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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera merc ame. here are today's top stories. they have had to have had help and a lot of help to get to where they were last night. more arrests are expected in the case of two killers that walked out of a florida prison. a push to improve relations with pakistan as the prime minister arrives in washington to talk to president obama. the national transportation safety board investigates why two bay area transit workers were killed by a train. ♪
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we are learning new informing tonight about the two men that walked out of a florida prison with forged court documents. police say a tip led them to the killers. joseph jenkins and charles walker inside of a pa panama ciy hotel. both men are back behind bars and are being held without bond. robert ray is at that motel where the fugitives were caught yesterday. what have we learned today, robert? >> yep, good evening, johnathan. behind me the cok coconut groven where the two convicted murderers were caught last night in room 227 and we put together a little tick tock of the events that have occurred over of the last few days. if we can roll the video, here it is. >> for five days the florida authorities were on a na a manh. investigating and searching for
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joseph jenkins and charles walker. on sunday is we learned a tip led the police to the fugitives. >> bay county sheriff's office deputies and the united states marshalls late saturday received key information through an associate of one of the inmates helping us to pinpoint their location. >> both men were able to walk out of prison thanks to forged documents sent to the clerk of the court. buns out they walked into the jail in orlando to register as fell long. -- fes fell lonls feg shots taken. even the judge whose name was forged on the paper was impressed. >> i have never seen anything like that. this. you have to give them an "a" for being imaginative. family members of the fugitives
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pleaded to the ca cameras. >> we love you, we believe in you, we just want you to surrender you yourself to someoe you trust who will bring you back in safely. with reports out that the two killers were on the loose the two men huddled together in orlando and made their way to the coconut grove motel. and authorities zeroed in on them in room 227. >> they surrounded the room and were able to instrublgh instrucy knew where they were and wanted them to come out. neither with armed and the and apprehension it was without a fight. they were rave arrested and tako the bay county jail and questioned without bond. on sunday thin they ordered theo sit in county jail until october 25th. when they will be transported back to prison where they
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escaped from. >> there is more we don't know. this will be more arrest and we'll be backtracking to those that helped carry out this fraud. >> this incident has embarrassed florida prison officals who are eager to find the polices of jenkins and walker and put them behind bars as well. so, johnathan, this is an active investigation still. authorities are trying to figure out exactly how all of this could have occurred. if there was anyone working with these guys and they have been grilling, absolutely grilling these two killers today in the bay county jail as to who they were working with. >> interesting news and new news. earlier today a few hours ago my photographer and i walked into the hotel earlier. we had some questions for the manager. we wanted to find out if anyone else was with the two convicted killers. and here is what he told us.
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indeed on friday at some point on friday a one man aged 38 years old claiming he was from panama city according to the information he filled out at the hotel registration. went to the front desk and asked them for a room with two double beds. said he would have other people coming later in the day and needed two double beds. they put him in room 227 and that is where the swat team charged in and grabbed the two murderers and put them into possession back into the state. and they sit in the county jail right now and they will be there until october 25th when the judge goes through the process again and then likely they will head back to franklin correctional institution, down in carribel florida, which is 100 miles east of here. an active investigation as authorities are looking for the people or person that could have been helping has t these two murderers. >> as the sheriff says more arrests are expected.
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now secretary of state john kerry is meeting with port coquitlapakistani primeministert in washington, d.c. this comes as the u.s. decides to renew their aid package to pac pakist. $1.6 billion will be tend t sene country. that aid was stopped as the relations soured in 2007. relations between pakistan and the u.s. have improved enough to allow renewed assistance. the pakistani prime minister will meet with president obama and members of the congress later in the week. lethree issues will come up. money for a major new dam at the border of india. which could bring electricity to 60 million people. u.s. drone strikes have been a major thorn in the relationship.
