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tv   Adrenalin Nation  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media
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and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. now. >> next we're going to hear from gina marie lindsay who is the i'm department el walters hive in new york city for al jazeera new york. you are seeing live pictures out of los angeles right now. a shooter walked inside of the terminal at 9:220 and open fire. zbr.t wwe are anticipating a fus conference from the la m medical center. zplthe gun pan is in gunman is .
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authorities are tell people to phone you a had he. oahead. zbr. th zmrchlwe are talking to cj. what are you hearing now? >> we are in a holding pattern. zmrchlt zprnright now i'm in a g terminal. a couple of thousand people are crewed intcrewcrowded into a p .
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>> they are saying we can rebook. but there is no wor when it wil. >> based on the images that you took, the crowded airport is an understatement? >> yes, it is. i was being polite. >> how are people reacting? how are they acting? >> it seems pretty docile. null kid are playing and people are talking and everyone is sharing outlets. an thank goodness i have my phone charging to talk to you. >> it's pretty good. zblm thithere is no crankiness e seen so far. c.j. do the passengers know the
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gravity of the situation they were spared? >> we are finin finding out. this is no tv running here. zplrng we arwe are getting all r reports from twitter. i hea hear heard some more nfl i didn't know. >> is there anyone on the other end wondering where you are and how you are and when you will be home. tell them what you would like to know. >> i would hike t like to tell y family and friend i'm safe. it's been a long day. it doesn't seem to horrible. i'm good. i want to tell them, and i love them. >> they are where and you are where? >> they are all over the country. i have family all over the country. and i am headed to reno. >> i hope you get there sometime
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tonight. keep that phone on charge. jennifer london in los angeles what do you know? we are awaiting a news conditio confert now. >> we are a waiting a news conference. we do know that we have three male patients, one in critical condition and two in fair condition. there are questions as to whether or not the gunman was injured. if you listen to the press conference they do say there were injuries in addition to the suspect himself. zplwhich leads me to believe the gunman was injured as well. >> they said this was other injuries in addition to the
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suspect himself. we are trying to final ou finalf that is case. we are also a waiting to learn the identity of the suspect on lax's official twitter feed. they did post that the fbi is working on that and will provide details as soon as possible. >> are they the closest major medical center. >> it is. we know that there were seven injuries total and six have been taken to six area hospitals. zbrrchls i don'i don't know thes where the victims have been taken.
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i don't know if they were taken to other level one trauma centers. >> jennifer we are three hours into this swawtion. situation. you have been watching rrt repos in los angeles. what is the mood in the city right now. >> i have to say i'm not at lax i have been covering this from our bureau. i'm inside of the baue bureau hn los angeles. zplrnl i think based on the reps this is a terrifying situation. lax is the third busiest airport in the u.s. when you hear of a shooting at a
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airport people immediately start to jump immediately to conclusions. is this a terrorist attack? will this be a large scale terrorist attack? it's terrifying emotionally and it's disruptive. you have people like you just spoke to trying to get to reno. nulbasically they are trapped at the airport. they are operating half of the landing capacity and on one runway. you have a disruptive situation here. null it's hard to get information on whether or not your night has been delayed. it's at the figure for the people inside of the airport with the little information trickling out. what has happened? are they still safe? how long will they be held there and will they be able to make their night. they d do believe the incident s
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tied to terminal three. zblm thethey believe this was oe one gunman in custody and they believe the passengers at the airport they do believe they are safe. and jennifer london in los angeles thank you very much. we have been watching the twitter world non-stop. it's from twitter we received the first images inside of the terminal of what appears to be officers processing the gun. a long rifle and what else are you seeing. maria what else are you seeing? >> we are seeing pictures from bradley terminal an and john a n paul just tweeted.
