40s and 50s. we're expecting highs of 48 degrees, and milder and still very nice for the first half of your weekend around new york city, philadelphia, down towards d.c. temperatures will be climbing in the mid to upper 60s. get out and take advantage of it while you can because we're going to see colder air moving in by sunday, a high of 51 degrees is expected around philadelphia, and monday we'll struggle to get out of the upper 40s, richelle, back to you. >> eboni, thank you. celebration time for hundreds of thousands of boston red sox fans. let's take a look at live pictures of the crowd and the parade. they're celebrating being world champions in boston. they defeated the st. louis cardinals in six games. it happened in fenway park. the first time that has happened in decades, and it actually happened in boston. this lifted the spirits of the region i had say rattled by the
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boston marathon bombings. thank you for watching al jazeera, i'm richelle carey. "inside story" is up next. is it working? you're watching inside story from washington. >> hello, i'm libby casey. a familiar theme played out in washington this week as bad news circled the white house, and the critics took their shots, fair and unfair at president obama and his administration. but by any viewing this was not a good week for the president. second terms always have their rough patches but history shows


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