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pakistan sees them as violations of their sovereignty. and pacu.s. plans to withdraw ts from pakistan next year. several high level navy officers have been charged in a corruptions scream. thescheme. they are charged with allowing over charging in exchange for kick backs. as well as the contractor ceo and another company official. patty has more from washington. >> al jazeera has confirm the story that first appeared in the washington post. it says a navy commander and captain have been charged in a kickback scheme along with a investigator from ncis. the allegations they with steer ships too certain ports in asia where a company called glen defense marine asia would win the contracts for supplying the ships. the company over build the navy
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and in exchange what they got were lucky travel through iraq yeah. iraq -- through asia. they hired prostitutes and becausbought tickets for a ladya concert. they were tipping off the company when this was a criminal investigation. the three navy officals have been arrested and more arrests will follow. and the 200 million doll worth h of contracts have been canceled. a california workers have stopped picketing after two were killed in an accident. our lisa bernard is live from san fan. san francisco. any new details on hu how this accident happened. >> they are examining the tracks and the train right now. they have been at it for a couple of hours. they tell us they'll give us an update shortly on what they may have found so far.
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they plan to be here the lead investigator tells us for four to ten days. and the lead investigators tells us he expects to interview members of the california agency that takes care of work place safety. also the california public utilities commission. he hopes to speak to the driver of the train and several other people affiliated with bart who were on the train at the time of the accident. in terms of staffing and experience, this is what they want to look at and this is where the strike could play a role. the ntsb will consider the training, and the experience of the train operators as well as of the track workers. and we have seen cards that have been left here at the scene, one card refers to those workers as "two great trackmen." flowers mark the spot where the train struck and killed beat boh
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workers. a radio transmission cra ai p cd the moment. let me know when you are ready to proceed ahead. after your break. >> bart emergency, bart emergencgoemergency. >> >> go ahead. we struck individuals at 16.2 on the c 1 track. it may be bart employees. an agency spokesman says one worked for bart and jua one wasa contractor. standard procedure is one is to watch the tracks while the other fixes the track. >> our heart goes out to the families of the workers killed on the bart track.
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>> this will take time to investigate but i'm confident we'll get the facts and information gathered and we'll get it out to the public as soon as it comes in. it takes a long time to get to the bottom of these things. >> the train rac was train was e maimaintenance run and it was on automatic marked for identification. identification -- automatic moatd. moatd -- mode. they are holding a candle light vigil for the workers in three hours. firefighters are struggling to contain dozens of fires burning near sydney this hour. a state of emergency has been issued in new south wales. one person has been killed and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. we have more from the blue mountains. >> despite all efforts the fires are still burning. the blue mountains west of sydney orange and grey as they are progressively blackened.
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this is situation that is likely to get worse. weather forecast which had predicted rain were wrong. the most up-to-date suggested it's about to get hotter and windier. >> this is a continuing volatile difficult dange dangerous firefg environment and based on the forecast and the size of the fires it's expected to become a whole lot worse yet. >> in sparsely populated areas people are receiving warnings by text message or if it's too late shelter fast. this is what they are trying to prevent. 20200 homes were burned after thursday's fire. it's evident how intense this fire was. it only lasted a few hours. a few things still distinguishable. a washing machine and this ladder melted. and here the pages of a book. menthethe insurance assessors he
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been around to assure him assessors will be on their way. he has advice for others that may soon go through the same thing. >> you can only do so much. but in the end, you just have to make sure that your loved ones are safe. >> only one person has died as a result of the fire so far. and very few have been injured. animals wild and domestic haven't been so lucky. >> this guy has had his forefeet badly burned and we have had to give an anaesthetic and clean up the wounds and put bandages on them and he is on antibiotics and pain-killers. >> the fire that raced through here began when wind brought do you knodown power lines. the army is investigating whether a training exercise accidentally sparked another. firefighters are struggling to cope with fires already burning.
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the fear with rising temperatures and winds more sparks will light others. andrew thomas al jazeera in the blew bloblue mountains sidney. a bombing has killed 40 people. the bomber packed 1.5 tons of explosives in to a truck and the blast left a massive crater in the ground and scorched everything around it. they blamed terrorists for the attack. the pro opposition syrian group says the attack targeted an army checkpoint. and a suicide bomber killed 55 people at a baghdad cafe today. more than 45 oarg 45 others wer. the explosion is part of six suicide bombing attacks in one day. all in the anbar province. students clashed in egypt police fired tear gas to dispurse the crowd.
