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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> i'm del walters live in new york where we are expecting an announcement from the white house at any moment now. the president set to name a new homeland security secretary. president obama set to make that announcement in just a few moments. he will nominate jeh johnson. johnson playing a key role in lifting the ban on days by and lesbians who serve in the military. in confirmed by the senate, he will succeed janet napolitano.
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libby how are lawmakers reacting to this nomination? we can see in the oaf value office, by the way, he will be coming out in a second. so as you talk, if i have to interrupt you, i will. and you know the drill. >> not in problem. back in 2012 he gave a speech at yale law school that talked about american citizens could be included in attacks if they are part of al-qaeda by drones. but by in large he has support in the senate. the portfolio is quite large at dhs, you are looking at everything from the borders to dealing with natural disasters, so many commit tease and many members of congress will want to weigh in on this one.
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>> exactly. since tom ridge was named the first head of homeland security, it has morphed into one of the largest federal agencies in washington. so it almost certain that a lot of people on capitol hill will have a lot to say about this nomination. >> absolutely. we talk about immigration and what perspective he brings to that. his experience at the pentagon does not stretch into that realm nearly as much or the natural disaster realm as it does some of the other legal issues that the defense department tackles. >> libby after we just went through such a contentious period, and there was so much division on capitol hill, is there a sense that anybody has the stomach for a fight over a presidential nomination? >> not necessarily in this case, but members of congress feel
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very strongly about an individual they will let their points be known. what sometimes happens, though, is a member of the potential cabinet will get caught up in the bickering and a nominee will get held up because of other political fights, so that can happen on one hand. on the other hand there is the actual look at jeh johnson what he brings to the job, what some of the positives and negatives are. we'll hear the president talk about why he thinks he is the nominate. this job comes with a lot of focus and scrutiny, and the big portfolio that we talked about. >> libby we just showed our audience a scene that is so familiar. a picture of the president taken with jeh johnson right before the presentation.
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and there is vice president biden. any time you go into anybody's office in d.c., you can tell who they are, where they were, and who they work for by that photo that sits on the wall. >> uh-huh. and jeh johnson was the advisor to two defense secretaries. he is a trained attorney. he attended morehouse college. he is african american, and went to columbia law school. >> and this is a job in washington -- when you think about your job, he does not have the opportunity to get anything wrong during his teen your. the president is now walking out. that is the president right now. he is followed by vice president biden. the president speaking from the rose garden, i believe. the president of the united states.
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>> as president, my most solemn responsibility is the safety and security of the american team, and we have an outstanding team here, folks who work every single day to make sure that we're doing everything we can to fulfill that responsibility. and that means that our entire government, our law enforcement and homeland security professionals, troops, diplomats, and intelligence personnel are all working together. it means working with state and local partners to make our borders more secure, respond to natural disasters, and making immigration system more fair. addressing all of these tasks at once is a monumental task.
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and today i'm proud to announce my choice to lead them. an outstanding public servant whom i have known and trusted for years. mr. jeh johnson. janet napolitano could be here today she has already made her move to sunny california, overseeing the higher education system in that great state, and i know she is going to do an outstanding job there. but we all deeply appreciate the terrific job that she did over the last four and a half years. i want to thank rand bears for his service and for stepping in after janet left. thanks in no small part to janet's leadership and her team, we have done more to protect our home lan, strengthen our
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boarders, taken step to make sure our immigration system better reflects our values, helped thousands of americans to survive tornados, fires, and floods. in jeh johnson, we have the right person to continue this important work. from the moment i took office, jeh was a critical member of my national security team. jeh has a deep understanding of the threats and challenges facing the united states as the pentagon's top lawyer, he helped design and implement many of our policies that have kept america safe. when i directed my national security to team to be more
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transparent and open about how we make decisions, jeh was one of the leaders who spoke eloquently in saying we meet today's threats in a system in accordance with the law and our values. he has been there in the situation at the table, in moments of decision. working with leaders from a host of agencies to make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction. and he is respected across our government as a team player. somebody who knows how to get folks who don't always agree to work towards a common goal. jeh has experienced leading large complexed organizations, as a member of the pentagon's senior management team, first under bob gates and then under leon panetta. he helped oversee the work of more than 3 million military and
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civilians around the world. and i think it's fair to say that both will attest to the incredible professionalism that jeh brings to the job, and the bipartisan approach he takes when it comes to natural security. jeh appreciates that any organization's greatest assets is its people, and he guided a report explaining why gay men and women would not hurt our military. and america and our military are stronger because in part of jeh's leadership. i know he will bring that same commitment to our hard-working folks at dhs.