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we know josh has been tweeting these image image imhe tweeted t of the rifle. moving thank you baggage claim and police are clearing rooms as we move. and then he tweeted this one. inside of tbit lots of people here and being questioned and having identity recorded by police. he would wanted to show you what john forestrom tweeted earlier. at lax had to run onto the runway because of shooting in terminal. zplthen he tweeted this image. now i'm bused to a new terminal
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after shooting. now he tweeted this inside of the terminal now at bradley terminal with a few hundred other passengers. he also tweeted other accounts here. colleague trying to help passenger from australia. contact family. was in terminal with us and can't find husband. people were looking for food and water. no water or food where we are being held. just gave water bottle to a woman with baby. john donaldson tweeted this. null you can see the officers there and the weapon there. he tweeted this image which is a wider shot of what appears to be the scene. that is a real-time photo of a real live crisis. we are a waiting word right now, that is los angeles right
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outside of ucla medical center where they are preparing to previous reporters concerning the victims that were taken there. jennifer london in los angeles reporting that three of the victims were taken there. one said to be in critical condition. we are going to take a break. we'll be right back.
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now. >> next we're going to hear from gina marie lindsay who is the executive director, and let folks know what is happening here at the airport with i'm del walters in new york. >> we want to let everyone know that our hearts go out to the family of the victims and the communities that were affected today at the lax shooting.
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we received three victims we are a trained medical center. zpl. wwe have lots of staff andy of blood to treat the patients weigh have seen. have -- we have seen. null one patient is in critical condition and two patients are in fair condition. that is all we have at this time. it's not clear at this time. it's not clear at this time. you can speak to the police they have up-to-date details. when they come to us we don't have identification. >> what type of gun shots? >> multiple areas. multiple areas. >> all three of the patients. >> multiple we have gu gunshotsd
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multiple injuries. >> the one critical is a gun shot and the other two. >> one is a gunshot and one is not. >> is there anything you can tell us about victims being taken to other hospitals. >> ei'm sorry i do not. can you go through exactly what you are saying in terms of the people that have been brought here to ucla. >> unfortunately it's so limited to yodue to privacy concerns. three male victims. two have suffered gunshot wound and another has other injuries. i can't characterize more. are they speaking. >> one is in critical and two in fair. fair patients you can speak to critical you cannot. >> are there fbi agents on site
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visiting with the victims. i can't comment on that don't know i'm sorry can you tell us why they were brought here today. >> sure. well when an event like this occurs, we prepare for as many as 50 victims. he iso we clear out rooms and gt ready and get all of your personnel and this is something we are well prepared to do. and as it turned out very thankfully we received only three. >> have you received any patients that have died? >> no three patients one krit critical and on two fair. can you tell us more about the description. their ages perhaps? >> unfortunately i can't due to privacy concerns and they are details i don't have. they come with little information and we take care of the injuries and move to the next patient. i'm sure that will be released later as we gather more
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information. >> do you have another ucla. no sir i'm not sure about that. it's unclear at this time. they came in and they were injured and we take care of them. zplthat's it. nulcan you tell us about the injury? >> i can't. adult children? >> iadult male. >> when do you expect the two victims to be released? >> it's unclear. generally patients in fair condition after a traumatic injury situation would be in the hospital for one or two days. >> would it be fair to characterize their injuries to be non-life threatening. >> it's hard to estimate but at this time they appear to be non-life threatening. >> how about the other person.
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>> it could be life threatening. >> i'm sorry i have to go back in to take care of other patients. >> the critical patient can you say where the majority of the gunshot wounds are. >> the gunshot wounds are in a variety of areas. more updates are coming. i'm all done. null thank you have a great day. >> that is the trauma sa sergeat updating reporters a lone gunman walked into lax with a gun in a bag wounding 7 and jennifer london confirmed what you have been reporting throughout the afternoon? >> yes, as expected based on our earlier phone conversations with officals at ucla medical center,
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they have received three male patients that were injured in the shooting at lax. one they say whats in critical condition and two others are in fair condition. they say one of the injuries is not a gunshot injury. zbrrnbut she would not elaborate repeatedly cited privacy concerns around the patient. she gave us little information other than to know they were treating three patients one critically. they are all male patients but she said they were not children. that is what we know in the ucla medical center. >> we can confirm from the video that we have seen that at least of two those that were injured appear to be tsa agents because they are wearing the bright blee shirts indicative of the tsa.