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55 students have been arrested. clashes began when it the students tried to take the protest off campus. a state funeral will be held in italy on monday for hundreds of mig migrants that drowned off lamlampedusa earlier this month. >> as they often do on sundays they visit their family mausoleum in the local cemetery. this time the flowers are for the dead they never met but buried near their closest relatives. they offered their burial plot to a woman and her four-year-old child. two of the hundreds that died in the tragic ship wreck on october 3rd off the coast of sicily. >> then would have been forgotten if they were buried else where. no one would have left a flower or remembered them. when i say a prayer for my grand
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faigrandfather i will say a prar for them too. >> the mother and child were promised a state funeral by italy's prime minister. they are one of a few that were given a dig an dignified burial. many are buried around the sills seasisseal yan city. all that is left behind them are numbers on the wall. on monday italy's government will hold a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the tragedy. an event with government dignitaries but no coffins. >> this shows the dirchtion dife between the local government and government. in the meantime mig migrants are
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every day with the pro prospectf becoming another forgotten number in the e cemeteries. the philippines vietnam and japan and china have had an activity fooanactivefy active typhoon season. and typhoon francisco has weak ended somewhat and it's continuing to make it's way slowly up to the north towards japan. but now the track is continuing to change somewhat and we are seeing the eyewall starting to regenerate. that does cause weakening. we don't expect excessive strengthening. now the track will take it past kyoto. we expect quite a bit of rain
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from the storm but it's not looking as it will be as potent when it hits land as it is right over water. winds go faster over water once they hit land it creates friction and slows it down. there is a tropical disturb annaldisturbanceno. 27. we are not concerned about that. and this other one that is developing here farther out, no. 28. that is the one we are watching closely because it's going to be coming across the marshall eye lanislands and we are going to t a couple of inches of rain and gusty winds and seas will be building up to 10 feet. we'll watch those storms for you and we are watching some of the first snow of the eastern in the united states. details on that coming up next. we'll see you later rebecca thanks. the resent government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis has many debating the republican strategy for the future. we'll talk to a former
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republican congressman about it, next. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life.
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i next discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories.
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before last week's bill that ended the government shutdown and raised the debt ceiling. the u.s. was helding towards economic default. the result budget battle was a close call for the economy. >> there was a faction particularly in the house that took control of some of the direction of this debate. and i would just look to what republican leaders have said themselves about how inadvisable it is and how it can't happen again. i think the message that we have to send going forward is that thithere was a turning point on wednesday night and it can't happen again. >> many believe the g. op tooblg took a big hit and ia sign of a fraction republican
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party. how to turn republicans and democrats into americans. congressman thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. >> does this current republican party resemble the republican party you were with in the 80s and 9 zroi 0's. >> what is different now is the way the groups on the outside the hard line and more ideological people are able to use the primary system to put pressure on the people that may be otherwise be able to go along and come pro miese compromise ao that we'll run zoom on someone t you in the primary. they are a bigger voice than they used to be. >> is it a voice that the republican party should be listening to or ig ignoring.
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>> if they keep listening to cruz it will be going the way of the leagues. >> there are many people that would like to see the affordable care act revised and so par and. they don't want too see the government shutdown and the united states default on the obligations that we have already incurred. it went way to for and it was over the edge. and i think the strategy that was pursued could doom the republican party unless john boehner can get control of it. >> there is a quick reaction to dismiss the tea party. you are from oklahoma and you know that the tea party is popular in certain partly o pare country. is it possible that people are underestimating the tea party movement. >> i think people are over estimating the tea party movement. it only has the strength.