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and also upholds the values and civil liberties that make america great. he tells the story of his uncle who fought in world war ii, and how they fought with honor even when the country didn't necessarily treat them with the respect they deserved. jeh is a pretty good lawyer, and he understands that this country is worth protecting not because of what we build or what we own, but because of who we are, and that's what sets us apart. that's why we have to keep adapting to major threats, stay ready when disaster strikes, and help americans recover in the aftermath. we have to fix our broken
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immigration system in a way that modernizes legal immigration. and i'm confident that i could not make a better choice in jeh, somebody who i'm confident is going to be moving not just the agency forward, but helping to move the country forward. so jeh thank you so much for agreeing to take on this difficult and extrordanaire mission. you have a great team over at dhs, and i urge the senate to confirm your position as soon as possible. and i thank you for being ready to serve. i know your wife and daughter couldn't be here, because they are visiting your son at a college i went to for two years. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to invite jeh johnson to
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say a few words, hopefully our next secretary of home lan security. [ applause ] thank you very much mr. president. as you noted, my wife and two kids are not here because it's parents' weekend at occidental and thank to the price of a non-refundable airline ticket they could not be here. [ laughter ] >> thanks for the honor and trust you have placed in me to carry out this large responsibility as secretary of homeland security. i was not looking for this opportunity. i had left government at the end of last year, and was settling back into private life and private law practice.
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but when i received the call, i could not refuse it. i am a new yorker, today was present in manhattan on 9/11, which happens to be my birthday. that bright and beautiful day was shattered by the largest terrorist attack on our homeland in history. i wandered the streets of new york that day and wondered and asked what can i do? since then i have tried to devote myself to answer that question. i love this country. i care about the safety of our people. i believe in public service. and i remain loyal to you, mr. president. if confirmed by the senate, i promise all of my energy, focus, and ability towards the task of safeguarding our nation's national and homeland security. thank you again, sir. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> president obama dominating jeh johnson to be the next secretary of homeland security. mr. johnson a graduate of morehouse college in columbia law school and forked as district attorney for the southern district of new york and served during the clinton administration as counsel to the defense department under the department of homeland security. jeh johnson taking on a tremendous role if confirmed by the senate. we turn now to libby casey who is at the white house, and libby, he says if confirmed by the senate -- which is an important ingredient in this, because all of the president's nominees have to be confirmed by the senate, is there any negative word coming from capitol hill concerning this
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nominee. >> so far we're hearing positive reviews, and the president pointed out don't ask don't tell that is a crucial development for some of the liberals who may have concern about drone policy and the u.s. talking about this ability to kill american citizens who are alfill at itted with al-qaeda. so we're largely hearing people pretty united. >> and we should point out that this nomination is different from the situation that we just went through with the house concerning the budget negotiations. there is almost unanimous consent on capitol hill, that the department of homeland security the lead in and lead out almost has to be seamless, because when that becomes a political bargaining chip that is a risk to the nation's
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security. >> yes, they want to get someone in that position as quickly as possible. so many members of congress do hope this matter can proceed with haste. there will be an opportunity for members of the congress, the senate, to air concerns, ask questions, talk about projects. you can bet immigration is going to come up, and then his name would go before the whole senate. >> libby, i want to ask you a question, and it comes from a strange area. but it janet yellet, and jeh johnson, and little is being made anymore of diversity.