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one appears to be more injured and the other. it's been difficult to nail down. i know in los angeles there are news reports that there has been one fatality. >> it seems to under kat indicam what i hear the doctors say, they would have been the place the person would have been brought to if they were wounded. >> what she seems to be saying they have one in critical condition which means a life and death situation but not necessarily dead. >> correct. she didn't actual wil elaboraten the extent of the injuries a all del. one is critical and could potentially be life threatening. thus being listed in critical condition the others in fair condition. but she did couch it to say i need to be very i hav very, verl because this is a fluid situation and their condition
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could change. she previously cited prief you iprivacyconcerns as to why showt willing to to share information. they are being fai careful becae of the privacy concerns. >> as this event has unfolded we have had dr. todd curtis on the phone he is a transportation contricontributor who specializn transportation security situations. zbrrnlingdr. curtis, what you ae hearing? >> what i'm hearing, well first which has been repeated by authorities. things are stable. there doesn't seem to be an active threat going on right now. they are bringing the airport back to a semblance of normal. as to the injuries or possible deaths. that is consistent with the kind
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of restrictions that both the medical community has when it comes to regulations over patient privacy and what law enforcement has with respect to treutrying to execute the investigation and not let out any information that will compromise the investigation. what i'm not hearing from the interviews is they are withholding information unnecessarily. we would as passengers and citizens and viewers like to get more information. zblrng thithis is one of the sis that it will have to be resolved over time, perhaps in a day or so. we'll have answers as to whether or not anyone was killed and who this alleged gun man was and whether he had an identifiable motive for doing so. >> dr. curtis, there will be plenty of time for second guessing and iff iffy if eventse there will be plenty of time for second guessing.
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what you hear so far does this appear to be a situation that is being held by the book. >> i would say so. what do you do when you have an attack. there was no obvious throat thrt going on. there was no heightened threat level. it was just a typical day at los angeles airport. and someone pulls out a bag and starts shooing. shoo -- shooting. the law enforcement people there took control of the situation and not only neutralized the gunman but did their best to to make sure that the people were safe. an for thand for the most part e passengers under control until they could determine whether they had information if they were under threat. some guests earlier took trust d
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frustration with the time it took to clear everyone. that is what happens su subsequt to something like this happening at an airport. >> i want to go back to maria innes ferria. what is the latest? >> we are seeing what josh has been tweeting. and he has been tweeting inside of bradly international terminal. zblsm lotlots of people being qd and having identity confirmed by police. he tweeted a few moments ago. currently in tbism t a waiting instruction by police. zblnl wwe are now being told wee being rescreened by the tsa and t. tibt.
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and he just twoate tweeted a har ago. the los angele lapd says the arl under investigation and will not let us leave the area. he writes the following. filling up in the secure area mostly calm now but people upset. >> we want to show you what johnathan paul is twoating. tweeting. null water and milk is being rationed at lax for stranded passengers at bradley terminal. he has another picture here. he writes, help here, ref go ree camp. >> he is writing stranded passengers. a waiting news at bradly terminal. let's get to know each other says the p.a. announcer hash tag lax. he tweeted something here. guy mumble loudly while shooting
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in gate area. shooting downward as people ran away. earlier he tweeted several choppers overhead, terminal closed and passengers getting bused to bradley terminal. and to john foreman earlier had been tweeting some images they had been getting their newscast from their cell phones. he wrote here, no water or food where we are being held. just gave a water bottle to a woman with a baby, del. >> maria thank you so much. this is unfolding on our air airwaves. we saw a gun on the floor and a officer next to the gun. we saw people leaving the terminal and images of tsa agent wounded. officially this is what we know right now. zpl. this was a shooting at 9:20 this morning at lax. it took place in terminal 3. the gunman is in custody and the
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situation is now said to be under control. there were seven people that were wound yo you wounded and tx at ucla medical center and one said to be in critical condition. i'm del walters in new york.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. i'm tony harris with a look at today's hot stories. >> a gunman shoots seven people at los angeles international airport. iraq's prime minister meets with president obama to ask for help and weapons against al-qaeda. >> ser


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