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it represents a small portion of the republican party. and small portion of the the republicans in congress. but because so many people don't turn out in primaries, it allows these people in small numbers, like tsawwasse it it was senatoe wouldn't be in the senate if it wasn't for 2000 people that voted against robert bennett who was then kept off the general election ballot. they are using the system in order to magnify the power of a relative hrelatively small grouf americans. their issues may be valid and they have legitimate reasons to believe what they believe. and they don't have and shouldn't have the ability to control the system the way they do through the rules we have now. >> they are also very well oargseorganized and very vocal,o what does the g.o.p. do now? >> they are vocal and organized and have money in a lot of cases. i think that what has to happen
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is john boehner is the speaker of the house and mitch mcconnell is the republican leader and the governors around the country and the republican mayors have to stand up and fight back. and they have to sigh john -- sy john boehner in particular has to say i'm not the leader of the republican party or the republican party i'm the hid of th -- thehead of the house of representatives and he has to act like it and has to lead and not allow himself to be pushed around by the small group of noisy people. >> we keep saying "pushed around" there is it a fear that the small group of noisy people have a lot of power. >> they have a lot of power in the primaries. that means people like boehner and mcconnell and others and john mccain who has been out outspoken against the ted cruzs of the worth have to go out and persuade republican voters. republican voters don't like the nonsense that comes out of the ted cruz wing but they don't go
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and vote in the primary. the leaders have to go out and say you have to participate and you can't let people take over your party and change what it means to be a republican. >> that is the big take away, people have to get involved and energized. >> absolutely. >> thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. all right. now it's a big week in the n.f.l. let's go to darren with more on sports. after an off season that included his third and fourth surgery and back surgery. rob groan coul could grownkows. returns. >> he wha was in against the je. he gets the first catch of the season with a 30-yard reception that sets up a patriots touchdown. but gronk finished with the five
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catches and a good game. ththey fell short 30-27. >> watch hester take the punt return and good bye. but the bears go on to lose as well to the red skins 45-41. in the nfc east it was a low scoring game. dallas found away to win. tony romo found terrance williams and the cowboys win 17--3 as the eagles drop a nine straight games at home. well she is a been called the blonde angel. still ahead on al jazeera america four-year-old girl found in greece. why she could be part of a child
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trafficking network. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at the top stories. florida authorities are trying to figure out who helped two convicted killers to walk out of policprison with forged paper. joseph jenkins and charles walker were caught in a pa panaa city hotel and made a court appearance today. the ntsb is investigating the death of two transit workers who were hit by a commuter train. they are part of a bart investigation if it becomes relative in the training of the worworkers. a new report from the data being collected. a report comes after news surfaces that the director and deputy director of the nsa will be leaving their post early next
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year. another revelation the nsa is stockpiling contacts and instant message buddy list. that report comes from senior inteintelligence officers and ld documents from edward snowden. they have interesting news including under certain circumstances, the nsa can keep phone and e-mail records it's collectedded for up to six years. and depending on what has been collected the information could be shared with the cia or fbi r other foreign governments. it breaks down the sharing of information between the national counter data base. rachel serves as counsel and se wrote that report and now joins us in washington. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what were you most struck by by these findings.
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>> i think what we were most struck by is the fact across the board, the nsa and we talk about other agencies and the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security as well, what they are doing is keeping information about americans that is not related to criminal activity. it's not necessarily related to inteintelligence or national security threats it's information about independent it americans that is being kept in the data bases for years. >> do we have any idea how they go about collecting the information or has to has -- org the information. is it anyone that calls people outside of the u.s. >> when we are talking about nsa in terms of the americans it depends on the information we are talking about. the first thing we learned about the revelations that edward
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snowden helped disclose. the first one was the most stunning. the government was gathering information about every single phone call that an american places in this country. whether it's domestically or out of the country or somebody selfs. selfs -- receives. they are not collecting the content but who was called and how long it lasted and this can be a lot of information of who you are talking to. it suggests the conversations. you talk t to the cancer center and call your mother. and all of that information is gathered and being kept for five years. and as you say something like the content of an e-mail that could be swept up if this was some one overseas they are targeting and just in general from the volume of information they collect. >> help us understand. if the nsa sayings the says thet