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is that a good or bad thing. >> the president did get criticism about not having enough diversity. so there is an effort, a belief that the white house does need to reach out. but there is this moment where people are talking about jeh johnson's experience, as well as the portfolio he carries with him. if someone has the lengthy record that he has had there are bound to be things that people are interested in, critical of and proud of. >> and now because i choose to be like the fingernails on a chalkboa chalkboard. i have to ask you about the budget operations going on now. >> since we have got this situation -- the big standoff
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behind us here in washington as that wrapped up wednesday night with those votes to get the federal government up and running, and the debt ceiling increased. and now we'll see republicans and democrats sit down together and figure out a way to make more effective cuts, more effective spending decisions. not across the board decisions that were made if congress couldn't come to app agreement the last time around. the goal will be instead of willie nilly across the board,co cuss them, target them and come some sort of app agreement. they have to have a report out by december 13th and take that to the rest of congress. >> and december 13th just happens to be on a friday.
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is that any indication of things to come? >> we'll see. congress often uses these deadlines -- whether it's the deadline of the debt element, or holidays. if this committee does not have ideas that they put forth to the rest of the house and senate, it's not the end of the world, but it will be a disappointment for those who hoped to see these arbitrary programs focused, but this isn't quite that dire standoff that we saw over the budget ceiling or shutdown of the government. >> libby thank you very much. the president just nominated
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jeh johnson. he said proudly he is a new yorker. we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. of journalism in the u.s. >>the delta is a microcosm of america. [[voiceover]] we tell the human story, from around the block, across the country, with more points of view. >>if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a motel to living in their car. [[voiceover]] connected, inspired, bold. >>about a thousand protestors have occupied ...
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my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america.
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there is some sad news coming out of washington state. former house speaker tom foley has died. he served more than 30 years in congress. he was a democrat from washington state and served as u.s. ambassador to japan under the clinton administration. he was 84 and hearkened back to a time when washington is far more civil than what we have seen over the past few weeks. bay area rapid transit workers are on strike again for the second time in five months. lisa bernard has more details. >> reporter: most commuters are pretty frustrating this morning that bart and its unions could don't reach a compromise.
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many of the 400,000 people are instead on this bridge in bumper to bumper traffic. others are taking ferries or buses, or working from home. it's not just bart riders who are impacted. many others who commute by car every day now have to share the road with many more people, making a much longer commute to and from work. they were very close on the economic points. bart has offered a 3% pay increase every year for the next four years. but what the two sides could not agree on are these work rules, rules such as bart's desire to change a policy, where a worker could work four days in a row, for example, then call in sick,
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and on the sixth day get overtime pay. they also want to update the system. the workers say that would take too much power away from them. it's big economic impact on the bay area as well when we saw in july when there was a four-day strike it cost this region $73 million a day. and this strike could last longer and cost more. ♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren, we're looking at the weather now. typhoon francisco is just to the west of guam. it has intensified greatly since it passed by guam just about 24 hours ago. now 45 miles an hour. clearly seeing the center of the
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storm here, and bans continuing to feed the center of the storm. the outlook over the next five days will continue to track this to the northwest and turn north right towards that pan. the previous typhoon did a lot of wind and rain damage. so we'll watch that closely and continue to update the forecast. in the middle of the country, it's cold and getting colder. right at 40 now in denver, but tonight the snow will here out, and the temperatures will drop and the skies clear. had some winter weather advisories in the higher elevations of colorado but that has cleared out. afternoon tonight and tonight these temperatures will drop down to the freezing mark and below. by tomorrow, climbing into the
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50s so a little warmup, and then it gets a little warmer, into the 60s, saturday afternoon. another shot of cold area, so these freeze warnings are in effect tonight and overnight. and by monday 28 in the morning 41 in the afternoon. the temperatures are now in the 40s, not the most comfortable, but it does try -- dry out. you can start to see a few showers developing in the great lakes. you can see very light rain, a few showers and light rain, a little heavier up towards canada and the midwest. no rain in new york city, just a little cooler. l
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lows in the 40s, and by monday it climbs into the upper 60s and prays there on tuesday with partly cloudy skies. >> dave warren thank you very much. if you are wondering what to get somebody for christmas, google stock, which is now worth a grand. google making almost $3 billion in the quarter and said that clicks on advertisements jumped about 87%. and jcpenney will open its doors at 8:00 on thanksgiving day. the struggling retailer trying to keep pace with stores like macy's. that our news for now. we want to say good-bye, once
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again our special coverage of jeh johnson as the new nomination for secretary of homeland security.