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reading american's e-mails and phone calls without a warrant but they are collecting the information of how often they are calling and who they are calling overseas. why should that be a concern. if they are not listening to my phone call why should i care? >> sure. i think there are a few reasons to be concerned. one is the history of abuse in this country. the abuse of domestically gathered information about americans. the most stunning evidence that we know about is from the 60's and 70s information in what is known the church committee report. activities that the f.b.i. was doing. they were targeting domestic protestors and political pro toastertelltelprotestors and mar king jr. and what came out was that these activities were being
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used not just to gather information. at that time it was the fight against com communism and now we have the fight against terrorism and the information garyl gathes being used to target people for their illegal activities in some ways we found out less about the abuse since 9/11. we know that employees of the nsa have used information to spy on spouses or lovers. we found out that the f.b.i. in circumstances has done the same thing that it was up to in the 660s it's targeted particular groups. the first amendment protected activities they were involved in. there was the abuse -- >> so considering that why do you think this has not fired up more people? >> well i think we are seeing it's firing up people. i think there can always be more public education about the consequences of this. but it's interesting to see that this is one of the few issues, maybe the only issue right now that is bringing people together
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on the hill. there is this real bipartisan meeting of the minds in terms of the consequences of this collection, of what it means for americans privacy, and how far beyond the laws that supposedly enable us. how far beyond the laws it is. i think a part of that is the response of the public reaction and the public out cry about this. >> i think your study digging into the nsa and explains what is happening is informative and i hope people go and google it and look it up. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you so much. she is being called the blonde angel. a young girl found last week in greece. officals are concerned that the mystery surrounding her may be apart of a bigger problem. >> greek authorities are now investigating whether this blonde green eyed four-year-old girlfriend is the victim of a child trafficking network.
6:37 pm
>> it shows that combined of over the of these people to buy and sell children and have a good com commodity like this ono find a better price. she was in the streets to beg because she was blonde and she was cute. >> according to police, the little girl known a as a a mara speaks a few words. they think she may be from scandascandal navyscand scandinavia. >> she speaks very few words. she was dirty. >> she'she was discovered in a police drug raid. a dna of a couple claiming to be her parents shows she is not their biological child.
6:38 pm
they deny kidnapping and child trafficking. and fear further discrimination against them. she was given to us and we raised her. she had problems with her eyes. we took her to the doctor and we took her everywhere. we didn't take her to sell her. >> they said the girl had a good life with the people raising her. >> she spent her days well. i can tell you better than her other siblings. >> the four-year-old girl is being looked after by the smile of the child charity. by sunday they received 8000 calls about her. including some from the united states. greek police have asked interpoll for help finding the child's family. officals in argentina are trying to figure out what caused a commuter train crash on saturday. 80 people were hurt when the commuter train failed to stop and arrived at the station.
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the train smashed in the buffers and ended up wedged between the floor and ceiling of the platform. a similar crash last year killed 51 people. in ban bangladesh the traditional dress worn by men is facing backlash. bengali men are not letting go of their out fits so easy. it's the south eastern version of the sarong. it's a piece of clothing that offers relief from the heat and humidity. all men have owned one at some point. but it's not welcome everywhere. >> i have just been told by that hotel behind me i can't enter it because i'm wearing this. it may be one the closest things they have of a national dress but for some it's a symbol off a backward lifestyle. they considered banning rickshaw
6:40 pm
pullers wearing the outfit. almost all of them wear the lungi. the lungi is the most come part toablpartto -- comfortable to wr drieflg a -- driving a rickshaw. the ban created a huge outcry. they back down in the face of the criticism. they never intended to ban the lungi in the first place despite modernizing forces it's still popular. it's estimated to be worth $100 million in sales. the men have always worn lungis. he and his fellow traders wear western trousers to work. well you can't wear lungis at
6:41 pm
work it's more professional to wear trousers. >> it may be losing glownld -- ground to western clothing. but as lo long as they have to workout doors it's unlikely it will be disappearing from public view. they look woma comfortable. anything high overhead. more on a new generation of drowningdrones that are designed journalists instead of military. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news.
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>> hi, i'm phil torrez. coming up this week on techknow: >> it's going to get bumpy over here it looks like. >> we drop like a rock, and then you experience zero g's. >> this is a modified dc8 with about 28 different instruments on the outside. >> it's one wild ride. we're flying at 300 feet over the gulf of mexico. come aboard nasa's laboratory in the sky. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. well drones are used in warfare because they can reach places others can't get to.