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♪ welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. lebanon is appealing for more money to help cope with the growing number of syrian refugees. the president said the world isn't sharing the burden on taking care of more than a million refugees. at least two people were killed near a compound which houses diplomatic staff.
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saudi arabia has turned down its seat on the rotating security council, saying the un isn't capable of enforcing their rulings. >> reporter: this woman is just hours away from the opening of her clothing store. but getting here wasn't easy. she used to be a rebel. she was given a shotgun and sent into combat. >> translator: the first time it was very hard, i started to cry, but then you understand you need to fight or die. it's your life or theirs. >> reporter: she escaped five years later after being injured and left for dead.
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she is one of 50,000 former leftest rebels who are trying to re-enter society. they are being given training, psychological support and financial aide. if the ongoing peace talks with the farc is successful, the government expects thousands of more rebels that they will have to rehabilitate. >> translator: when who arrive are illiterate. we need to teach them the most basic rules of society. excombatants normally spend seven years in the program, sometimes more. at it out of ten participants get through. every day on average five members of the farc demobilize
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and get back into civil society. the government says they are ready to receive all of them. >> we can train them. we can give them psych logical attention and prepare them to get back into the work force, but it's society that must accept them. this policy needs to be implemented by all columbians. >> reporter: so the government has launched a nationwide campaign of forgiveness. both sides in the peace process say they want app end to the conflict. over 220,000 people have been killed. farc rebels have fought in that time, and many remain jfshg including an estimated 17,000
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farc rebels. demobilizing those forces is one of the key issu issues. arlene how difficult has it been to reintegrate the farc rebels back into society? >> it is a tremendous task. and it has been one of the main challenges faced by the columbian government. there's just a concern amount of -- of labor available to be able to employ these people, but a greater problem is citizen opposition. >> we know former rebels are giving job training,
2:34 pm
psychological training, but is there a real political will to integrate what effectively are emmies of the state back into the fold? >> i think there is. i think this peace process is perhaps the most important example of political will on the part of both the government and the farc. and a crucial aspect will be not only any extent that they can be inner issed back into society, and to what extent they will be given political participation that will allow them to transfer into a political movement instead of an armed group. >> the big challenge is to convince the wider columbian public this is a good idea. but what sort of resistance is
2:35 pm
there to this? >> i think what is the most surprising is the victims themselves are very eager to move on and create lasting peace. and i think they realize this means accepting them into the social fold. there are groups who have opposed this, particularly the one lead by the government leader. and perhaps santos has not done as good of a job as he could. allowing demobilized gorillas bo the process. >> it has been a year since the
2:36 pm
government tried to reopen talks with the farc. where are we now? >> they haven't moved as quickly as the government would like. i think that both sides, the fact that they vice president gotten up and walked away from the table is a good sign. we're facing a new period, the first option is to end the process and wait until a future moment when negotiations might take place again. another possibility is to sign a minimalist agreement, based on what the two sides have achieved over the last year, which wouldn't be very much, and the third all sterntive is to take a break from the process, announce to the population what has been achieved until now, simply as a sign that both sides are serious
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about the process. >> professor arlington, thank you for talking to al jazeera. another campaign aimed at illegal immigrants is causing controversy for the british government. >> there have been complaints about government text messages being sent to people suspected to be in the uk unlawfully. the texts urge them to return home. and some of the texts have been mistakenly sent to people who lived in the uk for decades. >> reporter: this is a british citizen for more than 40 years when he received a text message suggesting it was time to leave britain, he thought it was electronic spam and ignored it. but when he realized a friend
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got the same message, he decided to call. >> why were they asking me to leave the country. and because she kept asking me more and more personal information became more and more angry. >> in all they say they have sent more than 58,000 texts to people who they believe are wrongly in the coup try. we are taking proactive steps it says to contact individuals who's record show woe have no right to be in the uk. the bovment has been working hard to get the word out that those rules must be suspected.
2:39 pm
these vans were tried in the summer causing controversy. robby chan has been a citizen for three years, and it was a bit much receiving the text. >> it's racial theriot typing. >> there are no studies on how many are in the uk. jonah hull al jazeera. the europeanian community and canada may have received a deal. the agreement wow make it easier for canadian companies to invest in and sell to the country.
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okay. now to a story that's almost two million years in the making. gore gan scientists discovered a new link in how humans may have evolved? >> reporter: it is 1.8 million years old. excavated from a site in georgia, this is the most complete skull ever found. with his big teeth and charge face, his brain case was much smaller than that of mood earn human being. many scientists believed that humans involved from several seeries, but new evidence suggests there could have been fewer than previously thought.
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>> what we learned is around 1 and 2.8 million [ inaudible ] but where you have local populations. there shows there was much less quantity of the species than we thought. it means that now we can [ inaudible ] with less branchs of [ inaudible ] than previously thought. >> if the scientists in georgia are right. it may mean that the early series of our human ancestors in african made their way across the world sooner than previously thought. this very different ancestor is thought to have met his end after a battle with a hungary
2:42 pm
predator. the pair chatted after the teenager who was shot in the face by the taliban. an exhibition highlighting the diversity of africa's artists has gone on show in london. it is called 154. but as barnaby phillips reports some are questions whether their work is being undervalued. >> reporter: some leaders in this picture seem to be ascending to heaven others don't sar so well. from mozambique sculptures. and photographs that celebrate the candies of brotherhood and
2:43 pm
the hair styles of nigeria. all brought together thanks to this woman. but with 54 countries in africa is there really art. >> there is no theme, you know, like what is surprising for all of the people is the diversity of it. >> european history and african culture combined >> reporter: she feels that african art is sold too cheaply. >> we have pieces all over the world and probably done a lot more than some of our white
2:44 pm
compete competent rayries. >> the fair has been busy, people have been buying, which after all is what it is all about. although much of the art is new, is this the same old story of wealthy europeans taking the best from africa? >> most contemporary african art is bought here. but dealers at this fair tell us more and more wealthy collectors are investing in their own country's art. for years african sculptors have taken every day objects and transformed them. now that is getting real recognition at home and here in london. where the organizers hope this fair will become an annual
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event. people in zimbabwe's capitol are to face three more years of water shortage. >> reporter: this is neither a lab or a recycling factory, it's an average kitchen in zimbabwe's capitol. for peter and his family huge water bills have made matters worse. tackling the water crisis was one of the campaign promises of the government. the city council did wipe out dues but also decided to disconnect residences who weren't making payments after july. >> they came in and disconnected by water, after i already paid
2:46 pm
$80. >> it's a chronic price us for this man. creaking infrastructure and lack of capacity means it can barely meet half of the city's required needs, but lack of revenue is also a key problem. >> people who do not want to settle their bills don't settle them at all. it's just one of those policies [ inaudible ] if we can have them paid up now, so that we -- we ensure flawless delivery. >> no funds means they can't keep running old treatment plants like this one. and solutions like a $144 million loan from china have not helped. >> translator: we go for days
2:47 pm
without water supply. when it comes back, it's very dirty people fall sick. >> translator: wart here is an issue. not being effected by cholera is of god's grace. >> reporter: a bit more than three-quarters of the population is unemployed, and it is clearly impossible for many to pay for water. the latest sport is opits way, including the name on a football shirt that is worth $200,000. stay with us.