6:44 pm
now journalists are looking at drones for the same reason. we go to the only lab in the world making drones for reporters. >> for the newest media front fr the sky z th -- the sky is the . he was watching aircraft when he had an epiphany. >> it blew my mind. there is every tornado i have ever covered as a journalist, flood, wildfire and biblical disaster, use your imagination. drones have served as the eyes and arms of the u.s. military and inte intelligence agencies. he believes they could be just as useful to news organizations. >> he walks into my office i want to create a drone journalism lab and my first thought was, what is that? >> with a $50,000 grant the
6:45 pm
university of nebraska launch the word's first uav lab for young journalists. we are creating this new tool for journalists to to use. there are no guidelines and there are no suggests on how you should use this. you are just making everything up and i want to keep doing that. >> the picture on the test model may look a little wobbly but with refinements it can look like this. eventually drone journalism could mean no place is out of reach. they are still a work in progress but a drone is in use in australia to cover cricket. could airborne paparazzi and unmanned car chase be next? it's so far ahead of the law it's left many questions unanswered. >> that thing flies over my house i will get my shotgun out
6:46 pm
and i will shoot it down. as silly as it sounds, it's not clear whether or not they could do that. and when we think about that we are writing the rule book. >> for now commercial drones are illegal in the u.s. but aviation authorities are crafting new laws that could have drones like this filling the skies by 2015. two hundred years ago one of the bloodiest battles in world history was fought in germany. thousands of war reenactors gathered there this week an half a million people fought in the 1813 battle. when napoleon's army faced a coalition of european forces and was defeated. it was the largest battle in europe before world war i. all right. week 7 in the n.f.l., darren
6:47 pm
haynes is here. >> we have big games going on and big highlights. we will start it off. >> we can't say tom brady is playing with no names anymore. the activation of rob gronkowski. he had multiple surgeries on his back and forearm. there is gronk suited and booted. it looks like gronkowski was never gone. gronkowski for the 30-yard reception and they would score make it a 7-7 ball game. the rookie quarterback with a big boo boo there. pass and intercepted by logan ryan. patriots with a 14-7 lead and in control. second quarter brady hands off to ridly. and h he goes 17 yards untouched
6:48 pm
into the end zone. the pats go into the locker room up 21-10. this is something you don't see every day. tom brady with a miscue and throws a pick fix to allen. and the jets creeping back into this one, people. later begi gino smith. and the crowd chanting gino. the thithis one will go into ove and let's go home. the jets end a six game losing streak against the patriots 30-27. jets, jets, jets buffalo at miami. they throw to the wrong wrong cd jersey. and they take it to the house. buffalo 7 7-0 lead. the bills were on cruise control until they hook up with gibson around checand check this out. seventeen-114 buffalo. the dolphins take the first lead
6:49 pm
of the game. they find gibson again. the second hook up give the doll dolphins a 21-17 lead. carpenter for the game winning field goal. the bills win 23-21. the eagles and cowbs cowshes con considered a y a rivalry for y. >> the winner takes over the top spot in the nfc east. and the low scoring game dallas scores the first touchdown in the first quarter. romo finds williams for the 9-yard touch down 17-33 cowboys win. and up and over the defenders and to collect 6
6:50 pm
points. 10-3 bears. with the game tied at 10. jay cutler throws over the sideline and intercepted. he goes to the end zone and 29 yards scored and 17-sew washington. 17--- 17-sew-10 washington. and peace out 81 yards he is gone. and we are all tied up at 17. but washington will strike back and on third and goal he find a big tight-end joh jordon reid ie end zone. he goes in for the 3-yard touch down with 45 seconds left. red skins win 45-41. the bengals strike fores first e passes to a.j. green and he runs
6:51 pm
82-yard to the promise land. bengals down 10-7 and he hooks up with jones for the 12-yard score. and they take the lead into the half. dalton going long. and 32-yard touchdown. his first career tg catch. the lions will carry the game until they nail a field goal. the bengals win this one 27-24. to the fal falcons. they drop back and fumble and he scores. atlanta scores the tra traditiol way. rogers takes it down the side lines and falcons up 14-0 ee.0 . one handed snag and stays on his feet and scores from 59-yard
6:52 pm
out. tampa right back in the game and down 14-7. it wouldn't last long. going deep for douglas. and 37 td pass and mike ryan 282-yard and two touch downs. 31-23 atlanta wins. game six of the american league championship would become legendary for the wrong reasons. not any miles-per-hour. not any more. the 2013 version keeps advancings. with the american league winning the al all-star game red sox get the home advantage. both the cardinals and the red sox have won two world series championships in the last ten years. the red sox beating st. louis in 2004 and winning it all in 200-r7. 2007. this will mark the first time in history they will meet in the
6:53 pm
world series with the cardinals holding the 2-1. 2-1 edgement. i'm glad you finally got to baseball. >> but it will be all baseball when the world series starts. the government may be up and running but the impact of the shutdown is still being felt around the country. the gates of the smokey mountains are open but it may be too late for visitors. >> steve garrett and his league of llamas are getting their footing again. taking fall foliage lovers through the smokeys. during the government shutdown they were stuck hanging under this shelter. business came to a come pleept t stan -- comepleept standstill. >> october is our busiest month a year. we get 9 million visitors a year
6:54 pm
and in october alone we get 1 1.1 million. the smokey mountains straddles north carolina and tennessee. when it closed for 15 days businesses like old dad's general store suffered. >> it's 40%. we depend o on the park a lot. and with it not open and it really hurts. >> realizing mother nature wouldn't wait for the government to figure things out the governors of tennessee and north carolina brokered a deal to get the national park gates open but the damage was already done. a study by western carolina university she's what local businesses know. north carolina and tennessee lost $30 million in 12 million in lost wages and 3 million in local and state taxes. some businesses flourished.
6:55 pm
>> people in the park had 48 hours to get out and we immediately as a city wanted to help those folks coming out to find a place to go camping and places to stay. >> there may be meter new better north carolina and tennessee the states may get a partial refund to get the parks back open. mowemother nature is already pug on a show. we have a couple of weeks still left of coo colors to go. >> for those banking on the fall the crowds now are too little too late. >> i am not sure we will be able to recoup it. it's water under the bridge at this point unfortunately. johnathan martin al jazeera the great smokey mountains national park. beautiful fall weather. and rebecca will be back to tell
6:56 pm
us if it's a good week to go look at the leaves. the entire thing. can congress say the same? on august 20th,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
one to two-inches of snow? parts of north minnesota is what we got today. we also had some fall earlier in the evening last night for north dakota. and now we are seeing it around parts of canada and into the higher elevations we are seeing this especially popping up again from the storm system. cold air is moving in overnight tonight and it's going to bring more snow to places around the great lakes. here is what we have now. you can see showers coming down in colorado and mainly northeast colorado. the mountains is where you get a little rain-snow mix. the tast temperatures right nowy are on the cool side to the north and minnesota at 41° and a cool 37° for denver. we'll usually get our first freeze of the year for many parts of the united states as we get into mid to end october. and definitely by the beginning of november. that is what we have going on
6:59 pm
for the uppedde upper mid west. this is the coldest air of the season see far. dropping down to 31° for omaha tonight and 39 for kansas city. this cold air is not going to as far east as the northeast. we are going to stay in albany to the mid upper 30s and new york and boston upper 40s and 50s for the morning lows. snow is going to stay around the great lakes especially as we get through the day tomorrow. you will see it mostly between hudson bay and the great lakes. at 15 10:00 you will see the snw showers. it will be the first good snow for parts of the northern michigan. we have cool air blasting back into tennessee. tennessee around 7 70s at this time of year. you will stay cool and frost advisory in place. staying cool for all of the u.s. this week.
7:00 pm
♪ you are watching al jazeera next i'm johnathan betz. with a look at today's top stories. secretary of state johns kerry is meeting with pakistani prime minister at the state department right now. the drone campaign and the afghan peace process will be on the agenda. the ntsb is in the san francisco bay area investigating the death of two transit workers that were hit b by an out of service commuter train. the bart strike will be part of the investigation if it's deemed rearelevant. florida authorities are trying to figure out who helped itwo down convicted killers walt


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