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♪ welcome back now archaeologists in northern india are digging up an ancient palate. >> reporter: this is a priest who says the dead king of this area came to him in a dream, telling him a thousand tons of gold are buried somewhere underneath here and should be used to help the country. one junior minister put his faith in him and started to dig. after 20 meters they hit something. but an official says they don't know what. even so, the dig has attracted a
2:50 pm
lot of people. they came from all over, and those who couldn't make it could still tune in. causing police to cordon off the area. no gold has been found but already there is a dispute about who should get the predicted 1,000 tons of gold. legally it belongs to the government, but local priests agree that some should say in the area. >> we have asked for 20% of the gold. we have said the district can have the rest. >> reporter: there are several layers of lock and dirt to go through, so finding anything could take several days. officials are facing criticism that this dig has no scientific merit and is simply being sparked by superstition.
2:51 pm
but villagers say they are more faith in the priest than the government. >> translator: i no this priest well. all of his predictions have come true. he only wantings what is best for all. >> reporter: for now it's just a dream, but one that many people here are convinced will come true. on to sport now, here is andy. >> reporter: thank you very much. the word's most expensive football is back, and finally available for madrid. the 130 million pound player returns on wednesday after recovering from a back problem. the welsh international has played very little football this week. >> translator: he doesn't have
2:52 pm
any problem. his problem is that he didn't play at the beginning of the season. he was not in good physical shape. but it is enough to look at his last couple of years. in four years he has played more than 120 matches. another man struggling for fitness but could make his return after suffering from a thigh injury last month. barcelona are looking for a ninth straight win. manchester united mooind find themselves unusually placed. south hampton are fourth that's the highest league position in a decade. >> it doesn't who you are, you have got to be the best in every game. the premier league is quite quick to show you out if you are
2:53 pm
not. st. peter'sberg have taken the league. coming up from brazilian [ inaudible ] second also in the champions league next week. there is a committed history in germany, his contract has been extended until the end of 2016. the current contract was set to expire at the end of next year's world cup. no such stability for mexico, who are looking incredibly for their fourth manager in just six weeks. mexico are still in contention for next year's tournament in brazil despite winning just two of their ten qualifiers.
2:54 pm
a playoff against new zealand next week. mexico have the united states to thank for their progressive to the playoffs after a late one over panama. michael herrera is expected to be the next man in charge. rory mcelroy is two shots off of the space. still to win a tournament this year. he fired a round of 69 to move to 3 under par. it's his first tournament back after taking a month off. >> i'm in a decent position going into the weekend. i feel like i could be a few
2:55 pm
shots better, so if i play -- if i stick to the same game plan and play similar golf and maybe just pull a few more puts i have a great chance. the boston red sox are just one win away from proceeding to the world series. was the second home run of the sereries to give the visitors the lead. detroit did stage a comeback, closing out to 4-3. that was how the game ended. boston holding on for the win. >> of course i want to get back there, but i'm not getting too far ahead of ours here. we take one game at a time and try to win that day. we're in a good position now, but we still got business to take care of, you know. it's a big game, you know, coming up, and we're going to go
2:56 pm
out there and just play the way we do. >> new zealand will face australia on saturday. richie mccaw is being ruled out after picking up a calf injury. the all blacks have already secured the championship in the series with australia. marquez is become the youngest ever moto champion on sunday. but he did suffer an early set back after crashing just six minutes into friday's practice session. he wasn't injured, and was able to return to the track 20 minutes later. the grandfather of welsh football player, hairy wilson has had a pretty nice a payout. he placed a bet ten years ago
2:57 pm
saying his grandson one would day play for his country. >> i didn't start to think about it. it happened on the spur of the moment. he was crawling after the ball. and i thought put a bet on it. which i thought at the time might be a draft bet, but not so a daft in the end. the american league championship series is the top story on our website. okay. there will be more sports later on, but that is it for now. stay with us here on al jazeera another full bulletin of news is straight ahead. thanks for watching al jazeera. stay tuned.
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bye for now. ♪ re# #a# #d# #y# ##fo# #r# ##
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. president obama announcing his nominee for secretary of homeland security this afternoon. jeh johnson served as a counter terrorism advisor. if confirmed johnson will replace former secretary janet that napolitano. there is a manhunt underway for two florida prisoners


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